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File: 1556138565296.png (90 KB, 274x338)
90 KB
Why is everyone in here talking about animating characters or modeling people for Disney, isn't the 3D field super big or something that you can work for commercials or shit like that as well, idk what else can you do that isn't video game related or animating the frozen movie
I mean for other industries, something more lucrative and boring work maybe?
im 26 and just started learning so I can get a job btw I don't care about much else
What the fuck are you talking about?
>Why is everyone in here talking about animating characters or modeling people for Disney?
Give me 5 posts even mentioning Disney.
Better yet, give me fucking 1.
You've been here 3 mins and you suddenly think you know how things are here? Fuck off tourist. Go back to r*ddit.
Sorry op, but here nobody talks about Disney style characters and animation. Coomer shit, yes
Anime waifus shit, yes
Blender Vs Maya, yes
Blender Vs Zbrush, yes
Disney? Maybe the fucking voices in your head

File: 1000039911.jpg (117 KB, 1170x1406)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
How do you sort and keep track of your models? I have hundreds of kitbash packs, ripped cgs, models, textures in various formats. how do I organize this shit properly without having to open each individual .fbx or obj? is there some kind of browser to preview 3d file types?
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I deleted every work I finish,I don't keep many material things or digital things.
You put them in folders? You don't just have everything in one big folder, right? Even worse, do you just have all these things scattered across your computer?
Yes I have them scattered on my computor
if you use blender try looking into using the asset browser. at least then even if all your files are in one big folder you can view them easier inside the program
For my own models, I just keep them in a folder named after the project or client.
For assets I keep in a folder with the name of the asset and a note about attribution/liscencing.
I generally just use assets for composing my work before modelling so I don't bothering modelling things you won't see so attribution never ends up being required. Nothing wrong with using assets though, depending on your line of work.

File: 1676010089236074.png (343 KB, 863x593)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
Zbrush feels really outdated now, but the other options (blender, 3dcoat) seem worse. Maybe its just because my ass is 2 years behind on zbrush updates (last pixologic) and its actually become good in that time period?
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why are there no resources for 3d coat?
Nomadlet here, I did this laying in bed haha
Ok fag you rather sculpt on a ipad like this faggot >>973658 ???
Lmao pablo is 30 years behind on his sculpting app despite copying code from blender kek.
Pyw tough guy
The UI is a retard test. If you're easily overwhelmed by buttons and immediately feel defeated then you wont make it regardless.

File: coke.png (79 KB, 184x191)
79 KB
Umm... are you not supposed to work freelance/having clients instead of wageslaving for breadcrumbs in a studio? lol. All the people I know who do Motion Graphics work that way.
who do you know?
what are your rates
Not op but 37 an hour
Do you have a page I can look at?

A very fun hobbie! This is the "Lettuce Temple" from the Aeon Flux episode "The Purge".
Is there anywhere online where people get together to make stuff like this?
And here's a question for you guys, with environments, how do you organize your 'objects' in Blender? In this project, for example, the 'body' of the temple is one object, the pillars are separate objects, the pools below are another.., Should they all be one big object? Or should I break it down further? Does it matter?
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File: Bleach.jpg (3.29 MB, 3785x2134)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB JPG
I did a few from Bleach a few years back. I think the architecture in the anime is pretty neat, and when the spaces are empty, they kind of have that zoomer liminal vibe.
Far left of pic related was the only one I bothered to finish, the Central 46 compound in the Soul Society. I had started another on the castle in the middle of the seireitei, and another on Ichigo's inner world but I never bothered to finish those. Had to work on something else more important.
On the bright side, I was able to re-use the buildings I made for the inner world for other projects, so not all of it was a waste of time.

I still wanna do one of Las Noches/Hueco Mundo though, I always thought it looked pretty neat.
very neat stuff! That castle looks very challenging, but you captured it well
>not recreating kowloon

File: 1689414056651903.png (9 KB, 60x77)
9 KB
kinda looks like cabbage desu
File: 1687414057510908.jpg (675 KB, 1638x1084)
675 KB
675 KB JPG

File: gameresforum_logo_1.png (52 KB, 371x149)
52 KB
Its over

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Nobody bothered doing a serious archiving effort even before he mentioned shutting the site down? Sounds hard to believe.
Don't know how relevant this stuff still is, but I did find some links to a few archives here and there.



