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60966151Why does NYPD issue cops single shot shotguns?[View]
60965842>tfw undefeated[View]
60951015What’s the point of this button?[View]
60964859>Ajax will not see operational deployment before 2026, marking a 12-year delay from the contract …[View]
60974661Predator Drone Wreckage found, shot down (video): Houthis have released a video showing an unknown s…[View]
60964328Banan defense choo choo train: Do we know anything about it? Is it even real? Seems more like a tabl…[View]
60971686Algeria soon has more tanks than Russia. What are they hoarding these for?[View]
60980457Making mags: Tldr: im trying to mod and make a nag for a single shot .22 bolt action. Im wondering i…[View]
60971463will we ever see real military mechs: Yeah, we've all heard the arguments before, bipedal sucks…[View]
60976224Can anyone tell me what kind of gun he's using? From the Kdrama death's game.[View]
60973097Why are the British so effective at sinking Russian ships?[View]
60975230Old Soviet tanks and their variants: Tanks like the T-55, T-62 and T-72 were exported to a shitton o…[View]
60957875The Germans have a long and proud history of building sexy weapons, so what the fuck is up with this…[View]
60978582could you fit a pair of AK-130 turrets, 4 to 6 kord HMG mounts and armor that can withstand small ar…[View]
60973544Saw a thread on here a while ago that advised on buying through private sales for the sake of stayin…[View]
60976105so you can kill a grizzly bear with just a spear. why is this so effective against animals compared …[View]
60970123World Wars: What's your favorite gun from the era of the world wars?[View]
60966108Why are tasers so useless? https://youtu.be/kvYprazIFRI?t=1423 https://files.catbox.moe/awg7zu.mp4…[View]
60960049Naval Officer AMA PT.3: Second tour SWO on a DDG. AMA. As I've mentioned before, will not answ…[View]
60977752Gonna be spending the summer building one of these bad boys for decoration. Decided on 1045 AISI spr…[View]
60966079would it work irl?[View]
60972367Turning an obsolete tank into a community bunker, take it or leave it?[View]
60974217What AR build is this? How much would it cost to assemble?[View]
60974823Handgun General - /hg/ - #1189: Handguns edition Guide: https://files.catbox.moe/9g5sv2.pdf Pastebi…[View]
60974281Question about Hitler: Why did he choose to personally re-name this tank 'Elefant'?[View]
60969314Why not just make firing pins out of titanium?[View]
60956929Why do zoomers love red dots so much?[View]
60966216Are they any modern 'space guns' being produced that aren't goofy looking competition pistols?:…[View]
60973774Anyone know anybody looking to get rid of some 8x50R Austrian? Don't ask why[View]
60965063Dawn of the dead survival: It’s 1978, the zombie epidemic has hit your state. You need to make your …[View]
60942450What advantages does a Leman Russ have compared to modern tanks?[View]
60975337sus gauge: it has been nearly 10 years since FPSRussia danced around like monke and said da, salvo 1…[View]
60950732What is the best rifle for Appalachia?[View]
60966083Why have military ships peaked in size, but civilian ships haven't? When she set sail for the f…[View]
60977579Which one of you is this?: https://www.kron4.com/news/bay-area/cache-of-weapons-1-million-rounds-of-…[View]
60976039Unpinning glock mag: Ended up with a 33 round glock mag as a 'were sorry we screwed up your order so…[View]
60971362What was the best civil war revolver?: And why is it the colt navy? >inb4 remingtonfags seething …[View]
60962081Antique weapons on walls: What are youre thoughts about antqiue weapons on walls and do you guys do …[View]
60972248Why aren't there any cool and effective interceptor drones yet, this future sucks.[View]
60977179how can NATO even compete? 'A steel jacket encloses the barrel from the front of the trunnion to the…[View]
60977086was 'Little Green Men' most successful kommando op in modern history? as far as non-official troops?…[View]
