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File: iromono.png (237 KB, 417x309)
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237 KB PNG
last one hit bump limit
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I never said that, retard. But according to baby, yes it's fine.
I wish it was more acceptable to carry sippy cups around. I'm retarded and always spill water on myself with normal water bottles and cups.
File: IMG_8026.jpg (32 KB, 640x471)
32 KB
Is it normal for Meta to remove product pages off their website entirely when they sell out? I was waiting for an UTK restock, checking the product page every now and then. I checked again yesterday and it 404s now, so I'm worried they've stopped producing them altogether.
Reusable water bottles with straw lids and leakproof spouts exist, they're basically adult sippy cups lol
They have really good English support so you could always try emailing to ask? I wouldn't stress out about it. They might have just removed the page because the next UTK restock/release will have some minor difference in construction so it will need a new page. Maybe they're going to start offering regular and plus size socks or something.

File: dumsharkjuice.png (427 KB, 566x548)
427 KB
427 KB PNG
Old thread hit bump limit

>tfw you find out that the Chainsaw Man character your bf convinced you to cosplay is famous for not wiping or flushing when she shits.
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Now I feel like I'm LITERALLY Prince Andrei Bolkonsky
moitie's ornament flocky jsk. i planned to bid this morning before the auction ended, but i didn't even try when i saw the bid was at $950. it looks like the high bidder had glitched it to their max by bidding twice for some reason, but i didn't know that yet, and i didn't want to get involved in a high value 1k+ bidding war.

that particular 2012 jsk is just not worth over a grand, and even for my DD i'm reluctant to pay that much more than its actual worth. it's never sold for more than $300 previously on LM, and it'll come around again. it's not particularly rare or desirable as moitie goes.

i feel a bit bad for the winner, actually. i didn't know it was possible to accidentally push the bid to your max without someone else bidding against you. but they were willing to spend that much, and i was only planning to bid ~$800, so i would have lost regardless. i may have caved and pushed it to 1k if the bidding had been organic (i was worried their actual max was $1200 or something), but it's on me for not even trying, and it's probably for the best that i wasn't tempted. i'm really just disappointed, but i'm only four years into my hunt; i can wait a little longer.
I hope you find it again anon.
We're past bump limit, just send it
>really wanted to get a balayage for the first time
>on my patch test/consult the day before
>"oh sorry, purple might be a lil too strong for your hair in one go"
>my hair is probably like a #4 in terms darkness at best

Guess I'm going copper red, that blonde hair privilege makes me wanna cry.

Is it okay to cosplay cis females as a trans woman? I love certain charcters. But i feel like the transphobia bums me out. Why cant people just enjoy the art?
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Cosplay whomever you want, I'm a trans woman and I love this hobby
pic related, whoops
Look, there are a lot of really great questions out there about crossplaying as a trans person. Questions like: "How do I keep people from assuming I'm crossplaying and misgendering me?" or "As a trans person, is it safe to cosplay if I'm alone at a convention?"

Asking the dumb question: "is it okay?" and then bitching about transphobia in an effort to get others to either rally around you or bitch with you is not helpful. A "Trans Cosplay" thread on this board, related to real issues trans cosplayers face, would be very helpful and uplifting for may people. This pity party / bitch fest thread is not. Please go back and try again. You community deserves better from you.
OP is obviously bait but we have always had crossplay threads here on cgl and they've always been pretty active and successful
File: IMG_8166.jpg (139 KB, 1200x960)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
I like it

File: akkoretarded.png (413 KB, 665x574)
413 KB
413 KB PNG
I'm a near-complete beginner to con culture and the "scene" due to zero exposure to it until recently and I have too many questions swimming around in my head that I need to ask. I've only been to a couple of small ones in my mostly-desolate area and I want to step up to traveling to bigger ones but I'm overwhelmed. Please bear with me.
>Do a majority of congoers cosplay? I know it's common, but is it seen as a faux pas to not cosplay?
>Likewise, is it seen as a faux pas to wear the same cosplay more than once in a multi-day event, or to not wear it some days?
>I've read a lot on this board about "after hours" events and parties that aren't scheduled by the con staff. Do you have to get invited to things like that, or how do people find out about them?
>Do cons that don't have a stated sub-demographic (ones that use terms like "fandom" or "pop culture" instead of specifically "fantasy" or "otaku" or something) tend to accept all demographics? Would you be looked at weird for going to something more "western" like SDCC in an anime cosplay, or would you expect to see a lot of them?
>Why do some huge cons like Colossal and Dragon seem to place such significance on getting a hotel room onsite as opposed to just being nearby? Surely not just traffic, right?
>What's a "gull"?
>How do you not get sick every time you go to one?
>How do you keep track of scheduling for multiple cons across multiple years? Do you get notified about them? When is "con season"?
>If you're partying, how do you deal with inevitable hangovers or crashes?
And some more personal questions
>If you cosplay, what's normally your budget? Both in terms of time and money.
>How do you make friends at a con if you're not going with a group?
>How many cons do you go to yearly or on a recurring basis? There are a fuckton I want to see but I'm not sure if my expectations are unreasonable.
Thank you for your time.
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yeah nah i get it, i just hope it's reassuring to know lots of girls are way more normal than CGL would have you believe. your best bet is conventions and other mixed events, since randos showing up to lolita specific meets can come off as weird. other than that, just be polite: "i really like your outfit" or "excuse me, your coordinate is really cute". be specific if you can, and focus on the hairstyle, makeup, and outfit instead of her physical traits. this puts focus on the hobby and makes you less likely to come off as objectifying (a lot of women prefer complements that focus on things that have direct control over). don't ask for pictures. if she seems uncomfortable, politely excuse yourself-- backing off when the vibe is off makes you more approachable. if she's receptive, ask questions and show interest until you find some common ground to sperg over.

