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File: 36681-v1-209x.jpg (20 KB, 209x298)
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Authors would post on /lit/

File: 1515198018609.jpg (117 KB, 736x736)
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Post your novel ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.

ft. Tapirbro
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a tapir and a tiger fight over the last drop of water on Earth
File: Spoiler Image (103 KB, 254x254)
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103 KB PNG
Its an axolotl they're rare sea beasts that appear only during lightning storms and hurricanes on the shores of Argentina and Brazil. You have to bleed a virgin fish over the waters, they're drawn by the blood you see.

Best meme of the thread.
Pretty much. These people will have no education and very minimal knowledge of the outside world. But a handful of them are aces with a firearm and the men are pretty much all tough as nails.

File: CMAOk-AWwAEjxbH.jpg (33 KB, 575x556)
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>it was unbelievable but yet something in her voice told him it was true
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File: blurst.png (677 KB, 1069x794)
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677 KB PNG
>It was the best of times
>It was the blurst of times
>He let out a breath he didn't realise he was holding
>In the beginning...
File: Disgustedpepe.jpg (37 KB, 420x408)
37 KB
>and they all lived happily ever after
in an adult book
>Ishmael? Heh. Yeah, I guess that's me.

File: cover_277.jpg (46 KB, 277x416)
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I've always been a pleb growing up and didnt read much, but lately I have wanting to get into reading some good fiction but dont know where to start. I really enjoyed reading GRRM Game of Thrones series and looking for something similar.

I started reading Name of The Wind and am enjoying it, but its definitely a lot different. I have heard some good things about the Mistborn series, but whats the best fantasy series to read after GRRM stuff?
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Start with the Greeks.
The Malazan book of The Fallen is great.
What does literary canon mean
That book is stupid as shit
indeed desu, I just read half of it, the story is basically an OP guy who overcomes anything just because he's OP and the protagonist, end of it. I don't really understand how this book has been such a success

File: singer.jpg (34 KB, 575x779)
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>Dude what if civil rights but with animals

I can't believe Americans regarded this man as a philosopher
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he doesn't know the fascist are the real environmentalists
File: 1509399725049.png (686 KB, 600x461)
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686 KB PNG
this post better be bait because a reading of N. that shit just can't be real
literally true. nothing but faggy shit like crying over muh anymals is left for the soyboys of the 21st century
This, even Feminists are openly cynical self serving interest lobbyists
Only self flaggilating white men still fall for the morality meme

File: KatieLovesClassicBooks.jpg (857 KB, 756x9800)
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857 KB JPG
Post defining moments in /lit/ history

The best and brightest as well as the lowest points (pic related)
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i think there's a few sellers on lulu
going to cop one for the next /lit/ meetup
please go with your next suicidal impulse
It is a shame that nobody got the screen of "oily smarts"
here's the whole thread :

File: 1515718370159.png (26 KB, 500x590)
26 KB
Any good economic theory book suggestions?
(Pic not related
basic economics thomas sowell
Is this a Blindsight reference?

Re-reading this after many years and I think it's strangely topical considering it was written in the early 60s.
>Useless yet arrogant NEET who hates the modern world but can't stop gawking/screaming at it
>subversive Brooklyn Jewess spreading degenerate nonsense
>normie mother who can't understand why her college educated son is such a complete failure
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Roberto Bolaño liked this book.
Nobody talks about books outside of here anon.
>what is Thebes
The very first book that made me cry with laughter. Honestly didn't think it was possible until that point.
Just watch the tv series.

hey, neo liberal here. what books do i need to read in order to educate myself on communism? i often find myself in debates and notice that i simply don't know enough about the ussr for example to counter the "true communism has never been tried" argument etc. was thinking of starting by reading the manifesto and then moving onto kapital (although apparently it's dense as fuck). where do i go after this to get a sufficient understanding of communist theory and its applications to adequately critique it and to be able to debate it on a solid basis?
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For economics, The Road to Serfdom by FA Hayek.

If you want to feel fear whenever you see a hammer and sickle, then The Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn.
>As a moderate fascist

what are you even doing here you fucking normie, shouldn't you be in some gym doing sports or watching tv at home?
I recommended those books precisely because I think they showcase the dreadfulness of totalitarianism (communism in this case) so I wouldn't recommend that book.
Does Jordan /ourguy/ Peterson trigger you?

File: comeon.jpg (94 KB, 1360x906)
94 KB
Do your best.
File: Hide thread.png (1 KB, 112x24)
1 KB

Homer travels to AD dimension
Homer sees his lost son in Finn
Finn sees his lost dad in Homer
They cuddle
They cuddle some more...
fan-fiction is the only thing we have rules against.

File: napoleon4.jpg (25 KB, 190x261)
25 KB
Has philosophy ever achieved anything truly relevant ?
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OP was talking about philosophy not Christianity
Define achieved. Define relevant.
>doing philosophy isn't philosophy if it is done by a Christian
Well, then the question is settled, it has achieved something truly relevant, even if it's evil.
oh wow. anybody care to give a more insightful answer to my question?

File: bensilbuch07.jpg (163 KB, 593x449)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Have there been any other divinely inspired works since Lord of the Rings?

My diary desu

How the FUCK is the greatest writer in human history a conservative?!?!! Ughhhh... The Arts are SUPPOSED to be our thing >:(
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Imagine being this wrong
He, hehehe.

You can't be right-wing without being bound to useless traditions for the sake of tradition, shame, anger and resentment.
Traditions are what built the greatest civilizations.

Leftist thinking is what destroyed them.
I thought it was a response by painters to the development of photography.

File: free hugs.jpg (1.71 MB, 2472x3296)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
>I told him that he sucked and was nothing.
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You will be
Also your sentence sounds like either someone cheated or committed a murder. Very interested to know what comes next
It's about me
Pothead, wanna be actor, coming of age story?
Alright so I did take off my pants in his apartment.
My exe's diary desu
>"As culture accumulates, the inevitably homogeneous host population benefits at an exponential rate over each generation."
File: 1515526823012.jpg (52 KB, 800x771)
52 KB
>"What a god awful smell her putrid mouth exaled, the one of a rotting carcass was the closest thing I could compare. Everything of that face screamed for some care, yet I can't imagine even vultur's chicks feeding off that mouth"

File: 81srcmJkIZL.jpg (305 KB, 1400x2096)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
Why are esoteric writers so confident that the supersensible realm is benign, especially when they think it is populated by other entities?

Evola describes his otherworldly and supersensible experiences as joyous and calm. But I think theosophy and anthroposophy talk about the possibility of demonic entities, faustian shit. And I'm sure Christianity would say that consorting with any entity is dangerous, especially if that entity presents itself as benign.
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Part of what Jung would call the shadow, the rejected aspect and of the self that a person hasn’t assimilated into the self. Jung believed that these contents had some sort of agency, but I don’t think he believed that a ‘spirit’ that interacts with person A can also interact with person B, because it is only a part of person A’s self. But Jung is a bit on the extreme side by saying that these contents have agency and personality. Others don’t go that far, but I think all the good thinkers believe the same things on the subject even if they use different words.
we do but it's random, not controlled by our thoughtstream.
yes, i get what youre going at. ive imagined that in life we have that power, but, since theres 7 billion minds fantasizing for shit to come true, you only get part of what you ask for, or a deformed version of it.
>implying civilisation won't collapse long before then
Western civilization might but I bet the chinese will be the ones to lead
It isnt

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