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61884605Clearly there's a reason nobody uses reverse sweep wings in aircraft, but what kind of advantag…[View]
61879234Are these knives practical or just a meme?[View]
61887664Flakpanzer IV Ostwind, 2024 version.[View]
61889721Parade of the year waiting thread: 24 hours to go. What are we hoping for? Complete and total parade…[View]
6188996364km US long convoy in Monterrey (Mexico's Invasion 2024): Photos emerging of the US 64km long …[View]
61885832quattro 53rd: does it work or not?[View]
61880652/hg/ - handgun general - #1290: Micro .45 ACP edition Guide: https://files.catbox.moe/9g5sv2.pdf P…[View]
61886865what nukes would they deploy? just tactical ones? it would it be america lending nukes to non-nuke N…[View]
61885918Chinese Submarine’s Torpedo Destroys Amphibious Landing Ship During Exercise: >China has released…[View]
61889540ukies captured one of the smekalka barn tanks any bets on what model is behind the corrugated steel …[View]
61890069How important is human development to military capabilities?: > US and allies dominate the top of…[View]
61879504Who is smart and who is retarded?[View]
61890442What should you do to prevent your troops getting hammered?: >Russians still inside Vovchansk are…[View]
61863084/k/reate - /k/ create: Post your art or engineering projects here Your military themed art, maybe yo…[View]
61881365A professional review of NATO trophy equipment by the 'Zvezda' TV channel. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
61880260so what's the main impediment right now keeping power armor from being a thing? power supply? r…[View]
61885240AK in 5.56 puts to rest the whole, 'what's better, AR or AK?' debate, doesn't it?[View]
61887788I want to move to a state where I can get a handgun as soon as possible. I learned that New Hampshir…[View]
61887322Glorious leader will protect us from the back blast. Bubba shit general I guess.[View]
61888911rate the defense of this greek merchant ship being attacked by a houthi sea drone what would you ha…[View]
61883353status on admiral levchenko?: Last info was onboard fire in turbines while in the Barents sea. Cant …[View]
61888142Can a glued bump stock work?: I have a friend that destroyed his bump stock once it was banned. But …[View]
61862209explain to me how a slow moving, fixed-wing drone able to take attack an airbase with aircraft why n…[View]
61875615rate the russian medevac you're going to want to watch the full version with sound: https://fil…[View]
61880755rate russia's newest wunderwaffle[View]
61796328/brg/ - #426 Battle Rifle General: Oy vey! Edition New FALs are kinda poo poo Thread's Theme - …[View]
61880809Aesthetic Weapons: Just post weapons that you think look cool. Could be a knife, could be a jet. Can…[View]
61888470/ak/ - Anime /k/: Hunting edition >No Vtubers >No characters from Chinese gacha games Previous…[View]
61860515/ak/ - Anime /k/: >no vtubers >no characters from chinese gacha games Previous thread: >…[View]
61881463is it possible to be a true samurai using 21st century weapons?[View]
61888050As if having to rely on Korean shit wasn't humiliation enough, European countries have started …[View]
61887701Can a military guy here explain to me, like what's the usual role and tactic of the diferent sh…[View]
61888200New Russian military transport drone: The Russian military has received the first delivery of the ne…[View]
61888234M38 Wolfhound: I need blueprints of it (from at least 2-3 different perspectives). Closest I found t…[View]
61884225rate these builds[View]
61863241CHADLEY CHADLEY CHADLEY: Remember that video where based Bradley jousted with BTR-82? Here's mo…[View]
61882399Why is the military Leather Coat always so fucking aesthetic?: Why aren't modern day Militaries…[View]
61888087Shitbarn bros, it's over.[View]
61875558How much do you spend on guns and ammo every month?: Is it possible to enjoy a /k/ hobby with a budg…[View]
61881792https://youtu.be/V7yXFMnLX2w?si=2QlhXxE9OT2tE3vb >Comparing 5.56 supers to .300 subs >Not even…[View]
61886815Shock and Awe: What went wrong?[View]
61887794It's over Zbros, our newest Wunderwaffe, the CopeBarnWagen has been captured.: Ukranians captur…[View]
61886953Have you embraced hobo recce?[View]
61876012What kind of guns for space stations/colonies/colony vessels etc: In the reasonably foreseeable futu…[View]
