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Where were you when Cherryh fags got BTFO?
Old thread >>7968907
Selected: http://i.imgur.com/3v2oXAY.jpg (embed)
General: http://i.imgur.com/igBYngL.jpg (embed)
>Flowchart: http://i.imgur.com/uykqKJn.jpg (embed)
Selected: http://i.imgur.com/A96mTQX.jpg (embed)
General: http://i.imgur.com/r55ODlL.jpg/ http://i.imgur.com/gNTrDmc.jpg (embed)
>What are you reading right now?
>Have you read Poul Anderson's Boat of a Million Years?
>Any other books about immortality?
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My description was wrong. I think I just mean pop fantasy that isn't epic, steampunk or paranormal romance. Urban fantasy is fine as long as it isn't a shitty dresden clone, which accounts for 90% of urban fantasy

It should be a medium-sized brush but I'm extremely picky about prose and ambiance
File: Fantasy Guide.jpg (2.11 MB, 2000x3000)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB JPG
>Brian McClellan, Brandon Sanderson, Brent Weeks
Welcome to the fold
Charlotte Bronte
New Thread >>7981275
New Thread >>7981275
New Thread >>7981275

File: image.jpg (19 KB, 253x318)
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/lit/ trivia time

What author is a descendant of this man?
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idk but according to my gramps i'm a descendant of Mark Twain
Thomas Pynchon

File: image.jpg (61 KB, 268x400)
61 KB
>Pic related: Derrida, Foucault, Kant and Marx.
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He rejects everything Derrida and Foucault stand for, vis-a-vis the naive reading of Deleuze.
And Freud, if I'm not mistaken.
>not mentioning Lacan
>not mentioning Hegel
please could you explain in brief?

File: lastsupper.jpg (735 KB, 900x645)
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735 KB JPG
Write a story based on this image.
why do you always post this

File: this-is-lit.jpg (14 KB, 236x314)
14 KB
/lit triumphantly threw his backpack down and sat in his usual, favorite seat in the library.
"Yes! once again I'm the only one here on a Saturday morning. The neandrathols must have slept in after a night of barbaric hedonism"
/Lit took out his brand new Kindle and admired his smile in its reflection.
"only 6 of 8 gigs used. I need to step it up, lol! Let's see what my friends over at Reddit and Goodreads have to recommend for this summer's reading list."
As /Lit was adjusting his Fedora and loggin into his Goodreads account, he heard that dreadful sound that he ever so detested.
"Hehehe, stop it!"
"Come here baby. Let me see that ass."
/Fit sauntered in, head held triumphantly in the air, with one arm around what appeared to be a new girl.
"Ohh great," thought /Lit. "They always make so much noise.. All the laughing and having a good time. Don't they know a genius is trying to get some work done here?"
The smell of sex filled the air as /Fit and his new girl walked by, though /Lit could not identify it as such, being a 24 year old virgin himself.
To be continued....

Hey /lit, now that summer is rapidly approaching, how does it feel knowing that we over at /Fit are soon to be at the beach, girls in hand, whilst you all are on here arguing about which book is hardest and thus most desirable to read?
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It's finally over. We have passed 300.
well to 9000 we go!
enlighten me lit scholar!
File: daAT2.jpg (59 KB, 496x720)
59 KB
/fit slammed his shaft into the girl's ass, her face smushed against the smooth cold tiles.. water trickling down her forehead and mixing with her tears. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! "UGHH!!!" There was no way that went unnoticed. But Fit did not care.. He was going to get revenge on this harlot that had tried to steal his gains from him.
To be continued.

File: seasons greetings.jpg (72 KB, 500x594)
72 KB
>Writing habits survey

How long do you write each day?

Where do you write?

Any publications so far?


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I didn't mean a time limit, just roughly how much time you spent. I don't sit there "Oh, 30 minutes have passed, I'm done"
It removed all the metal work from the game which was for me the entire reason I liked it so much.
>on account of the sheer number of syllables it is largely impossible for anyone to make a catchy song about it and because of this it is not probable that anyone will ever remember it

I keked
I write 1000 words of my novel each day, and journal entries every couple of days. I try to write at least one poem per week.