60981529All those Ukrainian “strong womyn soldiers” /k/ was cheering are now getting gang raped by Russian c…[View]
60973564/arg/ assault rifle general: Assault rifle general: rattlecanned raix xe edition aka dmt pls paint y…[View]
60976495ghost buster bobcat .22lr: Talk me out of it.[View]
60973503Ship classifications are sooooo fucking annoying I have no idea what is a medium cruiser, battlecrui…[View]
60975917The Great Debate: Which one wins?[View]
60975411Why?: Why they do this?[View]
60926389You have 1 JASSM to use at any point in history. The missile is guaranteed to hit what you want it t…[View]
60939655I'm making a nuclear war survival infographic: I'd like to hear your input on what else to…[View]
60976406make a flying flat top. put drive props on top so they blast air across flight deck as well as power…[View]
60965830/AK/ Kasane teto edition: Cold >>60951612[View]
60955402You may not like it: but this is what peak CCW performance looks like.[View]
60970031>.380 ACP >bullet diameter is .355 inches…[View]
60968173/bst/ Big Shit Truck: all the big shit goes in the stakebed. all the little shit goes in the van. hu…[View]
60974615The 88: Why didn't they make these by the gazillions, these babies were the creme of the crop a…[View]
60969408Post the best pics of the Russo-Ukrainian War, part 2 >>>60959368 Last thread reached image…[View]
60964277Ideas for Drone Warfare: Give that Drone Warfare is almost certainly the future, it is time for the …[View]
60967011Explain to me how this isn't possible[View]
60973172Holsters: A thread for the general discussion and questions regarding holsters I will start. Recent…[View]
60974730New Su-57M video.: Probably operating in ukraine.[View]
60975551what if you threaded one rifle barrel into another but the rifling wasnt aligned?[View]
60975702Bring in da ησιsє Bring in da ︻デʄʊռӄ━一[View]
60965962Was Nighthawk a good project? Did it achieve something that other planes were simply incapable of?[View]
60970209MQ9 Predator Drone Shot Down (video): Video showing a Predator Drone over Yemen being shot down, I …[View]
60912164/k/apture this fortress: This is my local park that’s been surrounded on all four sides by shipping …[View]
60969508UGH! What could have been![View]
609719391938. Italy decides to scrap all of its surface navy and focus only on subs and frogmen. How effecti…[View]
60975056>we'll never see chunky scifi power armor with giant pauldrons irl It's so over.…[View]
60951714Manstoppers: What are some real manstopper rounds? I'm not talking regular people I'm talk…[View]
60959062>P-47s >Only having enough fuel to escort the bombers from England to the edge of the English …[View]
60972385Gundo boys: Anyone else following the defense hackathon in El Segundo? Lots of cool shit being made…[View]
60974339Which one of you did this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QwRR_3jAlA[View]
60969227Plate Carrier Critique: Any critiques or improvements? Need to eventually get a higher end radio (ru…[View]
60974663>stops your 'drone swarm meta' before it even has a chance to become a thing C-UAS chads just kee…[View]
60968702Do we have a problem?[View]
60970604Why not?: What if my flashlight was installed vertically?[View]
60974136Operation Golden Hand: what vehicles are they using in 01:05?[View]
60972665Why no Ukrainian drone AWACS? Or NATO intelligence renders then redundant?[View]
60968671Houthis show off models of all their missile types: From ballistic missiles to cruise missiles to an…[View]
60962101The chinks are going to deploy their J-31/35 stealth fighter on their STOBAR carriers. Thoughts?[View]
60967923Terminal Illness: What do you plan to do with your weapons collection, when its time to move on? Thi…[View]
60950922nahal are using smart shooter scopes and... tactical axe?: why would you take an axe there also nege…[View]
60967021Y2K: Cold War Goes Hot: Let's say the Soviet Union lasted until 1999, and let's say they t…[View]
