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File: IMG_5877.jpg (973 KB, 1039x1046)
973 KB
973 KB JPG
Hello American friends. In june I will be coming to Miami for 10 days.It will be my first time to america, I like walking so will not be using many Uber. What is the best way to found out areas or streets which should be avoided.
Usually I am not troubled when travelling I don’t look like a victim but in america my fear is someone coming to me with a gun to rob me. Thanks :)
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Because you're going to assume or take it as everyone being extremely rude or hostile.
Can confirm that this is the truth. I never get sucker punched in over 95% white building. Root math here is for every black person your risk of violence doubles, so if you see 4 of them thats 800%.
Brittish whites arent a threat, they just bitch at the bar and then die by overdose at some strip club. Just treat them as nuisance that doesnt exist walking distance away. Theyre all pussies so youre gonna have safe but emotionally abusive trip if theres britbongs nearby.
Math with UK people is more UK = less enjoyment, if theres over 3 brittish people you avoid the place and go somewhere else to not get annoyed. Theyre like apes in a zoo.
File: u1f30a_u1f914.png (15 KB, 534x534)
15 KB
What is it with foreign tourists and Miami in particular
>will not be using an Uber
Dude, you will need an Uber if want to go to places. Miami is a sprawling wasteland and in most places the locals and the police will harass you for simply walking outside. Floridians are notoriously bad drivers and will run over you. Also, it is super humid in June so stay hydrated if you are planning to walk a lot.
>will not be using many Uber
That's idiotic, you need a vehicle to get around Miami for anything especially in the summer where you'll just melt into the pavement if you insist on walking.
Anyway, just avoid Overtown. That's it. Go to Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, the Everglades, Brickell, and Key Biscayne. If you're into hipster shit go to Design District and Wynwood (once again, making sure you don't wander into Overtown or Little Haiti for that matter). I never cared for Miami Beach outside of Lincoln Road but you're a foreigner and they all love that street anyway so I assume you'll stroll down there as well. God I wish I could burn down that Adidas store and every European/South American that bought a pink Messi shirt from there.

File: 1700030781850498.jpg (759 KB, 1600x899)
759 KB
759 KB JPG
There's good food everywhere, but some places simply seem to have an over abundance of it. What are some places you've visited and/or are familiar with that you can say with confidence: "If you go there and don't eat well, it’s your own fault."
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>omg all the food in Asia is AMAZING!
because it's all saturated with MSG, you silly fucks
I can't believe Perú hasn't been mentioned yet. The best food country in South America. Delicious, flavourful food made from fresh ingredients everywhere.
Maybe it’s not that great?. I think it’s the lack of spice. I have yet had a good lomo saltado. Better than other South American but that isn’t saying much.
Florence, Italy has overall the best food I have ever eaten.
Columbian empanadas with a little aji salsa… god fucking damn

File: file.png (3.84 MB, 2400x1350)
3.84 MB
3.84 MB PNG
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>It's a country all right where the young beg to leave and the only people who are staying are poor or old
So... Like Russia Ivan?
It seemed to me it was the opposite.
Riga old town is pretty comfy although there isn't much to do.
The rest of the city Is pretty grim in a classic post Soviet way.
>the shill gets louder and more obvious, trying to hide in open ground
I am lithuanian and will never leave. We are scandinavian culture level countries without niggers and arabs, lots of awesome interesting unique non fake people.
you have r*ssians

I have $20k to last a year or more in South America starting June 1. I want to be a NEET for one year and live in airbnbs 1month at a time in some big cities. I like walking and exploring safe places alone you don't need a car or taxi. I'm thinking Buenos Aires or Rio,
Where would you go?
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why don't you go on a roadtrip
I don't know about Rio, but good luck walking around Buenos Aires and exploring. It's not safe and not interesting at all. Everything there is fake, a copy, garbage. In fact, there is nothing authentic about Buenos Aires.
stfu argie
grape status = sour
Rio is decently walkable but the danger is a pretty major factor you have to consider. Most places in the zona sul (copa, ipanema, leblon,) are touristy and decently safe, just practice common sense. I lived in Flamengo/Catete for 5 months and had no issues. I would recommend taking the metro for most things if you're going out of the zona sul, and its very cheap, clean and safe too.
I'm not Argentine. Buenos Aires is a shithole with nothing to do.
>dude there's like 400 theaters dude
Do you go to theatres often?

>here’s your 18% tip for handing me a drink
Is there anything fun to do here that doesn’t cost a fortune or that is even free for that matter? I’m sick of paying to do literally anything here.
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Quebec is filled with french expats larping to their families back home that Canada is paradise while making 40k year working some shitty customer service job and studying some worthless degree at University of Montreal.

