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What novel should I read famalams? Pic unrelated.
File: BD.jpg (149 KB, 665x928)
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149 KB JPG
Venus in Furs, your pic is related

femdom is a patrician fetish
catcher in the rye, stoner, hunger, Eeeee Eee Eeee are a few that anyone can enjoy

Holy cow, I thought this was going to be a serious book, but so far it's just filled with funny pranks! I can't stop laughing!
Bulgakov is the original prankster.
Frankly I enjoy the japes, capering and the hijinks in this book
Whenever people ask me about Bulgakov I always tell them that goofs and gags abound! He's a riot!

File: 1478338222502.jpg (20 KB, 552x526)
20 KB
What are some /biz/ books? I want to be a entrapuner. I have listened to rich dad poor dad and it was great.

I'm getting 48 laws of power, laws of seduction, the e-myth revisited and how to get friends and influence people.

Please don't tell me they are meme books
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Paul Graham if you are going into tech.
Try Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith
I see that you've already ordered How to Procure for Friends and Vanquishing of Everybody. You'll be influencing friends and winning people in no time, champ.

Start with the Greeks, especially the Platonic dialogues.
Find an MBA syllabus from a good school, read those text books. MIT may have lectures online for free.

File: 1480793302365[1].png (229 KB, 450x230)
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229 KB PNG
Why isn't there a market for closet screenplays?

The kinds of stories told in movies are limited by what the studio is willing to pay for. The kinds of stories told in comics are limited by what the author is able to draw. Textual literature is the most versatile storytelling medium, but people who have aphantasia and/or poor visual imagination have trouble with conventional books.

That's where screenplays come in.
File: brownpaperbag.png (59 KB, 1920x1080)
59 KB
>but people who have aphantasia and/or poor visual imagination have trouble with conventional books.

That was an awful lot of words to say "I'm a lazy retarded fuck who hates reading"
File: 1480567182499.jpg (43 KB, 400x400)
43 KB
>he can't read real books
>reading real books
>le current year

File: image.jpg (40 KB, 750x1334)
40 KB
I'm interested in books and authors interested in the death drive, or the base human unconscious yearning toward annihilation. The examples I know of include Yukio Mishima, Georges Bataille, Kobo Abe, Marquis de Sade. Looking for recommendations for authors with similar sensibilities. Thanks in advance
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ITT: a pseud resorts to ad homs and vague claims of linguistic misunderstanding to justify a critique of their beliefs that, by definition, doesn't necessarily rule out their beliefs.
Erotic activity; the ideal of spectacular, explosive death; the murderous impulse. It's not so much a drive toward death explicitly, but the drive to extend oneself into infinity not subject to time or the ego, which is analagous to annihilation or nonexistence and not necessarily the cessation of existence which is what the word death no doubt implies. Foucault and Nietzsche can explain it better than me, but like I said I'm not particularly interested in arguing whether or not it 'exists,' whatever that even means. It's a model of behavior that makes sense to me, there may be alternative models that feel more accurate to others
Okay that makes infinitely more sense than the Freudian term I'm familiar with that is in opposition to the sex drive, and is a literal instinct towards death. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
I probably fucked up by referring to it as 'death drive' initially, which you're right is a strictly Freudian term and not really what I was looking for. It was probably floating in the periphery of my mind and I misused it. But yeah it's tricky to explain what I'm looking for, I want to say 'something similar to Story of the Eye', but I know that wouldn't be a good description for requests, so I tried to explain it with my shitty vocabulary lol
Albert Caraco (committed suicide), Drieu La Rochelle (committed suicide), Cioran (no suicide)

Are any of his books good?
>Are any of his books good?

Are you retarded? Read them for yourself and find out.

Reminder that he literally got away with murder.
He looks like a runway model here.
manslaughter is more accurate.

File: IMG_0502.png (21 KB, 833x661)
21 KB
Oh my dear life
What the hell is going on
There's so much strife
There is something wrong
We need to fight enemies with a knife
Look out for the con
He is there with a chance on his sleeves
And his soul tortured by those ghosts
But quickly we can rise again
We can fight the old plans and the new
This is my destiny for you
If you only you could see to live beyond your dreams
I was planning on doing something today, until i read that. It really just sucked all the energy and hope out of me
You're stiff as fuck and you're too direct.
Why your poem is objective shit: an analysis.
--You haven't killed yourself prior to writing your poem

wew, kys
File: magesuding.png (105 KB, 800x600)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
wtf no rhyme at all this is 0/5
i like it, OP. post more.

File: Gulag Archipelago.jpg (32 KB, 307x475)
32 KB
Has anyone here read this and still remained unquestioning of their political beliefs?
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but 500 gorillion
I laugh my ass off at the fact that the criteria for what constitutes evidence completely changes when the Soviet Union is brought up.