60958895Ballistics shield vs drones: Does a riot/ballistics shield stand a chance of protecting you from bot…[View]
60972586Honey wake up, new Bradley kino just dropped https://files.catbox.moe/tuut4d.mp4[View]
60961227How many people have you killed: with your guns?[View]
60976848Robotyne has fallen. Hohols are kill. Ogun thunderstrike your entire generation. Slava Z.[View]
60965337https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_XQ3D6IMzU&ab_channel=JamesReeves This video really highlights …[View]
60973725Artillery and highground.: How much important is the highground in term of artillery duels?[View]
60964949What infantry rifle would the Roman Empire be most likely to invent/use?[View]
60962594/hg/: stay out /arg/ tripfags edition: >>60961279 >>60961752 >>60961847 Fuck bullp…[View]
60959035Is 5.56 sufficient for sasquatches?[View]
60966158It works[View]
60969169/arg/ - Anal Rape General: IMR Blue edition Pastebin (if you don't like it then make another o…[View]
60881742/msg/ - Military Surplus General: /msg/ - Military Surplus General GIWTWM Edition Post old guns and …[View]
60951321If you took a Neanderthal and put it in a boot camp could you make it a passably functional soldier?[View]
60953525US army manuals: Ive been starting a collection of American Army manuals, because of esoteric knowle…[View]
60952588Wierd gun takes.: I don't like compact pistols. Full size only for my EDC. Here's my reaso…[View]
60973335How is the TEC supposed to work here?[View]
609646303D printed guns will never be useful....: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC36sE5Yxfg[View]
60972390Opinion on the Merkava?: Do we have any info on how effective the Merkava has been in the Invasion o…[View]
60955132Is there any real use for militia's or minuteman larp? Like no one will invade the US and there…[View]
60970518mine skills: Is a regular Russian infantry soldier trained to use a landmine or is that strictly for…[View]
60956459Post any unusual looking British vehicles.[View]
60964209Sellier & Bellot: How do you pronounce Sellier & Bellot? You don't say Cellular and Bel…[View]
60970532Am I /k/?[View]
60964840ITT: your favorite armored police vehicles[View]
60958196Bows are the future: When the world is ravaged by war, and bullets are all used up, we will revert t…[View]
60969231It doesn't get cooler than a railway gun[View]
60963257Modern gear is completely soulless. Guess what unit and country these guys are from without reverse…[View]
60972072What is that Glock there for?[View]
60959055This thing looks surreal. Could something like this be done today?[View]
60971219/k/ nation-state thread.: https://innawoods.net/ >It is 2027. >Russia is in a state of crippli…[View]
60956610Indigenous ammo production in Ukraine: How hard would it be to aggressively build up the indigenous …[View]
60968892Why did the British sailors have these weird white garments over their faces?[View]
60934653/gq/ - Gear Queer - Tactical Gear General Thread: Tactical gear thread. Post gear. Discuss gear. You…[View]
60952691Could you really buy a Uzi 9mm in Cali in the 80's?[View]
60957377The Spanish Military: What do we think?[View]
60968524Would a professional airsoft team be able to kill a squad of marines who never saw combat in a live …[View]
60966833Imagine if they did this as a 15 - 17 round 32acp instead of a 10 - 12 round 380. When will Ruger li…[View]
60959661/k/, I HATE Gauls. My grandfather hated them too, even before they put out his eyes.[View]
60964795CFG - Cangen - Canadian firearms General: CFG - Canadian firearms General >New here? Read this ht…[View]
60959368Post the best pics of the Russo-Ukrainian War.[View]
60947819What's the worst ND you ever had? I NDed my .300 Win Mag in my living room. It was the end of h…[View]
60974249The greatest naval war since WWII. Who will win? NATO vs aliexpress???[View]
60970421Mostly fun noob, had pistol stolen out of car while at the doctors office and taking it to storage b…[View]
60969710Why wouldn't this work?[View]
