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The best thing about AI is that it will free people from the industry.

When you were a kid did you really think that you wanted to grow up and be the dude that textures rocks? Now with AI assistance, you can make your own game, your own movie, whatever. It guts 99% of the need for working with others and you can work with the AI instead on a personal project that you actually care about.
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>Anyone with a PC could already do that with or without AI
He clearly say anyone, he is refering to a human, if Ai does that for you it do not count as a human, what you are refering to is that you comission someone or something in this case to make it for you, thats clearly called commision.
No it won’t, and if it will you will still be jobless for a decade. AIs now already sound smarter then 90% of people yet the only people getting replaced by them were bullshit vanity jobs because of interest rates hike. It’s a meme that businesses use as an excuse to randomly fire 25% of their workforce because their debts are rising faster then investors putting the money in. Retarded AI researchers who don’t have enough GPUs to do actual AI research prompt ChatGPT or make tiny shitter models that look for lung cancer only to find out that instead of looking for tumours it was looking at the age of the photo and still got higher score then human doctors. Then bunch of onion articles run with it and say lawyers and doctors will be out of job in two weeks. Nobody aside from artists and some random freelancers will be affected. Your project will be worthless, because some retard will instead ask GPT6 to make the whole game for him from scratch just to play it. Nobody will give a shit about your indie shitter and you will need to work two low wage jobs just to pay a rent and eat ramen.
Aren't you the "my levels suck" anon that worked in mcdonalds for a short while? If so then the irony part makes sense sorta
If I can use AI to make models for a cesium import , that'd be great. I'd love to use the matrix city demo but unfortunately it runs like absolute dog poo, which is a shame, it's a nice looking city.

No, but I have stacked shelves in the past.

File: patch_felinted.jpg (56 KB, 757x481)
56 KB
Translation: Fuck you and your patch. And it's kind-of ironic that his thumbnail seems to say: "The joke is on you". If you use Blender, that is.
what patch ? yes the review is slow and sometimes the developers drop the ball too, if the patch is yours you can contact them on https://blender.chat/
>codelet stumped by PR cleanup

File: 1691864476485412.png (269 KB, 1109x318)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
Are you all still posting to artstation now that you know its being scraped and used against you?
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>devoid of context
Context was provided anon, your rage boner for AI is clouding your judgement. Anger is the path to the dark side don't you know?
Just post them as screenshots with no link to the model unless asked. If they can scrape it from just screenshots alone then there is literally nothing you can do to stop scraping.
>Just don’t post it on the internet
Yeah, just don’t live in rented home if you hate paying rent. What’s the point of making something beyond /beg/ level if you won’t share it with anybody?
>So you would rather gatekeep knowledge and keep it to yourself?
>This is the result of your selfishness.
Lmfao ai bros are the most selfish parasites on the planet
that’s the devil posting

File: lewd.png (387 KB, 600x600)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
no matter how hard I try, they always end up looking uncanny. How do you achieve realistic movements, chuds?
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You definitely don't understand workflow, go back to basics and study more, or maybe is because you didn't watch that Andrew Price tutorial?
wtf are you talking about where did i even talk about workflow
Are you mentally ill? You are talking about his workflow, do you know what that world means?
Athena has to be one of the ugliest girls in KoF
Are you done yet? I want to fap right now!

File: 1704430834094116.png (438 KB, 1184x593)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
This Karma MaterialX shit in H20 kind of looks like ass don't you think? My other renderers destroy it though in quality (materialX just cannot compete at this time) but the integration into H20 and the fact that it works with each daily version of Houdini makes it strong.

For my other renderers I may be literally months behind daily version, that 3rd party Houdini ROP bridge may cause instability and I have to pay more for that renderer per year than I do for Houdini Indie alone. Does anyone else feel strongly about Karma?
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if you want to render on CPU then use the ILM proven workflow with MaterialX Lama in Renderman
Bros I may have been wrong about this houdini karma shit....It takes a strong man to admit that he may have been wrong.

From doing monitoring tests between karma and another commercial gpu renderer, karma was using substantially lower vram. At least 60+% less.

Still, I feel like I have to stay committed to my previous toolchain for a little while longer and do a gradual change over to Karma over the next year or so and not just jump ship blindly
Why? (unironically)
Btw sss depth is set to 0 by default
Turn it up
Intro to Karma Materials for Beginners in Houdini


File: 1700050343604869.jpg (1.19 MB, 1920x1080)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
The simulation I've been working on for the past 2 months is so advanced it can only be done with maya. According to the official forums and the docs houdini specifically doesn't allow for the control that I need to even make head wind with my sim.

How does this make you feel, houdini nation?
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>be associated with this place
get out
'simulation' keyword, two months, sidefx forums.
You can be found within a couple hours.
Stop posting here or I'll do it.
schizo alert
but that's the thing about houdini people though - when you point out that their software cant do everything they get real defensive, real fast. Its a defensive mechanism, and its very very predictable.
who hurt you?

