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File: O8RKuqu.jpg (186 KB, 1024x1365)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
as a linux user what media player did you use before mpv?
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The linux media player developed by the linux project of course!
potplayer and mpc-hc bundled with SVP
now i use mpv compiled with vapoursynth support on GNU/Linux
I use Clementine for music. I used whatever the default player was on GNOME and Unity for about a month and then installed MPV. MPV is too good not to be included in all DEs as a default player.

File: vivaldi.jpg (7 KB, 620x347)
7 KB
Name a better browser and explain your choice.
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can't you change that with your window manager or your compositor?
The source doesn't include the entire browser, the browser's license is proprietary freeware. This is like saying comodo dragon is open source and directing people to chromium source code.
the proprietary code is plain text javascript, it's not even obscure blobs.
You can even make patches and send them to the devs.
You just can't fork and redistribute it.

File: 4k_ultra_hd_logo.jpg (75 KB, 500x359)
75 KB
So what happened in the last year that 4k video playback has become so common place? Was it HVEC?

I remember downloading a movie not too long ago and it barely playing at all. Now I'm seeing them pop up everywhere.
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have a vector cull that would stop at native/screen resolution.

You could also have the video encode itself and not watch it real time.
anyone remember the name of that website that lists real 4k encodes and the fake upscales?
2016, Pascal GPUs have full HEVC Main10 & VP9 hardware decoding

2017, Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake CPUs have full HEVC Main10 & VP9 hardware decoding

Everyone can enjoy 4K videos now easily
thanks, enjoy the free (you)

>the current year
>not having desktop icons

the fuck is wrong with you?
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i3 doesnt have them and it makes no sense to me when i always have a window open and my screen is filled due to it being tiling wm
icons are useless, rarely used them back in regular DE days too
which icons are these?
Share pape pls
Icons on the deskop become obsolete as soon as you have a more sane way to launch applications.

I use the "Desktop" directory to keep the stuff I'm currently working on. As soon as that work is done the files are moved to the appropriate directory in the archive.
I have several hundred icons all across my desktop
Gets kind of annoying and I often go on a deleting spree. I guess it's time

File: 1516442075727.jpg (333 KB, 649x732)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
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That somebody made me giggle.
itoddlers will defend this
File: 1513981213555.png (116 KB, 645x729)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
>yet another pseudo-intellectual apple hater thread
File: 1516294070607.png (83 KB, 645x614)
83 KB
does it only run on android? i have iphone

File: outlets.png (70 KB, 519x471)
70 KB
Fuck one. Kill one. Marry one.
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the fuses stop devices dying if you have a power surge though desu. If you ever have a device die you just swap the fuse out because they can't get damaged from a surge
countries not stuck in the 19th century have fuse boxes at the home level that do the same job, in a non-retarded way.
Then again, can't expect more from the "got there first, now we're the worst" champions of the world.
considering if you double the voltage you halve the current so the wiring would have twice the carrying capacity, also I believe they need to use 600v rated insulation so that's not a problem. the only issue I can think of is the outlets themselves not being able to isolate 240v from itself like it can with 120v and possibly your 120v breakers becoming 120v and your 240v breakers becoming 480v (if they keep the same split phase style)
Fuck A, marry B, kill OP

File: hth52-650x283.png (17 KB, 650x283)
17 KB
Free as in freedom, cross-platform notetaking software with an equation editor.

Does such a thing exist?

>inb4 latex is not suitable for notes

If you are enough of a tool to feel the need for computer notetaking over pen and paper you might as well use LaTeX

File: something.jpg (20 KB, 403x339)
20 KB
I've worked with python, c++, java, and some c. I'm interested in Haskell because i've only done object oriented projects in school but i also don't know what projects I want to do. I also want to get better at c but don't know where to start.
Write a compiler in Scala.
Look up Deep C Secrets slides or read the whole book. Also CSBU by Wienand and Beej guides.
Try JavaScript before Haskell.
thanks, i'm looking at deep c secrets now

File: sol11desktop.png (513 KB, 1024x768)
513 KB
513 KB PNG
will 2018 be the year of the Solaris Desktop?
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As opposed to Oracle cancer?
As opposed to a venerable heritage of UNIX tooling.
Fuck off kevin
You misspelt Solus

File: BALLS.png (580 KB, 743x819)
580 KB
580 KB PNG
Who is the king of balls?
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>m570 are notorious for developing mouse click issues in a year or so.

Very true. I just soldered in a new omron left click and middle click button in mine. It only takes like 10 minutes if you know how to solder and it saves you $30 on a new mouse.

I really like the M570 but they sure use cheap switches in them. If (((Logitech))) wanted to make the perfect memeball they would make the m570 a tad bigger, add a bit more weight, better Switches, and a better scroll wheel. Also get rid of the plastic bearings and put it ruby or metal ones for long life. Then it would be perfect.
Can't afford a HHKB Type S? What's are you poor?
I have the wired version. Why are you getting the SlimBlade?
>mechanical keyboards
Lol poorfag
With the SlimBlade you rotate the trackball to scroll

Lenovo became world famous in 2005 when it bought IBM’s PC business. Today, the company is the world’s largest maker of PCs.

Huawei is the second-largest provider of telecoms network equipment in the world and, together with the University of Surrey, it is in the vanguard of developing 5G. It has also moved in a big way into smartphones, with its P10 proving to be a great favourite among tech savvy youngsters.

