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File: thiccboys.jpg (627 KB, 1920x2485)
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627 KB JPG
Purple Magic Edition

>SoB detachment preview

>GSC detachment preview

>Balance Dataslate:

>Community Links:

>3rd Party Models Pastebin:

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File: 25013696.gif (4.07 MB, 480x270)
4.07 MB
4.07 MB GIF
new ones

They got rid of it in the core rules so it relies on players to buy campaign books. There’s no generic missions for people wanting to make their own warzone and for index players all the upgrades are flavored to whatever campaign book they have. It also kinda sucks most of the army crusade rules are just copied and lasted from 9th. I think only loyalist marines got something different and that’s because their 9th crusade rules were basically nonexistent
I think its more likely they’ll make a rule of mix and matching intercessor squads than completely squatting them.
In that image I do.
Probably because it's a completely different image.
Are you a retard though?

File: GP1.jpg (3.98 MB, 1000x9837)
3.98 MB
3.98 MB JPG
Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/wETipqYw
AllSync: https://cyoa.allsync.com/s/owWor64yLTngDk3
Multiplayer Compilations: https://rentry.org/MCYOA_Comp_Comp (was I supposed to do this?)
In Case of Emergency, Break Glass: https://rentry.org/mcyoagCanary
Threadslave Rentry: https://rentry.org/ThreadKeeping2
Backup Rentry: https://rentry.org/ThreadKeeping3
I Am Become Speed Edition
Previous Thread: >>93130700
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Thanks! It was fun to make though it started feeling kinda samey at some point.
>The only thing that'd be stopping him is the threat of the feds tossing him in the slammer and leaving him unable to take care of his mom.
That's right. Forgot Bobby and Sally are being watched by the feds to really do much. I guess all the exchange students are on a tight rope. It might be harder now that Rush is around.
>If there's any situation where delinquent Bobby would come back, it's now.
Looking forward to Bobby unleashed! I think they find out about Snodo right after Christmas break, so the internships aren't interrupted. The gov would be in shambles/occupied at around this time cuz of Sandy, so once Inigo gets more control of his clan, he'll work something out so Bobby has some security to go ham. Wonder if Bobby and his mom does get involved if American heroes wouldn't show up to help with the fight like a Stars N Stripes type character. We don't know who the #1 US hero is right? (Just that they were trained by Majestic, ofcourse).

>Bobby would be looking for the flimsiest permission to go after Sandy in some fashion, so it wouldn't take much for him to join up with Inigo.
Sweet! Gonna work on it right after internships. Inigo wants to go gungho too and smash up Wild Hunt, but the vigilante team, Hoge especially, would made a more cautious plan. The first strike would be to gather intel - know everything about Wild Hunt, see if Sandy's in trouble or being controlled in some way. Inigo still thinks the gov did something to him and wants to save his friend And if he can't be rescued they go with Bobby's route.
meant to reply to >>93140553
>The news about Sandy being a villain was supposed to hit during the winter break (last week of the year), and that's when Hifumi was in a coma.
Hyped for the writefag! Wait - Hifumi's in a coma? The trigger must've hit hard.

>I'd imagine the news hit him hard and he does blame himself a fair bit. How exactly he deals with it afterwards, I can't really say.
So I imagine the Boys pretty much knew that something was up with Sando's head. It's kinda hard not to when you're that close, and it's really pretty obvious after the Tourney. Just that they were hopeful and tried to support him in their own way. So it's like getting bad news about a friend that you knew was circling the drain. Less shock and surprise, and more regret and disappointment.