61878815Fellow infanteers, what do you do about your fuck huge torn and open blister at your heel when you w…[View]
61848617Your favorite gun is now a cute girl. What does she look like? Bonus points if you actually own it.[View]
61886378What do you think of Major General Sir Nils Olav III, Baron of the Bouvet Islands?[View]
61875069Could mechs replace infantry?[View]
61885039if you don't practice shoulder swapping, you WILL die[View]
61887037Anyone collect ammo? What cartridges do you collect? I like to collect 7.62x54R not sure what the ra…[View]
61883087Can I get an ID on this bow?: Bought this trad horsebow for cheap at the club today, it's 41# a…[View]
61882126Nam.: Truly the most kino war in history. https://youtu.be/2C5JdIFc538[View]
61884791How’s the doomsday bunker coming along?[View]
61872657Build-A-Battalion (Simplified Ground edition) time passer.: Build a shit ass ground army. Use maximu…[View]
61886682Why have we been unable to find a way to armor a tank's tracks?[View]
61876591hypothetically speaking, how would a late 70s era USS Nimitz handle the japanese fleet attacking pea…[View]
61880206Is that a 140mm gun in your turret or are you just glad to see me?: EMBT ADT 140 demonstrator with A…[View]
61881879>let my actual competency show in front of a group of officers I fucked up bros…[View]
61885516Urban Warfare: How would you go about attacking a city like New York, Tokyo, or Beijing? You have be…[View]
61882447/arg/ Arguing Retarded Gays: Splattered With Brain Matter Edition Old: >>61876414[View]
61877998Cool Jets: Post some cool jets.Your favorite, some you just like, what have you.[View]
61881587Fiji patrol ship sinks on maiden voyage: https://x.com/NavyLookout/status/1802238906424782877…[View]
61882375what the fuck even is this stock?[View]
61851965/k/ photos-terrorwave: Anything vaguely in the category.[View]
61880710how effective is artillery in tank hunting? can they do it, or are they just there to target fixed p…[View]
61874297How do you deal with cheap fpv drones destroying your costly fixed-wing ISR UAVs?: Ukranians lately …[View]
61880604How do you know what is a good gun? I think most rifles are the same and people have preferences onl…[View]
61882832How did Musketeers change warfare? Did they have a significant advantage over bowmen and crossbowmen…[View]
61881443Shotgun board on drones: Why hasn't anybody put a set of 4 short barrels with a shotgun shell f…[View]
61884643>Hello id like to apply to special forces >Sorry sir no can do, youre over 5 foot 6…[View]
61883491STG machinery shown in new PSA video[View]
61882035Strela fails to det on drone: Interesting to see that it tracked it well, but failed to actually ini…[View]
61880953>Late warning radar >Pro-Ballistic Missile Interceptor…[View]
61885191Hezbollah and its Drones: Found it neat[View]
61882475US Bases in Japan during Korean War: I'm trying to track down where this image was taken. It wa…[View]
61882269Is it reasonable to be scared of war?[View]
61884596First photo of Houthis USV: Basically a drone boat https://x.com/MenchOsint/status/1802467602310070…[View]
61869504Motorcycle Infantry: Tactics and effectiveness of infantry on bikes?[View]
61883370Going out to hunt some humans. Is a carbine enough or should I go bigger?[View]
61883508Weapons dance party: https://youtu.be/yU9fbHS8MXU?si=MDc8k9VRA9wd3Lw1[View]
61882376Eye Correction While Shooting: Do you use glasses or contacts while shooting?[View]
61880354why 9 iron: I don't play golf so I have no clue, but why is the 9 iron seemingly the golf club …[View]
61881298Just picked this beauty up but in ranger green (God's best color) What's the best cover fo…[View]
61852324Sword appreciation thread: What's your favourite sword and why? Post your collection if you…[View]
61879741Are torpedos obsolete as a concept? Obviously there's edge cases like between Korea in 2010, bu…[View]
61876449How To Try Guns?: >TL;DR > Went to only local range to take basic course and try out guns >…[View]
61881741I have a faint memory of some optic that was circulating around a few years ago that basically looke…[View]
61884361Has anyone got that /k/ boomer copypasta? It's a sign off this old boomer does that features al…[View]
61879212Are bullpups good or are they trash?[View]
61880774I’m literally one day away from flying to MCT what last second advice can you give and what to expec…[View]
61873004Would you rather buy Turkish guns or Turkish cosmetic surgery?[View]