60970074This fucking faggot DITCHED his Squad when things got too hot; and now I'm supposed to worship …[View]
60937469/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg St. Valentine's Day Edition >Thread #2003 Old thread here …[View]
6096648330.06 ball: Anyone have any experience with this brand? Thinking of stocking up.[View]
60969587Roller delayed inception: What if we put a roller-delayed mechanism on a roller delayed mechanism? S…[View]
60960080Thoughts on Russian surplus ammo: Got 5000 rounds of steel case Tula .308 for $.24 per round. I usua…[View]
60954089Why the FUCK haven't we seen ground effect drones in this war yet? Especially to attack ships? …[View]
60948535What's /k/'s opinion on DARPA's new 100 ton ekranoplan?[View]
60968334I went to 3 different gun ranges in my area today and there was a 2+ hour wait at each one wtf Fuck…[View]
60968415What's More Accurate? Piston or D.I.?: Taking heat out of the equation, which is more accurate …[View]
60966215/arg/ assault rifle general: Assault rifle general: fresh paint edition Previous : >>60960387…[View]
60947885HK Mk23 thread: idk if anyone remembers me from the MGS thread a few days ago, but you guys were rig…[View]
60959837Choose your war mate: The Russians have EMPd New York, how they managed it doesn't matter, what…[View]
60963948Do police still use shotguns or have they all been replaced by patrol rifles and ARs?[View]
60957918UAE made 240 tube MLRS called 'Jahanam(Hell) Launcher' Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8fC7…[View]
60947216police RCWS: RCWS have gotten so small compact and reliable you can basically just bolt in one that …[View]
60964479>affix laser to drone >acquire capacity of easy blinding (temp or perm, singular or wideband, …[View]
60924560Sword general?: I wanna buy a sword but I know dick all about swords. Specifically, I want single ha…[View]
60966964How'd I do /k/?[View]
60966378>>60966369 >>60966318 forgor picrel[View]
60945847What's the best FIRST 22lr Rifle iyo: Lever vs. Bolt vs. Pump Actions need to get a first rifl…[View]
60966253Cope Bricks: Reactive armor in all shapes and forms. It has been around for a good while now, yet de…[View]
60953161I got ghosted by a girl I really wanted to make my girlfriend. I can't stop thinking about her.…[View]
60951852How far can human soldiers be augmented without losing humanity and turning into weapons?[View]
60958083Okay boyos, how much do I need for my own HIMARS?[View]
60948761I know this board loves advanced US shit like >f-22 >f-35 >LRASM >AGM-154 >AIM-260 Bu…[View]
60961094Defensive equipment in Ukraine: What are the defensive equipment currently in operation in Ukraine, …[View]
60962022Jungle Guns: What are some guns that have been purposely designed to be utilized in jungle combat, o…[View]
60957589>The Shoigov-ob-Blyatsky SoB-37 (NATO reporting name 'Futa') was a Soviet interceptor designed in…[View]
60960962Buying lower receivers off Alibaba: Sooooo I was looking for forged parts on Alibaba and I stumbled …[View]
60960697A sword might be the knight's weapon but the SPEAR will always be the weapon of the warrior.[View]
60969725Why are the ROA and Vlasov in general forgotten when it comes to WW2 collaboration? You hear more ab…[View]
60965981what camo pattern is this?: >being this new would someone mind telling me what the camo in pic re…[View]
60958832Tank work with turbine no? Why don't we direct hot gas above the tank to deflect droid dropped …[View]
60960280For me it's Alpenflage[View]
60953898What went wrong? >inb4 Belgium or the Ardennes[View]
60961732What's the most good solid early cold war jet? >Dutch East Indies Hawker Hunter…[View]
60934766/SGG/ - Shotgun General: /sTPTyAc7 Edition[View]
60959857Skynex and RapidFIRE in Ukraine: Germany sent like 4 or 5 of them and France sent 1 last year, do we…[View]
60959257SU-57 has been reported to be in ukraine: Apparently a missile fragment found during strikes on Febr…[View]
60965896bros? Explain to me how/why 12 GA is hardly more expensive than .223/5.56 Is this an outright scam, …[View]
