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/cgl/ is a board for the following:

• Cosplay
• Lolita
• J-fashion
• Conventions & gatherings
• Sewing & prop-making
• Craftsmanship tools/materials & tutorials
• LARPing
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File: 1382430247854.jpg (40 KB, 391x600)
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share those cosplay and lolita related feels
last thread is in autosage
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File: trumptriggered.jpg (50 KB, 216x250)
50 KB
>when you see your con crush out of costume, and realize he's just a regular person
He even poops.
File: sadafharley.jpg (296 KB, 612x612)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
Did anyone else hear about Dashcon 2017 being cancelled?
Stop, you're ruining him.
Thank you.

Sorry to hear that, anon.

File: Bd16WbyCUAENg_U.jpg (74 KB, 600x600)
74 KB
Old thread is dead >>9362783

Who will be reserving Carnival or Holy Lantern this weekend?
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Agreed 100%.
Cheap is 5-6k yen which is the price I frequently get those kind of dresses for from Japanese sites. Sure I'd pay $110 for a set I really like and not be mad about the price, but for most things I'd wait for the real bargains to come up.
How is she pointing out idiots?
File: IMG_3662.jpg (151 KB, 640x906)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
She could have just better removed or blocked comments or something, instead she is taking so much bait. Of course stealing art is not cool, but it is really childish to just defend against it all the time. Block it out and move on. If she would be 'calm' she wouldn't do this all the time. And with this vs. that bought brooch it's very silly as well.
But the charms aren't even really better quality than on >>9370268
Is she saying she bought the frame in one store and the charms separately in another store and just happened to arrange the same charms in exactly the same way as on the AliExpress brooches without even knowing they exist? Riiight

old one was close to saging.

>>9367451 i see your 'bad' bokuto and raise you this.
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Is that a fucking human?!
'Rick grimes'

oh my god. Thanks for showing me this, this is good
Not that anon, but I have that comic faved on deviant and the update date is april 26 2010, as a follow up on a Raikou one. So the cosplayer got inspiration from it, now stop the debate and let more bad cosplays flow in
It always looked to me like they were going for the old kaiju movie look
Nitpick over the paint job. I didn't think they did a good job either, personally, with the paint job but I don't think it's this thread worthy

File: C5CMYhYXUAAT992.jpg (162 KB, 1200x801)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Last thread went bye bye. Why is this Symmetra so sub-par in quality to the group? How many more DVA's will flood cons? What are you working on?
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God I can't stand him and his crew. The only one who doesn't make me wanna die is Bazza these days.
Yeah it was skeevy as fuck
Where the fuck did she do the shoot, inside a dirty garage?
uhh it's not porn lol it's just a cute POV set
File: Untitled.png (727 KB, 600x596)
727 KB
727 KB PNG
who wants to place bets on whether or not she'll actually go through with it this time

File: 2506717_orig.jpg (54 KB, 640x480)
54 KB
Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips:
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emailed, kind anon!
File: Wishlist.jpg (2.12 MB, 3988x2988)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB JPG
WTB! Live in the USA on the east coast
Also looking for solid casual OP's and jsks, mostly in jewel tones or black.
The skirt has been claimed. I would delete post, but I'm on mobile and don't know how.

Beth cutsew dress is on fril.
Long shot, but I'm looking for Meta gold.
Engelsbeginn, OP or Skirt/Blouse set in Black, White or Navy
Die Walkure set or pieces in either colorway
Hospitality Doll in Black, Skirt/Blouse set preferred.
For shits, if anyone has Punkuma Rider JSK, I'll gladly take it off your hands. Black/grey preferred.

File: BRAK.jpg (77 KB, 1280x720)
77 KB
I'd like to do Brak, but make it look scary and realistic
with a prosthetic cat snot/jowls and for his teeth, vampire teeth on top and orc tusk on the bottom.
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File: AnnaSR_A.png (284 KB, 960x800)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
I swear granblue has some of the best designs
Cause Figh is lame as hell
Doing the transformed version is always easier. The dress puts me off because i don't want others thinking i'm in some maid cafe
I wouldn't even know how to fake the rest of it let alone the boobs? Like how does the outfit even work? I do not have the skills for it.

File: 87Jvyd_K25U[1].jpg (126 KB, 677x976)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
I was scrolling patreon today and find this cutie pie. Don't think that she is a popular cosplayer, but I like it. Even gave her $20 for her further 2b cosplay, because I really want to fap on it.
What do you think?

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File: -iX4rZGNfDo[1].jpg (83 KB, 900x600)
83 KB
File: otPvKtWYF-s[1].jpg (130 KB, 681x1024)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
File: SLFtG8AWMjE[1].jpg (84 KB, 600x900)
84 KB
File: qJSlGCQSkJQ[1].jpg (144 KB, 1280x754)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
File: Tydi323UJtA[1].jpg (203 KB, 682x1024)
203 KB
203 KB JPG

I'm depressed as hell, but CGL keeps me living. I dream about pastels and sweet, delicate fashion and do my best, but lately I've been slipping. Life seems dreary.

I was wondering, maybe, if we could have a thread where we discuss the little cgl / jfash related things we do day to day that make it better.

