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Thinking of fucking off to El Salvador for a week in may or june.

How safe is it at the moment? What should I do for a week? Any comfy small towns and shit like that?
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Guatemala is an excellent choice. Guatemala City is kind of a dump, but when you head out towards Antigua Guatemala and then towards Panajachel/Lake Atitlan you'll have a great time.

go to Bitcoin Beach and eat Pupusas
Salvadoran here.

Watch your back. Don't believe the propaganda bullshit, crime still exists, only crime that has diminished is gang to gang raiding.

Only things worth doing in El Salvador is visiting natural parks, which now are getting de-natured and becoming tourist traps. Go to the Walter Deininger nature reserve, Bicentenario natural park, La Laguna Botanical garden, Cerro de Las Pavas in Cojutepeque. Visit Cihuatan archeological ruins.

Do NOT go to bitcoin bullshit, it's an overpriced tourist trap, the beach is absolute shit, specially stay away of Majahual, it's full of gang fucker types since it's free to go there. If you want to go to a beach go somewhere in Jiquilisco, Costa del Sol or something like that.

I haven't traveled to farther places. Small towns offer nothing and you may risk running into gang areas. Some of the farther places can be inaccessible, which I hope stay that way, and visiting would require further planning which is also not readily available.

I guess Santiago de Maria can be a good place, its on a plateau surrounded by volcanoes, with a volcanic pond nearby but it's kind of inaccesible.
>check out the chinese funded library
How about fuck you. Why the fuck would he go to a library in a third world shithole, specially if it's some chink power flex monument? You weren't blown away from your visit because you visited the crappy shit fed to tourists by moneygrabbers who hate their country.

File: groped.webm (964 KB, 720x1280)
964 KB
My company will send me on a short term expat assignment and i can pick the place.

I mostly care about having fun and meeting likeminded people.

Housing will be covered by my employer so one less thing to worry about.

I am single, white and in my early 30's

You are a migrant, nothing more.
Sgd and aud are always about parity, same as cad.
In aus:
Packet of 25 sticks ciggies 70 dollars
Pint beer in pub 12 to 15 dollars
Main meal at local crappy resto 20 to 40 dollars
Singapore beer is expensive too though when i was there. Both shit holes, extremely hard to save money
Sydney is better for lqtbp+ people, if
> meeting likeminded people.
was a hint.
Melbourne is good for meeting sudanese gangsters and wogs
I personally would prefer Singapore. I think it would be a more interesting experience.

File: IMG_9038.jpg (336 KB, 1008x1792)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
anything interesting to do in Bologna or should I move somewhere else?
The same as in any central Italian city: Museums, churches, and good food. If those aren't your thing, you might be in the wrong country.
take a wife, start a family
Eat some bologna
haha bologne

File: images (8).jpg (24 KB, 231x218)
24 KB
What to do in Indonesia?
Where would you go and what would you do if you were there for a few weeks?
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File: IMG_1769.jpg (762 KB, 2160x1440)
762 KB
762 KB JPG
Lan in Jakarta, look around the city, enjoy the nightlife etc. Take train to Bandung and see nearby volcano then move on to Borobudur and Prambanan Temple. Go from there to nearby city of Yogyakarta a historic capital with lots of local culture, spend a few days there before checking out some of the remote beaches and fishing villages on the south coast of Java. Beautiful beaches, friendly locals and hardly any western tourists, unlike Bali. Then I would make my way to Surabaya and check out that area for a few days before travelling by boat and land to Bali. After Bali I would check out the neighbouring island of Lombok which is less touristy but has lots of natural beauty (picrel). Then II would go back to Bali and get a cheap flight with Citilink to Dili, East Timor. It's only a two hour flight and usually quite cheap. That way you can say you have been to this small SEA country that not many people know about and check out some of the beaches and places there. It's not very developed though and there's not a great deal to do so probably 1 or 2 nights max is enough. Then just take the return flight to Denpasar and fly towards home from there, if you are flying into Jakarta then you can fly to Jakarta via Denpasar.
You guys have really good local restaurant recs? Budget is about 235k IDR per pax - I doubt any recs are even going to be that expensive, but I don't want a sit-down restaurant that is TOO fancy, just somewhere I can take my friend that is going to seriously impress him that I know about it. I want to find something that's local, maybe a Mom and Pop shop, but has food leagues above what you'd normally find as a tourist.
Everyone in this thread,
without any coercion, really sold the fuck out of Jakarta. Might have to go.
How does Jakarta compare to Thailand in terms of “cultural nonchalance”? Can I just bumble around solo and not be harassed accosted or pestered beyond the occasional hawker?

