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File: 225221[1].jpg (32 KB, 311x475)
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Just finished reading this and it got me thinking:
why is individualism so frowned upon?
if there's such a thing as human nature, are we a communal species or individualists? are some people/cultures/nations/ethnic groups more individualistic than others?
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Which fact, you fucking spastic? Shut the FUCK up with your worthless thread
Wow you're so observant, anon! Sperg-tastic post
>are some people/cultures/nations/ethnic groups more individualistic than others?
All societies have some degree of individualism, but individualist ethics as Rand understood it is exclusively a product of the Enlightenment, so Western cultures and cultures that have been heavily influence by the West are much more individualistic.
>Most people rise up the ranks through playing work place politics well rising above more competent people.
That's something portrayed in detail in The Fountainhead.
File: banjer gun.jpg (14 KB, 235x295)
14 KB
individualism itself isn't frowned upon. it's the context in which ayn rand presents it...

which is individualism as the ultimate virtue. that societies exist because it creates arenas of competition. it's just just not true.

if jim and bob each make 1 product each...that's 2 products. if they work together they can make 3. that's why societies exist. because people are more productive when they work together.

it's also not surprising you presented it in a polarizing way right after reading fountainhead. it's all this either you're this or that idiocy that makes her works immature as hell.

File: shaolin-meditation.jpg (127 KB, 1170x1600)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
What are the go-to shaolin texts?

How they could ruin it so interesting a subject as Shakespeare’s early years in London?

Just portraying Shakespeare’s hard work in developing a style; his need to understand that metaphors and poetry should give way to plot and action on stage or end up boring his audience to death; his early successes and the slow rise of his name; his rivalry with other playwrights; the intimidating influence of Marlowe; the need to make the actors learn how to perfect their art: all of that would be great. They could also focus in politics and the role of Elizabeth and the psychopathic yet extremely intelligent nature of her counselor, Francis Walsingham

But what do we get? A completely false London with people who seemed to come out of Moulin Rouge; endless plot points about Catholicism and catholic persecution; a stupid reimagining of the public and atmosphere of the theaters; a cliché portrait of how Shakespeare contemporary rival-poets were (and even of how a poets mind work, with Shakespeare spitting famous lines out of nothing all the time).

I was enchanted with this show before I saw it. Now I am glad that they canceled it.

Any others here who have watched?
How many black people are in Tudor London?

Lots of it, according to the show: they are common, like any other race.

But that’s not a liberty that ruins the show. They could have given it flavors of modernity. But if you see it you will realize what I mean. To only gave you one example, Shakespeare writes about four of his plays in four episodes. It’s just like that: one moment he is out of any inspiration and the next, after a night of work, voilá, a new play. And the actors and Burbage are all a bunch of clowns with no work ethic – they act like retards upon the stage - and yet they manage to rehearse a new play in one night and present it the next day.

Shakespeare is also constantly spitting future lines from future plays whose plot and characters – the force that is needed for those lines to actually be born – are very distantly in the future.

They make Shakespeare seem like a carefree young man whose works flourish without any hard work.
Whatever you fucking nerd

stop trying to derail threads faggot

File: 28921.jpg (29 KB, 302x475)
29 KB
What books give you the feel of nostalgia?

Remains of the day is nostalgic and comfy
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File: 1503456676270.gif (284 KB, 454x400)
284 KB
284 KB GIF

I had to buy this edition in order not to aggravate my autism
anything by Sebald
I didn't even notice that
Is this by the author of The Remains of the Day?

File: carl-schmitt.jpg (252 KB, 780x1034)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
Liberalism BTFO'd. Holy shit, I'm redpilled.
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Capitalism is the united enemy of both nazbol and communism. Don't pretend you have nothing in common
Politics =/= political philosophy.
wrong, communism is sub-liberal, nazbol is post-liberal
Its not about social issues

I just finished Roadwork. While I can see why one won't like King, I think this was extremely good.

The slow degradation of Dawes was depicted very neatly. His insanity was highly believable.

The first part did extremely good in showing how he came to stop caring for his orderly life.

At first I thought the end was weak, but maybe it wasn't after all. It just wasn't epic, and that fits pretty well into the plot. In fact, it emphasizes it.

I also think that the guy who designed this cover, as well as the one who wrote "A novel of the energy crisis" deserves a kick in the nuts.

Please discuss.
I keep replying to these threads, but I don't think anyone cares but me and you, Anon. I do like the misleading cover, hopefully someone got memed into reading this at the airport in 1981.

File: fsfsfsf.png (1.18 MB, 767x981)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
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File: Andrei Rublev 23.jpg (11 KB, 405x267)
11 KB
Yeah. The chick in the OP stars in it
File: 1471448238613.png (412 KB, 419x444)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
u blind she's a QT3.14
I caught that scene and thought it seemed really good and then some pansy ass priests starting talking about paintings and shit and I was like fuck this pansy ass shit, shit
Yeah it is a pretty pansy ass movie haha

File: DKY_ySJU8AA7M8R.jpg (57 KB, 1024x576)
57 KB
Is this true?
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>he's just kidding
Wouldn't be so sure about this.
>I don't know how people watched it for centuries
Fucking millennials.
No, its a fairly ridiculous excuse for laziness. It assumes that since distraction exists, you have to be distracted.

