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14677475You might have a sexless incel in your corner...[View]
14676548wrestling needs more big guys so all the flippy shitters struggle doing flips[View]
14677198There just isn't a fed for me. I don't want to watch four different flavors of gay carnie …[View]
14677299Vince could start fund new streaming fed: Just have Shane run it[View]
14676972(You) are tasked with turning Johnny Gargano vs Austin Theory into a dimes drawing main event in one…[View]
14676672I hate how fucking gay and wink wink nudge nudge wrestling is le fake lmao and we know you know so w…[View]
14676827>I dont like that direction >*heems everyone in the locker room* what are you going to do /pw/…[View]
14676995The artist formerly known as Tyler Reks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJiJpslKKao[View]
14677004Wrestling Sim general: For all Fantasy bookers. What's happening in your game?[View]
14677157Top Babyface in the game: .[View]
14677148How to improve the board: 1. Add spoiler tags 2. Add poster flags 3. Make it a pink board and allow …[View]
14673011he can't be forgiven[View]
14676214Tony: To be AEW is to be under constant attack. Also Tony:[View]
14676988Asian Man & PAWG[View]
14676507>*puts voicebox next to the mix* >bzzrrt F-FFFFFFFRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEbrrrzzzrrttPAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
14676624its may 19th! stay safe in knoxville everyone![View]
14676765Move over Yung Bussin, there's a new Rizz king.[View]
14676246well that was the best Collision ever: TK continues to overdeliver wrestlekino every single week…[View]
14675848[Sad news] Today marks the 39th anniversary of the death of Maki Sato (back row, fourth from right),…[View]
14674655>named Kurt Angle >isn't a geometry teacher WTF?…[View]
14676694to that anon who i was talking to on the collision general tonight, I peed my bed again and my lapto…[View]
14676364I haven't watched any WWE in a couple weeks. Anything worth watching or should I stick to ples …[View]
14672799Raw is Shit without Mami Rhea[View]
14675438Tribute to the Troops 2008 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgSathJVF_c[View]
14671085whats your opinion on flags in wrestling? are they important[View]
14675844The only reason he is being buried is because he reminds triple h of his superiors (rock and austin)…[View]
14676366Bros, what did the WWE official channel mean by this? How is Megamind so over?[View]
14676610Your KOTR and QOTR 2024[View]
14675103It’s true isn’t it?[View]
14660917Eric Bishoff wants to know how Dax is doing.[View]
14674066based Tiffy Time[View]
14674465Admit it, this song is kinda banging https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUhWOC16Ync[View]
14675233Bulldog was quite the journeyman type of talent who was never good enough to earn the distinction of…[View]
14676430Would an Internet Historian gimmick get over?[View]
14676460when is adam cole coming back? he needs to feud with ospreay[View]
14674064>2019 to 2022 - most of the talent traffic between AEW and WWE was WWE wrestlers going to AEW wit…[View]
14672558>Yeah, Tony, I can't wrestle today... I'm uh.... injured... Yeah, that's it.…[View]
14674816Actors are already shooting on Dwayne[View]
14676288>weaboo smart darling exposed as a dimeless shitter Many such cases[View]
14676046He was right about Tana.[View]
14676107So where does cody go from here? Just facing jobbers until wm 41? He's going to get booed after…[View]
14676334DARBY WATCH OUT![View]
14676157Matches That Never Happened: I wanted to see Lesnar no-sell the spoopy shit and shoot on Bray[View]
14672331Holy shit...[View]
14658978Weekly CMLL thread: Big match Kemalito edition[View]
14673109Tiffany Stratton is Not Jim Cornette: https://youtu.be/o9njVJ2wTxY?si=nonpEdJzkxxRSOYI You just got …[View]
14676264>Janel Grant Wrestling Federation[View]
14676132HOLY SHIT IT'S THE TRIBAL WARCHIEF https://youtu.be/xgEBe36_7VI?t=91[View]
14659402Allie is in another lifetime movie: 'A new mother begins to suspect that her nanny is scheming to st…[View]
14674947Can Will Ospreay carry a broken down Kurt Angle with two knee replacements to a 5 star match?[View]
14675790What do you see?[View]
14674101What does Drew McIntyre have against me and my brothers and sisters?[View]
14673903I think that Kris Statlander (28) would have had a better career in AEW without the tattoos.[View]
14673135Her name is Riho and she don't weigh 90 pounds: And when she takes a bump, well it barely makes…[View]
14676096I think I'm going to start taping raw bros. shit is looking a bit boring with all the current i…[View]
14675951Updated KWABOTY ratings: 1-10 is Tony Khan[View]
14673521Literally every American TV wrestling show is boring as shit these days.[View]
14674257Have a chill ass Saturday night, JeffChads[View]
14676048signs of a shitter[View]
14676016Sorry WWEchads, but I'm switching sides.[View]
14675895Sunny has health issues: https://www.tmz.com/watch/2024-05-14-051424-tammy-sytch-1828906-179/…[View]
14675907The only time the ECW World Championship was defended at Wrestlemaina was in a squash match where ka…[View]
14673106>But bro, he had given out that day the order that if he found out anybody was watching Cody [Rho…[View]
14675984I'm coming home I'm coming home Tell the world I'm coming home Let the rain wash away…[View]
14675378Desperate much?[View]
14675834Nia and Jade gone viral[View]
14672755ya gotta love the tonester[View]
14673460Remember when AEWtrannies said the All In footage would show that Punk was lying in the Helwani inte…[View]
14675768The Rock is the greatest WWE superstar of all time, as well as the best draw the Attitude Era had. A…[View]
14671950We come up with really cool and badass catchphrases for wrestlers: >YOU CAN'T BREAK MY CODES…[View]
14672463Is Gigi Dolin ready for the Big Time ?[View]
14675069Back in ‘92, in a particularly hot and sweaty day. A towering man slides out from a bar. Swaying bet…[View]
14674997Wasted opportunity not to have Drew McInytre at show up to comfort Fury by singing American Pie to s…[View]
14668321>Is the IWGP Champion >Doesn't even main event New Japan shows cause he's that much …[View]
14672304Just a random assortment of matches that nobody wants to see.[View]
14675519hold on. i think my dog is locked in the bathroom.: okay. boom.[View]
14674153Tommaso Ciampa is the dumbest wrestling name I ever heard. I am shocked Vince ok'd this. Why di…[View]
14673643This match is unironically going to bury one of these two and shouldn't happen. If Willow wins,…[View]
14674344Maika: Built for pleasuring the Ivory Tower[View]
14674818Why did people chant 'You cuck' at him?[View]
14672899I haven't watched wrestling in 3 weeks? What did i miss?[View]
14674278>overcomes the odds in youre path[View]
14672158KOTR Finals: Randy Orton vs Gunther QOTR Finals: Lyra Valkyria vs Nia Jax guaranteed[View]
14671354i want one[View]
14674203Decide to watch smackdown for the first time after the draft.... smackchads.. what happed to our sho…[View]
14674893Junkie Style[View]
14673845Have the fans turned on cody yet?[View]
14673835>raises your black son in your path[View]
14669162DO YOU REMEMBER ME[View]
14673712Is wrestling now dead again after the rock has disappeared?[View]
14674118>N-no problem babe... >I-I'll just be over here..i >G-got some flowers for you when yo…[View]
14675341Mayu-chan... why do you have so much horizontal scar tissue on your arm??[View]
14672955Rhea slapping her Big Ass[View]
14675322Chris Jericho[View]
14670283Why isn't Rhea Ripley booked like this?[View]
14672511no switchy?[View]
14669841WISH WE COULD TURN BACK TIME https://x.com/AEW/status/1431458074850697216[View]
14673274ITT Aryan wrestlers: I'll start with good ol' Ole Anderson, founding father of Anti-Vincei…[View]
14669293LET ME JOB FOR YA[View]
14669098[Great News] Maki Itoh (28) has discovered the forbidden and secret pleasures of adulthood.[View]
14675224>big leagues the Weinstein promotion BASED[View]
14669645Serious topic: Please no console war: is AEW bigger than NJPW? (I am no AEW or NJPW fan)[View]
14671862I just found out this faggot wasn't even of Hispanic orgin: 'Prince Puma' or shall I say R…[View]
14673647>skater gimmick >mall grab ngmi[View]
14674292tiffany stratton gave bianca a shoot abortion last night[View]
14673046sasha stanks is an ugly talentless botchy dimeless whore who will die alone LMFAO[View]
14674555IF YA SMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL WHAT THE GROK IS COOKIN' Then please tell me what it is because …[View]
14671897lots of malfunctions happening recently[View]
14675139THE GOAT[View]
14673866Layla Diggs just debuted on Level Up. What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1lBhiu8Uq0…[View]
14673675>People unironically think it was until 2027 >basically leaked that his contract is about to …[View]
14664740/Marigold/ General: Next shows May 20th, 'Marigold Fields Forever', Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, 6:30PM JST…[View]
14672746So a couple of months ago I decided to follow my dream and put down a deposit to start wrestling sch…[View]
14668763She's literally a black Eva Marie. Why aren't the smarks up in arms about this like they …[View]
14673437if you looked in the mirror would you see a man or a namby pamby[View]
14673305oh no no no no scooooooooooooott heeeeeeeeelp[View]
14674076Holy fucking dimes[View]
14673853Rate your world champion’s ass[View]
14673260current thoughts on the nxt roster and whether they will succeed or not. i tried to look at it as ob…[View]
14675093>has the best storyline right now Love the Trentmeister[View]
14672914Was The Pinnacle dimes?[View]
14673930Now his boxing career is over can we expect him at mania 41?[View]
14666422>watching old Raws chronologically >1999 WWF is red hot >Tony Chimel announces Raw, Finkel …[View]
14674288this y'all world champ huh dronies? ok[View]
14657952Unpopular Opinion: Kevin Nash actually had a much better wrestling career than his more toxic and se…[View]
14672464My friends all say Dave you’re mental anyway HEY[View]
14673618How come noone ever Hallposts, is he just not memeworthy enough or what?[View]
14661722Poor Nash.[View]
14661604So, what's the consensus on him? Is he really a raped and gaped bitch or nah?[View]
14673682>Let me tell you a personal story about Kevin Nash--[View]
14667034KEVS ASS dun dun dun dun GOT RAPED dun dun dun dun BLACK SKIN dun dun dun dun INVADES dun dun dun d…[View]
14672895>i round the corner and uh... y'know kev is getting fucked in the ass…[View]
14663282T would kick the shit out of Nash and prostitute him to black men to have sex with. Kevin knew the d…[View]
14672409DAX BE DAXING[View]
14667718Got a light?[View]
14671169>hate vanilla midgets >loves chocolate giants why?…[View]
14674616Unfortinatly the rumars are true.[View]
14660456HAHAHAHAHA what a stupid fat RETARD[View]
14668089Rape me Rape me, my friend Rape me Rape me again I'm not the only one I'm not the only one…[View]
14643962/AEW/ - All Elite Women General: low effort/CEO edition previous >>14571764[View]
14672791Metalingus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYYc4URupY0 or Sexy Boy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S…[View]
14673719Bruh, how bad is NJPW right now?[View]
