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File: 1713961231575969.jpg (270 KB, 972x1951)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
I'm looking to buy a new car and want something RWD with the lowest depreciation possible. Any recommendations? I already have a truck so I want this to be more of a fun car.
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A $60k Camaro will be worth $120k or more 10 years from now because it's the last of the V8 sports cars with a stick. Just look at the current C7 prices. Right before the C8 came out you could get a manual Grand Sport for like $50k. Now that car is $70k+. It gets even worse as you move up to the more desirable trims. They were clearing out ZR1's out for like $100k now they're going for $200k or more.
That's not a bad idea actually, I'm sure a lot of the recent batch of V8 performance cars will hold their value fairly well.
I always go for something that people find attractive. If it has that “look back” factor as you park it, it will appreciate based on looks alone. Especially since all nuCars are hideous.
I wish I could buy 5yo cars for half price. A 2019 Toyota Yaris for 15k? Yes please. Here a 2010 toyota yaris is still above 10k.

File: IMG_7612.jpg (105 KB, 1000x728)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Ghost decals are the biggest BULLSHIT scam on this planet.
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File: IMG_2062.jpg (127 KB, 1300x956)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
How come you rarely see American cops wearing high vis?
gonna go with a law that requires them having markings
>>27605802 is correct. Most if not all areas in the US require the majority of the police fleet to be identifiable, with unmarked cars only used in specific circumstances. It's less to keep cops identifiable for the citizenry and more to make it harder for randos to fake being cops.
american cops get shot at, constantly.
the continued existence of the reform movement and gaza strip refutes this
it's reserved as a humiliation ritual for guys who get stuck directing traffic around construction

File: 1713963949501143s.jpg (5 KB, 249x250)
5 KB
>first car meet
>take my rare and very clean 1980s european sports coupe
>everyone only cares about the late model mustangs, a camaro with a wrap and a couple s2000s that you could see literally every day in a walmart parking lot

(it's a nice saab c900 spg if you're wondering)
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File: 16e.jpg (92 KB, 680x1360)
92 KB
>boohoo no one cares about my gay european back-to-front up-side-down chain drive longitudinal front engine cuck wheel drive gaymobile
>buys obscure shitmobile from 40 years ago
>upset when no one else knows or cares what it is
I swear, you fucks are worse than /fa/ and /mu/ hipsters. If you want people to gawk over the rarity of something you own, stick to magic cards or something.

Audibly kek'd.
No one cares about some ugly front wheel drive saab
If you want attention go to some hipster thrift market
>insufferable hipster
>planet-sized ego over a vintage shitbox
doesnt get funnier than that

nvm spbp

which junkyard card do i buy frens? theyre the same price
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Odometer was rolled ahead
Read the sticky, Toyota's are notoriously reliable and thus their prices are a bit inflated.
That being said, it's obvious which one OP should go with
those are kilometers not miles
1st gen highlander, revised v6 not the first one or the 4 cylinder. It just works, what else is there to say? You can find them at decent mileage with leather and AWD for cheap.

File: Collage.jpg (3.08 MB, 8928x4824)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB JPG
Looking at buying a Honda? Post here and we'll tell you our elitist asshole opinions!

Need help identifying a chassis?

Last thread: >>27531662
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>The thread collage is back??
I just alternate between what's left of the collage, and meme pics since the collagefag doesn't do it anymore, but that's pretty sick the kei truck off roaded.
File: IMG_0949.jpg (2.42 MB, 3021x3229)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB JPG
Boys, why did I sleep on the CRV for so long… they’re so wonderful.
Of course it's wonderful Anon, it's the comfortable runabout vehicle (CR-V)
So I know nothing about cars. First car of mine. Bought a 04 Civic from a friend, got it for cheap but it needs some tuning. just got the catalytic converter swapped out with a cheap after market part and the cars been running smoother. However, when I idle too long or when my car starts, the engine makes a rhythmic pulse like noise as if I was accelerating very briefly and braking just as briefly. the lights dim intermittently in tandem with the noise but the issue disappears when I accelerate after some time. No clue what the issue might be, alternator perhaps? I was hoping it would disappear after the catalytic converter got replaced.
On one drive the car was particularly being pushed and the radio ended up turning off for a moment on me which spooked the fuck out of me but the car was still on.
Anyone familiar with an 04 Civic DX might be able to clue me in? Would appreciate it.
File: 1494212101650.jpg (545 KB, 1847x684)
545 KB
545 KB JPG

