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File: wonders of we west.webm (2.79 MB, 700x450)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB WEBM
Unknown technology installed on the mysterious western self-pushing carriot.
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>All the Russians had no (0) TV licence
Hope you convince them to put the knives down Nigel.
the JLTV is replacing it in frontline service but no branch is ditching the Humvee for the foreseeable future, at least until around 2050. The National Guard also wont be receiving JLTVs for a long time.
The Humvee is a much better light logistic vehicle than the JLTV, and the stock of parts and vehicles means it'll be maintainable for a long time to come.
The JLTV also can't be converted to other (non-combat) roles, like an ambulance, to the same level of capability as the Humvee.
Economic efficiency matters. Paying people for muh jobs that don't bring worthy benefit to the citizens ends up only impoverishing everyone. It reduces the total wealth of the country after the paycheck is spent. The only benefit can be thought in terms of subsidizing specific groups (tech talent retention jobs programs). It's no different in effect than Soviet union producing billion tanks while people could barely buy groceries.
Where can I have a look at the accounting roundup to see this fact for myself?
normal glass will be fine, need new dresses for factory manager's daughters.

File: vue_d'ensemble_noBG.png (1.75 MB, 3362x1130)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
Ok but why didn't Stoner do anything about it's FUCKING WEIGHT?
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Do you want it heavier? You could put some lead shot in one of those cheap hollow stocks and handguard if you want.
>bitching about the lightest era of the lightest battle/assault rifle of the time that to this day mogs its successors in weight savings
An xm177 is 5.3lb and a colt 723 is 5.6lb. In contrast, an M4A1 is 7.5 and a lot of people build ARs leaning towards 10lb to 12 at the highest and thats not even discussing AR-10s.
>was his answer
Did he have anything to do with it aside from having invented the operating mechanism? I thought that was a project handed off to other engineers to downsize it and then it was Colt who actually finished the design. Picrel was the state of the rifle when ArmaLite gave it away.
He didn't expect basedboy beta cuck limp wristed faggots like you
Do you even lift?

File: 23462543434.jpg (666 KB, 1366x2197)
666 KB
666 KB JPG
>Image Limit Reached
>Last Thread >>61017148
"Haha Flak 88 go boom"
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She was at Gohan's wedding
well done, they both look human while being distinct to their sexes, a lot of manga artists can't even do this
There's something about this particular Soppo that I'm really liking.
No, the author messed up with the Shin wank because he's the author's (female) husbando. Also the 86 are never wrong which only made them more annoying to me.
I live for that smell!

My beautiful 45-70 i love this gun. Iron sights and all, shoots like a fucking charm. Devastating bullet.
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>I love it when fags like are killed by there precious pets of color
god damn are you a pathetic creature. Maybe consider kill yourself?
File: IMG_0962.jpg (58 KB, 680x472)
58 KB
Not all wars are fought on the battlefield
File: 1684477644151495.gif (2.59 MB, 200x150)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB GIF
>all the seething replies
is that roe?
No it's wild fox grapes i was fermenting into wine. Pretty fun hobby

File: m32-grenade-launcher.jpg (74 KB, 600x450)
74 KB
Give every soldier a 40mm grenade launcher and a .45 1911 secondary. Carry around 40mm mortars, and adapt them to be able to fire the same 40mm cartridges with extra powder loadings.
Grenade a motherfucker from up close with a non-exploding variant. Grenade a motherfucker in a house with explosives.
Literally just grenade everything.
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I believe every soldier only needs to know Aikido, and no war could ever be lost
No, just give every soldier a 1911 as primary, and one mag. More than enough, excessive even.
They probably tested it out in secret, keep engagements far away, only thing I would add would be a 9mm hyper compact submachine gun for cqc.
File: M79.png (426 KB, 1630x624)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
>give every soldier a 40mm grenade launcher
Nucking_futs_Yuri is trying to do just that, but with the M79. It will take a while to mass produce
doesnt China already do this?

I thought they got shit on for having grenade launchers for everything, everywhere, instead of LMG's

File: MPA_RearThreads.jpg (623 KB, 1079x1502)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
Hey /k/. TLDR I won't have access to my MPA defender for a few months, so I can't take the measurements myself. Does anyone know the location and thread of the holes on the rear of the frame?

