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oh boy...
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I remember having a ROG board that had an LCD 10 years ago. It was dumb then and it seems even dumber to try and bring it back.
File: ripandtear.png (42 KB, 215x191)
42 KB
>Implying anyone is going to waste money on this shit when THREADRIPPER is going to RIP AND TEAR that bitch a new asshole.
Ripper is a gangster!!!
Only ledditors use external graphics.
File: Volta.jpg (59 KB, 990x630)
59 KB
I'm a ledditor

This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

>Required Viewing For Revelation Fans:

>Strap Guide:

Previous thread:
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>should i waste 25 grand on this dumb idea or that dumb idea
File: IMG_20160807_171240.jpg (775 KB, 2990x1578)
775 KB
775 KB JPG
Hey lawyeranon, do you happen to remember what bracelet ADs would put on the megasonic?
How well does the strap go with the watch in your opinion?
File: 20170525_182018.jpg (3.49 MB, 5312x2988)
3.49 MB
3.49 MB JPG
Forgot pic my bad

In my opinion it matches the watch, but it's still ugly.

File: pepe.gif (954 KB, 680x643)
954 KB
954 KB GIF
there is a window bliking for a second every 20-40min.

How can I find out what the fuck it it?
Nuke it from orbit, dumb frogposter.
It's Office. Check your Task Scheduler and nuke it.

File: so fucking many.jpg (197 KB, 949x652)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
which programming language truly is the most superior one?

i honestly like python the most, never tried c++
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There are two kinds of programming languages, those that nobody likes and those that nobody uses.

A spanner is a fine tool for tightening a nut and yet a screwdriver is unquestionably better at tightening screws.

Although python is definitely my favorite general purpose programming language, and arguably the most diverse, it would be shit for writing a driver.

Because Java is made to allow any retard to write shit and end up with something that probably works.

The easiest way to enforce that is to make them to be extra certain that they meant what they wrote.
From those listed? C. From all languages? C

In that order
>I always had a hard time remembering which way around they went in Java when I was still a student.
 condition ? true : false; 

literally the same as
if (condition) true;
else false;

and makes a lot more sense than convoluted
 true if condition else false

>Be me
>Want to play minecraft for a nostalgia trip
>My DSL internet from AT&T is trash but manages to download the 2MB file in 10 min
>Run the .msi
>Fails due to poor connection
>Have to resort to using my phone who's service is also AT&T
>Downloads well and almost completed
>Lose signal and the download fails
>MFW I spent half of my data on this
>MFW I just wanted to play minecraft
how do u spend half ur data on a 2mb file
>4mb data cap
What the fuck dude do you live in fucking space?
You have be over 18 to post here
You have to try hard with your bait
>Be me
>Not an underage faggot so I have no nostalgia for minecraft
>Have 150 mpbs down and t mobile on my phone that has fast 4g internet everywhere I go
>Waste it reading posts from underage summerfags that need to go back to red dit

File: 1493686428639.jpg (12 KB, 299x272)
12 KB
What if you simulated a powerful graphics card and used that to power your graphics?
How about if I stimulate you're girlfriends pussy, huh? You would like that, yeah?
You mean rendering desktop effects with the CPU. Something which happened in windows xp and made performance shitty
Would you get 2(powerful graphics) or (powerful graphics)2?
GPU performance is generally vastly superior to CPU performance of the same year.

File: Screenshot_1.jpg (168 KB, 1193x560)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
As silly as this video is, there are some pretty poignant underlying points about what is wrong with most tech reviewers on youtube.

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If any of these YouTube fucks actually knew anything about tech they'd have real jobs instead of making YouTube videos. Seriously amateur hour all around.
Man I wish I could make passive aggressive videos when people give their critiques or suggestions I don't like
Lol Wendell owns a big ass business and does this on the side. I think he just breaks even on this shit

The thing on the left isn't ma- well actually I don't even know.
fucking hell, Wendell is so handsome, if only he would lift and shit

Please check the pic. This is my motherboard after 3 hours of light gameplay. (Also I need to play some games in Windowed mode cause after a while Full-screen lags.)
What causes it and how do I fix it ?
It's just Speccy reading the temp wrong. if it were actually that hot your PC would likely be on fire.
File: hpRedSpeccy.png (28 KB, 461x419)
28 KB
Pic related, Speccy being dumb and showing 2x the actual temperature.

