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File: HighresScreenshot00002.png (2.8 MB, 1590x1590)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB PNG
This is my first 3D sculpt, his name is Larry and he is a gnome wizard!
Be polite and say hi to him!
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File: 1678133816868029.png (2.4 MB, 1590x1590)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB PNG
Daddy gnome
Cool guy
Hi Larry! I hope you're doing well :)
hope he wears pants.

File: pain.png (267 KB, 600x600)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
I'd welcome the help of anyone that wants to help me with my white whale blender algorithm, but also just talk about scripting for /3/ related reasons in general I guess. working for 3 days straight just so I dont have to work for 3000 never feels like a win while you're still walled while doing it thats for sure. I'm pretty sure the AI is angry at me by now.
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Sorry, but I don't like your texture, it looks bad, disagreeing with you doesn't make me a troll. I think that would look better without it, I was even giving you a free snake model, but forget it.
see >>974077
Just leave it be, he is angry because his texture looks like shit.
Good luck with your snake script if you didn't want to get help why post?
see >>974077

File: 1672276906938193.jpg (44 KB, 996x556)
44 KB
You are a beg for at least 2 years, depending on software. Post beg related issues, concerns, and work. If you are med, or adv, remember what it was like to be a beg and DONT confuse the needy begs.
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File: 1684166998523072.png (146 KB, 681x658)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
Babby's first (pre-GameBoy/donut) mug.
File: kaktus.png (1.83 MB, 1038x1582)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
yeah, don't think I did a subdivision modifier but im pretty sure I did it via edit mode because I wanted more geometry to sculpt in some inlays. later realized I could do that with some curves instead but the subdivision remained. fortunately I have the original plane somewhere, I'll just remake it and do way fewer polygons.
trying out booleans, should I apply it when it's all good to go? this stuff is pretty laggy but I don't want to permanently fuck my shit up
File: 2024-02-28_060015-1.png (48 KB, 940x990)
48 KB
>first model
Is this shit? Must I retopologize it? Should have I kept the horizontal edges strictly horizontal, like parallel to the ground ? I just moved the vertices diagonally without thinking, I thought it didn't matter. Is there too many edges in some areas, like around the knee and above the foot? Should I retopologize the knee to make a real knee shape instead of that band, or will this step get done by sculpting?
When should I start sculpting? As soon as I have a basic model?
I plan to make hyperrealistic models, possibly animated later.

File: IMG_6815.png (1.05 MB, 1222x976)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
I've been running integrated graphics on my ryzen 5 5600g and I keep getting crashes during renders, I assume the 500mb vram keeps running out or something
anyway I figure I need a GPU, Im looking at either an rx7600, rx6650 xt, a770 if I find a good deal, something like that

curious to hear what you guys are running
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I found the issue, blender fucking sucks dude
vram is futureproof since AAA games made by pajeets aren't optimized
Is the 7900 XTX good for Blender?
Seconding this
Is it worth for le
>24gb vram
even if it's rendering performance is piss poor compared to nshittia and is comparable to 4060 Ti at worst and 3080 at the very best?
kill me guys I have a 3080 but it crashes under load so I have to render on CPU

File: Sample1.jpg (553 KB, 1080x1268)
553 KB
553 KB JPG
The video I shared below has a different time index to its actual length.

The video is 0.2s long but its time index is 6s.

Do any of you know how to create something like this? Please explain.

It looks like a bug, but the person who created this video did it on purpose.

The video file is attached below.

hex editor, change the video header

File: Boneyard Behance.gif (2.11 MB, 1080x1080)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB GIF
I'm looking for this game by a japanese indie developer that's stuck in development hell but has this really cool 3D pixel art ps1 style art direction, I remember it had a girl and a robot in it and at the end of his most recent demo he showed off what the game looks like underwater. Pic related looks similiar in style.