61877416I found a shitload of old sporting magazines and catalogues in the recycling bin at work today. 80s-…[View]
61872246ukraine *almost* made history: a ukie fpv drone nearly takes down a heli. one of these days it will…[View]
61872313What was honestly wrong with barrel bombs? How are they any different from any other unguided muniti…[View]
61879472US helicopters cause cancer: Some ex RAF guys are suing the british and american governments Are th…[View]
61883680Vovchansk cauldron status: Zisters I thought it wasn't real Monkey said we were winning Tactica…[View]
61877266Love for guns w/o mags: Just a reminder that if/when shit really does hit the fan that your mag load…[View]
61881866Would project babylon realistically have worked if it had been completed?[View]
61882141Skynex: Any news on its performance?Is it the Wunderwaffe it's purported to be?[View]
61879480Dreams becoming real.[View]
61882782the saber is the best sword variant in history: there is a reason that multiple somewhat disconnecte…[View]
61869069>ziggers on the move shoot down an FPV drone with a shotgun why aren't more shotguns used i…[View]
61863321>20 inch barrel for optimal ballistics >quadrail, as god intended >A2 stock to filter manle…[View]
61884948BREAKING: Russians are operationally encircled in Bakhmut: Absolutely breaking news Thoughts?[View]
61878805Why do the Russians bother with APCs?: Considering how every APC in the Russian arsenal is a piece o…[View]
61859481post unpopular opinions here: or really just things that will set people off, doesn't matter. i…[View]
61879183Why are all tanks flawed?: Tanks are supposed to be lethal and survivable. So why do all tanks have …[View]
61882169why dont you people that are afraid of getting your homes robbed go get a bunch of ballistic shields…[View]
61872110Leopard 2A8: New render. This is what the Leos for Norway and Czecha are going to look like.[View]
61874910>Hey Anon, it's me Grandpa, up in heaven! Did I hear you say that 10lbs is 'too heavy' for a…[View]
61880507Z-army in mid-2024 be like[View]
61880191Aimpoint Comp M5: >Battery on top or bottom?[View]
61868275jetzt bitte: now that its been proven that russia can't do fucking anything about US and UK wea…[View]
61882321are there any cheap knock offs for this helmet that are just as gud?[View]
61871994>Israeli Army's Namer APC was hit by Palestinian anti-tank missile strike in Gaza earlier to…[View]
61879400I doubt most of these were ever even used. Some of them look impractical as fuck. Like for example, …[View]
61881895Russian Baltic Fleet performs 'exercise' to aid damaged ship that had lost propulsion: CASE: INFRARE…[View]
61868447Launching a Nuke: Would you want to be the guy to launch a Nuke? Nobody would remember you because t…[View]
61793721Wild Hog Problem: What weapon is best for killing hogs, and what strategies can be implemented to op…[View]
61865341What load-out would you need to take on tens of thousands of monkeys that had enslaved a city? Keep …[View]
61876414/arg/ - Arguing Retarded Gays: Tranime Mags Are Clone Correct Edition Old: >>61868701[View]
61864419I fucking love siege machines. What's your favorite siege engine[View]
61876085the (not-so) great debate: well, /k/?[View]
61859721Aren't shotguns worse than pistols for home defense?: Shotguns = multiple small holes on the wa…[View]
61882611What is the most stomach churning thing you have seen from this war? For me it’s this: https://files…[View]
61884189Is there any truth to this movie?: I don’t normally post on /k/, but I know that there are a lot of …[View]
61876072>local shop has this ammo on sale >same ballpark feet per second as mini mags which my semi a…[View]
61868718Canada General - CFG - Cangen: Indigenous 10/22 Edition: New here? Read this: https://pastebin.com/N…[View]
61879439How would you get you get out of this situation /k/ommandos?[View]
61874527what weapon do the ukies have that could reach the oil refinery in savatov (on the volga river near …[View]
61883830It is clear NATO/The West is unable or willing to give Kiev regime what it needs to win: What is thi…[View]
61871917New wunderwaffe just dropped Russians can wield the power of lighting[View]
61875649how /k/ool is being an emt: hi. i am currently 2 weeks from completing my EMT course and I am lookin…[View]
61879422Desiccant: I've seen a lot of videos of enclosed reflex sight breaking when you travel with the…[View]
