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File: meme.png (43 KB, 920x1200)
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File: Steven_Crowder.png (649 KB, 804x1080)
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i stopped watching because i thought he was controlled jew opposition but he calls out blacks for committing more crime than other races.
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Why don’t niggers like their own women, weird how once they get rich all they want is a white woman. I guess we really are the most beautiful and masterrace otherwise they’d want a black queen. Rich white men don’t go for black women, they go for hot white women. Prove me wrong.
>If you are having a heart attack it's the police's job to call an ambulancw
>*brain dead henchman* YA AMBULANCE DURR

It actually does matter if you die from an OD and they DID call the EMS

posted before I could

File: 1591230207194.jpg (94 KB, 625x620)
94 KB
while you guys were complaining about consume product shilling joggers matter or whatever, trump borrowed 1 trillion dollars in 1 month. hes on pace to out-debt obama. why do we support this guy again?
They'll just print more. Trump took over the Fed and now banks can lend with 0 deposits. Keep up, nigger
If the economy crashes we could get another Hitler

File: remember.png (21 KB, 536x153)
21 KB
While right wingers were too busy doing low effort logic owns these people took over every major industry.
except food production


Rioters were attacking a childrens hospital in Houston where a man and his daughter were coming out... Police stood down as rioters threatened them and threw rocks at their cars.

This video will piss you off... Stay home and protect your families, stay safe.
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That kid needs to grow up!
*replace protester with rioter I mean
she's a very low energy loser
Good. It’s going to escalate until they inevitably do something unforgivably evil or stupid on camera and redpill even more already riot fatigued normies. Make these retards beg for a fucking military occupation it’s what they deserve
BAKA lol

File: EZs75zPXsAEiteH.jpg (132 KB, 828x864)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Say whaaaaaaaat?
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Yeah, the hairline didnt match up.
The fuuuuuuuck
Can't be real
its fucked up that this is on the extreme end of mild for africa

I guess it's another Epstein situation, just with a side of riots, looting and outbreaks of SARS2.

>thinking it's Communists

Lol. The Neo-liberals and Republicans are all the same; there's no Communists left. It's all a show by both of them like Epstein, and they're distracting the normies from something.

File: rome.jpg (18 KB, 598x246)
18 KB
Bros it's all fucking falling apart.
We are losing in all fronts
Everything we've been building up has been shattered in days
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you say that but...
at the current rate of technological advancement, time travel should be possible soon. once time travel is possible, your current experience should never happen... if we are on the wrong side of history, your side would have won and therefore would control time travel technology. they would use it to go back in time to guarantee todays political climate did not exist.
in my mind, the most logical future is this: you faggots destroyed society. you ranted and raved until society collapsed and the few who survived end up having to rebuild from nothing.
rather than live with disagreeable ideals (like we did under two terms of obumer), you chose to just shit all over mankind. so in the end, there is no history for anyone to be on the wrong side of because nearly everyone is dead. nice work faggot.
Lol this isn’t reddit faggot go cry yourself to sleep
stop doing crime. why is this so hard to understand?
Time travel is impossible aside from the time travel you're doing right this second, into the future.

File: lk1.png (1.13 MB, 1249x683)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG


latin kings are 2020's rooftop koreans

File: love.png (666 KB, 499x673)
666 KB
666 KB PNG
Are you insecure about your political beliefs that you need to post anonymously? Have you ever shared what you truly believe with anyone?
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Lol you know it's mostly the fear of violence which holds most non-communists back from expressing anything remotely against whatever insane narrative is being pushed at any given time
absolutely horrifying
She is looking haggard lately. Maybe that bachelor of public relations cannot prepare her for what she fell for.

Post your identity you fucking faggot.

Probably a brown piece of shit
>white conservatives are the most tolerant people around, you can say whatever you want to them and they won't blink twice at it.
haha oh wow. 90% of threads on this board are just /pol/tards getting triggered by what "lefties" say and post on the internet.

Whether you’re sick of police brutality or the riots that come as a result of police brutality, we can help lessen the madness the nation is facing by proposing and enacting long term solutions rather than merely reacting to the same problems again and again. With my petition, I’m calling on Congress to create legislation to increase the educational requirements for law enforcement on a federal level. If I get 100 thousand signatures in 30 days, I’ll receive an official White House update. Link here: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/increase-educational-requirements-law-enforcement?fbclid=IwAR00z9IASw1V0zThRHMW7x-rPo3Kz_myW6VXttp-JYTAo9t1bd0KfMfDVO4
Don’t forget to share on social media!

