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File: hqdefault.jpg (18 KB, 480x360)
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Everything posted on this board is contrived psuedo-insightful trash. The amount of posts with actual substance compared to try-hard/regurgitated shit is marginal at best. Anyone with a liberal arts education would hold a higher level of discussion than I've seen on this board.

I've yet to see a post that is actually creative and original.

This board is an ego orgy
holy.. i want more

File: prometheus-rising.jpg (86 KB, 389x599)
86 KB
What is the final /lit/ consensus on Prometheus Rising? Is it useful? Is it real or just a bunch of new age crap?
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It is, like his other work, a satire
kek, that's one interpretation of it I'd never have thought of. wtf are you saying, bro?

RAW seems to have been a sincere and great and dedicated guy, but his predecessors are way better than he was. Nietzsche, Gurdjieff, Joyce, and Crowley (all of whom he constantly references in one way or another and was deeply influenced by) are way more interesting than he was in his writing. The best of these to read is Gurdjieff (of course, the best way to get into G. is if Ouspensky introduces you, so start with The Fourth Way or In Search of the Miraculous).

Although Prometheus Rising is pretty fun to read IMO and you can't hurt from reading it, there's a lot of interesting but not very profound ideas in there. It's pop-mysticism, pretty much, something to turn of your mind to like, say, reading a Tom Clancy novel in between Ulysses and Finnegans Wake.
>turn of your mind
turn OFF your mind, i meant, unless you're a doof and it's too hard for you
actually, i don't mean to downplay RAW so harshly, I'd go so far as to say that you should read it for the fun of it and how it may introduce you to more hardcore ideas like Gurdjieff's, I'm probably just cynical because I'd already read Crowley, Gurdjieff et al. beforehand so wasn't too surprised by RAW and could see how derivative he was of them in many respects.

File: 61UbQXxc-iL.jpg (119 KB, 772x1230)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
i liked it
what should i read next
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>In the winter of 1963, Williams sent the first completed draft of the novel to Viking Press for appraisal. His editor, the highly respected wunderkind Shawn Parker, wrote back to the author that it was an outstanding piece of work but that he had one change to request. In the first draft, Williams had titled the novel The Stoner. "Take out the 'The,'" Parker wrote. "It's cleaner."
it is ack-chu-uh-lee about a man who hits himself in the head with stones to induce a concussion based high
lol irl
just read the other Williams books

File: happyh.gif (669 KB, 500x285)
669 KB
669 KB GIF
looking for lit that will make me nostalgic for the holidays plz post best halloween and christmasy books

File: pic279251.jpg (3.06 MB, 1684x2309)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB JPG
What's your guys' opinions on Dune? I know it's hella entry level but it's stayed a favorite of mine for years because of the sandworm scenes alone
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Where should someone start? So many books in the series. Are the Brian Herbert novels worth starting or should I just dive into the original?
god you are fucking stupid. just read the 5 or 6 frank did. that's it.

So rude. Was just asking, fuckface. Don't have to be a dick about it!

UMADBRO? Did I hurt your fingers by asking someone to respond? I'm so sorry.
why is this guy so triggered?
Lol just start with book 1 phaggot.
Oh, and the second book is actually the best one in the series.

/lit/ filename thread.
>Only one
y-you too
File: Blood Meridian Ending.jpg (7 KB, 465x356)
7 KB

File: 374233.jpg (45 KB, 310x475)
45 KB
I never hear anyone talking about this book here, but it's on a few lists and seems generally well regarded. I mean, it's obvious a lot of people think it's good, but is it good?
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Most fun book there is.

He's less intellectually stimulating than Borges (to be fair, who isn't?); more lighthearted and comedic.
I just finished this recently. It was a nice, comfy book. Pomo as fuck while remaining extremely accessible. The parts written in second person were really charming- especially the first chapter is hilarious. I loved how it had this paranoid conspiracy element as well. Kinda reminded me of Pynchon. I was actually thinking of getting a copy for my younger sister for xmas or something as a kind of 'gateway drug' to more experimental/avant-garde literature.

By far my favorite part was the finance exec who is obsessed with mirrors and kaleidoscopes and whose rivals are trying to kidnap him. I could read a whole novel of this. Any recs for something similar?
>I never hear anyone talking about this book on here
Lurk more before posting, newfaggot.
What the fuck does "a normie version of Borges" even mean?
File: img_044.jpg (85 KB, 500x750)
85 KB
I tried that exact thing with my little sister but I don't think she really got into it. Which is a shame because I really love it. What you said about the accessibility is really true. It's a breeze to read and any parts that are more difficult only last 10-30 pages and you welcome them because they're just so interesting. Plus I really loved experiencing different prose styles in such a condensed space.

I wanted to re-read it as soon as it was done.

Every time I go into a book store there's an entire table dedicated to this series, but i've yet to see it mentioned anywhere. All the signs say BEST SELLING NEW BOOK SERIES OF ALL TIME but wtf even is it? I'm tempted to get an epub of it and check it out.
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You forgot crippling alcoholism.
Just learn Norwegian. It's even easier than Swedish.
File: minkamp6.jpg (99 KB, 700x394)
99 KB
holy CRAP min kamp 6 is huuuge

what the fuck is in it
Hilter, that is whats in it. And the worst is its really enjoyable. This guy would write some good biographies if he wanted to. Or historical fiction
I think his novel 'a time for everything' is historical fiction.

