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File: 1432061768510.png (832 KB, 960x650)
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Was he right when he said that the point of life is to put your penis in as many vaginas as possible?
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This shitty meta meme is getting out of hand.

I just don't know why, but it makes me sad and entertained simultaneously.
no, the point of life is motion. penises and vaginas are just the means to an end.
Sex is fun, thinking about death increases libido, death is sad.

Sex is related to babies, and babies come from death to life. Reproduction is itself a process before death.

A quote:
"sex is the one way in which she can free herself from that danger... we're all here for a limited amount of time, and we can't escape our mortality... but love and sewx are two ways in which we can - at least temporarily - push death away"

Sometimes this is expected to be understood without any clues.

Why is short story writing now a days treated as simply "It's like a regular story, just with no real beginning and no real ending"?

It makes most literary journals unbearable to read
laziness + nothing matters
Just speaking for myself, I am incapable of coming up with stories. I can come up with decent characters, interesting encounters and my technique is semi-competent. But coming up with plot that the reader will actually care about, not possible for me :^(
You might make a good pomo writer anon, don't go full sadface.

File: yuuko.jpg (216 KB, 946x1200)
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216 KB JPG
Has 4chan made you more eloquent?

Twenty years ago we would have had nowhere similar to grapple with ideas.

Basic politeness would have discouraged intellectual outsiders public rants - I guess someone who couldn't contain them either went into crank journalism or kept a very thick journal. Now they get immediate criticism - and they criticise right back. Isn't this a force for good?
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>Anyone else innocently fuck around with people because of this website?
Sort of. I just try and fuck around and make them question their deep seated beliefs. Mostly because I enjoy playing devil's advocate.
I'm aware of common questions w.r.t. to topics on /fit/ and /sci/, so I learned. But that doesn't just work with 4chan boards.

>fuck around with people
More because of reading pick-up shizzle on the web. It's borderline mentally abusive to push and pull, confront and cuddle, but girls need drama to stay interested - I'm a firm believer in this today.
Yes especially girls .
I do this. I can trace it back to starting threads under false pretences - say, having an opinion and hoping to get contradicted, or pretending to be more ignorant than I am to assess the average outlook on a certain matter.

The fact that I don't believe in anything with any consistency is something of a chink in my armour. I'm thinking of becoming a hypocrite, for the sake of longer term contacts.
File: 1358991361488.jpg (1.85 MB, 2288x1716)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB JPG
>Twenty years ago we would have had nowhere similar to grapple with ideas.

You know how I can tell you're a complete faggot?

I bet you don't even recognise one of these.

File: 517753503_3_o.jpg (115 KB, 1920x1080)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
hi, /lit/
I'm looking for fiction, poetry/author (specifically anglosphere) which deals with the themes of time, loss, nature of reality and representation, subjective relativity. I'd like to find something from modern or postmodern lit, maybe something similar to Borges, Ashbery, Faulkner, Woolf, Kafka, Ishiguro, Calvino.
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File: days-between-stations.jpg (216 KB, 368x574)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Steve Erickson
Ehhhh, Illuminatus! and House of Leaves?
File: sleep-reason-640.jpg (142 KB, 640x365)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Cesar Aira if you're a fuckin CHAMP
i don't have a recommendation for you, but thanks for recommending me ashbery - as i love every other author on your list, i'm definitely going to give him a go
thanks, ill check those. anything more?

File: jesusface1.gif (50 KB, 312x432)
50 KB
>Jesus Christ is an evil person's idea of what a good person is like
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File: Peter-Hitchens-008.jpg (17 KB, 460x276)
17 KB
Everyone here is despicable
What evil is Jesus portrayed as doing in the Bible? Or even any of the non-canonical sources
You've misunderstood
I have. I guess I should lay off the sauce. I could of sworn someone posted something about Jesus being evil.

How do I learn to think for myself?
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File: 1412950582509.png (75 KB, 506x608)
75 KB
>how to learn

Anon, don't you think that's asking a bit too much?
Here's a question, if someone told you to "think for yourself" and you followed his/her advice and started "thinking for yourself" would you actually be thinking for yourself? Because you technically just obeyed the thoughts of someone else
File: 1428637473031.png (557 KB, 582x624)
557 KB
557 KB PNG
those are some logical digits
Just get your opinions from 4chan posts, formulate them in your own words and spout them to your friends and family. It's what I've been doing for years.

I sometimes spoil films for myself when watching them with friends so I can pretend to be really smart by fully understanding it immediately. I have really strong opinions on lots of classic literature, some of which I've actually read.

I'm a horrendously broken individual.

File: image.jpg (163 KB, 792x1224)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Memes aside what's your interpretation of the end of infinite jest ? Spoilers obviously
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Is one of the reasons for Hal being so absent and encased in his mind throughout the university admissions interview, partly because at ETA he'd been obsessed over the lexical semantics in too much of an analytical and abstract way (fueled by his Marijuana thinking, followed by the cold reality of his sober existence - potentially over analysed during the use of DMZ, which he'd already become more aware of how he was presenting himself to other people with the facial expressions etc.).
It isn't that Hal doesn't speak, he physically cannot. The DMZ Hal took, compounded with the latent mold he ingested, somehow fucked his ability to speak.
welll thats what happened so...
I dont really wanna spoil it but it has to do with the conceptual idea behind "accomplice!"

thats one u gotta thnk about
Yeah, it's that idea that DFW used a lot of how we're all trapped in our heads with the only way to vaguely communicate our ideas is to use this agreed upon system of sounds. I've had experiences like this really bad when I did psychedelic drugs, as you actually notice the delay between hearing stuff and seeing it happen, which caused an extreme anxiety at how we're never fully in the present with other people.

