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I just came back from my visit to Charleston SC and was blown away. 80% white, very nice and well mannered people, amazing Latin Mass at a Catholic Church, food has small portions but good, nice, beaches.
Do you guys think this is a good place to move to, I am a leaf from Cuckada.
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Savannah is nice. don't remember a whole lot due to it being a bachelor party
grew up in summerville, you're a nigger

charleston is objectively a rly nice city to visit and party but ya yourists are awful. good thing they only go to shitty places like op

ghetto parts of charleston are rly some of the best parts, north king st has v good bars and food (because it's the only place new restaurants can afford to open). north charleston has park circle by the old naval base

bad things about chs: stupid expensive, no one from there can afford to live there; overrun with ppl from ny and new jersey; food scene has gotten rly boring

nice things about chs: super cheap if you know where to look, v independent vibe and incredibly nice people, surrounding island towns are very good

charleston is among the most debaucherous cities in the US. spend 5 minutes outside of market and king you fucking capicola canoli faggot
I guess that shithole would eems nice if you grow up in an even worse hellhole like summerville you sound like a 2nd gen yankee transplant fag
whats up south carolinas, I'm from Niggerburg. Come throw some tourism money our way and look at our Denny's corporate building and the BMW plant!
>> Ghetto part is the best
Went to there for a few days you fucking stupid poor nigger. Keep seething about not being able to afford it. LMFAO.

File: 1685924531921.jpg (506 KB, 1080x1372)
506 KB
506 KB JPG
I'm planning a trip to China this summer. Is it possible to book one of these caves on Airbnb? I'm from a European country and prefer traveling to impoverished communities so I can appreciate the smaller things in life to a greater extent
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not a bad idea
They Always force Christians to live this way before killing the rest off
to live in caves? pretty sure the ccp just gulags anyone that is religious
>Cave Power
as it should be

Or does it seem like every time a stranger approaches me abroad it's invariably some lowlife trying to sell me something or scam me.
It's specially strange because I make a point of minding my own business and being as unapproachable as possible.
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Watch your tonewhen speaking to me, faggot.
File: 4.jpg (250 KB, 990x1500)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
Maybe I should just be blunt and tell them to fuck off the moment they start peddling their bullshit.
Usually touts are poor slobs just following their boss' orders to bring in more customers. I try not to be rude at them unless they try to block my path or make physical contact. If they are behaving like potential muggers and not taking "no" for an answer, then you have to escalate from simple refusal to threat response.
That's just how it works bro. You're an adult man. Only people who are trying to rip you off or get money from you are the first to approach.
Just say whatever the polite form of “I don’t want, thanks” is in their langusge and watch the longest and lowest frown form across their little brown peasant face.

I live for that little shitbag frown because you’ve trapped them inside their own behavioral protocols so if they lash out they’d immediately lose face.

Get the fuck away from me and leave me the fuck alone. I’ve sat all the way back in a restaurant only lit up by the sunlight outside and these little faggots will weave through a bunch of tables to come solicit me with their ratshit trinkets KNOWING I sat where I sat to put an invisible barrier between me and them

Haven't seen a Mexico thread in a while.
I will be doing a trip through usa in the summer and after that I am thinking of heading to mexico for 2 weeks (it would be my first time in mexico).
I was looking at Mexico city and its surroundings, but I am wondering if 2 weeks is too long. Also, how is the safety around there (dont really care about being robbed, not a fan of more violent crime aka kidnappings).
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Rocky Point is boring, expensive, and hot as hell in summer. TJ is much more exciting, has a full range of price offerings, and a better climate. Rocky Point has a much cleaner beach and better condos. Your car will not be safe on the street in TJ; "guards" will hustle you to pay them a security fee. Walking across at San Ysidro seems the better option. Save yourself the insurance and parking cost. You could also visit Mexicali if you want a more relaxed nightlife scene.
Infrastructure leakage is so bad that the water never makes it to the tap in many outlying CDMX neighborhoods. Rich areas are fine, but they def do not need more people living there.
In 2021 I've visited Polanco - one of the most expensive district in the world - and it was fine.
Too many globohomo stuff in my taste tho.

I've met a couple of aussies who told me they were extorted by local corrupt policemen (take passports and force tourists to withdraw 100$). So despite being a weathy area you can get troubles.

