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Why have you not joined the 8K master race, /g/?
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No, 8K is actually a thing. All the "next gen" resolution/color specs (e.g. BT.2020) or upcoming broadcasting standards (ATSC 3.0 extension) usually support 4K and 8K. Many explicitly define 8K as max.
Given how long we usually sit on such standards, it's pretty likely we will have these new ones for quite a long time as well. Once we finally get content for them, once we shift production to use this stuff, 8K is like the best you can get just like 1080p is today (and 4K will be more like the retarded 720p brother).

So yeah, given that there's no content for this shit yet, there's no point in getting expensive devices. However, waiting for it might be worth, we are gonna sit on these standards for a while (again). It's not like it will be 16K a week after 8K.
That's kinda unrelated because we talk about different codecs and storage formats here (production is not using what gets released to consumers).
Just because it exists doesn't mean it will get released. However, changes might be there will be a 8K re-release just like we had many old movies "remastered" in 1080p.
>but there is no content

What is excel, word, browser, pictures,pdf reader, huge ides, editing software
Like video production is a worthwhile job lol.

It's all in the software anyway.
>720p = HD
>1080p = Full HD
>4k = Ultra HD
>8k = Ultra HD

How cucked are people?

File: Linux.png (70 KB, 1005x590)
70 KB
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Slow, buggy, can't do much with it.
GNU is a retarded name though, Linux sounds better.
things have names, if you don't want to look like a computer illiterate, use the correct terminology
There's no profit for me in looking computer literate right now.
It's linux.
File: 1489709531938.jpg (130 KB, 640x622)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
go easy on Dr. autismo

File: 1436341696745.jpg (21 KB, 960x540)
21 KB
An executive running Linux?
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Care to elaborate? Personally when reading some posts it looks like Dunning-Kruger effect... Or something of that nature.
File: file.png (133 KB, 306x306)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
> implying /g/ retards like you do anything productive on your booboontoo
As in no one having the skills?

It's Saturday here in Aus and I've spent all day here on /g/ because I don't know, maybe I hate myself.

And the sheer number of people who think "the internet" is some magical thing and not just a fucking network, people who are happy with their out of the box isp modem/router, are trying to answer questions they are clearly unqualified for in stupid question threads, who actually do NOT know how to use Linux despite "installing" Gentoo by following the wiki to the letter, the "rust or go?" threads despite the two not being related what so fucking ever, and the asinine responses, are just a sample of the shit I've seen today.

I don't know if this place has gotten dumber, or if it was always like this and now I have some learns i can see how shit most people's knowledge is.
>got more normies into GNU/Linux

honestly not really a bad thing, more users the better

Although I imagine a lot of them would quickly go back to OSX/Windows/whatever
The social engineering at the beginning of Hackers was very realistic

File: 1464623999366.png (38 KB, 240x233)
38 KB
When did you realize that /g/ has a lack of OC because people here use GIMP and its impossible to make good memes with it quick
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File: new.jpg (165 KB, 640x400)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
~ Made In GIMP ~
We've so much good image software. Why are you trying to use the one with the worst UI ?
just use Krita

He means this is supposedly a technology board, not a frogposting meme circlejerk. Also GIMP is shit, Krita is where it's at these days.
Krita is good for painting, but its image manip interface and workflow are absolutely atrocious.

File: image.jpg (267 KB, 500x500)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Would you ?
File: R5z24z3.jpg (166 KB, 1180x790)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
A man truly ahead of his time.

There's a Stallman quite and image for everything, isn't there...

File: file.png (73 KB, 721x316)
73 KB
AMD and Microsoft team up to advance open source cloud hardware

Microsoft’s Project Olympus platform design to incorporate the upcoming high-performance “Naples” x86 server processor.

AMD recently announced it is working with Microsoft to advance open source cloud hardware. During the 2017 Open Compute Project U.S. Summit, the company said it teamed up with Microsoft to add Naples’ processor’s cloud delivery features to Microsoft’s Project Olympus.

Project Olympus is Microsoft’s next-gen hyperscale cloud hardware design, and also a new model for open-source hardware development within the OCP community.

AMD says the joint effort means updated cloud hardware design can ‘adapt to meet the application demands of global datacentre consumers’.

“Next quarter AMD will bring hardware innovation back into the datacenter and server markets with our high-performance “Naples” x86 CPU, that was designed with the needs of cloud providers, enterprise OEMs and customers in mind,” said Scott Aylor, corporate vice president of enterprise systems, AMD. “Today we are proud to continue our support for the Open Compute Project by announcing our collaboration on Microsoft’s Project Olympus.”

Naples will bring the ‘Zen’’ x86 processing engine in configurations going up to 32 cores. AMD says the access to large amounts of memory and industry-leading on-chip support for high-speed I/O channels in a single chip SoC will separate Naples from everything else available in the market today.