>Charles Dickens didn't have the internet that why he could write a lot :(
No, its because he had work ethic.
>There were no distractions before the internet and tv.
Okay bud that whole thing in the bible about "Idle hands" was just predicting the Internet fucking Nostradamus woah.
That's Gen Z shit right there, not millennial. Millennials watched the History Channel.

>A novel is pure story-driven
If you assume formulaic bestsellers are exemplar novels. The novel form is one of endless experimentation.

File: 16b.gif (1.51 MB, 425x481)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB GIF
How's that job hunt with your lit degree going?
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abusing the blessings of dumbass Mormons gave me a lot of opportunities in life
>t. Exmormon
is possible to get a job doing technical writing or translations?
Certainly. The problem I and many others have is finding the opportunities for work. I fucking hate "networking" and putting myself out there, but if you have connections you can usually find something.

Sadly, if you aren't from an upper class family with high social standing in a major city you aren't going to be gifted a job. I came from a lower middle class family and made my way up with no connections. Now I'm suicidal.

True. They have paid my rent so many times in return I just volunteer two hours of my time. Also when they refill your pantry and you get some of that Mormon tang life is good.
I've never met a well read Mormon desu. They read the Book of Mormon and call it quits. They love working like drones and thrive on highly visible acts of kindness. I envy them. I was raised in it and I found out it was bullshit heresy when I was 10. Good times. Grew up in Spanish Fork Utah.

File: 1441726757962.jpg (84 KB, 803x790)
84 KB
What are some /lit/ essential reading companions?
So far I have:
>Roget's Thesaurus
>Oxford English Dictionary
>A book on trees
>A book on birds

I'm seeking books that will expand my future reading and rereading experiences in this vein.
My diary desu.

A nice cup of coffee and any form of tobacco.
Enjoy your cancer faggot.
Enjoy getting hit by a bus faggot.

File: 1505080460348.jpg (146 KB, 500x800)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
What contemporary psychology books are actually good?
dude DSM V lmao
dude maps of meaning LMAO

No but really op, what exactly are you looking for, I might have some recs
im open to anything, what do you have to recommend?

File: IMG_3083.jpg (108 KB, 427x640)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Halloween Thread:
Looking for a handful or more books to read for the Halloween season. Not just horror novels, but actual Halloween themed books.
So far I've been looking at Ray Bradbury ("Something Wicked This Way Comes", "The Halloween Tree", "October Country")
Any good suggestions?

File: images.jpg (5 KB, 303x166)
5 KB
Is it better when the audience clearly knows that the protagonist is going to beat the antagonist, or is it better when they don't know? How do you make it so they don't know?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>The Iliad
>Chanson de Roland
>over 9000 other works
kill yourself uneducated faggot
Who's the antagonist in the Iliad? How does Achilles beat them?
Achilles starts chasing him around the city while he screams like a bitch before Achilles does something like a mountain lion. He then proceeds to drag Hector's corpse around in celebration

File: Portrait of the artist.jpg (342 KB, 1388x1762)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
Anyone have any experience with the self authoring program. Also which section should I begin with?
>present authoring: virtues
>present authoring: faults
>past authoring
>the self authoring program.
Does anyone have all of the self authoring writing prompts from the program so I don't have to pay $60 dollars for a list of essay questions about significant life events?
Theres a bit more to it than just essay questions. It includes reading material and activities to do before responding to the open-ended questions.

Gonna go mega shill mode here, but I bought the entire thing yesterday for 23 dollars. Back to school special plus the promo code joerogan
jungian voodoo
http:// pastebin .com/BiFE2fUX
http:// pastebin. com/ZZAMJaLj
http:// pastebin .com/p8NaEa1z
http:// pastebin .com/MRs4UXA8

Hey /lit/. I'm currently trying to read A Clockwork Orange, but I'm finding it incredibly difficult to stomach the violence and rape and shit. How do I ease into it, or do I just read it with a bucket next to me? Is there something I should read first to get acclimated easier?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1422338864475.png (51 KB, 457x496)
51 KB
It's doesn't even go into that much gory detail though.
A feminist retelling of the Bible is pretty transgressive. Not as transgressive as a lot of other films, granted, but transgressive nonetheless.
No, if films make you sick you have a problem involving the conflation of fantasy and reality, you do not have a "weak stomach."

>A feminist retelling of the Bible is pretty transgressive.
It's hard to call a film "feminist" that objectifies its female protagonist and treats her as having no agency for the first five sixths of the film. And when she does finally acquire agency, it's of a stupid, thoughtless, self-destructive sort. And on top of *that*, Bardem's character survives the entire ordeal unscathed. It's certainly not feminist, and more than that, it actually codifies the spooky omnipotence of the providential father (God). If anything the film is sexist, not feminist.
> be me
>go often to /b/ and /gif/
>REKT threads
>see video of necrophilia
>lose sleep that night
>loose sensitivility
>no longer able to give a fuck

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