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File: rowling.png (370 KB, 625x554)
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Do you think she posts on lit?
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I always find it hilarious when outsiders try to analyze this site and completely fail to understand it.

God what a steaming pile of shit that article was.
>You do realise that a statistically normal portion of 4chan users are left wing
That's irrelevant, because they're irrelevant. They have zero vitality and produce no content, whereas outright nazis dominate /pol/ and cause constant media shitstorms.

The author typed: "unquestioning of his own mansplaining and spreading" unironically.
you forgot /int/, but the board culture is largely gone and now it's just country generals

File: no exit.gif (163 KB, 309x475)
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163 KB GIF
wtf i hate other people now
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are you calling me a coward? am i a coward?
>jean-paul sartre
discount albert camus for people who like their french authors extremely ugly and short

>albert camus

Discount writer for people who like their painfully trite YOLO-philosophy-of-life presented with french pseudosophistication
you must be mad, friendo, but i don't particularly like camus. he is still far better than the horrific gnome jps

I'm actually pretty dispassionate about french cigarette man. That he is better than french troglodyte man doesn't say much.

File: one must imagine.jpg (77 KB, 942x690)
77 KB
What would he've done if he hadn't died in a car accident?
did lines of coke and masturbated his dick for two days straight until he died of a heart attack? How the fuck would i know?

File: 1481324437293.png (140 KB, 412x232)
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140 KB PNG
AKA Questions that don't deserve their own thread.

Taking a page out of /fit/.
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File: ShakespeareFlowchart.jpg (2.22 MB, 3000x2000)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB JPG
File: short_stories.jpg (1.19 MB, 2495x2921)
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1.19 MB JPG
reading DFW turned that girl into a whore
Definetly start with Richard III or King Lear, that's the lighter stuff. Julius Caesar and Romeo And Juliet are mid tier, and save Macbeth Hamlet and The Tempest for last.
File: 1367.jpg (96 KB, 600x877)
96 KB
Should I read Ulysses first with notes or without notes?

Also, which text? I've heard the 1922 Oxford is good.

Let's be honest here, /lit/:

Quentin wanted to fuck the little Italian girl, right?
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>hate the South

How come
>i could smell sounds?
You hate
>nothing personal, kid
>you have a sister
>they are all bitches
>the perfect student
The accent
There is no accent
on a book
>love him caddy
It was certainly the best part of the book. At least, from what I understood. I also liked the black preacher.
yo i havent read all of it yet but does benjy die

File: 1487595600529.gif (2.85 MB, 421x236)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB GIF
What's wrong with using Microsoft Word as your word processor? Why are some of you so adamant about using more expensive ones for your writing purposes? What gives?
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Well i use it for everything, but I only need it for technical stuff.
>Times New Roman [...] Anything else is surplus to requirements.
If you write professionally you normally use a non-proportional / monospaced font.
>Not pirating the whole Office package,

Word is fine. It´s better than a typewriter or actually writing on paper.
>works from the past used technologies from the past


File: IMG_1164.jpg (131 KB, 900x951)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Any books or writers who are /better in translation/?

Where could i go to get a book of experimental literature published?

File: frank-delaney.jpg (32 KB, 948x818)
32 KB



File: gettyimages-475596115.jpg (764 KB, 635x391)
764 KB
764 KB JPG
Does reading actually help you live a better life, make you a better person? I'm asking because so far it seems like no amount of the greeks or the romans, or pretty much anything will actually stop me being afraid of life, not being able to make decisions, and most of all, know what the fuck I'm supposed to do.

What has your experience been with this?
Start with the Greeks.
I already have.

File: images-6.png (15 KB, 344x255)
15 KB
Is there any practical use to literature?

How is knowledge of stories and poems applicable in every day life?

It seems to me the only practicality of this knowledge is for writers and professors
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I would struggle to find a post more pseud than this
you can just tell that he loves contemplating a black man mounting his wife
What is a practical use ?
Le cocu pour le cocu.
What are you fucks even doing here?

sup /lit/,
tell me what's your favorite couple and why

Benedick and Beatrice?

Sherlock and Irene?

Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan?

Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler?

Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester?

Eowyn and Faramir?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Lo and HH
Your mom and my cock.

These, and:

Joelle V.D and Gately
Caddy and any given Compson (though I'd say Benjy)
Kate and Petruchio
File: images (97).jpg (16 KB, 182x277)
16 KB
John Harmon and Bella Wilfer
Hades and Persephone

File: s200_gregory.sadler.jpg (6 KB, 200x200)
6 KB
What are some good /lit/-based YouTube channels?
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thank me later



Why would I want to watch some vain whore talk about surface level topics?
There are no videos in it.
>doesn't wear his biases plainly enough
>doesn't push an agenda or preconceived narrative
>doesn't take memes seriously

yea, it's not hard to see why /lit/ wouldn't like him
>The John David Ebert Channel
Underrated as fuck on here by the way

File: dreamsongs.jpg (75 KB, 665x1000)
75 KB
So why haven't you read the most significant long poem from the latter half of the 20th century?


he's shit housed
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yeah true no one here even reads
it's on my list desu
because it's not the most significant poem from the latter half of the 20th century... I fucking hate how /lit/ both sucks at poetry and/or its knowledge of poetry is retardedly limited to white American poets, as if that were the only group of poets that ever existed. Fuck John Berryman and all his ilk! Last Men, pessimistic faggots the lot of them, hiding behind effete, academic sophistication. Their poetry does more to make upper middle class pseuds complacent than it does to incite anyone to a higher experience of life.

Fuck late 20th Century American poets of this kind, honestly. Fucking academic leeches.
i'd hardly call berryman academic
>higher experience of life

File: 1487558023045.jpg (200 KB, 874x1208)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Join me in creating these stupid hierarchies, /lit/.
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File: angry_pepe.jpg (65 KB, 900x900)
65 KB
DELETE THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
>I need someone to tell me what to believe
Best one in the thread

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