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File: Untitled.png (121 KB, 2206x1254)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Whats the best island to go to in the south pacific? Ive been to bora bora and im still keen to go to something similar
If you dive, Truk (Chuuk) has the best diving ever.
Truk (formerly Chuck)
Hawaii is god tier. I'm from Aus and had been all over as a kid since my parents loved going around the pacific. I'd not been to hawaii until two years ago and it blew the others out of the water in terms of nature. If you're sitting arround in Honolulu it's a waste of time but wow those islands are beautiul
How is Hawaii different than other South Pacific islands? Bigger mountains?
File: images.jpg (7 KB, 300x168)
7 KB
Haven't been but I feel like Tonga is extremely kino. An island nation under monarchy, under visited. It's on the top of my bucket list next year as I really wanna experience swimming with whales.
The only place I've been to in South Pacific is Niue. Great small island, no tourists whatsoever.

File: 1680736632989418.jpg (383 KB, 1920x1080)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
What transferable skills do you have that allow you to travel so frequently? Allegedly this whole board has rich people working in foreign countries constantly. What jobs have you worked that let you live the dream?
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Ahhhhh Portland, home....I joined the Marines anon, if you're poor and you want to travel, you have to be tough and have a capacity for hardship. I recommend the merchant Marines, it's a great way to gain real world experience and skills and travel the world.
I have a graduate degree, but I still do a lot of copywriting. I was making about $100,000 per year up until the end of last winter, when one of my longer-term--and best-paying--clients cut my content quota unexpectedly and without any warning. So I'm making substantially less than I was before, especially when considering that we now live in a high-COL area on the East Coast.

As I may have mentioned in my original comment, I find what I do horrendously boring (even though it pays well in relation to the amount of effort I put in, and provides significant flexibility in terms of being able to travel). All things considered, I'm likely going to apply for another professional program at the end of the summer. If I get in somewhere--and I think I will--it'd be a big adjustment, but that'll be the end of my writingshit forever.
No, all training is provided (and you are paid to do it)
Advice for Euro anon that wants to do tech sales?
I'm looking at Repvue and been reading some beautyofsaas but idk.
The US seems like such an amazing place to work. I hate EU besides the food and the cafés.
Reading about the US salaries really makes me seethe. Also, I'm from a commie Scandi country where even ordering something off of Amazon results in 2x price. Fuck this shit.

>Captcha K8SDR

File: image0-5 (1).gif (903 KB, 873x1200)
903 KB
903 KB GIF
I just got back from Seattle and had my worst travel experience ever. What a miserable place. Dirty, ugly, and extremely dangerous. On my first day, I went to Pike Place and saw a crackhead taking a dump in the middle of the street. Drug users shouting and threatening people in broad daylight, and the population just walks around as if nothing is happening. I'm Brazilian and, despite agreeing that Brazil is a cursed country, I can assure you that a lot of what happens in Seattle doesn't even happen in Brazil.

Every business in the city was keen on displaying LGTV++++++ and BLM flags everywhere, and everything there seems to be wrong and bad. A $20 pizza costs literally double because of some stupid regulation to pay more to delivery drivers. Not only that, I also saw
a bunch of people eating French fries every single single morning (eating fried food in the morning should be a crime).

What really scared me was the number of leftist freaks roaming the streets. Combine that with black people, crackheads, and homeless people, and you have the worst city on the planet. I say with absolute certainty: I would have preferred to go sightseeing in Africa than in this sewer called Seattle. Such bad vibes.
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Did you stay downtown the entire time or something? There's so much beauty around the area just leave the city jeez
>blah blah blah... in broad daylight, and the population just walks around as if nothing is happening
Probably because all that shit happens every day. People here are a fucking mess.

You're here for the nature, the money, or you're insane.
Chill, nigger. I'll give you a treat next time I visit Shitattle.
diaper don can fix it though
yeh it's bad

File: CentralAsiaMap.png (432 KB, 1200x911)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
All about travel to Central Asia.
Ever been there? Want to visit? Discuss it here.

Sure do with the mongols never existed. That whole region has never recovered from the devastation caused by the mongol invasions. Entire civilizations wiped out, along with entire ethic groups. There would be so much more there to see if those smelly shot horse raiders never existed. The mongol "empire" was not an empire, it was just a bunch of raids that destroyed everything.
It's the perfect destination for our fellow travelers of Indian descent.
Saars and Maams come visist!