The first processors are expected in the market in the second quarter of this year.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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But skylake-ep only launches in q3, there's no way they had supply half a year ago when charlie breached this exclusivity deal.
Q2 2017, and I told you, chips missing features, bad stepping. Original launch was Q4 2016
You sure it's Q2? I haven't seen any confirmation by Intel except 'second half'
>Major companies, priority customers. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc
that is 3

Whats your excuse for not using the best browser?
>webkit based
>customizable adblocker
>https everywhere by default
>tabs on the side
>allows custom css
>allows greasemonkey
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> gnome
no thanks jeff

> using Midori
Are you serious? Yes, I'm really asking.

The last time I tried Midori it crashed all the time and it was generally a piece of trash. It might have been around 2010, not entirely sure.

Is Midori stable these days? Does it work fine for daily usage? I seem to remember that it had some nice ideas, but I don't remember what they were.
When I can't use elinks I go with Midori, and honestly I haven't got any problems so far
Talking about browsers, is there a keyboard-only one that actually works?
File: 9zt7o8rp.jpg (5 KB, 92x112)
5 KB
I use Vivaldi. I don't know if it's good or bad but it lets me have tabs on the side. You can tell me why it's shit if you know
ff with vimium or qupzilla or what.
Is it only achievable with extensions?

File: qbittorrent.png (49 KB, 340x340)
49 KB
Why is qBittorrent so shitty? I was using Deluge and everything was working perfectly fine. Decided to install qb and got constant freezing and crashing. Just moving the window seemed to consistently freeze it. Did I fuck up somehow or is it really this bad?
118 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Most likely cause is something else trying to access the file while it downloads. Does it resume the download fine?
How's gentoo?
Not enough HDD space can be a cause. qbit needs like double the space of the actual file size for some reason while downloading.
Or maybe you're downloading straight to an external hard drive and it disconnected for a secon
dont bother, i already uninstalled it, thanks tho

File: Cogeco.png (44 KB, 300x269)
44 KB
Internet bundle with tv & phone = $28.95(6 months promo) after $70.95

Internet alone = $54.95(6 months promo) after $98.95

Internet: 40mbs/10mbs unlimited

Am I being Jewd?
50/25 unlimited internet ~$18/month no promo
Phone w/ unlimited everything incl. 4G ~$25/month no promo

Regards from a 1st world country.
wtf that's super cheap. Is there a term?
Yes you are being jewed.

Lower your speed and try to find a provider that does 20mbit for $35/mo
Nothing like that. Free to change contracts whenever I please. This is what healthy competition and a government caring about its habitats can make.

File: 132266.jpg (254 KB, 1375x875)
254 KB
254 KB JPG


>NGU Sharp Medium
>Add Grain
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anything is better than that.
>A slightly sharpened version of ewa_lanczos, preconfigured to use an ideal radius and parameter. If your hardware can run it, this is probably what you should use by default.
Ok then. Any examples? I'd love to see how each one looks side by side and then pick one up.
It's the same thing with MPC-HC and mpv shitposting threads, no one throws comparisons.
Ignore shitposters like that. You can do the comparisons yourself, personally I like haasnsoft for mongolian flash videos, but check and compare different scalers.
mpv makes this super easy as well with cycle-values.
Is this on Windows 10? DXVA is fucked on Windows 10 with legacy AMD drivers. It pretends to support DXVA, but only returns green surfaces. There is no solution. Buy a new graphics card, downgrade Windows, install Linux or learn to live with software decoding.

File: firefox-photon-design.png (261 KB, 1200x1090)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
This is new Firefox design /g/. Maybe it will change in time for 57 release.
102 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
>hurr looks like it is for grills
>I'm a man! I don't use grillythings
Grow Up, faggot.
I remember watching Netflix in Firefox on Linux years ago.
Too bad that Mozilla has planned to kill that feature too, so you can't repair things anymore with that afterwards!
>Who the fuck uses the search bar anymore?
Power users.

Users who want more than a stock feature set and make use of additional features and know how to handle them properly as they have the actual brain to understand their use.

But Mozilla only crawls into the asses if simpletards these days anway which neither have the acceptance for such features and neither have the brain capacity to make good use of them.
seems like the right place to ask how do I disable adress bar searches entirely keyword.enabled false and browser.urlbar.unified complete still allow searches if something is mistyped

Let's share some cool TUI/CLI programs.

Pic related is a TUI interface to the transmission-daemon with Vim keybinds called stig, similar to transmission-remote-cli, only better.
It also provides a CLI interface that can be used in scripts and the TUI is themeable.


Be sure to install from the development branch, because it's still being heavily developed and some python3.6 related bugs had been fixed just a few days ago.
Also be sure to have transmission-daemon installed.