I want to make a custom backplate for a stupid meme, but I need the dimensions to make the model.
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arite kewl, thnx.
MPA can get you the dims, just call em
I'll try tomorrow, I shot them an email but they never replied
>custom backplate for a stupid meme
"Other end towards enemy"
I'm almost certainly going to engrave that now

File: Ruger-LC-Carbine-45-ACP.jpg (139 KB, 1086x610)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Why did Ruger put a 16 inch barrel on this and not a 10? Isn't the while point of switching to a magwell grip was to save space and optimize barrel length while keeping everything short? But instead they put 16 inch barrel on the 45 model and have a over all length of 30 inches??

If I am going to want to have a anything with a 16 inch barrel swinging around its not going to shoot a pistol caliber. Why bother?

What role is a 16 inch carbine in 45 acp best for?
>Home Defense?
>Plinking/Range toy
>Truck Gun
No to all.

Now if it had a 10 incher like their 5.7 I can see the roles it can fill for home defense or truck gun. Or putting a Can on it, but not with a 16 dong.

What the hell
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no one wants this junk coming from Ruger.

Call me when they chamber this in 9mm and make a pistol version.
>weighs more than an intermediate caliber semi auto rifle
>has more recoil
>all for a cartridge with a fraction of the energy and range
I guess it works well for making pcc enthusiasts feel like they're shooting a big boy caliber on the 25 yard range
>every gun has to be optimized for fantasy world shtf operator larping
You're forgetting the first rule of guns
45acp is 300blk except it costs half a such. It has the same energy and everything. It just costs less.

File: IMG_9647.jpg (968 KB, 1170x1786)
968 KB
968 KB JPG
Hello boogaloo bros
How do I choose a good gas mask? Specifically looking for teargas/smoke protection
I don’t know where to begin
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go fuck yourself
wow what a disaster of a thread, every one of you can go fuck yourselves
File: Gas-Mask.jpg (23 KB, 531x333)
23 KB
I'm still alive


If the filter looks like the one in the ad when you get it, it's soviet and contains asbestos.
Certainly don't consider a MIRA, they're rebranded Czech surplus at like 3 times the price.

Okay know this first of all. Cop tear gas is at the low end of what gas masks are made for, it's little more than particles of pepper spread by a neutral gas. Those particles act as mild irritants, most effective if they get into your eyes/nose/mouth and less effective against your skin. A pair of goggles and a thick scarf is often sufficient to protect you and water will wash it off effectively. An actual gas mask is built for military gases that can be immediately lethal. It LAUGHS at tear gas. So, a cheap work gas mask of the type you use for spray paint or angle grinding with a standard particulate filter is perfectly good enough. Military gas masks' advantage is that they are more melee resistant since they are made for combat and have better straps, and they can be bought cheaply if you are in luck. Also they have multipurpose filters as a rule. There is not a single good reason for a civilian to get a gucci gas mask for hundreds of dollars unless gucci is your thing.

>the BR55 fires 9.5x40mm M634 HP-SAP, and 9.5x40mm SAP-HE
what would that even be comparable to? Some magnum round? Would a rifle chambered in it be like that .300winmag AR-10ish rifle from Falcor?
53 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
>The front sight could potentially be an off the shelf flip up sight
I'm more worried about getting the thing to attach without fucking up the barrel floating
the muzzle device is basically off the shelf
maybe modify it slightly so the front sight flips up from an extension on the 3d printed forend. Same for the light mount, that way nothing is touching the barrel. But then you would want to reinforce the forend so the sight stays fixed properly. Maybe it's better to just clamp the sight directly to the barrel and weld it so it's always true and just provide clearance between that and the handguard. the sight would be a small piece so I don't think it'll really mess up the barrel floating.
I am not upset about Halo 3 being 20 years old. I am upset there hasn't been a good Halo game in 20 years.

far better than I have any right to be.