I write in my room with the door shut, or on campus. I'm good at shutting out noise and not letting it distract me.

No publications. Hopefully I will be able to get my novel published, I'm about 4/5 of the way through the first draft. But it's kind of bizarre, heavily themed on suicide, and almost a prosepoem (think The Waves, but obviously not as good), and I doubt any publisher will take it because its not some YA John Green shit and its incredibly depressing.
I'm not expecting it to be published but I don't really mind because I'm writing it for myself.
I'm 23.
>How long do you write each day?
I write a small vignette a day. This is generally 500-700 words. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a bit. I don't tend to edit them, on account of the cringe-inducing drivel that I create.

Sometimes, of course, I will write a lot more if I get sucked in. This usually happens when I write sex scenes, of which I have about 10 or so (out of something like 150 vignettes.)

>Where do you write?
At home.

>Any publications so far?
No, but I do hoped to get published in a *high school* short story collection.



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Who are some good fat authors?
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Rex Stout was the best of his genre. He was not fat, but his protagonist Nero Wolfe was.
William Gass is the only correct answer.
Preacher's say, "Do as I say, not as I do."
Fat people are unable to do anything good, obese scum

File: image.jpg (219 KB, 1600x1038)
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219 KB JPG
That's something that's been lurking in the dark.
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Didn't he say that Wittgenstein was the only Jewish philosopher that he agreed with?
beat me to it
behold a pale horse?
Slightly underrated post
I don't get it then

File: image.jpg (2.52 MB, 4032x3024)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB JPG
You know the drill.
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fucking hell
If you only cram your bookshelves full of /lit/ approved lit you're a fucking moron and should kill yourself
solid stuff
/lit/ is a good way of getting exposure to some good shit.

>start with greeks
>branch out
>read some postmodern memes
>banch out
>ad infinitum.

By branch out I mean reading other books by the same author, books that author liked, or mentioned, etc. Eventually you end up with a pretty wide array of authors and books and you end up with a "unique shelf".

That is my method, and it's not really a conscious effort on my part either. So really, it's safe to say that people you see with only the essential meme books are just starting to read and haven't really had time to develop taste and branch out.

File: 1461430965437.jpg (243 KB, 812x810)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
>the smallest guy is the most intelligent

what are some other bad literary memes
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Their beliefs are irrelevant.
File: doin stuff.png (553 KB, 777x555)
553 KB
553 KB PNG

Still hoping you die prematurely pedo
not an argument

What are some novels where the Napoleonic Wars play a large role, aside from War and Peace?
Les miserables
Charterhouse of Parma.
Red and the Black, also by Stendhal takes place after the Napoleonic wars, but greatly influences the main character
The Master and Commander series but mostly on the naval war with a few minor land engagements and espionage

File: ssshh.jpg (55 KB, 701x559)
55 KB
>my gaze when i just threw away all my books and stopped reading

anyone else post-literature here?
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Bro... You need to reevaluate your cognitive skills
you're just easily impressed
>what are libraries?
No I think it's superficial because the people who use it are superficial. It's all they know.

File: French_Alpha_Jet_1988.jpg (2.74 MB, 2880x1920)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB JPG
What the ~HECK~ is this book? It is called "INFINITE JETS" but there is not a single aircraft within, in fact the book is about people on land with drugs problems. THIS IS A BAIT AND SWITCH. I guess the ~JETS~ could be describing how the characters get "HIGH" but in my opinion this is just a cheap trick to sell this book to avid fans of AERONAUTICS such as myself.

I collect books like "JANE'S" which show many jets and describe the jets so obviously a ~HEAVY TOME~ named "INFINITE JETS" should satisfy my jet needs for at least a few months. But no, no jets at all. Just tennis and complaining. The book contains many 'end-notes' but none of them are about jets either.

This book is something like eight thousand pages and has no pictures at all. The author seems to think he is a ~BIG SMARTIE~ but he is not a prophet he seems like a dumb POTHEAD, and also he obviously knows NOTHING about jets.