File: sv .jpg (2.07 MB, 7952x5304)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB JPG
Lamborghini peaked when the LP 670–4 SV was released.
Always been a brand for hair dressers
Diablo was the last good Lamborghini
I’m the only person on this board who has actually driven a murcielago
>LP 670–4 SV
> The initial plan of 350 units was scrapped due to the factory requiring to make room for the Aventador's assembly line which is the Murcielago's successor. The chassis numbers of the total cars manufactured do not represent manufacturing order.
File: 169546670790379[1].jpg (100 KB, 1280x853)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
This is the peak for me.
No wings, no arches, maximum wedge.

File: 2004tires - Copy.jpg (3.25 MB, 1920x2560)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB JPG
"Tire Aging" is a myth cont'd.

A bunch of retards had temper tantrums because they wanted proof that I have tires on my car or something. Anyways, as it turns out they're from 2004 not 2002, so oopsies, but here's a pic of the date code. I drove on these for my 1400 mile trip and around town after that and I still haven't spontaneously combusted.

You can admit I'm right+lick my boots now.
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File: 1713726187325041.jpg (91 KB, 540x360)
91 KB
I dunno you're the one running around on trash
>You buy counterfeit tires
>Try to comment on anyone else's tires
Lolno, try again when you stop buying fake linglongs
They're great, as are the tires on any car I own
What are you on about? Posting pictures of a drawing of tires, what does that mean? Speak English

File: Carmageddon_box (1).jpg (22 KB, 220x280)
22 KB
How big of a problem is jaywalking in your cuntry? In my cunt every pedestrian thinks theyre entitled to walking on the road whenever they feel like it. Those spoiled brats even look at you in disapproval whenever you think at them as if it's you whos breaking the rules, not them. It's so bad that I think it should be legal to run those fuckers over to make them learn. What's your experience with this?
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I do not particularly care, of they are dead, I will claim insurance fraud and wipe dashcam footage.
yeah sure bro that will totally work
where I live I think most people would think twice before walking in traffic because 99% of the time the person in the vehicle is probably playing with their screens and not watching the road.
I have little to lose, anon, so I would try it.
as long as they don't impede flow of traffic i'm not bothered. what shits me is people who walk on the road when there is a perfectly fine footpath just a few metres beside them. like wtf. you just know if someone hits these fuckwits they're gonna cry about how drivers are so blind and it's everyone else's fault but theirs

Baiku Edition

>Scooters are frens
>no bullying
>HYB and BHY
>take the warning stickers off your bike
>put more anime stickers on your bike
>buy whatever you like
>wear ear plugs
>pass the MSF course
>litre sports and baggers alive and well
>read the links, watch the vids

The links:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Invest in better clothes and then you never have to worry about not riding. Don't be a fair-weather sailor, the only time I won't ride my motorcycle is if there was actually like an ice storm and the roads have zero traction. That's not because I'm a badass who doesn't get cold, it's because I have a good jacket/gloves/pants/boots, and raingear
What clothes/rain gear do you use?
File: 71uC9P+AfSL._AC_UY1000_.jpg (111 KB, 925x1000)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Not a euro but haven't ridden since Saturday. It's either been pouring rain or near freezing temps. Just ordered some new glove to help deal with the colder temps in spring and fall.
My rear wheel bearing blew out on my HYB Davidson. I'm pretty sure the previous owner either reused the original one when installing the aftermarket wheels or didn't properly install a new one. I'll find out when I pull the wheel and bearing this weekend.
>if there was actually like an ice storm
Literally this monday had a foot of snow fall in a single day.
I do have decent gear and I do go on rides where I'm the only bike on the road. But 30f with freezing rain is not it brother.

File: evangelionhonda.jpg (113 KB, 1110x832)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
About a month ago I changed my timing belt. First time ever doing it. I drive a 99 civic Si with a B16A2, four cylinder, yes it is interference.
The car starts but I don't think it's running very well. I haven't had a chance to look at my work since doing the fix.
I don't think my car is misfiring, but it does seem to run poorer and the engine bay smells like a lawn mower now. If I turn the fans on, it smells like exhaust after a while. My friend said it smells and sounds like an exhaust leak, but idk I never touched the exhaust so.

