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File: IMG_20180522_005150218.jpg (3.29 MB, 4608x2592)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB JPG
I just found this thing along other random stuff in a box on the street next to my door. Does anyone know what this is? It was the only thing inside the box I couldn't ID.
Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House?
is the db9 coming out of the back of the clock thing?
What's on the back of it?
File: IMG_20180522_005735458.jpg (3.5 MB, 4608x2592)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB JPG
Yes, it is.

Here you go
>not bring it back to the White House
One job anon


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>unflushable object

keller is on the soc team, not the core team
>(Kebab/Coffin) Lake
Based Intel

AMD is finished

Can someone give me a rundown on how this thing works? Where does the actual content come from once its hooked up? Are they really laggy?

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The content is bitstarved crap and the methods it uses to fetch the media often break. Just learn to torrent and if you really need a box then buy one that doesn't required a chinese translation to unlock and doesn't come preloaded with custom Kodi installs. Also be wary of their 4k-ready labels.
File: teeveee.gif (1014 KB, 206x350)
1014 KB
1014 KB GIF
what do you mean "personal media server"

this is what i currently do yeah.

i have cable and rarely find anything good to watch because i have the low end package and its already too expensive. I mostly just watch Seinfeld and old Sneedsons anyway except for some HBO shows and maybe Forensic Files and fatkino. I want to get rid of cable but it feels weird to get rid of normal television for the first time in my entire life. I want the options of cable and don't want to narrow my viewing options to one company's content.

I also don't wanna completely sell my soul out to Google or Roku or Amazon...and I don't have a Smart TV.
Just got one of these for my grandmother to watch her Russian TV, it works.
I can barely get my gramma to put in a dvd
Is Sling any good?

Why are miners so cancerous?
>hurr durr I’m working so hard I’m like an industrial worker or a trucker I do REAL work by letting my “rig” run 24/7
>who cares about people who use their PC for anything else than mining, MY opinion as an internet entrepreneur matters more
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>They have already plummeted and prices have been going down fyi.
Problem solved then? Who really cares? I guess mining is a waste of electricity, but I have multiple webservers running so I'm not one to judge.
We need to drive meme bux into the ground
File: aca.jpg (95 KB, 499x561)
95 KB
theyre like
duh look at me i waste electricity. wasting supplies of the world is valuable
File: LEVELS_i.png (24 KB, 992x527)
24 KB
>internet entrepreneur
File: 1517778122623.png (209 KB, 1500x840)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
b-but the mad gains... you promised me /biz/....

File: gtk.png (127 KB, 2000x2157)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
What are g's thoughts on Gtk?
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finally dying its well deserved death
C++ is the standard language for Qt.
The official Python bindings are great.
There is also QML with QtQuick, that allows you develop with Javascript or C++.
File: cube.jpg (5 KB, 265x255)
5 KB
a fucking cube
another fucking cube
i am sick of these fucking cubes filling my folders
Gtk3 is shit.

Absolutely shit docs, the only people that can use it are the Gnome team.

On the other hand you have books, official certs and a shittone of tutorials for Qt.

The answer is pretty much clear.
I want Gtk and Guh-nome to fucking die.

So I am using a chromebook with chrome OS ofc. On a level of 1 to fucked, how deep am I in the botnet?

>Also uses a Moto Z Play non-rooted
Which Chromebook though? Because the C201 can be Librebooted
It runs like absolute shit librebooted though. Unless you stick to terminal shit it's a dog.
install galliumos on it
Developer mode and install Debian
less botnet than literally all other laptops and desktop PCs

its already corebooted you stupid cunt

File: Firefox_Logo,_2017.png (397 KB, 2001x2066)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
60 is literally beyond this world
Its actually amazeballs
Download it now and see the difference

I like it too, but stop being a flamboyant false flagging faggot.
please bait properly next time
I'm on nigthly rolling on 62.0a and it's just okay, not as good as Fx52ESR or Fx56 where since a lot of functionality provided by addons it's still missing or somewhat cucked
It does feel a bit faster and isn't as ugly as Australis, and modern sites work better on it, but nothing to really warrant moving from 52ESR
Based Shill

As bad as Windows is today, when did it REALLY start to go to shit? What was the LAST good Windows OS?
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i used this on the last 6-8 months of its supported thing. wished i had used it earlier. it was so kickass, fuck. i mean, fuck i wished i had installed it so bad about 4-5 years or more before, so light on using anything. like 98 but just robust like xp.
File: folder-up.png (3 KB, 343x41)
3 KB
>98 was good, too

Yeah 98 was great when it wasn't crashing to a BSOD for one reason or another.
XP was definitely a huge improvement.
I'm ignoring 2000 since it was the iffy in between version most people skipped like Vista.
Vista with all service packs
everything else is shit
>what is the backspace key
Don't tell me you actually move your mouse and click the navigation buttons.