>He was doing rather fine by Valentine's, as seemed the others (Inigo also seemed fine during the White Day), so I'm not sure when the more recent exploits are supposed to take place.
Don't want to spoil things, but I did try to add in that Inigo's been out and about in his Valentine's fic (burnt travel bag, he hasn't seen Hoge in weeks, there's fresh scars on him), but by Hoge's bday and White Day, things should settle down a bit more so 1-D can focus on finals.
File: Kyoto Tower.jpg (915 KB, 1802x1032)
915 KB
915 KB JPG
>How well-traveled is your build?
When he was 3, he was taken to the EU by his mother to meet his relatives but all he remembers is that there were cool dragon statues and castles. (Kinda started his obsession with knights). Other than that, he lived between his grandparents' manor in Kyushu and the main family manor in Ishikawa. He did spend a good amount of time planning his escape to the US to find his mother, going as far as actually paying attention to his english lessons and seeking out yakuzas who spoke english to practice.
>How do they feel about travel in general?
He enjoys traveling and seeing new sights, especially if he has people with him. He can fly so he can travel freely around Japan but he's never flown over the ocean before. That said, traveling wasn't a priority until January. When the Africa-nuke-thing happened, the Daiichi bought a plane in Kyoto, and he started traveling more, which is why he was in Switzerland during White Day.
>What's their favorite place that they've visited?
>Picrel. Kyoto Tower.
I imagine Kyoto Tower is way taller and more impressive in the year 21xx. He visited on their 4th anniversary and they went through all the hero exhibits, the 100 Years Museum, 12 sweets cafes, and all 18 floors. Then he pulled a Hifumi and flew up to the top of the tower. It was a good day.
>Since you're talking about Choko...how did she react to an old classmate of hers turning out to not be dead, and swearing to basically kill her other classmate in Public?
Sorry that I haven't answered this, anon. I've been too busy to be able to check on the thread very often (It's part of why I dropped Choko out of the tournament).
As I said in a much earlier post, it would take a bit for Choko to even connect the dots that Hanagi is Kitsumoto, even with his declaration. She hasn't seen him in years, he's disfigured, and he's supposed to be dead, so he would be far from the first person she thinks of that might have a grudge against Sen. All that to say that her confusion and misunderstanding would dampen the shock a bit. It'd still be insane to find out that he's actually alive.
As for afterward... She wouldn't know what to think. It's clear that Kitsumoto has an intense amount of anger towards Sen, and she'd be very curious about what happened to make him like this. She'd be torn between wanting to do a little snooping and keeping her nose out of things. It'd be likely that she wouldn't act on her curiosity unless an opportunity to do so presented itself to her, like if she just coincidentally ran into someone from Team 6/Tsugumi or the unlikely chance she meets with Kitsumoto when he isn't boiling with rage or acting like a crazy person. She'd be a lot more hesitant to talk to them if she was still in the tournament, but ironically getting knocked out in the prelims would make her less guarded and tense (after her initial breakdown over being a failure) since she doesn't need to stress over trying to win anymore.

File: Hey-BU-Blog-Headers.jpg (481 KB, 2000x1308)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
I recently read a discussion where people were upset and disgusted by the fact that deities in a D&D setting told a chosen one that she was to birth the children of god, but didn't tell her that she would die in the process.
The key to the reason this was upsetting was that there was no proper consenting.

Am I autistic or does this sound ridiculous to anyone else? The idea that a god didn't just impregnate a chosen and say deal with it is already very kind on the god's part, and the fact that it was a chosen and believer suggests that she would of course do anything for her god.
So why the fuck should informed consent matter?
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Gods don't ask for consent. They command.
This is true of all mythologies.
>It stays in my head because it pays rent.
Based and quotable.
The creature with power of turning into bat, wolf, could of fog, two identical copies of herself, or a motherfucking dragon should also be able to turn into human with pair of working legs.
File: output.jpg (165 KB, 512x512)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
you have problems with a support scientist who never leaves her lab being in a wheelchair?

the reason it's stupid is because it's fixable in universe and an active hinderance to an adventuring lifestyle.

>enchantment is more evil than necromancy
Never thought I'd live to see the day.

The undead labor revolution rises! Overthrow the enslavers and oppressors! The gaslighters and manipulators! Into the gulags where they belong, and may their corpses work the mines instead of the living they once controlled!
>edit: apparently this is both a vampire, and a vampire from a clan literally specialized as flesh-shapers, literally the one Dracula came from.

So yeah, more stupid that it initially appeared, my fault for making assumptions.

