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File: images.png (3 KB, 339x149)
3 KB
What are some /k/ jobs? I've been looking for work at 5.11 because it seems like I'd fit in there, but my local store isn't hiring. The cute girl at the counter even smiled at me. Pity.

What are some other /k/ jobs or places to work that are weapons or tactical related?
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cop is the obvious one and after 2020, they'll take anyone, even a faggot OP like you.
if you wanna work in a field with other /k/ autists work at a prison
>t. CO who joined PERT just to shoot guns once a month on state dime and OC spray the occasional uppity minority
although 90% of the time its just adult babysitting
Also all our 5.11 issued gear sucks shit, the boots aren't comfortable and the belt is cheap as fuck. Honestly working at the 5.11 store is just retail with shit that you might actually buy
Cop is more like customer service but with guns, drugs and crazy people. And its like 80% paperwork
>T. cop
i used to be hellbend on getting a /k/ job then life happened and I ended up an electrical engineer (with just an associates degree too lol). I get to see cool stuff being on site from anywhere to steel plants to lockheed martin, boeing and spaceX. it pays good enough to support a family and some hobbies but I think i got very lucky landing this job. I live in the midwest so good pay paired with cheap living and no debt such as student debt. thanks for coming to my ted talk

File: file.jpg (2.29 MB, 2703x2035)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
Truck EDC/Camp Vehicle/Bugout Vehicle Thread.
Last thread was pretty successful, lets go again.

Whats the best truck gun and why is it a .458 SOCOM AR?
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One caveat to this is the Jeep meme. But even "cheap" Wranglers are moved up market and are overly expensive now.AJN08
the chicken tax.
Lobbying, that's it.

But also, if American buyers wanted a Hilux, they would just make the Hilux here.
Since they were making the truck here, they figured they may as well make a whole new truck to specifically cater to their interpretation of the American truck market.
Honestly, it’s not worth the high price of it these days for what it offers. Yes the power train is reliable, yes it’s body on frame, and yes it’s dead simple design.

But it’s also super archaic, unironically feels like driving something from 2001. So yes it’s reliable but is it really worth paying $50k just for simplicity? And if you are anywhere near or traverse through high altitudes, I would not recommend a 4Runner at all.

File: 1000w_q95 (3).jpg (451 KB, 1000x1500)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
>mogs your UCP, multicam, US4CES
>the gringo FEARS the Mexican digi-M81
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They look like Oompa-Loompas
It's just digital woodland, there's nothing remarkable about it. The desert pattern slaps thos.
File: 1541263518583.jpg (209 KB, 1050x618)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
>Mexicans are getting ready to fight their own battles
I'm okay with this.
Mudmen will inherit the southwest and force everyone to drive a Silverado and eat beef with beans 3 times a day.

File: file.png (1.03 MB, 1024x1024)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
why didn't they have tanks or armor? bug cutting and stabbing attacks would have been useless against proper ifvs and apcs, and of course tanks
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There were actual reasons.

TERRA was a unified WORLD.
They were not at WAR with anyone on EARTH
They have MECHs that can fly
They have a space fleet that can GLASS any surface
They have infantry armed with mini NUKES
>the most legible Welsh sci fi
it would be funny to have a setting where the bugs are fairly chill and peaceful but they're just so horrifically awful looking that humanity just declares war on them anyway
File: Therians by Adrian Smith.jpg (1.64 MB, 1896x1387)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
all the artwork is done by Adrian Smith, Karl Kopenski, and Francesco Graziani.
The invasion of klandathu was expediated due to the attack on beunos aires and they deployed without armored support to get there faster and try to sieze the initiative.

We follow an air cavalry unit for the rest of the film.

Didn't see one so tell us all what you're loading

also can I get away with a large rifle magnum primer under 12.3gr of unique and a lee c12-185 gas checked without a pressure spike?
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Yea, I'm only on a Turret for now, but I don't see what all the hype about Dillons are when you can get a Six Pack that can reload 30-06 for a fraction of the price.
File: jerry reloads.gif (3.74 MB, 400x220)
3.74 MB
3.74 MB GIF
Whenever I reload .45 auto, the bullet always get pushed down further into the case when the round get chambered. What is causing this? Am I not putting a hard enough crimp?
neck tension from the sizing die should hold it good enough
all else fails, go with a slower powder until you can run a compressed load, that'll keep the bullet from setting back into the case
something like 2400 or maybe lilgun or h110

but you probably can't really do that in .45 like you can with 9x19
resize your cases so you get proper neck tension

What is the diameter of your bullets and what brand of brass are you using?
this is for a j frame. 5 yards seems about right. Just experimenting, not sure if it is worth using one of these with 4 wad cutters to follow up.

