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File: 1687840977493457.jpg (29 KB, 502x442)
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>he's never read a thousands year old text that mirrored a dream he had about being in the afterlife
what is the point of this thread?

File: 71KPinJ7rhL.jpg (166 KB, 860x1290)
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166 KB JPG
>Book is called Arrowsmith
>Isn't a biography of Arrowsmith
Glad I didn't pay for this shit.
Mainstreet and Babbit are great, have yet to read Arrowsmith. Arrowsmith (the band) sucks.
Just remembered, the band is Aerosmith. OP can't even meme properly.
I work with a guy who used to roadie for Aerosmith. He said they were "cartoon characters."
Sinclair was a typical wannabe cosmopolitan faggot whining that everyone in the midwest wasn't as progressive as him.

File: file.png (295 KB, 500x278)
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295 KB PNG
What are your favorite books that in some way feature aliens?
The Holy Bible (KJV)
2001: A Space Odyssey
Doesn't Gravity's Rainbow have little green/grey men in it?

Alright, /lit, I'll start reading this weirdo. What's the order?
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pynchon, gaddis and wallace are the most obvious midwit blow horns

>look everyone, I'm reading difficult, girthy post modernism!

just read books that resonate with you by how you feel and what you're going through.
File: OIP (4) (27).jpg (70 KB, 474x689)
70 KB
If pynchon doesn't resonate with you you're dead inside
pynchon resonates with me, isn't very difficult, and several of his novels are short. you sound like a presumptuous, shallow faggot
Col49 (only Pynchon I've read) resonated heavy with me, what's wrong with postmodernism it's literally just people trying new things, at least they take risks and aren't scared of being seen as pompous intellectuals by faggot retards, imo though I don't see any of them holding a candle to Calvino, he's alot more pertinent to things that matter instead of abstractions
They aint m idwits ANON

File: faggot.jpg (1.88 MB, 1365x2048)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
>Literally made up A Million Little Fibers and called it a memoir, the story details the tragic circumstances of recovering from addiction, something many people struggle with and looked up to the book for recovery
>gets caught lying/he fabricated the events,doesn't back off
>Creates a Publishing company siphoning YA Novels from hopeful writers that only gives a very small royalty advance (250 dollars) and then gets to take complete control of the rights and slap his name on it
>Still pumping out generic YA trash to this day because his ruse (shitty fictional memoir) was found out

This dude is a sociopath. Just look at his eyes.
I am Number 4 is mid af for young adult

File: 1713093484751752.jpg (38 KB, 542x543)
38 KB
Need help finding a short story.
I remember reading a story about a guy who wherever he went he would find a foul smell. The twist was that the guy realizes it's his own smell since he's rotting on the inside.
I thought it was something written by Poe but I can't find it. Any clues?
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Adolfo Bioy Casares - A propos of a smell?
My dad sometimes would say I had shit on my moustache if I said something was smelling bad
Mine would say I had shit on the tip of my nose
>The twist was that the guy realizes it's his own smell
Doesn't sound like a very good twist. It was obvious the instant you said that the smell follows him everywhere. idk, maybe the actual story pulls it off well somehow.
This could be it, but I'll have to double check
I didnt think about spanish writers so you may be onto something

File: Book.jpg (109 KB, 637x983)
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109 KB JPG
Has anyone read this book? Thoughts on it?
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Is this by the author of My Diary Desu?
Napoleon famously said the only way to deal with an intellectual is to shoot them because you can’t argue with them. You’re talking about taking these same people and putting them in the seats of power. How do you think that would end up working out?
>Why? Wouldnt the government want you to work for them instead?
Only "work for them" as in get exploited and get discarded once the high IQ starts having his own ideas about things.
I'm talking general high IQ, not dedicated intellectuals with visionary ideals. I dont see why having high IQ should mean a person should become less morally ambigious than the average person, or be less tempted into corruption himself.

That goes for everyone. It's not a "curse of the high IQ".
>implying we go to parties
>implying we can articulate two hours worth of philosophy
yes I am projecting

File: m.jpg (229 KB, 1200x988)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
Any good non-pozzed children's books?
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File: 1685411957981.jpg (1.5 MB, 2610x3713)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
I saw this one at my university library. The city that hosts the school is a UNESCO city of literature.
They are children's books what do you want them to say, KILL NIGGERS, or something?
File: IMG_6813.jpg (197 KB, 1000x900)
197 KB
197 KB JPG

Not have it cuck children from a young age, you bad faith faggot
i think you could read a kid beowulf.