File: magi.jpg (93 KB, 305x470)
93 KB
TTRPG With the best magic system.
Become the ruler of a small medieval community while thretening everyone to leave you alone ancap style.
What is a good place to conquer and rule?
In my opinion the canary islands are the perfect place for a magical kingdom.
46 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>With Ars Magica you get to either play politics with the other orders or do exploration/experimentation with no social contact and for no particular purpose. There's no overarching theme to it.
The game is designed to have the Magi deal with Order politics, lab work, or go out and deal with high paygrade level issues and threats. That's if you even deal with a normal mage, you can play someone with the Gental Gift and a house that likes to deal with others like House Tytalus or Jerbiton.
For normal magi or one that wants to deal with specific stuff. the lower paygrade stuff is where Companions and grogs come in. Missing girl in the woods? Grog adventure. Want to deal with Game of Thrones-level politics? Noble Land-owning Companion can let you play stories like that.
>It's not like everyone in the order immediately knows whenever someone breaks the rules
This is the key, they talk about it more in the House Book 1 and in the Lords of Men supplement if you want to read more about "Interference"
>Ars is superior because there reality is what it is and you have to deal with it but can find ways to do things that others tought impossible and it actually feels awesome.
The setting also deals with Magi as a faction that exists out in the world so you don't have to deal with a Masquerade type of law except for something like interference.
That's a good point too.
Everyone knows magic is real and there are supernatural creatures around.
The order is "secret" only in that they try to avoid angering organizations or beings that could mess with them or at least make sure they never think about trying to mess with the order.
And of course they don't go around spreading their magical secrets.
>Everyone knows magic is real and there are supernatural creatures around.
I just really like the concept of "We know there is a monster in the woods after dark so we don't go there but its been attacking the village so we sent someone to the weird castle in the other forest for the wizards so they can maybe deal with it."

File: 1428632295952.jpg (182 KB, 1062x752)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Writing General: 'ancient evil' edition.

Welcome to /wg/, the thread for all /tg/ related writing. Whether you're plotting your campaign, trying to come up with a character backstory, or just trying to write some setting fluff, this is the place to post it. You don't even have a campaign, just an idea you want to develop? You're welcome here. While the rest of /tg/ is arguing over monstergirl mating and which way rivers are supposed to flow, we're here to help you turn your thoughts into an actual finished product.

As the successor to the Storythreads, we're also open to /tg/ related fanfiction (D&D, Warhammer, Battletech, whatever). In fact, if you've written any vaguely /tg/-related short stories, you can try them out here. We also have flash-fiction challenges from time to time.

There's a discord for writers here

The previous thread can still be found in the archive here

And finally an archive of /tg/ fiction can be found here:
http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Storythread (dead link, but may be resurrected one day)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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So i am currently working on the Backstory for a new character and could use some pointers for the backstory question my DM sent me. This is in a homebrew setting (sort of renaissance era) so i wil ltry to keep it a bit on the gerneral side:
The short rundown so far: A squid encountered the Carcass of a Magical animal or Magic anomaly and was infused, transforming it into a being thats sort of humnoid in intelligence, connected to nature/magic that created it, often with animalistic aspects but also somewhat alien to normal humans called a "Schrat". (they usually live in peace with humans, but are often looked at with fear and scepticism and most keep away from civilisation). They don't have defined appearances, as their racial power is to mutate themselves a lot.

After hanging out in the see after being newly formed she met a small commune of other aquatic Schrats where she heard tales of live above water, humans and ships and such. Which made her curious and start having contact with Humans, after a while she met a member of a society of good guys and was invited to join as they sort of collect exceptional individuals. (A surface species that can also communicate in ultrasound which she heard and got curious about)

Her Personality is curious but also somewhat careful (often camouflaged against the background) and has clear tendencies of predatory animals (usually hunting and killing fish by hand and eating them raw) and isn't necessarily well adjusted to surface/human life.

Here's the questions from my DM i could use some inspiration / pointers for:

What are the biggest Wishes and Biggest fears of your Character?
What is your characters biggest nightmare, what does the Character dream of normally? (Dreams are quite central in the setting)
What does the character do in her free time?
What is the basic Motivation of the Character? Which secrets does she have?
How could the Character Develop?
How would the Story of this character end? How would she die?
i worked out some rough ideas for those questions but i'd be happy for suggestions to establish it a bit better, im not the greatest backstory writer:

>What are the biggest Wishes and Biggest fears of your Character?
wish: establishing meaningful personal relationships, being accepted by people
fear: being stranded somewhere without water
>What is your characters biggest nightmare, what does the Character dream of normally? (Dreams are quite central in the setting)
Biggest nightmare would be drying out in a desert or something like that. A nice Dream would be floating on the ocean and looking at the full moon while sorrounded by colourful jellyfish etc.
>What does the character do in her free time?
Swimming, Snooping in places where she doesn't belong, hunting mice&rats
>What is the basic Motivation of the Character?
Curiosity, Need for Social Contact
>Which secrets does she have?
>How could the Character Develop?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Select the encounters you like and write the story around them, because combat takes by far the most amount of time. It's been a while since I was a DM, but I used to start with the encounter then plan non-combat scenarios to go before and after it that I could either cut or pad out as needed. E.g. an NPC that could be more or less intransigent about giving the PCs the next clue depending on how much time there was left in the session. That way one session = one chapter of the story.

You don't have to write like that, of course. It's absolutely find to just run continuously, picking up wherever you left off last session. But I found it convenient to 1. have a satisfying conclusion to end the session, and 2. it meant that if someone suddenly dropped out of a session I could write their character out by sending them off on a side quest, without having to pluck them from the middle of combat or something equally vital.

Of course, sometimes my players were dummies who couldn't solve the simplest problems and took way longer than I expected. But that's the second lesson: be prepared for your players to take you off script. Write a main plot, but sketch out outlines where there are possible divergence points.

Are you asking us to provide you alternative answers (unless you meant something else by saying "pointers") to all of those questions, or to only fill out the two you didn't nail yet?
I feel like I made my characters too powerful to experience proper horror scenes. I know I can just depower them but I feel like I presented my audience with a certain expected level of competency, and dipping below that only brings frustration. I cant really "uncross a threshold" and bring it back to spooky ghosts and demonic possessions and such

>ruins your ip
Nothing personnel, kid.
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Nah, Archaon actually managed to trap the Chaos God by playing their own game against them. The Gods know if one of them pulls the power out of him, it is just an invitation for Archaon to side with the others and possibly end up with them being completely sidelined in Great Game, if not outright killed.

Besides 3 of the Gods already tries to kill him by sending their best to kill and only get their best Daemons fed to his horse.

Also the Eye of Sheerian prophesies that he will enslave 3 of Chaos Gods and Slaanesh really likes him.
Sod off.
File: Archaon.png (83 KB, 780x780)
83 KB
It genuinely amazes me how GeeDubz ALWAYS sidelines its more interesting antagonists to try and force generic ones everyone hates. This is especially true in Warhammer Fantasy, where even in its malaise era in both fiction writing and rules writing, they had characters like Throgg or Wulfrik who were way more compelling than a guy who was basically just a big pussy sad that daddy wouldn't talk to him.
This should be a picture of manfred von carstein, not Archaon. Archaon just doing what Archaon do. He was about to get his shit pushed in when Manfred showed up and ruined everything literally just for teh lolz. And that’s how fantasy ended.
That’s not what an exception proving a rule is. It’s not just “this goes against the supposed rule”, there has to be proof it’s an exception. Like “no parking 2-5 PM”.

File: 1708283623045669.jpg (570 KB, 1897x1342)
570 KB
570 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>93016175

>RPG Rulebooks

>Homebrew Collection (December 2023)

>WANG/Imperium Maledictum News

>Bestiary, armoury, weapon quality and NPC database

>Dark Heresy 2e Character Creator:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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CSM supplement for WanG yet?
Sort of, but not really.
File: Upper Hive City.jpg (20 KB, 312x376)
20 KB
Yeah, names aren't as bad. The Varitia sector has a few. Melisende, for example, is a harsh and inhospitable mining world of cold, rocky tundra barely livable at the equator, so the Lord Marshall named it after his ex-wife. It also has worlds like Rest, a cemetery world populated by the dead, a contingent of silent techpriests, and the Cortex Core that manages the burial plots, the Tomb of Velleities, the site of a battle against warp-infused space dragons that could grant monkey's paw wishes, or the Haddon Line, named hastily because the Ordo Reductor in charge was FURIOUS that he was born2destroy and forced2fortify. Other worlds use their System Reclamation code, like SR-7-46, an Old Slann Shield World, indicating they are still under the process of Compliance.

