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File: image.jpg (41 KB, 206x263)
41 KB
ITT: works of literature that only white heterosexual property-owning race-realist conservative males can truly understand

Pic related
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Wtf is that? I thought you journos could write.
Sorry, speaking my fourth language here.
Oh, so I just happen to know four of the exceptions to the rule personally?....And you say I'm dumb. Look at any channel or site for any Ivy League school. Get online and check their pages. You will still see whites in spades. Your idea of discrimination is a sad meme to help substandard specimens like yourself feel better about themselves.

I've wasted enough time with you though. Enjoy you Klan meeting.
Greek....French...German? Yiddish? How close?
There is nothing wrong with the KKK you cuck. They're redpilled

File: IMG_20160725_160020.jpg (89 KB, 480x581)
89 KB
Is reading necessary these days?
As Will Self sometimes points out, book reading in its modern format probably hit its pinnacle in the late 80s - sales records of fiction in the OECD certainly reflect this.

The preferential codex of the era is now memes.

Daily reminder that if you browse /lit/ and you even have an opinion on this motherfucker you're a pleb yourself.

Being here and hating this guy is the equivalent of those grown ass men who go out of their way to criticize Justin Bieber or One Direction. It's the sign of someone whose tastes are just barely above those of a teenage girl, and he's upset because he feels like the position of the stuff he likes in mainstream culture is threatened by what those girls like.
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Except Justin Bieber isn't a pseud, dumbass.
You told him
But honeslty, we could go down this road a whole life and no one would be saved from the "You are just doing it to please something/someone else"
It's literal skeptic hell.
yeah, I suppose you're right. I just thought that OP's criticisms were kind of weird and unprecedented, and they're a clear example of someone taking this website seriously instead of just using it for the memes
He could always be trolling us. The beauty of this shithole is that even tho its a palce where serious and open discussion can be had about any topic there is also the possibility that nothing wroten is true.
Anyhow, John Green is worse than AIDS, that much is true.
>I have no fucking idea who that photo is of.
>"John Green"
>I have no fucking idea who that is.
Guess I'm safe.

what's the best edition?
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Do you know about their Milton?
Never heard about them before and the complete Shakespeare.
Not the person you replied to, but I can vouch for Longman's Milton volumes. I used to have both of the older ones; but I lost them in a fire and had to buy new ones. Usually, something gets lost when a publisher decides to update their older editions; but even the newer editions have all of the notes and context I remember.
As per usual with the Longman editions, I wouldn't recommend them for a first reading, but the supplemental material outdoes Norton and is ideal for someone wanting to become immersed in a writer's singular vision.
Whg wouldn't you recommend it for a first reading?
It's for academic study. You'll get bogged down in all the commentary.

I read the Penguin Classics edition for pleasure and it was wonderful, zero complaints.
not familiar with the milton per se, but longman editions are very well regarded overall so it's hard to go wrong. i do agree with >>8318929
though, it's definitely aimed at an academic, or at the very least enthusiast audience. some people are ok doing first time readings with heavily annotated stuff, others not so much. depends on you i guess.

File: John Updike.jpg (308 KB, 1200x1200)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
Was John Updike a Great Writer?
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regardless of game of thrones realism is pretty garbage if you ask me sam
>that nose
More like John Upkike.
Ya, don't like him though.
He was a good writer, but his style was pretty much conventional, unimpressive, and his ideas were pretty easily circumscribed (infidelity, midlife crisis, etc.)

Updike is an example why genre fiction isn't a bad thing, when non-genre fiction tends to invoke the stale reality of life as we already know it.

He wasn't poetic enough to carry any great merit IMO, just a solid creative writer that wouldn't challenge the assumptions of the establishment American reader base.
kek, I was about to post that

File: androids.jpg (89 KB, 303x475)
89 KB
Hey /lit/. So I've had to read the book shown in the thumbnail and I've read some response papers towards the books central topic. one paper in particular says that the novel shows Rick Deckard's last day in the business of bounty hunting, which doesn't make sense to me. For those of you who have read, or even studied the book, does it explicitly state any where in the text that Rick quit his job at the end of the book?
Not to my knowledge. Surely you would remember if you just finished reading it?
Thats what i was thinkning. Although it seems expected that Rick would quit, but i dont think he does. Mercer tells him that he should do what he does in order to attain the repect for android lives, and no where does it explicitly say, or really even suggest, that he does quit his job.
Maybe they read the sequel where he Spoiler Alert! quits his job.
Yes, it's left slightly ambiguous, but as Mercer says he'll have to do bad things wherever he goes, it makes no sense for him to quit what he does best.

File: image.jpg (25 KB, 260x393)
25 KB
Can someone here please summarize Player Piano and connect the book to today's society since Kurt Vonnegut had predicted many things in the future's society, Families, social structure, etc. Thanks.
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Try reading the book, and finding those things for yourself.
Fuck of you cunt
Fuck u faggots



Jesus christ doing your own homework isn't that fucking hard kys.
>>>/hm/ (homework) is the board you want OP.