They may not be the most organized of things, but its better than nothing.
>archive is only 1gb
if that is the case mouse is the biggest faggot on earth
absolutely. Discord is going to memory hole an entire generation.
4chan not archiving only inconveniences people who shouldn't be here.

File: yafray_01.jpg (278 KB, 1440x868)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
So, I had previously restored Blender 2.49 to run on Debian 12. Here's the patch if you want it:
And that's great but I was wondering where Yafray went because back in the day I remember some of the Yafray stuff being quite impressive.
In the UI code the button to switch to Yafray had been removed, but it was present until 2.48, so I back-ported it and I was able to make it work as a plug-in renderer again.
So, what would you like to see? I have no idea what features are broken though because this was the end of the line for Yafray... for whatever reason.
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File: sky-panoramic.png (70 KB, 512x256)
70 KB
I was about to program this myself:
It generates parametric HDRi which should be usable by any renderer.

I'm still missing the Atmosphere part of this ouside of the internal renderer:
That's the idea but that manual page is misleading. According to the paper, the effect of the dry atmosphere is not just a blueing of stuff into the distance.

I don't know. Do you have the [REAL] [NOVIRUS] version of the crack for 3DSMAX for Linux?
File: yafray_27.jpg (73 KB, 800x600)
73 KB
This is almost the workflow I was looking for.
>Blender 2.49

Wow, now I feel bad for making fun of a retarded special needs kid. My bad bro
File: aor_02_02.jpg (271 KB, 800x600)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
In here >>973215 I think I had the sky sideways. This is what I think the model is supposed to look like.

But now I'm very intrigued by the spectral rendering of PBRT v4 because it should solve the hue change in multiple reflected rays, the dry atmosphere and this >>973220 at once.

It's going to take some work to make up a decent export plugin for it but fortunately I have some old code I've written for PBRT v3. I'll see if I can adapt it or something.
File: aor_02_03.jpg (312 KB, 800x600)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
Some progress on my own renderer. I've added an approximate way to deal with the sun disk. The problem is that it's a 2 degrees radius circle that carries about half of the energy of the whole sky.
My goal is to eventually have a button that says: "Render this model as if I brought it outside today" with as little other input as possible.

File: image.png (958 KB, 1080x1080)
958 KB
958 KB PNG
I made this donut to celebrate me using blender for 8 years, hurah
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File: 61etsx.jpg (220 KB, 1405x1405)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
>8 years using blender
Looks nice
yes, it is, like in everything there's no such thing as a "good way to start" if you really want to learn something just start. And no matter if you fail, the good thing is that you started and you will learn from your mistakes
blender is the "poor way to start" (aka "bad way to start").
using blender is setting yourself up for failure.
and I mean "poor" as in "something a poor person does"

File: 1693476346985139.png (101 KB, 248x198)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
Is cgwiki paid discord worth it, my dear lads? Already in Think Procedural discord, but getting the impression that cgwiki discord is for 130 IQ and up people, while TP is only 110, which frightens us smoothbrains
I have never heard of a paid discord but that sounds dumb and stupid as fuck. Don't do it.

Never heard of cgwiki, the site seems useless and so it's discord has to be more than useless -- meaning counterproductive
Most Discord are places where there are strange people who tell you to study anatomy, not because it's of any use for 3D modeling, but because they want to give you suggestions about changing you own anatomy.

File: hero_10_wallpaper.jpg (119 KB, 1920x1080)
119 KB
119 KB JPG

I posted a thread about a year ago asking if it was possible. And then I come across this after an intrusive thought.

Barely any views, and some amazing results for a first attempt.

Keep in mind in case you don't know. The actual wallpaper was made in a dark room using a cut-out and a high-power laser.