I think the title started with a P, I don't know why japanese always pick the least memorable titles with nonsense words.
Fermata on the pithos

thank you!
What happened to it, is it ever going to come out?
Would love to learn this style.
i really like this style of tasteful low-poly with low res textures

I aim to make games with this technique in the future. for now I'm learning programming (quite decent at it rn) and drawing (getting there)

thank you for reading my blog post
I remember that guy
It was obvious that it wasn't a game, he was just making some clips
idk the dev just stopped posting
it was just a tiny 1 man pet project with cool visuals

File: 1700528047907660.jpg (26 KB, 297x389)
26 KB
Where do you sell your work now that turbosquid and artstation are compromised?
been out of the loop, compromised how?
they take all of your data that you sell and use it to train their AIs, which they then sell and dont give you a choice
>they take all of your data that you sell and use it to train their AIs
everything is stolen and used on the internet. Every form of media is scraped by these Ai gens.
You gotta make a finished product and cultivate an audience
they will just capture it from various angles and train it into their ai and say "see ya later"

File: 1707217192849981.png (365 KB, 440x752)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
Let's be real here, guys. Is anatomy actually important?
First form and shape
second anatomy
Studying anatomy is not important, if you can't sculpt and just tell what looks right or wrong by looking at it you should probably try a different hobby, maybe like dnd or other tabletop games? Trying to get into arts without an artistic eye leads to a lot of frustration and hours wasted doing "studies"
Knowing anatomy can enable you to get better results with less or less quality reference images.
You also can get faster results because you don't have to line up your model with the reference as often.
But learning anatomy before being able to sculpt is pure autism.
learning anatomy comes naturally to you when you start wondering why is there always something off in your models/animations
Wow! Im so pleased to see someone other than me saying this

File: 1696707719138712.webm (903 KB, 736x1080)
903 KB
>still no auto-retopology tool for Blender
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Well that's sad
Fuck it, just bought Quad Remesher.
>buying plugins for free software
become the auto-retopology tool
Machine learning is completely useless for everything except making porn of mentally ill women and telling them they were unfaithful 2 years ago.

File: file.png (194 KB, 439x248)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
I remember seeing a YT video about some technology that used something to create real smooth shapes (not graphics tricks) it was some old technology nearest field or sometihng.

I can not find this video...

Is there a way to easily make your 3D models smoother in REAL GEOMETRY not graphic tricks? If yes how?
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How can I make SDFs?
I tried the tutorial however I do not have these nodes in the most new version.
File: untitled.jpg (67 KB, 800x600)
67 KB
I don't know about nodes. Ton appeared in my dreams one night. He stared at me in silence for a minute, then he stroke his beard and then he blessed me. In the morning I was able to do stuff like this with ease.
File: Private Creation_23.jpg (476 KB, 3840x2160)
476 KB
476 KB JPG
got sent here from the blender thread, my original post >>974254
my goal was to have a tool like the one in Dreams on the PS4 of all things, where it works like a combination of booleans and metaballs. pic related is from me fucking about it in back in the day, very easy to create stuff similar to >>973085, can be done in under a minute


Substance 3D modeler seems pretty close. anyone got experience with it that knows if it's similar?
File: Private Creation_20.jpg (190 KB, 1660x2160)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
another one, just carving out shapes with another shape from a random blob
found this which uses SDF


File: imi8lu.png (124 KB, 1069x720)
124 KB
124 KB PNG

I keep winning chuds.
Now I don't even have to waste hours making my own 3D pixel art models.