File: 1685610927944927.png (1.47 MB, 968x1005)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
>Using a "professional rig" included as a sample in multiple iterations of a software
>It is so poorly constructed
>have to make a rig from scratch

File: 1699798609371498.jpg (1.04 MB, 1920x1080)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
Does anyone here use Marmoset ? Why?
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I use it for baking and texture painting
I completely understand anon, have a great day
I usually bake in my oven, I love homemade bread and butter.
I've been using Toolbag for years. At first, I was using it simply for rendering assets for concepting and approval for employers. Over time, with the introduction of baking and now with texturing, it's replaced Substance Painter for me.

I like the fact that it has a perpetual license, is frequently updated, and has some decent materials in its library. The interface is easy to get around and there's a number of bridges available for Maya, Max, Blender, etc. It's robust, stable, and able to use raytracing, even if your GPU doesn't support it.

That said, they're slow as hell to implement features that users want. Features that Substance Painter has had for years. You also need a decent GPU for it's raytracing feature. There's also some issues when attempting to import materials from Quixel Bridge and they require some fiddling to get them to show correctly.

I know Toolbag 5 is around the corner, so I'm excited to see what the do with it and if they address issues and features that have been requested.
I bought toolbag 4 when it was on sale for like 40% off. Used it once. I dont even use painter for texturing, I just texture procedurally directly in shader
Perpetual license is great, I was looking for an alternative to substance to get away from subscriptions. I had my eye on quixel mixer but it was lacking, slow to use and I'm pretty sure it's dead now. After marmoset added symmetry and stencil painting I was sold and have been happy ever since, baking is a plus and gets good results.

File: sneed.jpg (45 KB, 1024x538)
45 KB
Thoughts? Assuming the subscription costs don't matter.
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Are you angry donut boy?
Yes, a lot of people use blender for production, that's not new, blender is "indi" industry standard for a long time now, and a lot of netflix series/movies, are made on an indi budget.
I hate to tell you but Blender in production is used only for laundering assets created in proper software and to dodge license seats.
Keep coping fella
Watch a random Blender tutorial on youtube. Pay attention to the workflow. If you think such a clumsy workflow would be anywhere acceptable in production, then you know nothing abut production.

File: pepaPig.png (448 KB, 576x600)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
old >>962290

Blender general for generally discussing generation of degenerate blender art

Also blender 4.0.2 is now out. I hope you still aren't using that archaic 3.6, are you anon? ARE YOU?!

give moni to blender here https://fund.blender.org/ so they can add even more geometry nodes you will never use
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Hi, I'm a screenwriter and I want to make a 3D short animated movie because I don't know how and don't want to look for money to make a real feature film. I have time to master 3D before I hit 30 (about 1.5 years). Is it possible to learn Blender at the level to make a small cartoon in that time? I don't need the heights of Metropia or the Sintel level. But more or less conceptually, such a simple movie. Does anyone have experience with it?
File: 0001-0030.webm (121 KB, 1920x1080)
121 KB
hello guys is this good for first render
I wanna use blender as a replacement for these guys (basically, I cand raw right over them). So two questions:
1. where can I get a good asset for blender that is already rigged and allows me to put them into any number of positions?
2. Should I draw in blender or just stick with krita?
There's stuff like MBLab and MakeHuman will spit out a nice rigged human shape that you can customize the proportions of.


File: 1698050834742629.png (1 KB, 558x548)
1 KB
where do you usually find 3d artist and animator for a starting indie dev company that isnt overpriced?
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AI is 3rd world people locked in a room sometimes. It's the Artificial-Artificial Intelligence idea.
bro your track is all over the place, it shouldn't be jittering around like that.
China or India saar.
Just know you get what you pay for.
File: LMAO.webm (231 KB, 520x214)
231 KB
With all the retard US taxes, regulations, and shit 150k per person means they get only half of that. All the parasites in DC must be exterminated with all their spawn.
Managers love to hire from India because they act and talk like servants, even their voice tone sound like they are going to get their throats cut if they displease their masters.

File: pic not related.png (543 KB, 550x1144)
543 KB
543 KB PNG
I'm an artist of several years who seems to have missed the memo on this, so I thought I'd ask here. Normalized measurements, such as wall heights, window heights, door heights, couch heights, table heights. Where can I find these so I can design models to accurate-to-life scale for VR experiences? Is there a diagram or cheatsheet!
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Building codes vary from state to state and country to country. You have to figure out what kind of buildings from what area is 'standard' in your mind and check what the dimensions listed for those are. Even so they typically fall within a range of variance.
does anyone actually use blender for architecture or is it just gurus claiming they do to sell a course
No, it's fucking tedious.

t. actual architect
>using freecad for archviz
>using freecad for getting 3d models
>using freecad for vr

lmao even, just buy generic assets or get a catalog of interiors , no one is going to model each piece of an environment, or you're new or you're cris

if you're serious into making a vr experience, learn trim sheets , make some props and call it a day
File: neufert.jpg (152 KB, 740x1080)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Arch here the cheatsheet you are looking for is called the Neufert https://byarchlens.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Neufert-4th-edition.pdf

Its 600 pages of architectural dimensions.