So the fact that the attempt was so close is interesting. On a low-spec PC that can't really support volumetric rendering at that.

File: bullshit_addition.png (105 KB, 1067x492)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
I'm very autistic about this, but I fucking hate the left side of the selection. Is there ways to revert it back to the right side. or at least a plugin/addon that adds a button of [Subdivision Surfaces] or [Favorite Modifier] on it?

File: 1702605933943279.jpg (62 KB, 985x410)
62 KB
Signed a contract. Now, I want to back out. What do I do?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Just do a shitty job, they would fire you
Inb4 I give you my legal advice I will need an advance of $400 to review your contract terms and your financial and tax records. Also to formulate a legal exit strategy I need you to state your fiscal residence and the jurisdiction of the signed contract and the identities of all the parts involved.
Trust me I'm the one that can help you I've be the sole provider of legal advice on 4chan for several fortune 500 companies and serial entrepreneurs. My success rate is 10/10.
work for a month, get vacation time, never go back
You guys are getting contracts?
The purpose of this post escapes me.

File: Nulqetqeq1.jpg (80 KB, 763x417)
80 KB
Is he right?
21 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
You where way more limited in what you could do mainly because of target hardware.
You could easily do assets for contemporary games using even 25 year old software and hardware, no problem.

Biggest difference would be lack of texture baking tools and native support for normalmaps but those are not used or necessary for everything.
You could still render them tho using falloff materials and assemble the channels yourself in an external image editor.
Admittedly laying out UV's pre pelt-mapping did and would suck absolute ass but hey; we did it then and we still could today.
I would hate using R3 but I could make do. Give me max 9 onward and I'd be close to full capacity for anything I needed to do.

That's -06 so to me a software that's now 18 years old is nearly as good as the one I use today.
I'm sure there are niceties I would miss going back that far but all the core functionality I use everyday I know very well to be there.
One of the biggest projects I ever did was on max 9 why I remember it's precise capabilities so vividly.
You can make CGI with 25 year old software so yeah. Sticking assets from say 'The Spirits Within' into a contemporary game engine would tank performance to single digit frames on monster systems. You can't render those production assets in realtime to this day.

Arguably you can render better looking stuff realtime today but that's all advancements in shaders and lighting and more effective authoring of assets.
The poly bound for what you could output as high-end assets meant for offline rendering in the early 00's is still higher than what anyone uses for games as of today.
Yes, except I would recommend learning ZBrush instead of trying to sculpt in Blender. If you're going to work at a studio, you won't have to pay for the software anyhow. Even if you use multires modifer in Blender, it's going to be slow and cumbersome to sculpt in it.
why are pajeets giving advice?
poop addicted nonces, be gone

my friend is trying to convince me to learn houdini because I know Python and it's a "high demand skill" and I'll "make tons of money". is this cap? I'm looking at the tutorials on their website and I can do almost all this shit in Blender already.
pic unrelated
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If money's a concern, learn it
>is this cap?
Naw bro this shit bussin fr
The number of threads recently seething about Houdini is very funny
as this homie said its straight fire fr fr no cap big booby bussin brooooo fr tho straight up gucci if u trippin u bout to catch these hands deadass not playin lowkey these threads be a mood bro dis cash prize money I be makin I be slayin at clubs it got me shook how much mad femboy pussy I get fr fr no cap fr tho I a houdini stan it's slayin but python is a big yikes from me learn a real language but don't appropriate it's culture c is lit im a simp but this shit slaps bro just trust me im fr not trippin glad to see u gonna join the famjam n remember u here 4ever
you want to become a TD? then yes

File: Untitled.png (63 KB, 397x161)
63 KB
Just my luck ffs finally have a week of free time to try to learn something and it's gone.
Not saying I'm lost without it but it would help.
56 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: schiz.jpg (46 KB, 573x476)
46 KB
Ignore >>970015 anon
Just simulate FOREVER
so are we eating good or what?
everyone happy with houdini 20?
Intro to Karma Materials for Beginners in Houdini

who here tried Stable Houdini and/or MLOPS?

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