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File: EIJf9IHX4AETuZt.jpg (184 KB, 1493x1493)
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The thread for Nintendo stuff.
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File: 104804077_p0.jpg (1.11 MB, 968x1228)
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File: 104804077_p1.jpg (906 KB, 968x1228)
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File: 104871403_p0.jpg (797 KB, 1693x1264)
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Weird, I'm playing the game and its DLC without having paid a single cent. What are you doing wrong?

File: 95708631_p0.jpg (1.47 MB, 1518x1075)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
strong abs, biceps...
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File: 100123115_p0.jpg (175 KB, 850x602)
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175 KB JPG
Quite disgusting, revolting I would say
That's what makes it hot.

Project Neural Cloud welcome too.

Previous thread:
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I take it that Pesc and the Shield girl are ok to max based on the supports? What about the other free units?

I'm aiming for a lazy clearing team using the basic/shop 1-2 star units/free Willow before I can start building random units I like. So far I have the 5 free units at 60 but do I need synergy like three warriors or three snipers? I'm working on Earhart since I can get her fragments daily and then Chelsea, probably, for the same reason. I heard GFL has a high difficulty curve so I can't be sloppy about training everyone.

Seems like I can only get the waves command perk for chapter 6 after I clear it first.
This is a tierlist for current EN units:

I wouldn't particularly recommend limiting yourself to free units. There are some big differences in strength between individual units so if you want to go for maximum laziness focusing on at least some "OP" meta units is the easiest path, even if some of them need to be rolled for.

Since all banner units start from 3-star, which costs 65 fragments to get to from 2-star or 80 fragments to get to from 1-star, there's no particular benefit to limiting yourself to "free" units since raising a 1 or 2 star unit means at least 9-12 (by Fragment Search) or 13-16 (by Vulnerability Shop) extra days of farming anyway.

If you want concrete suggestions about making a low effort clearing team for getting through story content, then my recommendation would be to actually roll for Daiyan to pair with Sockdolanger (who will come with enough fragments for a free 5-star, like Persica) after probably about a month.

About team synergy, it's important but not an absolute requirement. There are currently three viable archetypes: Hashrate Sniper, Attack Sniper, and Attack Warrior. However, some top-tier comps (like Kuro + Daiyan) step outside those boundaries.

Basically the only REQUIRED class is a Medic. OP-tier Specialists are very useful, but other Specialists are somewhat questionable desu. Warrior teams can skip using a Guard to instead go 3-Warrior, but can have melee crowding problems so Hatsuchiri (who has auto backline teleport) is desirable. Sniper teams don't usually go 3-Sniper due to survivability issues, so they take a Specialist or second Medic instead.
Coming back to the question of who to focus on from the shop after Croque is maxed out, Earhart is indeed good but is dependent on Algorithm tuning due to her need for Crit Rate, which might be a limitation for a low-effort playstyle.

Betty and Chelsea are high tier Warriors (the second and third best amongst Warriors currently available) so they would be easier to use than Earhart. However, you can't raise both at the same time so without Hatsuchiri it'd be fairly difficult to set up a "no brain/effort" Warrior team. Also, the 13-16 day handicap from being 1-star units means a Daiyan-based Sniper team is still your best bet, in which case nobody from the Vulnerability Shop is high priority so you might as well keep raising Earhart.

(Earhart doesn't gain anything from being paired with Daiyan, because her skill can already crit. Earhart could be a good partner for Kuro, but other viable partners (Hubble, Max, Fresnel) would indeed require effort to use.)

About the Exception Protocol shop, Rise and Lam are the best investments, followed by Max. Rise only requires ~3.5 stars to reach OP tier. Lam can be extremely powerful at higher rarities (although again, with Algorithm tuning for Crit Damage) so refreshing the shop to buy her fragments faster is reasonable/recommended.
What am I supposed to get from this event shop?
It has the same contents as the shop from the Kuro event. For detailed explanations, check the wiki:

In summary:
>Buy everything from shop 2
>For shop 1, don't buy the last tier of anything with multiple tiers (Fragments, Algorithm Sets, Reconfiguration Generators). Also don't buy Neural Kits.
>Shop 3 prices are slightly better than Resource Collection. Feel free to buy stuff from there if you need it right now, or after you've cleared everything you want from Shop 2 and 1.

File: jessicanimation.png (1.81 MB, 1794x1273)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
Previous thread: >>3551264

Last one was fun and the skies the limit
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File: IMG_20230122_180242.jpg (1.27 MB, 4096x3466)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
File: IMG_20230127_132646.jpg (892 KB, 3072x4096)
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892 KB JPG
File: 1674869451931270.png (321 KB, 1080x1080)
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321 KB PNG
File: 1674869484751756.png (358 KB, 1080x1080)
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358 KB PNG
File: 1674943075431210.png (732 KB, 3520x3420)
732 KB
732 KB PNG

Post lesbians getting caught in compromising positions.
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File deleted.
this is missing those exclamation marks you see when someone gets startled... could someone please add them? this image is hot, but that something's missing
File: 80113222_p0.png (1.41 MB, 1600x1133)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG

File: image0-26.jpg (83 KB, 1280x1280)
83 KB
Don't matter if it's a waltz or tango, offical or fan art, if it involves two girls hand holding, arms on the back or waist and them dancing the night away, post it!!
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File: 20230120_231110.jpg (125 KB, 1600x900)
125 KB
125 KB JPG

File: IMG_0719.jpg (560 KB, 1500x1607)
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560 KB JPG
If you aren’t familiar with it already, PS is a rhythm game featuring Vocaloids and a cast of original characters.
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Season 2 started today, and it's looking to be a ShigurexYamashiro season.
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>You won MVP for the first time, didn't you?

