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File: FcvzNhF.jpg (37 KB, 623x279)
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Previous thread: >>3642731


Official web media:
Assault Lily Project YT - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBBWEbD8FflD5g3Ya_dRV-g
Ludvico Girls High School YT - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCehrt0eozclO0DNDddn2Cww
Last Bullet Mildom - https://www.mildom.com/profile/12088887

Hitotsuyanagi-tai novel - https://ebookjapan.yahoo.co.jp/books/413408/A001760220/
Assault Lily ARMS - https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/dp/B099ZRD9Q1/

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I honestly didn't expect this, but it's appreciated.
File: FwVhaOfWcAAdAo5.jpg (155 KB, 900x1200)
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155 KB JPG

File: FvfyAElaIAAFuKs.jpg (707 KB, 2371x2371)
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707 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>3915476
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Kaeya being given a hangout next version means that Lisa and Amber will get theirs too, right?
Kaeya's getting a story quest AND a Hangout?

Oh shit.

Or something.

But yeah, here's hoping Lisa and Amber get similar treatments. And one of Lisa's routes better involve Jean.
The cancelled Qiqi story quest makes me wonder what other things got shitcanned and I won't be surprised if all the Rosaria content is there.
Kaeya is main story important, so hopefully Amber can get one too considering shes the first character you meet.

Im glad 4 star characters are now ok with getting story quests though if this is any indication.
Only 4-stars that got story quests were the 3 starters.

File: 1.jpg (837 KB, 2048x2940)
837 KB
837 KB JPG
Together we are a force!
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Yuri featuring 4chan tans and other characters originating from 4chan. From board tans, to mod tans, to bury pinks, and more
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What does /lit/ even look like?
Used to be a dude in a sweater vest but seems like she's now either a female Stirner or a cute female librarian
File: Meeting.png (65 KB, 704x379)
65 KB
I had a vague idea about that time ago. I can see something like that really happening. If you don't mind, how do think the first encounter between /int/-tan and the /u/ twins could have been?
I’m not sure. Could be the twins seeing /pol/ try to claim /int/ and they decide to turn her to the light side to spite /pol/.
How’s your wife swap comic going if I may ask?
>/c/ goes to deliver cookies to the twins
>she opens the door uninvited, planning a surprise
>the twins are dressed up as her and /jp/, complete with wigs, and acting out a fantasy date in Shakespearean style
“Oh /c/, my dear, your eyes are soft tonight.
As tsundere I wish to play the part.
I cannot help but see your smile so bright
Its presence melts my cold and hardened heart.”

rewritten as a proper sonnet

It's been a while since we've had a thread about the superpowered mahjong-playing lesbians with no panties.
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File: 78931579_p12.jpg (132 KB, 580x653)
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132 KB JPG
File: 1.jpg (839 KB, 1337x1920)
839 KB
839 KB JPG
Doesn't want to lose her lover
File: Bg4zsimCIAEddYX.jpg (51 KB, 640x488)
51 KB
File: DkzXO24VsAEhSGU.jpg (111 KB, 800x680)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
File: 19929992_p0.jpg (662 KB, 1000x1264)
662 KB
662 KB JPG

This board has a severe lack of focus on clits with bushes. So I'm going to remind you that even lesbians with pubes have sex with each other.
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File: kohafuji_dialogue.jpg (2.93 MB, 3600x3900)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB JPG

From Takahiro and YuYuYu comes this Revue clone. Where yuri meets schizo
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File: hiiragi and noa.png (1.44 MB, 1920x1080)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
I love them so much.
Brat's heart's already taken. Good for German girl.
Yae was doing it all out of love.
I bet Yae kept rehearsing the kiss scene with Hiiragi until her lips bled. Hiiragi got to kiss a very young girl every night, I cannot imagine why she would want to quit a job like that.
Cause now she gets to run /ll/ performances every night and keep the best girls for herself.

Project Neural Cloud welcome too.

Previous thread:
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Yeah, Clukay is confirmed for half-anniversary. Might make Nora harder to roll for if she comes right after but welp, Clukay's not really negotiable.

Incidentally, this week (while Magnhilda's event is still up) is a good week to spend keys, because you get to double-dip with the Chapter 7 event shop currency. Magnhilda's third event shop already has better prices than Resource Collection so feel free to do extra farming runs for Combat EXP/Skill Samples.