I keep winning.
You crabs keep losing.
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seems pretty fuckin based to me
And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking inspiration from it, or anything for that matter. Why do you feel the need to police what other people create? Do you think the people who created the “rubber hose” style weren’t working with limitations? People had a concept of cartooning before animation, but it was mostly exaggerated and simplified realism that needed to be drawn relatively quickly so it could be put in newspapers. Animation faced this problem to a more extreme degree since hundreds or even thousands of frames needed to be drawn to create even a minute of animation. The shapes needed to be very simple so they could be drawn quickly, and so the audience could interpret things easier. Every modern cartoon style branched out from the designs of early cartoons and worked with those principles to create things the people in the past never would have thought of. Should animators start using AI to enhance their frames to look like renaissance paintings because they no longer have the excuse to make art that looks “bad”? No they fucking shouldn’t just because technology got better. Limitation literally is what spurs stylization, and you would know this if you had any actual artistic inclinations and weren’t a contrarian shithead who needs to hate on whatever the new thing is, and additionally acts like he’s living in 2009 when the latest and greatest AAA game just came out and everything before it is garbage because it has “bad graphics”.
>And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking inspiration from it, or anything for that matter.
My issue with it is that it's not innovative but derivative.
What about this: Instead of using lowpoly meshes with lowres textures go with a similar amount of geometry for the base mesh and model surface details with actual geometry and no textures, just vertex / face colors. That way you'd be innovating on the style instead of parroting it.
>Why do you feel the need to police what other people create?
I don't mean to nor can do that, I just dislike all media that pretends to be something that was before without being it.
For example I fervently hate startrek reboots, new superhero movies and AAA reboots of video game classics.
While "3D pixel art models" are not as atrocious they give me a similar aftertaste.
>a similar amount of geometry for the base mesh and model surface details with actual geometry and no textures, just vertex / face colors
I don't like the textureless low poly look.
It would be sort of mid poly at that point. I'd experiment some ambient occlusion for depth after that...
Anyway I think I've made my point.

File: 20240201_084246.jpg (444 KB, 2880x2880)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
Is this peak 3DCG?
24 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
We both know that you read it, multiple times, And we both know that you are making a tiktok at the moment to gain sympathy from others like you in the eagerness to shut up that little voice in your read that is telling you that you are wrong
Is that your tiktok?
Better than 99% of shiti ugly photorealistic scanned faces from AAAA studios

File: images.jpg (12 KB, 299x168)
12 KB
why isnt there more 3d solo/indie/short team/no budget animated series? do they not make money?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>My goal is to make my own RWBY ripoff.
God's speed, anon and good luck to you.
No, you are kind of wrong, good stories is just the tip of the iceberg, what you need is good character design, good writers and a good voice actress, a good story can be something as simple as a gag, but can work because of the writing. Look for example One punch man, the story is a gag, but the writing is really good and fun.
It's literally the other way around. RWBY was, by Oum's own admission, an excuse to string together a series of fight scenes. The whole Aura concept was an excuse for fights to not end too quickly. Striking character designs mated to charming (early) worldbuilding filled out the experience but it was always a means to an end.
everybody wants cool shit but nobody wants to pay for it
I've never really had the problem of getting overly horny at my own drawings. And I'm absolutely an autistic who uses his autism to be really charismatic and funny.

Your story doesn't need to be good. It needs to be serviceable. This isn't a book, there's a difference. Aesthetics, feel, visual appeal, and special are all more important. As long as your story is good enough to carry audience along it works. It's more important to have fleshed out characters than a fleshed out plot. You can have a very basic and simple story but as long as the characters are good in terms of design and personality.

Thank you, but I think the new video stuff killed my motivation.

File: OIP (1).jpg (19 KB, 474x266)
19 KB
is cascadeur good or should I just learn normal animation?
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Rent free
Yes, ever since I saw his Cascadeur 'animations' I've felt a sense of trepidation about trying the program
pros have muscle memory and billion custom scripts in maya and motionbuilder, don't and won't use anything else
They would spend more time fighting this software than it helping them.
kill yourself

File: idek.png (2.42 MB, 1920x1080)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB PNG
give me funny ideas and i will try to make them a reality
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
A inverted color panda bear walking backwards twice as fast as we can
A gun
Can you model John?
I always wanted to see a John 3d model
I want to see John too it will be fun
u want just funny, or cute and funny?

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