14669830GREETINGS MARKLAR: I am Marklar I come from the planet marklar Not to be confused with that planet m…[View]
14672806Strikes should be shoot banned!!! It just makes wrestling more cheesy and fake.[View]
14672217100% the worst part about Triple H being in creative is giving our PPVs away to foreign retards like…[View]
14671021What went wrong?[View]
14672296This is a Cody Raheem Rhodes board: Chuds are not welcomed and we honour Ebony Queens here.[View]
14673554What did Liv Morgan did this?: https://x.com/YaOnlyLivvOnce/status/1791887923391934862[View]
14672969Why are sex offenders so good at wrestling?[View]
14672719Never forget that Brock Lesnar beat up all the members of 3MB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17Eqvj…[View]
14672997Eddie Edwards - /pw/ Wrestler of the Day: Your /pw/ wrestler of the day is Eddie Edwards. Use this t…[View]
14673526he was just a fagot punk who got girls to shove bananas up his ass and was a cuck bitch to his wife[View]
14673110This guy managed to get out promo'd by a fucking youtuber[View]
14672825>AEW: WrestleDream 2023 Tony tried to borrow the NJPW toys for the Antonio Inoki tribute show, bu…[View]
14671502Im Jacypilled[View]
14661721R: R[View]
14673227What the hell has happened to this business? Where are all the real men? What happened to the attitu…[View]
14671906lets talk about this faggot, I hate him.[View]
14670960Why does she talk like this? https://youtu.be/wiv4pYe1m-g?si=MeDkxri8eMy3pBFu[View]
14672805Tony should bring her in as a GM or something.[View]
14668894stone cold, what is 100 times 11?: steve austin was raped by Anne Josephine Robinson in 2001 for bei…[View]
14670883/Stardom/ General: May 25th, 'STARDOM in KOFU 2024', Oze Sports Park Main Arena, Yamanashi, 1:00PM J…[View]
14672771We at the WWF think you, the audience, are tired of having your intelligence insulted[View]
14672666What the hell are they looking at?[View]
14672454>even the 6'+ wrestlers nowadays do flippy garbage: End this sport now[View]
14670404This charisma vacuum manlet will never be a draw I'm afraid[View]
14640627IYO SKY THREAD: Queen *Of The Ring* Quest Edition (Iyo has advanced to the 3rd round of QOTR, will s…[View]
14671004When will you Fedfags finally admit that you don't like professional wrestling and that you jus…[View]
14672735paul heyman is one heck of a speaker[View]
14671820vince mcmahon vs paul levesque era[View]
1467265095% of wrestlers should have no control over their character.[View]
14670926I'm starting to believe there's really just one guy defending AEW and calling people bitch…[View]
14671398>I watch joshi for the superior wrestling.[View]
14671854Holy fucking shit: Hes back and he is here to help the Codester! Praise God![View]
14671332Wrestling's future stars will be carried by players who are naturally heel. Logan, Theory, MJF.…[View]
14671875Fumbled WWE Talent: I'll start[View]
14672344Dynashite, Tranpage, and Cucklission have all been cancelled!: Raped. Fucking. Faggot. That's T…[View]
14671327>has been absolute shit without Damage CTRL carrying her in your path[View]
14672467what went wrong?: was JeriBLOAT this dimes all the time?[View]
14670326He should start rating wrestling matches[View]
14672300If AEW has million fans, then I'm one of them. If AEW has one fan, then I'm THAT ONE. If A…[View]
14671057EGODs.....: You will be supporting /ourguy/ Big Tyse in his quest to become UNDISPUTED HebbyQ Champi…[View]
14672291Just wait until the 4th great Bloodline Civil War Solo and his army of Tongas and Fijians and Maori …[View]
14672276[Good News] Miss NXT, Arianna Grace (28) will start streaming old school runescape soon! https://x.c…[View]
14669311Rovert posits a theory that Regeal tanked AEW[View]
14672086Everyday I realize I hate you people more and more: Except for you anon. You’re cool[View]
14671123>Unironically believes in multipolar world competition more than GayEW. >Treats its foreign ta…[View]
14669011NJPW has no future[View]
14671200>hogan hates black americans >and barely puts up with mexicans >hogan hates black americans…[View]
14672186Tony dumped a fucking bucket of ice on this dude in a way I've never seen before.[View]
14667097Eric Bischoff was off by a week but he predicted Dynamite being below 700k KWAB[View]
14672152What will be his legacy? Guaranteed HoF?[View]
14670184>lies for no reason and says ivar isn't injured Why?[View]
14671511ROH deader than usual[View]
14671960Moxley ain’t even main eventing as champion. They put the belt on a guy that they don’t trust to mai…[View]
14670012Was he really 'the' guy? Was putting the strap on Gonzales the right move?[View]
14670276>motherfucker makes shampoo, he's fuckin bald https://www.instagram.com/reel/C5eYsVgyC9c/?ig…[View]
14663596>I am Le edgy dark loremaster and I- >sorry my sassy goblina Latina smol wife is calling me…[View]
14671081Why are there so many titles in nujamal?[View]
14671638why did they always have so much sexual tension? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPsRnb-P5LA https:/…[View]
14649613Laugh at aew thread[View]
14671921Acceptable roles for women in wrestling: >slutty ring announcer >slutty ring girl >slutty v…[View]
14671869My granny hates womans wrestling because it's trashy[View]
14669377The Devil is Avery Good/Dasher Hatfield. He's the last major indie guy NOT grabbed up by AEW. H…[View]
14671816What was so 'Angle' about him?[View]
14670863the kwabline is pure sovl: >solos giant ill fitting mafia suits >tama tonga as a babbling grun…[View]
14671374John Cena smacks Stephanie McMahon's ass, WWE SmackDown! 07/24/03[View]
14671108Edkin's fighting spirit will carry him through this injury and he will be back in ace form! Gan…[View]
14671086Lucha Underground was the last time wrestling was good.[View]
14670495Why is he suddenly ass kissing edrones so much?[View]
14662137(((Gewirtz))) shoots on the Cody/Rock segment: >“But I will say, and again, I will say this is my…[View]
14671871was this a god tier ppv theme? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5e4G9Rirex8[View]
14671877Smackdown was pretty good: Tama Tonga doing Butthead impression was dimes, Solo Sikoa's chapter…[View]
14668410Is it sabotage?[View]
14671312IWGP champ Moxley shows up an Indy: https://x.com/gifskullx/status/1791659011802042754?s=46…[View]
14670022Is he done in AEW? He's still not over, still hasn't improved in ring and always in troubl…[View]
14671812After all, Hina-chan is beautiful desu[View]
14670416It's joever[View]
14671706Even the Ace has given up :([View]
14670228The seethe and critique that this nigga gets from some people is noticeably more petty than others. …[View]
14671663who was the Jannetty?[View]
14668290Soon: YEAH Its happening[View]
14670342Call me a cuck to my face you faggot edrone[View]
14671133if it dies, where do you think specific talent will go?[View]
14670653STAND UP 4 AEW: Tony paid for a fluff piece lmaooo aaaand yet another forced meme blows up in the AE…[View]
14671115safest company in the business btw[View]
14669881*goes out of business in you’re path*[View]
14665634Fuck triple nose and that lapdog prichard for screwing LA[View]
14671618>Comes out >sings 'no milly no milly no milly' is this why aewtists hate jey?…[View]
14663380*wins*: Ya seethe Tiffytrannies?[View]
14671558He literally created the attitude era Thank you Bret 'The Hitman' Hart[View]
14671525Why does triple nose hate him so much[View]
14669433Pandemic/Thunderdome era memories thread: What were the most kino moments and matches?[View]
14669661thank them for what they have done for you as a wrestling fan[View]
14667992I could save this business I just need training...[View]
14671439Malakai BLACKED contract close to extension: https://www.sportskeeda.com/aew/rumor-big-update-malaka…[View]
14671062>WWE hasn't been able to sell over 10k+ tickets to any RAW or Smackdown show since Cody Rhod…[View]
14664480FUCK NO[View]
14670941Are there any American female players (wrestlers) who are kawaii (adorable) enough to do this sugoi …[View]
14670618what went wrong for LA Night?[View]
14669391>casts a Kabbalah sex magick spell on you[View]
14670873ITT: Real sports did it first[View]
14667125>spends 8 figures of his daddy's money on people who actively make viewers change the channe…[View]
14657402TEW 2020: What's happening in your current save?[View]
14669581I'm making a wrestling action adventure game: Called 'The Yardtarder', will I be allowed to pub…[View]
14668267I am not enjoying his title reign[View]
14670206>tanks NJPW so he can buy it kek what a shrewd businessman[View]
14664853>Cody asked Paul if he knew that it was the War Games 1992 anniversary Huh, what happened in 1992…[View]
14670894ROSSY LOST LMAO[View]
14670137The Best Female Wrestler in The World: She also makes a better Wednesday than Ortega[View]
14661689>never the guy >never drew a dime >got his nickname while drinking tea with his wife like a…[View]
14666270How did he get to be such a frisky bitch exactly? From a certain perspective you can understand it, …[View]
14667691>'Look at the adjective, play in my ass'[View]
14661850>'A'YO, WHERE NASH AT?!'[View]
14671069Underrated finishers: I’ll start https://youtu.be/7t02HA9BbS0?si=pgV-y8Dd0XXB04Wg[View]
14669119Ryback Ranked '#1 Most Unlikeable WWE Intercontinental Champion': Is this fair Big Guy bros?[View]
14671003Effortlessly cool.[View]
14670188I'm too smart for this board.[View]
14664755why isn't South America a prominent wrestling scene like Mexico?[View]
14670786What are you doing tomorrow for celebration of May 19th?[View]
14670968128-man single elimination tournament: This needs to happen.[View]
14670750dimes the stable[View]
14654814/njpw/ - New Japan Pro Wrestling General: Where were you when KUSHIDA became good again? >5.11-6.…[View]
14669532Elite-bros, not like this...[View]
14670393>Tonight crackaaa, you will go one-on-three >WITH BIANCA BELAIR, JADE CARGILL, AND NAOMI!!! Ho…[View]
14670855CMLL LONDON UK SHOW: Tomorrow's cards... >top show 1 >bottom show 2…[View]
14667662>still employed in you are path[View]
14669906Pro wrestling has ruined my life[View]
14669837kek: kek[View]
14670792kek it do be like dat[View]
14669021Paul Lesveque Era Booking Analysis: >King of the Ring Tourney >Bury all momentum for LA Knight…[View]
14669733You can see the influence of 90’s AJPW in current wrestling, 30 years later.[View]
14670621Now that the dust has settled and it’s completely over, all console wars aside, why did it fail so m…[View]
14670731i have a small inside source within aew and they seem pretty confident that they're bringing in…[View]
14668158LET HER IN[View]
14670689It do be like that dawg[View]
14662567>I am the reaper of wayward souls how do you respond without sounding mad?…[View]
14668341/Stardom/ General: Next shows May 18th, 'STARDOM Flashing champions 2024', Yokohama Budokan, Kanagaw…[View]
14669926NEW PIGLORE Bitchtits shoot name is Michael[View]
14661439Does anyone know why Rovert (Fatso) doesn't spam the TKO stock anymore like he used to?[View]
14670154How long untill we start seeing No Half-Milly posting?[View]
14669566>heel insinuates I've had sexual relations with my own mother[View]
14669529Where was this ni: gger when Swerve was getting his ass kicked on AEW Dynamite on Wednesday? Will he…[View]