Since the release of its first smartphone in 2011, Xiaomi has become the world’s fifth largest smartphone maker.

Tencent created the QQ messenger app, which has more users than WhatsApp, whose half a billion users earned it a $19bn buyout from Facebook.

Baidu is not only China’s largest search engine, its navigation system is now accurate within centimetres and is on a par with the US Global Positioning System (GPS).

ZTE is one of the world’s 10 biggest smartphone makers and is increasingly jostling for position with Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi.

Alibaba dominates the e-commerce scene WORLDWIDE and its Wall Street IPO was the greatest in history to date. Looking at the overall state of e-commerce in China, sales are forecast to reach US$1 trillion by 2019, larger than the US, UK, Japan, Germany and France combined.
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>You need aircraft carriers to bomb someone

Oh boy, the war tacticians on /g/ are really in their prime.
When I see that thumbnail I always think that bar below is under her tits and she's just resting them there
>lack of proper resolution of those social issues

Denial of the scale of the problem and resolution of it will cause your downfall.

There's a huge difference between European countries who took your style of treating minorities badly like Netherlands and Belgium vs Finland where their Black population is the most educated in the world due to equal opportunities for all regardless of race.
File: 1514706279799.jpg (217 KB, 1350x1800)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
As someone with yellow fever, I am unironically excited about the Chinese century.

You don't use land-based missile launchers on mobile targets such as carriers.

The missile threat from carriers comes from sea-based and aircraft-based systems not land-based shit.

Ballistic missile are only good at stationary targets.

File: 1508121101797.gif (1.69 MB, 640x480)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB GIF
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They're still not great solutions. You're pretty much guaranteed to take a big performance hit over what the card could do if it was internal.
>It might mean you'll have to re-install Windows
if my windows happens to be completely fucked (won't get to safe mode/emergency boot options/can't load from emergency flash drive, is just stuck at loading) is changing the motherboard a good idea? I've had past issues with the motherboard (it only accepts one stick of my RAM and can't update its BIOS) and was thinking about getting it changed anyways. Thanks for all the help!
It doesn't have any bearing on your current situation anyway. Not like reinstalling Windows is a big deal, or that because your current Windows install is fucked you can't reinstall over it or some shit.
Unless you mean you have stuff on there you need to access.

Just get a spare HDD, fresh install Windows on it and drag and drop the shit you want to keep from the other HDD.
I had a friend working on it with me that said the boot loader might be the issue because it was able to boot from a linux flash drive but not a windows one. He suggested flashing the BIOS and when it was unable to do that decided the motherboard might be the issue. this all is well above my pay-grade

another really dumb question: to back up everything from my ssd, do I just.... drag and drop everything to another drive that I connect to? does that actually get everything?

sorry to drag you into my problems, you seem very knowledgeable and I'm lost as can be

File: sku_472521_1.jpg (54 KB, 700x700)
54 KB
Looking for a good ergonomic mouse. Any suggestions?
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Hardly anybody uses them, which is clear evidence they don't work for many people. All that OP will do is waste money, which is what "ergonomics" is largely about in practice. Getting people to buy things that they don't need and cost a lot of money.
File: aeron.jpg (266 KB, 853x478)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Here is the $1500 herman miller aeron chair in action.
Op here imma just buy that $20 shit so I guess I'll waste $20. Thanks for advice though
I've got the same problem with the middle click.
I'm also taking this thing to work, and it's always awkward to stuff it in my bag (luckily, I mostly work from home).

I've been thinking of getting an Evoluent wireless mouse purely for travel.
link to video pls

File: index.png (4 KB, 218x232)
4 KB
I started studying C recently for a Systems level class. I unironically fell in love with it. Is C still relevant or is it outdated by languages like Rust? What programming jobs can I get with it? Are there a lot of C jobs?
50 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Like what?
I'm a PHP developer, I hate it.
I only have a HS diploma and want a job in C, is it even possible? The few jobs in C I found where I live require to at least be advanced in college.
I guess I'm fucked.
File: George_Costanza.jpg (19 KB, 273x364)
19 KB
C and Sepples man here

>hard to get a job

Nope, the two jobs I've had (second being my current) fell in my lap as a fresh CS undergraduate

Most young people today are literally soymen who only learn JS, Java, Rust and such
File: 1458914951001.jpg (37 KB, 657x527)
37 KB
I'm a 18yo, been programming for like 5 months, almost entirely in C and just a lil bit of Assembly using dosbox and TASM for fun.
So far I just made a few utility and math programs for my professors.
I tried python but it felt like I had to learn too much shit and functions to do things """the pythonic way""".
I wonder where I will end up with this.
You're on the right path

I use Python extensively at work too despite being hired as a C++ developer

It's great for testing algorithms, formatting program output for presentation, testing network communication (simulating your customer's weird setup) etc.

File: 1494263547226.png (282 KB, 1086x428)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
ITT : Tech gore.
I unironically do that when salvaging components.
I dont know what the fuck torch he was using, but I use a propane torch without a focused jet tip.
A bit of Australian technology:
File: 20170424_041038.jpg (895 KB, 2048x1152)
895 KB
895 KB JPG

Sorry desu
File: 1504814027416.jpg (17 KB, 246x374)
17 KB

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