I would not recommend you purchase this book unless you hate jets. There are many other, better, books about jet planes and most of them are NOT named so misleadingly.

Mr. Foster Wallace -- I want my money back.

How do you actually get bored to the point of writing this
inb4 this thread takes off
get it?
It's a one star review on the Infinite Jest Amazon page
I'd have* refrained from spelling out the title or even using the word "jets" anywhere except perhaps once near the end (and even this isn't necessary since this was probably posted on a reviews page for the book)

*no, since I would not have spent time writing any of that**, but if one were set out to...

>Of Voluntary Death

>Truly, I do not want to be like the rope makers:they spin out their yarn and as a result continually go backwards themselves.

What does he mean by this?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
probably one of the biggest historical shitposters out there
Maybe I'm just projecting but out of context it seems like he's talking about people who live externally instead of internally, who are so focused on material achievement and gain that they lose sight of their essence
Like abseiling the wall of a cliff. Rather than allowing themselves, WILLING themselves to fall down the cliff (death), they tie ropes around their waists, and scale down it slowly, moving backwards. They don't look death in the face, they still look up; they don't will death, they resent and fear it; they creep into it, ignobly, stretching out their life for longer than it should be allowed.

That passage is about dying at the right time. To die at the right time means to will your own death, and one can only feel like that if they lived at the right time — if they were true to themselves throughout life. If you are not true to yourself, you'll feel incomplete, you'll want more from life than you received, and you'll resent death.

i.e. the strongest spirits, who have lived the healthiest lives (because they lived true to themselves), in the end, wish for death: they feel whole and centered, and wish to perish for the sake of a greater future.
HATH is basically full of his shitposting, mixed with good ideas.

He himself even said that the masterful author knows how to use mediocrity well, because too many good ideas in close succession confuse a reader. So he intentionally filled his works with shitposting to give your brain a rest in between his cleverest memes.
Little to literal. I took it as a mix of what this guy said>>7979367
And highlighting the fact your spending your time doing a horribly simple task for capital gain

File: pynchon3-sized.jpg (21 KB, 223x270)
21 KB
>I was so fucked up while I was writing it [Gravity's Rainbow], that now I go back over some of those sequences and I can’t figure out what I could have meant.

Why does /lit/ worship this Emperor without clothes again?
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Before Thomas Pynchon departed this time, "I have two questions," I announced, "neither of which should threaten your clandestine livelihood. So I expect answers, Your Recluseness. OK?"

>"Okey Dokey."

>"First, I was in London in 1979, after Gravityâs Rainbow of course, so I wonder, did you get the idea for the giant Adenoid monster from those spinach scones at Crudelyâs Pub & Breakfast?"

>"Yes! Yes! They are the guilty pastries. No one has ever asked me that, not that I give anyone much of a chance to ask me anything. Weren't they horrid? The place burned down, you know." He chortled, and so did I.

>"And finally, though less interesting, what the hell did you do with the card I gave you that afternoon in your rented Airstream? Donât lie. You could have had someone mail me a prepub copy of Mason & Dixon. You wouldnât have had to employ your double agents to find me. The information on the card is current. Whatâs the scoop, man?"

>Pynchon frowned and went pensive for a few seconds. "I'm sorry," he finally said. "My agent/wife found your card, and she's read your etymology columns. She tossed your card in the citronella candle one night while we were camping at _________, and, well, I donât know what else to say."

>"That's enough," I snapped back, raising my hand and giving him the Vulcan live-long-and-prosper sign.

>This time we split the bill, dropping a 20% tip, which made the raven-haired, willowy waitress who majored in theater at the Liberal Arts college a few blocks away, well, I hope she didnât have to pay for the glassware. I gave Pynchon another of my cards. He put it in his wallet; I watched him do it. When we left the tavern that day he said, again, that maybe he would be in touch. I told him, with a guffaw, that I didn't believe it.
This has to be St. Augustine.

This just makes Pynchon seem extremely self-conscious in a kinda juvenile way.

this is the gayest shit ever
take your fanfic away
I looooooooove dicks
Whoah guys, you like reading faggots?

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