14670224edrones be like >noooooo we don't want Billy GOAT, we have Timmy Tonga and Chimichanga…[View]
14669530Stone Cold's Mistake: Stone Cold is undoubtedly the second most popular wrestler in history to …[View]
14670518He literally created the attitude era Thank you Bret 'The Hitman' Hart[View]
14670506>spells his own name and calls you slap nuts How do you respond without being mad?…[View]
14668611So it was her pussy, right?[View]
14670467What's so 'Brood' about him?[View]
14670176BASED TONY: the real wrestlers aka the AEW roster are forbidden from watch e-slop. I say it’s an ex…[View]
14670366Someone at Bing very deliberately put up a specific filter so you can't generate 'Kevin Nash' w…[View]
14669289AEW fumbled so bad and is so irrelevant now that /pw/ has gone back to RAW/Smackdown vs NXT console …[View]
14670226How coome NXT is the only wrestling promotion out there that has smartened up about the future of pr…[View]
146692222Pawz has died[View]
14669977>LA Knight continuously getting buried >Cody turning from based heel previously to the most ge…[View]
14667725NJPW BEST OF THE SUPER JR 31 DAY 5 GAMETHREAD:: Show starts at 5am EDT / 10am BST. 1 HOUR TILL SHO-T…[View]
14670161One week until Liv Morgan becomes the women's world champion.[View]
14669913>the smarks are in the ring utterly bury yourself and become a jobber for life because 'winning a…[View]
14670148Is he a strip club manager or something?: Mercedes monke would fit great in this[View]
14669647Does anybody actually like Disco Inferno on the merits of his abilities within professional wrestlin…[View]
14662795>goes over cancel culture erm i'm thinking it's TIFFY TIME[View]
14669743This is who Tony Khan sent to NJPW: Nice partnership[View]
14669839You ever sit and wonder just how much untapped potential and dimes drawing ability mexican pro wrest…[View]
14669838Romeo & Juliet (2024)[View]
14670023Fuck you, Stardrone.[View]
14670002>X sucks but Y is fucking based taker sucks but last ride is fucking based…[View]
14669464BIG whatever his name was.[View]
14669672LA Knight if he was a draw[View]
14669861How come only 24% of fans are so basedola[View]
14669774TNA ratings STAGNATE: >May 9th - N/A (outside Cable top 150) >May 16th - N/A (outside Cable to…[View]
14669483You WANT to see Miu Watanabe.[View]
14668727Has the based Big Dog retired?[View]
14667443>loses clean to banga bonga and will be used as enhancement talent in an undercard feud with Carm…[View]
14662833Sometimes I think the wrestling world would be a better place without Kevin R. Nash.[View]
14669637turns his son trans in your path >[View]
14660462A frisky situation: A gang of burly black men ran a train on Kevin R Nash in '92[View]
14668457>Can't even make it to the SD finals for King of the Ring >Cody isn't dropping the W…[View]
14668077>returns to avenge his Addiction BROTHER[View]
14660426Texas Is Paying AEW for Collision Tapings: Cities are now paying AEW to do weekly shows in their are…[View]
14668036Lex Luger had great longevity for a main event talent from 1985-1998. Why does he get a lot of disda…[View]
14668684Has Sasha wore anything nice since her debut? I don't follow[View]
14669362according to WON, Damian Priest will lose his title[View]
14666460It’s happening[View]
14669229Why the hate? is there something I dont know? Not bad moveset, not bad promo, decent physique except…[View]
14669295>Supposed GOAT >Zero 5 star matches huh?[View]
14669218Ram has been good and you promised her Mickey D's.[View]
14669074The Annabelle Gurwitch of professional wrestling[View]
14665414I dont care about the whole heel shenanigana but missed opportunity for cody to just steal pauls bel…[View]
14669214AEW couldn't even save their own company and people expect they could save New Japan? LMAO[View]
14668495>figure out a creative way to take my finisher or I will bury you What do you come up with?…[View]
14669176The top scientists of Planet Retard are developing coconut-repellent technology... but alas for Poi …[View]
14668909lmao it really is do be like that[View]
14664057Next Saturday, yupp I’m thinking so. Ya just gotta love the Codester[View]
14669129Is this the absolute lowest point of his career?[View]
14668808>*random fake claim of raycism in retard twitter machine after the show of the kike and the kike-…[View]
14669067How did Tony drop the ball on this guy so hard? Even before he made it clear he wanted to leave his …[View]
14666657Russobros, we won bro[View]
14669080Is this the match? Asking for a friend[View]
14669029>fake weak guy[View]
14667520>and I want to thank Val Venis CANCEL THIS CHUD ALREADY[View]
14666713Shidabros, are we back?[View]
14669019No Matter How You Look At It: They're two sides of the same coin.[View]
14667130>nxt is full of midg-ACK[View]
14668955Post wrestling companies that secured TV deals for their shows for the foreseeable future. I'll…[View]
14668952For me? It's when based Seffster humiliated Meltzer over a fake story and forced him to give hi…[View]
14667289yum + yum[View]
14665951Joe Coffey says Dave Meltzer always does top notch reporting[View]
14668935>THE PG ERA IS OVER!!!! >*TV-PG is still in the top right corner* What did they mean by this?…[View]
14668819>Marriage with hoe he tried making into a wife falls apart >Gets her talentless bimbo ass a hi…[View]
14663934[Sad news]Ivar(40) suffered another possible career ending injury, shame cause he's been pickin…[View]
14666298I need Isla Dawn bros[View]
1466889310 KIDS?!?!: In the year 2024. What the fuck are you doing white people, ffs reproduce and have more…[View]
14668778Hang on he's LGBT right? Why doesn't his Wikipedia article say so.[View]
14668573I still haven't watched this year's Wrestlemania[View]
14664871Vince refused to see me because I was an Asian women[View]
14668802Who is the Meek Mill and Diddy of pro wrestling?[View]
14668428ITT: Eternally funny wrestling related things: I'll start with a classic[View]
146674212024..... I am forgotten.[View]
14668582[Sad News] NJPW have announced that Dominion will be main evented by the BOSJ finals and not by AEW …[View]
14660657Who was the jannetty[View]
14666499Bart Gunn: He seriously had his career ended by winning a shoot fighting tournament? Why didn’t they…[View]
14668366watching the clips on youtube with an adblocker is actually a better experience than watching the we…[View]
14668170>claims to be 'pro-palestinian' and waves the palestinian flag because islam is peaceful. >is …[View]
14667255/Stardom/ General: Next show May 18th, 'STARDOM Flashing champions 2024', Yokohama Budokan, Kanagawa…[View]
14668221Bron Breakker on that midget type beat. He got AEW rizz fr.[View]
14667969where are the weird niggas at these days now it's just lame af ospreays austin theoyr and danie…[View]
14666856apology for poor english when were you when AEW dies? i was sat at home eating smegma butter when pj…[View]
14668162you're simply aware[View]
14666354Why doesn't wrestling have good storylines anymore? Is Russo really the only guy capable of com…[View]
14663729>Tommy Tonga[View]
14661126yep yep yep[View]
14662721RJ City is a funny guy but seriously, who is the target audience for this? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
14665502is it just me or have they both been having way more injuries than a normal wrestling year lately[View]
14667771How are you holding up universe chads?[View]
14664427is anybody else significantly less excited for the logan vs cody match now that they backed out of i…[View]
14667801Looks like Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso will both be going to Raw when they come back, after Reigns ge…[View]
14666959the lola vice vs giulia match at stand and deliver is gonna feed families[View]
14666996>Your mom sucks! >No, she doesn't! Highlight of Slopdown https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
14667164lips yummy[View]
14660777>lola #3 kek what a draw[View]
14666724SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN QUEEN OF THE RING: Fuck Banana Nose[View]
14667337i think tama tonga looked really good in ring last night[View]
14667478Who's going to be the third man in AEW's cosplay NWO? Or was Jack Perry supposed to be it?[View]
14662409You Jackin'?[View]
14666253i haven't watched wrestling since cawdy finished the story that was the final episode of wrestl…[View]
14667179who was responsible for booking this?[View]
14666614i cannot fucking wait for raw to move to netflix. i am going to make weekly threads about how they g…[View]
14666461Adventures in Carnyland: I watched the first episode of this and it's cringekino. Billy is such…[View]
14663765What good would this be all covered up in Saudi Arabia in anyway? Ya seethe, black bitches?[View]
14667270What's the difference between professional wrestler Rusev and a janny? A janny works and doesn…[View]
14666321List of injured WWE wrestlers: >CM Punk >Cruz Del Toro >Dominik Mysterio >Drew McIntyre …[View]
14666412holy shit wwe is fuckin dead[View]
14657745/Stardom/ General: Next show May 18th, 'STARDOM Flashing champions 2024', Yokohama Budokan, Kanagawa…[View]
14667207I'M BACK[View]
14661204Where my Killer and Pillar Chads at?[View]
14666579why the fuck is melo getting pushed more than bron breakker?[View]
14667195George Lundy works for The Council[View]
14665874Is being a jobber really so bad if you get paid pretty good?[View]
14667107anyone else here couldnt take their eyes off these 2 sluts whenever the camera focused them?[View]
14667059Him? Really?[View]
14666715POV: You just helped Poi and her pal snuff a nigeru[View]
14661103Admit it, this song is kinda banging https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4vla140LEM[View]
14665509How would you rate your world champ’s ass?[View]
14666706What is their fucking problem?[View]
14666910Naomi was so good on Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nY9575REZKg…[View]
14661707Bad news for fags, Eddie Kingston reveals his type is 'WOMEN': https://x.com/SirLARIATO/st…[View]
14666858he small kek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnHx4rbB0b8[View]
14663429>Tiffy clearly more over >keep pushing bianca down everyone's throat…[View]
14661808OH NO NO NO NO NO: Trannies ain’t gonna like this https://youtu.be/qqi4PVmSyYk?si=VsLQBcfLTfZeLapW…[View]
14665539Why was he so happy?[View]
14658339>Lana gets christened in the Greek Orthodox Church https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSRGbP4DzGY…[View]
14662359he was just a fagot wife beater who shaved his head and suddenly became a fake tough guy on tv[View]
14666162Teehee i'm playing wrestler look at me c:[View]
14662830Big strong boy[View]
14666768Bianca Bortion[View]
14664120This will he the Queen of the Ring finals. Thoughts?[View]
14666130oh…. Tony R. Khan and his cult of mentally deranged smark scum are NOT gonna like this one![View]
14661402634k: With a 12 min over run he was only able to retain 634k live viewers LMAOOOOOO ITS FUCKING BEYO…[View]
14661441[bad news] kidd bandit is breaking :([View]
14666608Vince McMahon and Martha Hart were secret lovers. Their affair began during the weekend of WrestleMa…[View]
14664087Stone Cold wannabe faggot[View]
14666500is there a coordinated effort to discredit him?: who is behind it?[View]
14666553I thought NWA was like we are serious and shit and an alternative? It's just as goofy as any ot…[View]
