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Happy 12th Birthday, 4chan!

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File: 1431848876296.png (52 KB, 700x419)
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How do I get a crash primer in western esotericism so I can get the references when I see Malick's Knight of Cups when it comes out?
Crowley's 777 and Moore's Promethea.

File: amazon-publising1.jpg (14 KB, 500x95)
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Is it worthwhile? Is it viable? I've been getting more and more interested in it as a means of maybe bringing in a nickel of income on the side of a regular job.

File: 1444167090506.jpg (112 KB, 1102x720)
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Does Gothic lit have a place in 21st century?
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Dude, the greatest thing about the 21st century is that everything has a place. I'm sure there is a forum all about it, a store specialized on it somewhere, groups of people gathering together to talk about it, academic texts with great researches on it.

Remember, you're in the 21st century. Stop asking if things have a place today and start asking how you can get to the places you want to be.
there's literally zero difference between 21st century and the previous one unless you count sperging out on Internet 2.0 as progress.
I don't count it as a progress (nor as a down point), but I do account for it as a major change. 20 years ago, you had to learn your shit from people and not from google and the only way people could read your ideas or see your face is if you mailed them specifically or if you were one in a million of appearing on tv some one time, or publishing your book.
that's not true at all, usenet discussions were a thousand times better because they were bereft of a general public

plebeian cacophonia stifled anything meaningful and internet is just an outlet for loneliness

i don't post on 4chan hoping to find anything worthwhile, i just need to write a paragraph or two to endure the day more easily.

internet 2.0 is usenet flooded with fools + nigger vines
That's not only wrong, it's sad, you don't need to write paragraphs, you need to write a check for a shrink.

File: Alan Watts.jpg (275 KB, 1252x1252)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
What does /lit/ think of Alan Watts?
total fag
What does one move onto afterward?
A life of some sort, one would hope.
A better focused one certainly.

File: Age of Discovery.jpg (49 KB, 873x443)
49 KB
Any good books on Age Of Discovery, exploration, interaction with the natives etc.?
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Fuck you Brits.
Because of you English is not my mother tongue.
>the natives

Uh, dude there's no need for everything to have a Marxist twist.
No, but Wallerstein provides exactly what OP asked for.
It's too specific for that to hold true. It would be like suggesting Age Of Discovery from a psychoanalytic twist, nobody cares about viewing it from a meme philosophical standpoint.

Hey /lit/,
I haven't read any contemporary authors for a long time, and I don't trust best seller lists or newspaper reviews on what is supposed to be 'hot right now'. I tried goodreads but it's spammed the fuck out with YA fiction.

Can span all fiction genres, tell me who is alive that is worth reading right now? I mean, RIGHT NOW?
Try reading My Diary Tbh by Me
Tao Lin

File: freedomdu.jpg (14 KB, 516x584)
14 KB
might we have a franzen thread? i feel like pic related was a bit of a retread, and parts of it seem a little unbelievable. what did you think?
I have a bit of a femenist critique, the women all seem to be door mats and the daughter is more or less a non entity.
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I'm going to have to disagree with you, The Corrections has been my favorite book for about a year now. What didn't you like about it? I've read Freedom and literally just started Purity today. Disclaimer though, I love Franzen, I think most of his characters are absurdly easy to relate to.
Purity sucks
Freedom isn't very good at all
Corrections is very good
wishful thinking dumbass
i think it's just that the family drama kind of story doesn't really appeal to me.
also i thought his prose was pretty bland. he can write in a sense that his grammar is good, but it feels so rigid and anonymous, like an ends to a mean.
the only parts (off the top of my head) where i thought the prose was good was when he fell down the boat, and when the sister stole drugs from her mother.
For a lot of people he's a good example of why they don't like modern american literature

File: Moon_rei.jpg (418 KB, 1240x1754)
418 KB
418 KB JPG
Post your backlog and let others decide.

>The Hobbit
>The Jungle
>H.P Lovecraft
>The Iliad
>The Odyssey
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god damn these are some books. I would say Moby-Dick, then Lolita, then White Teeth
I'm going to cherish this quasi-compliment from /lit/

The Periodic Table by Primo Levi
Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
A Country Doctor's Notebook by Mikhail Bulgakov
Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge
Heart of a Dog by Mikhail Bulgakov
Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie
The Courage to Teach by Parker Palmer

The Redshifting Web by Arthur Sze
Blackbird and Wolf by Henri Cole
Collected Earlier Poems by Anthony Hecht

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what is the point of these threads. just fucking pick yourselves. this board is full of asinine retards.
File: nuk1.jpg (15 KB, 570x347)
15 KB

>Life an Users Manual- Georges Perec
>The Kingdom of this World- Alejo Carpintier
>Nicholas Nickleby
>Gravity's Rainbow
>Imaginary Lives- Marcel Schwob (currently here)
>Journey to the end of the Night- Celine
> IDK, the first two books of the gormenghast trilogy are all time faves, but I have heard pretty mixed opinion on Titus Alone, is it any good?

