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61063794T-62, no ERA.[View]
61075895Destruction of Abrams: Another M1A1 Abrams has been damaged and abandoned. Additionally, another M11…[View]
61073816Genuinely curious about copelord's claims. Is this actually an issue for US stealth fighters, o…[View]
61072295Chinooks: I just think they're neat.[View]
61080940Will Russia be able to capture an Abrams/Leo in time for Victory day?: May 9th is a few months away …[View]
61072588helmets: What was the best WW1 helmet and why?[View]
61076490/show/ - Arms Show General - IWA: IWA is Shot Show but Sauerkraut. It follows EnforceTac. This is it…[View]
61072060Post time keepers.: Post watches and gats.[View]
61068412Rorke's Drift: did weapons or tactics make the difference?[View]
61068652New coaxial drone type just dropped. https://files.catbox.moe/rhrvz6.mp4[View]
61077821Why are there no living AFSOC medal of honor recipients?[View]
61061942Something rare happened, a somewhat 'modern' Chinese vehicle got destroyed in Burma. You can see it …[View]
61068705European countries special forces logos: Who is cringe and who is based according to this?[View]
61083051Luftwaffe 46: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=862oTKB6ma0 Does anyone have a full documentary of thi…[View]
61081963What if we put soldiers in bubbles like these filled with water and roll them towards trenches? Woul…[View]
61082643pretty great read so far I just finished chapter 1[View]
61082118Anyone know the name for this French Foreign Legion uniform? It has a unique cut and details.[View]
61072447>drone meta? huh >Tyrone, post the buck breakers…[View]
61068175Do AR pistols have a real purpose?: Other than being a way to get around SBR tax stamps legally, is …[View]
61083340Tactical advantage of carrying two crossbows?[View]
61057868>parks 1 nautical mile outside your country's EEZ What weapons would you use to prevent this…[View]
61076430What are some /k/ related or military related podcasts?[View]
61065651Post your favorite levergat.[View]
61068752how common were crossbowmen in warfare?: would they replace archers entirely ? it seems a very stron…[View]
61076646>be taiwan >have limited resources compared to china >waste it by producing amphibious land…[View]
61034379Sweden Gripen Fighter Jets to Ukraine: >I expect that already on Tuesday we will receive an invit…[View]
61077598Action silencing: for this year's hunt I'm thinking of putting some effort into silencing …[View]
61077755Q Mini Fix: Is this a good gun? I'm looking for a 300 blackout gun and my local shop has one fo…[View]
61081718CZ SP-01: first handgun: I went and tried out an SP-01 and a Glock 17 this weekend, really loving th…[View]
61081074Just Su-27M launching an AGM-88 HARM missile. https://files.catbox.moe/iyyqlp.mp4[View]
61043378Why doesnt the NCR use mortars in fallout.[View]
61081666Need a boat to commit piracy in the South China sea. Need recs plox...[View]
61071997What’s the point of buying an intermediate caliber rifle if you can’t fire in full auto? Why not jus…[View]
61079332Ammo price predictions: Election season is here. The price of 223/556 never recovered from the lie a…[View]
61073067/AK/ Soviet-Afghan war edition: Old >>61058519[View]
61081293I'm thinking about buying a stiletto, do you recommend it, or some other type of knife?[View]
61075752Actual Gamechangers: Post thing that materially improved warfighting capabilities in this conflict.…[View]
61075098/k/nife thread: Who makes a good F-S type dagger these days? Looking for that sweet spot nexus betwe…[View]
61076462were they really that useful in any battle situation, or were they mostly just for intimidation?[View]
61080917My big gay dumb idea: Why not take the turret off a T-55 and turn it into a low profile drone mine p…[View]
61074231The Polish military has bought the american IBCS system for 2,5 Billion dollars. Deliveries between …[View]
61071459>5% stake of ownership: Blackrock do you guys use this stuff? my lgs has an overstock of this stu…[View]
61056876Haitian Gangs launch coup, capture multiple armored vehicles and weapons: So today Jimmy BBQ announc…[View]
61079049Hey /k/ ik the ATF isn't taking any forms atm but I have a police trade in AR that came with th…[View]
61080189I want to buy a new production flintlock, not a repro, just a modern well made rifle where you put t…[View]
61067438Decoys become too realistic, how do you even differentiate them from the original?[View]