File: 543765087465207364.jpg (294 KB, 686x684)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
>weed LMAO

Okay but what do you actually DO there? I got a short stint during the summer, but looks like the best thing to do with your time is take a day trip into the mountains. Any other recommendations?
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I don't often ride public transit but I thought Denvers was better than any of the west coast cities I've been to. Is it not good public transit?
well I've never been to denver but doing some research, it has a surprising amount of lines for a city it's size but most are trams that run on roads a lot and all have at minimum 10 minute frequencies with half being 30 minute frequencies which is really bad for rail transit. Vancouver, canada only has technically 3 (though they split off at points so it could be counted as up to 5) but the frequencies are 3-5 minutes, at worst 8-10 when there are serious issues.
It has better public transportation than most cities, but seattle mogs denver in that regard.
Black Hawk/Central City is good for a day trip and if you like to gamble. Some decent used bookstores around Capital Hill if you like books. Black and Read West of Westminster is pretty good to shop and I want more Comics and Games around that area is worth checking out. Mile High Comics decent too. No idea what else you might be interested in since you didn't mention any hobbies or interests.
I wanna go there and see Columbine

File: FjnlRFuX0AAfSZs.jpg (428 KB, 1200x1200)
428 KB
428 KB JPG
>passport bros saturating any decent location
>social media basically bringing in hordes of normies and zombies into any tourist location
>westernization at rapid pace
>overall inflation
>brutal competition with concepts like looksmaxxing and geomaxxing going mainstream
>foreigner fatigue
Future doesn't look bright bros. What keeps you all motivated to travel?
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File: 1614347124780.jpg (14 KB, 255x247)
14 KB
>I got a hair transplant
>I’m white
That's something for starters
File: 1711904401929872.jpg (91 KB, 640x640)
91 KB
>believe that a prostitute is seriously their gf for reals!
If you can get a fleshlight that can cook you meals, is more reliable than google maps and isn't annoying - at a fraction of the cost. Better yet you have a continuous flow of options to get a new one - why not?

>6'4" German backpacker
Turks aren't that tall anon
File: GEbYRe2XAAA5gQJ.jpg (29 KB, 584x584)
29 KB
Listen to guys anon said it SHOULD BE freez so that's that no discussion. Cease all fun.

Water should be free but you bed I'm fucking paying for it you autistic fun. No no it should be free! Free or I go without mr supermarket Cashier.
>What keeps you all motivated to travel?

Everytime I see a gay ass thread like this I laugh. I have amazing travel experiences in tourist locations, "westernised" regions, etc etc. Get off 4chan and actually go outside.

I got offered completely free trip for 7 days.
Never been in US. I guess going to gun range as European would be cool. It apart from that I'm out of ideas.
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I think people are moving to Houston droves because of the economy or something, and I get it, but its honestly a massive shit hole. The other cities in the state have at least one better quality to them. Houston fuck sucks. Native here btw. If I had a choice, I'm move up north to Lewisville.
sweat your balls off
>Eat Texas BBQ (In Houston I like the Pit Room). Brisket is the main specialty of Texas BBQ, but also ribs and sausage.
>Eat Tex-Mex (fajitas are probably my favorite meal)
>Eat some tacos
>Get a nice juicy Amerifat burger
make sure to do your research on places to eat btw
>Go to the gun range, as you said
>Visit NASA
>Go to an Astros game, if there is one
>See the San Jacinto Monument
>Take a trip to Austin and then San Antonio, see the Alamo
and other stuff

Also it's fucking hot and sunny in Houston. Buy some sunscreen. You will need it.
These anons are correct

t. native Houstonian. I now live in the piney woods away from that shithole
Astros game
Quirky Rice Military shops
Czech Museum

For example, traveling to Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, or Syria (and maybe more) makes it more difficult to get a tourist visa to the US.

Are there more examples of this? Thanks.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Entering Serbia after Kosovo.
Is this always an issue? I've heard that entering Serbia directly from Kosovo can cause problems, but is it a problem if you were to go (for example) from Kosovo to North Macedonia and then to Serbia?
A couple of guys have mentioned Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabakh, but even having visited Armenia proper would also ban you from Azerbaijan. If you're one of those country-counting type of travelers, it's usually recommended to visit Azerbaijan first, then Armenia. Armenia has no problem with prior visitors to Azerbaijan.
Additionally, if you're of detectable Armenian descent (ie. you have an Armenian surname), you could still be banned from Azerbaijan, even if you've never touched Armenian soil in your life.
>I've heard that entering Serbia directly from Kosovo can cause problems
The Serbia-Kosovo border is functionally unidirectional. You can't enter Serbia from Kosovo, but you can enter Kosovo from Serbia, apparently.