I heard he got doxxed, this true?

File: arizona.jpg (75 KB, 800x561)
75 KB
/pol/ , tell me about Arizona. Is it a good place to live or a desert shithole?
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It is, sort of, but Prescott valley and Chino valley aren't. But those prices are going higher because of Californians v
Shh, the no water meme is a psyop to get people to leave. Anyone that actually does their research knows we have plenty of water.
I grew up in AZ, im going to school in another state. I miss it and look forward to going back. Lots of Mexicans but still not bad. It's slowly becoming a blue state. One of the better states for Gun freedom, but if it continues to go more democratic, I'm probably not gonna go back.

The heat suck but the winter is amazing.
Thanks for new highway to Vegas tho so I don’t have to see Boulder City ever again in my life
yeah don't go to AZ, you wouldn't like it

File: 1574099776026.png (920 KB, 850x566)
920 KB
920 KB PNG
Reminder they want to destroy this
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that does not look like a heeb to me
Manufactured engineered and designed for bbc
File: urshit.jpg (83 KB, 1191x629)
83 KB
God damn, she's cute as hell

That's it, I'm pro Israel now

Said no one ever
They are destroying themselves already.
They already have. At least here in America.

File: Father.jpg (7 KB, 159x200)
7 KB
What are you going to do to remember /pol's father on Father's day this year?
I'm going to make leaven bread in the shape of stars. In the oven it will go.
I will spend a moment of silence for him, and one for HEB.

I, as a white person in America, am moving out of this country in wake of these riots. If I'm so privileged in this country and black people are kangz who built this country and they hate me, I figure I should just leave if they're not going to listen when I tell them to leave America. So if us whites decide to leave America, what will happen? Will America survive or will it turn into a cultural sinkhole? I would tell white Americans to get out now. It's a sinking ship and you're better off somewhere more peaceful where you aren't constantly spat on by pea-brained ungrateful fuckwits.
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LOL You DOLT. Get a fucking clue. Couldn't be more wrong.
dual citizen expat here. Noble idea but a complete dead end. The joggers have tasted power. They'll want more of it.
For real man? Does it really never end? My dad’s gonna have a tough time swallowing that redpill...
No don’t abandon your country just head on out to Idaho
Shut the fuck of demoralization shill


>memeflag, in the trash it goes

What have we done /pol/?

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File: 1577094419953.jpg (58 KB, 486x535)
58 KB
Will someone please suck this lady's dick already?
I wish posting wojaks became a bannable offense.
File: 1591317456797.jpg (22 KB, 334x500)
22 KB
incredibly based
The name is too obvious but otherwise great work
You mad jew?

Settle down
I wish things would.
I'm no fan of pointless violence, and I only see things escalating.
I lost $600 this morning
That wasn’t even the worse part of my day, dude.
What FD's did you buy you dumb retard
I don’t want to talk about it.
Use a real platform next time

RED-PILLED and BASED brotha! Holy shit! It's not perfect but coming from a black damn.

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(((Movie makers)))
>fuck niggers
File: 1591260334576.jpg (302 KB, 800x482)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
Fucking dumbass.
I have no problems with blacks who want this perpetual blame whitey culture to be over.
Do I want to live with them? No.
Do I think they are the same as me? No.
But I sure as fuck prefer them over grovelling, self-hating, virtue-signalling whites.
In fact. I'd put a bet that that black dude would more readily admit that black crime rates are higher because of a shitty culture and perhaps even racial predilection than your average white soiboi or Karen.

So you can go fuck yourself with your shitty attempt at forcing the issue into a black vs white thing and not an ideological one.

Blacks need to own up to their own problems, solve them without whitey's constant handouts, then perhaps we can treat with one another on even ground.
Just as whites need to eradicate this constant self-hate and Jewish style victim/guilt complex.

File: KingCobraJFS.png (653 KB, 956x713)
653 KB
653 KB PNG
TFW KingCobra is more intelligent than every white liberal


so word is spreading

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Because NYC is ground zero of the ideological subversion of America.
It’s really not funny. She’s a mentally ill junkie
She looks like a carbon-copy of her mother minus half the melanin.
Really? Not California?
>doxing self on /pol/
fuck off, nigger. i dont give two shits if you don't believe me. i only reveal my sex for people like >>260987497 who might feel happier knowing that there's women on the board who believe in the same ideals. we need a few whitepills in this world.

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