61043579Military Stories: Tell us the most interesting/weird thing you've seen/experienced while servin…[View]
61075484Rak has a new turret: Poland's Rak SPM has a new turret with better specs. https://defence24.pl…[View]
61080026How effective would it be if russia or ukraine nigger-rigged an array of 30 to 50 ags-30s aimed 45 d…[View]
61076749/arg/ Autism Rifle general: autism rifle general: KACbros its ogre edition previous: >>6107153…[View]
61066850Handgun General - /hg/ - #1199: Thread #1200 Eve edition Guide: https://files.catbox.moe/9g5sv2.pdf…[View]
61077319God comes to you one evening and says: 'My son, I've decided to reward you. You're going …[View]
61075702What is a tank?[View]
61077881What went wrong?[View]
61077903What laser is this?[View]
61075777NGSW extreme cold testing: Extreme heat and humidity testing 'later this year.' >FORT MOORE, Geor…[View]
61062666Sooo: These flash surpressors are fine right?[View]
61067966Canada General - CFG - Cangen: Canada General >New here? Read this https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu …[View]
61076422Warfare is all about numbers if you wouldnt win a war when you are outnumbered 15 to 1.[View]
61076224Weaponized robot starts punching you in the face.: What do now, yankee?[View]
61078060Rate the fit of Russian kit[View]
61077777Kill or be killed: It’s 2024 and people are still using primitive and advanced weapons to kill one a…[View]
61054216Turkish shotgun worked like a Turkish shotgun: Got a Turkish shotgun and the bastard broke on me. Th…[View]
61076263A recent attempted Russian attack was stopped somewhere in eastern Ukraine. Here we see a destroyed …[View]
61048009Smallsword: Was it the best 1v1 sword bros[View]
61073978Russia dropping MASSIVE cluster munitions on AFU: They make Ukraine cluster artillery and HIMARS loo…[View]
61067712Define me what is a pistol: It must abide with the thought of strictissimi juris[View]
61075957Anti-drone shotguns: If you were to construct a cost-effective, man-portable support weapon for dron…[View]
61065856Here's some 556 because you're epic.[View]
61077209is this a good rifle?[View]
61053412Detective Action Shooting: I've had this idea for a bit, and its been on my mind again. Basical…[View]
61070414ITT: We write rap lyrics about weapons: >Got so much bread I bought the block all new Sigs >ca…[View]
61016961Imagine getting killed by an A10 Warthog and knowing that a dude who drew hypercock futa furry porn …[View]
61075203Can Americans please explain to me, what makes a person decided to become an army 'officer', go to a…[View]
61073880Why do all armies hate the military police, just stop chimping out and you wont get gulagged[View]
61057975So what was medieval combat really like? What was modern warfare like at the time?[View]
61067199IWI Micro Folding Battle Sight: IWI made tiny thingy. 'IWI's MFBS represents a unique design th…[View]
61067750Are whips an underrated home defense weapon? If you live in a European country with no guns or just …[View]
61071535assault rifle 15 general /arg/: Wilcux sisters its so over OLD>>61066602[View]
61075215Could Gunblades prove effective in CQC?: If you were in the NYPD how would you approach disarming an…[View]
61074704why don't long rang sniper use fin stabilized discarding sabot (APDS) instead of regular bullet…[View]
61071379With report two AWACs downed and along with production allegedly needing to be restarted. Why didn…[View]
61064964Interesting designs that got cancelled too early: I think the Manta would have been a fascinating lo…[View]
61076140After seeing some comments in a recent thread on the Germans' use of interleaved roadwheel susp…[View]
61074127Why the fuck would you EVER want a cross draw holster? Seriously, what circumstances does a cross dr…[View]
61075254.50 BMG Mormon howitzer: https://archive.org/details/Maadi-Griffin_50_Cal._Rifle_Plans/ If anyone on…[View]
61076409new animagraffs upload!: the airplane autist part of my brain just lit up[View]
61075579Haitian gangs start using Drones to coordinate attacks: It's day 5? Of the national revolt agai…[View]
61074477/k/ vidya: played the game for some hours today, liked it a lot any you ever played it?[View]
61068021Opinion on the MT-LB? And how does it compare to the BMP-1/2? Also what’s its American equivalent?[View]
61068677Objective Gun beautyness discussion thread: How come the G3/HK91 is grotesquely ugly like a woman wi…[View]
