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/cgl/ is a board for the following:

• Cosplay
• Lolita
• J-fashion
• Conventions & gatherings
• Sewing & prop-making
• Craftsmanship tools/materials & tutorials
• LARPing
• Discussing accessories such as wigs/circle lenses/prosthetics/makeup (These must be within the context of the board-related topics listed above; weight loss threads should be kept in /fit/, beauty and fashion generals should be kept in /fa/)

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File: maxresdefault.jpg (210 KB, 1474x979)
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210 KB JPG
What are your opinions on maid cafes, gulls? Which ones have you been to/loved/hated?
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File: top_baner01.jpg (338 KB, 960x350)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
Any recommendations for cafes in Tokyo that aren't balls to the wall kawaii? Something along the lines of Schatz-kiste with just nice maids and not a lot of songs and magical spells for your food
Honestly they are completely honest with what they are, the facebook pages show the girls in the sexy outfits and explain their alcohol policy. They are SLIGHTLY sexier than a normal cafe (seriously one little keyhole shape is the only difference between some of these and a regular outfit) and are upfront about it, so what's the big deal?

They are just putting their own spin on it, I have no idea why you would give a shit or dislike it, can you please explain why that bothers you? You act like it's some religious ideology at stake it's a fucking maid cafe holy shit.
Why dos that appeal to you? You like uniformity that much? Go to mcdonalds if that's what gets you going lol

File: DSCN0615.jpg (257 KB, 1101x1600)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
new larp thread
previous one is in autosage, etc etc.

This one will have 211,45% more... shit I don't know. We will figure it out on the fly
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File: 20170116_185731.jpg (1.71 MB, 4128x2322)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
Hey larpfags! How was your weekend?

Mine was amazing. Pic related, new shield.
File: 1349907909435.jpg (674 KB, 1280x857)
674 KB
674 KB JPG
Now that I am able to sit down and browse the thread proper...

Read the setting and get a good idea for the fluff, as well as the irl player culture. Don't be afraid to try different games and ditch the lame ones.

Most of all, TRY. TRY to make a believable character. TRY to dress like a real person, and not like a stereotypical larper. etc.

Shave your head, and go for an epic mustache.

>Götz' suit
>Two complete arm harnesses

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File: 1382236767297.jpg (316 KB, 850x1280)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
File: 1470848713652.jpg (1.21 MB, 3456x2592)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
Persian, hmm? I hadn't considered that, I'd been mostly looking at Iraq/Iran/North African stuff. I'll give it a try, thanks!
Any LARPers ever went to a con in their LARP get-up? The more time I'm spending on this board, the more I want to hit up atleast one decent webbo con for shits and giggles.

Anybody got any experiences?

File: Momoko train.jpg (40 KB, 541x288)
40 KB
Old Thread
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I use to adore and aspire to he a purely old school lolita a LA Momoko. But lately I feel as if I look old and manly and note cute at all. I've only found myself to be pretty or beautiful in classic or Gothic.
>TFW i just wanna be a kawaii old school lolita like my old school novel hero
File: 1h9i2o-1.jpg (85 KB, 638x156)
85 KB
Petty secret maker here. I might make another one this weekend about how she keeps getting her secrets taken down.
>this was my first secret too.
anyone have any tips on fixing shoe scuffs? these ones actually damage the pleather not just colour marks..
File: topnep.jpg (4 KB, 131x131)
4 KB
>mfw i just finally watched this movie after being active lolita for 2years
Bumping this bc people keep making new lolita generals for some reason

Previously, in our thread about cosplay and conventions >>9305621
>I showed my gratitude to all of you
>More stores for the community list. Have your own suggestions? Fill in the form at https://churi.nl/add-store
>Creepy prosthetic sheep noses
>Cosplay Patreons on how we feel about them
>WIP shots and our current projects
>Massage stand at cons brainfart
>Viencon, DynamicCon, YayCon and TomoTalks
>Foot fetish guy got busted at Tomo and how our cons are flooded with creeps
>Diffusing LED’s
>Cosplaying characters you don’t know
>If you’re having corset problems I feel bad for you love, I’ve got 99 problems but big tits ain’t one!
>Ironic TomoPosting and the eternal discussion us /cgl/ vs Tomo
>Cheap public transport solutions
>Anon: “I don’t see the point in having dealer rooms at cons”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I wonder if animecon would allow that lol
I don't get how everyone seems to know everyone involved in the drama here. I'm assuming people go some time back, but that would lead me to believe you've grown up enough not to be petty enough to stir up this drama.
Like aren't most people on here about 21-ish? How have you not grown past petty highschool level drama shit yet?