File: John_Ashbery.jpg (461 KB, 1400x2048)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
Thoughts on Ashbery? Any favorite poems or collections by him that you want to recommend or discuss? What do you think of some critics' accusations that his work is meaningless?
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>Ah, the crank belief again
'Glib' clearly refers to the interpretation of the poem, regardless of whether or not you've been maneuvered into the general position of being a liar howsoever (you) at this point 'choose' to respond --as you yourself acknowledge to another anon, here
What does this 'make' (you)? Shall we say it together? A luh luh luh..
What's the point of sociologically inspired 'clarity' ie a 'preference for straight prose' if THAT eludes (you) as well? Or, if (you) are going to attempt to deflect it back into 'pretend' 'mystery'. (It's not a mystery btw; but in deference to your thickness I feel I should inform you that at this point it does you more credit- not much, but a teeny bit more -to have written the poem than not).
--Hey man, if (you) want to read The Courtship of the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo upside-down, by odds, by evens, or even sideways, then by all means do it.
But on your own time, please.
A long-ish Ashbery poem that's exceptionally straightforward all the way through is the early 'Instruction Manual' (from Some Trees). Many of the poems in this thread are pretty clear too
The last two a little more difficult than the first three, but clear enough for a satisfactory first reading.
Business idea: chart for post war poetry
Nothing to frighten the /lit/ horses - no Prynne or LANGUAGE, no angry ethnic minorities - stuff like Self Portrait in A Convex Mirror, Life Studies, 77 Dream Songs, The Haw Lantern, Moortown Diaries, High Windows
>>luh luh luh
This is a thread about the poetry of John Ashbery, not about my thickness, whether I am a liar, whether my interpretations are glib, etc etc.
To keep to Mr. Ashbery's work--
1. I rearranged the lines of one of his poems, and a few lines of another, not because I am a winsome scamp, but because I wanted to show anons interested in his poetry, as opposed to off-topic invective, that Ashbery's use of grammar and syntax is singular and unique. It's very hard to do that with most poems. Try it on lines like--

Slings and arrows
To be or not to be
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind

--and you get word salad that just doesn't add up. Ashbery's loping sentences and clauses, by contrast, snap together in easy variations as smoothly as lego. I would argue that this tells us a lot about the underlying structure of his poems, or rather the apparent lack thereof, and why his poems nonetheless seem to hang together so beautifully.
2. I have also tried to point out why many of his poems, despite their surface meaninglessness, are nonetheless moving and meaningful to many of us here. I believe this is because Ashbery is adept at constructing a sort of Rohrschach language trap--combinations of words and images that suggest meaning rather than state it, and that require a response from the reader to complete the picture. The poem is Ashbery's, but each individual reader's experience of an Ashbery poem is a co-creation. We fill in the blanks, and Ashbery's art largely (but not exclusively) consists of carving up openings in his discursive forays for us to fill. His works inclines us to philosophize, which is one reason why it is so precious.
3. As for the Sadness poem, some people say it's a stray Ashbery, some say its an AI, some say it's me, some say it's some other anon. All of them are on the wrong track. Who cares? A poem stands alone. It speaks for itself.

File: poetry.png (386 KB, 640x640)
386 KB
386 KB PNG
/pg/ - Poetry General
Post poetry, your own or otherwise, and discuss. Critique and discussion constantly in dire supply. If you're looking for critique, consider giving details on what exactly you're wishing to improve in the work(s).
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Blest is death that intervenes not
In the sweet, sweet years of peace,
But unto the broken-hearted,
When they call him, brings release!
Yet Death passes by the wretched,
Shuts his ear and slumbers deep;
Will not heed the cry of anguish,
Will not close the eyes that weep.
>the earth
>is not a cold dead place
I wear the Ankh
I wear it well
I clarify the pulse and swell
I drive the sun
The light of life
I calm the lake of chthonic strife
Against the lightning lightning falls
My breath alone destroys the walls
The fire falling from the eye
Allows me move across the sky
The way is clear, the clear is clear
I steer throughout around the spheres
Adrift at sea, floating beyond
Horizons few have seen,
The rolling waves they do despond,
My mind fill’d with what’s been.