14666532>you still seethe >you still hate >you still virgin >he will be king of the ring >eve…[View]
14665449>finally I got my gimmick back and I'm getting over. Wrestlemania is in LA this is the perfe…[View]
14666393Fuck you gAyEWtist[View]
14659311Pure Strikes ONLY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX2xQGlXsCo[View]
14665451Death Crew Council is the most based stable in wrestling history and it's not even close:[View]
14658719The 600,000 viewer men[View]
14662638Alright, let's check on Dax tod---[View]
14659324Last time AEW drew a milly was February 22 2023. Last time AEW drew a 900k was October 18 2023. Last…[View]
14662030Is it true? Is AEW funded by Hamas?[View]
14662654She tried to warn you...[View]
14660234i will cry if AEW is cancelled tony khan is like a father to me[View]
14665396who was the Coletty?[View]
14665515I miss Dani Palmer.[View]
14665299randy orton is dying wtf[View]
14662827What would you do in this situation, /pw/?[View]
14662213AEW is Weinstein[View]
14660169What's their next possible career moves?[View]
14664247/pw/ meme wrestler: He's Damien Sandow/Zack Ryder/Fandango tier over AKA not really over, just …[View]
14662045Does Raj have a point? https://x.com/giganticpop/status/1791511381444854044[View]
14662712Say something nice about him![View]
14662959>WWE disputes Grant’s allegations. But, as a threshold matter, this dispute cannot be heard in co…[View]
14660871What's up my creatures of the night? Its ya boy Take. Today I'm going to be going over my …[View]
14665805>US title isn't on the line So Paul going to buried the US title? They really booked themsel…[View]
14664367WWE could never[View]
14665260LET ME JOB TO YA: L A KWAB[View]
14664635All of their matches are incredibly predictable[View]
14662797>Tonight crackaaa, you will go one-on-one >WITH THE UNDERTAKER!! How do you respond without b…[View]
14650576/tjpw/ Tokyo Joshi Pro General: Watch on Wrestle Universe - 1,298 yen per month. https://www.wrestle…[View]
14665998all 6666666 get[View]
14665292What did Tescos mean by this?[View]
14661723Thoughts on Lola Vice[View]
14661956>Go ahead, do a little dance for me Bianca. Whip your nappy hair around like you do. Entertain me…[View]
14662533was ROH circa 2004-2008 really that good?[View]
14662374Why is smackdown airing tonight? Then again next week and the week after that: I thought it was canc…[View]
14665491[Fantastic News] Dacutie Pie (36) is live on Twitch (13). Come check out her stream and hang out in …[View]
14658098will he ever return?[View]
14646877Lana is taking the divorce well.[View]
14661791[Grim News] AEW All Tarps has been stuck at 40k tickets since January[View]
14665579Why did Vince do it?: .[View]
14664160Tony Khan demanded AEW wrestlers to not watch this year's Royal Rumble.[View]
14664969The crowd went nuts for them. DIY is over and it's time for deranged Vincels to stop pretending…[View]
14665802Why are they giving a manlet like Carmelo such a huge push?[View]
14660609would he have been over in aew?[View]
14660918Which's better & why?[View]
14665679I’m the best pure poster in this business[View]
14665435Bro towers over half the roster. LMFAO. And you people said AEW had a tiny locker room.[View]
14665102SMACKDOWN GAMETHREAD #5: the spectacular carmelo hayes old >>14664496[View]
14662363Playboi Carti is now part of the WWE Universe HOLY BASED[View]
14662810What's so 'Nature' about him?[View]
14662915[Tremendous Foods] Cheeto Fry(34) eats... >cheetos >fries >burgers >pancakes >eggs …[View]
14661963kek AEWtist subhuman scumfucks DO be like that tho![View]
14662741Why does this board hate him so much?[View]
14665171Carmelo Hayes literally has the same music as the street profits. Fucking christ stop this generic …[View]
14665154India's Hogan vs Rock[View]
14652656Lol, look at this lil fucker run![View]
14664496SMACKDOWN GAMETHREAD #4: what's going through his head right now? old >>14663903[View]
14653632/Marigold/ General: Next shows May 20th, 'Marigold Fields Forever', Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, 6:30PM JST…[View]
14664579'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner was the focal point of WCW in 2000, and did awesome as the top heel W…[View]
14662311Book his return[View]
14662451uhhhh Tonyxirs........our response?[View]
14664336was he ok?[View]
14662611So true[View]
14663866why cant he draw views?[View]
14664043smackdown is absolutely shit, raw is the top show now[View]
14663845Look ima say it. In the beginning of smackdown On her way to the arena For the first time in my life…[View]
14662491Smackdown Doesn't Sell Out Again: WWE's business is undeniably in a downturn Capacity: 15,…[View]
14661365Bryan & Dave having an argument over Tony's booking of female talent: >https://youtu.be/…[View]
14656213Liv Morgan[View]
14659695He actually fucking won LMAOOOO[View]
14663415Stephanie McMahon: Her best was in early 2000's, got all anons hard[View]
14663224fair, impartial, unbiased legitimate journalism[View]
14660997>signs a guy who just pulverized his ankle in a car accident >dies a year later Is Brian Pil…[View]
14660501What's next for Natalya Neidhart after losing in the very first round of the Queen of the Ring …[View]
14662956Is Real Wrestling back on the menu bro? The marks are NOT gonna like this one bro.[View]
14663399What's so 'Game' about him?[View]
14662410i’m about to lock IN, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH *pop* oh shit, my hair blew up[View]
14663213i just cant anymore i tried to stick to dynamite but its practically unwatchable at this point i had…[View]
14661338i personally think both AEW fans and WWE fans should get along[View]
14662060Fraid so.[View]
14661056Now that Tiffy has officially turned face, can we all acknowledge that this biological, menstruating…[View]
14662851>*genuinely makes the zoomer bugman fanbase seethe in you're path* Strap him up, Tony.…[View]
14663007Does this video really deserve 1.7M views? who watches this?[View]
14663064It do be like that[View]
14660086When you're a superstar, this is what happens to you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiXjsPSSO4…[View]
14662876seething trannie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDro1CiewN4[View]
14662734If wrestlers can get keyfabe billed from any place they want to, how come nobody comes from a differ…[View]
14662875What's so 'Macho' about him?[View]
14659431When did Tony officially give up?[View]
14662840Any chance he appears on WWE television ever again now that his father is persona non grata, or will…[View]
14662928I had a dream last night where I ran into CM Punk at a concert and he took out his cock in front of …[View]
14662918Make the call Tony[View]
14662780Who are some WWE wrestlers you think would do better at AEW and vice versa: Which AEW wrestlers do y…[View]
14653674rest in piss, Tony[View]
14662842>Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer argue over the reactions Toni Storm gets when wrestling and wheth…[View]
14662154Why does he look so awestruck?[View]
14659530Which wrestler had the most sex? Ric Flair? Shawn Michaels? Vince McMahon?[View]
14660374humiliation ritual: https://x.com/OTD_in_WWE/status/1791475955417919869[View]
14658697SIZE MATTERS!....Penis size that is, when it's inserted inside me and my fans anuses![View]
14661938Black cocks?[View]
1466097632 years ago today. What does /pw/ think of this match?[View]
14661755Why do Drones hate him so much? Bryan has stated multiple times that he still loves the WWE and ever…[View]
14654982Lyra Valkyria is underrated: https://gofile.io/d/ebaQjL[View]
14662536Will AEW stay or have to find a new home soon?: I’m scared bros. I don’t want them going on some shi…[View]
14662479Have I become a smark?: I truly enjoyed the 'Black Saturday' episode, and find it together with the …[View]
14660510Shit taste.[View]
14662484I LOVE WWE FUCK AEW[View]
14662444Jimmy Snuka - /pw/ Wrestler of the Day: Your /pw/ wrestler of the day is Jimmy Snuka. Use this threa…[View]
14661474safest workers in the biz[View]
1465856330 minute rant about LMPD incoming[View]
14662436>slopdown cancelled[View]
14661330>father why does every diva do photoshoots with this dude?[View]
14662196'Kevin Nash was raped' is an astroturfed meme from discord, the point was to annoy an auti…[View]
14660831Ayo, I'm slippin', I'm fallin', I can't get up Ayo, I'm slippin',…[View]
14658673What the FUCK was he thinking?: Why sign with the diiiiiistant number 2 promotion in the US?[View]
146605895 year death anniversary: 5 years she has been dead. Lets pay our respects to ashley[View]
14661615Is he a self parody now?[View]
14662214TICK TOCK trannies The cancelation is coming[View]
14660296/fnfg/ - Friday Night Finner General: EVERY televised win from Goldberg’s undefeated streak (52:26) …[View]
14662205672k bros? We been eating good now for 24 hours: Feels good[View]
14659870I miss Brock. :([View]
14659052Coomer bros, we are SO back!: Collision Spoilers; >Serena Deeb taps Anna Jay with the half crab. …[View]
14662133Will Raven get into the HoF this decade? literally anyone can get in.: CAW CAW CAW[View]
14662055What's y'all favorite Nash match, folks?[View]
14661152Uhhrrnnn brapppffffffft..brrrrfffttt…splurrrffft…bffffrrrrttt uhhhhn…braap.. uhh.. i ate too many be…[View]
14658982Do you think he regrets sandbagging Ridge Holland?[View]
14662010Where's the lie?[View]
14658278HurrRr DuRhhH noW i Am ReTArD[View]
14662068LMAO it do be like that[View]
14661855This will either be shockingly great or the worst match of the year.[View]
14659726Does Life Imitate Art, or Is Art Imitating Life?[View]
14660950I love Rhea.[View]
14661311why are they saying he's a shoot pedo?[View]
14661867ROSSY LOST LMAO[View]
14661029Have a Badd Ass Weekend, /pw/[View]
14653447Has anyone checked in on 'Main Event' Dax Harwood?[View]
14661553*has no sources left in WWE in you're path*[View]
14661180Marigold players: Marigold players enjoying a treat[View]
14661014OH N-[View]
14661829who was the janetty?[View]
14657174his gimmick is that he's a normal family mad who is slowly going insane due to being on nxt[View]
14661502ITT: TKs biggest fuck ups[View]
14659016For me, Sky's the Limit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtEUahKTRlQ[View]
14660368I think the ratings talk is never going to go away, but its also May 13, 2020: 654,000 viewers May 1…[View]
14659945Hey what's up I'm Vice President of NXT Creative and WWE HOF Shawn Michaels. AMA[View]
14660966AEW really got cancelled[View]
14659443>Iyo Shirai[View]
14661684So if he hadn't been a big dumb retard and wore the defibrillator he might not be dead today. B…[View]
14658436What unpopular opinion(s) do you have about this man?: His diehard fanbase goes a bit over the top a…[View]
14661357>John Cena: 'I've wrestled and beat them all. A list that inlcudes: Triple H, Shawn Michaels…[View]
14661631So, what's the consensus on Danielson? Is he really a raped and gaped bitch or nah? also notice…[View]
14660412Sloppy shop[View]
14661181What is it about Punk that allows him so much power over AEW[View]
14661113/erm/ — Roxanne Perez General: Post about the present of NXT and the future of WWE, the Prodigy of o…[View]
14660824Pick any three wrestlers you wish never became wrestlers. The genie will remake the timeline to acco…[View]
