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I thjink he just has issues with 3 eyed women.
Go to the imt and axe
fucking ew
please for the love of god don't bloat another thread with your shit again.
File: wallhaven-vm1ygp.jpg (645 KB, 1670x1360)
645 KB
645 KB JPG
At least most of the BGs aren't solid white.

File: 1493138786553.jpg (478 KB, 1965x1002)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
Preferably no CGI. Looking for "visions of the future" (DRAWN/PAINTED) from the 40's, 50's, 60's, and 70's.
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File: Untitled-41.jpg (711 KB, 2700x2110)
711 KB
711 KB JPG
File: horizons_prologue_mural.jpg (5.07 MB, 3200x1800)
5.07 MB
5.07 MB JPG
>full panorama is 6440x2096 (13mb)
more like the opposite, they didn't imagine an ubiquitous small screen in your pocket
Dick Tracy video watch...
Never gets old

File: Trans Space.png (381 KB, 1920x1080)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
Papers for Phone and Pc or whatever
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itt: cute though kinda boring papes and neets malding because there are people different than them
>whether they've transitioned or not
citation needed

I don't understand why you people actively seek out trans spaces and come here to confidently assert wrong information

this doesn't actually matter and it's not the "own" you think it is lol. my boobs aren't actually different from a cis woman's
>citation needed
>confidently assert wrong information

The data behind the "42%" statement (the rate has also been claimed to be about 41%, but this could be a rounding thing, and either way it's still an insanely high percentage compared to any other segment of the general population - e.g. even military veterans with combat-related PTSD issues apparently don't suffer a suicide rate anywhere near as high as pre-op or post-op trans folks) has been gathered, verified, and re-verified by various reliable sources over time and is freely available online; so I'm not going to sit here and spoonfeed you links to those sources, instead you need to use your own critical thinking skills and research these sources for yourself, happy hunting.

>I don't understand why you people actively seek out trans spaces

We do this because otherwise these 'spaces' are nothing but dangerous affirming echo chambers that only seek to encourage people with obvious mental health issues of some kind or other to take largely irreversible steps with their physical health that might not actually make a difference to their lives in the way they think/have been told it will.

So by posting the "42%" point, it highlights that maybe transitioning is not the perfect cure all for a persons questionable state of mind and/or troubled life situation; that rather than rushing into something they can't fully undo, and which comes with its own set of potentially serious physical health issues, including cancer, they should seek help for their underlying mental health issue(s) first BEFORE starting down the transition path.

In fact, time was a mental health evaluation was REQUIRED before anyone could start to transition, but now it seems that whole process has been heavily eroded by a woke politically motivated movement hellbent on encouraging as many people as possible, including very young kids, to have their primary sex organs permanently removed, thus sterilising them forever.
>re-verified by various reliable sources over time and is freely available online
Source: just trust me bro

>set of potentially serious physical health issues, including cancer
This is not true, unless you're using supraphysiological amounts of estradiol. I have a risk of breast cancer because I have breasts, not because estradiol is some spooky carcinogen

>transitioning is not the perfect cure all for a persons questionable state of mind and/or troubled life situation
I haven't heard anyone say this, and it's a strange thing to say, so I'm inferring that you might think gender dysphoria is caused by other life problems, which has yet to be shown

>encouraging as many people as possible, including very young kids, to have their primary sex organs permanently removed
This is also untrue. Nobody is being encouraged to have primary sex organs removed, and not all trans people want to surgically alter their primary sex organs. You are misinformed; your dishonest portrayal of what transition entails is really telling

Hey guyz, i used to be anti-troons too, because let's be honest, they are disgusting to look at. The problem is that i'm a science nerd and i never let my emotion govern my life over scientific fact, and i've discovered something that totally change my mind.

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Nature wallpapers
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File: ZZ6556547744.jpg (3.4 MB, 4032x3024)
3.4 MB
3.4 MB JPG
File: ZZ76944847561.jpg (2.63 MB, 4032x3024)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB JPG
File: ZZ456848677151.jpg (2.4 MB, 4032x3024)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB JPG
File: 20227961336_f25345a276_k.jpg (1.74 MB, 2048x1536)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
Gorgeous views, thanks for posting

File: wallpaper191.jpg (2.32 MB, 3680x2070)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
medianon dot org
no idea where else to share this
as for the wallpapers, just post your favourite
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File: wallpaper188.jpg (771 KB, 3264x2448)
771 KB
771 KB JPG
File: 45.jpg (825 KB, 4896x3264)
825 KB
825 KB JPG
File: 1537756417742.jpg (1.19 MB, 2500x1406)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
File: wallpaper164.jpg (4.69 MB, 6000x3376)
4.69 MB
4.69 MB JPG
File: wallpaper187.jpg (5.31 MB, 4000x2663)
5.31 MB
5.31 MB JPG
final one for good luck
thanks in advance for checking out my website

File: abstract.jpg (5.15 MB, 2880x1800)
5.15 MB
5.15 MB JPG
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File: holes5.jpg (599 KB, 2880x1800)
599 KB
599 KB JPG
File: mault (1).jpg (167 KB, 1920x1080)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
File: holes4.jpg (1.18 MB, 2880x1800)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
File: pipes.jpg (4.01 MB, 2880x1800)
4.01 MB
4.01 MB JPG
File: holes8.jpg (288 KB, 1440x809)
288 KB
288 KB JPG

File: 1675466492497159.jpg (516 KB, 867x1300)
516 KB
516 KB JPG
Let's get a retro synthwave thread going! Phone papes preferred
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File: cqLtpf7.jpg (115 KB, 720x1280)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
File: 995wj7w1wo041.png (2.96 MB, 1080x1350)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB PNG
>Looks like a cool wallpaper
>looks at the graffiti in the backround
>seeing burn niggers written on the wall
It says "BURNSIDERS," though.
File: Welcome to the Internet.png (4.03 MB, 3440x1440)
4.03 MB
4.03 MB PNG