Thanks for the help anons, took it all apart today and put it back together again and it magically started working again. I'm guessing some part of the spring mechanism was blocked. All good!
Haha yesss
It's Iop armor from wakfu, all their armor pieces have these cute demon faces on them. Even the shinguards look like masks lel
Makes it cheaper for you though. My tuition fees have dropped from €3300 every three months to €2990 (atm). But the amount of pounds remains the same....
I'd join you in my sickest Flashheart cosplay.
All I need now is a woman in drag to love me and I'm golden.

File: ohio.png (142 KB, 448x454)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
New thread.

How do you think this Ohayo was in comparison to last years?
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So people are complaining about allergic reactions to the wristbands and I have my doubts that they'll finally ditch them next year.
Nah, they're not going to ditch them. Usually that's chafing or a simple irritation, doesn't necessarily mean an allergic reaction.
Was anyone at Yuu Asakawa's autograph signing? I was telling a friend that she was at the con, checked her Twitter to see what she said about Ohio, and apparently a guy was hiding under her table and touched her leg then ran away.
I ran a panel for what I thought was going to be my last year because of how panelists are usually handled here. But this year was bomb. Email responses were lightning quick and the girls were really helpful. We were invited to a FB group just for panelists, we got information before attendees did, we got rubber wristbands that were the cutest shit, they threw us a party, and they offered online check in before each panel which no con I've been to offers. And the break before and after each panel was beyond perfect. Capped room before it even started yo. 10/10 will do again if this keeps up.
Ohayocon doesn't cater to us.
I didn't show up because most of the con went to Samurai.

File: itabag.jpg (80 KB, 640x640)
80 KB
Last one auto-saged >>9291716

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide v. 2.1
Read the document first before asking basic questions that have been answered time and time again like "is making a bag for ___ ok?" and "where do i get the heart bags??".

Buyf/a/g Guide
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edgeworth is god tier taste
File: rilakkuma.png (387 KB, 765x373)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
Put in two orders to start my rilakkuma bag. I already have some plush charms and pins too.
File: Capture.png (704 KB, 1467x437)
704 KB
704 KB PNG
Anyone have luck with the Cosmile stuff?
Aren't they just a taobao reseller? Just browsing thru some of their stuff and I can tell that they're ridiculously marked up
File: ZI104501-C-3-2.jpg (217 KB, 1005x1005)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
Does anyone have this bag? I'm considering it because the aesthetics seem to match the character I want to make an ita bag for, but the vinyl seems dark? Is it as dark as pictured? I'm thinking of getting it in either black or purple.

File: IMG_6041.jpg (34 KB, 1024x555)
34 KB
Last thread is done >>9306533

Recap of last thread:
-Sob stories to make thrifty Lolita okay
- foreheads and bad shoe choices
-new LA mods that have average coordination skills but mod well
- gulls don't care if you know they are gulls
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Are you sure because if you look closely you can see straps going across her feet either way not good looking Lolitable footwear
please look up the engineer boot series you dumb fuck
she looks fine. you can't even tell those are boots? christ. she just works at the shop, you overreact like she owns the fucking company
Yes I'm sure, clear the salt out of your eyes and look at the bows on the sides. They're engineer boots as another anon mentioned.
vendetta-chan fuk off pls

Ask and give advice on coords.
77 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
I coord mine like this:
-white blouse
-red bolero
-white lace topped socks
-red shoes
-red beret with the dove brooch pinned on it.

I've also done all white with it, and you can do white/brown.
I found this pair of ankle socks in the perfect shade of brick orange but I'm still trying to find other things in the color to make a coord with it.
Thank you, I will do that.

