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File: 1713534931233426.jpg (137 KB, 600x630)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Please tell me that slim/skinny jeans are back to OK tier already? It's the best fitting pants for boots, pairing boots with large pants or cuffed jeans looks like shit...
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File: 1710267046235709.jpg (90 KB, 700x840)
90 KB
you know it hit over-saturation when low rises started to become the standard fit because skinny fat guys with literal guts from reddit started wearing skinny jeans. that's what people remember.
here's an even skinnier fit my lanklet+narrow hips friend wears. looks better on him than model pics i can find. the point is trends are bad wear what fits your body type and wardrobe. i have a build that works with almost every fit of jeans but most guys don't. be conscious of what works on you.
File: 1703874036494758.jpg (431 KB, 1333x2000)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
here's about the skinniest i go. tight straight fit. in the middle between the other two fits i posted. you can't say that looks bad if you're a slim athletic guy with a masculine frame.
Skinny clothes should only be an option if you're fit
Even if you're fit, going too tight just looks like cancerous tumors like your pic.

Much better to look less tryhard with a more natural slim/skinny vs super skinny/skintight look
File: Ryuk_(films).jpg (197 KB, 944x1079)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
If you wanna be a trend chasing faggot invest in pieces that harkon to death note gothic fashion, in a few years that shit is gonna be diluted and mainstream

File: _81742161_178839338.jpg (399 KB, 2048x1152)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
I only have casual/street clothes and I need to get a complete new look for a funeral of a close person. It's going to be emotonally draining enough and I don't wanna wear suit on top of it bc they make me feel really uncomfortable. Regular fit shirts are fine. The problem are pants and blazer bc everything formal I see is slim fit and I'm only comfortable in baggy clothes. Are there any baggy/ loose fitting funeral alternatives to a contemporary suit? Can I go vintage with boxy suit or will it be disrespectful bc it will draw attention?
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I'll rephrase the question, it's not about the price, it's about the style and if for example loose fitting suit like this would be disrespectful I actually used to get good fashion advice here
Just rent a cheap suit you mouth breathing retard
>But my heckling suit isn't comfy!
Grow up man child
Funerals are for the living, not the dead.
If it's "your" funeral (like your mom or something) wear whatever the fuck you want.
If it's "for" someone else and you're just there out of respect, be invisible. Don't stand out in any way by being dressed too obviously well or too sloby.
>Money isn't the issue
Find an independent tailor, go to his shop and tell him exactly the situation. I did exactly this in a similar situation. It worked out fine. He was an old Italian guy
>I don't wanna wear suit on top of it bc they make me feel really uncomfortable
actual autism
black pants, black sweater or black shirt, black shoes
it's really not that complicated

File: IMG_9474.jpg (10 KB, 320x180)
10 KB
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Especially if it’s a crusty sock, bonus points if it’s damp ;)
those man pheromones
Whose wearing ankle socks?
I know it's a meme but it genuinely feels like that when you're wearing black shoes + black pants + white socks
Me. But everyone on /fa/ hates them.

File: 1712099345941232.png (7 KB, 241x209)
7 KB
>TFW 25 inch inseam and 38 outseam is your best fitting length
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Fucking hobbit sized
My nigga built like Michael Phelps kek
bro grabbing stuff from the top cabinets sitting down
same except i'm short. 5'6 with the wingspan of a 6'3-6'6. i think i was supposed to be a gigachad but my mom smoked crack in the 80s and fed me a diet of caffeine as a kid.
let me guess you're scandinavian?
>why did got JUST me with these proportions
your ancestors swam a lot and being good at swimming is actually a very large genetic investment that comes at the cost of being good at quite a few other things.
the build is insanely genetic freak levels of good for striking based combat sports and swimming btw. if you're young enough get into boxing or muay thai or something. i think you could make a strong case for it being one of the most ideal builds possible for fighting, along with the west african long legs no torso + no calve muscle genetic defect combo jon jones body type. its hilarious to fight someone taller than you with a significant reach advantage on your side. nobody is used to being in that situation.
Thanks for making me feel better about my 30 inches.

