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File: aguirre.jpg (184 KB, 1920x1080)
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Cool literary bars in Montreal?
Just wander around the city and I'm sure you'll find one, that town is full of pretentious artfags
>we did it, Aguirre, we finally became the Wrath of God.
>literary bars

try Starbucks

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fuck off, cunt lips.
File: PIC_0682.jpg (767 KB, 1920x1080)
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File: PIC_0683.jpg (736 KB, 1920x1080)
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stop triggering me!

File: PIC_0685.jpg (784 KB, 1920x1080)
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fucking asshole...

Cloud Atlas was terrible.
I hate it.

File: images.jpg (5 KB, 160x217)
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I've read Slaughterhouse 5 a while back. I was surprised how many people loved it, as i can't give it a higher evaluation than "average". Are most of Vonnegut's books similar to this one, or some of his other works are stronger?
If you loved the book, would like to know why.
I loved it when I read it for the perspective that it had on life, with taking major events as they occurred and removing any emotional basis for them to the extent that even sections with aliens seemed just as appropriate in the same context. It seemed like a look on the inside to a man with PTSD and the way he viewed the world, which was fascinating.

If you're not getting anything out of the way the story is expressed non-linearly, though, or with that perspective on the world, then you may just see it as average. This is not to say that the book is only appealing to teenagers or anyone in the like young enough to be impressed by its narrative style, but if you've seen something similar done well enough elsewhere then you're definitely going to get less out of it. Those two elements are why it's so highly praised - while it's still nice in general, if you're missing out on those two then that's a massive portion of the appeal that's passing you by.

File: 1412158196511.jpg (37 KB, 317x379)
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>tfw reading a classic you don't enjoy at all but you have to force yourself through it because reading the classics are good for you
Reading the classics IS good for you, OP. Seems like you need to read the a bit more.
>tfw reading classics for the naughty bits
What are the most enjoyable classics to read? Which are the least enjoyable?

Everyone seems to say Dickens is the worst while the modern American authors are the most enjoyable, like Steinbeck.
>What are the most enjoyable classics to read? Which are the least enjoyable?
Aristophanes and Aeschylus
Agree with Aristophanes at least, Clouds was hilarious.

File: y450-293.png (195 KB, 292x450)
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195 KB PNG
Hey /lit/ what books can you recommend "something Hayao Miyazaki would read"
Pic related just finished watching the last Ghibli movie ever this book is so hard to find the only available ones are Germans or Japanese, I don't know if the movie was just borrowing some elements of it.
probably Murakami, seeing as they're both asian weaboos
Gulliver's Travels

In Jesus Christ superstar the lepers sequence is used to show how needed the world is and how little Jesus could do healing one at the time. Is this an absolutely free interpretation? The bible seems to use it to show how ungrateful people can be (Luke 17:11-19) but I really like the angle the musical takes and would like to see it expanded.
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stay in the general
there's only one thread about being ironicly christian
any ideas?
People say JCS is satanic.
a friend played jesus and people from all over our province went to protest. they offered free tickets to anyone so they could check if they disliked it or not and no one accepted.
why would people think that? it might be a bit free interpretation and implies things that would be hard to back up in the bible, but it's pretty much waht everyone knows about the bible.

File: image.jpg (46 KB, 378x440)
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Who has the best phil of mind, and why is it Chalmers?
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"Meteorological nihilism" should be the official moral stance of /lit/. Nothing is really weather. There are only arbitrary events that we interpret as weather. Formal logic cannot provide a connection between your forecast for tomorrow and what actually happens tomorrow.
Ted Sider (current philosopher doing work in this area) calls it Ontological Realism. I find this term vague and potentially misleading (ontology of what? would be a basic fucking question to ask of it).

Nothing really weathers!
well, since the atmosphere presumably isn't a mereological simple, mereological nihilists are also meteorological nihilists
Ontological Realism does sound sort of bizarre - realisms are generally ontological. I'll look the guy up, though. Thanks!
I shill him here occasionally because even if I don't agree with him, he's a living philosopher who is pretty interesting. (Plus I took a seminar course last semester on him latest book).

Main articles to check out: Against Parthood, Ontological Realism (this is basically an extended summary of his latest book), Reductive Theory of Modality (again a basic summary of work in modality with his Humean reduction of it at the end), Four-Dimensionalism (there's both a long ass article with this title and a book with this name, I haven't read the book yet since nomonies and my library doesn't have it).

File: citycolourfulrainpic.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1080)
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1.03 MB JPG
Junot Diaz is the kind of author that critics adore, he even got the freaking PPFF, but I've NEVER spoken to someone, online or offline, that thought he was better than slightly above average. He even gets slammed in The Last Girlfriend on Earth.
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now i miss new york. again.
who the fuck calls it "robotech macross"
at least pynchon gets his anime references right
In his novel Bleeding Edge, Thomas Pynchon includes references to the Japanese video game series Final Fantasy and the Japanese cartoon Dragon Ball Z, even though he was in his 50s when they first came out.
Robotech came out when Junot Diaz was 17, so he might have seen it on TV when he was a kid, making it especially bad that Diaz fucks up basic details, while Pynchon gets all of his correct.

