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newfag go back to /b/
File: 1492611691423.jpg (105 KB, 850x566)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>stop using the best available browser

Pay me, Pajeet. Give me your marketing salary and I'll consider it.
>"""teh bets"""
why does this screenshot look so fucked up?
Webdev here. I no longer test in Firefox by default. My base package is Chrome+Safari+Edge. Clients who want FF or IE support pay extra. Most of them change their mind when they see the market share and extra cost.

File: 1428719934954.jpg (50 KB, 547x471)
50 KB
>Perfectly valid c code

This is why nobody takes you fags seriously.
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What is kernel but a bunch of drivers?
That includes drivers for Windows and OSX as well, along with the Unix-like OSes. So there's still C in the Windows and OSX kernel, two of the most used OSes today
>I can't really think of anything else important that's used nowadays
Most libraries worth giving a shit about are written in C.
4 + 1 is the same as
4 - (-1)

This is why nobody takes math seriously.
yeah how the fuck does that return 5, it should be -5 as the first minus applies to the 4

File: file.png (42 KB, 916x683)
42 KB
So, I'm using acronis 2012 and it always worked fucking flawless for backups/cloning machines and saved my ass countless times but looks like I'm years behind development and I kinda don't like to be forced to have 2 services runing 24/7 to use it

Are the new versions any good and removed the need of that always running shit or should I just stick to it werks?

File: 1485013578098.png (86 KB, 773x591)
86 KB
>majored in CS at Stanford
>4.0 GPA
>had internships at Google, Facebook, and Uber each summer
>Can't find a job for the life of me
>my liberal cousin got a job making $130,000 as a "Diversity Engineer" at SpaceX

Why oh why did I fall for the STEM meme? Just fucking kill me.
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Why is anyone falling for this?
Maybe you should consider applying for a job at one of those companies you interned at.
W-Which Uni?
Paid in full ages ago.
It's almost like he's lying on the internet

File: 1426480955708.jpg (100 KB, 1280x720)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Does this guy run the best youtube tech channel?
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my comment wasn't meant to change the fact that it's still horrible, are you autistic?
well picking powercolor was your main problem.
I had an amazetech gpu, but I knew from the start that Goofy companies should be treated with suspicion
The only way it impacts me is that I can't flash it to a 580 or run furmark. I still think it's a good card. The point is that there was an important piece of information that no one covered.

Powercolor has been alright for me in the past. One company I will avoid is HIS. I bought a reference HIS 290x on launch day and it came with typos on the box, and it was mining scrypt less than a 7970.
Yeah I agree with you, but I sort of like the gambling aspect.
Getting a dud or an unexpected performer can be like winning at the casino sometimes.


Will Linux ever be good?
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>I'm such a bootlicking faggot I need a higher authority to tell me what's good otherwise I'm lost like a retarded child in the fog

It's good for a hobby.
>Linux desktop

Linux is already good for specialized task if you know what you're doing. Now a real breakthrough would be retard friendly UI.
Blatant lies

File: 1490937885402.png (843 KB, 717x895)
843 KB
843 KB PNG
>google will be demonopolized in your life time
What a feeling!
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there are plenty of options which do not suck jew cock, but in general I would completely agree
google is owned by Alphabet, so if they break it up, all the little companies will still be owned by the same corp.
basically what antitrust means is that the big company has to get smaller and sell some of it's branches and they do sell and to the already owners of the company

>literally the first paragraph defines a monopoly as legal

You really need to learn to read with comprehension, son. Monopolies are not illegal as it clearly states in that first paragraph but because they realize stupid fucking people like you don't comprehend things well they go on to further explain that a monopoly CAN be declared illegal if the company responsible used/uses anti-competitive tactics to maintain it in the marketplace.

Hence, any given monopoly is perfectly legal unless it used or uses anti-competitive practices aka dirty underhanded backstabbing bullshit to keep the monopoly in place.

