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Slim thick or guys with big round booty. No fat guys
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God what a gorgeous ass. Daddy wants to slide his thick cock in
I wish I had an ass like that
File: 5224749457.jpg (124 KB, 1024x768)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
File: YWB001.jpg (2.26 MB, 2128x1424)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB JPG

File: ezhpropnjpg81.jpg (1.44 MB, 4032x3024)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
>tfw no hairy hole appreciation thread

Let's get a thread of hairy arses and their furry holes!

You can even post yours if you want!
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File: EyoeGcuWQAAEXMs.jpg (64 KB, 510x680)
64 KB
File: ass 4.jpg (231 KB, 1000x750)
231 KB
231 KB JPG

We need a new one of these
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File: 9ih023n13.jpg (543 KB, 600x919)
543 KB
543 KB JPG

File: 1651771162133.jpg (96 KB, 600x600)
96 KB
I have found several pictures in threads that look like they could fit in the golden age of art and thinking with men in all sorts of poses and positions.
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You fucker, now I'm sad
File: 1646924255315.jpg (34 KB, 640x787)
34 KB

File: FI2khcoaMAU_EZT.jpg (300 KB, 1152x2048)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
Big guys
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File: 1614131328748.jpg (317 KB, 1536x2048)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
File: Er5KNAMXAAAU-P3.jpg (71 KB, 1280x720)
71 KB
File: EsD42m6XEAQT-Cl.jpg (76 KB, 720x1280)
76 KB
File: 1614028539547.jpg (394 KB, 2048x1529)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
Do you prefer shaved or hairy fat guys?

File: 20220514_063725.jpg (212 KB, 1080x1230)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Post those Middle Eastern men! Preferably muscle hunks
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File: EmsL3jgXEAAP93q.jpg (185 KB, 1080x754)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
File: 1638254318910.jpg (181 KB, 1014x1280)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
File: 0125o992.jpg (54 KB, 542x960)
54 KB
File: EnGmn_xW4AA9MD2.jpg (58 KB, 683x1024)
58 KB
Honestly I'm just gutted that most Muslims don't have foreskin because god damn, Persians specifically are so fucking hot and an uncut dick would really put it over the top. The brows, the chest hair, the strong nose, the beards, the brown skin

File: downloadfile-20.jpg (37 KB, 458x750)
37 KB
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File: 1652299013163.jpg (549 KB, 2152x2277)
549 KB
549 KB JPG
I love your penis
Is 6.5in a good size? Apparently it's top 5%
yes, it's a good size. almost all dicks are a good size. do yourself a favor and stop thinking about it. it's really not that important, except to fetishists
This. I've gotten around and can honestly say that the bottoms who demand 6+ dicks are toxic and weird and you would never want to date them

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File: 20220518_160136 (1)2.jpg (1.82 MB, 2966x3422)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
Beautiful hairy plumbs
File: 102345.jpg (234 KB, 489x800)
234 KB
234 KB JPG

File: E54MN3JVIAEI6ie.jpg (256 KB, 960x1141)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
Preferably hairy, but w/e floats your boat
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File: EUeYq7iXsAECsR2.jpg (490 KB, 1152x2048)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
File: EuhsQ3iVkAc8kBM.jpg (288 KB, 959x1200)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
motherfucker i was scrolling half asleep, thought this was Zelensky
suck deep pits - I could get lost in those

File: Photo 0059.jpg (1.16 MB, 1704x2272)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
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Just as I imagined! A big cock and nice balls. Kik?
Dont have Kik.
Not much for social media
May have to get it
Love this guys bush

File: IMG_2624.jpg (1.38 MB, 988x1200)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
Just men hanging out naked outdoors or at the beach. Bonus for erections.
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More? Do you maybe have a Twitter or something?
dusty that you

Post muscle hunk asses
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JFC. I dont know what to say.

You both are right. I'm another one who initially thought Dylan was very hot, he had the kind of muscle build that i absolutely loved but that's not enough to excuse how much of a shitty person he really is.

It's true that his victims could've turned away from him but from what I remember, he would seek out guys with low self-esteem (and maybe had mental disabilities) so he could easily manipulate them into doing what he wanted. The Aussie guy who was killed suffered form heavy depression and low self-esteem before (and after) he met Dylan.

