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File: Goosebumps2.jpg (281 KB, 689x1023)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
what are the best goosebumps books?
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Shocker in Shock Street is objectively the worst one

Welcome to Horror Land or you're illiterate
attack of the mutant
beast from the east
Night of the living dummy trilogy
vampire breath
say cheese and die
monster blood 2
welcome to dead house
the cuckoo clock of doom
say cheese and die - again
attack of the jack o lanterns
the scarecrow walks at midnight
the one where the parents are werewolves gave me nightmares for months :(
>Dummy Trilogy
>Mask Trilogy
I didn't read many and, again, I was a child.

I chose that one because the ending made it very memorable for me and it wasn't the kind of ending you'd expect to read on a children's book.

ITT We give each other ideas about how our story should continue. Also rate.

>I've never knew my father really well, but neither mother did and that was fine for me because for the most time I've experienced life through her pair of eyes, not because I wished to, but because she wouldn't give me mine. So I used to light a candle when I saw my father because I knew my mother's emotions were already burning.
also, check 'em
Please continue don't. That writing is awkward and nearly impossible to decipher. I can't imagine trying to wade through any more of it.

>enroll in writing short narratives at university cause I enjoy reading, figured I would enjoy writing as well
>class is fun, read some cool shit, write stuff that isn't totally awful. Am sick every single time I go so I don't socialize with classmates
>come in today early to find two classmates already there
>mfw they are discussing eragon
>mfw one has a copy of the hunger games with him
>mfw one says 'all fantasy plots just copy starwars'
>mfw these are the people doing arts degree here (Am doing autistic stemlord degree)
>mfw I have superiority complex and don't feel bad about it

Pic slightly related
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>studying "STEM"
>doing an english class when your are supposedly studying in a scientific field

Americucks can't into higher education

ever heard of electives?
I do
No, everything I study is relevant to the course I am taking.
This is what makes me qualified in my field of study.

can't read whether you're being sarcastic or not. but even if you double major, there's still leftover credits for free electives. there's nothing wrong with spending those on easy classes you're interested in.

>tfw you start seeing patterns fitting Zizek's starbucks charity/chocolate laxative analogy everywhere
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i forgot to mention that with the constant reference to death (specifically chapter 37) I was reminded very much of Georges Bataille and how he interprets Hegel's master slave dialectic
I work as a cashier at Whole Foods, and we have to ask for money for the company's three international charities periodically throughout the year.

This thread makes me want to quit my job today.

Philantropism is, in general, garbage.
>slavoj zizek, starbucks shill
It's not "justice" because
1) "the biosphere" is not a conscious being
2) "justice" is meaningless without humanity

Stop being an edgy misanthrope for one second and consider where your values are coming from.

File: 1430355324854.jpg (600 KB, 700x6826)
600 KB
600 KB JPG
Is the Unmoved Mover theoretically falsifiable?
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There's lots of ways you can go about demonstrating this for Aquinas. There's his Fifth Way, of course, which straightforwardly demonstrates via final causality (which is necessary for any causality) that God has will insofar as he directs everything toward its end.

Aquinas can also demonstrate this via God's immateriality- the characteristic operation of the intellect is to grasp essence apart from matter. God is immaterial, because, being the ultimate cause, he is simple. If he had matter at all, he'd be pure matter- but pure matter is pure potentiality with no actuality, which would not exist. So God would have to be immaterial. Since God is simple, moreover, there can be no distinction in him between essence and existence. Since God is nothing but his own essence, God must be pure intellect.

Being entirely his own essence, God knows himself perfectly, hence knows creation insofar as they come from himself, so he doesn't exactly "recognise" the world. While we derive faint abstractions of what-is by separating out a part of the world after the fact, "re-cognising" it, God's is the Original Cognition that imparts that intelligible being in the first place.
WOW that is an ugly room. The cat only tops it off.
If Aquinas reasoned within an Aristotleian framework, have there been any attempts to reason the unmoved mover within a modern framework?
>God has will insofar as he directs everything toward its end
Ah but as I explained in >>6766321
whatever end God works towards in the world is impossible to achieve.