60960387/arg/ - an rifle general: anime edition OLD: >>60957785[View]
60951612/AK/ world hegemon edition: Old world order >>60935768[View]
60945218US Army equips first unit with new helmet (NG-IHPS): WASHINGTON – On Feb. 12, 2024, PEO Soldier fiel…[View]
60964453Operation Lineback3: The USA should just stop dicking around and directly attack Russia with Operati…[View]
60951360Just for fun: Congratulations! You've just joint the SCP foundation's Site Security. Your …[View]
60958719Iran's new air defense: Is 'martyr' a fitting name?[View]
60947215Did you know there was a planned carrier launched navalized F15? They tested a modified production F…[View]
60954459Best US states to be a kommando?: West Virginia Texas Georgia Wyoming Utah Montana South Dakota Sout…[View]
60962920OG-107: What was wrong with this uniform? What necessitated a change?[View]
60961233What is/would be the ideal helmet design?: All modern military helmets only protect the top of head …[View]
60962744How would you make the German minecraft fort in Ukraine more defensible in event of Russian assault?…[View]
60958369Milling slides vs. buying MOS slide?: Got a new Glock 19x on sale. Do y'all recommend finding a…[View]
60959592>You bought ANOTHER gun? Don't you have enough? How much was it? How do you respond?…[View]
60959105GBRS group accessories: what is the quality of this stuff like? is it worth it?[View]
60948356Just learned about this Helmet: Why aren't there more helmets that are segmented like this? It …[View]
60959677Milsurp rifle owners. Question. I swapped bullets and powder from a batch of surplus 7.65 Argentine…[View]
60964232What's the closest gun I can get in the US to this Italian single-shot bullpup made for woodlan…[View]
60958957Making shit as a britbong, impossible or improbable?: Planning on getting an FAC loicense next year …[View]
60958259if you had to practice your shooting fundamentals, and you had limited to no access to live firearms…[View]
60945197What is this for?: I can't think of a single practical scenario where an auto shotgun would be …[View]
60956862Vayu-Shakti 2024: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0uOmQXenws Vayu-Shakti 2024 is a just finished In…[View]
60947421Is a 3-9 scope effective for an urban dmr?[View]
60955655Canadian firearms General - /CFG/: Canadian firearms General >New here? Read this https://pastebi…[View]
60955617Everyone sucks off the SS but for me the DAK was the most /fa/[View]
60949381Apartment Weapons: >living in crowded 22 story high rise apartment >dont want to spam rounds i…[View]
60962157How did the situation go so bad for US subs?[View]
60963167since the thread was dead before I could answer: >>60963076 Napoleon lost between 220k and 300…[View]
60952523Just heard about a guy at my school who got arrested for using the engineering department's wor…[View]
60948015The German-made Leopard 2 tank got stuck in a crater. And it's abandoned by the crew[View]
60959373Best MP5 on the market?: Is zenith worth the extra money compared to MKE? Also post your favorite PC…[View]
60956008Drones here to stay or passing fad?: Are drones going to take over (military) life, or will we have …[View]
60956206Sabir guided artillery shell: Frogs and krauts, pls advise. What is this ITAR-free thing? It sounds …[View]
60959593What is a weapon?: Is a weapon anything useful for increasing entropy in bodily tissues? Is a weapo…[View]
60904835Can we get a EDC truck loadout thread going? What are the bare essentials? How do you securely/pract…[View]
60944678CENTCOM's Houthi Haul: r8 it. first one published in a month. CENTCOM Intercepts Iranian Weapon…[View]
60960395/bst/ Bust-A-Nut: bust your nuts here not too soon though last one died because you all cum in a mil…[View]
60959631I have an idea: > Convert cargo ships into warships > Fill them with a bunch of missile cells…[View]
60962035Tactical advantage of streaming on tiktok in an active warzone?[View]
