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File: 1697996726181980.jpg (208 KB, 1044x944)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
What are /3/'s thoughts on this new GLITCH animation?

Personally, this is some of the most creative modeling and animation I've seen in years

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Episode 2 OUT NOW

Sorry for the wrong link. Here's the CORRECT ONE

I think its a concious stylistic choice to evoke the shitty edutainment aesthetic. [spoiler]And obviously to make the workload a little more reasonable.[/spoiler]
File: fa96pde6urjc1.jpg (57 KB, 828x679)
57 KB
Go away, Troy.

File: untitled.png (1.02 MB, 1920x1080)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
any good tutorials on how to rig this thing, also how do you guys deal with the feeling of working on something and then ralizing that is not looking good enough. sometimes i want to just start again from scratch.
any good tutorials on how to rig this thing, also how do you guys deal with the feeling of working on something and then ralizing that is not looking good enough. sometimes i want to just start again from scratch.
Any good tutorials on how to rig this thing, also how do you guys deal with the feeling of working on something and then realising that is not looking good enough. Sometimes I want to just start again from scratch.
File: 2.png (559 KB, 1080x1920)
559 KB
559 KB PNG
the rigging tutorials by dikko on youtube are good if you want something free
How deep into rigging are you already? Can you make your own skeleton and attach it? Are you past that point and want to know how to make controllers?

File: sneed.jpg (45 KB, 1024x538)
45 KB
Thoughts? Assuming the subscription costs don't matter.
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isn't stuff like this done with the new bifrost graph they've been working on for the last couple of years?
i don't use maya these days, but it's what i started on. i still got love for those marking menus.
It's a single shader. It's not an array of geometry.
Am I a retard or can't you just pirate it?
Blender? Ha ha ha ha ha, are you even serious?
i got all the autodesk software for free from school & i was thinking about learning maya at a basic level over blender

File: IMG_6815.png (1.05 MB, 1222x976)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
I've been running integrated graphics on my ryzen 5 5600g and I keep getting crashes during renders, I assume the 500mb vram keeps running out or something
anyway I figure I need a GPU, Im looking at either an rx7600, rx6650 xt, a770 if I find a good deal, something like that

curious to hear what you guys are running
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better for what? what are you going to use that card ?
It's going to be a sad day when the 4090 is no longer king and I lose my big dick energy. Then all I'll have going for me is my personality and it'll truly be over
Memory chips on my GPU are failing, causing the monitor to have massive amounts of artifacts on the screen and some sections to not work at all. This gpu only lasted me a year and a half. What should I do now? I used to be running on dual gpu with a 60 series, and now I had to remove the faulty one, so I'm running on single gpu and my render times have doubled.
this, don't get the higher end cards for a gen that is just about to end, just before it ends
The new cards will only be ~30% better at best.

File: 200w.gif (700 KB, 200x190)
700 KB
700 KB GIF
>short films - make a real fucking film
>robots as they're too lazy to animate people
>12 fps Spider-Verse nausea
>it's 2D anime... but 3D!
>ugly Pixar blob people

What else?
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>3d films, make a 2d animated movie like a chad
>3d art, make a real painting like the old masters
>Cg in movies, do it with puppets
>3d printing, print in 2d black ink only
>3d waifus, they are pigs and filthy whores, just 2d waifus for me
3D as a whole should die
We need to come back to our roots, only drawings in the stone like our palaeolithic ancestors, the rest is shit
using MetaHumans with shitty motion capture
File: Daz.jpg (9 KB, 221x228)
9 KB
Fuck that. Post 3dkino that will NEVER die

a casual image that i will use for my new album
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Have you tried getting a degree in psychology instead of posting?
No, what for?
I'm the guy you responded to, thanks for providing a legit sounding answer. I suppose the people nostalgic for this are the ones who are maybe half a decade younger than me and this is part of their connection to what then remained of a 'pre-internet' type world.

Obv the internet was already there for them but it was in it's infancy without the social networks, tubesites and smartphones etc.
I guess I understand what they say when talk about how legacy media and games had more 'soul' I'd tend to agree with that statement.
Where I'm lost is when they point to things like 'Frutiger aero' and 'Bryce 3D' type aesthetics as representative of that 'soul'
because to me that would represent the peak 'soul-less' of that era they're reaching back to.

Maybe it's more about having something easily reproducible that's just iconic for the time. Like how ugly juxtaposed neon colors & slalom patterns can invoke certain 80's nostalgia.
Low effort and ugly, somewhere along the way you forgot that you actually need to be an artist to create something good looking in bryce

File: IMG_0316.png (421 KB, 1136x640)
421 KB
421 KB PNG
Missing features and lacks artistic improvement to match with Unreal and Unity
All marketing PR talk, no real experience in using Blender. Knows nothing about the real reason.
>Open source
Open source projects doing dumb things like glTF animation implementation, dead software, not documenting important stuff, heavy relaying on Blender instead of other 3D software
>Unity and Unreal
They have a monopoly in 3D games, not a single open source can export to console. Open source projects limits artists like you and me with dumb ideas like TIFF format. Heavy restrictions to Windows only. Dumb downloads for developers like Microsoft Visual Studio. None of that matters with Unity or Unreal.