Europeans do come but only the delusional retards stay. Everyone i know that came from europe that isn't french moved the fuck back the minute they finished their degree or their first 6 months of work citing the insane cost of living, shit currency, and overall state of things in the city they lived in.

The french expats actually have a reason to stay because if they come from a smaller city in France it's basically stay back home in a city with zero work, full of niggers and the only prospect for a better life is move to Paris which is hell in itself or stay in Canada.
File: 1653925027.jpg (71 KB, 1162x944)
71 KB
>Quebec is filled with french expats
No, it's not.
It's very rare to meet someone from France who lives in Quebec.

Curious as to why you would think this?

Go to Montreal and find out, Quebec city not so much. Everywhere else not at all but those are towns in bumfuck nowhere. Im talking about where all the economic activity takes place in Quebec which is Montreal. Yes its full of french expats.
Immigrants mind their own business. White Vancouverites are highly noisy, paranoid people. Your Karen stereotype is a white woman for a reason.
Another day in this shithole where I have to be amongst the most soulless, callous, evil people in existence. The guy who’s saying white Canadians suck is right, not only that even diaspora that are Canadianized fucking suck. This place promotes the most cancerous mindset ever, I can’t even bare another minute here, but I’m not a thirdie so I can’t just fuck off. I cannot spiritually be like the people here, my nature isn’t evil enough like the people from here.

What's a good business class to choose for long flights? Anyone tried the new ANA "The Room"?

I flew with ANA last year and I was actually quite disappointed. The lounge at Haneda sucked ass (too small, very few food options and none of them good), the catering on the flight was also way worse than what you'd get on Finnair or even United Polaris. I don't know why people cream themselves over this airline, I guess it's just the cute cabin crew?
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File: 1516.jpg (239 KB, 1777x868)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
I thought their a380 seats were more comfy but that's because
1) lounge to walk around
2) i like to sit with my legs up and you can't do that on the qsuite (the 777 at least)

Qatar's customer service outside of the plane/airport is horrific though so hope you never have problems.
Credit card reward programs are beneficial if you’re smart. They’re banking on 90% of their customers not being smart. I have an entry level basic ass travel card with a $300 annual fee and I get at least $1200 in value out of it yearly while paying it off in full every month. Never paid interest, but almost all CC users keep a running balance and pay 2% or worse interest monthly
I am a multi millionaire (8 figs from crypto) and its worth it. But I only donitna few times a year from Europe to Asia. Last ones were AeroMexico, KLM, Emirates
I dropped like $5k on first class to Bangkok through Delta and they didn't even let me in the lounge. I wanted to strangle somebody.
>SEA sexpat gets btfo
Based Delta

File: download (12).jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
Am I the only guy who likes to travel abroad and try local McDonald's stuff? Pic related, Banana Pie in Brazil
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File: 500_333.png (113 KB, 500x333)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
I like to do this. I had a Cheddar Wave in the airport at a Burger King in Portugal. I got a double so it was
>2 fried chicken patties
>2 slices of American cheese
>2 slices of tomatoes
>A large cheese curd patty made of Velveeta like cheese
It made me constipated for 24 hours but it was quite tasty. I was a little disappointed there was not cheese sauce on it, it looked like there was. I guess they were thinking biting into the cheese curd patty was like a "wave". Maybe they simply forgot to put the cheese sauce on?
>What do you think street food in India is?
Having just visited there: good. You can get a proper meal from some street food vendors. And yes, I know you have some meme webms queued up. I don't care.
File: IMG_1418.jpg (478 KB, 750x426)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
When I was dating a Jewish girl I visited Israel. Found out it’s kind of taboo to eat meat and cheese together. So instead of cheese the default is hummus. Hummus burgers ain’t bad though.
File: 1696733564494064.jpg (49 KB, 855x358)
49 KB
Samurai Mac!
File: 1691510559016336.png (435 KB, 618x457)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
Fun fact: In Chicago, there is a McDonald's that serves some of the international/global food items. It’s known as the "Global menu" McDonald's.

File: brandenburger_tor.jpg (103 KB, 800x600)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I'm going to Berlin for the first time this month. Any tips or recommendations?