61074527Why in the actual FUCK is it fucking impossible to find wood furniture for the fal? Sure, There…[View]
61074866As part of NATO Enhanced Air Policing mission, Turkish AF F-16 jets in Romania conducted an aerial r…[View]
61074797So in summation, gentlemen. What you have before you, is >a troop transport that can carry troops…[View]
61073530open bolts[View]
61074481Type 003 carrier getting Its deck painted, Type 075 LHD getting fitting out and a new Type 076 LHA l…[View]
61075142SHARD APFSDS Round: Now with 50% less retardation from OP: Anotha ITAR-free round from Nexter+KMW (K…[View]
61075133What's the tactical advantage of a twin seater 5th gen aircraft?[View]
61066497What's the advantage of a scimitar over a straight sword?[View]
61072851If you threw a bunch of American troops out into the middle of nowhere how many of them could surviv…[View]
61074330Chinknese all-terrain vehicle Desertcross 1000-3 meets the drone. Assault postponed. https://files.c…[View]
61068131Hatfield firearms what's with the tube[View]
61043496what is your favorite handgun and why: >what's your favorite handgun >why?…[View]
61074563Transitioning to newer equipment: Typically how do militaries go about replacing old equipment when …[View]
61041441.22lr handgun thread: I'm looking to buy a .22 handgun. Between the Browning Buckbreak, the S…[View]
61073565How much longer will we have to endure thirdie retards calling it junk?[View]
61067679Is falling into holes a T80-specific issue?[View]
61062689I just got a 3d printer for the first time in my life. Can any frens here share some useful STLs? Ri…[View]
61054291edc: EDC thread[View]
61074053What would have been the worst USMC Regiment (not small detachments captured in 42) to serve in duri…[View]
61071760Why was Korea prohibited from buying JASSM?[View]
61051829Optics thread: Would a hair shy of $2,000.00 dollars be a good deal on this fucker with taxes includ…[View]
61073145Is it worth spending the extra cash on getting the 10 shooter over the 9 shooter for an edc? I'…[View]
61063877Dragons vs modern jet could be problematic: Less easy than you think. All those heat seeking missil…[View]
61058519/ak/ thread - Simonov Edition: >Image limit reached >Post limit reached Previous thread >…[View]
61072577I just got my new fun gun! Now I just need the correct end cap for my Hybrid and game on piggies![View]
61059123Is the future DDG(X) going to be Cruiser or a Destroyer?[View]
61072931Kino from the 80s and 90s: 80s and 90s photos of guys[View]
61064925Following France, Canada announced the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine: How good is Canada…[View]
61054399*FWOOOSH*: The earth is now reset, all of humanity gone. (You) along with the rest of /k/ have been …[View]
61068123/sqtddtot/: stupid questions that dont deserve their own thread Here we go, /k/leaning question I ju…[View]
61068129How many marines with rifles would you need to conquer haiti with no international involvement? I[View]
61070167Is it superior to 300 Blackout for someone who handloads (so ammo availability and cost doesn't…[View]
61070333I have a very strange hypothetical. What if you had a military force where the average grunt was a p…[View]
61069232The Future and Evolution of Handguns: Radical Changes or Incremental Improvements?: I've been p…[View]
61065190Post any Tanks that a rarely mentioned on here. AMX-30. Type: Main battle tank Place of origin: Fra…[View]
61073315no cheap ones[View]
61059456What's With All The Recent Cope?: Why is it that so many now are coping about how bad German eq…[View]
61072144Del-Ton vs. Radical 2024 Edition: I am looking to pick between the Del-Ton SIERRA 316L and the Radic…[View]
61072857Ight, dumb question about cheek filter gas masks: So, /k/, I've been working on this pet projec…[View]
61070608were soldiers ever trained to use the carry handle on the m16 as a carry handle?[View]
61073078I am look in to 1920s guns , and armed groups, how are they people scary ? what would you do if you …[View]
61013168500 of the mountain with plate armor and long swords ij medieval europe before the crossbow, How pow…[View]
61068523pros/cons of leaving safety always off?[View]
61066589thoughts on israeli handguns?[View]
61069036Please help ID this Browning Citori: I just bought this Browning Citori for $1,199 from an estate sa…[View]
61072107What does /k/ think about the Chinese idea of grouping cyberwarfare, information warfare, electronic…[View]