File: 1635967362407.png (52 KB, 686x525)
52 KB
Best place to travel for cheap and quality cosmetic surgery?

Backstory: Been a NEET fuckup for most of my life. Recently got my shit together at the ripe age of 25 and have 10k in the bank.

Unfortunately, due to my shitty life decisions I got a LOT of physical flaws.
>I lost 'bout 150 lbs and have loose skin out the ass.
>Tons of stretch marks, I'm talking deep purple shit from my arms, torso, stomach, legs, and back
>chronic back pain from a herniated disc after i autistically pushed myself too hard in my self IMPROOOVEMENT phase
>crooked yellow teeth, haven't seen the dentist in 15 years because muh anxiety
>patchy baldness due to drug use
>literally look like a methhead

I've decided I need to fix this or I'll die a KHV. I need a total makeover in a way I can afford. What are my options /trv/?
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Good luck anon. I got a hair transplant. I support and encourage all ‘plantbros
>trying to pass as something you aren't, for attention from people who would usually never look twice at you
>have to take hormones daily to pass, your body starts falling apart if you don't
>extremely sensitive about it, with cultlike support groups
>popular in hollywood and promoted by jews
You're young enough to bounce back from all that. Fix your teeth, get your back looked at. Leave your skin and hair alone and try to live healthyz they will sort themselves out somewhat.

Drug releated alopecia usually isn't permanent damage. Just give it time to heal.
This. I talked with a Turk about it. He told me that all rich euros and Americans go to turkey for hair transplants but all Turks go to Iran for hair transplants. Apparently it's cheap as fuck and they do a very good job too.
Of course with Israel acting like the niggers they are I wouldn't go now but once things calm down I would recommend checking it out for a hair transplant.
File: 1711995536210294.webm (719 KB, 480x852)
719 KB
If it's any thing to do with your face I recommend Korea. Those niggas got that shit locked down. I had some moles removed there and it cost me like 20 bucks. In Canada they wanted to charge me 200 (fucking lol is this country pathetic). I've done some other youthful procedures too. My gf got a botox for like 100 dollars (it included some other things though). Dental costs are 1/3 of what they are in the US. Obviously Vietnam and Thailand are even cheaper but you pay in quality. Thailand dentist's are quite subpar.
Pic related to trigger the jeetjanny.

File: 1505937115803.png (80 KB, 560x407)
80 KB
Are there any ACTUALLY good places to learn languages online?
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on hellotalk i get about 1 every day or 2 who message me but thats also bc i put my japanese as the native bar so they just chat to me in jap rather than in english
im rather average but am blonde blue eyed
>Are there any ACTUALLY good places to learn languages online?
Try https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Duolingo is one of the worst tools for learning a foreign language to be honest.
nobody responds because I'm autistic
It is impossible to learn languages. Nobody has ever done it. It's all a scam to sell you courses and apps and shit. People either speak multiple languages from birth, or they only speak one their whole life.

File: aOJFouj.jpg (125 KB, 692x848)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Flying out to Melbourne for the first time this winter. Any notes and recommendations of spots to check out?
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Plenty of Gay bars, you might want to extend your trip to check them all out
It's full of niggers and yuppies that's about it.
I had a great trip to Melbourne in winter two years ago. It was to meet my friend off 4chan believe it or not.

Check out Melbourne market it’s like a giant flea market.

A lot of the museums and gardens are free. I think we went to the royal botanical garden and to some kind of memorial museum. Uhm maybe it’s called the cenotaph or something? It’s like a war memorial museum.

There are many art galleries. We went to the old ones because we don’t like degenerate shit. But there’s new stuff too.

I liked the natural history museum “Melbourne Museum” but every city has that.

You can ride trams all over Melbourne for free, only charge outside the center area. There’s some train station called Flinders Street station which is famous.

If you have a car you can see the Great Ocean Road not far from there and if you have lots of time and a plane ticket you can go to Tasmania where it’s super cold.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Oh also apparently Melbourne has a great food scene but idk it’s all kind of just food to me so idk. We did eat some really good chicken schnitzel everyone seems to like that down there.
>St Kilda
Actual St Kilda, not the one in Melbourne, has no degeneracy at all

File: 20240417_155525.jpg (3.75 MB, 4000x3000)
3.75 MB
3.75 MB JPG
I've a Delsey luggage but lost the code. It's on 'open' position.
help welcome
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Pushing the button for a few seconds didn't work.
Anyway, i can't push it at it's maximum, unless I find the right code

There's no other button
You can see the big 'on' button. There should also be 2 buttons on the side. You need to hold the 'on' button with the 'down' button on the side for about 5 seconds.