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File: disgus.jpg (105 KB, 680x383)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>phone in English
File: anime traps.jpg (157 KB, 1434x993)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Thank you very much

File: shit.png (33 KB, 357x432)
33 KB
How do I do this shit?
I want to rig a strawpoll so bad, but I don't know how, and I have yet to find a good program
File: 1501950355662.jpg (68 KB, 800x800)
68 KB
I don't think ive ever seen a strawpoll worth rigging so Id say kys OP
>I want to rig a strawpoll so bad
ask yourself what you're doing with your life

File: 340.png (264 KB, 383x288)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
It's been THIRTY FIVE FUCKING YEARS and Microsoft never added a setting in control panel to change the order of the gamepads.

I have to manually disconnect each one and connect them again in the order I want and HOPE it stays that way or else I have to reboot or uninstall some.


Also, I think Linux is guilty of this as well.
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>want to play steins gate
>tfw no $60 on the neet bank :(
Lol fellow gamer here it's such a non issue
Maybe when xbox flops completely they might pay attention
>>66034011how many gigs on that¿ dayuuum
there's always some unique thing you can use, almost everything supplies a unique serial number you can use, and worst case you can also use the port number itself (that is "if xbox controller plugged into usb port 4, make is js0")
>change the order of the gamepads.

File: 1495549001112.jpg (200 KB, 764x512)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
There's a really good thinkpad vs macbook shit post that I can't seem to find, does anyone have the link or a screencap? It was some ridiculous story of a showdown at school between someone with his thinkpad and someone with their macbook where he was willing to drop it on the floor or something.
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File: 1526899946969.png (24 KB, 466x490)
24 KB
gibs story please
found it: https://www.reddit.com/r/thinkpad/comments/7w7it2/be_honest_did_i_over_react/
Not as funny as I remember but eh.
based, thank you
He literally said it was a shitpost. What a waste of those digits.
That thread was dumb.

File: 2018-05-22_04-30-19.jpg (273 KB, 1284x364)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
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Same thing happened with the i5 6600. The k version at stock used more wattage, which I assume meant the silicon was lower quality. Furthermore the overclock was crap and used a lot of power.
Overclocking is a meme, CPU are already powerful enough for any task.

plus we are at our maximum height (Clockspeeds)
we need to start making devs to go wide(Multiple cores)
Better question is why did you buy Intel.
That same unnamed benchmark but with 4 lines this time sure convinced me.

File: images-1.jpg (5 KB, 259x194)
5 KB
When you take off a digitizer from a phone the LCD still works, why is it only white? Does the digitizer act as a film (like a PC monitor) so you can see what's on the screen?
yeah, there's a polarizing filter on it. put on a pair of UV blocking sunglasses and you'll see the screen again.
A thread died for this >:(

File: windows.jpg (21 KB, 699x454)
21 KB
Why haven't (you) installed windows 10 ltsb yet?
>Free of poojeet bugs
>very little bloatware
>stable and runs fast
>telemetry and other "features" removed
>no ads
Its literally the pinnacle of windows. What more could you ask for? I swear that I'm not a paid shill, its just that good.
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Reread the op please
Actually, you're the dumb fuck. /g/'s resident old guy normie here, with a fancy M.D. after my name; I've consulted on cases in four hospitals other than the one I work out of and all of them are running Windows 10 when they're not running some specialized *nix system for certain equipment. Hospitals, in general, stay on the cutting edge of technology and we also handle incredibly sensitive confidential information about our patients, and that means staying on the most recent version of Windows for security updates. It costs far less to transition to W10 now than it will when W7, 8 and 8.1 stop getting security patches because then the distributors know they've got you by the balls and you'll pay whatever they tell you the price is because they know you're on a compliance deadline and you literally HAVE fo shut down after a HIPAA compliance violation until a full audit is done on all of your systems to be sure they're all compliant. That costs MILLIONS of dollars more than just getting new systems and OS upgrades to stay compliant.
oi dont hawv a loicense foar dat
we're tweaking it by installing LTSB you retard
theres nothing that is that secure that you have to talk to someone else about it
that we give a shit about ...faggot

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