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File: aeneid of virgil.jpg (430 KB, 775x1280)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
I just finished the Aeneid, and I really enjoyed it. What did you think /lit/? The idea of destiny and fate that came up in it really has me questioning though.
>The idea of destiny and fate that came up in it really has me questioning though.


File: Fernando-Pessoa.jpg (156 KB, 919x959)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
How do I into Pessoa? What are his important works? All I know of is The Book of Disquiet.
That's his important work. There's also Mensagem, but it's not as important/good,. Aside from that, there are some bundles of poetry which are nice. Pessoa didn't really publish that much.
What a ridiculously stupid question, OP. I hope you feel ashamed for being such an idiot.
I don't know to which extent his works are translated but just read Mensagem and explore some of his works from the big 3 heteronyms Alberto Caeiro, Alvaro dos Campos and Ricardo Reis.

File: 8 Johnny Gentle.jpg (224 KB, 792x1224)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
What does the colour blue symbolize in Jest? It's mentioned quite a lot in barrage-like bursts (the most obvious being C.T.'s office, also, Avril "always marks everything in blue"), but I have no idea what it's supposed to mean. Your thoughts/theories?
...maybe. But if that's the case, then why would the office of C.T. of all people have so much blue? C.T. isn't nearly as masculine as the overabundance of blue would suggest.

File: image.jpg (306 KB, 1190x1200)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
>Be Derek Parfit
>Prove all ethics based on self-interest are both indirectly and directly self defeating among other more important things
>Become one of the most important analytic philosophers studying ethics
>31 years later
>decide to find literature and philosophy forums because I'm bored
>find /lit/
>they only know the absolutely essential authors in the canon with one exception
>he's an ethical egoist less well known than me
Post pic to prove.
"On What Matters" is currently in the lead for most autistic book of the 21st century
damn parfit how did you learn how to greentext

OT: >>6497222

Had a couple of really good posts for #13 and a pretty heavy one as well, check'em out: >>6497344 >>6498053. Posting this one pretty late again because I like.... Europeans.

>Exercise - I'll provide you with an image and title and you can write a: short story, poem, haiku, sonnet, essay, or whatever you feel like.

Lets have some fun.

Title: I Saw a Great Champion
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i hate full stops at every line
This is fucking rugged. I love it.
Nose bleeds,
Head drips,
Eyes leak,
Yet hands grip,
My bruises are numb,
My broken bones succumb to adrenaline,
I am unfeeling, unhuman,
I will always be remembered.
I read the first line and expected some references to windows and walls. Read the second line and was disappointed. Didn't read the rest.
I think to me they're coming pretty often. More people would take part if it were more of a novelty/rarity

File: Kant.jpg (166 KB, 1463x1080)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Was Kant contrary to free will? Hume said that we can not know about causality (thus fucking up determinism), but Kant said that the "a priori" statement about causality made this wrong. So did Kant re-establish determinism? Or was he in favor of free will?

PD:My mother language is spanish, if you want to talk spanish, you're welcome.
free will and determinism aren't opposites..
Care to explain?
File: 1423690877953.png (40 KB, 363x360)
40 KB
Hume was a very uncertain philosopher. He did say we cannot know about causality, but the stance he also took was that the definition of free will is a being having the capability to act upon their will which happens in a deterministic universe.
Kant believes in both free will AND determinism. In the phenomenal realm (which is basically the realm of relations of cause and effect in nature), determinism holds.

But at the same time, we, as subjects, are the conditions for the experience of this phenomenal realm. For Kant, it is we that apply this deterministic structure to the world. Yet that means we don't know what the fuck is going outside that deterministic structure. So we could be free and spontaneous there, or maybe not. This is one of Kant's antinomies.

But as much as we don't know whether we are free or not, Kant will later go on to argue that we must think ourselves as free in order to make sense of things like morality.

File: anti-natalism.jpg (27 KB, 400x627)
27 KB
Are you an antinatalist?
If not, what arguments do you have against antinatalism?
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>being pro or against things in general

heh heh!
I think my life has been pretty good since I've been able to sublimate my suffering into something worthwhile, but the same can't be said of a cow in a slaughterhouse or a baby that starves to death or something

Whether life has positive or negative value varies depending on the life lived, you can't universalize it
do you happen to know ThymineC? Or ThymineA, B*, etc.? He was peddling this for a while irrelevantly oh a couple months to like two years ago. I don't quite remember.