But the problem becomes making civilized worlds special. Hive world to hive world, what makes them different from each other? One may manufacture a certain subset of things, one may have inter-hive warfare, one may be famous for their regiments, and so on. How do you make these "standard" worlds not feel like clones of one another? And then you have things like Planetary Governors and important peeps, which to me isn't a big worry, but to others, it helps breathe life and personality into a place, so I have to figure something out along that side. It's that sort of thing that's hard, especially since you can't draw on the normal 10,000 years of tradition out in the newly-settled Solaris Expanse. I try to follow the old 1d4chan Planet Class/Environment/Leadership/Contribution/Additional Info format as a start, but it still takes a while. It is being fleshed out real time as the series I run proceed though.
File: miami neon.jpg (294 KB, 1599x916)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
>How do you make these "standard" worlds not feel like clones of one another?
Ripping off cultural and visual cues from real-life cities can be helpful there. Designing distinct missions and maps that capture the "feel" of being in those cities can also help solidify that hive's identity in the party's collective memory. For instance, if I'm sending my party to Space Miami, the map tiles are going to be in bright neon colors and the Inquisitor is sending them pastel suits and sports cars with orders to storm a drug kingpin's mansion. Then you go to Space Berlin and everything gets swapped out for black trenchcoats, suppressed pistols, paperwork at military checkpoints, and at least one foxy foreign femme fatale.
File: sector3 (1).jpg (4.13 MB, 4096x4096)
4.13 MB
4.13 MB JPG
To answer your question, having little uniform lables under wach blanet might be your best looking bet.

And as a side thing, it's funny, this is almost exactly what i'm doing except I had a mysterious rogue planet from outside the galaxy punch a hole through the Rifts of Hecaton, opening up a chunk of even more fringe areas in the halo stars and effectively creating a trade/exploration rush into a "new" sector. I'm trying to keep it relatively "near" Koronus in case everyone wants to fuck off and do some established lore stuff instead of a bunch of homebrew. Personally, i was wondering if that's a good idea, or if i should just say it's an unspecified sector that's "somewhere" near the halo stars so i don't have to deal with remembering anything canon. My problem is i want it "near" some made up imperial sector so if they want to do some less fringe stuff on a hiveworld or something they can, but it's hard to justify why there'd be anything like that anywhere near by.

disregard how shit this map is, by the way. It's just an unfinished placeholder i slapped together to help me plan stuff.

bell edition

>Chess websites, tools, videos and books:

- Stepan Avagyan Memorial | June 9th - 18th
- Cairns Cup | June 12th - 23rd
- Teplice Open | June 15th - 23rd
- Chess.com Chess960 Championship | June 17th - 21st
- Grand Chess Tour: Superbet Romania Chess Classic | June 25th - July 5th
- Grand Chess Tour: SuperUnited Croatia Rapid & Blitz | July 9th - 14th
- Biel International Chess Festival | July 13th - 26th
- Champions Chess Tour: Event 3 | July 17th - 24th
- Open Internacional Vila de Sitges | July 22nd - 30th

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: rating range.png (21 KB, 843x320)
21 KB
>left: funny games, rating goes down
>right: ugly games, rating goes up
How can I have funny games AND rating going up?
The sisters are live from Poland: https://www.twitch.tv/botezlive
i don't play video games, squirt. this is the real trad boomer general.
>check blatant cheaters profile
>lichess swiss club membership
every single time
>page 8
>one week bump limit




File: wagon.jpg (171 KB, 1140x765)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Wagon and cart minis and 3D prints
Google is thataway
Wagon and cart minis and 3D prints
You know the drill, first post 6 or more wagon and cart minis and 3D prints or kill yourself.

File: Mutant Chronicles.jpg (311 KB, 933x1200)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
I just got this in a nice box set and flipping through it, will start reading it soon but loving the art. I knew the wargame as a kid but never looked much into it, despite getting some models to use as proxies, I look at it now and it looks like some sort of missing link between cyberpunk and 40k. Like, the intro mission presented here looks like a perfectly normal cyberpunk scenario, but then the setting has demons, mutants and all sorts of stuff. The art direction was pretty cool and gave the setting a nice visual, something almost reminds me of Madureira. There's definitely a lot of potential.