most lolitas are just autistic nerd girls in frills who may be a little paranoid about fetishism, so the secret to befriending lolitas as a male mostly hinges on being cool and giving her as much agency in the conversation as possible. even if the first lolita you approach doesn't end up wanting to talk, others will notice your good manners and may be more receptive.

tldr: be chill, focus on her hobbies, look for shared interests, and give space as needed. you'll do great.
>tldr: be chill, focus on her hobbies, look for shared interests, and give space as needed. you'll do great.
I can do that, its what I do when I meet new people generally. Maybe I'll work up the guts to talk to some of them if I think their outfit is cool or were in line for a panel next to each other.
Is there a way to tell if vendors are actually making their items and arent just reselling shitty amazon merch?
good luck nonna! i hope you make plenty of new friends.
File: _Orig__57514.jpg (139 KB, 1201x1201)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Are they in vendor hall? They're selling Amazon or AliExpress stuff at a huge markup, if not outright fakes. Are they an artist alley? They aren't...presumably.

Pic extremely related. Saw this for sale at my last con, shitbags wanted $100. Checked online with the exact specifications and found it for $30

File: FTR9OD0agAAwGZ4.jpg (437 KB, 1191x1919)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
protection from the elements in style
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File: Ddxvy8lU0AEo4un.jpg (160 KB, 799x1200)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
File: EXKaUsEVcAA0D44.jpg (665 KB, 2048x2048)
665 KB
665 KB JPG

What was your first cosplay?
>did a closet cosplay from a hotline miami mod maybe 26 people played
>most work I did was dyeing a stupid hat
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LOL i completely understand this dude. I end up having to talk like this to explain any topic to people who are stupid. I mean i agree with the person bitching honestly. They put all that work into their shit, they have a reason to be upset when someone else waltzes in and pretends its amatuer hour.

she probably wasnt going to say the other person isnt ALLOWED to cosplay, just to not call it cosplay when it isnt, that he's just putting on a costume. Long as he doesnt say that it IS cosplay I can imagine she would be like "ok good" and could move on. but people get a bit irritated when they have to explain shit to clueless people. This is one of my biggest pet peeves desu, people with this stupid carefree attitude. If I'm talking to a rando online and its just casual normal convo, and they start having this lackadaisy attitude about something im actually informed about AND they argue with me about it, ill straight up block them on the spot lol. I had a different friend who would pick fights with me about astrology and mbti and why it was bullshit. I like astrology, thats my defence lmao. But when he would try and tell me that mbti is bullshit because its entirely a binary, he would just bitch for hours, and REFUSED to watch a ten minute (or even the first 30 seconds" of a video that literally explained everything and wouldve answered all his questions, but he just refused. Those people dont want to learn, they just want to inflate their own ego at the expense of yours.
Sorry thats a bit of a tangent but like i said, its a pet peeve
Judge Holden. Me and my buddy both read it in 2015 and he dared me to do it. I did, worked pretty well. (I'm already 6'5 and have the build) Nobody knew who the heck I was. It was great just standing there, laughing in my head as people looked him up.
File: 65427623474276278.jpg (591 KB, 3888x2592)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
Kondo Isao from Gintama.

I couldn't and cannot really do twink characters, I'm too manly and old for that.

And I relate to Kondo.
File: 65423765376537538.jpg (99 KB, 1024x1086)
99 KB
With a slight alteration you could go as SCP-049, assuming you haven't already done that.

Thanks to the vidya Secret Laboratory, there's lots of meme potential.
pics or didn't happen

File: 1472450212308.png (2.55 MB, 992x1474)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB PNG
What constitutes a classic coord seem to spark a lot of debate in the j-fashion questions thread. I think it's time to give classic lolita a thread of its own.