File: ILOVEYOUJESUSCHRIST.jpg (133 KB, 449x600)
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133 KB JPG
Are we pretending to be christian just to be contrarian?
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Oh, I agree, I believe that radicalism is already a massive problem, its just that I don't blame it solely on Muslims themselves

Your last point made me laugh, dumbing down of culture, erosion of traditional structures, glorification of the multiculturalist model and the end of European Social Democracy are all largely down to America or ideology directly imported from America. Although of course it is our leaders that are to blame
4chan is 90% trolls trolling trolls all the way down.
Very well. Agnostic atheist, then.
No, we're pretending just to win the raw material benefits of being members of a very popular and very powerful cult.

fucking duh.
My gf is Russian, should I convert to Russian Orthodox if I marry her?

File: Dostoe.jpg (7 KB, 194x259)
7 KB
Ready? Go:
The Idiot is Dostoevsky's best novel.
Anna Karenina is a 6/10 at best.
"Serious" literature died in the 60's, pulp and genre fiction is our new god.
While we're on the subject of genre fiction; Tolkien is shit. George RR Martin objectively better.
Faulkner > Hemingway.
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Let's go.
>there is nothing inherently bad about genre fiction nor is there anything inherently good about literary fiction, it all depends on the book
>99% of rhyming poetry is poorly-constructed shit that either neglects meter or completely cheats to hamfist in rhyming words; free-verse is a much better form of poetry
>Tao Lin can be a fantastic writer at times
>There is nothing wrong with Cormac McCarthy's writing style and more writers should experiment with how their prose compliments the stories they're telling and vice versa
>Nietzsche is a fedora-tier philosopher and Kant surpasses him in every way
>fantasy is complete shit as a genre since it's pretty much all a ripoff of Tolkien, who wasn't that good in the first place
>people who think Hemingway-esque minimalism is the end-all, be-all of prose and that anything vaguely poetic is purple prose need to be lobotomized
>>fantasy is complete shit as a genre since it's pretty much all a ripoff of Tolkien
I dare you to name five fantasy books that are Tolkien ripoffs.
Which books do you mean?
Dostoevsky was a delusional man gripped by religious euphoria triggered by migraines. He had serious brain issues and was a very antisocial man. He had a very immersing perspective but above all he was delusional. His work is art but his ideas cannot always be applied to reality.
>99% of rhyming poetry is poorly-constructed shit that either neglects meter or completely cheats to hamfist in rhyming words; free-verse is a much better form of poetry

Mah nigga!

File: ebooks9.jpg (59 KB, 318x334)
59 KB
There's an server with ebooks running at http://ruxx.asuscomm.com:8888/

password/username = kindle

There has been like 100k new books added in last couple of weeks


File: 1414645865402.jpg (203 KB, 1024x753)
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203 KB JPG
Why are women the stronger sex when it comes to literature?



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>there is nothing gay about enjoying your own genitals

Tru. I was wrong. you're alright, brah
Women read more books because they have more liesure time. While "hubby" is slaving away to feed his brat children and even bigger brat of a wife, she lays nice a cozy in a cocoon of NEETism and hedonism, occasionally lifting a finger to hoover up or something trivial. That being said, women still only find the time to read trash, only (white) men read books that really require mental work and challenge their beliefs.
>when it comes to literature

They aren't. They read a lot more fiction and shit-tier trash. Men tend to read more historical books or historical fiction or actual classics than women.


I don't have any except for my own empirical experience. All of my guy friends and family members read classics or historical books (if they read at all). All of my women friends and family members read YA trash or the latest Nicholas Sparks/Nora Roberts/insert other Romance shit.
File: AES-093348.jpg (129 KB, 667x1000)
129 KB
129 KB JPG

more like this pls

File: 1427510116357.jpg (556 KB, 1876x2739)
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556 KB JPG
I wanna write science fiction, where do I start?

How do I publish?
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>its the monomyth, what does it matter.
Constructed science fiction is never any good; it has to come from a place of total devotion, of pure love to the genre and obsession with your own universe.
okay, but really, how do you get published?
Know somebody in the industry. Write something fucking amazing and compete with 10k other writers during brief times when the sci/fantasy publishing houses have their open days (these guys get so many manuscripts they no longer accept them). Self-publish on Kindle in obscurity, maybe getting a small dedicated fanbase if you write for an obscure subgenre with few active authors. Write something insanely good and submit your manuscript to Hugo or Nebula, get backwards published that way (I think this might actually be impossible these days.)

Or the newest method, self-publish on Kindle and get popular enough to attract a publisher. Andy Weir did this and netted a cool 100k + movie deal. However you need god-tier social engineering to build your rep, and I doubt anyone on 4chan could pull that off.
But it is possible
Thanks friend this was very insightful

File: crooked.png (1.6 MB, 730x972)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
Anyone else here have a deviated fingertip from years of writing?
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If his fathers cock bends the other way he would be able to deduce that was not the primary influence.

because it follows the curve of your mum's vag perfectly
Quality thread guys
>implying anyone on /lit/ actually writes
Yes, not to that extent but a dozen years in school leaves a mark

File: Murakami_Haruki_(2009).jpg (164 KB, 800x948)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
What does /lit/ think of Haruki Murakami?
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He's not YA he's just middlebrow
Check this anon:
This man in my country he is nothing
This man in my country. He. Is. Nothing.
In my country, this man, he is nothing.
schelkem :)

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