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One of my friends wants me to come with him to visit Saudi Arabia & Dubai this june. Are they worth visiting?
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What this guy says, I maintain that Iraq and Syria are the most interesting places in the Middle East, but if you don't want to go there then go to Oman, it's an amazing place
>I maintain that Iraq and Syria are the most interesting places in the Middle East
Curious how Iran doesn't make that list?
I'm curious why I didn't include it either, don't know how I missed Iran off of all places
it must have... ran off your mind

You should consider a career in comedy

File: 1682542030228.jpg (149 KB, 1500x1023)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
This June, the lads and I are planning a trip to the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival (玉林荔枝狗肉节) in Yulin, China. Has anyone been before? What kind of dog meat dishes can we expect to find there? Any info is appreciated.
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>4chan is blocked in china
are you sure? I thought it was one of those weird sites they didn't block. they definitely have government shills posting here
You'll notice that White people don't eat dog. Where are you from?
So, you first take a flight to Guangzhou, China
Once you get off at that airport
You wanna ask around for the Guangxi provincial bus
And it costs 20 US dollars
And it's a four-and-a-half-hour ride
And you get off at Maoming West
Just remember, Maoming West
Now, you might have to stay there a full night
Depending on the time you arrive
Because the next bus that goes to Yulin
Only runs like once a day
And you have to buy another ticket
It's about another 22 bucks
But from there, it goes straight to Yulin
Soon enough, you'll be eating some dog

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
i love seeing people seethe over it
white people don't wag do-

What's a nice and quiet European city that I can visit for a few days just to relax? I have a bit of writing I want to get done and I'm looking for somewhere with nice weather and beautiful architecture. I was thinking of Bratislava since I've heard it's a bit of a hidden gem. Any ideas on where I can go? Preferably somewhere on the cheaper side.
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San Feliu de Guixol, in northeastern Spain is a small speck of heaven.
Croatia and Prague seem incredible for sleepy small towns and villages.
Gjirokaster in Albania is pretty nice, I was there for a bit in summer
Yank moment
I meant Czechia

File: IMG_1787.jpg (61 KB, 1600x960)
61 KB
>six nights in Tokyo
>six nights in Kyoto

My first time ever visiting Japan. Is this a good itinerary? I don’t want to rush myself during my trip and enjoy both cities at a comfortable pace.
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No its not Kyoto is insuferably more crowded with chinks that anywhere else in Japan and most of the things worth seeing can be seen elsewhere. 6 days in Kyoto is far too long for someone with this kind of trip especially if they wont be coming back anytime soon
>insuferably more crowded with chinks
disagree, I ran into WAY more chinks at dotonbori alone than I ever did in Kyoto
Yea Ill give you that dotonburi ruined osaka for me, I got sick with some mystery chink bioweappn after going there, its packed like a sardine can with asian mystery meat.

But thats just part of osaka while most of kyoto is like that
That looks comfy af
>hes going all the way to japan
>to only spend twelve days

File: 264730402.jpg (89 KB, 1024x649)
89 KB
I hate the tacky coalburner vibe of Dubai but the more remote resorts in places like UAE, Saudi and Qatar look incredible. Is the desert fun and worth seeing?
You left out Oman which doesn't have the tackiness you dislike and has all the sand you'll ever want.
does Oman have oasis resorts? I like the oasis vibe

File: dfg.png (591 KB, 512x768)
591 KB
591 KB PNG
Is traveling by train the most horrible experience ever, /trv/?

>everybody is loud
>schedules suck
>warm asf
>have to wait for freight trains
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>everybody is loud
>schedules suck
>warm asf
>have to wait for freight trains
these only apply to america and other third world shitholes, but actually even in places like india and bangladesh they probably have more dedicated passenger lines than most of the US
Just ride first class. It's not that expensive really
The worst (European) train ride I've experienced was second class from Milan to Bern in Switzerland. Crowded with brown people and standing room only. Felt like Bangladesh
Average french 18-26's POV

>79€/month subscription to take almost any train you want
>if living in Paris you can go everywhere you want
>once in a while there are loud (blacks) people
>schedules is ok since subscription permits flexible picking
>SNCF trains are warm in winter and chill in summer
>sits are okay, best place to chill is at the overpriced wagon-restaurant