14661367So a couple of months ago I decided to follow my dream and put down a deposit to start wrestling sch…[View]
14660830>Triple H is going to fire Tiffany Stratton because a bunch of faggot AEW fans are pretending to …[View]
14661301WE TAKIN IT ALL[View]
14658699shoot the most pathetic post that I've seen on /pw/ in years: kek[View]
14659922*goes out of business in you’re path*[View]
14660654holy shit this match fucking sucks[View]
14660354BJH: - You got to watch out for the Squared Circle Circle Jerk Words of the wise[View]
14660269Now that the dust has finally settled, what are your honest thoughts on WrestleMania XL?[View]
14658662Meltzer is lying, again[View]
14659045thank god[View]
14660441ITS UP! AN ACTUAL GOOD DEF REBEL THEME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y40SEfPvfKs[View]
14660716have any of these been kino, I started 2K24's and I'm fairly underwhelmed, I don't re…[View]
14658747Wrestling in the 50/60s > Wrestling in the 90s > Wrestling in the 80s > Wrestling in the 20…[View]
14660685Please be true[View]
14659765The Truth.: Nobody obsesses more about AEW than a WWE fan. Why?[View]
14658710Train by day Joe Rogan podcast by night....all day[View]
14660345Remember that time Phil came 3rd in a BJJ tournament?[View]
14661215Would D.I.Y. vs D.E.I. be a good tag match?[View]
14659989>wwe streaming 2012 era youtube poops that somehow relate to bray wyatt on twitch https://www.twi…[View]
14661081Congratulations to Montez Ford & Bianca Belair: The EST is P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T! (Tiffany Stratton ad…[View]
14660433This absolutely ethered the IWC and Dave Meltzer, they never recovered.[View]
14659969GALLUS BOYS ON TOP[View]
14659966Reminder: The fed had Jesus in their roster and made him a jobber in a faction[View]
14655978Collision/Rampage Tapings: wew lad[View]
14661032Wrestlers that should be included in the next Mortal Kombat: I'll start Hulk Hogan[View]
14661003AEW fans hate when the Dynamite ratings drop because it's being face to face with the facts tha…[View]
14661022>Tope Suicida three times in a row >Running Spanish Fly >Pete Dunne finger spot >10 seco…[View]
14654578TNA IMPACT GAME THREAD: Alan Angels vs Leon Slater Xia Brookside vs Ash By Elegance Kazarian vs Ste…[View]
14661008My brand new Izzy Moreno shirt just arrived[View]
14657055>tfw you do 1000 flips every match and make video game references and still aren't as over a…[View]
14658384Chris Benoit - Rabid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1B59aeWZy3w[View]
14659399>implying this isn't the end may of QOTR[View]
14660483I Became a WWE Action Figure: New Maven video just dropped https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpsGCwtDD…[View]
14657254>What, you want me to shoot with this interview, I'm gonna fuckin' shoot with it. I…[View]
14657895Pro Wrestling Manga Storytime Part 341: Part 1 https://archived.moe/pw/thread/7483221 Part 2 https:/…[View]
14658322Pro Wrestling Manga Storytime Part 342: Part 1 https://archived.moe/pw/thread/7483221 Part 2 https:/…[View]
14659718>AEWtists spam the board about injuries in WWE >one of their favourite shitters gets injured i…[View]
14655580Will Tony abort the DEI reign, or is he afraid of being called a racist on Twitter and having Swerve…[View]
14659587I mean...: Where's the lie? NOAH is fucking stupid for thinking about teaming up with WWE.…[View]
14660600one thing Tony could unironically learn from him is if you can't use some of your roster in a m…[View]
14659725The first recorded 'kwab' ever posted on 4chan.[View]
14659429I liked Nikki A.S.H. and I won't tolerate any slander of this gimmick.[View]
14660662I spent an hour in an e-drone infested discord server after hearing you faggots bring up discord eve…[View]
14660476>Cody getting mad at the french crowd for interrupting his promo surprised more wasn't made …[View]
14660208https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyM6EyNb6ug Got to be the most underrated angle of all time. All the…[View]
14658355>when you whip it out[View]
14660372This is the fucking match[View]
14660029Have you met any wrestlers? If so who and where? Were they cool or dicks?[View]
14659721oh no fellow soft skinned pEdrones the internet is laughing at us[View]
14659984ive been a good soldier for my booker for years but lately hes been jobbing me out for a hotdog and …[View]
14660064I have something that can save AEW: Here it is![View]
14654972>triple main event[View]
14659724Brakus: What went wrong?[View]
14659226Big Sexy is always right. Kevin Nash Says AEW Hasn't Grown Beyond Audience Seeking Blood & …[View]
14658794uh guys... main event jey uso is now in my city...[View]
14659789>Over the Edge >Edge wasn't on the card…[View]
14659649This is like Revenge of the Nerds right? They're not supposed to be threatening. I think I get …[View]
14658999Purchasing ROH was a bad idea: Nobody wants to see any of these guys.[View]
14659974ATTENTION, ATTENTION: According to /pw/, 'Slopdown has been cancelled' but there is a scheduled airi…[View]
14658819There's a wrestler doing Dark Side of the Ring-type shit right now. We could stop it if we had …[View]
14658928Songs that you think would fit a wrestler: I'll start https://youtu.be/Dy4HA3vUv2c[View]
14659277Do they give the title to Drew here?[View]
14659949loses money in you're path[View]
14659060>let me tell you a personal story about Vince McMahon alright, here we do this whole bowel campai…[View]
14659582mick foley is a sob https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRyjeBw2frk[View]
14656805Jesus. 600k.[View]
14658466AEW should be a case study that hiring and hoarding all the 'best wrestlers in the world that wrestl…[View]
14656873Who's the purest Joshi in the game?[View]
14657939MMMMM: I‘m about to make you famous[View]
14659850don’t care, still brutally murdering all smarks![View]
14659826Niggas settled for a decade of this flavorless braindead bullshit[View]
14659782why the fuck isn't he a heel yet[View]
14658644>Daniels using his band's theme music An audio plea foreshadowing him re-uniting with his SC…[View]
14657670>people are turning on Cody and Jey already >Fans everywhere are clamoring for Roman to return…[View]
14659135Why don't E Drones just watch soap operas if they hate wrestling so much?[View]
14655281How come there's no evidence of the heckler incident from last week yet?[View]
14647063he's coming back with a full head of hair, right bros??[View]
14659714that one month when sheamus was super over was based as fuck[View]
14654108>actually was AEW's fingerpoke of doom[View]
14656475shawn is the only booker in the world who would eventually let her use the sword in the match[View]
14659622>formed to cater to the obese smelly smark fanbase that just wants to see workrate/video game spo…[View]
14659536Does all the stunts Darby Allin do translate to fame? What are his quarters? Do normies are aware of…[View]
14659598Zesty player[View]
14655528damn mox[View]
14659221Flags on every board.[View]
14656884I unironically think we really will look back upon AEW as one of the most embarrassing promotions an…[View]
14656975Cost Tony 13 milly and has yet to pop a rating or draw a dime. Truly the greatest grifter since Hoga…[View]
14659335He’s just booking random GCW matches now.[View]
14659462I believe in Joe Hendry[View]
14654741Is AEW gonna survive the year[View]
14658375>IRS asshole dad >your brother becomes a cult leader >you become a schizo yourself >y…[View]
14658721The PGA is running wrestling storylines now. Imagine the pop when a black SUV pulls up to the green …[View]
14659340WWE Insider here: Giving the weak state of the yen and the overall state of pro wrestling in Japan t…[View]
14653974who is the most autistic of the three? Cornette: >remembers thousands of whole dialogs from TV sh…[View]
14658403Would Tony Khan announcing his live suicide next week finally give AEW a milly?[View]
14658603Dave Meltzer, can he be trusted?[View]
14659224>show ends with a nwo run-in[View]
14656817Is Gigi Dolin ready for the Big Time?[View]
14659303>we are here live on the first ever, NXT All In[View]
14659258Ninja Mack: >Expecting a Mexican luchador behind the mask >Is some guy from New Jersey Fuckin …[View]
14659056He's made the exact same blunder as Vince, booked for a moment with no ideas for how to follow …[View]
14658038Ultimate Warrior coming back to the WWF in 1997 for a fourth stint? Oh yes, Warrior would definitely…[View]
14658277Jordan Myles: The dude had no sense of humor the shirt was hilarious[View]
14654448Who was the Jannetty?[View]
14659095I read Liv Morgan's diary[View]
14658955Holy shit[View]
14657928Tony Khan genuinely created another wrestling boom period: >creates a containment fed for all the…[View]
14658039Watch OVW[View]
14659005>both booked to lose today KWAB[View]
14657144[good news] Cock Muncher Punk is now Black Cock Muncher Punk[View]
14658237[Reassuring news] Rovert has declared the TV deal is largely out of Tony's hands, so he's …[View]
14658891Convinced my gf(m) to make sexual assault allegations against Tony.[View]
14656639The day AEW goes out of business will be the happiest day of my life[View]
14658627I haven't heard anyone talk about NWA since the move to the CW. Will this be the same for NXT?[View]
14657960>the nWo was a Canadian invasion all along[View]
14658781seething trannie?[View]
14658684>Eating ass is my business and business is good![View]
14658694Bix Got A Google Doodle[View]
14652268Takeshita plays RACE CARD: ...Rather than lay blame at Tony's booking[View]
14658640Trannies are trying to deflect their lowest record rating of all time by trying to cancel Tiffy[View]
14655532>drew the lowest quarter KWAB[View]
14658651That time Randy Orton tore Sheamus' trunks on Live TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcIm-cjBu…[View]
14658645>there are more dynamite ratings gamethreads than dynamite gamethreads grim…[View]
14653412NO 700K?[View]
14656514>>bitchtits >we dont sign our posts here…[View]
14655361one fucking trip to the tanning salon and this pasty faggot would’ve taken the torch from Hogan[View]
14657758For me? Its Jacy Jayne[View]
14657613>outdraws AEW in you're path[View]
14658580VON WAGNER[View]
14656206Guy gets into pro wrestling to have matches with barefoot women and then brag about it on reddit[View]
14658546Hogwheels appreciation thread: Laughing at AEW's failure is a good time for almost everyone - b…[View]
14657579Sex shops should model their penises after Brian Cage[View]
14653799OH NOOOOOOOOOOO the blacks are raiding all of Tiffy's instagream posts now. IIIIIIIIIIT'S…[View]
14658498Ken Shamrock: Tony should give Ken at shot at being an commentator and play-by-play announcer[View]
14656652Sixth place was always the goal.[View]
14658279Who's your favorite queer coded wrestler ?: For me it has to be Kota Ibushi[View]
14657539The extremely rare triple Janetty[View]
14649419>Say, Waldorf, did you happen to catch AEW last night? They had all the flips! >Yeah, before t…[View]
14658174Lets be honest. These scissoring faggots drove off more viewers and ticket buyers than the Bucks eve…[View]
14658472Make the call, Tony.[View]
14658445You now remember AEW fags wildly celebrating because they beat a wrestling school.[View]