Never trust YouTubers
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You're kind of a fucking idiot thinking people dont know Godot is still lacking a lot of tools. His whole video was about going to Godot because it is free and open source like Blender and won't get Jewed like Unity that he was using for the past years. Him taking on Godot and getting people into it is planting seeds in hopes of Godot improving in the future.

You're ignoring a lot of context to make yourself mad.
Its rendering, physics (with Jolt) and audio are fine for my requirements.
If a project needs high-end graphics, Unreal is way better. Otherwise, Godot seems perfectly adequate.
It's saved me a ton of time, and has many useful features that an off the shelf render engine wouldn't provide, like file compression/decompression, support for various file formats, networking, graphics tablet support, and surely a lot of other stuff I don't even know about
>you might just grab an off the shelf render engine and start from the ground up
quit talking out of your ass, retard
I replaced some of Godot's nodes with a custom system and I still use nodes for anything graphics/audio related because it's a lot of fucking work to replace them and they work just fine.
You have never written anything "from the ground up".
Yeah i'm sure toddlers watch pixologic youtube Lives where some random 3d Aurtist rambles incomprehensibly for 4 hours
File: 3.jpg (33 KB, 680x380)
33 KB
who and what are you even talking about?
imagine starting a thread like this.

File: Captura.png (425 KB, 1879x909)
425 KB
425 KB PNG
spend days looking for the reason the rig kept getting fucked and deformed, went trough all bones and realized for some reason blender put 50% strength of all the mesh on both breast bones........ removed them and now it works as intended with automatic weights

but now when i try to move the character the mesh doesnt move at all even with the right weights on, help?
Maybe the lock/rot is locked?

File: file.png (345 KB, 586x454)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
>"don't use blender EVER. never ever EVER use blender PLEASE use literally ANYTHING else or you will NEVER make good art, EVER"
>search "#b3d" on twitter
>significantly large community that creates portfolio-tier content with the most visually and technologically impressive 3d bullshit i've ever seen
is this a bit or something, or
193 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh come on that’s a fuck ton of lies, Maya has working Python and working software. Your point of Blender’s freedom doesn’t apply because of the software cheating to create a phantom version of the files. Blender can’t create anything without additional plugins and can’t maintain the level of detail without bugs. Not even the most experienced Blender users can understand bone structure, the dumbest developers decided to never care about such things. It won’t matter how great the project will work in Blender because it doesn’t in real world applications.
>Blender can't create anything without additional plugins
This sentence means nothing, its just blank ignorant statement towards a software you dont like/are afraid to learn to use. Provide an example or gtfo
>Bone structure
The way blender handles bones is admittedly stupid because its stubbornly keeps to itself while other even non autodesk software maintain the joint hierarchy structure which autodesk set. 4.2 seems to be headed in the bone hierarchy direction and imo they're easing the users into the more accepted hierarchy structure

This also does not refute my point of letting the modelers use what they want.

Regarding plugins- if youve ever been in a professional environment, you probably realized that most will have custom tools and even modified versions of maya to suit their specific needs. The good thing about blender being open source is that professional programmers could essentially tailor make a complete custom version of the software tailor made for the needs of your pipeline. You cant so this with autodesk products, or you can but its highly limited by the propriety locks.
Yes, this problem >>982233

And this one >>981764

Big problem here: >>981381

Last one: >>970017

You’re never getting any fixes for these problems and the blender developers don’t care. Also, you people are trying to make it into CAD capability but failed to even mention how to import and export DAW files or similar software. Blender is not worth anything.
File: 1714229177673299.png (603 KB, 1024x1019)
603 KB
603 KB PNG
It should be illegal for companies to only sell subscriptions for their programs.
That's how you end up with abandonware

File: mqdefault.jpg (15 KB, 320x180)
15 KB
this guy looks like chudjak,
also are mechanical /CAD mods in blender worth it? assuming most of us aren't going to buy solidworks

File: chain reveal.webm (625 KB, 720x864)
625 KB
I made product renderings for a client and it went great but now the client is asking for an animation like vid related.

I tried the (newly updated) particle simulation in C4D to try to create a body of liquid and also tried xParticles but both runs like shit on my M1 MacBook. I tried my best to optimize the simulations following multiple tutorials online but I cant get semirealistic results.

Now that I am thinking about it I might be vastly overcomplicating things since I basically just need to raise the product from a plane that somewhat sticks to the object.