I think I took a hundred trains thanks to that program.
I'll miss this stuff once I'll turn 27...
>Is traveling by train the most horrible experience ever, /trv/?
try a flixbus then
You deserve it for posting ai slop
Anyway pick better trains and/or a better country to visit, problem solved

File: china-regions-map.jpg (164 KB, 917x952)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
So I'm a native English speaker with a BA and a CELTA straight out of college. Only problem is I'm not white. I'm often told I look like an indigenous Latino. I've been applying for jobs in Shanghai only for the past 3 weeks through the usual channels of Dave's ESL Cafe and echinacities and have only gotten one offer of 15k CNY even though I've applied directly to dozens of jobs and talked with several recruiters. Is this standard for a recent graduate with no work experience or would I get flooded with much better offers if I was the same person but had a white face?
If nobody's responded in 3 days, it's because you're not worth the time. Just figure this shit out. It's really not hard.
>t. CELTA ESL tutor
unironically go ask on reddit.

File: IMG_1201.jpg (2.5 MB, 3088x2316)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB JPG
I hate when this happens when flying.
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based and simple
File: 1000002689.jpg (40 KB, 666x813)
40 KB

How come the feet are facing towards you when everyone is seated to face the front?
the pic is sideways
>the flight was 90% barefoot Indians
How was the smell?

File: 20230712_104218.jpg (105 KB, 785x963)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
I've been sent to Korea for a month for work and even in my off time I haven't been able to enjoy this country at all...

The nature is very nice, the gardens especially, but why is there litter absolute everywhere?
I could be walking through a trellis of the most beautiful Wisteria and find a pile of coffee cups at the bottom.
There's litter on the street, garbage bags dumped in front of buildings... It's disgusting.

The food is just... Not good.
Anything "savory" is salted to hell and covered in sauces to the point you can't taste it
Anything meant to be slightly sweet is stuffed to the brim with sugar and cream.

Convenience stores in Asian countries tend to be a little joy for me but even here it's just not as good as Japan or Singapore. No bottled cheap tea in ANY of them, snacks suck, items are just thrown about into the fridge racks...

I've got tomorrow off so I'm going on a short walk on a trail. The nature right now is really the best thing here.
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Literally the first line of the OP bro read
As someone who's been to Korea a few times
>Cafès, barfood, restaurants, and chain just aren't up to par.
What do you mean by this? That's a pretty big generalization here.
>No not Seoul. One of the smaller cities. There's quite a bit more nature, gardens, and trees here
This doesn't narrow anything down, not sure of many companies who will send you specifically to a small town for work only a month that isn't butted near a main city.
>There's no kpop qts here. I doubt anyone here exists between the ages 18-40.
Who might want to at least mention what town you're in, this is exceedingly rare outside some fishing villages I can 100% guarantee there is no reason a company would move someone to for a month
>There's no kpop qts here.
Literally no reason to go then.
I don't really know how to respond because my experience of Korea is pretty much the exact opposite of this post.

I guess the shithole you're in just sucks so bad?
South Korea outside of the major cities is kind of a shithole desu.
Safer than America sure but it has a distinctly third world vibe.
Also all the young people go to Seoul so you only see old people and children in the towns.

File: 522251.jpg (75 KB, 666x968)
75 KB
>24yr old
>go to japan for 2nd time
>first time solo, this time with 2 good friends
>start off in tokyo
>roadtrip to nagano nature
>adventures ensues
>sleep in a tent for the first time
>laugh hysterically with friends during trip, never laughed this much in a week
>never had this much fun in a holiday
>roadtrip to kyoto and osaka
>osaka nightclub, close to pulling 9/10 japanese girl but cockblocked by her friend
>flow state ensues, effortlessly making genuine connections everywhere i go
>fuark ... time is going too fast
>9 days are up
>fly back to amsterdam

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You wouldn’t last a day in my hood
your insecurity is showing
>walk around in osaka minami
>american couple
>the very large guy goes HEY WHERE'S GALA GALA??
>no idea sry
be happy you got to have those memories op, it's only going to get downhill from here with the amounts of tourists coming in, especially from the land of the free
When you see such sights, you're unable to ignore the world that is out there. We all get into such a routine that we hardly give a second though to what's across the ocean, much less what's down the street from us. And life is finite - I think traveling, in some ways, reminds us of our mortality, especially when trips are coming to an end. Everyone would love to spend life seeing these wonders and meeting new people, but nothing pushes the hard realities of life in your face more than vacation being over. You have to work. You have to maintain your responsibilities. And that's ok too - but it's tough to ignore the world waiting to be explored.

