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Why did Marx complete only one volume of Das Kapital in his lifetime?
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jews are lazy desu
Because he realized that after 1000 pages he would ensure 100 years of Marxist insanity before it fizzled away as a serious mode of thought or government.

A prank that is too short is smirked away. A prank that lasts too long ends up being incredibly unfunny. Marx wanted it to be just right, so we could kick back and watch in the 21st century as low IQ idiots in bad college programs and their ivory tower professors kick and scream as the last stronghold of Marxist thought. Other than retard countries in Latin America.
Because unlike shitposters he did research
I read
>poo poo pee pee

Maybe you should read my post instead of what you posted in the critique thread a few minutes ago

File: inquisitive frauke.jpg (31 KB, 610x344)
31 KB
>The weight of this sad time we must obey;
>Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say.
What's that supposed to mean?
Don't be a virtue signaling brown-noser and just say what needs to be said, even if people won't like it.
How does that mean that? And how can you tell someone to say what they ought not to say? Isn't that contradictory? "You ought to say what you ought not to say."
The line basically denounces that there is anything that you really "ought" to say. Who decides what you "ought" to do? It's saying that you shouldn't bow to some false external construct that you know in your heart is wrong.
It's not terribly complex, OP. Albany just means that we must acknowledge and tend to the problems created by this tragic outcome, and in so doing, be unfailingly honest with ourselves and others, for dishonesty is what ultimately lead to this catastrophe. The very last two lines are where there's some substantial mystery. Not syntactically or semantically, but cosmically.

File: square.jpg (61 KB, 306x306)
61 KB
You probably daydream about being a successful author.

Describe that daydream. What would be your subject matter? What would the names of your novels be?
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Coming of Age

A synthwave neo-80s action novel that gets a movie adaptation. Not Kung Fury, but something that straddles the line between campy and serious. My one request would be that I get to choose, or at the very least recommend the music composer. It's Trevor Something https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYOtZvwNCsc

The other novels I write would just be novels first, then whatever if they want to be. I have a lot of ideas spanning different genres and themes.

>don't know the title of the 80s one
>A Modern Adventure
>Are we Real?
File: 1468383709918.jpg (114 KB, 598x934)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
I'm being interviewed, they never have a name, and the questions are geared towards me dropping in hot /lit/ memes.
I put poetry in my head to the tasks I'm doing. Not really wisdom, but do what you want with that granule of knowlage.
You might (not) be a good poet, but if you wish to remain of your own clay and dole, then don't publish, my dear friend. Your pictured buddy even said in an interview that you lose essence when taken to corporate lit. level, so, IDK, do what you want?

File: 14638579803201.jpg (146 KB, 900x691)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Do you think philosophy will become impossible in the future? I mean, in natural sciences there is a constant process of pruning the old ideas so that students only have to learn the contemporary state of their field but in philosophy thinkers that lived more than 2000 years ago are still important and engaging with their writings is necessary for any philosophy student. So in the future there will be such an extensive body of knowledge that no one will be able to work throught it in his lifetime.
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Or not. Care to expand at all?
>There aren't many people passing laws, solving equations or running experiments because it falls in line with philosphy X
Yes there are


Kill yourself

No they are passing laws because of loopholes X or X demographic is treated unfairly not because Neitsche said so. While it is always possible to attribute something to philosophy when ethics are involved it does not make it the deciding factor. If it did then people would care about philosophy. Any economical decision you could say is philosophically decided but to me it just seems like using retrospect and semantics to try and seem relevant. No one is saying get the philosopher!!! We can't pass this law til the philosopher gets here. Hey we can predict the el nino effect but go ask the philosophy department first. Hey we've cracked fusion, thanks Schopenhauer. People need scientists, engineers, economists, mathematicians and lawyers. Philosophy is akin to maths in my head in that it ranges from simple or practical to the fantastically ivory tower except maths has proof and rigour. Philosophy often falls to rhetoric, no?

Again I'm not saying philosophy is useless and anything which cultivates a strong, capable mind is good but if you want to do something you're best learning that discipline. It isn't the driving force of nature, humanity or progress.

Also XD
Damn the fools who heedlessly plunge the world into war. Look at the end of the list, 50 years of nothing, and on the end of that hellish interlude, alas, come the memes.

>inb4 some post glorifies machines of war as essential to human progress
If the current inertia continues, I think philosophy will live, and it will be known to a shrinking minority that becomes desperately afraid for the rest of the world.

I've been studying Japanese for over a year now and I can't even begin to understand children's books. What do I do /lit/?
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I find the reverse to be easier where you focus just on reading rather than speaking.
That's only because of your awful social skills and your inability to put yourself out there and speak. I don't know of a single language that isn't easier when spoken, save for those with difficult sounds.
>Projecting this hard
I'm not socially awkward. I have a career with a future. I have an active social life, a mortage for a house and a wife. I'm pretty normie tier.