File: IMG_20160724_233256.jpg (636 KB, 1920x2560)
636 KB
636 KB JPG
Anyone on /lit/ interested in art books? Taschen is basically the only reason have a physical bookshelf anymore.
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>You can easily torrent every Taschen book in existence
Where do you reckon? Checked a lot of the normal places.
I got the Phaidon one on Bosch. Picture quality is ok, though in a smaller format then Taschen. Not an expert in the area at all but I enjoyed Laurinda Dixon's write up.
Not him but Rutracker has a 10gb torrent. Only goes up to 2013 though, I don't think it has everything before it either but it's a start.
File: 052c.png (1.97 MB, 1328x747)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
some of mine
Ya I forgot to check through that.
Also, does anyone know where I can find japanese fashion mags?

File: 1466788902828.jpg (18 KB, 252x582)
18 KB
Pls help.First time posting in /lit/.
Can you guys drop me a link where I could read books for free on my device.Thanks!
Soulseek (p2p), Gutenberg, Libgen, bookzz.

Gutenberg is a real treasure if you are a new reader.
Gutenberg's main shortcoming is that for German and Russian texts the translations are always done by the worst fucking translators with no availability of more than one translator in most cases. Gutenberg's great for entry level but Soulseek is where it's at. A lot of Libgen files of good translated German and Russian works unfortunately are ugly as fuck because they're just manuscripts put under a scanner.

File: 24874345.jpg (23 KB, 318x462)
23 KB
> 12th century Japanese monk
> Writes about life
> Makes all his points within 50 pages of beautifully concise prose

Where is your Proust now?
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>advocating degeneracy

and Japan wonders why it fell behind
dubs confirm
who the fuck enjoys reading

I enjoy the knowledge or the story but reading is just work
>reading is just work
Nigger what.
>who the fuck enjoys reading
Me. Most people here, probably almost everyone here except for you. There is something wrong with you.
english is my second language, could someone please explain this?

File: km1920.jpg (83 KB, 664x872)
83 KB
What do you think of Katherine Mansfield?
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I did the funny business in her park, under the Rhododendrons.
garden party was okay
I like prelude
True desu, but I'm especially fond of her letters:
> I'm a lion all day, darling, but with the last point of daylight I begin to turn into a lamb and by midnight—mon Dieu! by midnight the whole world has turned into a butcher!
she's greattttttt

File: hesse2[1].jpg (28 KB, 500x503)
28 KB
What do you guys think about Hermann Hesse?

I love his magical realism, I believe it fucks Gabriel GarcĂ­a Marquez up his butt.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I think the 'feeding the spirit' concept is nice
It's a word Hispanic authors use to trick white people into buying shitty books. What more does he need to know about it?
Steppenwolf raised my confidence for a few days
>What do you guys think about Hermann Hesse?

He's great at set ups and coming up with thought provoking stories
but his endings have been pretty meh
A victim of his success -
his early immature stuff made him famous, so he kept on writing the same angsty book because he was scared of losing his readers

t. marcel reich-ranicki

File: q.png (152 KB, 308x205)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Have you ever considered using a medium other than traditional literature to get "your story" told? Would you feel shameful about doing so?
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I remember reading a rant from a few anons some years back talking about how the movement of youths writing "movies as novels" was detrimental to the art and that one could actually tell when this was the case just by the way scenes were described in these youths' works; they were cinematic in a way, like you would see in a hollywood film.

It was always stuck with me but I often wonder if they were just blowing smoke out of their pretentious asses
>was detrimental to the art

Of writing a novel? I've never read one of these books so I have no idea what they're talking about. The only i've read that was anything like that was No Country For Old Men.

Sounds like pretnetiousness like you said.
I thought anout videogames, but its way too limiting for my purposes
I've always been interested in video games but I've recently realized my focus is always everything that isn't gameplay and that the gameplay could basically be done away with.
I don't think it could work, each story chooses its own medium; although I'd love to expand my novel to other mediums, but that just wouldn't be "my" story but an alternative retelling of it.

If literature was absolutely not an option, I'd roll with something like a visual novel/comic I guess.

Well, you could always do something that has both. Witcher and GTA series come to mind.

What does your girlfriend read?
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Her sisters books which are mostly about rape in one way or another
I know, anon. Getting married this November.
What is new sincerity
Please respond to this poll on the prevalence of girlfriends in the /lit/ community

Link: http://www.strawpoll.me/10829622
reactionary and hollow sympathy designed to define oneself as progressive by demonising the rut one refuses to get out of for fear of anything actually new or sincere or self-progessive; the refuge of the grandiose; and, in this context, using the death of a "friend" to elicit special treatment as though one's emotional turmoil at suicide was more especially honed than one who actually does the deed and requires more deference to oneself than the dead.
in short, being a preoedipal babby.

File: 4100426.jpg (12 KB, 380x316)
12 KB
What are your favorite love triangles in literature?
Dimitri Dimitriyevich Shostakovich, Elena Evseyevna Konstantinovskaya, and Nina Vasilyevna Varzar.
Howard Roark, Dominique Francon, and Gail Wynand.

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