And as you get older, it's more difficult to break away from those responsibilities. I had a real opportunity to go live in another country for 3-4 years, but ultimately my family and I decided against it because the logistics were just going to be a nightmare when it came to uprooting our current life.
that is awesome anon, glad you had a good time during your travels, yes, post travel sadness is real because you realize how much fun you had on your trip and look back on it fondly, the good news is you did it and have those memories always, the best advice I can offer is start planning your next trip so you can have another great experience.

File: IMG_0817.jpg (838 KB, 4032x3024)
838 KB
838 KB JPG
Semi nomad. How would one go about getting real work (not like WWOOFing) without the rigamarole of applications, fake interviews, and penis inspections. If anything I would prefer real interviews.
My ideal is showing up to a farm in Amish country and then working until the sun goes down.
I don’t want to take up something where the first few months i’m just “putting my time in” before i’m allowed to do something.
How did you find or build your employment that works well for you.
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Farmworkers are lazy. LMFAO. What a load of crock.
Beet harvest in North Dakota is a major moneymaker every fall for all sorts of traveling folk. You work twelve hour shifts, either day shift or night shift, 7 days a week until the harvest is complete. Harvest work is definitely in my radar to top up my travel fund for another six plus months in Asia next winter. My van's gotta last the summer though...
>put down address you grew up in/friends place
>put shipping address as PO box
>"hey anon why are these different?"
>Oh I've moved here and a friend offered me his place till I got a feel for the area so I just have a PO box for most things right now till I get my apartment settled."

Wow... so fucking hard
get remote work
Is that the kind of back-breaking work that turns you into a cripple at 40?
Better to go paperless and avoid getting mail in the first place. A PO Box does NOT legally qualify as a domicile in any jurisdiction. So knock it off with the USPS shilling.
Getting an ID requires verification of your physical address in virtually every state nowadays. South Dakota is the only exception, I think. You can spend one night in a campground there and have it listed as your official domicile on your driver's license.

File: 20240419_155735.jpg (99 KB, 1080x1080)
99 KB
how bad is frontier airlines? I know it's at the bottom of the barrel but honestly I don't really need much when I travel.
They are the worst budget airline I've ever flown on globally. Be prepared for them to cancel flights, blame it on the weather when it's clear skies, not comp shit because of that, and then rebook you a week later.
You can only find shittier airlines in Africa and I'm not joking. ULCC's in SWA and Inida have higher standards and are more precise than Frontier.
For fucks sake why do I post when I'm drunk
It's essentially a flying bus, the seats are basic, the space limited, you're nickle and dimed for extras.

If you just have a backpack with a few items and need to get from A->B they are fine.

When did it become such a dump? I remember visiting a lot in the 2000s and early 2010s and while it wasn't in it glory days it wasn't the total shithole it is now. Attracted a lot more people too.
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's hasn't really gotten better but a couple better casinos have opened. There's also more concerts there than in the past. Not saying the city has gotten better but you'll see more people going down for the weekend than in the decades prior
AC has always been a shithole, it's one of the only beaches covered in drug syringes and cig butts. it's garbage because the overflow from trenton and camden, IE the portals to hell, moves there and infests it. It's not a city so much as a boardwalk adjoined to a slum, at best it's a den of vice offering smoke-clogged entertainment for a weekend to tour buses full of retirement home boomers looking for a dopamine hit on the slot machine floor. it's vegas for people too poor to travel to vegas. no one with decent intentions would ever set foot there and at best it's a novelty to christen your passage to adulthood. for a more specific answer, it's always been shit in the same way vegas has always been shit, but the demographics are let's say on the decline with the black plague, and when trump's casinos went bankrupt it put the final nail in the coffin.