>Since God is nothing but his own essence, God must be pure intellect.
No that means he us pure Truth, not pure ability to grasp the Truth.

>God's is the Original Cognition that imparts that intelligible being in the first place.
How does intelligibility arrive from God being intelligent? I'll fully admit I don't comprehend the logic here.

File: !.png (406 KB, 900x855)
406 KB
406 KB PNG
I don't have hardly any well defined opinions on most political topics.
Does anyone know a book just about politics in general?
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don't read books on politics to derive an opinion for a political topic.

just read history and the news, and derive all of it from multiple sources to get as neutral of an idea as possible. Books on politics are biased bullshit.

Well, everything is horribly biased. But explicitly political books will be even worse than that.
>Books on politics are biased bullshit.

unlike history books and the news
you're not supposed to

that way lies insanity
>and derive all of it from multiple sources to get as neutral of an idea as possible.

learn to read

File: alchemist.jpg (30 KB, 333x500)
30 KB
Whats your opinion on this book /lit/? I think it's a great story. Have you ever noticed how many religious references it has without naming the religion
He believed all gods were the same. Liked religion because of the discipline. Believed in positive magic envisioning. The guy is retard and you have bad taste pleb shit brain.
the secret: the novel
Haha. Yes.
Metaphysical Oprah-tier trash.

Nothing wrong with the prose or narrative construction.

But reading too far into it will turn you into a 'the universe will send me a message' middle aged housewife.

File: pepe-the-frog-meme.png (48 KB, 500x282)
48 KB

post your favourite literary memes

I'll start

>Americans reading anything apart from McDonald's menu
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>Angry stepfather, drinks a lot and buzzes my head. I can hear mother orgasming in next room at night. Be 14 years old.
>Decide to get back at him by molesting my 6 yr old sister
>Life is now a disaster, I'm 28 years old and I can't stand myself. I only work at MacDonalds because they don't perform criminal background checks.
>americans thinking
This. Europeans are like the outcasts in school who criticize the popular kids -- popular kids who, it need be said, forget most of the time that the outcasts even exist. America represents the popular kids. 8-)
Proved the point like clockwork
If you're going to obsess at least be creative and stop spamming your mindless memes
>pleb europeans and australians attempting to bring their shitty /int/ memes to /lit/ because they don't know enough about literature to get the /lit/ memes

What are examples of great authors who took writing classes in their universities?

The only one that comes to my mind is Flannery O'Connor, and she went through the Iowa writing program so it wasn't even undergrad work.

Great authors that took writing classes as undergrads? I can't think of a single fucking one. I know there are a ton of NYT best selling authors that took creative writing classes in school but I wouldn't classify any of them as 'great'.

Most writing classes in universities try and teach students how to create marketable material. Their main goal isn't to teach students to produce literature. Their main goal is to teach students how to write plot driven slop to then sell on the mass market. The same could be said for just about any "how to write" books ever published.
Thomas Pynchon? Or did he take literature classes and not creative writing classes? I know he studied english at cornell

File: Witty.jpg (50 KB, 635x854)
50 KB
>Don't get philosophical with me, Anon.

How do you respond to people who say this?
19 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>>6769379 here.
Whereas I understand and agree to their difference, I suspect the case bears more relevance to cultural and societal projections than it does to Al-Ghazali and his treatises. We're quite straightforward people, we are. Much of our distress comes to action when people play or introduce vague concepts as we see them as needless ploys, reasonably so. Concerned thought is left for scholars, unconcerned the politicians. The least we care about is passive aggression.
Stop speaking and stare at them until they leave of their own accord.
an autist's solution
i hate when people make jokes irl.

Hey everyone, I just wrote my first book and wanted to share it around a bit. It's on Amazon right now. It's called, The Loser's Streak and is Book one in a trilogy about a guy named Jack McCoy, who gets himself wrapped up in a paid government experiment. If you all get a chance and are interested, I'd love some reviews. It's currently free for anyone with Kindle Unlimited, otherwise it's pretty cheap. Thanks guys.

looks good.
Cute bio.