File: 1699014188568961.jpg (139 KB, 1000x750)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Previous >>60934766

Can anyone who has a Speedfeed stock for an 870 give me a measurement for overall length? I hear they have a long LOP but no one has measured one and given an actual length to compare to a stock Remington stock IIRC. Pic unrelated, it's just an auction site listing.
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Anon, this is very common. Keep the stupid thing; you'll need it if you ever go hunting. I've had guns from the 50s with their original wood dowel still in 'em. I had to buy a dowel to chop to drop in my police 870 for hunting as the dowel was taken out (obviously). Fuckers making commercial plastic dowels want like $18 and some still need trimming. A wood dowel does the job for $3 and can be cut into enough pieces for pretty much every shotgun you'll ever own.

Funny enough, I can hunt coyotes with a 30rd mag in my AR in my state but a shotgun for coyotes I can only load 2+1...
Kinda wanna get one one day just to chop it
File: 1696710902825293.jpg (70 KB, 670x900)
70 KB
>They told me not to shoot mine. Is this bullshit?
It's mostly a liability thing on their end. They are correct about the metallurgy not being as pure back then, but at the same time all Remington Model 11's were (in theory) proof tested with, and made for, smokeless powder. Your gun being from 1908 means that it is from before they actually started calling it the "Model 11" (that name was adopted in 1911) so your gun might actually be more valuable considering its from that small 1905 to 1910 era where the markings may have been different. Have a gun smith look it over if you're concerned about safety. Also watch vids on how to maintain it yourself.


>Also, mine is missing one of the recoil rings. Does this matter?
Yes it matters. You can buy a rebuild kit from Art's Gun Shop for around $120 if you want to replace all of the springs and rings, or you can just buy the specific part you need there for less.


I typically shoot my model 11 with the friction rings in the "heavy recoil" setting and then fire 2 3/4 inch number 4 or 5 birdshot shells out of it. Being a recoil operated gun they tend to cycle better with shells that produce more kick but the heavy setting also slows the bolt and barrel down more so they don't slam the back of the receiver too hard. These shotguns have pressed fiber recoil buffers in the reciever that often disintegrate with age so dont run anything too heavy out of them.
Some of those old sears shotguns had defective bolts that had a recall on them and I think someone still pays a bounty for turning in those bolts. Look up the serial number range and model of bolt action shotguns affected by the recall and make sure you aren't going to die.

I heard about that. I've also heard about people still shooting them, as nervous as it makes me. I'd probably never put more than a couple boxes through mine, mostly clay loads. More just to hang on the wall. Shame no one makes replacement bolts but also a good thing; it keeps the guns cheap, even those that haven't been recalled.

>Not running a dissy

What's the excuse here? People are too broke to get with the times or too stupid to see the advantages?
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You can get rails that attach to vents
The same reason I do, this is one of the most entertaining places on the interwebs. Occasionally.
File: 20240211_132859.jpg (960 KB, 4032x1519)
960 KB
960 KB JPG
My honest read on BF is that he's a 105 IQ man with a 120 IQ man's speaking skills. This results in his mouth being able to convince his brain of shit that's retarded once you remove all the beelining and rambling he uses to reach his conclusions.
damn hop is shitting on his boy brassfacts lolololol

File: 61504 - SoyBooru.png (24 KB, 888x849)
24 KB
how are we /k/oping sister?
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by posting gay porn on boards I never go to.
oh wait, I'm not a vatnigger.
So, that's why you guys are so obsessed about them? It was all denial?
'cado is butthurt because he had spicy poopie after getting fucked in the ass
Russia has a weird history with gay shit. It is not exclusively an American thing.
No ones buying the 2:1 cope i think

File: images (2).png (3 KB, 227x222)
3 KB
Who would win in a war Texas vs California post
-apocalypse USA where the US federal government basically collapsed due to nuclear war with china
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If California Navy can cross Panama Canal and reach Gulf of Mexico then Houston refineries get rent and Texas is crippled. However, Texas has lots of armor and B-1 bombers so they can do quite a bit of damage to California. Texas civilians are armed to the teeth so no way can there be an actual invasion of Texas. If Texas civilians mobilize and form militias they can easily take over California.
i think we've already seen white vs red and the only time red ever won was in Russia...
File: 1707085440474351.gif (1.65 MB, 500x500)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB GIF
>Texas has no technology sector
Mexico would win, apocalypse or not
File: LA_CUCARACHA.png (834 KB, 1030x720)
834 KB
834 KB PNG
>Mexico would win, apocalypse
Probably. It's not like it would change much for most of Mexico
>or not
Hahahaha no.

>the early attempts at making nitrocellulose safe involved washing the guncotton in streams for weeks
Does it mean that all smokeless ammunition is basically waterproof?

