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File: stevejobs.jpg (619 KB, 1920x1080)
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619 KB JPG
Does /g/ take back all of the shit it had to say about Steve Jobs before and after his death? Look at how shit Apple is today. Look at how stagnant consumer tech has become. If Steve Jobs were still alive we'd have fucking jetpacks by now.
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Not him but dude, dude.
>Oh also they were first with USB 1.0
Doesn't matter at all, they didn't invent, develop or manufactured the technology.

>Best touch screens in the world?
Same, they bought them from an actual tech company that developped and manfactured them and deserves the praise for their purported quality.

Rest of the stuff is pretty minor.
File: 1507069690852.png (468 KB, 686x955)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
>Look at how shit Apple is today.
I'd say that characterization of Job's influence kinda carries over to this second era too. Or it likely got even worse.

But hey, no vents and you are not dropping it right probably still made the fanboy happy, so maybe he wasn't wrong and simply knew his customer/sheep/mark.
He would prevent literal shit from being released. Like the retarded pen, battery tumor, notch, and so on.
File: 1500112866203.jpg (303 KB, 997x1000)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
>He would prevent literal shit from being released
see >>63439548 and >>63439281

File: spectrum_logo.png (16 KB, 1000x222)
16 KB
I've been doing a lot of research on this and I can conclude that Comcast and xfinity customers are totally fucked, but what about Charter Spectrum?
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I'm asking if Charter is going to slowdown access to certain websites, and impose data caps on customers.

So where was this meme concept prior to 2015 when it went into pseudo-effect.


No they aren't slowing access to anything. NN does nothing to address data caps so any ISP could put a 50gb cap tomorrow if they wanted to.
They will definitely impose data caps as soon as they are legally allowed to. I believe there is a condition of a recent merger that they participated in that prevents them from imposing caps for a while. However, they are lobbying the FCC to allow them to impose caps.

As for prioritizing access, that probably will not happen for a little while longer. At least, not until they figure out a way to make it profitable with as little backlash as possible.
The concept of net neutrality was always there. You pay for internet you can access any online website freely. Net neutrality only went into effect to stop corporations like comcast from picking and choosing which websites you visit and what websites get full speed. Here a few years ago Comcast was slowing down Netflix connections almost stopping Netflix from serving there customers, net neutrality plans to stop bullshit like that.
What the FCC did in 2015 was reclassify cable and fiber service so cable and fiber providers were considered common carriers under title II of the communications act of 1934.


It's an existing set of rules that had been in place since the organization was founded.

Broadband providers were given a special exception to title II and given subsidies with the hope that they would expand their broadband coverage to more locations which didn't exactly fan out.

What seems to be the best distro for simply running probably just a browser and having a VPN run only for that VM (host is not on a VPN)?

I ask because it seems like you cannot just specify which programs use a VPN or not, so you have to run them in a VM if you want some programs on a VPN and others not to use it.

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Amiga Workbench 1.0
arent these non-VM solutions more prone to DNS leaks? running within a VM with the whole VM environment working through a VPN seems a little more fool proof?
Alpine Linux if u are full autist
Use chrome OS lol

File: images.png (4 KB, 212x238)
4 KB
Is C++ truly on the path to obsolescence or is this a meme pushed by Rust shills?
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>implying Pajeet and Stacy would even get a Rust program compiled
>What went wrong?
C is not relevant anymore. The newbies of /g/ gets angry when people talk about other languages. Also, note >>63407376
and >>63407201
jesus fuck, I lumped c and c++ together because I wasnt in the mood to rach for the fucking ++. My mistake in assuming idiots on /g/ could figure out what Im talking about.
Good luck finding any reputable embedded/real time systems company that doesn't use C++. It'll be around forever.
>I lumped c and c++ together because I wasnt in the mood to rach for the fucking ++.

I love Kubuntu. I love Linux/GNU.
But the desktop user experience is awful.

> Flickers, f.instance a Youtube video.
> Terrible animation when I move or resize a window.
> Small freezes and bugs occur, like the browser.

I'm talking mainly about the browser experience, but also the whole DE as a whole.
My main browsers are Vivaldi and Chromium, but I have also tried Firefox.

It's not the spec's fault, you can see they are not bad.
It's not the kernel's fault, the Linux kernel is powerful.

So, why?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
For desktop, Linux is not meant for high end users. It's meant for low-end users.
For servers and super machines, the story is quite the opposite.
I've been using KDE4 for years now. Can't complain since it works fine and I can customize almost anything.
Works on my machine

File: 1508264152575.jpg (76 KB, 403x598)
76 KB
>he installs non-LTS releases
How does it feel to be mocked in parties and everywhere else for this blasphemy?
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Being disgusted by your family members is just a way to avoid inbreeding which produces bad genes, but if you date a big tit girl who is not related to you in any way it wouldn't matter if she's exactly like your mother. The downside is already taken care of. So if you don't have sex with your real family you don't have to avoid it with perfectly fine people with great genes and form.
File: 1509646808818.jpg (190 KB, 1080x720)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
> doesn't drink all of the french toast milk
I expected more from you.
>tfw having to install weird ppas to get a newer version of a program
was really close to updating to 17.10
File: 1339550542744.jpg (124 KB, 894x801)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Installing a lts in the era of the rolling release.

Are there any imageboards that focus on tech and aren't full of retards?

I'm getting sick of /g/ autism
No. How new are you to the internet? Having retards in a tech forum is basically a universal constant.
ive been considering starting a forum dedicated to tech and advertising it here but idk how many members i would actually get

but yeah, this place is stupid as shit most days, funny some
If you actually lurked for longer than a month than you'd know of several better sites and imageboards.
Nothing is as fast as /g/, though, so that's why we always come back.