new jersey is a weird place, some parts of it are so wealthy you can't even buy a sandwich if you aren't a millionaire, and just a few miles down the highway it's a nigeria-tier slum. the nice places are highly gatekept to keep the growing refuse out, so the trash accumulates and putrefies in the low barrier to entry areas. some parts of the state the minimum house price is $2m, other parts you can buy a house for $20,000 even today. there's a reason for that. AC is just camden with casinos.
Yeah as a Jersey fag I find myself and other zillenials going there moreso then from I gather people would 10 years ago. They’ve done a decent job with their concert venues and I see a lot more people in my age demographic than I would ten years ago when I was in high school visiting with my parents
North Jersey cities like Paterson and Newark are grossly exaggerated in terms of their blight, many companies and unis are headuartered in Newark and unless you are going way into inner city it’s not bad. Paterson is just beaner tier poverty and unless you venture out main and crooks street into the more melanin enriched areas you will be fine, some of the best sand food in the country is there and many adult oriented things that travel janitors don’t like can be found there too. Meanwhile places like Trenton, Camden, and AC are ireedeble hellscapes with the added misfortune of having filthynogia influence that region. The whites are on par with the joggers in certain areas of south jersey in terms of trashiness
>They’ve done a decent job with their concert venues and I see a lot more people in my age demographic than I would ten years ago when I was in high school visiting with my parents
Yeah a big thing is the price of venue fees have skyrocketed in Recent years and Casinos will straight up pay you to perform their. A lot of Concerts that would be somewhere in New Jersey and Philadelphia end up in Atlantic City.
It's New Jersey
New Jersey is a dump

File: Australia.gif (527 KB, 1600x1326)
527 KB
527 KB GIF
Planning to go to Australia with a working holiday visa. My goal is to work there and make some money to see the country and then use it as a jumping off point to go see south east asia. Am I delusional for thinking I'll make money to travel while in Australia? Any thoughts on what work i'll be able to do or where I should stay?
19 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Basically this in a nutshell, you can earn good money easily but Australia is the sort of place where you can spend it all so quickly too, a night out sets me back $200, drinking with the boys adds up quick
Takes discipline if you want to do the right thing and to be honest your social life will suffer badly saving up.
Farmers dont employ aussies
Thats why they force foreigners into it, they dont get award wages. They make them sleep on site in sheds, charge them huge rent, charge them water and electric and charge for wifi. At the end of the week they end up with a hundred dollars or so for backbreaking hard work in the hot sun
you can make more money labouring in the city than you can on fifo these days
unless you have good qualifications that is
>And if you stop working, you must leave Australia within 28 days
not true
nobody's making $2k a week fruit picking
>min wage is $30 an hour for a picker
not true I was on $27/hr when i did fruit picking, others on different farms were on less
yeah OP keep in mind that despite the high wages in Aus, everything is a lot more expensive than wherever you live
you can save up money but you have to be strict with your spending
that doesn't mean your time there has to be boring
you can get drunk very cheaply on box wine, $10-15 for 4 litres of the stuff at most bottleshops
if you stay in hostels this is what most people do when they drink so you'll be in good company and make lots of friends

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
That's the wage in meme dollars...
$18 USD per hour is all right for unskilled labor that any migrant worker is capable of doing.
Since you are living in a shack and eating communally cooked slop, or else living in some bumfuck nowhere outback station, you'll save 90% of your net pay if you can avoid the booze and the ciggies.
Who gives a fuck what other wagies think of you. You'll be off to Southeast Asia to live a life of leisure for the next six months, while they're stuck working to pay the rent.

File: india.png (36 KB, 1200x800)
36 KB
Hello /trv/. I'm planning to visit India sometime in the near future.
My purpose in going is to discover the history of the subcontinent and learn about the Hindu religion.
I've heard Varanasi is good for this, any other recommendations regarding India?
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
yeah rishikesh is nice. Just avoid crowded areas and Rajaji National Park is also good for Leopard sightings
>e best. Also better if you explore nature and wildlife more than culture and history.
>t. Indian

I want to try top tier Indian pussy too, but they're all in Canada and have an undeserved sense of smugness of not being one of the 99k/100k ugly ones.
File: 1706448509326794.jpg (2.91 MB, 3072x2048)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB JPG
Nothing you can do to prepare or avoid. Maybe you get nothing more than wet shit, not everyone has bad experiences.
I'm sure some can be nice partners but FUCK Indians are genuinely the ugliest race on the planet, I'd rather have no gf at all than be with a filthy hairy unibrow curry muncher eww yuck
genuine advice don't go in with stereotypical views.
respect others and you'll be treated the same way.
please don't expect everyone to be nice. retards exist everywhere.
hope you have a good time cheers

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