Has anyone tried this? Is it good out of the box or do I have to houserule some stuff? Also, Mutant Chronicles assorted stuff thread I guess, there's some nice art and models around.
44 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
This art alone makes me want to check it out. Is there a proper RPG or is it pure wargame and minis?
I don't know, it lacked that certain something some B-movies have that make them go full circle and become great in their own way.
M8, the OP pic is about the rpg.
Thanks, completely missed it while reading OP.
File: rymd12.jpg (45 KB, 453x441)
45 KB
For anyone not aware:

File: 1719070717176.jpg (272 KB, 1790x2117)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
Tell us about some of the items and devices you've used or cooked up in your games.
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Aspergers: The Thread
you are the cancer killing every board
This isn't /gif/
one of the threads of all time

Work in Progress, "Classy Basing!" Edition

>Full-on /WIP/ OP Links Pastebin:

>Saint Duncan's "Six Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Painting"

>Saint Duncan also explains thinning your paints

>Paint thinning 102

>Darren Latham's 20 top tips for miniature painting success

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Left blends in better with the palette, right is too saturated and sticks out.
New thread:

Otherworld miniatures makes these.
A somewhat blurry photo cuts out the highlighting I think, but they already had a wash and I'm not a fan of the hard segmenting for muscles.
I am in the fence about the halberd green tho, I get it. I do really like how it's just out there
They're very nice anon. Makes me want to play a game of DnD using mini's. Would love to fight against them.

Mind if I ask how you made the tiles on your bases?
That's a bit excessive. Unless you're collecting just for the sake of collecting. He will never assemble and paint everything in that picture without dedicating a significant amount of time.

Deputy Sheriff Edition

>What is Genesys?
Released in November 2017, Genesys is a pen-and-paper generic/universal RPG system and toolkit by Fantasy Flight Games and EDGE Studio, using a refined version of the system presented by their Star Wars RPGs (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny). Its central mechanic is the Narrative Dice System, using pools made of specialized dice to create narrative results. The intention is for the system to be a highly flexible narrative system, adaptable to most any conceivable setting and premise.

>Twilight Imperium: War for the Throne, a new adventure campaign book, launched April 12
>After an extended delay, official physical dice packs are now available (tip: get 2-3 packs, preferably 3, to cover all potential dice combinations)
>Twilight Imperium: Embers of the Imperium, the space opera sourcebook, is now available
>A map for TI:EotI has been released

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Who would be interested in playing in an online game?
Figured we're not many people in this general, but are we enough to run a cozy campaign?
File: commisar.jpg (47 KB, 436x604)
47 KB
Sound interesting, but I see one big problem.
Time zones. Let me explain.

I live in Poland, and if I would want to play with gay from USA, I would have to wait to a midnight just to start.

One solution's for this problem would be to use "play by post" format.
It will be slow, but at least we would not need to wait for every one to have free time.
Sure, it's something we have to take into account, but nothing one couldn't manage.
Play by post is an option, or doing occasional oneshots or open table games. First thing though is mustering enough peole.
File: Vomit-chan.jpg (110 KB, 680x680)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>play by post

File: j22-64-spectral-sailor.png (1.48 MB, 745x1040)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
Yamete kudasai Edition


▶Official News:
Magic: The Gathering publisher hires Pinkerton to seize leaked cards from YouTuber’s house



Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 487956098538.jpg (81 KB, 1449x241)
81 KB
kek, i bet this was one of you
>go to play magic the gathering tournament
>people r stinky
>x-3 drop
>Most fun Magic format
Modern was only the most fun format prior to War of the Spark, and the Horizons skinwalker currently wearing its poorly-fitted flesh as a suit is not Modern.
File: NICO NOZOMI GIF.gif (696 KB, 500x281)
696 KB
696 KB GIF

File: 1717933995694045.png (35 KB, 903x862)
35 KB
soo how do we get rid of "META" stuff in ttrpgs? we arent the same as MOBAs soo it SHOULD be easier? unless you're running a fucking westmarch dnd discord server lol
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Back to basics, toss out the mechanics and play OSR style
No, there was a lot of charop in 4e. So much that WotC had to frequently release errata to try to deal with it.
What does nogame even mean when you apply it to something that actually happened in a game?
>I will talk about meta
>Without brining specific issue with it
>Not even bother to mention a system and/or its edition
We get rid of it by hitting you with a hammer in the occiput and tossing the body into a ditch.
That is only a problem if you can't give the PCs a motivation to adventure.

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