For example, sometimes I make floordinates (except on my bed, I guess) of things I plan on wearing, and that makes my mornings easier since I don't have to stress much. Going out for a latte wearing subtler j-fash always makes me feel pretty and warm without feeling too anxious. Checking for new releases feels great too, and things. What about you?
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Where do you draw the line though? I understand going full lolita is kind of dumb but my whole wardrobe is clothes I actually like which basically means black and elegant/girly. I feel like a formal outfit which incorporates say, an Innocent World blouse and some gothy heels doesn't necessarily need to be dismissed. Or are you saying everyone should have an entire wardrobe on the side just for job interviews?
an outfit that just incorporates a brand blouse and heels isn't necessarily lolita

the question is regarding people wearing actual lolita to inverviews, isn't it?
I just have one specific outfit for interviews (pants, blouse, jacket), not necessarily an entire wardrobe. And yeah, it otherwise sits there unused most of the time.

It'll really depend on how you incorporate those kinds of elements. Like an understated IW blouse will go over more smoothly than one with a collar that's about 4 inches out from your face and lace everywhere.

I'm someone who negotiates heavily in my interviews, and the dirty truth is that if you look girly or young no one's gonna take you seriously. So I tailor my outfit with that in mind.
File: shitpostsadorably.gif (276 KB, 500x281)
276 KB
276 KB GIF
About to go to my private lolita club. We meet once a week at Starbucks, at 5:00 am.

I'm the only member.

I hope it rains.
How can one get an invite?

New draw thread

Old thread >>9286354

>Keep it /cgl/ related.
>All J-fash styles (lolita, mori, otome, gyaru, deco, etc.) are welcome!
>Please provide your best photos.
>Artists: it's not a bad idea to just sign your work.
>Selfposters: When giving credit, it's a good idea to refer to the art as a freebie, NOT fanart.
>Helpful critique is acceptable, insults and taunts are not.
>Have fun!
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Thank you so much! Its really cute!
File: IMG_20170225_160952_259.jpg (883 KB, 1536x1920)
883 KB
883 KB JPG
I've received some very beautiful art in the past, so I thought I'd try again with a more recent coord. Many thanks in advance.
yw! and thanks. it was just a routine appt, so im fine. glad you like the drawing!
I highly recommand the jacquard version (the one I own). It will hold up much better against the boned bodice, and the swirly textures of the jacquard add a lot of dimension to the print.
File: y-not-tokarev.jpg (172 KB, 643x1772)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Why not just wear the outfit with a gasmask you ask? because I don't own this one anymore, so sad.

Thanks in advance for any interest!

File: IMG_1365.jpg (134 KB, 900x1600)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
didn't see one so I'm gonna start it
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I need to hear about these misadventures
>and then there's a fucking minion in the picture
Top kek. My sister loves minions so I wonder how she feels about seeing them associated with bitchy women holding wine glasses and covered in tattoos.
It looks like she's trying to directly cover the other girl's anus. Isn't the point of this pose to actually grab the cheek?

She has a PATREON? How unfortunate.
File: IMG_4012.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
No word on if she got the job.

File: dgfuutyd.png (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
Nothing new under the sun edition
Old thread:
Aliexpress a great alternative to ebay, and small order alternative to Taobao.

>Read customer reviews
>Makeup, sex toys, food, and things that go in/on you aren't guaranteed to comply with safety standards
>You won't be able to claim compensation on Aliexpress if products harm you, use your discretion.
>Electronics? Visit >>>/g/ and search for /csg/ and ask your questions there
>Large Order? Check out the Taobao thread
>Ask questions and buy at your own risk. Stay savvy!
78 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
The white/yellow tank top is shit. The back is made fucking weird as shit on them and it doesn't sit right
Some hands (not posable)
http://s.aliexpress.com/3AniyQ7r (here's a transparent pink one for about $6)
File: 1791162189318245387.jpg (48 KB, 500x485)
48 KB
I warned you, they're ugly. At least it's posable and less than $5
File: hand.jpg (20 KB, 397x338)
20 KB
Thanks! I also just lucked out and found a somewhat elegant one for cheap.
Need the link.

Post your coords, questions and inspiration

previous thread ended with goshikku/rokku inspo
13 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
Is rokku dead? I only see the same pictures over and over again. I'm looking for new inspo but I only see the same coords.
i heard rokku is actually very alive in japan, but google only gives so many results right, unless you know where to look
Don't all the bangya dress up rokku? But I guess they're maybe not calling it like that anymore? Idk

File: img2.jpg (119 KB, 500x375)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Old thread is a hot, dying mess. Pls no more NYC drama, keep it in the old thread
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Anyone else from HLC absolutely love all the links posted by SQ when people kept advertising wonderland over and over again about how amazing it is? Just great.
Yeeeeeeeeah. She was pretty bad, but to be fair she's what - 15? I know that's not an excuse, plenty of 15 year olds understand hygiene, but hopefully she'll grow out of it? Maybe she doesn't understand that you can wash (most) lolita clothes in the washing machine just like regular clothes. I wonder if there's a mod who can find a polite way to tell her she needs to shower/wash her clothes more?
I want to bring it up somehow but I don't know a polite/appropriate way to do it. It clearly bothered a lot of people just from the looks on their faces. I couldn't even stand in that room with her, I had to get out.
Not in your comm but we had an issue just like this with a girl I knew in high school. We spoke to the counselor about it and the counselor basically sat her down and said "Some people are worried about you because your hygiene routine seems to have changed and they want to make sure you're doing okay." She did it that way so that the girl didn't attack us for talking about something so sensitive with the counselor/behind her back but it definitely made her withdraw from everyone for a while because she didn't know who she could trust. It's a really uncomfortable situation no matter how you spin it, really.
Our comm is, but the host hasn't posted anything about renting out the cinema or session times or trying to arrange a seating plan.

Can we get a new releases thread as the spring collections are coming?
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