File: 1379041750330.png (122 KB, 246x304)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
I edit papers for people at a collegiate level. Some of these individuals are at least 24-25.

And I still fucking see "In our modern society" in almost every cunt sucking paper. So if see these words one more time on a serious paper from people who are supposed to be slightly smarter than your average person, I'm going to punch someone.

How is this okay? How did they get to this point without basic writing ability?

/lit/, what was your pre-collegieate writing like?
25 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>College, that is liberal shits
>expecting them not to appeal to modernity
>I think it's because people have this vague idea of academic writing being stiff as hell

Bingo. Rarely is the first thought of the average student reading a text "what is the author trying to say?" Rather, the first thought is a recognition, an identification, which is really just a mental block, which says "oh, it's *this* type of writing" (ie, not YA narrative style). This creates a mental distance between the reader and the text, which is rarely overcome and is usually filled with bullshitting. Hence, your average English paper.

Side note: many people are fine with females in the military so long as training standards remain the same. Why did nobody have this concern when the plebs were given access to academia?
but you are denying the patriarchy
In the current economic climate
i used a similar expression to day on the essay for a psychometric exam. i had 25 min to write the essay, and i did ham it up a bit, but i felt like that was what they wanted, and otherwise it was quite good. i dont feel bad abouyt this

File: 1434928619794.jpg (51 KB, 640x480)
51 KB
Entering junior year this fall and I'm double majoring in Physics and English. But I have realized I want to go to graduate school for philosophy? Is that possible with little to no academic philosophy experience?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>Want to major in literature.
Uni doesn't offer it.
>Want to major in philosophy.
Uni doesn't offer it.
>Will settle for psychology.
Could be worse.
What 9th rate institution doesn't offer a major in literature?
Well we're done here.
I really think this really summarizes the spirit of /lit/

File: image.jpg (54 KB, 500x491)
54 KB
Alright /biz/ My dad was in the National guard and served in gitmo. He served in the early 2000's he was originally going to be shipped to Afghanistan but he was sent to gitmo. He was there during the time accusations of detainee abuse came up. He even had many interactions with detainees. Fast foward to now he has written a book about a mall security guard who guards detainees at gitmo (it's a comedy) he sent it to a agent or publisher (I forgot which) in New York and he has not gotten a reply. That was about three months ago what should my dad do /biz/ I feel like this is a unique book. Plus gitmo makes headlines in the news every now and again.
Sorry meant to say /lit/
Send it to another, make sure he mentions that he was actually a guard at gitmo, thats the time type of shit that could make this famous one day. And make sure his writing is at least at a Bukowski level of readable.
>mall security guard

Paul Bart 3: Guantanamo Bay
Really being a guard at gitmo could make him famous? Also what do you mean by time type of shit? One more thing he was not CIA so he did not interrogate anyone however he did bring water to the cell that housed the Chinese Muslims who made news a few years back because they were released. He also knew other detainees and rember he was in the national guard not the CIA would it still work. Also the polisher he sent it did a book on gitmo that he said was somewhat of a comedy (that's why he sent it to them). Also any publishers /lit/ recommends?

File: ! surf.jpg (44 KB, 640x630)
44 KB
All occurrences occur for a reason
29 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I gave a reason upthread

existence occurs because over infinite timeline the probability of nothing (being a superposition of everything) undergoing a spontaneous declension into something approaches 1.

nothing is ontologically basic.
Is it truly spontaneous ? I mean you need an underlying mechanism, ie some kind of prime mover.
lol iunno. Spitballing here mostly.
>prime mover
god makes this much more complicated, not less.

some kind of decay, or something like this seems to fit better to me


this seems esp relevant

"A quantum fluctuation is the temporary appearance of energetic particles out of empty space, as allowed by the uncertainty principle."

If you mean that there is an underlying mechanism to any occurrence, I ask

Why mechanism

And you will conclude that there is no why. Mechanical God is dead, teleological holistic God is yet to be born. The one that dictates the occurrence as containing all the information needed to describe itself, independent of causal linkages
guys does this make any sense at all i type these things like im possessed or something
All reasons reason an occurrence that isn't necessarily an occurrence nor necessarily reasonable

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