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File: 1500492980350.gif (505 KB, 1080x1080)
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Are delillo's less famous books good or bad? I saw two of his books at the library, one about the search for Nazi a porn and another some sort of murder mystery. I liked libra when I read it long ago. I liked white noise the first time I read it.

I get the feeling that he is one of those really fucking boring authors who you have to pretend says profound stuff.
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Is Zero K any good? The Barnes in my town bought like a dozen copies randomly so I'm wondering if it's gonna be a movie or something.
Point Omega is really good
Americana is quite horrible. Reading Players right now, it's kind of like a more paranoid Mao II

The Names is good, although overly long.

Seconding Americana being crap. It was his first novel tho tbf.
If you like scientific mysticism, good prose, American vocabulary and satire he's really good. He's not as good of a writer as Pynchon but he's the better analyst

File: a2682239447_16.jpg (83 KB, 700x700)
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Just read this, and its my new favorite book.

What are some more spoopy stories about scientific/archeological expeditions?

File: 1500721188481-1.png (1.13 MB, 924x765)
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1.13 MB PNG
What does lit think of these? I heard theyre pretty much classics
I got a good chuckle, thanks.
Well the first three ones really are and they're well worth it. As for Cuchulainn, I got everything I need to know about him from At Swim Two Birds.

File: Burning-book-001.jpg (15 KB, 460x276)
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Things you will never see .
>The passenger by Cormac McCarthy
Probably Cormac McCarthy
A vagina

File: image.jpg (26 KB, 310x459)
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Post the aphorism of Nietszche in the alternate universe where some secret admirer slipped high doses of Xanax into his 15kg of daily fruit
this post sounds cool
Make me

File: shakespeare_william.jpg (160 KB, 936x936)
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160 KB JPG
Why is Macbeth considered as good as Hamlet?

Why is Romeo & Juliet considered worse than both?
Coriolanus and Lear are his greatest. Get on my lvl.

This thread is not about politics. There is a sentence in the article, that I don't know if its formed properly, or if the writer was just sloppy with word choice. Can any of you /lits tell me?
Also, funny sentence gaffs in live news articles thread.

the sentence:
>The aide found a fridge in an office filled with junior staffers, and told them Spicer wanted it.

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I fixed it without changing any words.

In an office filled with junior staffers, the aide found a fridge and told them Spicer wanted it.
File: more op funny gaffs.jpg (83 KB, 587x531)
83 KB
I love it when these gaffs slip through. In newspapers it's almost always a missing word, or a misspelling. Its seldom something as rich as the pic.
I'm just upset Sean didn't get that mini-fridge he wanted and was driven into early retirement as a result.
everybody knows what it means who gives a fuck shit thread shit sentence
While it's not super important, avoiding sentence ambiguity is a good skill to have in general and very good to have if you're in journalism. It's at least interesting enough to discuss.

Do I need a background on philosophy or politics to get Demons?
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Agree with do this for every dostovesky book

Every fuckign book

>Here are 40 different characters
>All are important to the plot
>Also they have variations to their name that the characters switch between repeatedly
>All the names have a variation like 15 letters long and somehow sound very similar.
No, most allusions to poltics and philosophy not made expressly clear, are explained in Pevear's notes.
literally ignore
just read and enjoy. The more you grow the more you understand.
Yes a background in philosophy or politics is an excellent way to get demons.
>Ignore becoming more informed about the world around you in order to enhance your literary experiences

what are some pieces of art that are primarily focused on ONLY beauty? In that it makes no attempt to explain anything or promote any position, its only purpose is to aesthetically please... Any medium is welcome
pop music I guess?

Aesthetics is deeper than what youre describing, well especially in the novel, it isnt just 'niceness'
Where did you find that pic OP?

File: large.jpg (50 KB, 490x370)
50 KB
This place would be perfect if it weren't for their fucking stickers.
and the fact that most of the stuff there you can get cheaper on amazon
i've found some good stuff in the clearance section though. they usually will have 1 or 2 NYRBs there

File: favst.jpg (38 KB, 630x472)
38 KB
What's your favorite story?

File: IMG_5966.jpg (58 KB, 266x400)
58 KB
>Currently reading
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Me too, OP! Only about twenty in. Really enjoying it.
WHere can I subscribe to your blog, faggot?
File: IMG_1422.jpg (46 KB, 440x386)
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File: images.jpg (15 KB, 304x166)
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I've been reading through Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entries on ethics and I'm feeling dissatisfied from what I've read. I come from a background in social science and I've bought into the relativism meme. That is, I tend to think that ethics and morality are subjective.

But, I really hate that when you try to pin down an ethical dispute as a relativist, you can never arrive at clarity about the dispute. Instead you arrive at a place of inaction and paralyzing uncertainty. I was hoping that I could find a ethical tradition that would acknowledge the subjectivity of ethics, but actually find a way around to solve problems and not be as dissatisfing as consequentialism or utilitarianism.

Do you guys have any suggested reading on ethics that might help or be interesting to read?
Ethical is kind of lopsided these days. You're either within the analytic liberal ethics tradition, shit like Rawls and social contract theory and so forth that mostly departs from Early Modern thought, or you're some kind of crypto-theist like Alasdair McIntyre or Paul Ricoeur, basically in the German idealist tradition of Christian "love" (agape) overcoming division and forming organic social wholes. If neither of those sounds good to you, well, you're an eclectic by default.

You might look into Habermas' theory of communicative action. Or Anglo-Hegelians like Brandom, on Hegel's practical philosophy and the modality or attitude of communication that neo-liberalism lacks. Frankly, analytics (like the SEP article you read probably represents) are pretty arid by comparison.

Most of the really interesting ethical stuff of the past 150 years, in my view, takes brotherly love and comradeship as basically an a priori ethical good, assumes (also a priori) that the current state of society is shitty for various reasons usually related to capitalism, and then talks about how to live the life of a warrior, a principled guy, a knight of faith, a secret noble, and so forth, WITHIN those conditions. Either until the day comes that civilisation is good again, or in grim resignation that civilisation has only ever lived in the hearts of the noble few, in any given epoch.
Try to give Blackburn's Quasi-Realism a go.
Ethics are intrinsically related to metaphysics and epistemology you can't study it separately from those.
>That is, I tend to think that ethics and morality are subjective.

Yes, as in they pertain to the here and now and can lead to direct experience of the good by taking the Subject - you - as basal and immutable.
If you really want your balls tickled, read Fear and Trembling and watch a genius transcend social definitions of morality.

File: 1499735368218.jpg (121 KB, 682x1023)
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121 KB JPG
What do you think would have happened in Frank Herbert's final book of dune if he never died. You really get left on a giant cliffhanger. Duncan and then in the no ship. What was up with that face dancer couple. Anyone wanna give me a quick rundown on the last 2 books. I read them over 10 years ago and just thought about it today. Pic related is how I picture Duncan.

File: Jared_Leto.jpg (23 KB, 500x374)
23 KB
Which recognisable Anons haven't posted here in a while?

For example, what happened to:

>Daniel Kharms poster / Iran anon
>John Hawkes spammer
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outright porn gets deleted pretty quickly here even in the dead hours
he still posts on other boards

Gaskun is fine. He posted a Harry Potter meme to his facebook wall yesterday.
Those were all one guy? I remember someone was trying to will what he was calling the The Trilogy into existence: The Recognitions, The Tunnel, and one I can't remember
I highly doubt this.

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