>have 3 kids now
>dad's health is failing but he's taking it like a champ
>house and property is coming along fine, just put a new tile foor in the kitchen
>fiance is considering quitting her job and staying home to focus more on the kids because finances aren't an issue anymore
>found a really nice Type 9 bayonet on ebay and didn't hesitate to buy it outright

>sometimes I cry when I'm driving my truck at night because no one will see it
>haven't touched a vidya game in over a decade because I simply haven't had the time to sit down and enjoy something for myself
>have since figured out that I'd rather be alone than feel alone


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I'm happy for you Anon, keep it up

Thank you Uncle Sam, very cool.
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bullshit taiwan is an island only consisting of either cities or mountains. even if the chinks get beachhead it might be a very slow process to capture more land. all the while chink logistics are at constant risk of beeing cut off if the taiwanese sink their ships.

they just position their slit eyes right in the middle of the vertical iron sight and it's a hit any time

fuck your optics
or blue and become street fighters
Even if they copy their camo Taiwankers and mainlanders can tell each other apart.

Taiwan has been dealing with wannabe infiltrators since their modern inception.

File: IMG_1318.jpg (1.33 MB, 1098x1630)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
What’s some /k/ approved /lit/ature? Pic related, /k/ recommended this and this was an insanely good read.
Across the Fence, On The Ground by John Stryker Meyer.
How We Lost The Vietnam War By Nguyen Cao Ky

Mark Moyar - Phoenix and the Birds of Prey_ Counterinsurgency and Counterterrorism in Vietnam 2022

Như Tảng Trương - A Vietcong Memoir_ An Inside Account of the Vietnam War and Its Aftermath-1986

Nick Brokhausen - We few_ U.S. Special Forces in Vietnam 2018

Nick Brokhausen - Whispers in the Tall Grass_ Back Behind Enemy Lines with MacvSog-2019

Nick Brokhausen_ Jeff Miller - Vagabonds_ Tourists in the Heart of Darkness 2021

SOG - A Photo History of the Secret Wars - Maj John L Plaster USAR (Ret) 2022
Tom Mangold - The Tunnels of Cu Chi A Harrowing Account of America's Tunnel Rats in the Underground Battlefields of Vietnam-Presidio Press 2005.epub

I'm fairly new to all this and all the instagram goon operator pages piss me off. So I was thinking about what the consensus is about what you really need as just a normal guy who has no delusions of being a tom clancy video game protagonist doing nighttime operations and being in the field for days as a time as a civilian during some domestic conflict.
Rifle, pistol, mags and what else?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: tourist.png (1.33 MB, 1080x809)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
A good handgun and some extra mags is probably more than enough for anything that might happen. Maybe a shotgun and a bolt rifle if you hunt.
I don't think an AR15 and lbe/body armor is absolutely necessary to survive teotwawki/shtf/minecraft server reset, but they are so cheap these days you might as well own it if you are into it.
Night vision and other g00n squad gear is just a hobby 99.9% of the time but if you can afford it, why not
>What gear do you really "need"?
For what, faggot?
Mission drives gear.

Anyway, I would say the bare minimum for any American citizen is a concealable pistol and a fighting rifle of some kind.
The pistol should be something small enough to carry day to day but large enough to defend your home if you need to. Probably something like P365-sized but maybe an LCP or P365 XL depending on your local climate. A snubnose revolver would be acceptable too.
An AR is the obvious choice for the fighting rifle but, honestly, as long as it's a mag-fed semi-auto in an intermediate or full-powered caliber you'll be fine. No one's going to die because he chose a FAL, AUG, Mini-14, AR-10 or AK instead of an AR-15. If you think an AUG is cooler than an AR and you'll train with it more often then so be it. If you want your only rifle to be something you can hunt with then, sure, get an AR-10. If you can't get an AR-15 in your state then it's not like a Mini-14 can't kill people.

Beyond that you should get something you can hunt with. Whether it's a semi-auto, bolt-action, lever-action or shotgun doesn't matter but hunting, at least occasionally, is part of being a man.
Finally, I'd say a .22 for cheap plinking and taking younger family or your girlfriend shooting.

