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File: obsdblue.jpg (62 KB, 255x255)
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/bsd/ - *BSD General Thread
Discuss FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD, OPNsense, FreeNAS, etc.

IRC -> #baot @ irc.rizon.net


Curious Linux user? Ask questions, get answers... maybe.

File: images.duckduckgo.com.jpg (5 KB, 300x200)
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yeah, lets not pretend that the pro-systemd crowd started this fight. People made death threats to leonart poettering, talked lots of shit. Made unfounded accusations about backdoors, accused everyone who didn't agree with them about just about everything. All because of unfounded allegations of malice, backdoors and conspiracy. You told us you were literally not free because the rest of the world didn't make the same software choices you wanted.

There is no tangible evidence that systemd has a backdoor. Not even a suggestion. So yeah, you pissed us off, so we're pissed off.

So now you have devaun. Go use it, I don't wanna hear shit about systemd anymore.
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That would be really useful, actually
File: araisan.gif (67 KB, 392x450)
67 KB
I leave him alone when he leaves me alone, ideally also reverting the redhatisms renaming my eth0 into encthülhüftäghn0 for no reason.
When will systemd finally implement their own kernel? I'm sick of this linux thing ruining my OS
File: mk_ultra_girl_c1961a.jpg (25 KB, 400x289)
25 KB
networkd fails to get IPv4 address via DHCP

DHCP: Fail link_dhcp_set_routes promotely if no address is assigned from lease

>poettering added dhcp network labels May 24, 2017

lennart, le very useful goygrammer
pleb, wlanLlanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch0 is more memorable than wlan0

at this rate, GNU/SystemD will come before GNU HURD

File: 81MR0JG6AzL._SY450_.jpg (10 KB, 338x450)
10 KB
are external hdd's really that unreliable? I wanted to get some storage for my chinese cartoons and other stuff and I am uncertain which one to buy since all of them have some bad reviews saying that they break after some months

I was specifically looking at a 1tb WD Elements hdd and the toshiba canvio basics, are there better alternatives? I don't need a portable hdd, it's just that they are cheaper
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get one of those ones that have their own power plug in and a lan connection, and hook it up to your router
That's literally everything, including you.
you have any extra drives sitting aroung? if yes then you can get a decent diskless enclosure for around a hundred u.s. otherewise refer to >>60583327 as those basically amount to a nas and can be had for around 90 u.s. for a one terrorbite one if you're willing to go refurbished. look at wd mybooks
I had 1x WD 500GB, 2x 4 TB Seagate and 1x 1 TB Seagate. All of them are working 24/7 as I am torrent maniac and I use them for seeding. I think oldest one is 4 y/o, never had any problems with them so far.
I managed to "kill" a large 1tb seagate by dropping it when it was on. Though in reality it still works, it just keeps clicking if I have the hdd oriented flat.

So far not managed to kill any of my smaller portable hdd's despite occasionally bumping into them.

File: 2017-05-25 (2).png (24 KB, 699x131)
24 KB
>when enabled, freezes video decoding while tab is in the background, only audio decoding is enabled
>saves CPU and battery life significantly

Wow. This is a beautiful blessing. I can't believe they didn't come up with this sooner.
That's pretty smurt IMO.
Apple did it for Safari but its only for shit like JS that isn't currently being viewed or something.
what when you switch back to that tab, does it decode everything since the last keyframe (lag), does it wait for the next keyframe (more lag) or does it skip keyframes and display glitchy blocks
This is actually in the works for firefox too I believe. Mozilla is actually trying to freeze javascript execution for background tabs too, except when/if they have network connections open or something.
This is a feature that should have been available the second Chrome could do video decoding in general

File: images.jpg (20 KB, 300x168)
20 KB
Has anyone considered, Do we really need ISP's anymore ?

Wifi adapters can now send and receive up to and possible passed 10km.

A P2P internet across the world. with no ISP's. understandable some place would still require ISP's when really thinking about it. I am unsure, If we could cover most users that currently uses the internet via an ISP,

it would need a lot of users to take it out for it even to get off the drawing board but that's not the question i am asking,

What do you think of it ?
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Lets do this shit.