Fuck it. Who else recently made the plunge and de-installed Windows and switched to Linux?

I've tried Linux in a virtual machine before, so I'm not a complete noob (but still 95% noob). Now, Windows will forever stay in a virtual machine.
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lmao, gtfo of here. There's no room for normie talk like that in this place.
heh. Think about it though. It's actually completely up to you, I know because I've been there.
dash to panel
digits say he'll be back to windows in a matter of weeks
>having to fight with my computer for 2 hours to do a simple task and then having to put together scripts to run on startup to take care of them later.

File: 9h9dIuW.jpg (2.31 MB, 2340x4160)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB JPG
You must post in this thread if you've seen insects crawl out of someone's laptop before.
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is there supposed to be an insect in this pic?
My sister got ants in her laptop
Maybe he thought you were going to steal his cockroaches. Smart move.

Never seen any insects come out of any electronics so far. I did see one dead fruit fly on the bottom of my case once though.
File: 1486002845400.jpg (36 KB, 640x535)
36 KB
>using netbook in bed in the dark
>resting it on my stomach
>spider walks across the screen
>it's not that gif that gets posted all the time
I was lucky I didn't break it when I threw it off of me.
I got ants on my laptops.

File: snek.png (8 KB, 200x200)
8 KB
Why is Python so comfy, bros?
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You don't. When you "program" in python you don't actually have to know how to program
>tfw making your own logical solutions to problems is always wrong because there's always a module that is written in C and can do it way faster than your solution
I love Python but I've come to realized it's more of a googling man's language
File: 0.jpg (137 KB, 1280x956)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
You're allowed to use more than one programming language you know...
could you expolain a little
>when you write a simple story you dont really need to know how to speak the language

Are you some sort of retard or...?

File: surfacefamily.png (305 KB, 921x615)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
Redpill me on surface products. Are they actually that bad?
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I'm sadly yuropoor and their eu support is in some slavic country whose name I dont even recall.
the mouse issue may be driver related, they put out an update in mid-april. the prior driver version wasn't handling s3/s4 power states correctly.

In regards to the screen, that's definitely hardware.

EU consumer protection law is pretty proconsumer, you might be able to get all your money back
I dual boot linux and windows, mouse freezes with both.

Thing is though that I bought the laptop for my own tiny company which probably shuts out any consumer protection laws. I already went on for over two weeks without a laptop during one of my client's project and it was really awkward.

I'm going to wait for a while for the support manager to get back to me and then consider my options.

Thanks, anon.
Essentially the apple devices of the MS world with all the good and bad things that come with that.
They're pretty well built, the tech is mature enough. Design is a subjective thing so you might like it, or you might not.

They play nice with my desktop and xbox and that is a huge selling point for me since the whole "one ecosystem" thing has been pretty solid since 8.1, but your use-case might vary.

In general they are good at what they're made for, and nicely built, but come at a steep price and no USB type C for at least a year more.
I am actually wondering how powerful the m3 version would be. What is the use case for that version

File: linux_distros.png (608 KB, 1602x1199)
608 KB
608 KB PNG
I've tried multiple distros and video players, it's present in all of them while watching movies.
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Find out what video driver you're using.

Create a file in
, named e.g. 20-intel.conf and containing

Section "Device"
Identifier "Intel Graphics"
Driver "intel"
Option "TearFree" "true"

Hack this to fit if you're using Radeon or some other driver.

And tearing's gone.
>I couldn't manage to install Linux Mint so now I pretend it's just an inferior OS
kek, poor goyim
GNOME/Weston/Sway/Velox (Wayland - good tier)
xorg.config or compositror ( shit tier)
Arch with Xfce
>read documentation
>install drivers
>read documentation
>realize that the drivers don't include the GPU microcode because of freedom
>install the microcode
>everything works
>laugh at the retarded 99% of GNU/Linux "users" who "fixed it" by installing a compositor over a compositor over a compositor, but never tell them to keep them ignorant

File: tog.jpg (20 KB, 486x276)
20 KB
hello /g/ why do i only have these options and not the colour ones? i also never got the thankful react?
sure, thanks

File: ima-350.jpg (44 KB, 350x350)
44 KB
Mobile Tech Thread.

What handset does everyone use? All OS's welcome. I use an LG Stylus 2.
I use the Samsung Galaxy S7. Cannot wait to upgrade; the battery life on it is atrocious.
Nexus 6P

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