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Anon how do you legitimately jailbreak a an iPhone. Not the fake YouTube tutorials.
Give it back, Jamal.
Nice try Tyronne

Jamal we talk about this.
Return it, Lexington

File: 1505192481730.png (216 KB, 407x370)
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216 KB PNG
How do I stream from a pi running OpenMediaVault to another pi running kodi?
mount the OMVpi's drive on the kodipi using sshfs?
Not working.
NFS share

File: image.php.jpg (166 KB, 650x487)
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166 KB JPG

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Stock up on your favorite boards now! I've got three of the same model board. Two in service with the 3rd as spare. Stock up on ram while your at it. I've got 2 spare sticks of DDR3 (8GBx2), a spare Phenom II x4 955 and a Tri-Core Regor 3.0Ghz chip. Got a spare GPU which is same model as I use now. If I had to, I've got a AM2+ board w/X2 6000 chip and 4GB DDR2 laying in a box that I could use if I had to. Also got a Opteron-170/Micro ATX mobo/and 4GB DDR in box as well.
>secure boot
Microsoft accidentally leaked all signing keys like about https://www.extremetech.com/computing/233400-microsoft-leaks-secure-boot-credentials-demonstrates-why-backdoor-golden-keys-cant-worka year or more ago.
Just flash coreboot + seabios
Microsoft already made secure boot mandatory for ARM and IoT devices, PC will be next. And manufacturers won't really have arguments against it since BIOS support is ending
>Implying people are trapped in a 2012 nightmare
I see you don't know what BIOS actually is.

Big hint: your pre built isn't using BIOS

File: Row0px7n_400x400.png (101 KB, 400x400)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
Can I ask you a hypothetical question /g/? I can? Alright, great!

So let's just say you were to say:
>install gentoo
And someone were to reply "Please help me do so", what would your response be?

Here's the deal. I know the whole thing about ">install gentoo" being just a meme, but I kinda want to do it anyway. Two reasons.

A) I'm about to get a job at costco. (first job) I assume that i'm going to have co-workers, that i'm occasionally going to have to talk to. I don't want to be the boring guy who has nothing going on in his life. So, when someone says, "Tell me something interesting about yourself", I'd like to be able to respond with something like "Well, I'm one of the gentoomen", or something like that. But I can't exactly do that if I haven't actually installed gentoo.

B) I heard gentoo based installations have REALLY LOW memory footprints. I think the last thing I heard was like 60 MB on idle, even with a full xserver desktop session up and running. Do you hear me /g/? 60 MB. That's insane. I want this.

Here's the deal. I know my way around computers, around GNU/Linux, and around shell. Well, probably not really. I'm sure one of you could put me in my place, and make me look like a retard, but compared to a normal person, I've got some skill. But... I'm not sure i'm confident in my ability to install gentoo without issues. I at least would love a gentoo installation with chromium, vlc media player, xserver of course, and apache. (preferably with mysql and php working successfully as a backend)

This of course also implies I want working sound and shit, so I may have to learn something about alsa or pulse audio, or whatever. But the thing is... I'm just asking... If I told you I was ready to install gentoo RIGHT NOW (i've got nothing else going on all night) would you assist me, /g/?
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I would tell you to stay as far away as possible from the Gentoo Handbook and look up a separate guide to installing Gentoo from inside another distro's live USB environment.

We wont assist you but theres plenty of online documentation on this. I dont use gentoo, thought about it but a system that compiles everything the way gentoo does discouraged me actually. Feel free to look up videos and documents OP.
I actually just got finished
>install gentoo
for the first time myself.
>15 Hours of Compiling Later . . .
>wanted Enlightenment but it wouldn't work
>settle for LXDE because fuck it I'm tired of this shit already
>"you need to change these 2 config files to make nm-applet work or something blah blah blah blah blah something about gnome-keyring"
>emerge gnome-base/gnome-keyring
>same fucking error
>rip out test HDD and replace it with original Debian with KDE Plasma
Is this the face of autism?
My experience exactly. Enlightenment slipped from my grasp.

File: leds.jpg (115 KB, 640x427)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Will the cloud kill sysadmins?
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You misunderstand, the sysadmin types at work that can't program are getting cucked by me.
work on your english pajeet before you try to get a job, with poor reading comprehension like that you'll get passed over quick
No, developers will. The basic idea of devops is that you make some poor developer work as a sysadmin and give him responsible for an annoying amount of menial shit. Before you know it he'll get pissed off enough to automate his job away so he can get back to his real job which is shitposting and looking at cat gifs. Then you can start firing people and pocketing their paychecks and do it all over again. Works like a charm.
As many said here, devops will kill the sysadmins, you just need the description of the job
We want to help you.
Show us where the bad man touched you.

Movies or TV shows like this? Doesn't have to be about technology, can be something like Good Will Hunting.
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Statistic says that high % of students in ivy league are foreginers on schoolarship
File: der ewige jude.jpg (1.24 MB, 2301x3200)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
No shit eh?