And just when I was about to try to give Dylan the benefit of the doubt that it really was an accident, I saw that video and saw how he reacted and it was just evil. So nah, as hot as Dylan is to some of us, I don't think we should look at him as anything else but a borderline psychopath. He made his pups sign contracts, they couldn't leave his home and see family or friends, and he controlled all their finances.

He's just a messed up guy and part of me feels the reason he turned out that way was because he had little man syndrome or something.
its actually pretty frightening the contrast of how attractive he is and how frighteningly evil he is, when i look at his face i can kind of understand how people get sucked in and hypnotized, he looks like an angel but he's really fucked in the head.

He's literally a murderer who tortured multiple victims to death.

The financial abuse trapping his cult members and turning them into slaves that he pimped out at private parties is not even half of the story.

And having watched his evolution in real time even from his early 20s era on various gay porn boards, there was always this definite sensation when you were around him that he was a disturbingly evil monster. You never, ever, ever got the impression that he's "normal" or had any sense of empathy. He would say absolutely sickening things and then act surprised at the reaction he got when everyone in the chatroom was like what the actual fuck dude.

While his sex slave's scrotum was VISIBLY rotting off, Dylan was gloating about how he was about to inject even more into it.

He took their money. He took everything from them and forced them to sign legal shit making him their legal guardian. Like Brittany Spears, really, except he pimped his slaves out and murdered them.

They were forced into it.

And you don't need to simp for a psychopathic murderer. Even his standards are too high to give a shit about you.

File: 1650863730883.jpg (279 KB, 1200x1200)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
I think it is THE Hottest.
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File: 45753.jpg (100 KB, 958x960)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
manly musky sweaty hot as fuck dam
Marky Mark and Jonas bro X
very hot dam

The nudes that every gay has seen a hundred times, the classics that always get reposted.
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Looking for a picture that was all over tumblr. It was a guy in his work (I'm sure it was all bottles of protein powder behind him) and he had his cock out of his fly. Was wearing white shirt and a red lanyard with the company name. He got fired and then posed for more nudes for money. I'm 97% sure he is dead now too, remember seeing it somewhere with the pictures. Anyone help?
I remember jerkin off to his set with his bf (I assume) like 10 years ago. Anyone has the rest of these pics?

It is an average, healthy 23 year old guy.

The reason it went viral was because it captured the combination and users aren't used to seeing believably-realistic humans who aren't morbidly obese.

There is this weird phenomenon going on now where actual people aren't perceived to be in the same category of being with the insta-filtered photoshopped computer-generated images we're shown of "beautiful people". We literally no longer believe that real humans are beautiful because we have never seen a real human who was remotely close to what we've been trained to perceive as beautiful.
File: tt.jpg (24 KB, 400x303)
24 KB
Its been photoshopped a little but this guy's dick pic has been around since like 05
That’s a hot looking cock

File: 1648930946324.jpg (406 KB, 1000x1778)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
Post your favorite Big Black Cocks! <3
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How many spectrums are you on? I mean diagnosed ones.
bump for nigger dick
What I’d do to stuff those in my fucking mouth.
HELL YES!! I liked that big dick from the first pic you posted. Kik?
I'd love to stroke and pump that bulls milk right into my mouth so I can play with his cum
I want his thick streams in my white boi belly
I want to stroke that cuties fat cock as I make out with the area right about his balls then test how deep I can take that hot rod down my throat..
FUCK omg can you imagine being smothered in that snake pit then those three fat cocks dominating me and have their way with me? Omg I squeel and squirm looking at that heavenly cock suckers pit.. what I'd do to be down on my knees like a slut
Poor lonely volcano.. I'd love to feel those spurts erupt in the back of my throat while I stare in the bulls eyes and taste his hot spunk.. or even just to lap up all that sweet cum I bet the taste would make me leak a little cum
Wow to slowly lap my tongue up that hot cock and take that sweet sperm in my mouth to taste the bull then take his superior seed in my tummy...
FUCK I hope this daddy could just use my mouth and force me as far down on that cock as I can go.. I'd love to drool all down that thing while he threatens me with the gun and calls me his little hostage cock sucking bitch and maybe if I'm lucky he could ram my asshole with that hot cock

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