Any help is appreciated.
Here's what it looked like post change about a month ago:
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Funny that you mention that. No, it is not sealed properly. I didn't replace the gasket, and actually snapped off one of the valve cover bolts (not a head bolt). I used a bunch of red RTV in lieu of a new gasket because I am poor. Yes I know this is a wrenchlet fix, it is temporary.
I still doubt this would cause any major leaks as all other 7 bolts are on as tight as they can be. But yes ONE of them is not.
File: pcv.jpg (106 KB, 854x647)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
It could be that it's loose somewhere causing a vacuum leak. You'd probably see oil seeping out though.
Did you maybe forget to put the PCV hose back on? That would be simple.
My only other thought is the obvious one, maybe you turned one of the cams during the install and the timing is off as a result?
Could be a vacuum leak...
I went ahead and just bought a new gasket, spark plugs, and a chinese low profile valve cover bolt kit. Only gonna use the one bolt, rest will be stock.
I never disconnected the PCV hose, that's the one attached to the valve cover right? Yeah, I couldn't get it off so I just draped the valve cover backwards. If it were damaged, it'd probably be from bending it so sharply, with it being old. Seems like a cheap fix though, is there a way to test for that?
>turned one of the cams during the install
They looked TDC when I put the belt back on, but that's what I'll check when I take the cover off. If the cams were off by even a few teeth the car would not start, so there's that. I originally used one of those cam lock gears but I think I bent the center rod that was aligning it a bit trying to get the pulley bolt off. Cams should be fine though. Like I said if something were majorly wrong, the car wouldn't start lol.
Oh, I also need a new tensioner spring. The timing belt was tensioned by me with a crowbar. It doesn't really howl and you can see in the image it's relatively tight. But I might buy a new tensioner bolt and spring since that's supposed to tension it automagically for me.
File: 1487634985388.png (113 KB, 229x259)
113 KB
113 KB PNG

File: InShot_20240422_165700005.jpg (833 KB, 1920x3272)
833 KB
833 KB JPG
I had a 10th gen Civic Hatchback that I loved as a commuter car and grocery getter, but it was unfortunately totaled.

Was thinking about getting the 11th gen as a replacement, but is it worth waiting for the hybrid version?
32 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
What is Honda thinking? The camry wrecks the civic especially with the specs of the new camry.

They seem to be gearing towards luxury, but people don't buy Hondas for luxury. It's the same reason Acura is not doing well.
get the Si or Type R
you wont regret it
t. FK8 owner
Based on the specs the civic hybrid uses the old hybrid system instead of the new gen ones in the CRV/accord.
fuck off

Yeah, you waited WAAAAY too long.

Ferrari F355s are expensive now.
The market is pretending Lamborghini Gallardos are worth something
The approachable Lancias are no longer approachable
And now the ever dependable Honda NSX is turning into an F40.

Even before the new one came out, NSXs we're regularly posted for 40-100k, the price will only ever go up. They're not super rare luckily, but lot of owners I've talked to love them so much that they don't want to sell. Also Honda still offers full OEM servicing, and owners are fully willing to pay the extra dollar to keep them in good shape.
that's going to be up for sale for awhile, just like the million dollar NSX Super GT homologation car that no one bought.
Same with the s2000

What's your biggest "oops" from trying to do self maintenance?
104 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Back in the mid-90s, when I was a full-time mechanic, I prided myself in troubleshooting driveability problems, check engine lights, emissions failures and such. That became my primary role in the shop. Instead of spending most of my day spinning wrenches, I was typically armed with an OBD scanner or DVOM. So when a customer came in with a sweet little 1966 Mustang (a recently purchased retirement gift to herself), complaining of poor gas mileage and lackluster performance, it seemed like a break from the doldrums of checking engine codes and a return to a time when things were simpler...or so I thought.