61876182What is or was the most prolific firearm is history? Is it the Kalashnikov? Is it some old timey wea…[View]
61876641Zisters, please tell me this is a lie![View]
61878762USPSA: >no .22lr production division >so everyone spends $5k trying to make their guns feel li…[View]
61879108>Interesting: Finnish Air Force F-35 model features drag chute fairing (seen also on Norwegian F-…[View]
61869968What's it like being shot at?[View]
61874078Are there any accounts of these actually being used in battle?[View]
61874769This is the Sergeant Stout M-SHORAD vehicle. Say something nice about him! https://breakingdefense…[View]
61863756Terrorist Attacks/Shootings done by competent killers: Most terrorist attacks/shootings are usually …[View]
61879211Stand To: >in the half-light just before dawn, the sun is at or very close to the horizon, making…[View]
61865919why are migs so formidable in movies but irl not so impressive?[View]
61875749how well would a cup grenade launcher on a gasblock work?[View]
61875248Opinions on the Merkava?[View]
61875497Turkey has closed Turkish Straits to Moscow since February 2022 and Russian Naval loses in Black Sea…[View]
61874909OwO what's this?[View]
61873484Gaunt: Does anyone know what happened to this guy? His gun videos were super comfy[View]
61875742What am I in for. These bullets feel like Legos and are incredibly light[View]
61873788Would a trimaran supercarrier airport work?[View]
61858951What's a good high end 1911 that isn't finicky compshit?[View]
61879186What's the tactical advantage of riding on top of APCs?[View]
61873210Find a flaw. protip: you cannot.[View]
61859245Using nuclear weapons on Ukraine is simply a stupid choice: I often hear claims that Putin might con…[View]
61865418Behold the latest Ukranian Mad Abrahams[View]
61875105tunnel warfare thread: > In late December, Israeli forces operating in Khan Yunis began changing …[View]
61876862what’s even the point of massive armies of foot soldiers when the future of war is just drone strike…[View]
61877311/hg/ - handgun general - #1289: Triple Inox edition Guide: https://files.catbox.moe/9g5sv2.pdf Past…[View]
61878653Anime figures and guns: Trying to find anime figures posed with/around guns for desktop wallpapers, …[View]
61872436New 40mm SHORAD just dropped: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1WJb2UyVXs BOFORS GANG WE ARE SO BACK…[View]
61879697>400 ziggers are surrounded and cut off in Vovchansk how will it play out?…[View]
61869498Why are americans allowed to own and use those WW2 military vehicles?: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
61878155Canik: thoughts on Caniks? i've been loving my Mete SF so far, only complaint is that it gets a…[View]
61862859I'm learning Blender and need some 3D modeling practice. What is the most beautiful /k/ aircraf…[View]
6187473350's armor thread: REAL tanks have curves![View]
61873389Are flamethrowers the best weapons to equip robodogs? They offer a capability that no other weapon c…[View]
61877933How small is too small for vehicle crew compartments?[View]
61874533Which Iranian makeshift aircraft carrier is the most useful?: Id say the last one with a ramp[View]
61876825Surprise Battle Royal - Choose your Weapon: >HALT! If you see this thread you suddenly awaken to …[View]
61872249Has anyone made an anti drone drone yet?[View]
61876636motorbikes: how have they transformed combat?[View]
61854030>see new sp101 match champion at gun store >$999 >ask them to price match to online for $83…[View]
61842647Open Mouth Jets: I love those intake-nose 1st-4th gen. jet fighters. There's something so charm…[View]
61872802Shooting Accurately: When you try to shoot as accurately as possible, do you inhale as much air as p…[View]
61876966Squirted (AKA 3D Printed) Thread: What y'all think about 3d printed firearms? Why do they make …[View]
61875068/HG/ - handgun general #1288: Range day, 10mm edition. >Guide: https://files.catbox.moe/9g5sv2.pd…[View]
61872200Drone operators are getting better.[View]
61875371Landships and Land-destroyers: obviously landships are unrealistic in many standards, but who gives …[View]
61871974Russian 2S4 Tyulpan 240mm self-propelled heavy mortar gets a visit from Mr. HIMARS.[View]
61876219Would becoming an military officer help me in my professional career?: I am 28 and enlisted in the A…[View]
61856954If anyone told me in 2021 that S-400 losses will be so common people would actually not pay attentio…[View]