14657424*revives AEW*[View]
14656426>Some_Bodies_Gonna_Get_It.mp3 plays >add 2 more sets to your workout works every single time…[View]
14656345>I GOT CROHN'S, Y'ALL[View]
14655435Tiffy Forever Fuckers: I'm black and I have no issue with the so called 'racist' video. It was …[View]
14658376WBD execs looking at their company going bankrupt when a smelly Paki shows up in a neckbrace asking …[View]
14657253The men who killed AEW[View]
14657723[Rumor] Mindy's Bakery paid CM Punk to cause a scene at the scrum: While he is known as Chicago…[View]
14656097Pancake ass greatness: What do people think of Randy Orton?[View]
14657561What was going through his mind here?[View]
14656833would a gimmick like the gangstas get over with modern wrestling fans?[View]
14658222let's be real for all of you saying AEW gonna die, check out LOLTNA they're literally a zo…[View]
14658216WWE fans here talk more about AEW than WWE AEW fans here talk more about WWE than AEW NJPW fans here…[View]
14656423>WORKED at least 6 people on /pw/ this week[View]
14658119Anon, were you subscribed to the Nitro Girls mailing list?[View]
14657732>WWE does something good >'Fans': IT SUCKS ! im convinced these are just AEW fans trying to st…[View]
14657770>you'll never be one of the kids that Rey Mysterio gave his mask to in his prime it still hu…[View]
14657698>slips on a banana in you're path[View]
14657621>anon has me backed up against the corner with solid logic, insults and a career-ending & pot…[View]
14655355>Today, I saw a black man go into a tanning salon. I thought to myself, 'Wow, that is a bit stran…[View]
14657530Book his debut. Maybe a submission/pin/finisher escape specialist.[View]
14656744>AZM likes most of his posts: [Tremendous News] Stardom player AZM gets wet at the thought of BWC…[View]
14658047>I even had a wrestling champion reach out to me Dudes out here larping as a scarf and indie wre…[View]
14657903The future of pro wrestling.[View]
14656456Is The Demon kayfabe stronger than normal Finn Balor? Or do you think it's just Finn Balor in m…[View]
14656852>Bad faith[View]
14657640>tfw close to Okada's dick[View]
14656577YAW'RE A BIG, VEINY BELL-EN': How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
14648926eddie kingston is everything WALTER wishes to be[View]
14655479KEK BASED[View]
14657623>*effortlessly turns superstars on multimillion dollar deals into dimeless midcarders*…[View]
14655402>Oh so you just called Jade a black bitch? Well I'm a Black Bitch too, let's go!…[View]
14656517Thoughts on Gigi's body of work?[View]
14656080>beats Mox >gets a title shot in NJPW[View]
14652009Evil fucking company: >Konosuke Takeshita comments on AEW: >“I thought hard work could cover f…[View]
14657768goodnight /asp/[View]
14656888NJPW died for this: Hola Grimmola, we need more Young Bucks screentime to fix this[View]
14657643AEW is actually not for wrestling fans.: I'm not sure what AEW is exactly, it's not pro wr…[View]
14655821i have no friends[View]
14656838>tuck Will Ospreay into bed >'Read me a story, bruv.' What story do you read him?…[View]
14646451/Stardom/ General: Next show May 18th, 'STARDOM Flashing champions 2024', Yokohama Budokan, Kanagawa…[View]
14657099https://strawpoll.com/kogjk0xK2Z6 You have up to 3 selections Top 3 will be inducted into the first …[View]
14656202Remember when Ospreay and Danielson had the 'best match ever in North America'? What was the follow …[View]
14657401>>https://archived.moe/asp/thread/12435915 Nah you're a bitch. This is a Stone Cold board…[View]
14657404*kills AEW*[View]
14652664explain his appeal to somebody who wasn't a 1990s kid[View]
14657208>The Last of a Great Breed >The Man who always finished Last >The Great >First and Brian…[View]
14653510He actually managed to single-handedly mortally wound AEW. They are on a death spiral and it looks l…[View]
14657198I heard my wife fucking another man. What's a good match for this feel?[View]
14656978Matsuda Sorakichi: The first Japanese pro wrestler.[View]
14653242It’s legitimately fucking over: No memes, no “console warring”. They’re finished.[View]
14657106'The Great' Brian Last[View]
14657193What did he mean by this? Does he actually have a bot or chatgpt write this?[View]
14656850Just give the world title to Christian and make Skye Blue wrestle in a g string. I can literally fix…[View]
14648086Welp, Dynamite sucked ass: 687k incoming. If I’m not within 10,000 viewers then I’ll sing the Joe He…[View]
14656933*rocks out to lana del rey in you’re path*[View]
14657250>>14656131 Pump Handle Slam Alabama Slam Ankle Lock Indian Death Lock Scorpion Death Drop Trip…[View]
14655393He's right: and you know it[View]
14657231She's Ready For The Main Roster: Make The Call[View]
14656969What wrestler was this? I'm not a wrestling fan and was just going through some family members …[View]
14654495>creating OC for /pw/ like webm related post a webm or image with the name of a female wrestler a…[View]
14656131Prove to me that you're not a shitter that only have 5 moves[View]
14655962The cope has started to set in. AEWtists are going to place full blame on people like Punk and Corne…[View]
14657034'The Great' Brian 'Funky' Last[View]
14653249Who was your dad's favorite wrestler[View]
14655583Is AEW really finished?: Can you guys please stop joking? WWE needs competition. AEW is just going t…[View]
14657015>'Hey Cody? DODGE ZIS, YOU SCHIT!' >*Heems The Codemeister with his new laser finger finisher …[View]
14656926last indie show you attended?[View]
14656920what did you think of the work from home main event run on /pw/?[View]
14656876I'm a Lee Moriarty guy.[View]
14656664Janetty..: You think you're the janetty... you do..[View]
14654402>dronies are more obsessed with AEW than AEWtists are what causes this? AEW fags don't spam …[View]
14656761'raid 'o[View]
14656736E-Bros: Now that AEW is officially dead and buried 6 feet under, who do we bully? D-do we just go ba…[View]
14655958>Romen uses the N-word in a promo >gets memory holed >Tiffy points out that a black bitch i…[View]
14654235[Troubling News]: Going based on current trends AEW Dynamite (5) will have a rating of 0 viewers by …[View]
14651705anon is going to lose the title this Sunday because he doesn't know how to s̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶t̶h̶r̶o̶…[View]
14653759>yfw Dynamite got their record lowest rating ever[View]
14653639>have the hot popular white girl say something racist >don't punish her for it >normal…[View]
14654974>heel acts like a heel >fans start crying and pissing and shitting themselves what do you ret…[View]
14656367Unironically should more wrestlers sing their own theme song to get them more over?[View]
14656321Joey looking ripped, looks like it will truly be a Bad Boy summer[View]
14654137Would he save the company?: >Glass Shatters by Disturbed plays[View]
14653870Did he deserve it?[View]
14652304AEW Path To All In Summer Series: >May 16, 2024 – All Elite Wrestling and the City of Arlington t…[View]
146519803.7k now trannies. :) The movement against your pedophile cult is growing[View]
14656419672k? Holy shit that means they're now stuck in the 600k mark: They're NOT gonna gain 30k …[View]
14647645Nooooooo! Fuck this! Puro fans should we be worried?[View]
14654687are ratings poison in youre path[View]
14654925IT'S UP![View]
14655639MLW’s New World Title: Is a blatant ripoff of the WWE WHC.[View]
14656111This is why nobody gets over for real in AEW. Not one human on earth, even the stupidest, should thi…[View]
14655998Bring back bra and panties matches.[View]
14655004would nxt ratings have been better if they didn't advertise carlee bright for after the break?[View]
14653078672k: miss us yet, trannies?[View]
14654924based https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24FJ-T1irVo&pp=ygUUc21hY2tkb3duIGxpdmUgdGhlbWU%3D…[View]
14654841AEW: AEW is doing fine Also death to jews[View]
14656204What are the best things to do during the day before settling in to watch a wrestling show in the ev…[View]
14651563Ashley Massaro committed suicide 5 years ago today.[View]
14656169I wish we could go back to 2020 WWE where drew McIntyre, bobo, brock, goldberg and randy were the st…[View]
14656052>been watching old WCW PPV wargames matches holy shit these are fucking amazing, if you guys have…[View]
14656036Shouldn’t every wrestler undergo stuntman training and learning how to fall and roll out of falls in…[View]
14655873*kills AEW*[View]
14654871>running a week worth of shows in the same 2,500 seat venue This is one step away from what TNA w…[View]
14656059ECW ECW ECW[View]
14650409Why did they put the World Champion in the mid card on what was supposed to be a big hometown show f…[View]
14655942>watching wwe with my dad >only watches like once every few years >have to explain why some…[View]
14655238>Ladies and gentlemen, we want to address the video that has circulated social media the past few…[View]
14656028AND NEW[View]
14655417IT'S SAPP TIME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CQnNwxF8g0[View]
14651642>Takes pics with a bunch of wrestlers >Mostly female ones >Takes videos of himself at the w…[View]
14655181Who did he elevate as champ, exactly?[View]
14654712REST.. IN.. PEEEEAAAACE!! HAHAHAHA!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YM-mxLJ3ug[View]
14649565NXT staying on Tuesdays: >https://deadline.com/2024/05/the-cw-fall-2024-25-schedule-superman-amp-…[View]
14655616Look at these two bootlicking hollywood faggots.[View]
14643362NXT RATINGS GIGAPLUMMET: >Last week 659,000 viewers; 0.19 P18-49 rating >This week 567,000 vie…[View]
14655463Black Champions: Is it time to admit that they just can’t draw a dime? Every time you throw the belt…[View]
14655628Tiffany Stratton should yell 'It's Linchy Time' and give Bianca some type of modified neck brea…[View]
14652458I want to go back, bros...[View]
14655818For me it's 'lunchtime rowdies'[View]
14654566Watch NXT[View]
14655139what does /pw/ like to eat when watching wrestling[View]
14655556WWE should punish Tiffany by sliming her.[View]
14653436I will be rocking the Bloodlines. Will you, /pw/?[View]
14652605Is it really that bad to be a gay WWE fan?[View]
14655693>START HAVING FUN.... NOW![View]
14655315Should he retire?[View]
14654510>No Milly means No Renewy, Tony![View]
14655682Why didn’t HBK come out?[View]
14655705>I wanna watch you suck his dick urm metal sisters are we cucks[View]
14652007his wwe theme sounds like a wild pokemon battle theme[View]
14655676Kevin Nash says he's still feeling the effects of the Mabel back splash.[View]
14654844>AEW beat everything again this week except for sports The drones aren't going to like this …[View]
14654626Why does Kevin Nash and his supporters love the 'size matters!' quote so much?[View]
14636393RAW Ratings PLUMMET: Last week: 1.619m (0.53) This week: 1.589m (0.53)[View]
14654752Does JBL have the most based clothesline of all time?[View]
14655286I-It's still Tiffy Time right?[View]
14650863*monster pop* or *monster poo*?[View]
14654842hey AEWtists, FUCK YOU LMAOOOO[View]
14654102why he dosen't want to lend his toys to Tony? :([View]
14654627It’s over buddy bros…[View]
14653213Anti draws[View]
14655043>What does kayfabe mean?[View]
14653675What went wrong?[View]
14652412A reminder that this faggot killed Eddie and Chris[View]
