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File: puffy.jpg (70 KB, 1280x960)
70 KB
People here constantly shill OpenBSD and say it's the only BSD you should use on a desktop. Is this true? I don't want to support the sjw's over at FreeBSD
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>Its like.. one autistic guy on social security and some yuropoor guy that compare FreeBSD with OpenBSD inbetween shitposting about how terrible the GPL is.
install DragonFly BSD then, OpenBSD isn't useful for anything
use macos(hackintosh) if you want the only remaining viable UNIX
>unlike Linux people they don't care about converting you or being the most popular
It is the only desktop BSD.
To start with, all the FreeBSD developers are Mac fags.
On the other hand, some of the OpenBSD developers are also GNOME, XFCE, Xorg developers. Generally those two environments work really well on OpenBSD.
I use XFCE and it's fine.

File: ubuntu-logo14.png (10 KB, 540x243)
10 KB
just installed this. what general purpose apps (aside from spotify) do you recommend?
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Thank you for allowing my collection to grow to an even more retarded size.
File: nigga.jpg (8 KB, 196x200)
8 KB
>Recommending fucking Mint over Ubuntu.
Mint is literally Ubuntu with extra bullshit piled on top of it
What the fuck? Are copypastas also censored now?

File: internet.png (46 KB, 1340x733)
46 KB

Here it is. Doesn't really tell me anything different.

I can confirm they both have different IP addresses.

For the record, we've had all the hardware involved here for a long time and have changed any network settings or anything like that recently.

itt: post your browser. Is this browser, Dooble, a meme browser? How secure is it?

File: sony.jpg (55 KB, 1200x900)
55 KB
If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

Good resources:
>Reviews, specs, comparisons

>Frequency checker

>Chinkphone news

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I have Nexus 6p that I really need to put down. It's been great 3 years, but I can't fucking stand playing Russian roulette with it's battery anymore.

Android, has to be a great phone, don't really care about features really, just need a stable phone for everyday use. But at the same stuff I don't want obvious chinkshit, I want the phone to feel premium
Less or equal to 1K and no cheaper than 600

I'm looking at OnePlus 6 and it seems like a great option for me, all the downsides seem to come from owners of their previous phones, which I am not. Will that be a good upgrade, or should I wait for something else?
Wait for pixel 3.
I cannot really wait anymore, as I've said the battery starts to become an issue, when it can turn off at 40%.
But even if pixel 3 was to be announced tomorrow, I don't really like the direction Google is taking with their phones.
New thread?

File: quantum.png (20 KB, 378x378)
20 KB
switching to Firefox (60.0.1 ESR 64-bit) as my main browser since it now supports unlimited processes per tab (just like chrome) by setting dom.ipc.processCount to -1 in about:config. meaning that if one tab crashes or runs very slowly theoretically it shouldn't crash the whole browser or affect the performance of other tabs. reason i'm going back to firefox is because i open a lot of tabs so i want to be able to see what the tabs are and scroll through them instead of having them squished together (or just go out of view) like chrome does. also firefox has a better image downscaling algorithm, so high-res images when zoomed out look noticeably sharper in firefox than chrome
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Firefox 60 seems to still be a bit buggy.
HTML5 videos occasionally just get stuck.
File: waterfox.png (65 KB, 1920x1047)
65 KB
use Menu Wizard.
Oh wait, you can't do that in new watercuck.

do your self a favor, use waterfox
tab mix pro is fucking gay and chrome fucking botnet sucks ass. i love having 100+ tabs open and being able to switch to them as i see fit.

.unlimited processes per tab (just like chrome) by setting dom.ipc.processCount to -1 in about:config

Nice. It's about time.

