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File: animeimpulse.png (10 KB, 203x248)
10 KB
who's going? what are you going as?

this'll be my first con since like 2007.
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Sure are a lot of vtuber guests. This the norm for Anime Impulse?
Vtuber guests are cheap and easy to get because they don't have to actually fly somewhere. Anime Impulse is basically all English guests, cosplayers, and vtubers. They hold a lot of events so they don't have money to throw out for actual Japanese guests.
They had a strong relationship with NijiEN. Since the fall out of Salene, they pretty much distanced themselves from them.
File: GK2YiCSa0AA4CGk.jpg (448 KB, 1080x1350)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
I dunno about that one...
No one is going to show up to this clusterfuck.

File: meido toitooi_12.jpg (792 KB, 1536x2048)
792 KB
792 KB JPG
share images of your favourite maid cosplays, whether it be the cutest girls or the most fashionable and intricate designs.
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File: IMG_0964.jpg (505 KB, 885x1328)
505 KB
505 KB JPG
Jesus this breast plate doesn't even match her skintone. Why does Rem always attract the worst kind of retards? Horrible cosplay right here.

File: bags1.jpg (561 KB, 1341x2047)
561 KB
561 KB JPG
FAQ & Beginners Guide:

Buyf/a/g Guide:
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Itabag came from itasha. And it means cringe/painful to look at, not painful to carry/for wallet.
Any base bags with patchwork/quilt desgns?
it didn't come from itasha, both came from itai, which means "ouch" in japanese, and is japanese slang for cringe, same thing ita comes from in the lolita comm. anon's distinction is just plain bull and trying to spare her feelings i assume. itabags are supposed to be cringe and off putting, it's part of the charm. side note, cutesy chinese itabags are only cutesy because they think ita means it's lolita related since they don't have context and ita is in the word lolita.
The itai in itasha came from ouch/cringe. And then after ita cars their were ita shirts and itabags. Learn cringe history, zoomer.
Does anyone get creative block when working on an itabag? I have the pieces, deco, and the base bag ready to go, but when it's time to lay out all the pieces I draw a complete blank or hate whatever I'm putting down

File: ethniccosplay.png (2.24 MB, 1053x1060)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB PNG
>be non black person (not white) doing cosplay
>high expectations to be accurate with correct wig for contests and photoshoots
>be black
>no need to use wig or accurate cosplay. it's called ethnic wigs instead
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have you seen the shitty raceswap edits black weebs make of characters? they look like they just paint bucketed the brown color on
So disgusting. It made my dick throw up like 100 times.
imagine the smell
Yep. Negroes aren't attractive at all. There's a reason why many photographers don't pay them attention at cons
black cosplayers is white genocide

File: IMG_20240414_035436.jpg (85 KB, 949x1053)
85 KB

File: 1689573243621166.jpg (440 KB, 1000x1001)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
Is it normal for people to ask for pictures and immediately leave after?
Or is this another Switzerland specialty where everybody hates socializing?
OR is it because I'm male?
How do you even make friends at a con?

I went to a convention as Chainsaw Man last October and while over 20 people asked me for a pic, nobody actually stuck around or even made an attempt at small talk. I was hoping to meet people.

There's another convention coming up next month and I'm not sure if I wanna go get photographed and go back home all alone with no new contacts or friends again.
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File: 1705240778872733.jpg (108 KB, 1200x1078)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>get friends
ahah for sure anon I'll ask my friends I have those
My tradition is to drink a 4loko at cons. Makes stumbling through lines more fun.
realistically you will not get a room for this year's colossal. you have over a year's time to network and get yourself out there for 2025's colossal. go to cons, join local discords, be social and you can do it
I'll throw in on a room for 2025
There’s also the fact that colossal rooms go fast. If you get one and post to colossal’s fb or discord that you have spots up for grabs in your room, I guarantee they will get filled. If you make a post like that though, make it clear IN the post that you aren’t just looking to fill spaces in the room, but you’re also looking for people to hang with at the con

File: IMG_5748.jpg (2.06 MB, 2048x1536)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB JPG
>What’s your dream dress?
>How long have you been looking for it?
>Are you open to other cuts/colorways?
>Why is it your dream dress?
>How much would you be willing to drop for it?
>Anything else?
File: IMG_5750.jpg (17 KB, 225x300)
17 KB
OP here! I’ll start.
>What’s your dream dress?
Ribbon Decoration JSK by Angelic Pretty in the pink colorway
>How long have you been looking for it?
Just now. I’ve seen it before but it was never a dream dress for me, just something I liked… But now I’d die for her!
>Are you open to other cuts/colorways?
Yes! Anything but black.
>Why is it your dream dress?
It just feels so elegant and OTT yet still the pinnacle of sweet lolita, fits my style exactly.
>How much would you be willing to drop for it?
A shameful amount.
>Anything else?
Wut. I’m a sweetfag but thing is tacky af kek. To each their own…
People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

File: IMG_5179.jpg (889 KB, 1242x908)
889 KB
889 KB JPG
Reusing the OP from an old thread with some extra questions.
Let's do one of these again. Bonus points for OC pictures or collages.

>How many main pieces do you have?
>How long have you been wearing lolita?
>What's the oldest brand you have?
>What's the most recently released brand you have?
>Overall theme?
>Any rare/grail dresses?
>Favorite main pieces/accessories?
>Favorite brands?
>Do you buy new or second hand more?
>Anything you wish you had more of?
>How do you store clothes/accessories/shoes?