Stop The Bleed should be your first step. It's free in many areas and will teach you how to manage bleeding in the event of a shooting, car accident or if your mate just slices his hand open like a retard.
Then do a basic first aid course. You'll probably have to pay but they're cheap and it's a skill everyone should have imo.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
If by "fighting rifle" you mean "benelli m4" then sure
A normal guy with no delusions of being a tom clancy video game protagonist doing nighttime operations and being in the field for days at a time, honestly doesn't need any of that shit.
Odds are, you live in an area where you'll never actually need a CC pistol, much less a "fighting rifle".
Majority of burgers and thirdie's, with the most likelihood of gun violence, get buy without carrying.
>But muh personal experience, muh slim chance.
Don't matter, statistically unlikely, especially if you're not a retard and don't tempt fate.

That all being said anon, just buy what you like. Enjoy it, and have fun.
File: 1703423884274134.jpg (39 KB, 624x416)
39 KB
Add one of these to tote your shit around.

File: D465_5322_img.jpg (29 KB, 600x400)
29 KB
Pic related is going to be my night stand setup + light and dot sight
100 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
You don’t have a counter argument.
The point I am making is that they are going to review the incident in detail, because there is a fucking body, and the people reviewing it, murder cops, are on the the side of the bell curve where they may actually be smarter than you. Fucking around after a shooting is a great way to end up speed dating at a state jail.
So you get your stamp and then you can choose your silencer and then the stamp # gets associated with that serial #. Or do you have to have a specific silencer picked out first and apply to have that serial # associated with a stamp?

I could probably google this but I am not buying one anytime soon, just genuinely curious.
nta but with a number of cans myself. There are two processes for most normal people, Form 1 and Form 4. There are lots of other forms but they're for special purpose, or for special license holders or the like. Form 1 is for if you yourself are making a new NFA weapon (including a suppressor). Form 4 is if you're getting one from someone else normally. For F4 process basically is:
1. Pick out item.
2. Find local FFL of the right class, confirm they support buys.
3. Decide how you're going to buy it, individual or trust.
4. Get everything together for F4, need photo, finger prints, info. Wait ("wait" is going to be a theme here) for eprints.
5. Submit that info to who you're buying it from, might be local FFL, might be online, then buy it. If online they will then transfer it to local FFL.
5. Wait. The item must be physically at local FFL for next step.
6. "Certify" it, kicking off the F4 process. If individual must be in person, if for a trust can be over the phone.
7. Wait.
8. Wait some more.
9. Wait even more, hopefully forgetting about it.
10. (Hopefully) get approved.
11. Go pick up item, which will involve one last form (though no approval or anything just paperwork) and more waiting. Congratulations on getting your basic safety device or rifle of arbitrary barrel length pulled out of some politician's ass in the 1930s!
Also F1 is different, you need to put together all plans for what you're making, submit them first BEFORE buying anything and get approved, then buy. If you buy first technically you're committing a felony.

And buying individual is usually a trap these days. If it's individual and you leave it at home outside of like a safe or something and your wife is home technically SHE is committing a felony (not you). All NFA stuff should normally go on a trust, then "responsible persons" can be added/removed easily without so much bullshit. Individual ones you own can be transferred to your own trust, but it's another $200 a pop plus even more waiting.

File: Stgw_90.jpg (23 KB, 1000x257)
23 KB
Fuck your MCX, fuck your SPEAR, fuck your M400, fuck your MPX, this is the most kino, aesthetic rifle Sig ever made. Cheeki Breeki you cucks, even chad Strelok agrees.

You MCX Cucks are just coping you don't have the L O N G S T R O K E chad 550 power!
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
too bad its kinda shit in stalker
think by the time you loot it off a dead freedom guy theres a G36 right next to it w/ better stats
sad too its cool
File: OwzcIu7.jpg (1.41 MB, 1000x690)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
Absolute sex
File: SIG_SG_553_LB.jpg (538 KB, 1384x1312)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
File: file.png (1.32 MB, 818x1279)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
My cat loves mine, probably because it's fullfun and the governement gave it to me for free
beautiful indeed.

