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Let's see some Gintama action, girls! (and guys)
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Naruto yaoi for our female viewers! Women deserve to have their voices heard on here!
For all those who don't know: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_gaze
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how was this thread supposed to be about female gaze? looks like a standard naruto thread
naruto threads always end up cursed
can i please just enjoy some 2d gay shit without being reminded that im a fujo fag
Can you please learn to sage over bait threads that's taking up space in this board?

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File: 77396635_p0_master1200.jpg (793 KB, 857x1100)
793 KB
793 KB JPG
The butt pics you are asking for
File: 77396635_p1_master1200.jpg (243 KB, 800x513)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Omg pls post more!
File: 77966f82df288014.png (723 KB, 900x1200)
723 KB
723 KB PNG

File: EkD-Gv7U0AEPaFB.jpg (258 KB, 2048x1668)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
Spanking thread
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File: CMdKGCCVEAUfPu2.png (626 KB, 599x733)
626 KB
626 KB PNG
File: 37.png (1.02 MB, 992x1536)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG

File: El66YLEVgAAyk_8.png (859 KB, 637x900)
859 KB
859 KB PNG
I don't think this thread will get much love since there are not many NSFW fanart works for this movie, but we'll see how this goes.
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Jackson Healy must be a bossy dominant Bottom while Holland March is a submissive service Top.
I prefer Healy to be the top role and fucks March
It just a fact that march was a slutty pillow princess. I see him getting drunk and begging healy to fuck him silly and then cry about his dead wife after.
Why March can't be a top to mount Healy?
I want a sequel of this movie.

Been seeing it around a lot lately, want to share what I've got.
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I don’t really have much to offer that hasn’t been posted already, so I’ll try to space them out
Thanks op for dropping so many pictures, there’s a lot I’ve never seen before in here
Whoaaa this reminds me of the hottest MGS fic I read. Might spam some fic recs!
Any of Raiden from Sons of Liberty?
any non-con scenes just like that in your recs?

File: EkX3IhZWAAUvweZ.jpg (206 KB, 1500x1500)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
Avatar the last airbender or The legend of Korra

Bonus if Sokka or Kai
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File: Elrb9sNXUAE27cq.png (451 KB, 750x751)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
File: EmqVvRJVcAAbPyV.jpg (444 KB, 1631x2051)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
File: EmqVvRTVkAABU-3.jpg (437 KB, 1631x2051)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
File: g.jpg (315 KB, 2051x2832)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
File: 1586298660910.jpg (201 KB, 850x1160)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
jesus these are funny

File: ES2o4iRWAAEZoQe.jpg (120 KB, 500x708)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
I'm looking for erotic art with a focus on ancient Rome, Greece or Egypt. Realistic if possible.
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looks hot to me
ftm are literally the worst, you girls sicken me
meant to reply to this post too >>2796555
absolute cancer. killed my erection. the estrogen of these posts is stronger than a literal milf creampie video

File: 1579292217376.png (1.41 MB, 853x1500)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
He posted new stuff on his fanbox and enty.

If you have some, post them here.
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File: 1586873164687.jpg (448 KB, 1127x1500)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
Though this is quite old. I found the uncensored version while going through a different thread on here
bruh thats not scat its his dick lmfao
What scat? the censored stuff under the bottom's asshole is his cock and balls
Oh sorry lolol.
He also announced a Pixiv requests account. Which means everyone can get their personalized porn from him.

I hope they get posted too.

Post guys lined up naked ready to be selected for breeding.

Pick your favorite guy (bonus points for penis comparison)
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Magma forever
File: 62144690_p0.jpg (3.86 MB, 5520x8648)
3.86 MB
3.86 MB JPG

What would you think Todoroki's reaction would be to this?
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Glad to see that Vegeta's growth spurt finally kicked in.

Artist can really draw ass.
File: Eg8tOy-VkAA0TKG.jpg (212 KB, 988x2047)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
File: 1605035281932.jpg (211 KB, 1490x1118)
211 KB
211 KB JPG

Let's get some hot nation boys in here. Just one rule: No small tops! Enjoy girls and boys!
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You're not the boss of me, OP.
File: DrzUdD0VsAIXGKn.jpg (152 KB, 1024x768)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
File: 68733956_p38.jpg (363 KB, 500x667)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
I just want to fuck america, bros..
Kek is he hover-handing him?

Considering that women on /y/ make up like 60 percent, I think it's time we had a thread that's suited to female taste.
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fujos are gross desu
File: 20201119_085649.jpg (134 KB, 1174x1368)
134 KB
134 KB JPG

File: EazK6XVVcAAymrD.jpg (152 KB, 887x768)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
File: Caveman.jpg (12 KB, 312x240)
12 KB
I just wish most models of his didn't look like the geico caveman.

File: Untitled.png (377 KB, 888x1100)
377 KB
377 KB PNG

1) Be nice friendly to the drawfags - they're drawing for you, after all. Also, be nice and friendly to non-drawfags as well. The whole hate thing must stop. Does this really need to be spelled out even more?

2) Specifics, details, and references pics are always appreciated, and increase the likelihood of your request being fulfilled.

3) Don't expect your request to be done straight away, or even at all - not every request is going to get done. If you think it's been overlooked, wait a while and relink or repost it.
If you're repeating an overlooked request in a new thread, try to include references. Don't just link back to your post in the last thread since chances are it will become a dead link soon.

4) Stick to fictional characters. Fictional characters from live action film/television are acceptable, just not the actor themselves. ie MCU Captain America requests are fine, but no Chris Evans requests.

5) Don't be greedy - no begging for repeat or multiple fills. It's ungrateful to the drawfags who put their own time into filling for you.
If the characters, kink, or scenario for them are rare, at least wait several threads before requesting again.

6) Usual board and global rules apply - no yiff, no cuntboys or other hardcore /d/, make sure they're legal, etc. If you're worried about whether it's too extreme or not, use Imgur or /i/.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Why the fuck would you fill a Fortnite request retard
File: Fighter in trouble!.jpg (255 KB, 1800x1800)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
New thread
Cry more bitch
ok can i say, this has inspired me to draw more than just the request.....this guy is handsome~
im depressed as fuck and my art skills arent that great , i don't know if i'll get around to it..

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