61055078>read war memories of German POWs >Russians are savages but very brave, resilient warriors …[View]
61068776My loadout. r8te[View]
61066010Would it have been possible to make a C130 Gunship- type ground support gunship with world war 2 tec…[View]
61067373Motor Rifle Company Command, wat do.: Congratulations anons. Though (logistical error) of glorious m…[View]
6105565436. 3rd in 3 days.[View]
61068410One question, has Israel ever used Apache? I mean in Gaza against the Qassamites.[View]
61065741Supposedly canceled hypersonic dildo ARRW appears in Guam. >The AGM-183 ARRW is currently in the …[View]
61072202Heavy bombers: Where are these planes at? Or are they as obselete as battleships?[View]
61069990Shotgun Flashlight: Any recommendations for a flashlight that would be tough enough to handle the sh…[View]
61059608Russians have analyzed a Magura naval drone from Ukraine The conclusion they came to is that Magura …[View]
61066575Flying Destroyers: Gigantic nuclear powered planes have been proposed in the past, but usually they…[View]
61069415After watching a bunch of mass shooting videos taking place in grocery stores over the years, I can …[View]
61071043potato silencer: https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/former-st-louis-principal-pleads-guilty-to-hiring-…[View]
61071553Anyone got a discount code for this?[View]
61066532How badly did my noguns friend get ripped off by these Gun Store Goblinos: Just so you guys can quic…[View]
61069477Window mags?: Thoughts? I think they look cool[View]
61060636If there is one thing from another era I wish I could have been born to see, it would be naval comba…[View]
61065008When did military uniforms peak?[View]
61064808SHTF Cavalry: Anyone else plan on doing Cavalry stuff if SHTF? Seems like an easy way to stay mobile…[View]
61065909The Eternal Debate: Appendix chuds need not apply.[View]
61040084/akg/ AK General: #2007 Its Time to Stop Edition Prev: >>61001243 AK Buyer's Guides >N…[View]
61066602/arg/ - ARGumentative edition: old >>61062493[View]
61034289You have 5 minutes to convince Hitler how to win WW2 with google translate. And you cannot show him …[View]
61063269Messer Fuddlore: I've seen the take in pic related a few times now. It basically boils down to …[View]
61051400Are they the second strongest Western military? >indigenous MIC >prepared militarily >can d…[View]
61073622Are gentiles really dumb enough to believe this?[View]
610687792024: the year larping comms changed: A couple years ago we had a short thread about satellite direc…[View]
61069165Bradley smokes a second BTR: https://files.catbox.moe/yslrle.mp4[View]
61064444G3 SMG: What's the story behind this one? I thought the MP5 is the G3 in SMG form. For anyone c…[View]
61066565An enfield 1853 would work basically the same and be just as effective as a flintlock range and accu…[View]
61020767The Russian civil war is a conflict that is very rarely ever covered by anyone. Was there any cool s…[View]
61048146Ukr tank fires at a Rus BMP that is rushing towards it at full speed, in the direction of the villag…[View]
61057029You have just been transported to the Roman Empire's era with nothing but the current knowledge…[View]
61069184israeli tank, german engine: >The power plant includes a German-developed 883 hp MTU1500 series d…[View]
61035961Why exactly did .45 go out of fashion? >muh mag size Literally hire humans with higher IQ and phy…[View]
61066716Going to the movies tomorrow. How fucked am I if a shooter enters my theater?[View]
61059024Jokes aside, what are the best ways to grab a gun from a holster when you don't know what reten…[View]
61065521When are we gonna get new weapons that have soul, good design and look fucking cool?[View]
61056843ok so why aren't there other WIDE suppressors like the one that GD put on their NGSW bid? if it…[View]
61063472Today's photo from the Bryansk region.[View]
61067510What the fuck do we know about the night-fight at robotyne?: https://youtu.be/PXSvvosPLII?si=TzHMziA…[View]
61067789Egypt vs Turkey: Who would win in a war? Both are roughly comparable in population size, both have l…[View]
61065089any guides on how to make shotgun shells without any ammo parts? No reloading or anything like that[View]
61037194Could the Qin Dynasty's Great General system work in modern times, maybe for NATO? To summariz…[View]