File: unnamed.jpg (83 KB, 512x341)
83 KB
I present to you an article about the current state of the Belarussian military and if either it or Russia are secretly gathering forces to launch another drive on Kyiv in 2 weeks time
It's not long and really worth a read, but some key points:
>Belarussian military budget tripled in the past 5 years, but it's still below 2% of their GDP
>This extra money wasn't spent on hardware acquisition or modernization, but rather training exercises and modernizing the mobilization system
>Said exercises focused on UAV operations and camouflage against UAVs
>Belarus setup a new operational command on the Ukrainian border in 2022, but they've done nothing with it besides starting building a tiny military base that won't be finished for another several years
>They've also built 2 (TWO) kilometre-long defensive line on the Ukrainian border which covers around 0.2% of the entire border
>Some of the Su-30s they've recently purchased actually arrived
>Russian presence in Belarus is limited mostly to a few AD units and instructors
>Wagner remnants are still in Belarus training internal security troops how to shoot protesters
>Potential for involvement in Ukraine? Lol lmao
Hopefully Bypol shits on them from the inside

What is the least /k/ country? I’m tempted to say Indonesia or the UK
98 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
If there is one thing I have learned about UK gun culture is that top down it is dystopia, but at the bottom it has some of the most live let live attitudes of any community I have been in. The club I am a part of is a mix of deanos, spazzes, TONS of bazzas and occousionly a target only southern English sterotype. I once voiced concerns about FAC application and the first thing I was asked was if I was a harm to others or myself. I sheepishly said no and once of the seniors said "good, cuz we certainly can say the same!" followed by a chuckle of laughs and another slapping my shoulder and assuring they would help me in any way they can in getting an FAC. One time I talked about the aspects of 3d printing in a different field, and the first thing that was brought up was "I bet ye could print a gun ye know". Once again, I sheepishly explained what was happening in myanmar and one of the guys nudged a member who was a machinist and said with a smirk "yous are wanting to get a printer off amazon now don't ya?". Couple this with some stories I won't repeat because of how slightly incriminating they are, it is clear that there is a shared passion and frustration with gun owners in the UK that I think a lot of people don't really see and only the legislation.
>can't say the same*
>show loicense to certify I am white
>direct them to my solicitor regarding my right to have a knife as a tool for my line of work
>tell the CUNTstable to have a nice day as they can't do shit
Singapore. Its a small city state with a one party government and a strict adherence to social order. Even if you had a gun you'd not have much to do with it besides go to maybe the couple of ranges that might exist or something.

What do you use to protect your funs from rust in the long run?
Is it oil based or wax based? What's the difference in usage and performance?
Why do you use what you use?
What's the best for large gun collections, wall guns, truck guns and the one taped under your bed you don't tell your wife about?
20 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I was asking about his experience in his climate.
So yes, I think he might be able to give me a specific figure depending on the wealth of his experience.
File: 1687624795107241.jpg (71 KB, 376x600)
71 KB
CRC Lithium grease. It's what I use on my hunting rifles. Wipe it on, off, and don't wipe it quite as thoroughly where the barrel is under the handguard, under the stockline, etc. 10/22 hasn't rusted all season since it got that treatment. Used shotgun got that treatment as well as it hasn't seen oil in over 20 years. But next season will be Lubeanon's stuff in the guts of my guns. Maybe even on the barrel, etc. Not sure yet.
We used to get sks's drowning in cosmoline for $99 back in early 2000s.
With grenade launcher attachment
>Lithium grease
Almost there nigga

Get Sulfonated grease and you get 99% of the effectiveness of cosmoline
As long as that doesn't have graphite in it, your grease should work too. I hear graphite isn't great for aluminum which is on both of my hunting rifles (10/22, AR-15). But I really have to use up the rest of that CRC; I have an exploded tube of it that got crushed inside a gallon bag. It's a mess waiting to happen, really.

This is the M548
say nice things about it
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 4971306-v4-panzer1.jpg (44 KB, 592x472)
44 KB
Its great at mounting safety barriers.
I will not In fact, I will accuse you of being Nigel's american cousin Gary, a carpetbagging scoundrel and a down and dirty drunk. Worse - an anglican.

I may consider rescinding this action in the event that you post 3. Gary.
I love these little guys. Ever since I was a kid I thought anything with tracks were cool so naturally I think a tracked logistical vehicle is cool.
And I love all the variants of it that use the flatbed for other stuff.
Thats my car
File: 42red.jpg (369 KB, 1200x732)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
>Me and my boys pull up in one of those
>then one of these comes flying out the back to fuck your shit up
I checked the bed dimensions, it fits

File: IMG_5150.jpg (196 KB, 1179x635)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Israel makes the coolest looking vehicles then only uses them for glorified riot police but still.
Could a Merkava go toe to toe with a T-72/80/90? Abrams? Leo? Etc.
21 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
are you aware that I was making a joke about the US funding Israel?
chill out retard
How are things going in Gaza anyways,.l if you are deployed?
its ok anon. none of these propaganda west.llc retards listen to things that make sense. They work for "their side"

the Merkava is a much heavier tank, it's not designed to be flown around or easily transported long distances like the Abrams
Merkavas are superheavy MBTs, in fact I would say IDF is the only army in the world which effectively uses superheavies, as for effectiveness vs later Ts I don't know, so far as we have seen Hamas never had any actual tanks and Hezbollah, being shiites, let IDF do the dirty job for them without interfering, and I don't see any actual country within the region testing themselves against Israel, even without US support none of them have by this point the will or actual human capital to try an actual war against Tel Aviv.

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