Does anyone have an idea for a method I could use to achieve the effect in a much simpler way? I must be missing something.
18 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
VFX just means you do it as compositing in a videoediting software. You render out your mesh and a depth pass and inside your video editing software you'd set up layers to blend it all together to make a transition between your CGI and your other layer using your Z-depth.

I work real-time stuff so I haven't touch any videoeditor in years but 'adobe premiere' and 'after effects' was what I used back in the day and it was really easy to just jump in and use those as it's basically a photoshop for videos and I already knew my way around photoshop inside out.

There's probably better suites available, all the VFX tryhards used different software back then too but I can't recall their name.

How's that discerning eye of yours now you sad fuck?
pretty good, man; feels great to be better than everyone else. how you doing?
Is this even particles and not a plane intersecting with a special shader?
OP's video is using a high viscosity fluid sim in reverse.

File: cunt.png (1005 KB, 1047x1546)
1005 KB
1005 KB PNG
Need help, I'm relatively new to charactermodeling in blender and ambitiously chose to go for an anime-ish style. I edited the normals to make the lighting more presentable, but to my knowledge you cant edit the normals for individual shapekeys, which sucks because facedeformation messes with the light.
Is there a quick and easy work around for this or do I have to redo my shapekeys manually, but better?
It's supposed to be a game asset at the end of the day.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>>982233 (OP)
that is done with normal transfer.
Cant be exported>? Cant be exported to what? I use custom normals in a unity project and they imported fine
If you're using data transfer in Blender to keep the face normals working through deformations via shape keys, just know that deformations will still break the face normals on export to Unity/Unreal. You'll have to modify the face normals per frame like how CC2/Arc System Works handle it.
File: 1710103949825875.jpg (183 KB, 1800x1013)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Another solution which I've seen used in Hi-Fi Rush and Genshin Impact is to use an SDF texture. You'll have to set up a custom shader in Unity/Unreal but the huge benefit here is that face deformation of any kind won't destroy the normals. Downside is that you're essentially using psuedo lighting. It's not 'real' but it doesn't matter.
This, the best sol

File: Unt123+ed-1.png (454 KB, 883x667)
454 KB
454 KB PNG
Is lowpoly handpainted still a thing? Is blizzard still hiring tons of artists for WoW assets? What do you guys think of my ancient tome?
Low poly 3D is currently trending. But the texture work is typically low resolution as well, in order to simulated early 3D graphics like the Playstation 1 and 2. I think high resolution painted textures look better than low res pixelated textures. But I personally find the WoW style appalling to look at. I'm more of a Wind Waker kind of guy.

I don't know what Blizzard is doing. But some of my favorite indie games could have benefited from better texture work. Like a Hat in Time would benefit from higher quality textures. Maybe knock on some doors in the indie space to see if they have work?

Tome looks cool.
You wanna make your portfolio you make this same book in a dozen different styles.
File: Draww.jpg (450 KB, 828x916)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
It's for that labor that AI was made.
I fucking hate that st

File: ÑAÑLAÑL.png (319 KB, 636x670)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
Well, i want the models from this link but the web has fallen, so put link to the web in case lf using Wayback Machine:
So, i wanna get the models.
The name of the archive i want is Bronze & Iron Age Unit Pack
Send the archive i want

File: dzdz.png (923 KB, 999x579)
923 KB
923 KB PNG
Hello 3DCG, i'd appreciate some help learning about 3D, specifically animation. i don't know much yet, but i'm trying to learn and i had 2 questions. thank you

there was this app I remember which converted footage into 3D rendered environments. i'm not looking for quality or anything professional, i just want to quickly convert images into these low poly, weird 3D like pic rel

pic came from this video:
check it out, it has that distorted, low quality, low polygon look i'm trying to recreate. and if i'm not mistaken they used that app. any recommendations are welcome

i'd also like to know which programs experts here recommend to beginners getting into 3D, specifically animation. i read the sticky and it seems to be more oriented towards modeling. so as a beginner looking primarily to composite scenes, import low poly models, some light character animation & do some basic camera work, which program would you recommend? maybe some underground, lesser known, older programs that you see people rarely mention? i'm open to anything, i played around with Bryce 3D and it's pretty incredible

thank you!
make a few pics from different yet close camera angles and pretty much most 3d software will turn it into a cgi scene
idk, but it is there, so learn it
the video you've linked is the result of bad photogrammetry - there are a bunch of different applications out there that perform similarly
if you don't give too much of a fuck and are diy (you seem like the type), you should look at phone apps that will get you results like that straight from your phone - again, the word you're looking for is photogrammetry - usually people try for high quality results, but if your settings are low you'll get results like the ones you want

you should just use blender as your dcc for now (it won't do the photogrammetry, you'll need to do that somewhere else and import the files in), you can get results like your vid pretty easily. plenty of resources out there. you might be tempted to learn some hipster shit and yeah that's fun, but you won't go far in /3/ without solid foundations. do the boring normie stuff first.
"photogrammetry" that's extremely useful in my search, thank you!

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