File: images(3).jpg (18 KB, 555x552)
18 KB
What is the best Linux destro for an office laptop?
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Probably Linux mint
Debian Imo, Kubuntu or Xubuntu if you want Canonical's bullshit, Fedora if you prefer RPM-based distros

why not?
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how long was that time?
File: Screenshot7.jpg (47 KB, 1280x1024)
47 KB
I used it for about a week... around May 3rd 2009. I was trying out various Linux distros. Here's the actual single screenshot I took while using it that I got the date from.
Is software actually usable ?
It's a Brazilian distro so I like it. I miss Kurumin.
This is haiku tier. Don't use this if you need to do shit

File: penis.jpg (51 KB, 700x671)
51 KB
I admit, I dont know shit about linux or how to use it at all because ive been a windows pleb all my life but I want to learn how to use it and get into programming as well. Are there any websites/youtube playlists can I use to start?
You only learn by doing. Go install the distro of your choice. Go searching for shit if/when you run into problems or want to do something you can't figure out how to do. /fglt/ usually has good links in the OP.
Depends if on if you're ignorant as fuck or you are actually technologically inclined...
you're gonna have to look for things that interest you since programming is pretty broad. For just getting away from windows check out something like debain or ubuntu. mess around with it on a live usb. most services on the web are essentially the same and linux has good software alternatives for everything. For programming the best way is to crack open a text book and work through it. look around and look for good ones(SICP). make sure to be motivated

File: NutJ50Wck0g.jpg (282 KB, 1280x960)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
How safe is XMPP+OMEMO?
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tl;dr it's only secure if users don't fuck up
>However, if one of the users makes a mistake and adds a malicious device, or if just one device of the users gets compromised, the authentication of all messages is compromised
i love you
File: gTyIzdo8X3Y.jpg (281 KB, 1280x960)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
or just don't pedo

File: 20180521_202714.jpg (2.66 MB, 4032x3024)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB JPG
Is learning K&R C a good idea? Will K&R C code compile in a C89 compiler?
Learn ANSI C at the very least, unless you want to code for the Amiga or Apple IIgs.
Get the new edition.
>Is learning K&R C a good idea?
The function headers are different :)

Quick Question is a p5kpl-am overclockable
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whats the point of overclocking when you still need to pay for extra cooling systems?
>over clocked 4GB of DDR2
>overclocking RAM
Yeah? It's called getting as much performance as you can
better overclock the mouse while you're at it

TFW you spend two days installing a piece of hardware not supported by Linux, on Linux, and finally get it working. Pic related. Finally got this beast up and running on Ubuntu 16.04. Went through 3 distros and many drivers. Now I feel like a god.
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this belongs on /a/ but nice one anyway
lol where?

if i put it here on /g/ it will be gone before tomorrows sunrise.
>installing a piece of hardware not supported by Linux, on Linux

The chipset used in your fuckhuge dongle has literally a legit Linux driver you fucking faggot. All you have to do is to compile it. You have accomplished absolutely nothing; you just don't know shit about Linux.


holy fucking weapons grade autism.

i wasn't completely sure it was the driver to begin with, so i tried some other things first.

also, there was a few builds of that 8814au module that I tried.The one you linked isn't even the fork I got it working with. Some of them didn't even compile.
I had the same feels. At my college i took my memepad and tried to connect to the schools authentication requiring username and password instead of just ssid and psk.
Took me like 3 days of taking my laptop to school, tinkering some, having it not work. Driving home, doing research, then try again the next day.
I was told in the debian irc channel if I got it to work I should document it and sent it to the tech department. They have how to connect with ubuntu via GUI network manager. But I did it with just /network/interface and wpa_supplicant, command line.
Anyways, its a great victory getting wifi working on linux. After you have that you can have access to everything.
Now I am just trying to get my printer to work but I forgot my root password for CUPS.

new windows update fucked up my whole sound setup
and it does that EVRY time it needs to update
UsbMic- fucked up
DT770Pro also fucked
Everything is too quiet even at 100%
literally crying
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no one needs to use windows anymore. it's 20 fucking 18
Just look at this shit. HOW!?
>Have to recompile kernel to install usb wifi dongle
Yeah I was trying to join a google hangout with my work team to talk about some stuff and my microphone doesn't work anymore.

Wangblows strikes again
Is it version 1803? That piece of shit fucked my Thinkpad and my desktop

File: file.png (70 KB, 430x400)
70 KB
What does /g/ think the andriod music player is, just moved from Spotify to playing FLACs.
unironically youtube
File: IMG_20180522_093311.jpg (261 KB, 1080x1920)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
Vinyl Music Player
I use poweramp

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