*: he had a couple accounts because people kept on downvoting him to hell
>implying the abused chose their abusers
stirNEETist master race

File: P13.4Thetis.jpg (48 KB, 416x400)
48 KB
I'm confused on what subtopics I should choose for my essay. I'm basically writing about how Victor is the real monster. The subtopics I have now are
1) his immorality during creation of monster
2)victor being selfish and a narcissist and irresponsible towards his creatures actions
3) victors wild obsession with the sciences and achieving glory.

these seem too close to be separate subtopics, anyone got any ideas?
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Notion of the doppelganger.
he creates the creature in "the light of [his] own vampire".
You can also talk about the concept of parent hood and caring for a child. Contextually Shelley is critiquing the whole idea that 'Your upbringings are what determines you character'. We see into Victor's child hood a bit and you can sort of contrast his child hood with his parent hood.
All that shit the creature says: "do your duty towards me" etc. etc. You can easily use that.

Also the whole thing with Justine and how Victor has the whole victim complex where he exaggerates his pain and completely disregards hers. (talk about maybe Justine = Justice if it fits into the argument at all...)
NCEA level 3?
This is why schooling is a waste of time. Standardizing literary interpretation is fucked up beyond words.
Mary Shelley's writing is shit and Victor is an unbearably whiny and annoying narrator. Also the word 'countenance' is on like every god damn page. Fucking awful book.

File: image.jpg (1.64 MB, 3264x2448)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG

How much of your main character is you? Is it a carbon copy in different circumstances or a reimagining of what you think you should be? Or is it neither?
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File: 1430004666183.png (24 KB, 601x695)
24 KB
Whoa . . . .you're blowing my gray matter bro
Too deep
Are you still here OP?

If so, do you work for a company with a black and white logo?
File: GasKun.png (51 KB, 175x224)
51 KB
well well if it isn't my nemesis the mysterious Gas Kun.

Not so mysterious when I show the world your pretty face now are you!
OP: hey /lit/ is character you
/lit/: yes, character is me

Good thread, shitwits. Really breaking amazing ground here, today.

File: Shakespeare[1].jpg (662 KB, 1943x2490)
662 KB
662 KB JPG
Was shakespeare an edgy tryhard? I'm writing a story for a class that ends with everyone killing themselves, but I feel like a total edgelord writing it, but Shakespeare did this shit all the time and nobody calls him out on it.
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Dude holy fuck.
Read the play?
Ok, so to sum up because I would write a fucking thesis on this topic:

When it comes to revenge, especially enacting revenge on behalf of someone else, the revenger must be convinced of both the innocence of the victim and the guilt of the perpetrator.

Interestingly in Hamlet, this is something he struggles with throughout the play. The only evidence he has to go on that Claudius actually murdered his father is the word of his father's ghost. The ghost compels him to kill Claudius, but instead for the first half of the play, Hamlet is thrown into doubt and does nothing to act on his revenge.

This is a huge departure from previous popular plays in the genre, such as The Revenger's Tragedy and The Atheist's Tragedy. The revengers in those plays set their schemes to work almost immediatey, but Hamlet actually takes time to consider the consequences of his actions.
It takes forever until he is able to convince himself to act, the "my thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth" moment.

And when enacting revenge, it is a common theme in almost all revenge stories that the act of vengeance consumes you and drives you to acts you would otherwise be unable to do. Instead of following this convention though, there is a point in the play where Hamlet almost decides to kill himself instead of enacting revenge, the whole "To be or not to be" scene.

In the end, yes, the play finally ties in most of the major convention of the Revenge Tragedy genre- all consuming, destructive revenge which causes massive collateral damage, the obsession over skulls and dead bodies ("Alas, poor Yorick"), and the idea that Talionic Revenge (the "eye for an eye", personal kind of revenge) is a tool used to make things equal.

So anyways Shakespeare knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote Hamlet, and it definitely gave people who were used to traditional plays in that genre something to think about.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 20150305_155328.jpg (393 KB, 918x1632)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
The day /lit/ actually learned something.
I'm not going to show her the story, just writing it as a cathartic thing.

File: pt.png (2.49 MB, 1280x1280)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB PNG
Because the last one died. Here we talk about stuff written in Portuguese as we speak Portuguese. What are you writing/reading lately?