I'll start with some questions

>Do you wear classic lolita? If not, are you planning to? If yes, do you wear other substyles?
>Did you start out lolita by wearing classic?
>What drawn you to classic lolita?
>What are your thoughts about OTT classic? (pic related) Do you think it will get trendy again?
>Are you a daily lolita and/or a lifestyler?
>What is your favourite brand for classic lolita?
>What do you think about sweetfags?
>Would you enjoy classic only lolita spaces?
You can also attach a picture of your favourite classic lolita coord.
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If I showed up to hang out with my friends in a tux for no reason they'd ask why I was cosplaying James Bond, though, and that's really the sort of thing I meant. They're also not impractical in the same was as the stuff I was referring to, the other anons I replied to were talking about wearing big wigs and carrying props etc. on the street, which is a whole other level.

For what it's worth, and I probably should have put this in the last reply but only just put it into words, but I think the kind of stuff I had in mind was pretty squarely in the category of badly done coords/outfits that come off as really gaudy and ridiculous too, a well put together cohesive OTT thing has a totally different vibe than what I was thinking about.
the anon you're replying to called all of lolita EGL and thinks her pic related is classic. pretty safe to ignore her. also i have never ever cared if people think i'm wearing a costume or not. we need to get over this as a community, and we need to get over caring about normies in general.
>If I showed up to hang out with my friends in a tux for no reason they'd ask why I was cosplaying James Bond

I would expect them to ask you what kind of event you're dressed like that for, not the cosplay assumption.

Getting back to the topic of OTT lolita, the people who wear those for expensive/luxury events still have to get to the venue and that usually entails walking out in public for a bit even if it's just to cross the street. The public are probably going to assume it's a costume. That doesn't mean it is though. Even with the scepter, sash and huge wig.

If the public can distinguish between a well done or badly done outfit has also been a recurring topic of debate. Some lolitas think the public doesn't see the difference between an ita outfit and a proper coord.

yes, we need to stop caring about if the public thinks it's a costume or not. Too many lolitas still explain stuff to (some well meaning, some not so well meaning) people out in public as if it's their duty/responsibility to inform the public.
Your ex sounds like an idiot if she couldn't put her own clothes on, I've never had that issue and I don't know anyone who has. As someone who wears a full coord daily I think you'd be surprised how practical lolita is for most basic activities, I even garden in it sometimes because I can't be bothered getting changed when I get home
his ex(and the entire story) sounds made up.

Foid here,
I'm starting to think cosplaying is only worth it if you're attractive
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>dress sense
We don't care. Just don't be fat or greasy.
I actually think rather low of it, but I'm not dumb enough to ignore reality.
Even outside of that, pretty much any reasonable trait you could list as something you look for in a man I'd have.

I'm not perfect, but I'd be as good as anyone could expect to get.
File: 1701982354546760.jpg (71 KB, 500x500)
71 KB
>I'm in a dry spell now
>Just don't be fat or greasy
I don't even mind if someone's greasy, but I've tried dating a fat girl before and I think she could tell how not interested I was in her.
based beatrix merry me

What's the best community? If you could just magically wake up already living in the city with the comm of your choice, where would it be and why?

Are there any comms that you feel are too far gone and better left given up on to dissolve by their own internal squabbling?
32 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
why won't anyone say what goose actually did? iirc no one even said it on the farms either
oh totally. bad tan, bad make, bad coord, bad hair are all fair game. i just hate that the gal comm is a political shitshow right now, but it sounds like the lolita comm is as well. it's all just arbitrary virtue signaling and it's stressful to deal with. what happened to get wild be sexy?
It was said, and got taken down.
>only crazy SJWs and colorist bitter bitches care about tanning
That's most black girls though
>japan uses tanning to fight colorism
>westerners co-opt japanese fashion that's meant to fight their cultural norms
totally fine.
It's too late.

File: goth meet.jpg (103 KB, 800x600)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
We haven't had these in a while

>Do you like your local community overall? Why/why not?
>What would you do to change it?
>Even if there are problems, are you glad you joined?
>What makes you the most salty about it?
233 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
western lolita comms are the cattiest bitches in existence trying to justify why they spent money they can't afford to spend on burando that doesn't look good on them
File: 20240404_124559.png (79 KB, 372x273)
79 KB
>> wearing lolita out
>> girl asks if I'm in local comm
>> tells me how to find it

D-do I take the plunge? I've been a lonelita for so long.
We've had an influx of newbies in the comm after a convention, which is normal, but painful. Lots of teens who are clearly just new at this so I will give them some slack (joining a 'comm' and the concept of comm culture I think is something that one has to like, learn/get used to) but I'm already tired of the I-own-nothing-yet's just spamming the group and posting unrelated selfies.