File: IMG_5361.jpg (98 KB, 602x347)
98 KB
I was just thinking about how the Abrams came out in 1979, and how it kind of ruined the pattern of equivalent MBTs with the USSR

>T-54 vs M46/47
>T-55 vs M48
>T-62/64 vs M60
>T-72 vs M1 Abrams

Wtf was the American counterpart for the T-80/84/90?
27 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
By weight class alone the Abrams would be considered a heavy tank and the T-6to9 series would be medium tanks if we go back to ww2 style classification. The earliest version M1 Abrams weighed roughly 53 metric tons in comparison to the early model T-64 was 38 tons. Now, the M1A2 sepv3 weighs a whopping 67 metric tons while latest T-6to9 models hover around 45 tons, the difference is still very significant.

To really explain, lets go dial back time abit earlier. WW2 was really the last war where major powers engaged in large scale warfare with each other and engage in an endless cycle of developing new hardware in order to get the upper hand. This basically led to a back and forth where one major power introduced a weapon that was so cutting edge over its opponent's but became either obsolete or just no longer state of the art anymore usually within 1 year or 2 because the opposing major power, through active battlefield encounters had actively fought against or recovered specimens of said hardware and either through a combination of reverse engineering and battlefield experience, develop countermeasures against it.

This was not the case anymore during the cold war. And the only war where US and USSR personnel did clash to some major albeit limited degree was the Korean War only in the form of fighter jet duels over an airspace in North Korea dubbed "Mig Valley". They did so because Soviet participation in the hostility was covert and kept confined to a limited area. And the only conflict where both US/USSR were able to capture at least one example of each others most advanced fighter jets through either defection or shootdown.
And coming back to the main topic about tanks, because unlike ww2 where nations usually send in their most advanced hardware into the battlefield to fight against each other and then make adjustments accordingly.
continuing from this previous post.
This explains the huge developmental time gap of each superpower's respective hardware relative to each other. Both sides never got the chance to fight one another with their most advanced tanks and this is why it took so long for the US to go from M60 Patton in 1957 to M1 Abrams in 1980 and why for the Soviets, their tank procurement program was a clusterfuck despite it being more advanced for its time during the early phase of the cold war. When one side have very scant knowledge of each others kit during peacetime, they basically rely entirely one imagination and guess-timation (heh) to progress down the development road in the hopes to outdo the other side.
>Wtf was the American counterpart for the T-80/84/90?
upgraded abrams because those are just upgraded t-72s
(1/2) This topic is really complex but I'll also summarize it further in evolutionary biology terms. Imagine on a supercontinent two major rival predator species both trying to outcompete the other in their shared habitat to become the apex predator, as millions of years go by, at various points of that time period both sides briefly each evolve a trait that briefly gave one species a brief advantage before the other side evolves a trait in response to counter it. Millions of years keep go by and they are evenly match with no side having a clear advantage. Then, all of a sudden a massive asteroid crashed dead center into the continent, wiping away many lifeforms and also creating an ocean that separated the former supercontinent into 2 halves. Our 2 predator species were both devastated by this extinction event but fortunately, both survived. At the same time, by pure chance, each predator species managed to only survive on one different half of the new continents. They are now geographically isolated from each other. Even though they could no longer interact with one another, it does not mean the two species are not evolving anymore. But without interaction between the 2 predator species, all further evolution to become the top predator in their respective niches now rely entirely luck. Millions of years go by and the 2 predator species both evolved powerful new traits to help them dominate in their respective habitats. At the same time, we find that the 2 new continents are slowly shifting towards each other and will eventually merge back into a single supercontinent again. Millions of years go by and the continents merged back and the 2 predators are once again competing to be apex predator. Only this time, 1 will be driven into extinction and the surviving species becomes the apex predator. Millions of years of isolation meant the 2 predators were developing uncertain and unproven evolutionary traits that could only be decided which is superior until a...
...second and final re-encounter. And by that time, the disadvantaged predator species will no longer be able to adapt in time in response because of the long periods of isolation and inability to adapt against a opponent that was otherwise not existent precluding to the final showdown. And had the continent actually merged a few million years earlier, then the losing species could have been the winner instead since the losing species might have had evolved advantageous trait while the winning species have not evolve a randomized trait that lead it to win yet. This basically sums up US/USSR tank development vis a vis the arms race/cold war/iron curtain

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