Well, did anything happened to Microsoft after using shady anti-competitive tactic for decades?

what is the best freesync monitor?
i just use toastyx strobelight on my cheapo 144hz screen

File: 1492930384460.jpg (61 KB, 1000x800)
61 KB
Tell me why this is a bad idea /g/.

I have a nextcloud instance running on a home server with absolutely no redundancy. Everything is one one HDD.

I have file sync setup between my devices so I have the files on my desktop and laptop.

By having the files on other devices it is kind of like redundancy right?

>pic semi related

File: Capture.png (14 KB, 386x386)
14 KB
What went right for manjaro?
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I put Manjaro Xfce on my shitty laptop because I couldn't install Arch on my shitty laptop without going upstairs and plugging into ethernet. I am embarrassed by the screenfetch but I know in my heart I could install Arch

it's pretty good OS but I never use that laptop because it's hot garbage
Protip: Ubuntu.com gets more hits in a day than Distrowatch gets in a year. Distrowatch is irrelevant.
Spatry shilling
Allows circle jerking and doesn't require mental effort.

(I'm not implying Arch requires mental effort.)
It just works, I guess?

And it works good.

File: tpb.jpg (19 KB, 275x295)
19 KB
Is Piratebay an FBI honeypot? Why are there so few seders?
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Fuck DRM in all its forms

Nowadays I only buy games via GOG, and any modern games not available there I pirate

Just fuck Steam
Thank you
>not wanting to support small indie bands and labels to save 5 bucks
people like you are the reason pop music is dead.
What happened is there is now a critical mass of free, old or very low cost media floating around peoples homes. Cat videos from Facebook, DVDs bought in 2002 and inherited from grandma, borrowed at the library, old HDDs etc. Too much for most people to watch, plus the cultural illness means there's hardly anything new worth chasing.
>If those indie bands were good they would be popular


File: LibreOffice.jpg (204 KB, 1900x650)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
What the fuck are with these blurry, fuzzy, foggy fonts rendering in LibreOffice 5.3.2?
No problem in LibreOffice 5.3.1.
Juste use wps
Just use Open Office desu
you gotta disable opengl rendering, or something.

File: b14.png (54 KB, 600x600)
54 KB
Is git good?
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It's only good because there's nothing better.
I haven't used it much, what could be improved?
Most of the way the commands work. For example, add -p is really a subclass of commit, not add. Merge and add -p do not make it clear whether or not you should commit on top of them. If you don't commit at the end of a merge (which mergetool should do but doesn't do), you will add future changes to the merge which will cause problems with history. If you commit after an add -p, you will undo the add -p.

Additionally, merge as a whole is fucked. Just using a standard workflow of git commit -a; git pull; git mergetool; git commit -a; git push; often results in completely unexplainable blame overwrites. Also, vimdiff is the default mergetool method but it's completely borked (it will randomly select a subset or a superset of the remote or local instead of the right segment when using the appropriate command).

Other problems include cherrypick which also has interface problems (if you keep cherrypicking until it says everything is good, it will just give you an empty commit, I haven't figured that one out yet).
Yes although merging is a bit iffy.

If you can you should avoid working on the same things in different branches simultaneously anyways.

File: spaghetti code.jpg (345 KB, 1196x1204)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
/g/. Give me the best of your indian spaghetti code collections
wtf I hate Fortran now
Wow looks like fun language :D
I love these "GO TO" things. Everything looks simple. Java doesnt have this. It sucks.

File: telegram.jpg (35 KB, 1024x1024)
35 KB
What is the best messaging app and why?
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Now this is autism
>tfw all of my friends use telegram
>even the ones who are normies
Everyone has different preferences but really, just use whatever your friends are using. And when your friends start saying 'hey we tried out this other app, you should switch too' then you fucking switch because who gives a shit what app it is and what the UI is like and what features or stickers or other bullshit it has the only reason you're using a messaging app at all is to talk to your friends. Don't form an attachment to some arbitrary piece of software, form a connection with your friends.
Telegram until it explodes due to lack of funds

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