Why is fashion advertising like this?
Do /fa/gs get wet when they see someone brown?
it's because you keep shopping for gay brands
I don't get any of these sjw ads
I literally just went to the European Nike site.
I thought Nike was a normal shoe brand?
I wear one type of shoe from Nike and I just go to sneaker shops when I need a new pair. I genuinely don't get any of their ads while on my phone or pc.

File: 1713451682055976.jpg (185 KB, 1023x640)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
why do people look like npcs
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see the thing is im actually the protagonist and you're all a bunch of background characters. i'm more important than all of you okay?
Idk man, most people are average and the world shuns people for being different.

Also british people ruined modern fashion. Hope you like your black teeshirt and jeans, and if you want to be daring a jacket.

I wish Asia was the standard for fashion.
KYS NPC tranny.
Just pretend, faggot.
Waging is not bad if you are smart enough to fake it, you can get whatever you want from it.

File: large[1].jpg (163 KB, 1283x1283)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
remember these shits? edition

old: >>18049684
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what are your favourite moderately priced white sneaks? I'm looking for something that is somewhat durable
File: 171315080883041590.jpg (186 KB, 1200x840)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
A guy wearing these bad boys slaps your gf’s ass, wyd?
I slap his ass
File: IMG_3496.jpg (104 KB, 740x566)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Can someone ID these? Thanks
Only if you show feet later.

File: IMG_8946.jpg (57 KB, 500x529)
57 KB
Summer is right around the corner, it’s tee shirt season and for skinny fat guys with moobs (like myself) it can be a time of dread…what are some /fa/ approved ways to style man boob this summer?
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>I've been going to the gym preemptively, just hit 1 month
holy kek. Preemptively hitting the gym for a month, ive seen it all. Youll be a shreaded greek god by june bro
I don't know how much is needed to just stop being skinnyfat and wear t-shirts without being unsightly
Man boobs are a fit killer. There’s nothing you can do other than wear dark clothing.
You can go from skinny fat to skinny relatively quickly with just diet but its going to take a bit longer than 1 month to build any noticable amount of muscle which I assume is why you are going to the gym.

Not trying to hate on you for trying to improve but its just funny the way you worded it. In terms of gym and muscle building, 1 month you may as well have started working out yesterday.
And you're just retarded.

File: 1463748718181.jpg (24 KB, 500x500)
24 KB
It's been ten years, who's still rocking da whopland?
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Put some respect on your elders, everyone on 2014 /fa/ was fucking with this
File: 31305724116_3.jpg (375 KB, 1480x1000)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
Der Untermensch
Your post makes no sense.
Ignore the newfag OP. I REMEMBER
Die Bestien in Menschengestalt,
Die wahren Führer der Unterwelt,
Die von Ahasvar ausgesäten,
Die aus den finsteren stinkenden Ghettos ostischen Städten stammen

Absolut kek, the racism is unrivalled.
Top kek my fellow magapede, shadilay!

File: espadrilles.png (334 KB, 1024x1536)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
Thoughts on espadrilles? Thinking of copping these ones soon.. will be my first pair. Need a comfy summer shoe
No reason not to own a pair for summer
That looks like an espadrille-penny loafer hybrid, i was considering espadrilles but id prefer to leave the suede to loafers and get a canvas espadrille
Too feminine
Espadrilles can look feminine, but I like this penny loafer hybrid and I don't think it's feminine at all.

If you label all loafers, espadrilles etc. feminine, you're only left with sneakers, which I'm sick and tired of, and never a fan of in the first place. Loafers in general can be too feminine, but it's about picking the right pair.

File: meirl.jpg (125 KB, 1108x831)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Need me good brands for black leather cowboy hats. Something durable would be nice.
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The basedboys have joined the thread
Will check these out, much appreciated.
yeah, you and every other person who follows popular culture

My bad. It's head n home.
File: s-l1600.jpg (133 KB, 900x1600)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
What are your thoughts on denim cowboy hats?

