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File: file.png (2.14 MB, 1920x1080)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB PNG
Best CD player for windows? Must be able to download metadata from cd and get album art and etc from internet. Foobar can't even find metadata for me, ditto winamp.... What to do?
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If you have autism you should be using the Lain CD player
File: ubangoo_too.png (213 KB, 401x349)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
I wish I could hug you.
File: IMG_1218.jpg (170 KB, 709x836)
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170 KB JPG
I know, and it is also the best, but I use it to watch movies and I don't really like its interface. If only there was a way to adapt it according to the content.
You could craft batch files that open it using a particular skin. You could use a portable instance and customize the interface to your liking.

File: ad.jpg (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB
Is it better for USB flash drive and/or microsd card health for it to be constantly connected to computer or just plugging it in maybe once a week or something?
I heard its bad to leave them unconnected for very long time.
But isnt plugging them in and out daily/weekly also bad. What if i keep it in the usb permanently but only use it rarely?

I have my music collection on usb stick so would it be bad if to listen music from it even if i dont write anything to it?
So long as you put a flash-friendly file system on it it won't degrade when connected and mounted.
>I heard its bad to leave them unconnected for very long time.
you misunderstood. they store data using capacitors, which loose power over time. in the case of SSDs, its a few years to get totally drained. the drive will spring to life the next time you connect it, but data will be lost / partially corrupted.
So its ok if i leave it connected 24/7?
I just use it to listen to music from it.

Is deleting files from it same as writing to it? So its bad to delete files?

its ext4

File: finlandwins.png (207 KB, 1116x617)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
I'm writting a bok on Internet addiction. Currently my book is just rants that are based on muh feelings and personal biases.
Where do I find statistical facts and graphs I could steal on things like
>mobile data consumption by country
>carbon footprint of server halls
>how much streaming consumes energy compared to dvd watchin
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My opinions are better than urs though. You have no opinions, you just love the Internet because of le memes and anonymous fun.

Good point, but this is how it goes down. Any phenomenon is always dreamt up by a visionary and by the time it gets turned into a statistic, it's too late.
I'm of course biased against the Internet and my starting point is that I think the Internet sucks and was a mistake on humanity's part. I'm not hiding it nor does it really matter in the end. If you dont like my book you can just try to wreck my arguments in your own book
Finnish people use the Internet more than any other people in the world
Online phenomena like onlyfans, inceldom, twitter feminism etc. are stronger in Finland
Finland is a digital hellhole and a good starting point for a book on why the Internet will destroy human life
Maybe in the US people actually go out and do normal things but in Finland ppl stay indoors and destroy each other on social media
>but in Finland ppl stay indoors
That's what is weird to me: if they stay home and shitpost all day, why mobile data usage is so high?
Nobody has a landline Internet or a desktop pc. People just shitpost on their phones.
You dont need a desktop for scrolling through tiktok videos and pressing heart buttons.
>writting a bok
Maybe you should spend a decade to become literate first.

File: wewuzhouse.png (155 KB, 897x860)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
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You do not know what memory safety is.
File: 1679458745920370.jpg (325 KB, 865x842)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
The OP doesn't even say anything about Rust but ciniles are already butthurt. Obsessed.
>let me pigeonhole definitions until they lose all connection to their practical meaning
You don't know what pigeonhole is.
I do, and he does

File: 1691882833237.jpg (321 KB, 1024x576)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
This isn't your jobs thread or cert thread, it's a group therapy session. /Cyb/er/sec/urity/pri/vacy general is for the discussion of anything and everything related to cyberpunk culture, cybersecurity, and digital privacy.

The FAQ: https://sizeof.cat/post/cyberpunk-faq/
What is /cyb/erpunk? https://pastebin.com/pmn9vzWZ
How do I into /cyb/erpunk? https://pastebin.com/5tpNFQds
Huge list of cyberpunk media: https://sizeof.cat/post/cyberpunk/
The cyberdeck: https://pastebin.com/7fE4BVBg
Cyberlife: https://jinteki.industries/files/cyberlife.7z
Bibliothek: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/4m5hd2065hde8/Bibliothek

--[/Re/verse Engineering]-----
Getting into /re/: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/Reverse_Engineering

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give me a good packet fuzzer right fucking now
what protocol
any portable and sovl TOTP pagers out there? (the offline non-app TOTP devices)
The cult of bumping particles!
new to reversing
found a bug in an android app
the bug is in a native lib
any hints on runtime debugging it with ghidra?

File: mcntrl.jpg (35 KB, 934x401)
35 KB
I think mind control is going to be the next big thing
It will start on animals. And a culture will grow around it
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You've been alive like what, 20, 30 years? Why would you care in the first place, second how do you know that all this knowledge you find is not fake
>mind control
you mean i'm finally gonna get to have sex? awesome
it's called domesticating, it has been mostly successful
What's the alternative to domesticated humans?

File: 1708260596250730.png (181 KB, 600x642)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
Can you be good at programming with a low IQ (<100)?
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actually no
>believing in IQ
that actually makes you too stupid to program, not the IQ
I know a guy who's a complete retard and makes six figures as a programmer.
File: 1708953965004946.gif (150 KB, 530x296)
150 KB
150 KB GIF
Me me me me
File: 1708953051142619.jpg (39 KB, 1024x539)
39 KB
My IQ from a test given by a psychologist came out at 87.

