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File: eyes.png (2.77 MB, 1920x1080)
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I'm trying to get over an extremely painful breakup, /lit/.

Any books that will make me miss my ex even more? I feel emotionally destroyed but I wanna see how far this rabbit hole of utter anguish goes.
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If the answer isn't "everything", it's not as bad as you think.
You're fine. Stop pretending it meant something, it didn't.
Norwegian Wood
heartbreak sucks. read great expectations and die of regret
That's a great painting.
I don't like these threads where people choose books for the sake of pursuing some life lesson or feeling, you should give up your ego and let the book direct your thoughts.

File: 20160623_184956.jpg (3.31 MB, 4128x2322)
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>Cormac McCarthy is the only author I read.

>Blood Meridian is the only novel I read.

File: 1434146069287.jpg (587 KB, 1200x1750)
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587 KB JPG
>The original Stirnerfag
File: 250px-Tsuji_jun.jpg (17 KB, 250x357)
17 KB
>the Japanese Stirnerfag
How was Evola a Stirnerfag
It's hip to call various traditionalists 'stirnerfags' now because Stirner is associated with the left and they want to be le edgy contrarians

File: FB_IMG_1465140695806.jpg (25 KB, 540x540)
25 KB
About to go to Paris. What book do I read on the flight? I have enjoyed fantasy and dystopian in the past, but that doesn't mean I need one of those.
The sun also rises or A moveable feast by Hemmingway

File: 61gafoq4XBL.jpg (82 KB, 907x1360)
82 KB
>read ligotti it's fun

thanks faggots, forever a puppet now
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>meant to
Do the gene pool a favor and kill yourself.
Why didn't they just call it Fun With the Persecution Complex.
Fool, you havent lived life, for you havent had cancer, or seen your family burn to death in a car wreck, or had your penis cut off and thrown out the window of a moving car, or gone through the process of dying. Get back to us on your death bed. But of course, even that will be an imperfect assessment, because you will not have died yet. Dying will be very painful.
Frothing retarded idiots, the lot of you.


What do you learn from studying English in university that you don't from reading on your own?

I like reading (mostly modern and contemporary novels), but the requirements, essays, critical theory, etc. that you deal with seem like a pain in the ass.
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how to write about what you read
how to not be a socially retarded robot like stemfags
it gives you access to critical apparatuses

i don't know why people think that just reading a lot of books makes you a good reader. i mean, look around.
>why "the people" think
It helped me to look deeper in texts. Even if the texts I got were boring shit it still helped develop that sort of critical analysis.

File: 9780374534141.jpg (136 KB, 666x1000)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
A very good friend just gave me this book as a birthday present.

What is he trying to imply?

(I have not read it yet.)
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Haterz be da price of greatnezz
He wants you to clean your house.
Yngve and Karl are the most patrish brother duo in literature.
File: rainier_wolfcastle.png (25 KB, 121x152)
25 KB
>mfw I don't know if I'm just not used to intimist literature or if this was very good-
It has nothing to do with mein kampf. Just read it.

File: hypersphere.jpg (24 KB, 282x400)
24 KB
Would /lit/ recommend Hypersphere?
MillionDollarExtreme liked it, why wouldn't you?

File: wise_words.jpg (88 KB, 534x400)
88 KB
Tell lit the aphorisms you made up and are proud of but could never say irl because you'd be seen as tryhard and pretentious.

>Play is the highest form of learning.
>All Philosophy begins and ends at Stirner. The wisest man moves the least.
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File: gas.jpg (8 KB, 240x159)
8 KB
>with something more than hormones.

A philosopher reads, and reaps what he sows. An honest man scans the cover and believes the book best left closed.

The heavens are above, the earth is below:
To see one in the other is for both to grow.

Platitudes upon platitudes, how am I to tell?
Which one rings true, and which rings the division bell?
The foot must step on dirt, while the hand dances in the air.
Between the foot and the hand, which would you rather be?
The hand has to grab and handle things, while the belly eats food.
Between the hand and the belly, which would you rather be?
The belly need things to digest, while the head feeds on thought alone.
Between the belly and the head, which would you rather be?
The head must direct the body, while the genitals enjoy making children.
Between the head and the genitals, which would you rather be?
The genitals are extremely sensible, while the foot barely notices what it kicks and steps on.
Between the genitals and the foot, which would you rather be?
I should have worn pants to the embassy.