Seriously though the passive forms of language are easier than the active. To hear you only need to recognise, not to formulate. You could read and understand a sizeable amount of the news without a concrete understanding of the grammar for example. You can go from knowing nothing of a language and in a couple of weeks being able to make your way shakily through the news. Your ability to write, let alone speak is going to be probably at least 6 months behind what you did in 2 weeks.

My only experience in this is French which probably shapes this idea heavily. There are thousands of French words you will recognise that no one ever taught you. After you get the conjunctions, the pronouns and all that easy stuff, all you need is about five verbs, a dozen adjectives and you decipher most sentences of the news.

I've known people who focus only on reading in a language and become fluent enough to read novels in about 6 months. I know a classical Greek scholar who can read about five languages, most of them he can barely speak, but considering he is only about 26 and only started learning languages as a late teen shows the strength of this approach.
The only thing I can compare that to is full immersion, but it's unfair to compare living in a foreign language country to an hours study each day for reading.
I have been studying Japanese for years, I can read garbage like light novels and contemporary books, but I still can't read Genji Monogatari the way Lady Murasaki intended it to be read. Fuck I'm crying.
OP here guys, thanks a lot for your suggestions. Also thanks for over 100 replies. I've tried your methods, and they've already helped me alot. I've read a few chapters of manga and some tv shows. I thought I couldn't read it because I saw so many words I didn't know, but after a few episodes I have them committed to memory. Thanks, you glorious faggots.

Post the best book you've ever read
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File: journeytotheend.jpg (37 KB, 222x346)
37 KB
Apart from the writing style, I found this book much more humanistic than misanthropic given how funny it is and how it takes you out of the dumps. I think that was an intended effect but perhaps I'm wrong.
File: 2011-03-12+10.46.39.jpg (204 KB, 1200x1600)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
pic very related
Seriously? I just read it, and I liked it, but I wasn't exactly blown away or anything. Maybe I just haven't read many books.
One Hundred Years of Solitude

File: 1468884916001.png (356 KB, 572x380)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
best books for/against racism

politics not allowed

want : intelligent arguments from fields of metaethics, psychology, neurosciences, no-homo-sociology
do not want: pathos, political rhetoric of any kind, blind acceptance of current year yolo values

kant and socratos were racist against niggers despite strong nigger cultures at the time.

(antisemitism not interesting too much memetic influence imo)

I want the truth!
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It also means that, even though there mostly aren't any clean cut subdivisions, there ARE differences between populations.
No, we muddied the waters enough to the point that it's impossible to make clean cut subdivisions, therefore race doesn't exist and all the statistics about race are invalid (except for the ones we like).
File: 2011-03-12+10.46.39.jpg (204 KB, 1200x1600)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
I really enjoyed pic related!

If you are not yet willing to commit to reading one of his books I would recommend you check out his youtube account.
>THE authoritative text
Nah, nothing in science is 'irrefutable' and these questions in particular aren't close to being settled. Interesting stuff, though. There's another summary article that comes to different conclusions here:


Surprised this thread is still up. Does /sci/ still delete IQ threads on sight?

File: 1468423025225.jpg (18 KB, 228x320)
18 KB
Hey guys, I need to read Siddhartha before the end of next week, so not much time at all.
I don't have a physical book and was trying to read it online and even tried an audio book.
The book bored me to death and some shit was weird or difficult to understand.
How can I read the book?! It literally bored me to death, I don't like it at all.
What are some things that I can do? Literally not even half way through The Son Of The Brahman section.
Gonna get tested and asked a bunch of questions about the book.
Should I just read many summaries or some shit? Please help.
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you clearly have an attention or learning disability or both
if this assignment is too hard for you just give up because it is literally one of the easiest book assignments you could be given
OP are you a troll or just fucking retarded? Either way you need to fuck off.
Honestly it's 170 pages. Get off /lit/
In the time it took you to make and monitor this thread, you could have gotten a good portion of your reading assignment done.
Not only is it fucking 170 pages, it's an easy 170 pages. The story would be significantly different if he were having to read 170 pages of Beckett in two days.

File: image.jpg (143 KB, 334x518)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
What are some titles like pic related?
I loved the "light" feel of it - not too serious at all.

Oliver Twist, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter; what else is there?
try trading the percy jackson book series.
I got that book years ago when it first came out, when I was 15 and just started to get into reading. I thought it was going to be horror, paranormal type of book. Anyways I was severely disappointed.

>The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing
>For Whom the Bell Tolls
>Brave New World
>I Capture the Castle
>Infinite Jest
>So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
>Oh, the Places You'll Go
>Paradise Lost/Paradise Regained

Q: What do Tiger, Paris, Lindsay, Alec, and Oprah have in common with the enduring characters of Anton Chekhov?

A: Love, loss, pride, yearning, heartbreak, renewal, transcendence: the very stuff of life.