File: 1269.jpg (407 KB, 750x500)
407 KB
407 KB JPG

I know that there are some of you out there, that have shared their passwords with someone at some point, maybe several years ago.
Maybe it was a browser game website. Maybe it was Facebook, and you shared the password with your girlfriend. Maybe it was the Playstation Network, and you shared the password with a friend so he could download some of your games.
I'm sure you had a good reason to do it. But do you still talk to that person now? Do you still use that same password, maybe on other services too? Maybe you used the same password on something important, like your email service?
You probably think they forgot it. You probably think they will never mis-use this knowledge.
You are wrong.
Change your password.
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Someone saw my password once cause i wasn't paying attention and typed it in the username field. I immediately went full panic mode and changed my password on everything that was important.

>not changing your password when sharing it with someone
>not changing it back when sharing is no longer needed
>not updating your passwords every couple of years just to be safe
hacked ;)

File: 1510987755026.jpg (894 KB, 1632x2200)
894 KB
894 KB JPG
>tfw google spends money on hosting and storing my useless hour long gaymeplay videos on youtube
If you're not paying then you are the product.

File: ant4777.jpg (469 KB, 1000x793)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
If I just want something with high battery life and a keyboard, is a chromebook, a tablet with a keyboard, or some other type of netbook the best option out there?
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I vote Chromebook.

I got a cheap used HP chromebook for about $100, to see how they work, and the battery lasts me about 7 hours of heavy use, about 10 of light browsing, it's insane.

I have a Nexus 9, battery lasts maybe 2 hours of heavy use, less if using a Bluetooth accessory.

Not sure about netbooks.
That sounds pretty decent, actually. Could you replace the battery if you wanted to, or would that hardware become outdated too quickly?
The best option is a Blackberry Keyone, my friend.
xps13 or t470
that's a lot of ant pictures
cool tho

File: sdddsdafsdfgdg.jpg (31 KB, 950x534)
31 KB
How true do you guys think this is?
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I'm pretty healthy, I live with my dad. I let anxiety take over and became a NEET after highschool.
File: NFZUnheb.jpg (12 KB, 242x242)
12 KB
By actively wanting to be friends with normies you show that you're no better than a failed normalfag chasing the normie life.
On top of that
>wanting the normalfag lifestyle
I am disappointed anon.
Failed normalfags deserve nothing.
Install lineageOS without google services
Why hasn't anyone made something like hooktube and newpipe but for facebook?
Tinfoil. It's a wrapper for the website so you get an app that doesn't annihilate your battery.

File: BSOD_Windows_8.png (28 KB, 640x467)
28 KB
>be physics major freshman at UF
>UF quarantined wifi access b/c they think I have cyber-cancer on my laptop
>think they're full of shit
>fast forward 5 days
>can't login to laptop without a bald immediately crashing it
>tech support is trying to fix it but parents are convinced I need a new laptop
>play lots of pc games and emulate lots of consoles
>have an i5 asus
>parents want to only get what I need
My parents have an I3 laptop that takes half a minute just to open a blank word document. There's no way I can compile code or play my Steam library on something like that. How do I convince my parents to go for the more expensive I5?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>How do I convince my parents to go for the more expensive I5?

How about you get a job faggot.
Read the sticky and then promptly remove yourself from the gene pool.
I can code in Java from high school, and Physics requires knowledge of Python if you want to do research. I think Physics is more interesting and fun than CS but I still need to be able to code
>implying I can compete with all the niggers and fags for a job
Get a fucking job, you fucking slob.
>implying I can compete with all the niggers and fags for a job

lol you entitled shit, if you cannot compete with niggers and faggots for a low end job, then that onus is entirely on you. You want better kit to mess around with your own crud? Pay for it yourself, be grateful that your parents are willing to front up some of the costs.

What website has the worst ads?
10 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
microsoft windows, Not because the adds are particularly bad but because an operating system isn't supposed to have any adds. I switched to linux last year and I am never going back
I stopped going there specifically because the site breaks when using an adblocker
The ones that deny access without disabling AdBlock or UBlock.

File: LITERAL SHIT.jpg (6 KB, 256x256)
6 KB
Where were you when Discord decided to shit itself?
51 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
This is the best social media
>irl(in real life)
everything else is shit
>using discord
>1000 + 1000 + 17
>not using riot.im or IRC
I was in love with discord, until recently when I saw a "link with facebook" option. Fuck off, I can only handle so much bot net. (I still use it but I don't run at start and leave it running anymore)
can we just use win98 netbooks with im clients installed instead of chatting on the same machine we're using?

File: C3GsFfTXEAAHcO9.jpg (26 KB, 480x360)
26 KB
I'm looking for a service or some kind of an algorithm that would allow me to get a random string/password at a given time, see it once and then not being able to see the string/password until a certian time period passes.
It would look like this:
>generate a password/string
>access it once
>don't be able to access it until a specific time period passes

So, does /g/ know of any such service?

Basically, what I would like to do with it is make a script that would change my SSID password and my router's admin password randomly and then unlock itself when a specificed time period passes, using the said service so the keys don't ever get lost, yet can't be accessed in the specified time period.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Kinda like this, but the password is not needed, and instead of the lifetime, I want it to /become/ accessible after a certain period of time passes.
So, that it stores the string in the database, but only makes it available when the time passes.

I'm actually trying to do this to somewhat battle my ADHD and actually start to get work done
just write a python or nodejs script
Ill make this as a webapp right now, what kind of time increments?
I can't think of any possible use case for such a program. That said, it sounds like something you could pretty easily whip up yourself.

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