Do you read short story collections in order? I usually jump around
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in order because books go from left to right and it's madness to have to go back
hey that's my birthday
Usually in order as it shouldn't really matter but I would probably read two different author's short story collections concurrently to contrast styles.

File: serious_cat[1].jpg (25 KB, 640x480)
25 KB
Pleb here. How do you distinguish between good and shit poetry? What are the criteria?
The quality of poetry is measured using a metre. You need to see how many feet it is.
kill yourself my guy

Jesus Christ watch the first 30 minutes of dead poets society.....

basically, poetry isn't something to be measured... honestly literature can just barely be,

what is good and what is shit between this

bernie plz free abortion
i got pregnant yesterday
and now tyrone has left me here
and i dont want to pay

bernie plz free abortion
and also pay for aids

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
you can't, because "good" and "shit" poetry don't exist. all that exists is what you like and dislike. so you just keep reading and eventually you have read so much that other people respect your opinion.

File: Nietzsche.jpg (1.73 MB, 1956x2940)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
Discuss the idea of the Ubermensch?
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arno breker
isn't this what Jung argued with individuation?

basically where one learns to fully understand and either make peace with or satisfy all their unconscious desires if they want to become a properly developed person, i.e. the ubermensch
You must be at least 18 years old to post on 4chan. Delete this post.
The Ubermensch is the mensch that has overcome itself, and has seen through all spooks in the process. Such an individual is yet to exist.
The human being is too divided and flawed to ever obtain such a state. But in at least attempting you do better yourself.

>Start to read Schopenhauer
>"First Aspect: The idea subordinated to the principle of sufficient reason: The object of experience and science"

u wot m8
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wtf even if it's plato he has like 9000 books/dialogues how the fuck am I supposed to read all that shit
>post on lit
>doesn't want to read

people like you are the reason everything is bad
bonus points for Hobbes, Berkeley, Spinoza

Jesus christ, is he that funny throughout the rest of his books?

That is ALMOST tempting enough to have me read Kant in advance.
he was a pretty funny boel tbqh

File: Gravitys_rainbow_cover.jpg (103 KB, 392x574)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
When does it start getting good?
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i didnt like it until ~ 120 pages
I had started reading it in the Spring, but school got too busy for me to give it enough attention. Started over with the companion and am enjoying it and understanding it significantly more.
The first page, even on my first read. Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I found it to really be entertaining from the very start. Pynchon has a way with words that I'm envious of.
Pretty great ride the whole way through, early on they introduce Pirate Prentice and that entire passage is one of the best in the book.

File: SFvslitfic.jpg (45 KB, 656x400)
45 KB
how the hell can normies stand to read genre fiction?

you can read a tight, thought provoking 150-300 pages of literary fiction where every word feels important

or you can read a 10 book series of 700 page tiny print tomes where everything is exposition or dialogue where two of the thousands of characters argue and play mind games with each other described in excruciating detail as if the reader is too stupid to infer what's going on in a dialogue

i am genuinely impressed anyone has the attention span for this stuff, i simply cannot do it
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The point is generally that "literary" fiction has some deeper message about the human condition that goes beyond just being entertaining. There's some nebulous qualifiers to do with context and quality of writing too. It's a spectrum and far from objective.
At least you know what exposition is, OP, faggots on here are literal retards and pretend to know what they're talking about.
Not that I'm meme'ing or anything, but even DFW agreed that commercial stuff is fine in small doses.
"Even" dfw is famous for writing a near future sf book in which canada and the Us have an absurd border squabble and years are subsidized by capitalism. In addition, the metaphor of entertainment as an all consuming death wish is given life just as jg ballard, in more polished and stark prose, presents his metaphors of societal suicide as a series of catastrophes or crashes. Infinite Jest is science fiction.
My friend picked up on me reading nonstop (finished Notes, GR, and Blood Meridian the past month, reading Dubliners now, probably going to read Fagles's translation of the Odyssey or Lolita next) and now he wants me to read Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson and I can't bring myself to do it. He's pushing it on me so hard.

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