File: manuscript.jpg (76 KB, 913x1024)
76 KB
Has anybody here any advice as to how to properly format a manuscript before sending it off to a potential publisher?

Taking all advice and ideas.

Double spaced, .doc format (usually), Times New Roman 12 pt font. Default margins (I think it's 1"). Unless you wrote a meme book with weird designs and shit, and then I can only say: lol idk
nice star wars rip off m8
You get an agent first. Publishers don't actually read those things you send them, anon.

File: trojan horse.jpg (42 KB, 636x358)
42 KB
Nestor > Diomedes > Odysseus > Aeneas > Menelaus > Ajax the Greater > Agamemnon > Achilles > Hector > Patroclus > Ajax the Lesser

Rest are literally whos
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>making a thread asking how to read a book
consider killing yourself
it doesn't seem like a traditional book is all so I was wondering if I was doing it wrong.
if the list was 'best achaeans,' hektor wouldn't be on it, idiot
>nicht wer

Fick dich
Thoughts on Fagles? Trying to decide between his or Lattimore's translation of the Oresteia.

File: 94a124.jpg (285 KB, 938x1500)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
Is this book a progenitor of a lot of the 'paperback romance' genre fiction tropes, or were these already common at the time it was written? I have in mind passages like:

>It was the first kiss of her life to which her nature really responded. It was a flaming torch that kindled desire.

I guess what I'm asking is, would this line not have been 'cringeworthy' at the end of the 19th century because these genre fiction stereotypes didn't exist yet?
I read some of her short stories and they (The Storm) suffer the same issue. I don't want to say problem because for her audience, and the audience at large, it may have not been one. But I am interested in what Kate Chopin's strengths are as a writer. Is it just her handling of dialect that exceeds even Twain's corncob yankee? Or is it that she invented a genre of fiction sui generis (or is this a feminist myth?)
I'm not sure -- I wasn't hot on the writing itself, and some of the cliches both in the prose and in the literary devices (bird with broken wing, etc.) I almost couldn't believe.

The novel was alright overall though, and I think it's a misreading to call it feminist. It seems to piss a lot of people off, including (or maybe even especially) modern feminists, even today, which is testament to its doing something interesting. It's more for the the tale of the 'lonely soul,' which takes many forms, one of which is feminine entrapment. 'Lonely soul' protagonists go through some harrowing experiences and come out on the other side realizing that there is nothing in this world for them. In that respect Edna is more like the Invisible Man than the mouthpiece of any canonical 'feminist' author.
what does kissing feel like?

File: FUCK EVERYTHING.jpg (235 KB, 500x1004)
235 KB
235 KB JPG

Oh boy, time to have fun...
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File: 1443925951705.gif (1.69 MB, 640x480)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB GIF
Tumblr filenames are fucking everywhere on Google Image Search
File: Untitled.png (460 KB, 481x683)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
She's not even trying
File: 1443331323136.jpg (55 KB, 498x604)
55 KB
>getting your memes from the meme library instead of mining for them on a Punjabi unicorn fanpage
Go back to your containment board, frog-faggot

File: barack_obama.jpg (130 KB, 570x813)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Why are there so few black philosophers /lit/?
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you're supposed to scramble all three referents. the quote, picture, and attribution have to all be refer to different people. in your case the quote and the picture match, so it's bunk. fuck you.
everything before the revolutionary era (the one that started with america and ended with the dissolution of the soviet union) was a prelude tbh.

what is the argument for gender and race gaps in Ph.D.'s being a 'problem' 'we' need to 'solve'
>chimp DNA is quite similar to human DNA, but not identical, hence my inclusion of the word "nearly" in my claim,

pure gold
Everyone needs to feel good about themselves.

What is the central thesis of Infinite Jest? Does it have one?
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File: 1342381039418.gif (13 KB, 633x758)
13 KB
>ywn crew on sum nigas w bobby c an poor tony
i am 2bdenied. jus fuck my map up
Because DFW was a huge feminazi. You didn't know that?
So I don't know anything about DFW but after reading this book I have to ask: does he have mummy issues or something?
File: 1418507160283.png (206 KB, 310x293)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
>dfw you realize guru Lyle is a spirit, like JOI and that's why he sits so still, disappears and reappears and doesn't need to eat
>dfw you realize it is a Gravity's Rainbow nod and this is Lyle Bland's astral projection that never returned to his body

>Reading at library, it's quiet
>Start feeling lonely and anxious, go out before it gets worse
>Want to read somewhere other than the library
>Remember how alone I felt, don't want to feel that way again

I want to enjoy reading but this always turns me off. Any way to get over it?
>can't read by yourself
>can't read in silence
what do you want

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