>Hi! My favourite book is Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates.

>Reading while walking in public
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Damn Churchfarm

It is a shit, cliche story and all characters in the book are insufferable and should have been massacred.
File: 1465754015371.gif (1001 KB, 640x480)
1001 KB
1001 KB GIF
>The characters are unlikeable!
Who the fuck reads while walking?
I sometimes think to read while standing at the smoke pointed during lunch break, but it's awkward as fuck to stand there with my copy of 2666.

File: 00.jpg (4 KB, 320x320)
4 KB
Almost finished finalizing my first novel. How would you suggest I publish it, /lit?



How do I market it?

Can you guys, many as you are, just buy it for the hell of supporting a fellow anon?
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Are you sure you're in the right thread, anon? Please answer the fucking question.
Never published anything myself, but for what it's worth, I'd suggest trying every avenue you can /before/ self-publishing. Call up publishers and sponsors and shit, and if by some freak chance they like it they can do all of the marketing and distribution for you. Hell, try writing a letter to your favorite authors or critics to get a quote for the dust jacket. Worst they can do is say 'no.'

If it were me, I'd prioritize visibility over profitability, in other words, you may need to give up a sizable cut of whatever the book costs, but you'll never make any money if no one sees your book. Try to find an actual company to publish you if you can.

That's not how real publishing works anon

You need to start querying agents

Once you get an agent, they will try to get a publisher
Query at least 25-50 agents before self-publishing. This site has a free database of active agents http://agentquery.com/search_advanced.aspx and an explanation of how the process works. Publishers that accept unsolicited manuscripts are trickier to find, but I guess you can look into those too.
whats it about, I need a good laugh.

File: 1470807636848.png (192 KB, 600x399)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
Anyone else scared of the internet? I'm writing a novel about three /lit/ trannies and a beautiful (but /r9k/) lad who meet on the internet and then shoot up non-white people in a mall. With the explosion of modern liberal identity ideology and the related rise of the alt-right and the tension between the internet as an echo chamber and the internet as an agora, people seem more divided into particular ideological groups than ever before at such a scale. We've experienced a period of quiet for somewhere between 40 and 70 years but I think the next time the West experiences a moderate economic or environmental shock, shit will really hit the fan. I'm thinking about civil war in America and radical movements in Europe. Our current stability is taken for granted and society will collapse on its own.

I think entering the digital age - something that's been intimated for a long time but is now fully underway, with entire generations of adults having grown up "on the internet" - is going to have massive ramifications that we are not seeing, or refusing to understand.

Anyone else a collapse fetishist here? Anyone else writing about it?
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I'm writing a novel about transgender people as well. Really, about many people on the internet, with various motivations, various conflicts, various conclusions all related to themselves, where one unintentionally changes the other drastically for the worst. They all become incresigly alienated at their past behavior, become self destructive.

The question at the bottom is, why do we judge and hurt ourselves in such a cult like fashion. I don't remember a time as bad as this in the 21st century socially on the internet, and that's saying something when for the longest time the defacto conspiracy was David Icke for years.

It's all very fascinating, and I do not think you're doing the topic justice.

This isn't really what I'm wholly trying to write about, but it's the skeletal structure. It also hasn't been my first novel, I've ghost written several.

I don't mean to be rude, but it's not well thought out and mostly schlock.

You're probably right, but instead of entering into a period of self-reflection I'm just going to give you the good ol' 4chan "kys" and do my best to get some schlock published. The market doesn't seem to discriminate very well anyways.
>not futa characters

Lmaoing @ your lives you cucks
i will be remembered as the creator of a genre and you will only eat dirty semen from semen free samples in the street
The real irony is that the internet is giving birth to the political movements that will ban and outlaw it. It's poetic, really.

The greatest platform of free speech is so segmented into echo chambers that it's creating a totalitarian monster on which millions will die.
Probably not outlaw, but considerable censorship like in China. The internet is too lucrative and useful to ban outright. But we are at the end of the Wild West phase of it all.

File: Dr BBC, I'm Cuck.jpg (34 KB, 489x621)
34 KB
Why is /lit/ obsessed with existentialism? Isn't selfishness everything wrong with the world today?
Selfishness is the meme-tier conclusion to the question of existence.
File: Pride-Parade.jpg (100 KB, 660x370)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
If it was a meme-tier conclusion, then was the world memed to destruction?
Its like when you are a NEET you have a lot of time to think abot stuff and you wonder whats it all about.

File: first_battles.jpg (59 KB, 316x475)
59 KB
What does /lit/ think of this series?

File: NormMcd-1-998x687.jpg (114 KB, 998x687)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
this book is funny :^)

File: pic0504-pynchon002.jpg (820 KB, 2598x3907)
820 KB
820 KB JPG
>tfw pynchon is 80 years old and probably a huge racist
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File: images.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
Pynchon is a harmless stoner who watches cartoons and eats cereal all day.
They're definitely not going to have sex with you if you're outspoken about "wanting all kikes and niggers to die."
how come no one says anything about the creepy Bianca subplot in GR
Isn't his wife some big shot in the industry? I'm sure word will get out unless everyone who knows either of them really tries to keep it a secret.
>50 fucking years
>nothing has changed

holy shit America

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