>what's wrong with transmission-remote-cli
transmission-remote-cli is broken abandonware (it's been superseded now by tremc, which is the same crap, only in python 3).
>transmission-remote-cli is no longer maintained.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
13 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
how do you accomplish these things with a CLI >>59565990 >>59566443 >>59566679 ?
how would I use input/output redirection for managing my torrents or monitoring my bandwidth or wifi signal strength?
Does your seedbox have a display server? If yes you can run a local vnc server on it that you access over ssh.
I guess I'll edit the bmon source to make it transparent also

maybe the seedbox is extremely limited in resources, idk
anyway, I don't want to depend on GUI's too much
also, terminals are all nice and consistent
GUI's are ugly imo
gron (have yet to use this but this'll be super handy monday and on, go)
ag (known as silversearcher, go) or ack
grep/egrep/pgrep (-v)
vim -R
ssh -t ... (pseudo term)
fabric (python)
tmux (occasionally)
mucomplete for vim (though i'm starting to think i no longer need any completion except c-x c-o), ycm too big, supertab too slow, vcm same-ish

there's plenty more i don't remember, but i use these every day at work,
File: mc-panels.png (16 KB, 1019x704)
16 KB
midnight commander.
it's a twin panel file manager.
it also has a text editor mcedit, which is pretty good too.

Can anyone meme me into Linux?
I feel like i'm getting more and more meme'd into installing Arch or some gay shit but there is always one thing that Linux will lack.

Pic fucking related.
If my internet connection fucks up or some shit Windows can fix it in 2 min.
51 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
Does troubleshoot even work? I never tried troubleshooting anything with windows...
It feels like it's one of the features that never works.
Pajeet level of "fixing" kompooters.

Don't try Linux, please... Here's enough stupid people who complain how their updates fucks something up, or
>Font doesn't render properly, found out that you have to install this font to fix it, wtf I hate linux now

Stay to windows, please.
File: 6dc.jpg (56 KB, 480x410)
56 KB
>Install from source you technologically illiterate shit. What are you doing here?
I'm fine with compiling from source. I have no problem git cloning a repo from github and following the compilation instructions. You're the asshat here recommending this to people with no experience with Linux. And why would even someone experienced with Linux subject themselves to something like that? Might as well use Gentoo if you're going to be COMPILING a bunch of shit. You're the idiot here.

>Install from source
Stop chiming in on topics you're clueless about or better yet get the fuck off of /g/

You're right, it is compile from source. But, I just chimed in. I didn't recommend anything.
Stop calling the GNU/Linux system Linux. Linux is just a program of the OS, the kernel.
File: peepee.png (43 KB, 741x568)
43 KB
>I didn't recommend anything.
It sure seemed like you were one of the people here shilling for newfags to install Solus. The OP of this thread is about convincing a newfag to install Linux after all.

File: IMG_20170325_113257.jpg (174 KB, 3040x2036)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Please help me. I bought a replacement battery for my T430 from a third party (although respected) vendor and now I'm faced with this corporate cloning bullshit.

I've seen others bypass this by patching the BIOS or something. It has to be possible, I don't want to buy yet another overpriced battery from Lenovo.
19 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Lelnovo battery PCBs are designed to permanently die after disconnecting cells.


>some idiot swaps the cells out
>battery pack catches on fire

You really think it's worth the risk to their company?
>3rd party hw parts
>risking any goodwill of Lenovo
It's not like they still have much reputation after the Edge line.
You know that it'll get reported in the media as "holy shit Lenovo laptops are catching fire" right?

Good clickbait
And Lenovo can sue the shit out of you for it for the new cells. Burning notebooks aren't that rare anyway and all of them get away with it.

File: 1488630884644.jpg (34 KB, 462x312)
34 KB
YEAH DON'T FUCKING MIND ME JUST STE--I MEAN pirating this bottle of wine!

Heh if I like it I'll pay for it!

If you are not going to spend money on an item because it not "appealing" enough, then that makes stealing OK? What? "Well I wasn't going to pay for it anyways so it's not like I'm hurting you by just taking your product." Yes you are! You're taking a unit of their product. Sure, maybe you won't pay for it at first, but if the movie ends up being good then maybe you'll want to see the movie and then they have your sale. But if you have seen the movie alreadu then they get no sale from you you! You obviously have no economic knowledge on that regard.

Piracy is theft, you are taking from someone. It is no different then going to a store and taking a movie off the shelf. It does not benefit anyone but the pirate who decides he is too good to pay for things he want. Too good to get a job and earn the things you get. Piracy hurts the economy and loses jobs. So stop it.
48 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
another weak bait, are you getting paid?

Or are you retarded?
I pirate everything and don't ever pay, even if i like it.

Yeah it's stealing, I do it because I can get away with it.
Piracy is a phase. As soon as you can afford not to, its less hassle and your time has a value.

Fuck the music industry though, I remember illegal price fixing of £15.99 CDs in the late 80s.

That is £40.00 for a CD in 2017 money.
Data is a worthless commodity because there's so much of it. I can listen to years worth of free ambient music if I really want.

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