File: 1666418704330820.jpg (1.12 MB, 1366x768)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
>All artists welcome!
>Try to keep references to one image.
>Try to avoid unnecessary off-topic posts, so as to not hit the bump limit too fast.
>Be patient - requests take time per artist, and our board is slow! Delivery time may vary and artists will not necessarily tackle requests in the order they are posted.
>You may also post /u/-related drawfag pictures from other boards, provided they are credited accordingly (or at least state which board it came from).
>Feel free to post /u/-related original content - gay OCs, non-requested fanart and sketches made for fun are all welcome!
>Try to actually draw stuff occasionally.
>Have fun!

O/u/r booru:

Previous thread: >>3736271
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I didn't even know they did porn
File: vfpyzyfldfx199.jpg (725 KB, 1240x1754)
725 KB
725 KB JPG
OR here. This is looking fantastic already! Can't wait to see how it turns out
Not the OR but this is nice
File: CamillaHinoka.png (2.51 MB, 1400x2000)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB PNG
Requesting Camilla pinning Hinoka to the ground and resting her breasts on her head like the bottom picture please

File: 1671162777145859.jpg (912 KB, 831x1215)
912 KB
912 KB JPG
Looking up to magical girls / Gushing over magical girls

Comfy winter edition
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>Ok gang now let's see who the real Magical girl is
>An i would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling nyphomaniacs and their stupid Azul too
Any drawfag-bros lurking around?
Azul didn't do anything here though. If anything the dog here was Vena since:
1. It is the one that told Baiser about the devices which pretty much destroyed Shion's whole scheme
2. Vena is a mascot. Scoob is also a mascot.
3. Vena is a bigger bitch than Azul will ever be. I fear for Momo and Randa's life.
Actually think Momo and Randa will get bailed out by Vatz and they go under a reformation arc. Utena is pissed that the Shio-chans are terribly unheroic for magical girls, but she still sees them as magical girls nonetheless so I doubt she'll invite them into Enormeeta. It'll also even the numbers between Enormeeta and Penta(?) Magia. I leave out Shion though because I think she's completely fucked this time.
File: No Way.png (785 KB, 749x761)
785 KB
785 KB PNG
Momo is getting put in The Box like Loco and Leber were.
Not because she opposed them, but because of the cross-faction shipping.
>Penta(?) Magia
Tres is Spanish so it would be Cinco Magia.

File: FSZvUjRWYA0JP6D.jpg (167 KB, 945x1000)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>3678884
Elden Ring has now outsold the latest Call of Duty, thus is the power of Yuri!

A thread for yuri from From Software games, including Demon Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring.

Other Souls-like titles, like Nioh and Code Vein, are also allowed.
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File: Fmgz4BYaUAEtbD2.jpg (495 KB, 1200x1697)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
not a fan but there are good artists who use it. that's just shitty Steven Universe lips art

The thread for turning yaoi or het into yuri.
31 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
/tg/ with a question.
Would posting a Made/Saw/Played from a recent TTRPG I was in Be acceptable? Hesitant to post it without permission...
Is it yuri-relevant? Does it have males?
Character was male, got turned into female partway through, never bothered looking for a way back, wound up in a yuri relationship with another player's character by the end.
Okay, post it.

File: 2677667h.jpg (58 KB, 500x709)
58 KB
Favorite films. Favorite performers. New releases. Discuss.

This is a good one. Only two scenes, but they're both super hot. The acting isn't great, and the story's kinda weak, but the sexual chemistry of all three girls is off the charts. Lacy Lennon's great in everything, and Ana Foxxx might just be the most beautiful woman to ever do porn.

Definitely a worth keeping in mind as a possible date-night watch for those of you who aren't destined to die alone.
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Bree Olson and Bobbi Starr did one of these, but I don't remember liking the scene very much. It was pretty stiff.

Must've been the director's fault. They're both great performers with plenty of great girl/girl scenes.
I can't get off to it, though it feels nice for a while. May as well be her knee.

Ah, Taylor, I knew you hadn't abandoned us!
File: 1672093357144748.jpg (121 KB, 669x720)
121 KB
121 KB JPG

Just kidding. We all know Taylor's a huge fan of scissoring.
This is a huge favorite of mine. It's so romantic. I'm pretty sure it was the first scene Abella Danger and Valentina Nappi shot together, but you'd never guess it. They fuck like they've been with each other for years:


File: Yuzu & Mei Citrusgram.png (3.25 MB, 2344x3448)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB PNG
We finally got a new chapter, this time focused on Yuzu's homophobic friends. they probably will end up dating each other.
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Can anons recommend something to read after Citrus? I burned through the original manga so I'm trying to take it slow with Citrus+.
Need something to read in the meantime, preferably with a bit less drama and a bit more fluff than Citrus.
Virgins' Empire. First few chapters are kinda bad but then the story gets more serious and interesting.
I'll check it out, thanks.
A very based series, if I do say so myself
File: FmmiGsCWAAIOcAX.jpg (172 KB, 714x915)
172 KB
172 KB JPG

File: 1620582960526.png (829 KB, 1200x910)
829 KB
829 KB PNG

New releases:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Fl2_WILaYAE3df2.jpg (81 KB, 768x1015)
81 KB
File: FmHkakLaAAMPBPE.jpg (216 KB, 1654x1181)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
File: FmRLv89aYAA_mG6.jpg (83 KB, 756x810)
83 KB
にこまき マーキング

Honestly thought >>3868208 was NicoMaki but it wasn't and I can no longer delete it. My apologies.
File: FmmCAzNaEAElaDB.jpg (73 KB, 768x1024)
73 KB


File: FmmCBE4aYAAEgmX.jpg (89 KB, 768x1024)
89 KB

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