What is the easiest setup to start small? Are a couple of modified routers enough? What software will make a short range mesh happen?
It already works with cjdns, all that's left is i2p support and performance improvements.
Fucking retard
>can scale
Fucking retard
These kind of projects already exist. Mesh networks. They'll probably grow as tech get better and latency becomes less of an issue, but I suspect it'll be pockets of mesh networks, connected through the net.

File: file.png (469 KB, 598x459)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
How the fuck do I set up passthrough on Linux? I tried it before and it was just a black screen.

I want to do with my i3-6100 and R7 370 by using the iGPU for Linux and my R7 370 for the VM, but based on what I've read you can't do this.
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is this 1998?
No, it's a technology you can install onto a VM in hyperv in order to offload 3D to GPUs housed in the server, thus allowing VM desktops to have 3D capabilities for users who need said capability in a virtual environment.
A requirement is that they be workstation cards, so you may have to modify a consumer card (which you can) to make it work.
Guess it's RemoteFX 3D... lol
Get to googling afterwards.
This guy does it using a GTX460, so perhaps workstation card limitation has been lifted.

There was a lot of chatter at work about the new surface pro vs the surface pro 4. What do y'all think?
>i'm a wagecuck
>i spent my approportioned lunch break time talking about the new consumer product to blow my paycheck on
fuck off advertiser

File: unnamed.jpg (94 KB, 960x640)
94 KB
>Headphone purchase advice

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread: >>60536751
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>Most expensive
Kek. Then I guess I can't convince you
The HD598se has been spotted at 100€ before, while the usual price was 130-150.
At 150€, the HD579 might be a good purchase, but I'd suggest (after putting it on cart if amazon; that keeps the price low even if it goes up, at least for a few hours) reading/watching several reviews featuring it, possibly pitted against the HD599. I'm saying this because, honestly, I haven't looked into it myself enough, as after all I do have HD600 and I'm not really looking into buying lower models.



Ok man, thank you, that was great already, there's one thing i never get, why after all these yers, the 600's are still on top? Can't they make another great pair?
HD650 is literally "made for millennials who want to feel the music". Very similar to HD600, but tweaked for more subbass, less treble, obviously less neutral, and generally considered worse by reviewers.
HD700 is somewhat v-shaped and has a terrible reputation (although the few people that like it do love it). HD800 is less neutral and flawed (sibilant) yet people like it a lot, HD800S fixes the sibilant issue but changes the overall FR and costs an arm and a leg; On top of that, for some reason many people do not like it vs HD800.
Sennheiser has teased some new model (HD820) recently. Little is known about it, but it is believed to be closed back.

File: pg.png (24 KB, 948x378)
24 KB
How will tools like phonegap effect the future of programming? Would you recommend that people still try to get into the industry or would you steer them away from it as a career path?
so it lets you make a web page, and call it an app?
hybrid apps are the future.

The problem is apple with their gay ass slow webView components.

File: 590182efa5c7f.png (2.17 MB, 1080x1920)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
Thoughts on Codecademy?
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Useless for anything except initial exposure to programming, but looking back it really wasn't even good for that, I'd have been better off using a superior resource/tutorial. It won't teach you shit about programming, in fact it is actively detrimental in that instead of teaching you critical thinking and trying to find solutions, it forces you to just plug in exactly what they want or else you can't proceed to other lessons. For example, you understand a concept and use it to get the desired outcome, but it's still marked wrong because you put an extra space somewhere or you didn't name the variable exactly what they told you
to name it. Also it's buggy as fuck. I'd give it a solid 3/10, its useless for anyone except retards and trendy people who want to learn (((coding)))
yeah as people have said its primarily for pajeets
Sir I do not understand this it does not work. Please explain this to me dear teacher thank you sir
Worthless shitskins.
pajeet learns how to program so he can be employable

neckbeards on /g/ program so they can start arguments about which programming languages are better

File: wd[1].png (67 KB, 400x400)
67 KB
Received a new computer today at work. Much faster than my old one and with an SSD.

The problem is I don't have admin access, and I have to sign in through Active Directory. If I want to install anything, I have to go through the sysadmins (I'm a programmer).