File: 1676287422178216.jpg (730 KB, 750x975)
730 KB
730 KB JPG
Post icons and related imagery
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File: pieta2.jpg (1014 KB, 1584x1660)
1014 KB
1014 KB JPG

Meds, schizos. Take them now.
File: russ-battle-vano.jpg (4.63 MB, 2648x1938)
4.63 MB
4.63 MB JPG
The Battle of Kerzhenets animated movie by Nornstein
File: 1111111.jpg (435 KB, 1800x1139)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
This is a fine thread topic, but I really wish there were more pics formatted for use as a wallpaper.

File: sketch-1594735111633-01.jpg (237 KB, 1080x2160)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Hello, I've been lurking on-and-off here for years. Saved a bunch of papes that I eventually lost on one of my factory resets. I decided to look them up on the archives and I remembered that the archives got fucked a year or two ago.
Luckily, the 2021 and onwards still have some of the original image files intact, so I grabbed what I downloaded from that time.
I also sreached-by-image the thumbnails of the older papes. Some were easy to find with enough clarity on other sites, some had to be recreated from their original source.
I also made a couple of phone papes out of horizontal wallpapers that have been posted here recently.
I don't see many of these images being posted as regularly as other on phone threads.
I also found a couple on Reddit that. I liked that I will share here.
Some were drawn in black and white similar to manga and I colored them.
I hope you like at least one of them. Enjoy :)
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File: 06.jpg (207 KB, 720x1024)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
File: 03.jpg (143 KB, 720x1133)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
File: 09.jpg (600 KB, 640x1136)
600 KB
600 KB JPG
File: 12.jpg (1.64 MB, 1080x1920)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
File: 04.jpg (382 KB, 720x1440)
382 KB
382 KB JPG

Post architecture.
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File: Alhambra Granada.jpg (943 KB, 3840x2160)
943 KB
943 KB JPG
There's nothing wrong with making architecture ornate. In fact making everything utilitarian devolved into the slop cities we have now
Fascism and national-socialism are left-wing ideologies.
File: RU-wp4.jpg (671 KB, 1920x1200)
671 KB
671 KB JPG
File: TR-wp1.jpg (422 KB, 1920x1200)
422 KB
422 KB JPG

File: 44670.jpg (968 KB, 1920x1200)
968 KB
968 KB JPG
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I love this so much. Thank you
File: img34.jpg (1.5 MB, 1920x1200)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
File: img11.jpg (1.49 MB, 1920x1440)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
File: 768x1360.jpg (61 KB, 768x1360)
61 KB
File: Dock.jpg (299 KB, 1024x768)
299 KB
299 KB JPG

File: dark_cottage.jpg (985 KB, 2326x1470)
985 KB
985 KB JPG
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File: 1684859085577.jpg (3.08 MB, 5760x3840)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB JPG
File: 1684859149955.jpg (1.93 MB, 6016x4016)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB JPG
agreed. literally none of these are usable unless you're a neet who lives in isolation
this, I hate coomers on /wg/ so much
I hid every one of those lol. SFW pape board when?

File: ctaBlue.png (3 KB, 1920x1080)
3 KB
itt - simple single color papes using this template and based on the actual line/service colours used by different public transport networks from around the world

Starting with Chicago's "L" lines...
216 replies and 210 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: WMATAorange.png (3 KB, 1920x1080)
3 KB
File: WMATAblue.png (3 KB, 1920x1080)
3 KB
File: WMATAgreen.png (3 KB, 1920x1080)
3 KB
File: WMATAyellow.png (3 KB, 1920x1080)
3 KB
File: WMATAsilver.png (3 KB, 1920x1080)
3 KB

File: wivg - 24.png (2.93 MB, 2560x1440)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB PNG
This thread is dedicated to Women and Girls in videogames and related media.

Last Thread: >>7973240

Just follow the basics and post wallpapers (desktop or phone) that:
1) Have a female prominently pictured
2) Are videogame related in some way

Keep in mind:
3) Fanart, redesigns, gender swapping and crossovers are most welcome. Cosplayers, streamers, developers, and pro-gamers are also fair game.
4) Anime/Manga/Japanese style art is ok as long as it relates somehow to the topic (Women in Videogames).
5) Lewd, risqué, nudes, erotic, 18+ wallpapers are accepted as long as they are tasteful and comply with the general rules of the board. Please refrain from posting openly pornographic or shock content.

Have fun people! <3
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Imagine being so thirsty you HAVE to justify it.
File: 1685051338262006.png (659 KB, 1920x1080)
659 KB
659 KB PNG
File: pur.jpg (488 KB, 1639x2048)
488 KB
488 KB JPG
File: FF14 Make it rain 2020.jpg (588 KB, 1920x1080)
588 KB
588 KB JPG
File: FF14 Make It Rain 2021.jpg (487 KB, 1920x1080)
487 KB
487 KB JPG

File: w01.jpg (325 KB, 1920x1080)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
Literally anything that gives off Witchy vibes. Ideally 16:9, but phone wallpapers are also accepted.

Last thread: >>7900410
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File: Girl Blood Magic.jpg (184 KB, 1920x1080)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
File: Mage shop.jpg (1.57 MB, 1639x1156)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
File: Night Sky Cloth.jpg (941 KB, 2000x1294)
941 KB
941 KB JPG
File: OctoTorso.png (2.78 MB, 1080x1920)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB PNG

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