I think I am banned from /vg/


I'm trying to play left 4 dead 2 on my computer.
It's really annoying because none of you understand how to walk in game.
1 stroke of wsad and you move a meter in the game world.
You keep fucking bumping in to me in the saferoom.
The players dont even go near the bathrooms because their controls are insufficient at navigating those tight spaces.
The pc players are totally out of control. A pack of fucking idiots. They are persuing ant brain gameplay.
Best games of my life have been 1 v 4 against you as infected.
Playing alongside WSAD survivors is like constant baby sitting.
They are always running around like idiots and bumping in to things like the toddlers do.

The battlefield players dont even get shift walk. You tell a battlfield WSAD player to walk on PC and their brain just stops working.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.

>Good luck briskly walking away from those zombies though
Are you genuinely retarded? You push the stick all the way and the character RUNS, that's the point of analog sticks (or triggers, or pedals or anything), it modulates the speed at which you moved based on how much you tilt it
Do you want a blender tutorial?
I recommend the donut tutorial by Andrew Price
Someday the 'gaming keyboard' will become reality, that's my dream.

A keyboard with wiggleable or pressure sensitive keys so you can linearly change the strength of your inputs.

With the non letter keys on the left side so they are actually relevant to most of the populations and free up the writing portion of the keyboard.

But then again I think controllers should have added a button under the handholds ages ago and a central button between the 4 main ones.

We've been limited by the poor imagination of microsoft, and these office focused keyboards for generations now.
Pressure sensitive keys? Do you want a piano? Maybe for music or something like this, but for gaming? Illogical
There's keyboards with analog WSAD buttons, or there used to be. Don't know if they're a thing anymore, but I'm sure they're around.
Same deal with mice with analog thumbsticks.

>With the non letter keys on the left side
Like Macro keys? A ton of gaming keyboards have this as well.

>We've been limited by the poor imagination of microsoft, and these office focused keyboards for generations now.
Microsoft isn't the end-all be-all for keyboard design these days, they haven't been for a long ass time. Nor has Microsoft really had anything to do with how a keyboard is laid out. It's something that's evolved over a long period, since the 1800s.
Technically it's not the "best" layout, but to say that Microsoft had anything to do with it is woefully ignorant.

File: 1705358213890221.jpg (79 KB, 820x450)
79 KB
What's next for Zbrush? What else can they do.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
maxon will continue to ruin it further as per shareholder's wishes for maximum profit

ai will be crammed in there too soon enough
Making non trasable 3d models, I don't want my models to be traced
Real texture painting
Paint/texture based spec/roughness/gloss & metallic channels
Turn UV's Right side up
Have a normal software window
Allow multiple instances of the program open
Better layer implementation
Better Geo HD implementation
visual guide on what the UI color options change
ctrl guides for things that still don't have ctrl guides
make the zscript for the multi map exporter public so users can decipher and make changes to it

That's what I can think of from the top of my head
QoL improvements to old things & new additions that'd intrigue a very broad stroke of users instead of the bloat they keep developing
I just assume that the programs framework is so rigid that they can't do these things
Agree with the layers, but painting, I don't know, there's a lot of software that already does that really well, like mari or substance, I just hope that they keep polishing the sculpture part only and not just bloating the software with other shit
Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't use Zbrush for any serious or final texture painting. It would just be nice for visualisation purposes. Subdividing to a Zorillion polys to paint eyes, fine line makeup, patterns and other such sharp things gets old fast on models with divisions else I'd just paint with sculptris turned on.
Things like this is why I hate that Mudbox is abandonware, It's so close to being goated for how light it is

File: palworld1.png (114 KB, 600x596)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
Palworld traces the models from pokemon, and they weren't sued. Why aren't you doing this too? They are making hundreds of millions of dollars and you could too. Just run ai on 2 pokemon, then draw on top of the base model with your own variation of their design. then trace their mesh and slightly adjust the topology.

21 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Pal World's success is just plain unbelievable.
Again it's not. And yes the game is pure slop.
So this has nothing to do with the quality of the game and everything to do with marketing.
Whoever they employed or hired has contacted the right streamers and other content peddlers to push this while having a bunch of luck.
>waahh don't steal from faceless multi trillion dollars corporations man!
all copyrighters should be flayed alive
Just a quick heads up. Japan has no fair use laws. Absolutely none. if anyone copies anything, the original right holder has the authority over what's to be done. Sometimes they see the fun in a parody and let it slide, sometimes they see a small porn comic book with 12 pages and the police break down your door and drag you to a district cell, interrogate you, confiscate your whole home and throw you back on the street and it's on you how you get back.
Well, the point is he didn't, he just downloaded what some japanese dude DID do
First poster here
You forgot the part where they made a whole game to sell

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