File: scat and penis jokes.jpg (103 KB, 392x574)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I've given up.

Even though it started of very strong, it got more and more long-winded, boring and incoherent as it went on. At page 400 I decided it wasn't worth it any longer. Maybe I've missed out, who knows. I read V. to the end and found it a waste of time as well. Best Pinecone book I've read so far is CoL49

Did people here genuinely like the book?
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Ironically I am him also and would like Wittengstein recommendations. Where would I start?
I had to force myself through the latter half of the book honestly.
I'm glad I did, but it would have just been the same if I read some bullet points on what happens tbh
File: lolol.png (117 KB, 277x273)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
Holy fuck, Weir legitimately should not be permitted to write dialogue ever again. He was bad enough with the main character just talking to himself, but HOT DAMN.
thought the same thing, shit was laughable


File: image.jpg (63 KB, 640x1136)
63 KB
Who /killself/ here?
Yes, OP, I have killed myself, and I am posting from beyond the grave. oooOOOoooOOOooo
Post your yfw when you realize that you are a skeleton larva!

What does /lit/ think of Captain Underpants?
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I remember being really proud that I could read a 150+ page book in one day. It didn't really occur to me at the time that there weren't many words on each page.
its been ruined
File: anime_shrug.jpg (43 KB, 554x439)
43 KB
Never read it.
I haven't read this shit for years but looking at a more recent book. Was he always this pretentious?

I guess I never noticed all the anti-education and muh imagination shit.
Just look at the first few pages. What the hell is that?

File: 200px-Principayellow.jpg (25 KB, 200x322)
25 KB
/lit/ Should I dive into this?

>Thoughts /lit/?<
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File: :^).gif (89 KB, 256x256)
89 KB
>(or Subgenius, for that matter.)

i don't think i've ever encountered a fervent Subgenius. unless you mean that dip-shit from Canada who thinks he's "Bob". the one whose wife was arrested for selling patent medicine.
the principia discordia was probably a necessary thing in the sixties, back when people still believed all the shit from the fifties.

times have changed a little. a sixties revolution today would.. probably make a good animated cartoon series. that's about it.

maybe it's time for the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers film after all.
That book is fuckin prime.
File: principa.jpg (36 KB, 500x305)
36 KB
This thread just gives me an excuse to post this.

Nothing to see here. Move along now....

File: oblomov.jpg (22 KB, 328x500)
22 KB
Is it worthy? /lit/ please
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Any book it's worthy, anon :-)
Are all NEET essentials like this? Notes ended exactly the same
name NEET essentials lads
Well, it was ought to have some kind of an ending. You want her to have zero remorse over have picked Stolz?
tl;dr version (as if anyone of you would read): Anon al Fedora is in love with the middle class cumdumpster Jane but since he is too shy she marries his "friend" Chuck Thundercock (essentially it is just someone who pities al Fedora in his roneriness) while Anon rots away drinking mountain dew in his basement. He later buys a waifu from South East Asia (who barely speaks any English) and dies early due to a lack of exercise. Cumdumpster Jane with her kids and her Chuck Thundercock does notice a fedora neckbeard sized hole in her life.

it was a while since I have read the book so feel free to correct the details and the chronology.
Funny first part, boring middle, good ending.

what do you know about the bible king james version?
It's the translation most people seem to prefer even though the New International Version is more accurate.

How great of an impact could a clear, strong, and carefully worded message leave?
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That look in his eye. You JUST know.
Tell me the oldest nugget of wisdom you know of past down from your ancestors, and I tell you it can be greater than that
>if you don't stop playing with it you'll go blind
> be proud of what you do, no matter what it is."
depends where you post it.

post it here? no impact whatsoever.

you'd probably have better distribution putting it on a series of signs on a minecraft server.

File: Roosh-Valizadeh.jpg (31 KB, 615x409)
31 KB
Favorite Pick Up Artist and related topic type books? Anyone else a fan of Roosh? PUA books not only teach you how to seduce women into bed but they also give you a lot of valuable life tips which I like, they're always interesting reads.
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I watched a lot of Tyler videos and he just doesn't sit right, he's bullshit, he's not right as a guy!

I saw the video straight after he broke up with his gf and the charade came down a bit. He's not out there boning everything that moves, his image is all pretend, in fact in the video, you could see how much pain he felt about having to start picking up for real now that his gf had left.
roosh said that samuel griffiths translation of art of war is the best. is he right?
>like that women are disgusted by neediness
That isn't a fucking PUA concept. That's basic common sense. Being needy isn't considered good by anyone. It's a negative adjective.

>That women are turned on by unpredictability and forcefulness
Sure, spontaneity can go over well with some women but forcefulness is really not the right word and is way more to do with reading body language than it is to do with asserting yourself. That second part is basically the reason they get a rep as abusive (besides, y'know, half of them being actual rapists and happily spreading STDs).
nobody smart needs these pieces of shit
not that they are wrong
but anybody that pays for this type of knowledge... i dunno man
just get a good friend who will tell you you're being a faggot (in that way) if that indeed the case
that's all
This thread is a can full of bait. Every thread about seduction can be closed after bringing up Aaron Sleazy.


You'v got the numbers and their explanaition wrong, buddy. PUA is 99% bullshit that leads to nowhere except embarassing yourself like you certainly do at every given opportunity, be it in public spaces during day or in clubs and or bars during night. The 1% percent are those tiny corns of truth which are actually self-explanatory.

Plus: No such thing as an alpha or beta male.

Kill yourself.

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