Quem quiser participar do grupo do skype só deixar o usuário.
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Bem, quanto ao rascunhão, é algo que já fiz, agora cheguei na parte que preciso escrever pra valer mesmo. Uma coisa que preciso fazer urgentemente é me isolar da internet um pouco. Eu só tenho as noites para produzir algo, então se me distraio com alguma coisa já perco a direção que estava indo. O bloqueador de sites talvez ajude nisso. Obrigado pelas dicas e pelo conselho sábio.
Algum traidor da língua por aqui? Não sei porquê nunca consegui gostar da sonoridade do português, talvez seja culpa do meu sotaque de nortenho. Oh well.
Sou do sul aqui. Eu acho a sonoridade do português muito bonita, mas tenho a impressão que é mais complicado escrever com ele do que com o inglês, por exemplo. Acho que varia de pessoa pra pessoa. Tenho um conhecido que só escreve em inglês, mesmo sendo nativo do Brasil.
Eu acho a gramática do inglês muito mais flexível que a do português, quando tento escrever em português há alturas em que parece que tou a tentar moldar um copo com granito, se é que me faço entender. Acho o inglês mais moldável e reticente.

File: image.jpg (36 KB, 480x270)
36 KB
Are you familiar with Sartre's cookbook? Take a moment to do so; it may brighten your day!

I assume it's just a guide to passing off the leftovers of betters cooks as your own to impress your freshman psychology major girlfriend?
The guy set out to make the most existentialist meals possible because he felt the standard recipes weren't doing it for him. So he ended up doing shit like putting cigarettes in omelettes and locking himself in his kitchen with six hundred pounds of beef and a leek.

File: asimov.jpg (171 KB, 311x500)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Hi, can anyone suggest some must read sci fi stories like asimov, k dick, clarke etc?
And is there any good modern sci fi?
52 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Personally. I would avoid the foundation series. Stick with the robot series and then some books like the gods themselves, nightfall...

Stapledon and Lem. Anything, they are incredible.
David Lindsay
William Gibson
Jules Verne
HG Wells
I really need to get around to reading The Stars My Destination and The Demolished Man. I'm fucking delinquent.
PKD's best novel, in my opinion. Seconded.

I think the Foundation trilogy has a better concept than Robots and the writing quality is pretty much the same. If you like a more character-centric story though I can see why you'd prefer Robots.
OP here, thanks for the recommendations, cant wait to read them. Gone for some asimov and rediscovery of man first

File: 4342.png (88 KB, 288x408)
88 KB
Could someone explain to me the exact mechanics of waging Gramsci's ""war of position"?

There's also a thread here on Das Kapital if you guys are interested
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Can you tell the fucking difference between force and a wage labour relationship? Obviously not.
Yes, absolutely. One involves forcing people to work, which the Socialist Alternative doesn't do. It's only ever supported strikes, it doesn't make calls about when it's time for workers to resume their jobs.
I'd say that when you lose your virginity, you'll see what I've been saying. But when you finally get fucked, I expect that you'll retire from the movement. Also, given the standard class composition of trot groups, there's a more than 50% chance that you're not working class.
>I'd say that when you lose your virginity, you'll see what I've been saying. But when you finally get fucked, I expect that you'll retire from the movement.
Your metaphor isn't witty.

I'm not actually a Trotskyist, I support the party because I care about actuality, not about ideology.

> Also, given the standard class composition of trot groups, there's a more than 50% chance that you're not working class.
What exactly is your definition of "working class"? I'm a sub-sub contractor who works in renovation and is getting screwed pretty hard. I'm studying to get certified as a carpenter.
They share the common way of organising of post-new left trots. Orthotrots are basically tankies anyway, organisationally.

If you care about actuality, then constantly inspect their actuality.

Dependent contractors who don't employ are workers. Watch the class composition of this party very carefully.

By the way, it isn't a metaphor. Organisational betrayal leaves you fucked for a number of years afterwards. It is usually about five.

File: lit.jpg (12 KB, 242x180)
12 KB
These are always fun.

Rewrite the following sentence in the style of a ceratin author. Other anons guess which one.

The sentence is:
>Gosh, that Italian family at the next table sure is quiet.
213 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hunter S Thompson?
Well no shit. The only people you guys meet are the ones dumb enough to want to go to Europe.
File: image.jpg (35 KB, 343x480)
35 KB
What is at contest called where you imitate a respected author ? I thought they have decent cash prizes?
Anyone still wants to guess on this? Otherwise I can reveal, if you want.

You got it.

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