Well I wont be able to unseen that. In the end I probably do need to go with a wig from arda or epiccosplay as they are the only companies I know of that consistently make wigs that fit huge american heads.
whats the name of the dress?
perhaps consider not buying cosplay wigs for your lolita...
It was form this taobao store,

I can't tell if it is a knock off or something original. The only other place I can find it is a alibaba store turning it around for twice the price.

I am open to it. I am just defaulting to what I know as size is a concern.

Sorry to ask to be spoon feed on this but are "Gothic Lolita Wigs"/"Dolluxe" a reputable brand in the community? And are they sized larger then Asian wigs?

File: hanklolisad.jpg (184 KB, 586x577)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Last one got deleted for ot. >>9314641

Wig cap too tight? Petticoat deflating? Share those cgl-related feels here!
98 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
>tfw you're starting to wonder if your severe social anxiety is actually some kind of undiagnosed autism or aspergers
I just want to make friends who are into cosplay and jfash, but I tell myself people dislike me and avoid meets because of it. I always thought my struggling to connect with other people was due to awkwardness from being shy and anxious, but I'm wondering if maybe it's more than that. My brother's an aspie. Maybe it's in both of us.
File: rogered.jpg (51 KB, 640x628)
51 KB
>tfw your con crush gets married to a girl way bitchier than you
Mimi ni Todoke, really cheesy shoujo romance about a socially awkward girl, but in a good way.
That's sad, anon.

Thanks, but how did you reply to my post hours after it was deleted?
Because my 4chan scripts show posts that have been deleted.

File: IMG_3701.jpg (86 KB, 540x720)
86 KB
28 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Aaand end of dump.
Is that... that Slytherin Harry Potter JSK?
I don't think this is really ita and more like nitpick. I can see what she's trying to do with the shoes. The makeup I almost like, but I don't think it needs to be that powdered white.
All I can see is her sniffing a spotty pad.
This looks more like a casual co-ord for a movie and I kindof like it.

File: Korean Routine.jpg (686 KB, 3063x4592)
686 KB
686 KB JPG
Old Thread >>9240843
Basic Western Routine:

Starter Asian Routine:
>Oil Cleanser
>Foaming Cleanser

Some basic tips:
>Introduce Moisturizer first. As much as you want to introduce a cleanser to clean, a moisturizer helps control oil production
>introduce one product, two weeks at a time

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
169 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why do you want to replace it of Aveeno baby works for you?
Not that anon but
>clogs up my pores
What you should do is look at the ingredients of all the ones that didn't work for you, put it in a spreadsheet and find something that is common so that the next one you research, you can look for something that doesn't have it
I'm on aveeno baby again and started my double cleansing routine and i see a big difference in my black heads and pores. I think since before I never really cleaned my face, but now I do it ever night and day. I see that the problem wasn't aveeno baby it was my poor facial cleansing habits. Double cleansing really works well. If interested i use sweet almond oil by pure body naturals and also naive kracie foam cleanser. I'm sticking to aveeno baby.
I used Stridex in the red box (a BHA) for awhile on the kp on my upper arms, it reduced it! I stopped out of laziness, but it hasn't come back even worse or anything. It's still there, but diminished from before. I should do that again...

File: rabbit mail.jpg (19 KB, 360x375)
19 KB
Old thread >>9247053
I'm expecting to see a lot of lucky packs this time around
55 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.

at least lolita has some western influences, but kimonos are a different story. anybody who isn't jap looks absolutely fucking ridiculous in them
>let's have a pissing contest over who is the most acceptable weeb
File: CyjxhUwUQAAGy_T.jpg (24 KB, 278x371)
24 KB
My Christmas gift! Should be here tomorrow or the day after.
Review the Four O'Clock piece please, anon?
I'm Japanese but I wouldn't wear kimono outside of something special even if it's pretty.

File: logo-trans.png (23 KB, 460x185)
23 KB
It seams to me that the cons new owners have no idea how to run MegaCon.
Tampa was crap, and Orlando is lacking severely.
I am paying over 50+ dollars for tickets, to shop and meet guests.
No panels, and the con shuts down after 7pm.
It wont last another year.
>It wont last another year.
It'll for forever because of cape comic normies and Patreon """models""".
Just learned from a friend of mine that they have no intrest in late night programing, dances, or interactive events.

Old one >>9312991

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