I'm already pretty set on visiting historical sites and the museum island but I'm clueless when it comes to restaurants, bars, cafes and the public transport. Would also like to know the best student type sports bars. Also, is it safe enough to walk around at night?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Study the public transit system before you go. Stay at a hotel or hostel near a major U Bahn or tram stop. It’s a big city but easy to get around quickly.
Canal boat tours. Potsdam. A shit load of museums. So much history.
Berlin is cheap when it comes to dining out, compared to other major cities in Europe.
Tip one is pretty good, but i stayed in arguably the most unsafe district, Wedding, and it was still fairly safe compared to Paris.
If you plan to go to clubs, prepare to gaymaxx, preferably have a male friend and hold hands when arriving at the line.
There's a few underground tours you can take (WW2 air raid bunker, Berlin Wall tunnels) but I did the nuclear bunker which was really cool. We met at the ticket booth and walked through the street to an unassuming door on a bridge that went down to it. Something different
Thank you all for the recommendations. Any bars/restaurants specifically you rate highly?
Yeah Potsdam looks really nice, I'm going to visit Sansoucci 100%. If the weather stays good I'll go to the lakes and chill out there.

is this a thing? I was thinking asia would be where its at, lots of rice and soup and vegetables.

also I've read a few times american food is so toxic that people feel different/better after eating somewhere else for a while. could this be legit or they just feel good because they're on vacation? sorry if this thread is better suited to /fit/
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Thanks glowie for confirming that US life expectancy is in fact even lower than statistically represented because of all the jews, blacks, and democrats lying about who died.
Still better than crypto ads, I guess

You will loose a lot of weight and fast.
After several trips to Europe and Asia, I’ve concluded that walkable cities unironically keep you from getting fat. Just 1 mile walked is about 100kcals. You do three miles a day, every single day, and that’s like 30lbs in a year. Over the course of a lifetime, and it makes a big fucking difference.
Not a coincidence that Bongistan, the most car dependent country in (or not in lol) Europe is also the fattest.
and where will you travel to keep the weight off? because you will just gain it back in your country if you need to travel to another country to lose it

My friend found a cheap round trip flight to Dubai in June ($550) and we decided to yolo a 20 day trip.

The thing is, we're both middle class people and I'm having a ton of regret now about spending 20 days in Dubai and how expensive and hot it's going to be - especially since looking into it, Dubai just seems like a worse version of Las Vegas.

It's too late now to back out, I could take the L on the plane ticket (we haven't booked any accommodation) but I don't want to fuck over my friend. Is budget travelling Dubai possible? And is it even worth visiting?
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I audibly laughed when I read this, holy fuck OP.
You can salvage this easy by going to Oman. Musandam is the most beautiful place on earth, after that you can get a boat to Muscat, rent a car, and spend 2 weeks driving around a real country.
we got VPNs you fucking cretin.

but also fuck this place into the deepest pit of hell.

Can't wait until I'm a BJJ coach in Miami. Not ideal location but it's what's on the table for now.
I've stayed in dubai up to 3 months at a time. You can get a cheap apartment on airbnb and then choose your own adventure daily.

Just realize almost everything except housing and laborer tier food is going to be expensive.

The most interesting part about Dubai for an adult man is probably the fact that its an international melting pot of sex workers from all around the globe. You can sample an absolutely enormous variety of women and try out things you would otherwise never get a chance to. I mean were talking women from places like kazakhstan, indonesia, colombia, brazil, bangladesh, pakistan, ukraine, armenia all within walking distance of each other.

You've got bars with mostly eastern euro/soviet bloc chicks. Bars with south asian chicks. Bars with east asian chicks. Bars with russians/Ukrainians only. Bars with africans only. Bars with a mix.

You've also got some of the most beautiful (and expensive) workers in the world who can provide amazing service, but it will be unforgettable.

As for actual things to do doing the say its just shopping, food, and amusement park type of things. Stuff like skydiving bunjee jumping is popular also. Desert bbq's are popular but its literally just drive out to the desert and bbq on a sand dune and eat under a tent. Fun with friends only.
Don't listen to this retard. I rented a Land Crusier for like €50 per-day in Kman, drove all over and wild camped in summer (July). Incredible experience.
Do exactly that - UAE, Oman, KSR. You have stumbled upon an amazing journey

File: china.jpg (21 KB, 612x459)
21 KB
My expectations were low, but holy crap.

As a foreigners, I literally can't do anything here. Can't buy a sim card, can't open any useful aps, can't buy train tickets online... can't even pay for a KFC burger at the Hangzhou airport because I couldn't pay with Wechat pay! holy shiet bros. Why is China so hostile to foreigners right now?
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Weixin, get it right
it's absolutely reasonable but the way you make it about yourself sounds like you're going to try to cockblock me if i'm the one successful with bitches
Maybe I should have taken my time writing my recruitment post, including some research about events that'd be cool to attend, and consider the voice of my writing more.