I don't spend a whole lot of time messing around on the web, but I did always watch stuff on Youtube if I ate breakfast or lunch at my desk while I ate. I'd also check my Twitter feed and occasionally scroll past porn and stuff. There's no specific rule against all of this, but I probably would be reprimanded if I were caught.

How much easier is it for them to monitor my activity with Active Directory? Before, I used Opera's Turbo and VPN features (both actually proxies) to hide the websites I visited. I never heard a peep out of them.

I've noticed this new machine has some version of VNC installed as well, also perhaps for monitoring. How worried should I be about them snooping on my activity? Do they have access to my Active Directory account? Can they go in and look at browser history and files?

tl;dr how much snooping can admins perform on users Active Directory accounts?
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I was waiting for this response. What took you so long?
You don't monitor user activity through AD. Modern firewalls can report what IP's, users or machines are doing what kind of activity like ports, bandwidth, bytes, url's and even filter based on content.
My firewalls automatically log everything to a server where a tech can drill down and see what a user has done last couple years as it's all recorded.
Larger organizations can use tech like BlueShield to record the actual network activity and it has tools to replay that network capture to see exactly what transpired for forensics.
If you've signed a network use policy when you were hired, circumventing that could result in you losing your job.
I'f I were you, I'd use a personal cell on LTE with a good data plan to do your personal stuff.
Make that Blue Coat, not BlueShield.
>Received a new computer today at work.
>tl;dr how much snooping can admins perform on users Active Directory accounts?

You have no reasonable expectation of privacy on a computer you do not own; expect complete surveillance.

If I configured that system, the BIOS would be locked down to prevent booting from any other device than osdisk. If you opened the case to attempt a BIOS reset, the next time you booted the primary OS, I would be notified of the chassis intrusion event.
There's also software like VNC which just allows security techs to watch you work but keep it hidden. More a one-way stream to ensure you're not goofing off. Large companies employ these kinds of tech and you wouldn't even know.

File: 1484952488406.jpg (13 KB, 220x281)
13 KB
GNU/Linux users, does anyone miss .exe installers?

How am I suppose to install stuff in Ubuntu without a terminal installer?
33 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Has to do with bogposting i think
GUI frontends like synaptic or use appimages:

Fuck no, I even prefer a git repo with a nice makefile and readme to a sketch as fuck .exe from some shitty website.
>GNU/Linux users, does anyone miss .exe installers?
The answer is no because there exists both self-contained packages and executable installers like on windows along with the package managers, so there's nothing to miss.

>How am I suppose to install stuff in Ubuntu without a terminal installer?
At this point i genuinely don't know if you're just uninformed or if you're doing this on purpose but i'm gonna reply anyway: User-oriented distros (like ubuntu) usually ships GUI tools for managing packages, even on DIY distros (like arch) you can install GUI tools for managing packages.

Have you ever used a distro like ubuntu? because it's actually a bit hard to not see programs like the software center, gdebi or synaptic when you try it.
If you don't want to just run it from the folder where you unzip it then you can get it from steam if you want.


Many years ago microsoft told me no more green button on the bottom and today I can firmly say "no".
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>popcorn time
it just werks : ^ )

youre welcome
I take it you don't remember Sasser and MS Blaster, do you?
Google conficker you dumb fucking faggots

File: no systemd.jpg (18 KB, 648x429)
18 KB
Is there anyone using Devuan? Is it good? How does it compare with Gentoo?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Fuck off lennart
Italia pizza mafia mandolino mamma.
>See thread about distro without systemd
>Fuck off lennart

Was not disappointed.
I know, right? He should be fixing that piece of garbage instead of shitposting on uzbeki yak-milking forum.


oh boy...
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I remember having a ROG board that had an LCD 10 years ago. It was dumb then and it seems even dumber to try and bring it back.
File: ripandtear.png (42 KB, 215x191)
42 KB
>Implying anyone is going to waste money on this shit when THREADRIPPER is going to RIP AND TEAR that bitch a new asshole.
Ripper is a gangster!!!
Only ledditors use external graphics.
File: Volta.jpg (59 KB, 990x630)
59 KB
I'm a ledditor

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