Anti-communism truly is a religion.
religion has been one of the most effective control mechanisms in human history, and america did it better than almost anyone else. no surprise they applied the basic principles to other aspects of culture, like foreign policy/propaganda.
>An albino from Australia is going to hack our cabinets with his Didgeridoo

Stop being ridiculous.

Stop baiting.

Why isn't Don Quixote talked about more often? Not only is it the first modern novel, its also a legitimately a good book.
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you posted it twice and still fucked it up
Tale of Genji
I rarely visit this board, but every time I do there's a thread about that book OP.
I think you need to reread what I wrote because you somehow missed the only point of two sentences.
Vladimir pls go

File: Untitled2.jpg (131 KB, 837x595)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Ok, so /lit/'s new zine inaugural edition coming in the new year is mostly ready and will be accepting submissions now.

We'll publish the best prose, poetry and essays you can send us.

To submit, email your work in a word document to submissionsunpublished@gmail.com, in an email headed "Submission". Make sure to put your email address and name you'd like to publish under in the document itself.

If you are an illustrator or you're willing to proofread and diagram, contact us. Also, anyone can help us with suggestions and general impressions.
Discord link: https://discord.gg/bVWbHkw
37 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Do you have any idea how long a single issue will be?
I guess what I mean is,
how many poems
how many stories
how many essays?

>how many poems

>how many stories

>how many essays?
We're thinking 30 pages, roughly. Around 15 for prose (maybe more), 10 for poetry (maybe less) and 5 for essays.

You can submit anything from 100 to 3000 words really.
I can read Spanish and Portuguese, in which I'm fluent. I think some of the other guys can read German too. But we'd rather you send it already translated to English, please, cause it would spare us of some unnecessary extra work.

File: 1479042113089.jpg (14 KB, 419x304)
14 KB
Do you think Gravity's Rainbow is slow?

Am I just too much of a pleb to appreciate all the exposition?
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i dont think so

theres always something interesting happening

Not slow at all. It doesn't spend pages upon pages on describing a beach or a church, it moves pretty quick. Well, until you get to some of the indisputably Pulitzer-price-losing parts near the end

But if you consider action or ebib confrontations marks of a well-paced book then you're reading the wrong author my friend
You're a pleb. It's a literally encyclopedic romp through physics, behaviorist psychology, sex, bananas, etc... fucking cake if you're a true patrician ass reader.
I don't want action necessarily, I just would prefer a little more dialogue and events.

File: Writing-Articles.jpg (27 KB, 520x357)
27 KB
How do you start writing for money? It used to be that you'd send a writ or two to a magazine or publication and hopefully you'd spark enough attention to get published. How does it work these days? Any of you does it?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Research niche fetishes and find where people buy them

Unless you're writing about weird shit getting dicked you're probably not going to make anything writing
>You might be better off asking /lit/.
what did he mean and so on
This. Do furry shit or muscle girls or something.
This guy made more than a million euros (over a lot of years) just ghostwriting pop crime novels. But it's paying less and less.

He also made decent money writing stuff for gossip magazines, niche detective magazines, etc.

Now he's old, he publishes "real" books under his own name and they don't sell well, but he doesn't care.

His blog (redpilled as fuck, in French):

File: IMG_4257.jpg (124 KB, 1080x1080)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
I made like $1k writing essays for rich kids, 90% of the time they're extremely retarded and think that the higher the page number the harder the writing project, and thus you can charge them exorbitant prices.

File: 14807262153621.png (236 KB, 378x503)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
>I hate Woody Allen physically, I dislike that kind of man. I can hardly bear to talk to him. He has the Chaplin disease. That particular combination of arrogance and timidity sets my teeth on edge. He is arrogant. Like all people with timid personalities, his arrogance is unlimited. Anybody who speaks quietly and shrivels up in company is unbelievably arrogant. He acts shy, but he’s not. He’s scared. He hates himself, and he loves himself, a very tense situation. It’s people like me who have to carry on and pretend to be modest. To me, it’s the most embarrassing thing in the world—a man who presents himself at his worst to get laughs, in order to free himself from his hang-ups. Everything he does on the screen is therapeutic.

What was his fucking problem?
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Any recommendations for a Žižek starting point? Have been told The Parallax View is quite a comprehensive encompassment of his approach / views; should I begin / branch out from there?
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
The movies are hardly a starting point, more a way of spreading awareness about him as a thinker.

The Parrallax View is indeed a great starting point

Cheers! >>8797058

I suspect you have read more of him then? Any other works stand out in your mind?
The Most Sublime Hysteric: Heggle with Lacan.
Appreciate your help!
Really from there I think you're going to be more interested in examing the thinkers he works with.

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