61065223Combat /k/nives: What in your opinion is the best combat knife? Why do you think this? Explain yours…[View]
61066828'splain how this arty shit works IRL. Not sure if this is legit combat pic, but I see all these…[View]
61068234We talk about some trashy guns[View]
61066517Alt history scenario aside, realistically how well would the M1 Abrams fare in urban warfare environ…[View]
61042775war in the past was fucking wild.[View]
61065736cruise missile for akıncı + new glide bomb for f-16: turkshit seems to come in press release waves l…[View]
61060504Gunboat Diplomacy: This is your flagship. Who would you use it against? How would you use it and it…[View]
61065991At what stage do you realize you have a problem and should stop?[View]
61059577Direct Impingement Shotgun: would direct (short) impingement be the best choice for an autoshoty? it…[View]
61062530dunk bois: CATOBAR thread. Dead-Load Yeet Boi appreciation thread. First EMALS testing on JFK last w…[View]
61064500Late 19th early 20th century soldiers: Can u guys help me post pics of late 19th early 20th century …[View]
61064533What's there to stop someone from just ordering a rifle stock from Henry and putting it on thei…[View]
61066294Would this work?[View]
61061835Why the hell are all modern rifles just a slightly modified AR-15?: I just want to see innovation, b…[View]
61054066Beretta NARP: >Hear Beretta is developing a new rifle, think it's gonna be neat >It'…[View]
61066605SKS Gas Tube Lever wont go down: was shooting earlier and noticed the Gas Tube Lever popped up and I…[View]
61037823Does your rifle have what it needs?: Light and optic are the minimum, both should cost more than the…[View]
61042776My LGS fucking despises me: I see it on their faces every time I walk into the store. They snicker b…[View]
61063677Is America’s dog drone development occurring fast enough? A decade ago we saw Boston Dynamics offeri…[View]
61066302Dogfights: what aerial engagements do you wish were covered on the show?[View]
61063989Doctrine for tactical nuclear weapons outlined in training scenarios for an invasion by China: https…[View]
61064445Got another battle bud since my other one is getting rather old and hunting is getting too hard on h…[View]
61058491.308 twist rate: I want a 16inch barrel .308 but with a 1:5 twist. What are the advantages to this a…[View]
61039075French justice seized based Delon's illegal gun collection: >Alain Delon's house search…[View]
61058634Yesterday Russia dropped dropped 152 FABs, a new record. Does this signify an intensification of the…[View]
61062493/arg/ assault rifle general: Assault rifle general: KAC meta edition aka new locking collar edition.…[View]
61055731Glorious Future: It is the year 2150. The NFA has been dead and gone for a hundred years, making mac…[View]
61062913Anduril × Hanwha UGV: If a collab between a south korean chaebol and 'wait, the VR goggles guy?' doe…[View]
61056734Canadian firearms general -/CanGe/: Canada General >New here? Read this https://pastebin.com/Ndb…[View]
61065326S-300 destroyed: Reportedly an S-300 launcher is struck near the village of Bohdanovka. The camo mak…[View]
61065596Is this possible?: Some evil part of me thinks that this is impossible to do with a shotgun shell. W…[View]
61064891how do take care of guns, where do you keep them[View]
61053614Tanks vs IFVs/CFVs/APCs: What’s the point of tanks when IFVs can have 1) Anti armor capability 2) In…[View]
61065358ITN just released 80 minutes of Desert Storm footage https://youtu.be/hF7ttRaWUus?si=tXIBYWJTgJGBJik…[View]
61064380C-130 flew for the final time for the Brazilian Air Force. Say something nice.[View]
61055429was thinking why don't they make a small tank or armoured personnel vehicle that can carry stuf…[View]
61052928Tactical lever action: Please convince me that I need this or that it’ll be useful. Could you hunt w…[View]
61065156I'm surprised there's no accounts of flaming swords being used in battle. Yes of course se…[View]
61061355Patch Thread: Trade, create, and sell your patches! Post good design ideas and maybe a patch store w…[View]
61062813Anti drone: instead of some gay ass EW why has nobody come to the idea to use flak against drones, j…[View]
61064974CUAS HMMWV?: anyone know what's going on here?[View]
61057586My holster broke after almost a decade of use and I can't get a replacement because the creator…[View]
61046936What would america do against a country with a fully automated military and defence systems controll…[View]