Always take prints of your passport with you, if they take your passport by force and refuse to give it back, tell them they'll have to proceed further with the anti-corruption office and your country's diplomatic services.
You shouldn't carry your passport on the street in Mexico. Only federal officials are allowed to enforce immigration law, and this usually occurs at highway checkpoints.
Drunk foreigners are often targeted by criminal cops when stumbling around in the street late at night. I've had it happen once to me around 2:30 AM in Tuxtepec, but I told the cops preemptively which hotel I was heading back to, and they said "good night" and left me alone.
Driving in Mexico, you are far more likely to experience petty shakedowns than you are when traveling without a car.
Drunkenly threatening thuggish, corrupt cops with exposure is not a course of action I would ever recommend. Your body may never be found.
I got mugged at Mexico City at knife point. Also had to give money to cops because they said they would take me to jail (I was drunk).
My friends say Mexico city is one of the safest places in Mexico, the federal gov puts a lot of money in it and have deals with the cartels.

is this an accurate map?

File: xkGimw1M.jpg (19 KB, 400x400)
19 KB
Discuss everything related to Philippines travel here. No bait in OP edition.
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>ph gf just broke up with me
does jbw work in other countries too? if so which one
in every non-white country
effects are different for each one of course
Probably but I only know about the Philippines. There's always another pinay.
File: 1699895015668666.png (1.24 MB, 1007x2176)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
>In 2023 alone, the BI excluded 171 foreign nationals who were previously convicted of sex crimes, or are wanted for such cases.

>The BI has likewise apprehended multiple pedophiles in Philippine soil. Notable among these arrests are cases such as the apprehension of French pedophile Theddy Douglas Tissier in Makati just last December, and the successful capture of octogenarian pedophile David John Buckley in Cebu last November.

They really called this mf an octogenarian lmao.
File: 1710311628881951.png (789 KB, 958x600)
789 KB
789 KB PNG
Yup that looks like a pedo to me

File: FROGS.png (1.16 MB, 874x656)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG

as long as i can take a dump when i fly over france next month it's all good

THIS happens

Jesus fuck. I hope this shit can dry in a month or i'm fucked.

Last time i was supposed to go to HK was mid 2019, no joke. God doesn't want me to go there.
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I used to skim thr 3 gorge threads forever hoping for it to finally pop and kill millions of chinks
rainy season is from may to september
>may is 1 week away
alright so it started just a bit early?
The protests
The overheated tropical humidity is surging north early this year and clashing with the cooler air. China saw some extreme thunderstorms at the end of March.

I know some people will say “anon it’s never too late!” but I don’t want to be seen as some old creepy fuck wanting to go dancing.

So unless you’re older and have done those things with positive outcomes, how old is too old to travel and have fun with locals?
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>FULL HEAD OF FUCKING HAIR. Gonna shout it from the mountain tops as long as there’s an internet connection. The SOLE reason this old guy is being embraced and welcomed is his full, thick head of hair.
but that guy doesn't have a full head of hair, he looks to be norwood 3. are you a straight up cue ball?
No that’s clearly a mature hairline you dumbass it’s appropriate for his age. He has no recession, hairline is nearly square, and there’s no see-through
File: 1502489605161m.jpg (38 KB, 1024x898)
38 KB
I'm a 31 year old norwood 2 boomer grindcel and I WILL be visiting Europe and Asia and flirting with all ages and BEING MYSELF and I challenge anyone to stop me
I am a massive pussy about that so thank you
so you are an oldcel and get along along with other oldcels... Congrats?

File: FB_IMG_1712825355884.jpg (88 KB, 1440x1294)
88 KB
Can some anons share?
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>sir! Please do not redeem Indian woman sir! Go to Philippines sir.
Sorry Rakeesh. I'm going to coom in your women and you cant stop me
I mainly stayed in Kharagpur, which is a couple hours south of Kolkata, if I remember. Was in that direct area for most of the time which, outside of the city itself is surrounded by some houses and many, many medieval-esque stone huts. I found this pretty surprising/interesting. Rice fields galore. Occasionally we'd drive up to Kolkata with her parents(stopping or driving by many smaller towns in between which is where I am getting my sample size from, around 10-15 smaller towns/villages visited in this way). Then, I'd also travel to Sunderbans a few times which took an even longer drive to get to the coast, stopping less but seeing more. Once in a while we'd also stop, getting some sugar cane juice or coconuts on the side of the road to take a break from the chaotic roadways.
You're right, though. I've never traveled beyond West Bengal/sunderbans. I was hoping for some kind of natural beauty to balance out the dire cultural side of the country (no offense if you're Indian..but there was more than once that I saw people just straight up punt feral dogs) but I guess that was just..everywhere other than where her family lived.
He's kind of bullshitting. In New Delhi things are expensive but you could literally say that for any capital city. Can you get a nice hotel in Taipei for 40 dollars? Not really. Outside of Taipei you can. It's the same with India.
>my mother is indian
>im a foreigner
Clown world, rajesh.
common rusindian bromance jej

File: LaUlBh_-_400x400.jpg (41 KB, 400x400)
41 KB
I want to move to SEA to work as a teacher. I have an MA in English and a Bachelor of Education (licensed teacher but I just work as a sub right now)

Which country is the best? (food, work, language, dating)

This place is amazing. I just started making my way south from Hanoi.