14655156When he debuts on the royal rumble next year >>>>>>>[View]
14651339You are you doing your DDP Yoga today right, fatass? I just did and I'm lean and ripped. BANG[View]
14654956Finn Balor busting through the ceiling when doing the Coup De Grace at a NXT house show in 2015: Jus…[View]
14655164the hulkster brother[View]
14655133Official /pw/ Hall of Fame voting: https://strawpoll.com/kogjk0xK2Z6 We will officially induct 3 wre…[View]
14655123IT'S TIFFY TIME[View]
14653446Unpopular Opinion: Kevin Nash actually had a much better wrestling career than his more toxic and se…[View]
14653549We told you fucking faggot trannies this would happen and you didn't listen. WWE IS wrestling. …[View]
14654807Rest in piss, AEWtists. Time for you to find a new gimmick to post under[View]
14634529/njpw/ - New Japan Pro Wrestling General: >5.11-6.3 - BOSJ >6.9 - Dominion Previous: >>1…[View]
14654729>def rebel is ba-[View]
14652291E-drones are so silly[View]
14654719you think you're special...[View]
14654784still cancelled suck it up dronies[View]
14654789Jake “The Raped” Roberts: KWAB[View]
14653538It's frustrating that Baliyan Akki frequently enjoys the company of a charming and otherworldly…[View]
14654300Dumbfuck AEW retards last cope excuse they loved using was 'at least it's better than CM Punk C…[View]
14653419Just sell it to Vince. He's the only person with business sense to save AEW. He'll bring i…[View]
14654740Goodnight Tiffymaniacs. ts[View]
14654584You stupid fucking AEW faggots wouldn't shut the fuck up about how this gay angle with the Elit…[View]
14654579Name this team[View]
14654240love Ospreay but damn dude is a fucking retard[View]
14652378>In lieu of calling/waiting for some sort of animal control unit, neighbor Holly Schrepfer was se…[View]
14654503It’s time Tony, make the call[View]
14654473Dynamite quarters?[View]
14654312she cant even carry a baby lol she's washed[View]
14654089And they hated him because he spoke the truth[View]
14654262Do you think Ravishing R. Rude would be over in this era of wrestling?[View]
14653114AEW DYNAMITE RATINGS SKYPLUMMET: This week: 672k/0.23 Last week: 711k/0.24[View]
14654482>demands you to say it to his face in youre path[View]
14653742Who was the jannetty[View]
14653300Eternal Unrelenting Ignoble Audacious Transcendent Anti-Draws[View]
14653387Who's gonna narrate the documentary?[View]
14654255It was bizarre and degrading[View]
14654430Boy who cried wolf[View]
14651174Predict the rating[View]
14654376AEWbros, it's unironically time[View]
14652414I don't want AEW to go out of business.: I need something to laugh at every Thursday[View]
14650920As an outsider looking in can someone explain to me who the heel is here?[View]
14652843Incoming kino.[View]
14652942Wrestling Game General /WGG/: Post anything about Wrestling games here[View]
14650756Nobody cares about ratings Nobody cares about demos Nobody cares about profits Nobody cares about Me…[View]
14653051Kek what a jungle bitch[View]
14654273post certified def rebel bangers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBH8NTbyXJI[View]
14653561The tension in the locker room crackled like bad Wi-Fi. Jack Perry, a.k.a. Jungle Boy, bounced on hi…[View]
14654212Why are niggers okay with Cornette calling them niggers, but upset over Tiffany calling them black?[View]
14641827I'm shooting them wrestlemania 30 white ropes I'm shooting like I'm in 80s All Japan …[View]
14653474being genuine here, is this the worst investment of all time? all of them OBJECTIVELY are failures.[View]
14651291*unhinges my jaw and puts meltzer's dog into my mouth and then i chew espresso like hes bubble …[View]
14654114Breaking: Charges against Liv Morgan (30) to be dropped after President Biden (81) legalizes weed to…[View]
14649433Please can we have a serious discussion about Kevin Nash with any memes or trolling?[View]
14653292>*politely requests a spot where she gets caned on her bare ass on live tv*…[View]
14653027>she never needed me at all[View]
14652537She sounds exactly like Meg from Family Guy[View]
14647212Ummmm Marigold drones???[View]
14653769we demand signs of life[View]
14651510Dynamite:149k and 0.03 HOLY SHIT GET IN HERE[View]
14651168Vinny Mac: As a Christian I won't be supporting this degenerate the guy literally did an angle …[View]
14652841Name my stable.[View]
14650979Why is Damage CTRL more over without Bayley and Asuka?[View]
14650769Ryback - 'Skye Blue DID NOT Deserve This!': >Ryback shoots hard on The Skye Blue Incident. >C…[View]
14652885Skyrocket today broskies.: Believe[View]
14647737Jerisisters...: it's unironically over[View]
14652387How bitter do you reckon Tony is about Cody?[View]
14651254DYNAMITE RATINGS GIGA SKYROCKET: >LAST WEEK: 711,000 (0.24) >THIS WEEK: 1,170,000 (0.51) The s…[View]
14651561What could have been done differently to get Xia Li over?[View]
14653638Still the GOAT[View]
14635811Tiffany Stratton exposing her chudness like a retard. https://twitter.com/archrives/status/179049850…[View]
14653967tony, sting needs to unretire now[View]
14653603>GOAT in New Japan >Bland shitter anti-draw in AEW explain…[View]
14652343LUCHARESU IS DYING: Flippy lucha ladyboy lovers on sucide watch! NuJapanlets seething! Inoki chads g…[View]
14653608smile gone[View]
14653951the tranny fed is dead[View]
14653037The ratings have been out for 5 minutes and nobody has posted them yet.[View]
14650325what's her ceiling?[View]
14653649The Babe Ruth of professional wrestling: He's straight up 'cursed' AEW since the backstage inci…[View]
14649425>'NOAH is also ABEMA, right? It is a member of the Cyber Agent Group. Now WWE is also ABEMA, so t…[View]
14647302Manages to have an awful match with Okada in you’re path[View]
14647475Meanwhile over at AEW...[View]
14644161I'm a sol man[View]
14650970https://youtu.be/7JdJHun04Lc?si=b1TMozhy9LznqgXb IT'S UP!!!!! Liv Morgan arrest video. They st…[View]
14652743tiffy time is over[View]
14653584LIV BODYCAM FOOTAGE - THREAD #2: LIV SISSIES IT'S UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JdJHun04L…[View]
14651268We almost got Cult of Def Rebel[View]
14653822tony khan announced a war with my wwe, he now looks like a bafoon[View]
14650266Is Mercedes not adjusting properly? Or is that the point?[View]
14653819>Seth Rollins, I respect you >paul heyman, I respect you >Roman reigns I respect you >br…[View]
14647243>he's back already ????? how does this crazy lil nigga have dragon ball level recovery, he j…[View]
14652712/dmg/ - deathmatch general: rob black reading cagematch reviews of xpw on his podcast edition[View]
14653784>AEW is dying >NJPW is sadly dying >Will be future king of the ring Eh two out of three ain…[View]
14653164becky lynch tanking the ratings[View]
14653775How is he such an anti-draw?[View]
14653140DYNAMITE RATINGS UTTERLY PLUMMET: >Last Week 711K - 0.24 >This Week 672K - 0.23 Lowest since 2…[View]
14652969Lexishit will die alone and it will be glorious[View]
14651799Based Tony going on his alt account to promote the 'Triple Main Event'[View]
14651177wrestling fans today don't have spaldings[View]
14652506King REAL owns George Lundy's soul[View]
14651228holy fucking shit: >holy fucking shit[View]
14648858/Marigold/ General: Next shows May 20th, 'Marigold Fields Forever', Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, 6:30PM JST…[View]
14651767What was the purpose of Sycho Sid's gimmick back in WWF?[View]
14653041Post the ratings faggots[View]
14652781You now remember Otis solo theme from his MITB push https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xnL6Ft1jlk[View]
14652463He's slowly turning into Vince: >Vince didn't put Dean on Wrestlemania 35 and gave him …[View]
14653219Top six was always the goal. WBD and several others are all lined up to give us a 10 figure contract…[View]
14652426Another injury in WWE[View]
14653029Dalton Castle - /pw/ Wrestler of the Day: Your /pw/ wrestler of the day is Dalton Castle. Use this t…[View]
14652633DIG DIGGITY DOG[View]
14633879COLLISION + RAMPAGE QUARTERS: also lmao at him begging even harder not to repost this, he only does …[View]
14652499DAVE FROM THE TOP ROPE: gotta love the Meltz, you just gotta[View]
14637917AEW sisters not like this: >AEW Collision on TBS: 378,000 viewers (P2+) P18-49 rating: 0.12| >…[View]
14650688Lucha bros scam: >announce that you're running the lucha underground temple >book a bunc…[View]
14653088>goes over clean again[View]
14653085BIG KEV FROM THE TOP ROPE:: On this day, it's up clearly! Beloved wrestling legend and record-h…[View]
14652626687k bros. We eating good today.[View]
14652638i spit on the face of people who don't want to be jews *tropical riff*[View]
14651460*goes out of business in you’re path*[View]
14651261I want WWE, TNA, AEW, and every other company to do good: Is that so wrong? >unrelated pic[View]
14652490I need to apologize to Nia Jax. I always hated her, and I wasn't happy about her coming back to…[View]
14651867George Lundy got raped[View]
14651856The fucking mouthbreathing janny deleted the Super Mario 64 cover thread without even reading it. Li…[View]
14644005LIV SISSIES IT'S UP[View]
14650179What is the reason for this phenomenon?[View]
14651050>Dynamite? Bazinga, AEW.[View]
14651067>Big Show returns to Raw and sends a message to Ryback https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvBK8KOewa…[View]
14652302Tony Khan has ironically hurt every other wrestling business while actually inadvertently helping WW…[View]
14652252How come wrestlers are tough enough to literally finish matches on legs that are torn to bits and in…[View]
14647566any /pw/ girls in canada want to watch wrestling with me?[View]
14651522How come Japenese プロレス (that'll be puroresu for you uncured folk out there) don't have any…[View]
14652220Fuck you E-drones[View]
14647561AEW and Bushiroad lost[View]
14652234Buddy bros….[View]
14650542*kills njpw*[View]
14646909is the cope open a draw[View]
14651214The AEW/WBD deal is “going to blow some minds”: >The AEW/WBD deal is almost done at this point, o…[View]
14651991Why are WWE fans like this?[View]
14650524.: >Networks care about ratings >Networks care about demographics >Everyone in a company ca…[View]
14641425So who thinks they're going to get a TV deal[View]
14652165>decide to watch dynamite for the very fist time >every match is a 'dream match' >its just …[View]
14641708How do you rate Dana Brooke's body of work in WWE? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnZ-QS8fAf4…[View]
14651367I think its quite curious how concern for his subscribers is only limited to information about one c…[View]
14649209why is he on tv?[View]
14651869>Cyberfight alliance >2025 Royal rumble >3 >2 >1 BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…[View]
14650333[Excellent news] Rovert lays down the parameters, AEW will easily beat the expectations[View]
14647200Did veer ever come?[View]
14651422is it the modern day ecw?[View]
14651635That finish doesn't work for me.... brother https://youtu.be/0Acvly1CTas?si=EH92H7lj9CnkNlqH…[View]
14651888K W A B[View]
14651978I anticipate the ratings to skyrocket today and the DON ppv buys to skyrocket too. The online buzz o…[View]
14651352>AEW + WWmeme fag circlejerk thread got nuked Good. Seek Jesus, Brother…[View]
14651759>but not at Wrestlemania[View]
14651083RAW QUARTERS: 1.589M (.53)[View]