60960841if a girl sends you this sorta pic, it means you're gonna smash right?[View]
60953559/hg/ - Handgun General #1187: it is spin safe doe edition Git Gud Guide:https://files.catbox.moe/9g…[View]
60927414>turn all your container ships into targets great idea. now not only will your container ships be…[View]
60945879Drones in Ukraine: Shahed Hack Analysis: A long-ish article attempting to analyze the PRANA breach o…[View]
60961425Springfield 1911 RO Elite Operator 10mm: I have a few questions about this magnificent gun i’ve had …[View]
60954809>The AK-47 is best described as a hybrid of previous rifle technology innovations. >'Kalashni…[View]
60960087rifle test: >six miller high life cans >100 yards away from standing line >subject is armed…[View]
60942351South American Militaries: Which one is your favorite?[View]
60957785**DEVGRU armalite rifle general /arg/ DEVGRU** tripfag containment zone: Chill weekend thread: Keep …[View]
60964869Russian telegrams inform that commander of one of brigades who were fighting in Avdiivka was fragged…[View]
60953209Dear /k/ I don't know anything about Lugers, my local gun shop that is closing down soon has a …[View]
60957543Would You Rather: Sup /k/ Im bored at work. Lets get a “Would You Rather” thread going Ill start. Wo…[View]
60938666Apologize: >BMP-1 is bad! Meanwhile in reality it can serve as DZ warehouse for days with no prob…[View]
60954959Should I join the army?[View]
60959497>Konnichiwa dude! I don't care about specific models because I dig all Japanese planes. They…[View]
60952516Upgrade Stock G19 or MR920: Hey bros, I have a stock Glock 19 that's been my daily carry for th…[View]
60954348>f15 active Why didn't they let this happen? Is it because it looks too european with its ca…[View]
60936258Template Thread: Template Thread? Template Thread. Show us your army make ups anons it'll be c…[View]
60942164women in the army: yeah[View]
60958979Budget Tomahawk[View]
60936005holy shit[View]
60956948What does it mean?[View]
60951488AI gun drone: every scripy kiddie can run YOLOv8 on some single board computer these days i think we…[View]
60955803I predict that turretless tanks are making a comeback because of the massive abundance of top attack…[View]
60958793Muh lasers: >destroys your 3 MW laser[View]
60958802US army killdozers: this war has shopwn the killdozers are the backbone of the army. will the US mod…[View]
60948383Lubricunt and Beer: What type lube yall use on your guns and what's your go-to beer for casual …[View]
60950172What is the best move a fighter craft can pull?: Basically, 'flying weapons' showing off.[View]
60950483USAF is testing unmanned refuelling: Men will do anything but drive an EV. >The U.S. Air Force is…[View]
60936886Long hair in combat: Is long hair tactical? It's a problem in combat situations?[View]
60944607Why do so many military vets and especially SEAL vets make it sound like being in the military is ha…[View]
60955123why do states with amazing gunlaws have only generic boring carbon copy guns, but anti-gun states li…[View]
60952667heads up for P-07/P-09/P-10 users. getting consistent premature lockback when using P-09/ P-10 F mag…[View]
60950001Commando... Nevah Die....[View]
60957987Steadfast Defender 24: this shit is about to last 3 months, mainly eastern+northern europe on land a…[View]
60954331I'm really tired of hearing about people taking about WW1 when talking about the war in Ukraine…[View]
60955532Behold the new messiah: The murder cube foretold the return of the bee. For it is written, “From His…[View]
60955793Sopranos War Thunder crossover: Why haven't Italian tanks been an export success? Their design …[View]
60938387>Russia has now reached 100 documented losses of various T-62 models How did we get here?…[View]
60956740You need more?[View]
60926071We bussin or what? Also grayman thread Post outfits[View]
60947163Volnorez Review: The new drone jammer the Russians have designed and built to protect their vehicles…[View]

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