To think of her, in times like this,
Cannot be good for me.
But nay it’s right when man’s amiss,
For dreaming sets us free.

While deep in thought, I see far off
A visage sorely miss’d.
Her face raises my soul aloft;
A reason to persist.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Big bucks
Big spender
Im mixing these drugs up in my cup in a blender
I hit that shit up like Im bending my fenders
Im feeling light like a pillow like feathers
I called her a bitch and now I offend her

File: 1713716156731563.jpg (7 KB, 250x234)
7 KB
>Start with the greeks
who did the greeks start with?
65 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Aha. Then how come their own homeland was such a shithole? Probably got assimilated by the urbanised Greeks instead I think.
Wrong,it's the Ethiopians. They precede everybody.
Redpill me on the current state of Ancient Ethiopian literature?
dont worry anon, i archived your mistake
>Indo Europeans
>Not "aryans"
This is like seeing "BCE", I'm probably gonna skip it

Post the book with the longest word count you've read
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I long to read him again
1.5 million words. read it twice
File: les miserables cover.jpg (22 KB, 241x400)
22 KB
Pic related, which is around 1400 pages. If I ever read In Search of Lost Time or the Mahabharata, both of which are in the 4000 page count range, then I will have reached peak bragging rights and there will be nowhere to go from there.
That wasn't the argument, faggot. Sub IQ mongrels need to stop posting forever
You can definitely see the influence it had on ASOIAF. It's surprisingly dark and violent at times without it being straight up grimdark.

Very comfy and Tad does the build up to the climax very well. It's personally one of my favorites, right up there with LOTR and I always shill it. It's more inspired by Arthurian stories than it is a copy and paste of Tolkien. Hope you enjoy

*BTFOs the entire body of oinkrainian historiography and the point of oinkraine's existence as an independent nation*
Were there any other instances in which a nation's entire basis of existence was shattered by a book?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>The victors write the history books when it doesnt benefit me, but the losers are always the ones writing the ones I disagree with.
File: 20600354-2729742227.jpg (33 KB, 318x473)
33 KB
one of the best

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Ukrainian nationhood is not based on whether or not the Soviet Union attempted to genocide them
Yeah. I'm of the mind that all nations are essentially "made up" in some sense, or cobbled-together constructions that shift around. People treat them as big giant persons or Polandballs and are somehow "prior to" the persons associated with them. What is it like to be a nation? How does a nation come to act and what is you or my relation to it? Can I withdraw? Abso-fucking-lutely not? Okay...

But it also seems to matter if people are willing to fight for them. Because they're constituted and made up by people. Where else do they come from? I don't know how you disprove that unless you destroy them in war. If they perish, so much for that nation. But if they prevail, they stick around. War seems like a crucible or test. It's also interesting to me how war seems to forge them, some well-informed people say that there's something of a cultural revolution going on in Ukraine in terms of art, music and people who spoke Russian as a first language simply stop speaking Russian and pick up Ukrainian. It wasn't that clear before the war what "being a Ukrainian" meant but now people have a much stronger idea about what that means.

File: 1713832771143271.jpg (340 KB, 1800x1760)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
What are your favorite pair of boobs in literature, anon?
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
The reason literature is dead is because when you write this nowadays, everyone knows exactly what you are doing and wonder why on earth you are dressing up your kinks in fine literature rather than simply jerking off. These are profoundly unerotic times.
>Her skin, far from fair-complexioned, had been constantly bathed in sea-water and stretched smooth; and there, upon the wide expanse of a chest that had served for many long dives, two small, firm breasts turned their faces slightly away from each other, as though abashed, and lifted up two rose-colored buds.
Mishima must be a God in his native Japanese language
Flaubert has a long passage where he details the size and shape of every single pair of breasts on every single whore he has fucked.
You can find it in his letters, or possibly the Flaubert in Egypt penguin
it's right next to his descriptions of the size of the the little boy anuses he spelunked within and the girth of the native men who he proudly housed during his Egyptian travails
This has sovl

Just finished reading this, I have no idea what the author was trying to say. Seems like it was pages and pages of babble. Anyone here read and made sense of it?

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