Taking the dream away from Americans? Fucking filthy foreigners
I wish someone would make a movie following a similar story and just copy the aesthetic of The Social Network. I love that movie.
This. The movie always gets me hype to do project work

File: 81Fi2Zy95GL._SL1500_.jpg (211 KB, 1500x1500)
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211 KB JPG
What does /g/ listen to while programming?
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File: cover.jpg (1.67 MB, 1600x1587)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
A combination of Love Live, fashwave, general weeb music and OSTs.
>listening to flops
File: 1485568924255.jpg (97 KB, 1137x640)
97 KB
Shut up
File: Extreme petting.gif (2.96 MB, 480x320)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB GIF
>Download some kpop stuff for shits and giggles last christmas
>Listen to a lot of music everyday while commuting and working out
>Get bored of my usual songs, remember I have that stuff on my cellphone
>"It's pretty cool"
>tl;dr I mostly listen to kpop now
>Want to stop
>Can't stop

Has any other company held technology back as much?
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wtf I love Linux now
File: 1510252293235.jpg (354 KB, 800x1700)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
>up to the gamecube, nintendo had powerful systems, largely better than what pc's were doing around their launch
You have to be kidding. The 6502 was almost ten years old when the NES was released; the SNES just used a 16-bit upgrade of basically the same processor; the N64 used a Scalar MIPS at a time when there were superscalar Pentiums at higher clockspeeds. All of them shipped with a fraction of the RAM that was common in PCs of the time. If they all had anything that PCs didn't have, it would be a PPU/GPU, but even those weren't particularly powerful, and likely well within the reach of software rendering of contemporary PCs.
No console ever has been performance-competitive with PCs of its time; they've always been about price, specialized I/O and a singular stable platform. Not that that's a bad thing; I'm just saying that you're objectively wrong if you thought otherwise.
>Intel Atom Inside
>this is somehow presented as a good thing

File: index.jpg (5 KB, 259x194)
5 KB
So when did you swallow the greenpill /g/entlemen?
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I really love Linux like Fedora, Ubuntu and Mint used for a while with original and xfce flavor until I realised that official driver caused tearing with Xorg and there is absolutely nothing I can do because I use laptop screen elid standard.

Is there any trick to not have tearing on desktop and when watching chinese cartoon.
I have a netbook that runs only Mint. Also have it on my windows machine, once in a while I jump over to it when I'm trying to find an F1 stream. Other than that I never really use it.
FUCK mint nigga the releases they claim to have long term support stop receiving software updates well before mint's official EOL dates.

I switched to mint precisely because I didn't have to worry about this shit and now I get errors every time I log in via virtual console. I'm too spooked to do any online banking with my computer now.
What the actual fuck is wrong with you

Let’s settle this once and for all /g/. Is apple a botnet like windows/google/android?
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Apple's complete ineptitude at services / data is their saving grace. They make nice hardware and nice OS's and nice apps, but their service-side stuff is trash (see: Apple Maps, all their failed social network and media stuff, Siri falling increasingly behind the competition, etc, etc.)
botnet meme is dumb in general

However, it will probably be interesting to you that Apple is working on their own Intel ME -like management subsystem in Macs. It will be based on their own ARM chips and likely be always on, so it will be able to listen to voice commands 24/7 even when the PC is turned off.

Is that pubic hair showing from under the dress on the left?
File: 1508674686939.png (158 KB, 755x692)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
Details requites.

Why is social media devolving?

We've gone from facebook, a platform which strived to allow users to share a plethora of details and information, to instagram (and snapchat), a medium which actively restricts and constrains you almost entirely to images alone.
Why is this happening?
I would have expected the trend to be the opposite.
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I actually like the current state of social media, it keeps the nigger cattle in check.
It doesn't take 1000 words to tell me that you're drinking mimosas on your cruise.
what exactly is the current state of social media?
>allow users to share a plethora of details and information

Which society found that was a bad idea because of doxing and thief using it to stalk you?

No shit nobody want to share meaningful things anymore. And is kinda frustrating make an elaborate though just to receive a "like" without any meaningful discussion
but OP, social networks aren't interfering with each other or decreasing but integrating with each other and growing as more people have access to them.

social media is kinda like the new TV

File: qubes.png (1 KB, 128x128)
1 KB
Worth using? Seems like a pretty neat OS. Probably easier than messing with SElinux.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks! Might I ask what hardware you are/were running it on?
File: hackerman.jpg (175 KB, 1920x1079)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
makes a damn good privacy/security combo when combined with whonix. it does disk encryption by default iirc.

probably overkill for most users, though. the compartmentalization slows stuff down a bit
I use a i7-5930 with 32GB RAM and there's no issues.

Also ran it on an i5-2300 with 8GB ram, and for most purposes it runs OK - slight lags if you have several app VMs actively running but I'm pretty sure this is due to memory and not the CPU.
Firejail is enough unless you want to go looking for cheese pizza on the deep web

Well it's pretty easy to use and to install. I just don't like the fact that your are limited in what you can do which is problematic for me.

Definitly something to keep a eye one.

File: WTmDCyb.jpg (39 KB, 625x731)
39 KB
Whats the best way to deep clean a laptop?
I got a beater for free and I'd like to use it for some misc stuff but its fucking DISGUSTING.
If i pop it all apart is there any harm in letting the keyboard and trackpad pieces soak in water if i let them dry out thoroughly?

How to jailbreak a kindle
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Listern to this, and you will know.

Go on the mobileread forums and get the fuck out of here you braindead normie that can't even Google something.
there is no point, its completely useless, even jus running jailbreak makes paperwhite run out memory and crash

if you still wanna do it, you need to open your kindle and attach a cable or some shit, or get a kindle with the right firmware or wait for a jailbreak to be released for your specific firmware (do not update/keep kindle in flight mode)
Custom screensavers, some of the plugins, and collections manager are really useful. It's totally worth it, I wouldn't buy a kindle again unless it was certain I could jailbreak it. Even then, an e-ink android reader would be god tier.
you can install android on a kobo, I've done it before

File: tcpview.jpg (22 KB, 420x218)
22 KB
So where can I get some serious understanding of firewalls? I need to block a program from establishing connections whenever I open it, and just blocking the program on the windows firewall isn't enough.
I'm using TCPView but I don't know what to do with that information.

Particularly confused about the difference between local and remote ports and which ones should be blocked

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