Once you're in safe mode, just scroll through until you find 'factory reset'. Make sure your case is on charge during the reboot, else you might brick the case.
da fuck, i didn't ask on /b did I?
Switch it to wumbo.
Just guess the code, theres only 999 combinations anyways

File: download (5).png (1 KB, 275x183)
1 KB
I've always wanted to go there since I was in elementary school but I heard they can be kinda racist, I just want to know the gist of how'll they'll treat me for being mixed.
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The places I'm being denied entry is probably for a good reason than.
Just wonder what the experience is like, I know 4chan gives unfiltered hard truth reviews.
Unironically sounds fun being called or assumed to be a celebrity. To be honest if I heard a Japanese person call me nigger I'd probably laugh.
Lol whites only bro. You’re already 100% aware Japan is for US not YOU
Mulattas are better looking than japanese women on average though
Do yourself and Japan a favor, and don't ever go there. You will suffer due to your mulatto complexion.
There was a nice restaurant in a business area west of Shinjuku, during lunch hours. Most customers were likely businessmen on a lunch break. I asked for a table for two and was told they're full. Two minutes later my white wife asked and they had seats. Other than that, employees will hover around you like you're trying to steal something ALL THE TIME in every type of store.

File: trtle travel pillow.jpg (263 KB, 1486x990)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
whats the best plane pillow thing
27 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
You can just throw them in the washing machine and it's fine.
I don't sweat on planes but do actually use them for camping and they get soaked in summers
Heavy drinking before and at the airport, sleep like a baby, still feel like complete shit when you arrive
Even a single drink will trash your sleep. You don't sleep like a baby, you sleep like a drunk (ie. you pass out without resting at all, and might as well stay awake).
You clearly aren't drinking enough anon

Niederthal, Austria. Not to be confused with Niederthai, Austria
Abu Dhabi
Did Hitler paint that?

Should I retire in azores, canary islands, or madeira? Hawaii seems expensive and overcrowded
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I don't think any places there are nicer for living than the three above
>Madeira is a digital nomad's dream
why is it better than Canary?
what about Tenerife?
woops just realized that's the canary islands hehe
Not a bad option, definitely more people than some of the other places for better or worse

Is this accurate?
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Cape Town isn't close to being the cheapest city in Africa so how is it #2 in the world?
good question dylan
Sunny beach is ass
t. Bulgar
What are the coolest spots in bulgaria?
File: 1709139541394930.png (1.65 MB, 1280x720)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
A bit too broad, but here's what I can do for you:

>gommunism-related travel
The Lyulin and Levski G districts in the capital are a sight to behold if you're into dystopian commie-blocks.
The buzludzha peak flying saucer is a good meme. Pic rel.
>BG culture and heritage
Koprivshtiza, Plovdiv Old town, Veliko Tarnovo, Etar museum, Pliska, Madara, Shiroka Luka and Tryavna
non-urbanite beacahes, Bansko/Razlog/Dobrinishte/Pamporovo skiing, litany of trails

File: madventures.jpg (251 KB, 960x1440)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
You have watched the premier travelling show Madventures on youtube, right /trv/?
no - go advertise somewhere else
The first season is comfy and kinda what got me into travelling
yeah, learned about it... probably 5-6 years ago from here
File: 1684706725638825.jpg (11 KB, 314x364)
11 KB
no one is making money with it anymore, it's simply the best traveling series

I am spending five days here a month from now for work. My schedule allows a lot of free time. I love history,museums,nature,antiques,thrift and food. I love off the beaten track stuff. Uniquely Maryland things. I have been Edgar Allan Poe obsessed since age 14! I am so excited for this trip! Please reveal the good stuff :)
I lived there for years while I was in college at Towson.

Federal Hill has some awesome little bars and restaurants. The bars around the Cross Street market are all good and white,.

Canton is another nice part of town with good food and bars. The whole block around O'Donnell Square Park is good. It's pretty middle class and white 20-40s, a good place to meet chicks.

The hipsters and art school kids hang out on Charles Street. Brewer's Art is awesome. The Otto Bar has a lot of punk bands come through.

Hampden has some cool bars. The vibe is a little more low class white hipster.

For hiking, get out of the city. Kilgore Falls, The B&O rail trail, Big Gunpowder Falls, Cunningham Falls, Harpers Ferry, downtown Annapolis,

Haven't been there in years but remember the hotel Coral Essex being very good.
tineye brought back zero results. Please don't tell me you've experienced the manic pixie dream girlfriend..

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