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>"Yeah, so it all takes place over the course of a single day."
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>what is The Goose of Hermogenes?
Is this even a legitimate thread? Why don't they get mods for these non /b/ boards?
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>I'm writing a novel
>has words
it's fucking 2016
>each chapter is titled after a chapter from the odyssey


File: 1462943710592.png (240 KB, 620x2000)
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I'm only posting this because I think the drawings are cute
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>Sarrasine by Ballsac
is it worth it lads?
if you like to read about trannies
roll for obscure nonsense
you're a fucking mong

File: image.jpg (252 KB, 1280x1220)
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What is some of the best contemporary literary fiction? Good authors? Preferably from the 21st century

Is it possible to discern the current literary movement?
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All of those authors are completely different. You have to judge for yourself.
Laszlo Krasznahorkai, Javier Marias
File: plebtest.jpg (122 KB, 700x720)
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122 KB JPG
She definitely isn't uninteresting in that sense. Books move fast with tight plots, almost reads like a pop novel but it isn't soupy or anything
I like him, but people get mad whenever you post him.

File: darkdoor.jpg (45 KB, 1904x944)
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The man—or in some cases, child—who is impaired either physically, mentally, or both, has the luxury of lowered standards in whatever he endeavors to achieve. The ears of his audience become deaf to flat notes while the eyes of his parents become blind to crooked lines and warped symmetry. Nets don’t hang as high and are left wide open. The outcome of what the impaired manages to accomplish is an afterthought—mere appearance of exertion is considered sufficient, even praiseworthy.

Our expectations of such people are not diminished to protect them, but to guard ourselves. The difference between us is in degree, not category. Underestimating the impaired provides a convenient way to overestimate the distance between ourselves and them. The praise with which they are readily showered is thought of as compensation for their endless failures and innate lack of potential. But where is this praise for the average and slightly less-than-average man who also fails each day? Does he not also sweat and strain for hours upon hours? He does. Still, the average man remains unseen because he is not the best and he is not the best at being the worst.

A cognitive handicap at least offers immunity from a far more insidious and soul-eroding variety—an acute awareness of failure. How many individuals endlessly claw their way up statistical mountains in the shape of bell curves for intelligence, income, and fitness, only to tire just before the top, or to reach the peak and find that they cannot make it down the other side where excellence is promised—but never guaranteed—below? Where is their pat on the back? Where are the accolades and standing ovations for those condemned to an existence of perpetual grayness?

Do not pity the impaired. Pity yourself.
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any feedback or criticism for this?

beginning a story with a character waking up is considered a big no-no and a lot of agents/editors will reject it instantly...
I know this the second chapter. I fucking lost the first chapter. I hate myself right now.
You Expect Me To Read All That Shit by You
He, the boy, was in a maze, not knowing which way to go, yet not at all amazed at the plight within which he found himself, having already inured himself (or rather been inured) to it over a very very long time, a period of years. Around him were walls and corners of the maze, dark shadows splayed across them like paint, like checkersquares, geometrically arranged as if by Fate, or by some master's hand above it all, ruling unseen from the shadows, picking and plucking its spiderweb strands as if jerking and tweaking the strings of a marionette, playing the tune on some big old guitar from the backstage and dictating all the boy's rhythms as he jerked here and there.

Jagged shadows, sharp black edges suggested Jacks-in-the-Boxes lurking around, sinister and unseen, waiting to emerge and clutch him, puppet that he was, in their own puppet hands, and drag him back into their own boxes ... he is become Alice-in-Wonderland now, is going down the dirty rabbit-hole, and the box undergoes a surrealistic distortion, turns out to be a vast tunnel leading to catacombs deep underground, subchthonic, where men (can they truly be called that? you can see the gears shifting inside them and hear the watch ticking inside them and feel the heat of hell that fried them and their souls irremediably...), where robots dressed in robes, draped in curtains to cover up their transparency, to block the antilight shining through them, palpable darkness twisting and writhing and clamoring to be set, let, to get free yet despite all the prisonbars of morality, society, civilization that the entire country's supposedly made of, stand.

They are holding lighted tapers, mouths open in serene Os, hymning and chanting their odes to Satan, to Saturn, and, like hoarybearded Saturn, the creatures turn upon the boy who is now in the midst of their choir and devour him entire, totally and complete, rip him apart and stuff him into their glutted bellies, gut and disembowel him, devour him, mad in their glory like the manchildren who ate the oxen of the sun.
Check out my poems.


"Witches at the Midnight Sabbath"



I wrote these in the middle of the night a few hours ago.

File: 1464060751155.jpg (680 KB, 1920x1200)
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680 KB JPG
ITT post images that inspire you.

If someone else posts an image that strikes you, write about it: prose, dialogue, poetry, anything.

Starting with 10 images.
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el culo de tu madre esta lleno de dulces
suaves y duros confitos que fluyen del oyo puerco de tu progenitora
cada uno delicioso como el ojete de tu hermana.
File: 1450446886131.jpg (196 KB, 600x800)
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196 KB JPG
File: klimt10.jpg (646 KB, 1500x1500)
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646 KB JPG
Why does the Man hurt the Woman
Read this in Cosby's voice for some fucked up reason.