Way better looking than flatshit.
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>wooob wob wob bbb hhhuuummmm

I'm posting this from my Samsung G8. Get shit on kid.
There's no price you can put on mental illness.
File: 20231026_123910.jpg (72 KB, 932x699)
72 KB
you completely missed the point of that anons post, 1,200 was supposed to be a joke because its insanely high
never pay more then 100 for a crt
You're a moron.

Widescreen CRTs are cheaper than 4:3 ones in Europe. Nobody wants them because the main market for CRTs these days is retroomers who'd prefer a 4:3 display. Plus they weigh so much that you need at least a couple of people to move one. Ebay is flooded with people begging you to take them away for next to nothing.

File: patrickfriendfish.png (205 KB, 379x512)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
I have two monitors, I don't use both all the time (I turn one off sometimes when I watch a movie).

Recently I updated my second screen from an older model so I have two of (basically) the same screen. But with that came the problem that when it's not on all icons are moved to my primary screen. And if I turn it off while my pc is running I hear the disconnect sound as well.

The screen I use most is the primary and I've made it so it's recognised as screen 1 in windows as well. I've tried updating my GPU driver with the new screen connected as well as the firmware for the screen(s).

How do I keep the second desktop recognised while the screen is off?

Please help a semi techno-literate
Which version of Windows are you ``using''?`
Which model monitor is the one your turn off?
I'm using a post install modified version of win 10 22H2 (modded with winaero tweaker)
My screens are both LG 27GL850-B's but the newest one is referred to as 'LG ULTRAGEAR' while the older one is named '27GL850'.
(also noticed the newer one having some options my older one doesn't have in its OSD)

This shit is more of an ai than all the glorified photoshop plugins and chatbots they shill nowadays combined
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>can read your mind
>can't read your mind
>as opposed to guessing the next token or what?
Yeah, it's guessing something. Sounds like some kind of intelligence to me.
>absurd reductions
It's LI-TE-RAL-LY what I just said it is. A sorting algorithm. Do you not fucking know how Akinator works while at the same time touting its intelligence?
You can find anything from a database by asking simple yes or no questions. This has been known since Akinator, back then known as "20 questions" was a popular party game in the victorian times.
yeah, guessing is not the right technical term, you are so smart to argue the semantics
do you think a Kalman filter is also intelligence?
My waifu Eru

File: 7D1bF22.jpg (61 KB, 1200x675)
61 KB
>retard uses his own name as ProtonMail account name
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All the shit's encrypted anyway
Yes if you encrypt it
>>retard uses his own name as ProtonMail account name
so? you seem unable to continue the sentence
You fucken idiot lol
I just use some random guy from North Carolina as my anonymous online persona despite not even living in the US

File: 1708762710799343.png (205 KB, 302x626)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
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Is biotech technology?
Tech == Technology
fine, use litterbox dot catbox dot moe
he glowed

File: file.png (1.55 MB, 1920x1080)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
Any Gnome developer here?

How am I supposed to quit/exit discord and steam if there is no tray icons of them? And they aren't on your "background apps" section on your quick settings menu either.
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File: file.png (61 KB, 854x502)
61 KB
Yes yes, Gnome is one guy, and that's why we have extensive documentation, porting best practices and efforts to bring the whole framework up to day.

Fair, I just install everything as Flatpaks because of the ease of use and rights managment.
Go back to windows. Based gnome gatekeeping linux.
If you use extensions then you are not a real gnome user. Gnome developers hate you. They don't want you to use their desktop environment.
They don't, and I don't care.
Been using it for years and haven't felt active sabotaging on their part.

come back, employed heterosexual white man
the DE made for your needs awaits you
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i'm black gay neet and i use lxde
LxQT becomes lighter only in a distro that forces you into QT modules loaded onto memory anyway

If you dont use QT 5, and then put in LXQT it is definitely much larger memory footprint from then on, when compared to plain X.org + IceWM and some mandatory KDE and Gnome libraries on the background and no QT at all (most of user interface would be GTK 2 and GTK 3, you're internet browser would be GTK 2 probably, in ideal case if it works)

with that kind of setup you get into 500MB memory foot print, with QT5 involved its impossible to go lower than 1000MB
for me, it's Openbox with tint2
Understandable of them to abandon it
the choices were port to gtk3 or port to qt
it's understandable they didn't want to touch gtk3

File: 1709026726022.webm (1.66 MB, 960x540)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB WEBM
Why aren't manufacturers making thicc laptops anymore, are all laptops made for weaklings? I think there this is also the main reason why "gaming laptops" are so crap, thry try to be too portable.

Pic very related
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File: Capture.png (8 KB, 863x148)
8 KB
It is an inch and a quart thick. Do you not understand that technology has gotten smaller internally?
I have a precision m4600 and I would buy its modern equivalent in a heartbeat
Smaller thermal package and overreliance on wireless tech and single USB ports means that it becomes obsolete faster.
> they try to be too portable
they are too heavy, I dread the days I need to bring my gaming laptop where I am going
>2 x 1TB SSD (Raid 0)
LMao I bet they're soldered, too!

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