Alternatively, you could spend keys on algo farming instead, in which case it wouldn't matter if Magh's event ends. Note that it has been confirmed from data collection a while back that 3-pc algorithm rates are WORSE for beta algos than alpha algos. This means that Collection Area 2 has pretty bad efficiency and is somewhat only worth it on weekends or if you use the guaranteed pity drops. If you're in a position where you need the alpha algorithms more than the beta ones (e.g. Wednesdays/Thursdays/maybe Fridays) then Collection Area 1 is better.
So, with the new BattlePass cap you now can get a Pass Overflow Data Pack for every 500 Activity you gain beyond the standard rewards for the first 50 levels/5000 Activity.

The Pass Overflow Data Pack can drop 50 Quartz Sand, 1 Reconfiguration Generator, 1 Skill Pivot etc. However it can also just drop 50 EXP or 5000 DGC.

With the Weekly Activity Cap raised to 2250, you can theoretically get 9000 total Activity for 8 Overflow Packs. However, in order to actually reach 2250 weekly Activity, you have to literally complete almost all the Daily and Weekly Quests with only 50 Activity to spare. Since this means you're forced to Purchase Keys, it's guaranteed to be Quartz Sand negative.

Here are some numbers:
Daily Activity:
- Base: 100
- Endless Exploration: 20
- Exception Protocol: 20
- Purchase Keys: 10
Weekly Activity:
- Base: 750
- Exception Protocol x2: 300

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What's the word on the ZLS girls, wise skk?
They mostly only work in full ZLS echelons, but aren't strong enough to outperform proper meta echelons, which makes them basically only usable as a gimmick.

Two of them have skills which also damage themselves, but are on the high end for DPS, so some form of HP shielding is basically mandatory. This means Shield Fairy or the Fried Chicken fairy are the best Fairy options, with Fried Chicken actually possibly winning because Shield Fairy buffs only last 20s. Fried Chicken is pretty much universally bad for other echelons.

Since there are 7 members but only 5 echelon slots, 2 of the members can't be deployed. IMO Sakura and Saki have a bit of anti-synergy so they probably shouldn't be used together. Tae seems to be the best candidate for the other drop. In terms of echelon leader, Yugiri has the best stats by far so I think she should always be chosen.

Note that the newest client on CN has released a new feature where dolls automatically repair a bit of HP at the end of each turn (based on a new stat for each doll). This makes the scratch damage issues from the units that self-damage a bit less of an issue, but HP shielding is still needed.

been seeing a lot of splatoon loose in threads, would be nice if we could condense it to just one
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File: PEARLMARINA.jpg (961 KB, 1378x1014)
961 KB
961 KB JPG
File: 1669135631277075.jpg (320 KB, 1024x2100)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
File: 1676171079184201.jpg (303 KB, 2048x1252)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
Side order
File: 102974050_p0.png (648 KB, 1500x1250)
648 KB
648 KB PNG
The fact that agent24 means captain/8 and not marie/4 always triggers me
it makes sense because its 3 x 8

File: 1503016270862.png (624 KB, 960x400)
624 KB
624 KB PNG
LIly LYric cyCLE


thread died
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Why do you think the VN bombed? Normally, with those voice actors alone, you get a certain audience. But they not only had a really terrible writer for what they were going for, they also didn't give a shit about getting new people in.
Kinda sad, but alas. It's not rare for companies to splurge for voice actors, but forget how important the writer is. For a drama CD this might still be okay, but for a VN.. it's harsh to go bottom tier, given that even average is not really that good with VNs.
Happy New Year thread
Are there any good fanfics?

Let's post some of your most memorable songs from your favorite /u/ themed shows. Songs from non-pure /u/ shows are also allowed as long as there are yuri characters.

I'll start with 4 of the most recognizable shows.




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Ah, it's raining again
Link is dead. What was the song?
Princess Principal - Moonlight Melody
Tower of Flower

E Ihowā Atua,
O ngā iwi mātou rā
Āta whakarangona;
Me aroha noa
Kia hua ko te pai;
Kia tau tō atawhai;
Manaakitia mai

Witch thread
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Make better posts if you're gonna bump from page 10.

File: GupButIdol.jpg (200 KB, 595x842)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
I just feel my wind
I just feel my shine
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File: [000129].png (453 KB, 650x795)
453 KB
453 KB PNG
Still need to finish the series

Post yuri content related to the Ace Attorney series ITT.
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this might sound like heresy but not every interaction between girls has to mean that they're gay.
I wish Susato and Rei had more content. They got this, 1 futa pic, and like 5 ffm """"yuri""""
File: cgo.jpg (11 KB, 280x280)
11 KB

With Halloween fast approaching, let's have a thread for any yuri with a creepy/horror theme.
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File: 103093754_p0.jpg (156 KB, 850x595)
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156 KB JPG

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