Maybe I'm just being old and bitter but goddamn, I'm in the comm so I can be around other likeminded people and discuss our clothes. I am not here to see selfies and chatter about degenerate shit from randos who only have a vague, possibly passing interest. I know that soon enough the ones who care will stay and progress and the ones who don't will eventually be weeded out once they lose interest after a couple months, so at least I can take some solace in that.
>I'm already tired of the I-own-nothing-yet's just spamming the group and posting unrelated selfies.

I agree this is annoying. In my local comm we've got a little bit of this as well. And I was still caught completely off guard when one of them asked why certain styles of lolita were so expensive second hand. She thought older things should be cheaper, not more expensive.
All of the current newcomers are really nice though. And I look forward to seeing them develop their taste and skills. So they either develop into proper lolitas or they decide that lolita is too expensive for them and they prefer their fast fashion edgy e-girl stuff or whatever they're into so they'll drop out of the group.
We do have a perma ita that's been in the comm for 4 or so years that I steer clear off because she's been open about having very questionable ethics regarding selling and buying. Like she would temporarily stain or "damage" something to be able to demand all or a portion of her money back. I wouldn't put it past her to try and fuck me over in a sale, luckily there isn't much cross over between our personal styles so the likelihood of her buying something wouldn't be so big.
Power to the fashion revolution

This intention is a will of many majorities!

File: 1649021605184.jpg (241 KB, 1080x1350)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Have you ever had any /cgl/ related dreams? Share!
21 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_7186.jpg (112 KB, 480x640)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Had one today - I was eating some made up version of mochi (looked really good desu) that came with a fortune printed on the wax paper liner, like a fortune cookie. Mine was about wearing clothes with strawberry and flower motifs this spring to boost my luck. To dream me, it seemed like a sign that I'll finally get my hands on a sugar bouquet main piece I've been looking for for so long! Here's to hoping this luck extends to real life as well.
>> be me
>> dreaming
>> wearing new coord
>> at the opening of a new physical lolita store
>> not an ita in sight
>> racks upon racks of pieces that no one's ever seen before
>> cute fem housewares also for sale
>> vintage flower vases, tea sets, Avon ladies, etc.
>> attached cafe/tea shop

I died in my sleep and momentarily went to heaven
good luck anon!

this sounds divine
I have con nightmares. Anything that can go wrong does. Always a few weeks from a con.
Suitcase falls apart at the airport
Plane ticket can’t be located
Lose my debit card when I get to the hotel
Forgot a very important prop/wig
Oversleep an miss my flight
Money is stolen from my account right when I get to the hotel
I have had strange dreams lately. Often felt like combat.
I hate vapid dreams where Im fighting, it feels like a false sleep

Regards to whatever nonsense gets me out of nonsense!

File: 1288547753011.jpg (104 KB, 600x800)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Can anyone who's been tell me what fanexpo in Toronto is like? I tried looking for a past schedule to get an idea but I can't find one. Also what's the hotel situation like vs traveling to and from by car? My only con experience was going to anime north a few times but I'm really not feeling it this year and thought I'd try something new.

File: bad cospaly.jpg (75 KB, 634x839)
75 KB
Have many anime cons outgrown their current convention centers / venues?

Anime Expo and Katsucon both seem at their limit
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
no one likes a fatty
Katsucon and its uncapped tickets. MAGFEST at the same venue in the Gaylord was still packed.
File: 1712806888527661.png (24 KB, 227x321)
24 KB
MEFCC basically got kicked out of the ITC in Dubai for being too busy, rowdy, and having "unprofessional" guests (con-goers, cosplayers, and non-business types)
They're in the neighboring city now, but the Con itself is so expensive it's not really worth going.
Anime Expo is being held hostage by the LACC
Megacon Orlando 2025 is already selling tickets, on February, so expect the same occupancy next year
The less crowded days are Thursday & Friday, Saturday it's the most crowded day, Sunday is when you can catch some good offers from vendors

I know this is the "cosplay meta" but some photos get so shopped and filtered they might aswell be CGI..
Like, it pisses me off. There's a cosplayer I follow who's super handsome in-person and does really good makeup but you could NEVER tell from the photos because he always filters/smooths/liquifies the hell out of his pics
It really sucks that nowadays even if you're naturally good looking(specifically in the context of cosplayers), many people will just assume you have great makeup/photoshop skills instead.

File: animeimpulse.png (10 KB, 203x248)
10 KB
who's going? what are you going as?

this'll be my first con since like 2007.
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sure are a lot of vtuber guests. This the norm for Anime Impulse?
Vtuber guests are cheap and easy to get because they don't have to actually fly somewhere. Anime Impulse is basically all English guests, cosplayers, and vtubers. They hold a lot of events so they don't have money to throw out for actual Japanese guests.
They had a strong relationship with NijiEN. Since the fall out of Salene, they pretty much distanced themselves from them.
File: GK2YiCSa0AA4CGk.jpg (448 KB, 1080x1350)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
I dunno about that one...
No one is going to show up to this clusterfuck.

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