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File deleted.
More of her?

Remember: All request threads belong on /r/.

File: stop.png (32 KB, 600x600)
32 KB
1) When posting something include the artist and character/show name. If it's part of a doujinshi or manga then give the name of that as well.
2) No loli or furry shit.
3) Ecchi, Yuri, and Yaoi Belong on their own boards. (/e/, /u/, and /y/)
4) All images must be of Japanese/"Eastern" origin and style. Images of "Western" origin and style will be removed.
5) If you want to make a request then take it to /r/. This board is for people who wish to contribute. If /r/ does not fill your request it is still not okay to post it here. If you contribute a decent amount of board-related material then feel free to request, but not before.
5.1) "itt [ass/bj/whatever] thread" and only posting one image is a request.

Every global rule applies as well.

File: 1476982575788.jpg (158 KB, 500x715)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
New Honey Select Thread v6.0: Append Edition

Honey Select (ハニーセレクト in Japanese) is an eroge created by the Japanese H-game company Illusion. The game was released on September 9, 2016.



Card DB: http://no-info.no-ip.info/hst/

Booru: http://illusioncards.booru.org/

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/wNfFC17w

Download: https://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=2122523
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Paizuri animation fixes
nothing else?
One of my favorite character

Play with her, please
File: 20161021101311904.png (2.87 MB, 1920x1080)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB PNG
adding a bit of movement to static scenes. Any suggestions?

File: 1212.png (1.07 MB, 817x1090)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
Previous thread: >>4392858

Read the OP and FAQ newfriends! It'll save you time. Discord: https://discord.gg/WW5QQRz
An entire board dedicated to h-audio: http://board.kasumi.moe/koe/catalog.html (check the sticky there as well)

>How do I find h-audio?
DLSite. Japanese site (http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/) English site (http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/)
NOTE: Not all works on the Jap site are on the English site.
Each work has a product code attached. RJXXXXXX for the Japanese site, REXXXXXX for the English site, and RGXXXXXX is a circle's code. TIP: Use the RJ product code (if using the English site, simply replace the RE with RJ) to search for a work on Google, the Baidu folder, Perfect Dark, and other sites.

>Where do I search for h-audio?
1) Google, mostly. Also try:

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RJ172364 plz!
I need my audio to be future-proof for when we can get augmented ears with superhuman hearing capacity
And for when you can wire the audio straight into your brain bypassing the physical world entirely.
Hearing the difference now isn't the reason to encode to FLAC.
If you're actually doing something in the physical world why not record a video of it as well
File: 14770551913831.jpg (11 KB, 147x90)
11 KB
>VA having yuri sex with an actual prostitute, and the VA masturbating to the audio again after the fact.

That's what they want you to know.

File: wx96bfvj.jpg (446 KB, 636x899)
446 KB
446 KB JPG
Color/Edit Thread

This thread is for requesting colors/edits only. If you want something drawn, go to the draw thread: >>4390845


- Respect /h/ and global rules.
- You must supply a reference for the characters or at least directions for coloring in every part of their body or related objects.
- Do not just post a link to your request from the previous thread. Re-state your request and repost your reference.
- Be patient, some images can take a great deal of time
- Be kind to the artists, they're giving their time to do this for you.
- Constructive criticism is fine,
- Remember to thank whomever fulfilled your request

Requesters, Feel free to ask for revisions of the works, it isn't an insult.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Could anyone make this topless?
File: 1.jpg (1.07 MB, 4146x1070)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
Thats basically how far i got, obviously it's far from finished, any tipps?
looks good
Pros and cons to your approach.
On the plus side, the relined art is way cleaner and allows truer fills to show through without screentones screwing them up.
On the down side, that's going to take forever lol. Like as far as tips go, you're not going to be able to speed things up much at all. Relining is a slow process, especially if you're trying to add fills afterwards. Good luck, way more patience than me.

There is some kind of aliasing going on with that character's right eyebrow, not sure if that's a compression artefact or what.
might showing me exactly what you mean with aliasing?

Oh and yeah that takes a shit load of time...

File: c924928package_s.jpg (41 KB, 200x280)
41 KB
welp... here is the final episode of the series did not follow the source huge let down from 2 epsodes sorry no breast expasion just whatever if you into alot of weird throwing up stuff here you go this will go down worst series suzuki have ever did enjoy
3 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: c924928sample4_s.jpg (7 KB, 150x86)
7 KB
File: c924928sample5_s.jpg (7 KB, 150x86)
7 KB
File: c924928sample6_s.jpg (6 KB, 150x86)
6 KB
File: c924928sample7_s.jpg (7 KB, 150x86)
7 KB
File: c924928sample8_s.jpg (10 KB, 150x86)
10 KB

File: 1476891789773.jpg (771 KB, 2048x1786)
771 KB
771 KB JPG

1. Requests must satisfy general /h/ rules.
2. Be nice. Do not censure or denigrate Drawfriends. If you want to critique art go to /ic/.
3. REQUEST drawings ONLY; this is NOT your personal deviantART page.
4. Only request ONCE. No bumping, re-requesting or seconding requests; it wastes the small /h/ post count.
5. Be patient, polite and don't whine if no one decides to fullfil your request.Request filled is mostly just dumb luck; do not take it personal.
6. No requests for coloring, decensoring, or editing. Please use or create other threads in /h/ for this.
7. Re-read rule 4. Follow it.
8. Thank the Drawfriend that fulfills your request.
9. Full character and series name must be mentioned.
10. Ignore shitposters that don't request anything and/or complain about not getting their requests fullfilled.

