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File: Nietzsche187a.jpg (14 KB, 220x298)
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In your best prose, BTFO him.
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>wrong about 1 single thing

Name ONE(1)
Open your ass and your mind will follow
Doesnt that make him a pantheist?
stinky mustache

File: 1483579596026.jpg (163 KB, 1038x1038)
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163 KB JPG
Hey guys, I am currently reading Pascal and am trying to understand this passage more clearly I simply don't get it.

"The only thing which consoles us for our miseries is diversion, and yet this is the greatest of our miseries. For it is this which principally hinders us from reflecting upon ourselves, and which makes us insensibly ruin ourselves. Without this we should be in a state of weariness and this weariness would spur us to seek a more solid means of escaping from it. But diversion amuses us, and leads us unconsciously to death."
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He was quite vivaciously aligned with the Jansenists, an irritatingly savvy heterodox school.
Essentially, the Pope condemned some propositions in Cornelius Jansen's book Augustinus, which claimed to set forth the teaching of Augustine on some doctrines Jansen thought thad been misrepresented since the middle ages. But Jansen's followers at the Port Royal school AGREED that the propositions were heretical - and that these propositions -weren't what the book said-. So the Pope had to write back and solemnly ex cathedrâ tell them that the doctrines WERE in the book, and that they WERE what the they themselves believed. Now, the Jansenists thought that this was fucking ridiculous: even if the Pope can make infallible statements on doctrine, that doesn't mean he can infallibly tell you that you're denying them when you're not! Or something like that. The whole thing escalated from here.
(The doctrines in question themselves related to grace and free will, which are meaningless concepts in my Spinozist opinon. Apparently the Jansenist opinion resembled the Calvinist.)
Pascal attacked the Jesuits in the Provinical Letters- his other major moral work- and there are bits at the end of the Pensées where he defends his not-absolute obedience to the Pope. (Remember that this is before Vatican I, back when there was a persistent, and very offensive to Rome, belief that Church Councils had a higher authority than the Pope. Look up Galicianism- the French bishops insisted they could ignore the Pope if they wanted to.) The books were put on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum for this.
Pascal himself experienced a miraculous healing, while Jansenist girls apparently could withstand extreme heat & pain in a supernatural manner.
He was a pretty cool guy IMO. One of the main reasons I'm not a Christian.
If you're alcoholic, you understand it more than you think
Thanks for sharing. Any books on church history that you would recommend?
Most of what I know comes from Wikipedia, or more prominently, the 1911 Catholic Encyclopedia.


I guess this works. It's quite complex, but not impossible to read and it's related to your quote.

Cervantes: A poor spaniard who wrote about the reality of his time with human characters that reflected the troubles and faults of real people. Through simple stories he showed a complex portait of his reality. Has very few books because was a poor man who had to work for a living, was a soldier (was a war hero, and was captured by pirates), tax collector, merchant... Also was in jail.
And even though he was the best writter od Spain nobody acknowledged him in his time.

Shakespeare: son of a wealthy british family, did nothing besides writting ( he didn't need to). Writtes complicated books about people that backstab each other and then speak of the inevitability of destiny. Characters in his plays are nobles, kings, wealthy people... And when he talks about poor people it is very irreal (he never was poor). Had the fame and acknowledge of his country.He lived in cotton wool.

I'm with Cervantes,and you?
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>"Plays aren't book"

Except when they are, numbnutz.
yeah and he was ironic towards their religion on several passages of Don Quixote
How can one man be so based?
shakespare btfo
It's not a paradox

1 good novel = 100 (not good) plays
1 good play = 1000 (not good) novels
Therefore 1 good novel = 100000 (not good) novels

Interestingly 1 good play equals 1 play, which makes sense because plays are all shit
>thinking book is a synonym of novel

Fucking idiot.

File: 9780765312013-us-300.jpg (26 KB, 300x455)
26 KB
This is the only Gene Wolfe book I don't understand. With the others, even though they migiht be a bit confusing I at least have an inkling of what he was going for, but The Wizard Knight just baffles me. There doesn't seem to really be a coherent theme or purpose, and the ending doesn't resolve or explain anything.
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That is where this belongs.
That is where you belong.
Do you all think the Wizard Knight Companion is necesarry if you feel like you didn't understand the finer details of the duology? Like I get the story, characters and basic themes coming from Wolfe's background but the depth some people find in it makes me think I'm lost in some places
>tfw no Uri and Baki
>his waifu is maggots and dirt

File: maxresdefault.jpg (67 KB, 1280x720)
67 KB

This guy makes German Idealism seem like a cool religion that I would gladly become a devout follower of.
Are there any actualized NEETs on the left that can provide me with something or someone in this vein except from a leftist perspective? Serious question
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File: index.png (400 KB, 461x534)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
>All the smug normies in that video.

Something needs to be done. Someone has to do something.

Just ctrl+f german idealism
Thule never fell.
when u fail to realize this guy is trolling

dubs and Barron kills Trump

File: 1464020702238.png (27 KB, 160x160)
27 KB
Are we really living in the final years for humanity?
ask me again in 20 years
let's fucking hope my dude
Possibly. I ain't even mad if it's the case, it's pretty impressive we got this far.