>is it a problem if you were to go (for example) from Kosovo to North Macedonia and then to Serbia?
This one is a mixed bag. You can either be denied entry -OR- you can be approved but they "cancel" your Kosovo stamp (pic related). It's basically at the whim of the border guard, I can't find anything more solid.
>Also, if you travel to Northern Cyprus through Turkey, you won't be able to visit Cyprus, as you entered the country illegally.
Only for non-EU citizens. EU citizens can't be denied entry.

File: Flag_of_Svalbard.PNG.png (7 KB, 800x582)
7 KB
I'm moving to Svalvard (Longyearbyen to be exact) bit I know shit about Norwegian regulations, customs, etc.(but im trying to both, document my ass on that and trying to learn the language or as much as I can before moving)
Any of you guys can tell me more about the place?
Anything is good, from interesting areas, internet usage related topics, dos and donts, anything is useful.
Thanks in advance anon
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I'm moving to place
>Any of you guys can tell me more about the place?

Why would you move to place is you don't know about it? Do you understand Svalbard is a frozen wasteland and the jobs are all absolute shit tier labor? The housing is cramped and expensive for privacy, you will wind up in a worker dorm if you're trying to save and make money there.
Is that what you are after? It's a bunch of literal africans, criminal eastern euros and slavs, and weird brown fuckups from around the world. It's like a penal colony except you can leave.
>I'm moving to Svalvard
>(Longyearbyen to be exact)
You don't have to specify, it's the only settlement of note there.
>Any of you guys can tell me more about the place?
Frozen hellhole, Russia wants to invade and probably would've already if they didn't fuck up in Ukraine, you get a personal quota of two bottles of hard liquor per month, but only once you've stayed there for 90 days, carrying a gun is not only permitted but required by law outside of Longyearbyen because of polar bears, the nature is about as raw and wild as it gets, and that flag you posted is pure fanfiction, I'm Norwegian and have never seen it in my life.

Also it's not illegal to die there. That's some retard Youtube clickbait shit. You just can't be buried because of the permafrost, and the hospital isn't really equipped for seriously ill people. Remember, this is a wasteland where people come to mine coal and run various businesses around the mining industry. It's not a place for retirees or people starting a family. Pregnant women are sent to the mainland for that reason. And if you should die, your body is simply shipped back to where you came from.
Are there tours to see polar bears¿
A quick google search gave me several tour operators that offers guided tours and expeditions. Tourism is big business up there, and I'm, sure you'll find a company that suits your expectations and budget. I can't recommend any myself, I've never actually been there.
>Why would you move to place is you don't know about it?
It less than I know nothing and more about regulations there, I actually know the place kinda well regarding economical things and how fucking expensive shit tends to be there but I want to know lets say, internet regulations for example, or random british loicences one should know in advance, literally dos and don'ts
>Do you understand Svalbard is a frozen wasteland and the jobs are all absolute shit tier labor?
Im actually going to do IT stuff, was contacted by a company there and I said yes, im moving there in september
>The housing is cramped and expensive
the company said they will take care of that for the first months but yeah, its something I want to try to check asap to not be dependent on them for housing
>Is that what you are after?
Kinda, yes, I always liked the sound of it since I first heard of the place as a kid but never got an excuse to actually visit it, that's why I accepted the job asap.
yeah Im aware of the medical situation there, for what I understand you need to go to the continent for anything relatively serious.
As for the language, Im starting lessons next week, kinda funny because during my time working as an External Relationships delegate on the political party I used to be part of I had a lot of direct contact with the Norwegian embassy people but was one of the few languages I never pick up for a reason of the other. Tell me bro, there's anything I need to know about your country? because I will be going to visit Hammerfest quite regularly too

Im currently working a shitty dead end job and want to find a new one. The only experience I have is various machinery and quality stuff. I'm relatively young and don't have any experience outside of that. I want to find a travelling job because it's the thing I enjoy the most outside of vidya. I don't think I would mind working with others but I'm not very social. I don't want to work another monotonous job. Is there any job that fits the bill or do they all require some sort of experience?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
it's all so tiring
>be DN for going on nearly 10 years at this point now 32
>every hostel or pub ever
>explain I am a Systems Admin who does remote work for my company
>explain needing to get certifications to stand out, maybe learn a foreign language to help, get some real world exp, etc
>eyes glaze over OKAY BUT LIKE ANY COURSES I CAN DO IN 6 MONTHS? I DON'T REALLY DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN <entry level shit at best>.
>Try to re explain how it will take more work that just a simple crash course
>almost visibly see in one ear and out the other happening

Most people don't get that unless you have 2-3 years experience and something that makes you stand out such as industry certifications, getting a remote job is fucking hard. No having a N+ and being "a really hard worker" isn't going to pay for you to be a liability working in a foreign country of SEA for 22.50/hr when they could pay Pedro 7.25hr via a contract in the Philippines who has an office he goes to every day. Many companies have been burned to hell and back by remote workers doing nothing at all. When people realize it requires more effort than the work they do, they quit trying and go back to day dreaming. By the time you get the Certs and EXP for a remote or travel job, most people have gotten into a position with 4 weeks off+PTO or are good enough to change to a well paying job where travel doesn't seem all that much important anymore.