She dropped the car off, and I took pleasure in driving it a number of times to replicate her issue, except that I could not; it always ran great. But when I pulled the spark plugs, they were pretty sooty, but would clear up after I drove it a few times. I hated to waste her money replacing parts, but every few weeks she would be back with the same complaint. I even drove the car home a few times and calculated the gas mileage, which at about 15 MPG, seemed reasonable for a V8 with a 4bbl and no overdrive. I ended up rebuilding the carburetor, adjusting valves, replacing points and condenser, etc... and the problem continued, except I had never experienced it.

Finally, I asked her to take me for a ride so I could pinpoint the exact moment she experienced the issues. Well, it took less than a minute to realize the problem. When she got in the car, the first thing she did was pull out the handle for the manual choke and hang her purse on it. Then I understood why she said it ran fine at first, then worse the farther she drove. The word “choke” had worn off the handle over the years and she mistakenly thought it was the fresh air vent. At her request, I put a new choke cable on it, and we laughed about it whenever she came in for work on one of her other cars.
While replacing the thermostat on my old 1991 Ford F150 Lariat, I got the cover housing all cleaned up and ready for the new gasket (which had some handy adhesive on one side, how convenient). Well, I set the gasket to the side, and seconds later, it was nowhere to be found. I tore that garage apart looking for that gasket.

After hearing plenty of not so nice words coming from the garage, my wife asked me what was wrong. I told her about the gasket in a very heated way, with arms and hands flailing. She immediately started laughing like crazy, and boy was I mad! She kept pointing at my elbow but was laughing too hard to speak. The gasket was stuck to my left elbow! At least I found the dang thing.
>stripped a brake line flare nut and tore the brake hose, had to replace both
>somehow managed to ruin the threads on a tie rod end when working on a CV axle, fixed it with a die quickly enough
>ordered the wrong cv axle so it wouldnt fit, have a new one now hope it fits
>botched the coolant bleeding because my stupid 4x4 doesnt have a bleed valve, had to drill holes in thermostat then order a new one
>overtorqued fuel return line over fuel injectors so the return washers had fused inside it, had to use the smallest drill bit to carefully and painstakingly get it all out
>tried to manually press the bushings in the control arm only to realise that a connecting rod prevents me from doing so without special equipment and a hydraulic press, ruined a tool because the bushing got lodged deep into the press bit, ended up ordering aftermarket control arm.
File: werp.png (132 KB, 250x212)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
>lift car
>lower car
>air suspension no longer works

ruh roh
I put some big bites in the lower front bumper from using ramps on a bugmobile that didn't have enough clearance. It's just cosmetic and only noticeable if you look for it, but I still feel dumb about it. Newfags, if you have a 6-inch clearance cuckmobile like me, just learn how to use a jack.

File: cars.png (389 KB, 1216x606)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
i'll buy a volvo soon
86 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
Audi is made by VAG which across brands have the worst customer experience in Oz. Mostly Audi are VW with extra fake chrome. Extensively drove an RS5 a couple years ago, was fast and sounded good, but it felt soul-less. Volvo is Chinese tier.
File: 1599665911349.jpg (110 KB, 750x782)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>Murica tier

>Briggs Automotive Company
>W Motors
File: 1707306716876726.jpg (162 KB, 1124x654)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Define 'sports car'.
File: masahiro sakurai.png (231 KB, 386x520)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
Define 'Masahiro Sakurai'.
File: my-image.png (820 KB, 1140x1195)
820 KB
820 KB PNG
call me autistic but its my honest opinion
im also not just judging on current offerings but how cool/interesting their lineup may have been in the last

File: peninsula_to_peninsula.png (415 KB, 392x685)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
Everyone on here knows about the Cannonball Run(From NYC to LA), but what about North to South? How about from peninsula to peninsula. While I myself am not much of a racer I do intend on completing this drive at some point in the near future. Any thoughts on this potentially being a race?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Michigan (eastern) path would be good because it covers the Mackinac bridge. Also it goes through more of the Appalachians which is excellent driving. Those stretches through Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio will be brutally boring and I think the eastern path crosses the plains at the narrowest section. Central path also includes Chicago which is a god forsaken pit of traffic hell.
File: THE THREAT.jpg (23 KB, 600x392)
23 KB
lol. imagine ~300 sportscars show up in copper harbor of all places
that town currently has a population of 75
That would be fucking funny
>300 sportscars
This is /o/ so it's more like 6 buses
6 buses and a Trailblazer with a crack stash

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