No, we just think we are because people always do

File: 9788420682808[1].jpg (179 KB, 1000x1498)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
What Greek classic philosopher/authors should i read/need to read before i start with pic related?
Aristotles's Politics and the Bible.
Pretty much the second half of Leviathan (IIRC) is Hobbes advancing a bizarre idioyncratic heretical form of Christianity.
You might want to read Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War, the basic text for western political analysis. Hobbes himself did a translation.
Ty anons

Welcome to the first Start with the Greeks thread. This group will cover the literature, history, and mythology of ancient Greece. Day 1 starts today, January 22.

The first reading:
>Anthology of Classical Myth (ACM), Note to Students. pp. xvi-xxiii
>Edith Hamilton. Mythology, Introduction. pp. 1-20

>ebooks of all texts and readings

Required texts. If you want to buy a couple books for this group, these are the ones to get.
>The Iliad
>The Odyssey
>Sarah B. Pomeroy. A Brief History of Ancient Greece: A Political, Social, and Cultural History
>Any edition, and either the full one or the Brief one

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Mycenaean megaron
what section of the book does pp 40 reach? i only have the .epub
Read up to The Gods of the Waters.
So I see many parallels between ancient culture and Christianity. It strikes me, for example, the act of "anointing" which also occurs in other religions if I recall correctly. Why has oil been considered hallowed in rituals? Is it because it was a precious product that they deemed lofty?

Also, the concept of sin, which I wonder how the Greeks conceived it back then, if at all any similar to what we now understand of it.

Anyways, I'll have to guess it can all trace even back to Gilgamesh. (btw I'm enjoying thoroughly the Mithology book, even more so on the myths themselves rather than on the genealogical explanations)

File: 20170121_133442.jpg (85 KB, 375x374)
85 KB
I just read the Gass man Pederson kid. His prose isn't that good desu. I found Mason and Dixon far more eloquent.

File: 2017.jpg (323 KB, 732x1724)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
What have you read so far? Stop slacking off will you?
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I recommended it to my gf's dad since he's a turbo math autist who's into eastern spirituality and that sort of shit to sort of spice his catholic life.
Is he dare I say /ourguy/?
Step one.
Throw that list on the trash.
Step two.
Acquire Bloom's the Western Canon.
Step three.
Call Bloom a faggot on the internet for having renounced the list later on fuck him it's great.
Nigga's retired and spends his days reading something like 3 novels a week, plus some philosophy, mathematics and religious stuff every now and then, you tell me.
I've read Notes From Underground, Bleeding Edge, A Clockwork Orange, and We Are Pirates so far this year. Pretty pleb but I've improved a lot in the few months I've been on /lit/

In a 1996 radio interview D.F.W said that the plot of Infinite Jest is structured like a sierpinski gasket. Does anyone on this board have any experience with fractals / the desire to comment on this at all? In what way do you find the narrative structure to be similar to pic related?
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>people who like interesting ideas are pseuds


yeah literally. i actually dont think anyone could put it better.
Yes, becuase they simply "like" it and spout shit without even understanding it just to seem smart and knowledgable.
Exactly, yes
Really? I thought pseud was about PRETENDING to like something for cool points, not actually being into it without dedicating years to focus on it above other pursuits.

Wow, this culture is even worse than I thought.

How is this worth the time (1300+ pgs)? Why does he care about this area so much?

What does /lit/ think about Martha Nussbaum?
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Nussbaum can get a little too caught up in liberal pieties, but it is refreshing that she sticks to liberalism and rejects more radical politics and trends of critique or theory. She's kind of a traditional humanities professor in that respect.
>it's not like she'll have to get a circumcision
Why, because her action was a spiritual one?
Does anyone know any specific or general point or topic she made or spoke on? What are some most important things to consider? What is the point of philosophy? What are the goals and desires of the human race? Whos in charge, why, how, what are they doing? What should be done, how do you know, how can it be known, can it be known it can or cannot be known?
Read some of the above contents that address the scope and focus of her many texts. Again, she is more of an applied philosopher so sorry if she doesn't touch on what questions of grand design that might tickle your fancy sir.
She developed the idea of "capabilities" as an assessment of human development together with Amartya Sen; that's probably her best-known contribution. Other than that, she focuses on specific issues relating to her conception of global justice; has focused on current issues in India and multiple books on what university humanities departments should be as well. She's very practically oriented, so she doesn't really have "key concepts" the way someone like Hegel, Heidegger, or Foucault does.

File: yikes11.jpg (11 KB, 192x263)
11 KB
>TFW you get a boner reading about the Accomplice film


File: image.jpg (27 KB, 384x383)
27 KB
Requesting mod to permaban me from this terrible, bitter place.
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can he do that? can they do that?
File: aristotle-quote.jpg (63 KB, 550x283)
63 KB
Requiscat in pace.
4chan sucks if you look for the things that suck about it.

But look! I found you OP, and you don't suck :3
Yes, me too!
Being banned just means you can't make posts, you can still lurk here. How new are you, buddy?


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