Finished requests can be found here: http://h-ot.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&pid=0

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Shallotte.jpg (150 KB, 1045x671)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Shallotte, happy sex?
File: 1471604561300.jpg (479 KB, 2205x2677)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
her using a dildo, deep, and fast and slightly squirting
more /h/ is having sex like she's in heat
Requesting Tharja getting fucked silly from behind while she is bending over her stack of books. Tharja making an ahegao face and drooling from getting fucked hard or some expression is wanted.
File: Jenet-xi.jpg (208 KB, 739x975)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Requesting B. Jenet (aka the most underused SNK waifu ever) from Garou and King of Fighters in the gloryhole booth, servicing dicks, while wearing her dress.
File: IMG_6249.jpg (129 KB, 672x672)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Requesting kamikirimusi from soul calibur 4 giving a footjob in a position like top right, making an ahegao face like the bottom right.

File: sfEP2b2.jpg (277 KB, 1090x1200)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
no creampie thread!?
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File: Object.jpg (659 KB, 1057x1500)
659 KB
659 KB JPG
Use protection!
Where is that from?
Remove this
Jesus christ, fucking amateur hour on that ugly ass foot
not this shit again

File: FB_IMG_1477059447661.jpg (59 KB, 500x704)
59 KB
Sauce on the bottom half of this?
Unlove S

Erotic massages, kissing, licking, nibbling, squeezing, sucking, etc.

Bonus points if she orgasms from it.
Breast-play is certainly welcome, but other stuff is appreciated--don't get me wrong, I absolutely love, love, LOVE boobs getting licked and sucked, but it's just the most common type of foreplay portrayed, and again, variety, though not mandatory, would be appreciated.
39 replies and 38 images omitted. Click here to view.
I wish there were more douijn/hentai/eroge involving massages.
which hentai is this from?
This is too cute to fap to
File: 1283025355021.jpg (439 KB, 960x1400)
439 KB
439 KB JPG
Fundamentally disagree.
honestly the sex scenes are my favourite parts of the movies

File: ev209a.jpg (125 KB, 1024x768)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Now here you grow again
Now here I go again
File: ev212a.jpg (123 KB, 1024x768)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
File: ev215a.jpg (123 KB, 1024x768)
123 KB
123 KB JPG

File: 01.png (482 KB, 853x480)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
Newest leaks:
Gakuen 3: Karei Naru Etsujoku
Chikan no Licence
Love Bitch
M-Okui Last Order

Newest official releases:
Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo (DVD & Blu-ray)

Search nyaa for downloads
89 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks h brethren for giving us several options to watch this :)
Oni chichi uncensored when
File deleted.
Ugh, Jan55 released Olivia but the dude sucks at encoding so bad, like really. He doesn't seem to deinterlace properly (doesn't even use 10bit) and he should be using the following params:
-ref=16 -deblock 1:1 -me=tesa -subme=11 -nombtree
>Mafuyu Only Ova never
>No Mafuyu pajama,swimsuit,maid,etc...
Guys..recommend me some 3d uncensored hentai site ..

File: 43325347548.jpg (732 KB, 1206x1600)
732 KB
732 KB JPG
Does anyone have a clue about what happened to Naruko Hanaharu?
Last I've heard she has done character designs and art for the Gargantia anime and some occasional covers for that one yuri magazine. But that was a while back...

Her blog hasn't updated in nearly two years and she doesn't have a twitter or anything of that sort, as far as I'm aware atleast.

Really loved her art, so I guess that I'll dump some of my folder while I'm at it.
206 replies and 110 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sure looks like Ishikei. There's more than a few artists that strive to copy his style, but that one looks legit.

It is Ishikei. There is a short story with the mom from TiTiKEi in the first part of that volume.
File: 001.png (3.55 MB, 1275x1789)
3.55 MB
3.55 MB PNG
Does anyone know if Ryuta Amazume has a twitter account? I know that he stopped doing hentai a couple of years ago so that he could focus on Nana to Karou. But I heard that it recently ended.

Would like to know if there's any chance to be seeing him return to the Hotmilk lineup.

Probably died. It was foreboding that he posted his old artworks then vanished.
What the hell happened to this guy?

File: 1475825676960.jpg (964 KB, 1500x2166)
964 KB
964 KB JPG
No news about winter Comiket yet.
148 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
Are this post timeskip?
Does she really falls for the man then?
i don't remember this one
File: sakiko_80.jpg (730 KB, 1115x1600)
730 KB
730 KB JPG
Kyouka ends up slightly better than Sakiko
File: 018.png (2.62 MB, 2105x3016)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB PNG
You mean like not being raped but falling for the guy?
That's not Kyouka, only Yukia falls for real and willingly
File: 59298477_p0.png (2.25 MB, 1625x2600)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB PNG

drop what you got
181 replies and 131 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Sakura.webm (2.23 MB, 960x540)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB WEBM
File: 141141765510-me.jpg (138 KB, 792x594)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
File: 28929658_p3.png (1.08 MB, 1200x1000)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG

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