It's not impossible but unless you're going to look up industry certifications, CPA/Welding/HVAC/HAZMAT/CCNP/etc to couple along with your experience; it's going to be an insanely up hill battle most the time.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: noway.gif (3.65 MB, 368x368)
3.65 MB
3.65 MB GIF
If threads like these annoy you so much, why dont you ignore them?
just get any wfh job and travel where ever you want. I've traveled all over Europe for over a year while still working an American wfh job
I think traveling for work is overrated. It's different from traveling for pleasure. You're just doing your job but in a different country and with inferior resources.
Maritime work is a great way to travel. The merchant Marines are a great way to get your foot in the door for free, that or the Navy. The aviation world is a tougher gig but getting a job as a flight attendant works too. Get creative anon

File: cat meditating.png (1.18 MB, 1024x1024)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
As practical advice and warning for your fellow travelers, what bad tourist behavior have you seen, or even accidentally done?

One i learnt the hard way, people don't find it amusing or cute if you use their secret word for you on yourself: Rosbif in France, Farang in Thailand, it doesn't come across as self deprecating, it comes across as mockery and assumes they'd use that word.

Also do not try and catch a banknote blowing away in the wind with your foot in Thailand, it's massively disrespectful to the royal family.
27 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1481357158777.gif (18 KB, 125x125)
18 KB
based. i'm saving this copypasta
Hanging on subway grips, of course
How likely is it you'd contract an STD in this scenario?
depends on the transmission rate of the std but pretty likely
You're not white, and you don't even travel to Europe. Get your swarthy ass back in the Thailand general.

File: barky.png (81 KB, 355x285)
81 KB
Duolingo used to be a fairly useful website.

Back when people could submit courses, there was a forum and there were the guidebooks. And it's complete dogshit that the cunts who are in charge of Duolingo thought it was a good idea to just delete those features all together. All of the 3rd party submitted courses like Maori just never got to be released.

I live in England and some of the languages I've been learning are Welsh, Dutch and Finnish.

Is there anything as good as Duolingo I can use instead? The thing I hate about most language learning websites is that it tends to be the most uninteresting, unintuitive, ineffective gameplay ever. Usually just listening to audio clips of people greeting each other and just matching up words with pictures and little explanation of how to construct a sentence.

Duolingo of course was never going to make you fluent and was more for your reading and writing but at least with the old version, it was straightforward and some of the guidebooks before they were deleted actually had very elaborate and readable explanations of grammar. It just gave you a clear place to start and where to go next.

Is there anything worth using instead, again many language learning websites are crap. I feel like the only way to study a language without expensive classes or hoping for the best with immersion is to just use textbooks as the old school way.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This is a pretty typical interaction. Overall it feels very fluid and natural, and pretty fun. Duolingo so often feels like "hitting the books." With ChatGPT you can just talk about whatever you want and it teaches you new words.
There's a non-profit alternative springing up called Lingonaut.
Just brute force Anki decks and grammar YouTube videos for 5 hours a day. Also watch into the spiderverse 50 times in your target language I hear that helps (In all seriousness repeatedly watching content in the language will help).
>I feel like the only way to study a language without expensive classes or hoping for the best with immersion is to just use textbooks as the old school way.
that's because you're right
Is there anything that is useful for learning that doesn't assume you're a retard that can't figure out the grammar. For example, learning material with three rows. I'm having trouble learning both grammar and vocab on apps like duolingo. First row native, 2nd row vocab translated still in original order (non translatable linker words can be in brackets), and third row in English?

blah blah blah blah blah blah.
Cooked I the dinner [untranslated object linker that has no English equivalent] you
I cooked dinner for you

File: 1696224007984335.jpg (117 KB, 1024x1024)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Going to bangalore for a month. What are some things I should do there? Any advice or hacks from experienced India /trv/elers?
File: FB_IMG_1716068222438.jpg (147 KB, 1080x1350)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Have fun and be safe!
Nice necrobump for your low effort and shitty thread OP! Maybe you should consider why nobody replied to it for a reason?