The immortal stories of Anton Chekhov have long entranced readers with their insights into the universal truths of human behavior . . . but you've never read them quite like this.

Former friends Nicole and Paris exchange prickly pleasantries in "Tall and Short."
Talk-show host Dave narrowly averts another potential domestic crisis in "A Transgression."
Reality star Kim shares her newfound notoriety with Khloe and Kourtney in "Joy."

In a witty, graceful, and revelatory feat of literary reinvention, acclaimed novelist and humorist Ben Greenman takes nineteen of Chekhov's greatest stories and recasts them with some of the best-known luminaries of our time—with eye-opening, and oddly ennobling, results.
I would read this

File: JUSTDOIT.jpg (220 KB, 900x494)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
>tfw the writting drunk meme is true
i think i can handle a little alcoholism
>writing sober
why even
i dont what i was thinking
what is that picture from? it looks like a mugshot
it is a mugshot

File: image.jpg (81 KB, 768x1024)
81 KB
Every time I get myself to read something, it almost immediately bored my to death and stop reading it. Either rhat, or the overly-detailed writing styles of older books just require too much effort to read. But I wanna read things. I wanna read catcher in the rye despite it being boring as hell. I wanna read Meditations and AsoIF despite them being pretty long. I wanna read a bunch of books, but I just lose interest.

It's probably my ADD, desu, but how do I get the will to earnestly get into reading?
read something you enjoy, start with King if you have to, seriously. Meditate, seriously. Limit yourself to a computer screen in any way that you can, seriously. Maybe allow yourself to browse the internet or play video games or talk to people on Teamspeak only after you read 50 pages. Go to the gym. Start thinking for yourself.

Or don't, whatever.
realistic answer - its hard to will yourself to like to read books you don't want to read. My advice would be not to try and tackle intense books and just stick with what actually interests you and read out of that pile... There is not much room for people who don't want to read literature yet try and read literature with no interest...

methods that helped me focus and read include -

- setting a goal that could actually be reached by me (I started with 30 pages a day, which was perfect cause each book of The Iliad is about 30 pages) and then I worked my way up or at least stayed at my original goal

- immersive yourself in stuff that goes with what you are reading, (my examples are mostly going to be about my experience reading The Iliad because I wasn't very motivated to read it) I watched the movie about The Iliad which prompted me to find out the differences between the book and the movie, I read about Greek Mythology, etc.

- As for your ADD if you don't want to use prescription drugs to numb that shit use recreation drugs is what I have heard.... Some people say reading while high is better then without...

- Also this post might be a meme but if it isn't hope you can find the motivation
hee haw I guess I should have caught the joke before this point
File: pepe.jpg (49 KB, 463x325)
49 KB
I became an avid reader like three months ago and I can't stop. I stopped watching tv and I don't spend much time on 4chan anymore.

Here's how I did it.

-Remember the average person reads like zero books a year. If you read 5 pages a day, you are 5 pages above the average person

-Don't force yourself to read. Commit to read 5 pages a day. I swear after three days you'll feel like reading more and after a month or so you should be reading 50-100 pages a day for pleasure

-Read various books at the same time. When I grab a difficult book or one that makes me sleepy I grab another and switch. This should refresh your head. Keep them thematically different. I read economics and fiction.

-It isn't a race. Reading slowly won't make you sleepy that fast. Try to acknowledge what books are for you to read fast and which aren't.

-Buy the physical copies. When you get the books from your own money you'll feel the need to read them to avoid the feel of wasting your money.

-Start with books highly discussed here so you feel motivated to discuss.
>this pasta
to be fair it's not that bad of advice

>>"But what pained her most and enraged her most and made her most bitter was the fragrant and wormy guava grove of love that was dragging her toward death"

Is that you, John Green?
That's what you get for reading translations.
But anon I'm quite sure that this metaphor was a deliberate choice by Marquez, not some cheap translation error
Marquez does get sappy

For me pic related was more like a long-running British soap opera than anything else

Is anyone into travel literature? Any recommendations? I love reading about places that no longer exist and/or I'll probably never see for myself.

I'm currently reading pic related. Theroux's writing is easy to read and can be evocative when describing landscapes or funny encounters, but he's continually moaning and being a sardonic cunt about everything. Still worth a read if you're interested in Asia I guess.
into the heart of borneo
I really love Theroux. He's a but of a hypocrite and condescending putz, but he writes well and isn't a bad travel companion. Read "the razor's edge" by Maugham. It's fiction but travel fiction.

File: feels-guy-twitter.jpg (26 KB, 511x428)
26 KB
Recommend novels written from the perspective of someone looking back over their life
31 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
The Name of the Rose
>33 posts
>27 unique posters
>Nobody has mentioned In Search of Lost Time yet, which is the greatest piece of literature where someone looks through their memories, and one of the greatest in general.

You guys had one job, what the hell...
>no posts for Zeno's Conscience

You guys are so pleb
The Remains of the Day

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