61868986Well anon what do you like better, the M48 or the M60?[View]
61854928When will the US admit autoloaders are faster than human loaders?[View]
61874777Hey, /k. Is getting an FFL 7 and reselling guns from parts kits a decent way to make extra cash? I h…[View]
61850015Leaked NGAD footage[View]
61868701/arg/ Autism Rifle general: autism rifle general: goon rifle edition prior:>>61862430[View]
61870427The M41 Walker Bulldog: Why?[View]
61875367why not give the first guy going into a fight heavier armor: make it like a tank from RPGs[View]
61867350Underground Hangers in the modern age: Could Underground Hangers be the answer to the threat of smal…[View]
61871993S-300 launch near Donetsk. https://streamable.com/f8ve94[View]
61873365HAMAS&drones: How come the Palestinians couldn't afford a few crappy Mavic drones from AliE…[View]
61863336what was SERE like?: any veteran annons have stories? what was the torture like?[View]
61875442If I want to get my girlfriend (who has never shot a firearm in her life) a .22 pistol, what would b…[View]
61874017after the recent footage of the gaza bomb drops will we see multirotor bombers become a thing in oth…[View]
61860307Why did they call it the Ha Go? Because when you see it Go, you say Ha ha ha.[View]
61849532>were just gonna 'store' them their LMAO WW3 is about to start when the russians strike these 'st…[View]
61872013How do people hit anything firing semi auto? I fire one shot and my scope flies a thousand klicks to…[View]
61871473Will the real AEM5 and Eotechs please stand up?[View]
61874577Hello /k/ This is your reminder to go shooting. I don't care what you shoot. How much you shoot…[View]
61861683How soon before we can have body armor that's proof against any small arms fire?[View]
61866522Su-34 appreciation thread: results of Ukrainian overnight missile strikes on Morozovsks air base. Lo…[View]
61870026Kim-Putin meeting aka all the spam: In the next few days or or so Putin will be in Pyongyang and get…[View]
61873141A train with caged T-62s spotted in Kaluga. I suspect that Fashington in 2 weeks is not a realistic …[View]
61830582Barn toss.[View]
61868493Forty-Five Friday: >modern projectile design has further widened the gap between 45 ACP and more …[View]
61874311/arg/ vs /brg/: Who would win?[View]
61868389Is the Hyuga class the ideal pirate ship for the 21st century? It's fast, has a ton of cargo ro…[View]
61873420My great grandfather was based in India from England, he was given this map of the Coronation Durbar…[View]
61867486Looking for a Rocket launcher from the Crimean war? How about a slice of tree trunk with civil war c…[View]
61865288Could America have won against Ukraine 1991 army?: Composition and armament ofthe.Armed Forces in 19…[View]
61869870Somehow, it comes across you possession and does not have the devastating recoil. What do you do wit…[View]
61870904Why doesn't every handgun aspire to the awesome power of the Automag? The thing was putting out…[View]
61872109Mechanical Biocides (Steeled Air, Metal Drop): It's one of the newer things we are working on. …[View]
61869802M1A1 obr. 2024[View]
61871169Mockups Of China’s Sharp Sword Stealth Drone Appear Near New Supersized Amphibious Warship: >Appa…[View]
61857217Could sailing ships be used to hunt submarines? A sailing ship seems like it could hear the sub much…[View]
61856953>We will never have a space-superiority fighter I fucking hate physics so much.…[View]
61784929QTDDTOT thread: Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread thread Anyone make a good red dot…[View]
61868348Turkish company Baykar reveals a new kamikaze drone/missile that can be launched from a pickup truck…[View]
61861292Public Service Announcement: It's an election year, you have all bought cheap and stacked deep …[View]
61872670full drone team: This may be a stupid question. In ukraine war footage, we only ever see drones goin…[View]
61846881It's dying: I've been noticing for a while now, you use to be able to find anything in IMF…[View]
61870147FPV commander: FPV commander on stopping russian assaults. Captions good i checked. He is very tired…[View]
61864211Will we get an Osprey throwback with hand drawn diagrams, and lineups, on the Ukraine War?[View]
61863030Where's the Ramp?: https://youtu.be/soEpAprko7w[View]
61871810IDF tests pneumatic fire artillery[View]
61872500What makes Russian tanks so good?[View]