14651775>the fed >the E >up north >paul >hunter >phil >dwayne >TK >tiny con…[View]
14651904Is she a good ref or just another pretty face?[View]
14650900No one ever paid for a ticket to see Edgetty.[View]
14650272Fox,WBD and Disney announced new streaming app for sports: Potentially a new home for AEW?[View]
14651488>buries Johnny ace >buries mark Carano >still worships Vince Is he retarded?…[View]
14651823I miss it bros..[View]
14649866This is now being advertised as a triple main event. Can't bruise any egos. Just set up three r…[View]
14651037TOP 9 THREADS: what happened to /pw/?[View]
14649931The plumber Jon Moxley is such an anti-dimes fucking loser that the President of Bushiroad had to go…[View]
14649982Early 00s Randy: Would’ve 100 percent been /ourguy/. He would be the most over wrestler on this site…[View]
14651654>lands a new TV deal[View]
14643851Former AEW player Hikaru Shida (36) enjoying life at home after retirement from professional wrestli…[View]
14650122How good was Vader actually[View]
14651669Next week on Friday night smackdown Brian beckett go Kevin owens show: Smackchads... we won![View]
14649966The Jey Uso of AEW[View]
14651688if what i'm hearing is true.... -yep slopdown was cancelled even EARLIER than expected[View]
14651213NXT QUARTERS: .567M (.18)[View]
14648236Where was this ni: gger when Swerve was getting his ass kicked on AEW Dynamite on Wednesday? >Be …[View]
14651413Ospreay bros... Should we be concerned about the missus crawling?[View]
14647854Hot Take: AI Lexi>Real Lexi[View]
14647000This fucking retard really made a guy who got run over and still has a broken leg come back early ca…[View]
14649375he's a genius, why do they hate him?[View]
14639898Fuck the Fed.[View]
14650132HOLY MUSTACHE[View]
14651346>AEW reaches a million viewers >First thing E-piggies start doing is making meltdown threads…[View]
14651379Fuck you, gAyEWtist.[View]
14651382The alliance that will save wrestling.[View]
14649411I think Oba Femi will be one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history.[View]
14648753Fuck you bullies and trolls, I’m a proud E-drone for life[View]
14647870itt: oh yeah that happened moments >chavo was andrade's manager for about 15 seconds…[View]
14651304he a fan he a fan he a fan[View]
14651144Swerve Strickland: AEW World Champion & their biggest star.[View]
14649298IT'S UP: Timestamps: Start: WWE sides with Vince McMahon in Janel Grant lawsuit 22:41: WWE’s wi…[View]
14650376Trashy woman thread Starting with good ol trash hound Steph De Lander[View]
14651041We could have actual Black Superstars like Montez Ford but instead we get a samoan using slang.[View]
14649500Now that the dust has settled: Should she receive the death penalty?[View]
14650786*re-invents himself again and makes Reddit seethe* BASED JERIGOAT[View]
14650572You wanna hack brah?[View]
14641782New AEW show announced[View]
14650898These guys can fuck you up and fuck your girls.[View]
14650206>Countdown to Cod-uh, Swerve Fucking kek[View]
14646126What's the story?[View]
14641501The Strap Match is kinda gay, isn't it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EP5Qg1P20VQ[View]
14649707Don't tune out.... because when we come back from commercial Carlee Bright makes her debut![View]
14647199brandon degroat hasn't been seen in a while. do you think he you know...[View]
14649454>we have to wait a whole year for more Final Boss kino[View]
14650788How's the wrestling scene in Chicago?[View]
14645863Was this angle cringe or kino?[View]
14647915Tony can get out of paying Mercedes due to the Lemon Law: >Lemon laws are laws that provide a rem…[View]
14642988HAYTER BROS :([View]
14646106When is Tony going to admit defeat and acknowledge that this gimmick is completely dead in the water…[View]
14645945Why is she so dramatic when she counts?[View]
14648027HEY GUYS! HEY EVERYBODY! :)[View]
14649341“Who are these people, Why are they fighting and why should I pay to see it?” - Paul Heyman[View]
14650598These two and a fued with ZSJ over the hebby would save NJPW[View]
14650349Obese smelly smarks crying about WWE 'invading' their little gook safe space when the state of pooro…[View]
14649160How would you rate Deonna Purrazzo's AEW run so far?[View]
14631460/tjpw/ - Tokyo Joshi Pro General: Watch on Wrestle Universe - 1,298 yen per month. https://www.wrest…[View]
14647351who is the michaels?[View]
14650404+800k rating is a slam dunk. Solid show, all the stars were on tv, Bucks may have driven people away…[View]
14649022>OH I'M NO QUEER[View]
14649413Holy shit[View]
14649905It really was all downhill from here[View]
14650308NXT and the CW network are for people like me[View]
14649638what went wrong?[View]
14649466Spapapapa-n: what did she mean by this?[View]
14650218What happened to the good ol' business of professional wrestling that a woman got the best pure…[View]
14649821*ass shatters*[View]
14634143New meme just arrived: ADS[View]
14646833K I N O[View]
14647962He wouldn't get over today.[View]
14648386>41% itself thanks to the trannies Ah! Tiny Con magic touch![View]
14649682>TJPW will be holding a joint event in the UK with EVE on August 24th. They will hold a show in S…[View]
14649286So >ECW pioneering the shindie 'sawdust yourself for a hotdog and a handshake in front of 500 fat…[View]
14649825>was world champion like 9 times while i wasn't watching what's his best match in wwe? …[View]
14650034*team up to kill japanese wrestling*[View]
14649975Surprise surprise, NXT knew how to actually make Toni look like a star instead of an overexposed dat…[View]
14649255WWE is in “panic mode” right now: Per Ibou of Wrestlepurists: >Ticket sales are soft compared to …[View]
14649860Where’s the energy tho?[View]
14645723Are you guys really being serious when you say a wrestler's height is a vital deciding factor i…[View]
14640254Just finished eggshells, thought it was great. What are some other books on japanese wrestling /pw/ …[View]
14647787/fa/ as fuck[View]
14649567Fuck you, e-drone[View]
14647446Cities that should host Wrestlemania?: Maybe Memphis? San Diego?[View]
14648486Damn, AEW Fight Forever looks great these days[View]
14649408sick jacket[View]
14649837>Yasuo Okamoto, Vice President of parent company CyberAgent, has been appointed as the new presid…[View]
14649493>'Hey Cody? DODGE ZIS, YOU SCHIT!' >*Heems The Codemeister with his new laser finger finisher …[View]
14649780Please without console warring explain why WWE is not allowed to work with any Japanese companies? H…[View]
14649554For me? It's Wren Sinclair[View]
14648384>AEW and NJPW >WWE and NOAH >NWA and AJPW Who are you taking in the console war?…[View]
14647516Kidani said he’s taking it seriously. The state of Jonathan Moxley[View]
14648345The class of '86 ain't nothin to fuck with.[View]
14648674Words cannot even express how much burning hatred I have for AEW and its fans[View]
14649596>shows up in noah[View]
14646030Why can't this country produce anything worth a shit? Their wrestlers are almost always trash a…[View]
14649631>What is tradition?[View]
14649393I’m looking forward to The Hardys reuniting in TNA[View]
14648574The Great Brian Last[View]
14649241>gets nostalgic and starts crying about stuff that happened in 2018 She's done.…[View]
14649470How many dimes would this mixed tag-team draw?[View]
14649398Would a GILF, NYC morning host gimmick get over?[View]
14649480>no Roku app This is pretty unacceptable. I'd check it out otherwise.…[View]
14649431>ok Randy, you're gonna kick my ass & handcuff me, then knock steph out and kiss her unc…[View]
14647905Post must see matches (entertainment wise).[View]
14645289Did Okada support Man City before 2012?: Or better yet, 2008?[View]
14649162This is what /pw/ has devolved into. It used to be a healthy split on /asp/, but now there are far f…[View]
14648603Hey brother, you're going over me clean tonight 1-2-3 but how about I kick out at 3.5 and then …[View]
14649384Miz-awa posting is over with me brother[View]
14648608When I need to get serious, I get back to basics. And when I'm looking for a serious boost of e…[View]
14649290Tony Khan: >Provides Japanese wrestlers signed with generous contracts, so that they can provide …[View]
14647980>Jey Uso if he didn’t get drunk and say yeet at that press conference[View]
14644536Dynamite cancelled on Planet Retard: How am I gonna watch AEW now?[View]
14649215Still the GOAT PPV.[View]
14641991Iwatani Mayu[View]
14649104Don't mind me, just posting three GOATs.[View]
14644643vulgar, ill-tempered player[View]
14648869Fuck you, Stardrone.[View]
14649019YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T GET TOO FAAAAAAAAAAR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REuiBGP8MgA[View]
14647347You now remember skinny brock[View]
14649117>World Champ >In his hometown >Fights a jibber in the Middle of the show This is not the To…[View]
14648572was he really that big?[View]
14645422>Mmmmm, you're pretty good... too bad I've mastered forbidden jutsu too...…[View]
14645427Elitesissies...: our response?[View]
14647365>Here Anon, have a drink. You stooge. *pours drink on you*[View]
14648951THERE'S POOP IN THIS CHAIR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRtMuqFRcFE[View]
14648744IT’S UP!!!: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7JdJHun04Lc[View]
14647773Steve Austin is an antisemite who would work for a rapist for peanuts but charge jews 10 milly for a…[View]
14640187[sad news] tiffany is cancelled by the IWC[View]
14647651I AM THE LEARNING TREE! :)[View]
14648963>did you hear AEW's new show is a YouTube series about Eddie Kingston eating burgers? Essent…[View]
14646818Welp. That was the worst Dynamite in years.[View]
14648445it's the big show and jericho, you know I got you[View]
14646147HOMEBOY LEAKIN[View]
14647450so is he gonna eat chef boyardee 4 cheese ravioli out of this thing or what?[View]
14648962BC Amplified with JD as his manager: Paul, make the call for the Promo's Good Kings. Kino feud …[View]
14647329I'm legit worried for this lil nigga: He's gonna jump off the top of the venue isn't …[View]
14648374Doug DiMMMadome: Owner of the DiMMMMMsdale DiMMMMMadome[View]
14637267AEW has been around for longer than the attitude era. Yet it has not produced one memorable angle, …[View]
14645915SMACKDOWN QUARTERS: 2.128M (.62)[View]
14648643Top Dolla has been found dead in Conway, Arkansas.[View]
14647006is he inmortal or something[View]
14644351Where's the story?![View]
146471632 things. Why the fuck is Georgia Championship Wrestling in fucking Ohio? second, if the WWE had a h…[View]
14648413Who was behind Reigns push? It seemed so forced and inorganic.[View]
14639860/Marigold/ General: Next shows May 20th, 'Marigold Fields Forever', Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, 6:30PM JST…[View]
14648832Why is Kevin Nash asking me to get a clue? Im not a Detective, is there any mystery happening?[View]
14647348Dijak talks about Kenny Omega[View]
14641526>Jey Uso - Had to use more than 2 moves against me Kek drew is shooting…[View]
14648677DDT is unironically a perfect for WWE: It's sports entertainment heavy and they're produce…[View]
14648598Alright partner. You know what time it is: Keep on bowlin baby[View]
14647771itt: wrestlemania X7s[View]
14647827Number 30[View]

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