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garbage. a shill. if you're interested in any of the topics he talks about, read a real book on it
It's not the worst to introduce kids to certain concepts, he's got one of the easiest prose to read.
He's a literal paid shill. For Big Pharma, tobacco multinational Phillip Morris and Goldman Sachs among others.
He's kind of an innovator. The success of the tipping point and his others lead to that genre exploding; Smart guy self help books.

heres a fun article about being addicted to reading. i enjoyed it, i think you will too
Kill yourself.

File: image.jpg (215 KB, 908x1000)
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215 KB JPG
What is the book or author equivalent of Gilbert Gottfried?
Chuck Palahniuk
richard dawkins
both of them are mainstream and therefor incorrect

my diary desu

File: Zweig.png (36 KB, 216x192)
36 KB
Anyone in this thread that likes literature knows/is learning Spanish and likes to translate?
I'm a Spanish-speaking struggling college student and have a project due tomorrow.
I thought it would have to be a translation into Spanish, in which I'm a voracious reader and writer, so I left little time to do it.
It turns out it's supposed to be into English so I'm screwed.
Does anyone have a translated short story, article, or anything that I could use for my project?
It can be 4 pages or longer, and would earn my forever undying gratitude
lol pendejo

File: consider.jpg (49 KB, 302x475)
49 KB
What am I in for?
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You should've considered that before buying!
>Dating at all

It's British science fiction, written like American science fiction, but with an underlying Britishness.

It owes a surprising amount to Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide" trilogy, despite being superficially serious and epic. It is a wonderful rollercoaster of a novel. Very good.
>It's British science fiction, written like American science fiction, but without the gratuitous explosions, starship chases, sex scenes and colonialism
Consider Phlebas has all of these things.

File: ac1.jpg (14 KB, 191x264)
14 KB
I'm doing a little experiment. I've posted this already on /co/ and /lit/, and I want to see how 2 completely different boards with different preferences will tackle the question. You can take it as serious or as comical as you want, I just want to see what will become of the end product (if there is any) is all

Let's play a little game

You are the head writer for a brand new series. The series itself is about a Superman-like character.

He is fast, strong, invulnerable, able to fly, and can shoot energy from his eyes

The only real restriction that you have is that this Superman Analogue must be the main character or, at the very least, one of the main characters. Other than that, you can do whatever you want. You all set the rules to this universe. You decide his origins, his limits, his weaknesses, his friends, his foes, etc.

The only other rule is that there cannot be any contradictions between what you post. So, for instance, if one person says he can survive in space while another person says he still needs to breath and can't, whatever was posted first will rule over it.

Got it? Great

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He rules the world and concentrates all efforts and resources into finding a way for him to die.
The story is told from the point of view of his wife and children - an aspect of life that is oftentimes forgotten in this Superman Analogue's life. He is still the main character, but it discusses the difficulties of living with someone who is immortal, invulnerable, and likely exposed to much tragedy.
File: 1463404263457.jpg (6 KB, 188x159)
6 KB
He suffers from insomnia and sleepwalks. Sometimes he goes to sleep only to wake up as a subconciously ridden murderer. He kills isolated objectives with a blunt hit on their spine. Most of them don't even know what hit them. It's always random people in the streets at night and it's always one per night. There's usually one of these nights per month.
File: 1461849876671.jpg (374 KB, 1140x1567)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
He has lost his mom.
All of his fathers before him, each from different realities, different eras of this grand timeline, each got arthritis when they turned 14 billion years old, the exact age he was soon to turn.

Is Chesterton the greatest "man of letters" in the history of the English language?

There were better poets, better writers, better essayists, better dramatists, better critics, and better philosophers, but I'm not sure there's anyone else who could do every one of those things at the level he could do them. He seems to have mastered all possible uses of the written word.
He knew how to drop a fat beat, that's for sure.
hm... maybe
Chesterton is a really interesting figure, and one of the most intriguing jacks of all trades of our modern era. His ability to do so much in so many fields is astounding, and I think it's cool that he managed to actually contribute to every one of his interests and hobbies.

I'm not a huge fan, but the best modern analogue is probably Chomsky. STEM equivalent is Feynman, I guess.
He was the best kind of fat person
he even self-inserted himself as a fat god :^)

what is the very best stream of consciousness writing you've ever read?
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There is a section in this book called asylum where some erudite madman writes a stream-of-consciousness. The author got a copy since he was good friends with him, and put it in his book verbatim.
Fucking this, I can't even get over how much I adore every page of that book
Johny Got His Gun
Jason Compson's section in Sound and the Fury.
Best: Ulysses, The Waves, The Sound and The Fury
Unexpectedly Good: the incredibly sparse moments of soc in Beloved

File: download.jpg (9 KB, 300x168)
9 KB
You get one chance to tell me why light novels should be treated any differently than novels such as The Great Gatsby or The Scarlet Letter.
92 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Any opinions on Boogiepop?
>Cheap tactic
You're wrong on two levels. And it's not exactly like poets haven't bitched about the jingling sound of like endings before.
Once you have to use music and illustrations to assist in creating a mood, then you can't really be compared to actual books desu.
File: 1457748339878.jpg (31 KB, 320x320)
31 KB
>Prose is for pretentious faggots
>that chapter where Satou downloads CP for a week straight and starts repeating how sorry he is over and over
>i-i-it was just reference material it doesn't count

Jesus christ that was painful to read, but I assume that was the point.

What are the best novels that take place in an alternate history?
it was what canadians felt when the usa occupied them :^)

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