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File: IMG_1891.gif (3 MB, 867x644)
3 MB
A thread for gifs and webms of all kinds of cocks drooling, dribbling, and leaking pre-cum and pearly white spunk. Keep the squirting and rocketing fountains to a minimum.
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How can i cum like those gifs? I shot my loads but i would like to cum like this guys lol
lol. stfu idiot.
File: Precum.jpg (86 KB, 480x640)
86 KB

Edging your way to orgasm can do it.

Try squeezing your PC muscle when you cum.

Post pics of your progress. ;)

Athletic, twink-ish or average guys with small dicks. Bonus points if they seem like they'd have a big dick.
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As a big guy packing a tiny cock, this is my fetish
My "ilk"? Lmao. Preferring cut Aussies doesn't mean I'm a Jewish shill you know.
What is this thread? Like do you want a top to be small or is this just a fetish for your next bottom?
File: IMG_20201130_120415.jpg (25 KB, 450x600)
25 KB
It can be several different things. Some prefer their bottoms to have small dicks, some get off on the contrast between a big guy and a small cock, while for others it's a humiliation kink.

Share your favorite videos in this position..
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File: 7647491337977322.jpg (339 KB, 921x1200)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
That right there is honestly my favorite position.

Love a guys balls under/on my nose while he fucks my face, and vice versa.
File: D93k1NWU8AAU2ar.jpg (474 KB, 1536x2048)
474 KB
474 KB JPG

File: 1605802397170.jpg (378 KB, 1170x1609)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
Post hawt Jewish guys. Anti-Semitic Foreskin Fetishists NOT welcome! Ignore and report.
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File: kevincrows.jpg (45 KB, 725x1087)
45 KB
File: pic_50_big.gif (576 KB, 296x202)
576 KB
576 KB GIF

always thought kevin crows was hot
Not sure what you mean but

imagine the smell
saw a recent vid and boyyo this guy is already aging like dogshit
How? He's hot af. I love his ruined Jewish hole.

last thread got deleted so lets start a new one.

I like to sort by expiring soon and save and extend the pics before they go away.
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wtf us EBlue

people post pics, usually nudes and they expire after a certain amount of time, but people and click to add more time a pic
22m i wanna be exposed on eblue timed exposure
kik simknif
Are there any imig es hubs working?
You go to Eblue and upload your pics, you dont need someone else with an account to do it.

99.9% self posters.

File: download.jpg (41 KB, 612x408)
41 KB
Post pics of guys showing their love with some lip locking
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>inb4 bitter queens show up telling us that they'll die alone and so should we
What about me saying I'll die alone and genuinely hope the rest of you find happiness in your lives?
File: mr lonely.jpg (49 KB, 640x480)
49 KB
I feel you, bro...
u wont die alone dw

File: Pewdiepie10.jpg (179 KB, 604x507)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Pewdiepie is cute.
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>tfw no bf whose hair I can absentmindedly run my fingers through
He gets to do what he wants instead of kowtowing to their bullshit. His life is way better now, he's said this directly.
Thus, we should all start saying "nigger" and "kill all jews" at work and online.
It must be easy to get ripped as fuck when you have the time to actually do it. Lucky for Pew he makes the easiest content known to man and can get away with putting zero effort in his videos. Seriously he could upload anything and it'll crack at least a million.

More time to get ripped as fuck
how is that "ripped as fuck"? he looks malnourished. You must be either 13yo or 600lb.
he bought a house in japan and was in the process of moving but then covid hit and he hasnt been able to go. so basically he wasted a few mil for a house thats been sitting empty for a year

old thread is full so here's a new one

bonus points if the boy
- is covered with another man's cum
- is pleasing his keyholder/master/dom
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Ask your mother or father if it's weird.
File: PA_Tether.jpg (46 KB, 386x686)
46 KB
Anyone been cucked while in chastity?
You discuss your sexual life with your parents?

Who's a weirdo here...
File: coomer.png (250 KB, 839x696)
250 KB
250 KB PNG

File: EjvBkNWX0AAL38U.jpg (455 KB, 1536x2048)
455 KB
455 KB JPG
Fat ass sluts. Post some sissy dudes with fat asses
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Your booty won’t pop if you’re squeezing it too much. Look up how to pose like the Instagram thots. Looks great for a first attempt. Show us more
wow you're so hottt
File: bpbCtJp.jpg (716 KB, 2298x2125)
716 KB
716 KB JPG
Needs more boys in lingerie

File: 1556852131191.jpg (102 KB, 500x648)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Not enough of these threads focus on the tools of the trade
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File: 16006198-497mq2nu.jpg (240 KB, 1024x935)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Those hot pink nips, jesus
Perfection - great thick bush

File: FunTimes.jpg (1.61 MB, 2034x1215)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
Post your collections
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File: image_2020-11-29_104808.png (5.39 MB, 3000x2071)
5.39 MB
5.39 MB PNG
Lol The red one Is just The dog toy?
which is better, the Bomber or the DJ Bombshell?
5.5/10 if you're comparing it to bareback
6/10 if you're comparing it to using a rubber
6.5/10 if you're using a rubber and comparing it to using a rubber
nofrilldo, get some cheap stainless steel butt plugs like in a set from an adult store or an online adult store with the thickest being around 1.75 inches in diameter - about as thick as an average cock. Then you can move up to a 7 or 8 inch dildo like a ns novelties once that's comfortable to use you can move up to mr hankey, bad dragon, square peg etc.

Under the kilt
77 replies and 48 images omitted. Click here to view.
>my used beer dispenser
I want to simp, lads. It doesn't seem bad any more.
Wana see his broad claymore and furry sporin
File: under the kilt.jpg (66 KB, 512x384)
66 KB

File: 1508718250815.jpg (14 KB, 459x344)
14 KB
Soft Lads

No hair, chubby guy please! Too many hairy bears on here, not enough squishy softies
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Seems I had one saved, lucked out. Not a very flattering angle on things for me though. Weird lighting too but lighting is nice to have.
Sucks he gets to be hot and chooses to be fat
Look at those milkers
File: IMG_20200816_071730.jpg (458 KB, 3120x4160)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
legit wanted to throw up, how is that even possible? sorry you had to cherche for those

File: 1591735630683.jpg (64 KB, 640x480)
64 KB
can we have a thread for any/all kind of full or partially facial obscuring coverings, masks (ANY KIND), etc... though sure thanks to covid im hoping my fetish will become more popular lol
56 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
OP is beardy viking in helmet you?
File: face-mask-hunk.jpg (186 KB, 1080x1245)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
I got another picture of him without his mask but hats on so I can only see his mouth and chin, he's looking down while holding a rifle.
File: scorp flex.png (802 KB, 933x720)
802 KB
802 KB PNG

File: huge_solo_cums-3893.jpg (51 KB, 500x750)
51 KB
Big Cumshots and Jerk Off Gifs Thread
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love the hairy forearms!
need better qulity
File: cum.webm (1.73 MB, 1138x640)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB WEBM
I would suck that dry anyday all day
I want that cock so bad

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