61060442Turkey buys AirFish GEV: A new generation of ekranoplans will soon enter the Black Sea. Turkey is st…[View]
61060205Anyone else think it's pretty weird that we have the Carl Gustav AND the Carl Gustaf?.[View]
61064051quack quack motherfuckers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSoWlaUF4vQ[View]
61049376Literal unironic recreational nukes: An entire class of nuclear weapons was abolished in 1987. Why d…[View]
61065319If drones make trench warfare impossible, then how would that change (the ukraine) war?[View]
61065310Ranged guns in the new dune were based.[View]
61049497Humans will literally game the system until it becomes an absolute clown show. Who tf wants to watch…[View]
61061546What did General Atomics mean by this?[View]
61040699/kf/ - knife general: Are AKC OTFs halfway decent? I'm too poor to afford a memetech.[View]
61056108How will f-16 in ukraine affect frontline?: I know f-16 won't affect ukraine war in same way HI…[View]
61062760Would it be possible to turn Ukraine into a new Afghan-Soviet War for the Russians if they did someh…[View]
610555706 Su-25s do a flyby across Avdiivka: They are beautiful planes.[View]
61052537What was the point of horse cavalry again? If you injure a horsey, they seem to go down pretty blood…[View]
61060406uwu what's dis :3[View]
61062360Ukrainian Bradley finishing dismounted russian infantry: https://files.catbox.moe/bttvq3.mp4…[View]
61054302Knight's Armament Company: What commercially-available manufacturers are in the running for bei…[View]
61064409If I were to get a type 7 ffl and a sot, who would I sell my guns to and how? I’ve thought about get…[View]
61046952Polish special needs recon vehicle: Today Polish MOD signed a framework agreement for procurement of…[View]
61061510>Russians are now sticking mine trawls on MTLBs Effective or no?[View]
61047363How many 152mm barrels does Russia manufacture per year?[View]
61053913drone scouting is a lifesaver in this war: both above ground and in tunnels, they said it saved doze…[View]
61058032Handgun General - /hg/ - #1198: EDC edition Guide: https://files.catbox.moe/9g5sv2 Pastebin: https:/…[View]
61063169Rostec 'will restart' production of Lostec: Russia claims they're restarting A50 prod…[View]
61063572Thoughts on turning a $300 antique percussion shotgun into a sawed off?[View]
61061388If you could go back in time to 1900 how would you change the course of firearms development?[View]
61059976Could battleships with a comeback with guided rounds? 16 inch guns would be able to lob comparative…[View]
61051785>almost mach3[View]
61035536behold the penultimate evolution of the do whatever you want one handed sword, cut, thrust, chop vin…[View]
61058745Are they the second strongest Western military? >second strongest Navy in the West >second lar…[View]
61050524>look up in the sky >see this What do?[View]
61051541Ukraine shot down 13 planes in the last 10 days. Their current AA inventory (according to wikipedia)…[View]
61060822Stock or tacticool AK?[View]
61038937I need your big brains /k/. I’d love to hear your opinions, guesses and fanfics about this potential…[View]
61059200Highcom 4SAS7 lvl4 plates?: A little over 200$ per plate and weigh 7.1 pounds. Want a pair for the v…[View]
61061290Some questions How effective is this stuff in self defense scenarios? Do I keep it in the bag or loo…[View]
61055746Aftermath of a recent failed RuAF attack near Vuhledar at the hands of the Ukrainian 58th. The 155th…[View]
61058614The past and future of combat arms. 6.5×25mm CBJ[View]
61052844>Grenadiers >they don't actually throw grenades…[View]
61056640/arg/ - Arguing Retards General: Sarah Connor Edition Previous: >>61050111[View]
61055403China and India Threat?: Why is China seen as a threat to the west, but India isn’t?[View]
61055182retard question but on a molle vest are you supposed to put the tourniquet on the back or the front …[View]
61049083Why hasn't anyone made an AR-18 for 7.62×51 NATO?: Brownell said in their interview in forgotte…[View]
61057986>War in Eastern Europe always depicted with gas masks and NBC suits >War in Eastern Europe hap…[View]
61043592Vehicles in Ukraine: DITA SPG: The Netherlands has ordered 9 czech DITA self-propelled howitzers for…[View]
60896298>Admiral Fukyu Niggah was born in 1880 in a fishing village near Nagasaki. He was born into an an…[View]

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