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armpit licking /u/
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The other one archived, time for another!
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Why would they care, "oh when we were young at one point you were at the other side of a door of me", like ok?
Why is Vi missing her tat? What if that is just Caits date that looks like Vi but isn't?
Yet, why do they look so young here?

File: 1647212429863.jpg (2.84 MB, 2812x3088)
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2.84 MB JPG
A thread to discuss any personal yuri creations you're currently working on or have ideas for, and to get feedback and advice from other anons. Tell us what you're making!

This includes but is not limited to:
>yuri stories (note that fanfiction has it's own dedicated thread)
>yuri video games
>yuri comics
>yuri card games
>yuri 3D modeling and/or printing
>yuri graffiti
>yuri food
>using deep learning to construct two sentient female AI and setting them up on a blind date

Note that all the normal board rules still apply, e.g. no hetshit, etc.
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Tried the demo earlier, VERY briefly so I cannot comment too much.
The writing isn't Pulitzer tier by any means, but I'd say it's fair for being an amateur dev first VN.
The art isn't very good. It's serviceable. Instead of having a sharp line anime style, why don't you go with the smooth watercolor anike style like on the Steam image? It definitely helps smooth put some of the wonkyness.
Good luck!
>It was an aspect deliberately tacked onto the character by anon so that they could pursue this retarded plot about the relationship between a lesbian and her former boyfriend turned best friend
Or because they think it might make for an interesting aspect to the character and her relationships?
Your whole rant presupposes that this is all bad and needs to be justified, which I do not agree with.
>it is specifically that outdated cliche
How does "element of backstory and character relationship" equal "defining part of hackneyed character arc" in your mind, unless you just paint everything you instinctively dislike with the same brush?
>The entire thing just oozes shitty wattpad writing.
>or because they think that lesbians having dated men makes for an interesting aspect
I'm sure they do. They made that pretty apparent when they talked about how they liked the part of Octave where a lesbian sleeps with a random guy for absolutely retarded reasons. That isn't inconsistent with what I said though, obviously anon likes it, or they wouldn't be putting the shitty plot element in.
>you're presupposing that making an ex-boyfriend the, in anon's own words, "second most important" aspect of a lesbian character's identity/relationships is bad
>How does an author picking a cliche backstory element euqal an author picking a cliche backstory element?
If you want to continue to try and dance around it being a cliche by pretending that somehow the hands of fate just reached in and magically happened to pick the cliched plot completely free of any authorial intent, you're welcome to delude yourself. No amount of "it's an element of backstory and character backstory" is going to make "the villain killed my master and used to be their former apprentice" not a cliche.
Anons needing actual advice on direction who are sourcing it from /u/ are going to struggle writing meaningful ethos, logos or pathos if they can't even convince themselves of the topics they are writing about. If anons don't have educational training, or at least put real effort into learning it themselves from actual sources of knowledge, then what is anyone even making a personal yuri project for? Yuri isn't made by hitting two rocks together but you wouldn't know it from looking at the last 48 hours with the evil yuri fairy making this shit catch on fire.
>they liked the part of Octave where a lesbian sleeps with a random guy for absolutely retarded reasons
I get the sense that you're not too good with empathy or just understanding people/storytelling.
And while I could understand you disliking that development in Octave or thinking it progressed the story poorly, your constant twisting of anon's words and getting carried away with a pretty innocuous part of a story that doesn't even exist makes you come off as a paranoid weirdo.
Then I guess that's it. I have my opinion and you have your one, where I guess nothing that doesn't appeal to your sensibilities could ever belong in a story.
>by pretending that somehow the hands of fate just reached in and magically happened to pick the cliched plot completely free of any authorial intent
No, no one's said that. Assuming this has been the same poster, this is the second time you've accused me of claiming that's the case. My response the first time didn't disclaim any awareness of the fact that the author put the things they did in the story deliberately, only that their end goals being what you said they were was, in my eyes, questionable.
It's just not weird or a big deal, but you think it is due to your wacko perspective on things. But really, we're just going in circles at this point.

File: 1658456962075131.jpg (255 KB, 1109x1479)
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255 KB JPG
Previous Thread >>3626434
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Himawari and Nadeshiko set it up to throw Sakurako off the trail. She was talking to nobody then and Himawari acted none the wiser
Seems about as easy as pulling one over on a toddler. Sakurako could probably catch the two naked in bed and still not understand what's going on.

File: 92814876_p0.jpg (522 KB, 891x1200)
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522 KB JPG
Images of beautiful, aggressive ladies getting into sexually charged conflicts. Getting aroused by fighting, competing for sexual dominance, targeting erotic body parts, etc. Less explicitly sexual fights (i.e. boxing, wrestling) are welcome, but please avoid any hard ryona that focuses on the girls' pain or torment.
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File: 100784810_p0.jpg (792 KB, 708x1000)
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I love when women fight and there's a level of sexual tension that slowly transitions said fight into sex.

Wish that happened in real life.
Kill La Kill has a lot of potential for yuri sexfighting smut.
File: 92227554_p0.jpg (2.8 MB, 4000x2800)
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2.8 MB JPG

Previous: >>3758557
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Rollback edition
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File: FdJGlFGXkAgF9lU.jpg (276 KB, 1905x1700)
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I do. Nowhere near as much these days, but I still play and watch the odd tournament here and there.
File: images (8).jpg (44 KB, 468x656)
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File: Ewc2vLUVIAMp3ht.jpg (45 KB, 700x805)
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Previous thread:
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File: 100105301_p0.png (495 KB, 675x810)
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495 KB PNG
More marshmallow mammary mashing!
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extra points for monika × yuri
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Do they?
File: 99853484_p0.jpg (188 KB, 850x1203)
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File: 100763203_p1.jpg (232 KB, 850x1203)
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232 KB JPG

File: Yuzu & Mei Citrusgram.png (3.25 MB, 2344x3448)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB PNG
We finally got a new chapter, this time focused on Yuzu's homophobic friends. they probably will end up dating each other.
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File: FcgZDYcXgAEBHN_.jpg (135 KB, 841x1091)
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135 KB JPG

File: 05934789361.jpg (2.17 MB, 1355x1900)
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2.17 MB JPG
Previous thread: >>3617977
Fic list: https://pastebin.com/jUr9FQz0

Major Italian Event, Aquilifer's Ballade, is ongoing
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File: 7032934604.jpg (157 KB, 850x867)
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File: 1649391711597.jpg (2.85 MB, 5000x3565)
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2.85 MB JPG

The thread for turning yaoi or het into yuri.
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Besides Shinji and the other guy from Eva, I don't recognize any of these.
Have you thought about reading the filenames?
Because is cringe as hell, anon. Jeez.
That's not what /d/ is for.
This pic is walking a fine line.

File: FB6f2aeUUAg_IHL.jpg (222 KB, 2048x1386)
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File: FddtA9HWIAEk5PW.jpg (1.48 MB, 4096x4096)
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Patronustrip is a gift.

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