I guess I shouldn't of had low expectations for it happening, and treated this more seriously
Shanghai is one of the biggest cities in the world. It has literally everything a consumer could want. So why don't you narrow it down to things you like doing?
File: USA_Flag_Map.svg.png (296 KB, 2560x1494)
296 KB
296 KB PNG


File: 1706877025438499.jpg (33 KB, 720x720)
33 KB
How do people justify flying business or first class? How are people able to spend like +$10k on a flight? Wouldn't that money be better spent on the actual trip? Rich people really live in a totally different world man...
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Skill issue.
t. Just booked a first class ANA flight ($15k ticket price) for about $50
>how do people that have a lot of money pay for expensive things????
>How are people able to spend like +$10k on a flight? Wouldn't that money be better spent on the actual trip?
for people that can afford it this is not an either/or situation
>Wouldn't that money be better spent on the actual trip?
I honestly don't care if I blow 10k on flights and 5k or 50k on the trip. I book what i want and don't look at prices. It makes no difference.

File: 0_5.jpg (36 KB, 400x300)
36 KB
Anybody know anything about chartering a boat?

I'm taking my wife to New Zealand, he sister is coming with. I thought it would be really cool to charter a boat overnight to get up the coast. But I could settle for a day trip if it's cost prohibitive.

Google is telling me anywhere from $1,000-$1,000,000, so no idea where to start.

Anybody have experience with this kind of shit?
If you want to brag about having a wife there are easier ways to do it.
google can tell anything but you chose up to 1 million a day as your price range to impress 2 girls, lets be real youre not gonna burn that much for a fucking boat ride. Its just a floating thing on water and then you either look at the sea or go around, get hungry and go back. They dont wanna be there for weeks. So what actually happens is youre getting dragged to a shopping mall with two girls. Guess what happens when she says hey chaaaad get me this trinket from scam mall or ill go tweet johny on is he free. You have to get it.Dont budget the boat that high, you got other expenses.
Lol my price range is like $1,000 max. I just took a boat ride in Hawaii as a kid and now it brings back those feels every time I travel to a new place. Getting drunk on the ocean watching sea turtles and shit is my jam. I worked on a fishing boat in Scandinavia for a year, I just like boats. I took my wife on one when we were in Thailand, then again in Hawaii. Was a blast.

Also my wife grew up on welfare and thinks anything is impressive. She flinches if ketchup goes up $0.15. As for my sister in law, I'm covering her ticket because she was nice enough to pay for the VRBO.

I just want to get inebriated and look at pretty ocean things. Overnight, preferably. Having trouble finding anything.
If it helps, she's a waifu pillow I enchanted with wizard magic I bought on Alibaba. Can't walk on her own, but has some basic sentience.

File: 171143.png (1.12 MB, 1235x1003)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
Boring, expensive, unfriendly, cold for most of the year, dark. What's the appeal in this shithole?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Did you visit Murmansk by accident?
As an american

Has a ton of history to study depending where you go since some places are just completely rebuilt after being wiped off the planet in 1940's for some reason or another.
Geography is pretty cool assuming you're into mountains and cooler tempatures
Getting around can be fairly easy assuming you want to go from big city to other big city and exclude most of scandinavia
Some interesting food and some very fancy places out there
Places in eastern europe can be stupidly cheap for visitations

It's nice but for the good places it's more costly than just a trip around N/A in both money and time.
Why are a bunch of random countries in red?
red means aids
That's really a stupid post, and intellectually dishonest. Europe is the most geographically and culturally diverse continent in the world despite bing the smallest. Its only fault is importing too many non-europeans that are turning the continent into non-europe.

File: 1714500256534491.jpg (37 KB, 478x279)
37 KB
Where should I go and what should I see? Good places to meet people too? Anyone want to hang out next week?

Can not speak a word of Greek
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Is this true or bait? I've never been
File: 1661476008759433.gif (3.39 MB, 402x301)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB GIF
yuk I'd never go to any of Greece if I had the knowledge how they live there every winter the violence the broken families everything. Don't forget all the incest, bestiality and pedos there. Yuk.
Go to the cathedral, it's beautiful
what the fuck is this anon talking about
File: 2017-08-08.jpg (133 KB, 680x382)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>Unless you if are very good looking or rich, Greeks won't be interested in meeting a foreigner, they have large friend cliques called pareas
>somehow welcomed by a large group of Greeks, do you expect them to all speak English with you?
What is with all the utterly retarded blackpill posts on this board?
Nearly all Greeks speak english fine and don't get uppity about it like the French, I spent 6 months living there working remotely and had absolutely no problem making friends or meeting women, it's actually one of the friendliest places in Europe.
Sounds more being a social retard issue rather than a Greece thing
>t. Aussie

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