Heya /cgl/! I made the decision to give cosplaying a try. I cant describe how much i enjoyed it, especially because im a very extroverted person. What do you guys think of my first cosplay? :]
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File: sakura thinking.gif (62 KB, 260x200)
62 KB
I've been going to cons for a decade now and I have never figured out what these TV heads are supposed to be. I just kinda assumed it was a tradition at anime cons, like how there used to be a tradition before covid of going to cons as Deadpool and being a jackass.
Im still not sure after reading this
>even when cosplaying a CRT they still dress like sluts
I'm going to do my first cosplay soon too.
Me too anon
Tomorrow in fact

File: Repent!.jpg (30 KB, 242x620)
30 KB
CCC #2 Repent Edition

What recently mischiefs have you done recently? Or plan on perpetuate on your next innocent victims.

Me: Ask someone if I can play Street Fighter II on the SNES classic. It was a close match manage to win, He was getting ready for a rematch but I say thank you and prepare to leave, He leaves first. Also after that pick up some free posters that some left of the consoles table and I leave.

Also repent for being lazy and missing 3 cons this year.
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Also asexual, similar experiences being hit on. It's like people smell it and they want what they know they can't have. Nice to know I'm hot but really sucks when I'm a socially autistic retard that has a hard time saying no, so I just have to visibly cringe until they go away which feels even more rude but I do it automatically every time like clockwork.
It's an anime thing for me. There are probably more of us. You just gotta know where to look. I sure don't!
>i gave away expired condoms to horny ass weebs at a late night party
Its all dudes and trannies. The few girls are the type that dont sex anyways so you pretty much accomplished nothing.
I will just say I'm at Conventions with a Game Boy Camera.

File: hsvexpo.png (651 KB, 550x770)
651 KB
651 KB PNG
It's just a couple of weeks away. Is anyone in the area going, or have you been to it in past years? What did you think if so? Seems to have a pretty solid selection of guests.
This board is so dead.... I didn't realize this con was coming up, but I'll probably drive up to Huntsville and check it out. I went once years back, it was fun. Met so many Homestuck cosplayers (to give you an idea of how far back this was). It used to be easier to find AL gulls...
File: 1631757909917.gif (1.6 MB, 299x217)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB GIF
>Met so many Homestuck cosplayers (to give you an idea of how far back this was).
I'm gonna be real with you bro, I'm going this year and Saturday is 4/13. I'm a total cosplay noob but I'm still throwing a basic bitch Bro together, I can't NOT do it.
Fuck yeah. I might go as Jane or Terezi in that case! I hope a lot of homestucks come out of their retirement homes this con.
it's gonna be my first con tomorrow and i'm kinda stressed

File: tmbi72altvr91.jpg (301 KB, 1521x2048)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
Are Bridget and Poison like the only cosplays a MtF can do that aren't traps/femboys?
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>posts a biological woman cosplaying a man
no you can’t pull off bridget he’s too feminine for you to pass off
File: 1691097020244447.png (712 KB, 662x1052)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
You can't even do that, that's why you used a woman for the OP pic
mahiro from onimai and that one twin tail girl from an old anime. You can just cosplay female characters
Alice from Superjail and Marshmallow from Bob's Burgers
Is that Bruce Campbell's illegitimate son?
this nigga has a bigger jaw and hands than me how over is it

File: IMG_1031.jpg (148 KB, 500x500)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
What’s on your playlist?.
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
In terms of anime music, a mix of songs from whatever we're currently watching and nostalgic classics from shows my friends and I were into back in the day.
I also end up playing a lot of country too though since that's the main normie music I'm into and nothing is a better fit for driving for hours across the middle of nowhere.
File: yes.gif (483 KB, 498x372)
483 KB
483 KB GIF
I listen to a lot of feel-good energetic-electronic music.
1) Snail's House
2) Moe Shop

1) ClariS
2) Perfume
3) Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

I also like artists that make Weeb-themed music:
1) PaiDA
2) YFU Baby
File: E61ybm2VkAEqKMV.jpg (950 KB, 2048x1725)
950 KB
950 KB JPG
If I'm honest I listen to all kinds of music, most of the time I listen to lofi to relax faster, but the artists that are always on my playlist are

1- Beabadoobee
2- Chloe Moriondo
3- Inabakumori (a lot of vocaloid songs)
4- Yakui the Maid
5- Takayan

The others are very random, but as long as they relax me and agree with my mood, I am happy, I guess I don't pay much attention to genres of music desu

File: left.jpg (482 KB, 1804x1030)
482 KB
482 KB JPG
It really really really sucks when you find a cosplayer who is genuinely cute (left) but then photoshops their face into looking like aliens (right)
Please please please for the love of god rely less on editing
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Kek all that shoop and she couldn't remove that big ass tag sticking out of her costume?
You just think that because she's showing more skin.
It tastefully covers her armpit.
Id bang an old lady.
didn't know shoop works irl too. What a time to be alive.
Also if you can't tell if something is shooped to hell and back you deserve to be disappointed by reality.

Just wanted to share the cosplays I completed last year
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why is this thread even still here. do you really have nothing better to do than bully/jerk off to some random girl that tried to post on hobby boards for once.
you have hot legs
shit i'm amazed it's up after more than an entire year. kind of sad how slow cgl has gotten hah

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