61836416/bst/ BUY, SELL, TRADE!!!!1111!!1!!!111!!!: Wow, it's the buy sell trade thread! Fuck Gmail ed…[View]
61871027>The PVA managed to inflict heavy casualties on the attackers, but their defenses were starting t…[View]
61862627Cezchia to buy Leopard 2A8 for $29.74 mln per unit: https://www.reuters.com/business/aerospace-defen…[View]
61872094>They came out of the hills near Unsan, North Korea, blowing bugles in the dying light of day on …[View]
61870958>USS Delbert D. Black (DDG 119) Arleigh Burke-class Flight IIA guided missile destroyer leaving M…[View]
61855405>drop thermite grenade in a zigger hole >they come out with some messed up clothes but are oth…[View]
61875052Would a peace settlement in the Ukrainian War like this make sense in the wake of Putin's recen…[View]
61863108Is it better or worse to have an exit wound?[View]
61864845>teleports behind you >'nothing personnel, kid' What other instances of teleporting behind the…[View]
61869288/HG/ - handgun general #1287: What you EDC edition >>Guide: https://files.catbox.moe/9g5sv2.pd…[View]
61813404Pre Contemporary Arms, Armor and Military Paraphernalia: Like the title says, post /k/ stuff from be…[View]
61871888/k/ I have a question. So it's clearly a warcrime to pretend to be your enemy. Like wearing the…[View]
61871841>see drone >kill yourself uh, tactical advantage?…[View]
61858487How long until we see the PT-76 in Ukraine?[View]
61856125>russian Su-30SM shoots down ukie long range drone over Yaroslavl oh my god, they finally did it…[View]
61861024What caliber for Penguins?: Alright. I've just read that sometimes (in emergency), scientists i…[View]
61858085The pistol brace era is over: You can all have stocks now like normal people https://www.youtube.com…[View]
61867122Ziggers proudly posted new lancet.[View]
61870703Navy SWO: AMA. Have served on two Arleigh Burke-class destroyers.[View]
61843805What can Ukraine pull off with these 3 extra Patriot Batteries?: Ukraine is getting an extra Patriot…[View]
61870217What would cluster munitions do to the radar and antennas on top of a ship?[View]
61869973Not a Soldier's Gun: Tight tolerances, full length guide rod, unreliable UNRELIABLE[View]
61865915Intredasting campaigns/conflicts: For me it's random Swedish volunteers in WW1 Persia https://e…[View]
61870054Hello, I am an evil lich. A paladin is coming to kill me, armed with the weapon Holy Avenger. All of…[View]
61870371Result of a Houthi missile hit: Why does it look like a cartoon explosion[View]
61851317WW2 Photos Thread: 1 May 1945 Captain J McMahon of the US 9th Army carries a child over a bombed bri…[View]
61866580What’s the consensus here?[View]
61867702CQB 2024: Now, admittedly my CQB training was very brief and a long time ago so maybe things have ch…[View]
61869226bros, it finally happened to me i guess you shouldn't try to open a drawer with a gun[View]
61868926Need some theories: Recently picked up a decked out sig mpx copperhead. Threw a brand new franklin a…[View]
61873273I'm obsessed with remote bases/territories being defended in ww1 like Dutch East Indies, Philli…[View]
61855811Russian frontline documentary: A bong ITV journalist (not pro-russian) managed to get embedded on th…[View]
61869858Is this good trigger discipline?[View]
61863591>be me >be autistic egghead >find out kat c weapons are legal to own in my eurocuck country…[View]
61829720The penetration tests I've seen with these make a desk pen look like a better option, are these…[View]
61863066Why do some countries retain Foreign Legions?: Is there any military reasons for nations such as Fra…[View]
61854890>DUDE turn around, drone incoming >lol your problem now >run off >drone horribly injure…[View]
61845304Any good Russian weapons?: Mods please don't immediately delete, not a vatnik thread. I am cur…[View]
61854680we're so back: idf using trebuchets and fireballs to start fires in lebanon[View]
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61866457What are your opinions on the restructuring of the marine corps away from the typical heavy armor + …[View]
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61864301Drones in Ukraine: Do we know what percentage of deaths on either side are from fpv or grenade dropp…[View]
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61862964Do you ever notice things become quieter once you grab your gun?[View]

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