File: IMG_1098.jpg (41 KB, 1100x734)
41 KB
I finally got bitten by those mfs at the hostel, and it was a nightmare. Thankfully, I received a full refund, and they closed the room with four beds, don't know how long they will though. Have you ever had a bed bug experience?
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
First solo international trip was to Paris. Woke up with my body covered and there being literally hundreds of them on the bed. Unfortunately I'm not exaggerating. It looked like a fucking ant swarm covering the bed. I'd always assumed these little fuckers were flea sized, but they're nearly as big as ladybugs. The nightmares lasted a few years afterwards and still I'll wake up a couple times a year and inspect every corner of my bed with a flashlight because I dreamed something bit me.
You're more likely to get bed bugs at the airport than you are at a hotel surprisingly.

Most people get bit by mites or flea's rather than bedbugs
It's exactly like the episode from Suits, season 1. Once you have it, it's basically over for you. Trash every clothes and towels and move out, seal your belongings in plastic bags, and don't open them for 15 months. I understand some anons' methods work but this is the only certain way

avoid hostels or hotels (or airbnbs) that have wooden bunks or furniture. the bugs like to hide there. look at pictures before you book. metal is good, plastic is good. wood and upholstery is not good. the more furniture, the more chances you have of bugs.

keep your luggage and belongings inside a large garbage at all times, sealed and ideally off the floor and away from cabinets and the such.

i've been to dozens of countries including many shitholes and managed to avoid bringing home any bugs by being careful.
Keep your belongings in the bathtub/shower, they hate tiled and non porous surfaces, and bag up your sleeping clothes. When you come home throw your luggage in the dryer for 30 mins and the used clothing in another dryer for 40-60 mins (then wash hot, dry for 60)

DE is the old meta, look up Cimexa on Amazon and use it with a dusting bulb so you're not getting it everywhere. A light dusting is what you need, they avoid heavy dustings. DE kills in 72 hours vs Cimexa (Silica Aerogel Dust) in 24 hours. If you want a insecticide Crossfire is really good too.

And you can get them from planes, common areas at work, public transit, even neighbors if you live in a apartment. The only thing that works other than heat is aprehend treatment (fungal) and that's not as common. Most exterminators are fucking lazy and they pick up insecticide resistance rather quick.

I unironically had this. I thought I somehow picked up scabies since I do a lot of urbex/demo for work. Turns out it was the Downy Scent Boosters my gf was using making me itchy and giving me dermatitis (had lines and stuff on my hands). I did the permetherin lotion anyways with her but once she stopped using the scent boosters it went away.

File: MXCITY.png (589 KB, 678x459)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
Hows Mexico City? Thinking about going there for two weeks to a month

Hows the mogging scene there?
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Neat - thanks for the map!
While I got your attention, besides Chichen Itza - what other ruins in the Yucatan region are worth seeing? I have to be somewhat selective.

I have been robbed by the cops twice down there, saw a women get her car stolen at gun point with her children inside, two beaners also tried to rob me at knife point. Fuck mexico and fuck mexicans.
>Wanna go to Mexico City
Mexican here. Why?
>The mogging scene
As in getting mugged or as in getting laid?
Getting your shit stolen is very likely if you walk around flaunting. Getting laid is whatever

But in general, why would you go to CDMX? It's the closest we have to a Hive City in the world. Cyberpunk dystopian with all the shitty parts and no cool bionic upgrades. Food is expensive and shitty. Maybe if you're gonna be on the really really expensive part of the city rubbing elbows with narcos.
Mexico has cool places, beautiful people and good food

Just not in Mexico City, it's a Skaven den piece of shit and every other place detects when their people is nearby because how they speak and walk, always with double intentions. They city is unironically run by narcos, commies and jews, actual jews, and the air is toxic to any human. Not to the DFctuoso, because they already adapted to cholera and food poisoning, so air with lead won't kill them, just drop their IQ levels once again, but won't notice either.

And it's a metropolis, has everything you want from a city, yet you don't really want to go anywhere or can't. 3 hour drives is the norm. Moving through the metro is the best bet.

If you really REALLY have to go you don't walk into the police. Never do contact with them. If you get robbed maybe you could contact somebody but 90% they're not gonna help not because they are corrupt (they are) but because they're dumb asses and the worst kind of people are CDMX police officers.
File: 51011229815_bc33268565_k.jpg (1.1 MB, 2048x1455)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
It's nice
There are hive cities all over the world, and especially in the third world, but few with a charming character like Mexico.

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