Anyone with experience got any routes to recommend?
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I know you
You're the jealous fatso who shitposts every time someone reports their travels on /trv/
There's no space for worrying, only reacting. With a little time you learn to read other riders' intentions, and that builds your confidence. Even as a pedestrian, it's important to be able to predict what motorbike riders are going to do, so you can cross streets safely.
>we rode on a motorcycle all the way to Hue
>a motorcycle
That's the phaggiest shit I've literally ever read on this board
Should have asked him about it
He didnt ride a motorbike he cuddled some man who was riding one, for five fucking days lol

File: english.png (188 KB, 451x451)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
Not a sould speaks English

Don't wanna visit the UK for the 5th time, I wanna see something new. Which countries are nice to visit (modern + not extremely cold) where people speak at least a bit English? I'm German btw
20 replies omitted. Click here to view.
hmm, I avoid Gypsies here in Germany at all costs so anything in eastern europe I automatically avoid
but I've heard some decent stuff about Prague
What a retard. You think Latvia is full of gypsies?
The Netherlands is terrific for being spoken to in English; the obvious downside being that you are going to The Netherlands. I can only think of about five plausible reasons why you'd want to come here and even for those five reasons you have better alternatives. 1) You're on a soccer groundhopping tour. If you visit my Norf FC I'll buy you the tickets for free. 2) You really like art museums but already went to Paris (dont stay in the West, visiting Kroller-Muller is OBLIGATORY). 3) You are an unironic weedbro and/or sexual degenerate but can't afford to fly to Thailand. 4) You are an American infrastructure student who fell for the Not Just Bikes meme. 5) You love the beauty of God's creation and just want to visit de Keukenhof, Pieterburen and Giethoorn, but are too poor to go to a tropical place.
If you are a sightseeing tourist, just go to Rome or Paris and use the classic combination of arm gestures and Google Translate. If you like adventure/hikes/biking, just go to Scandinavia. The Netherlands is a soulless facsimile of a country unless you know exactly where to go.
>the classic combination of arm gestures and Google Translate
I'm unironically terrified of this shit
In Venice and Padua nobody knew what the fuck we were saying. "Bus ticket to Padua" and this 50 year old retard didn't understand one word
I sometimes use google translate when refugees ask me questions here in Germany and it never works out the right way

File: ragehak.jpg (41 KB, 480x360)
41 KB
>unemployed for 2 months and collecting neetbux
>applying for jobs but radio silence for most part
>start planning trip or a volunteer program
>receive very good job offer out of the blue
Fuck bros I dont know what to do. I was hoping to take advantage of my neetbux and travel for a bit but now this offer kind of throws my plans off. I was thinking maybe I could try to push the start date back but realistically I could push it only a month at best. Should I just say fuck it and reject the offer? I am 25 and I dont think I will receive a better offer than this in the current market esp with my skillsets
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I have a good nest egg stored in my retirement accounts and savings. I am ideally trying to delay my start date at least a month, not sure the best way to go about it. This would be my second actual job and would be very good experience, after a year I will say fuck it and travel for longer
Take the job with the standard start date. You're risking losing this job as I'm sure a 25 year old doesn't have an irreplaceable skillset. Understand you're risking your nest egg in a spiraling economy. Quit next year and travel for longer.
>You should be working on building a career in your 20s.
fucking boomer thinks you can "build a career" these days.
This is not 1992, pops.
Somebody's gotta pay for his Social Security and Medicare, kek.
The entire careerist mentality is designed to trap you in the system as a productive asset.
>good-paying job in a thriving economy
no, I can't quit now, this paycheck is too good to throw away
>bad-paying job in a depressed economy
no, I can't quit now, I won't be able to find a job again when my travel fund runs dry
just ask to start in 2-4 weeks. If they say no, travel during your 3 week annual vacation

One of my friends wants me to come with him to visit Saudi Arabia & Dubai this june. Are they worth visiting?
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What this guy says, I maintain that Iraq and Syria are the most interesting places in the Middle East, but if you don't want to go there then go to Oman, it's an amazing place
>I maintain that Iraq and Syria are the most interesting places in the Middle East
Curious how Iran doesn't make that list?
I'm curious why I didn't include it either, don't know how I missed Iran off of all places
it must have... ran off your mind

You should consider a career in comedy

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