File: Seiko-5.jpg (204 KB, 900x600)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
How is 'Seiko' pronounced?
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You mean psy-co?
you pronounce セイコー as せいこう which of course actually sounds like せいこお
Sicko like the Travis Scott album (he was dedicating his music to this brand, as rappers are known to be obesed with jewry)

File: IMG_0949.jpg (1.14 MB, 1290x1899)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
> requiring customers to purchase ancillary Hermès products, such as shoes, scarves, and jewelry, before being given the opportunity to purchase a Birkin or Kelly bag.
I see this mostly at the higher end of the luxury clothing industry (Hermès), but it’s all over the luxury watch industry.
I don’t know what the alternative would be though.
There are a limited amount of Aquanauts and Birkens.
How do you decide who gets them? First come first served?
One way is to reward customers who buy a lot of other products and grant exclusive access to coveted pieces.
Another is just to match the secondary market prices, which would bring retail prices up 3x.
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>sounds illegal to be honest
it isn't, at least in the US. rolex, patek, porsche, ferrari, hermes, and probably a hundred more luxury brands all do it.
Aren't you a based little faggot
Is that why the owner of LV is one of the richest people alive?
The problem is for a rolex daytona for example, everybody wants one, so if you walk into a rolex AD and say you'd like a daytona they're more than happy to "put you on the list" while they milk some geriatric dude who owns a boat and sixty acres for all he's worth until he gives enough to get his brand new steel watch
Shit like this has made me no longer interested in Rolex watches and the like.

It's just upper middle class suburban status seeking and feels too tryhard to be genuinely "cool" anymore. The guys who buy the Rolex then feel self-conscious about wearing it in all situations and would rather store it safely at home, so they don't even get the full function of using it as a watch. It's purely for social status purposes. And when something is clearly just for status, it loses its potency and becomes insecurity/tryhard.

I was really into Rolex in high school because everyone around me had them (Ferraris too). Now I'd rather buy some cheap microbrand watch and pursue "unique" hipster products that I enjoy for some quirky reason and intentionally avoid the mainstream status symbols.

I want these SO BAD, why does Guidi cost 2 months of rent for boots, I'm going to get reps fuck it, this is outrageous I hate rich people
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>the standard for being a first worlder is high rent prices

its over for you
>>18093962 how are you this knowledgeable I need to get like you, I've just searched Steinkogler and they look very promising this may be the road I take for these boots
I've been practically manifesting/hunting for a pair of Guidis for about a year and a half now. Overall, it didn't really mean much. The shoes were very plain, and I think it's rather the desire itself that I desired. My old Steinkoglers/ FleiSS military surplus boots are much more cherished than the PL2s. Speaking of which, the PL2s basically have an inner half sole to fill in the space, to give the illusion of looking big. It's why all of the pairs you see online have that horizontal crease in the toe flex point. Most of the other Guidis are impractical, and fall apart. Speaking of which, I actually spoke to that seller about the eyelets; he said that they popped out, hence the reinforcement patches. Save your money and buy Steinkogler. FleiSS doesn't exist anymore, last I heard.
curious about the FleiSS - do you have pictures anon - also, which Steinkoglers. Love Euro surplus boots. Also have owned a pair of retail guidis, and while I will say the construction is not the most incredible thing in the world that horse (especially culotta) is just incomparable to anything else.
the crease at the toe is just from the toe cap being reinforced

You know what? Fuck it. I'm just going to start dressing like Ozzy.
>Long hair to compensate for round face
>Layer black on black on black on black to cover up dad bod
>Blazers casually and formally so you never have no surprise situations come up and throw a wrench in your strategy
He cracked the code. He solved pudgy guy fashion and nobody even noticed he did it.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
yeah like was the cocaine cut with biotin? tf
Have you tried lifting weights and cutting out the goyslop
this, no amount of black can hide your shame
get yoked
The difference is that Ozzy wears whatever the fuck he finds in his closet because he's coked out of his mind and it looks good because he lives and breathes this style, while you're just a tryhard.
Wearing all black is super gay

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