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File: Bicycle Soldier.jpg (43 KB, 450x300)
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What do you unironically think was a mistake when it comes to computers?
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>Mandatory calling home

I don't understand that one. What do you mean?
Eternal September
abandoning federated protocols in favor of closed ones
Microsoft Windows
Abandoning NeXtstep
JavaScript and "web technology" in general
Can you link something to read about it?

File: linuxes.jpg (186 KB, 849x849)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Ok /g/, lets settle this this age old question for the coming generations:

Do you run Windows as your main OS and run Linux in a VM for actual work, or do you run Linux as your daily driver and run Windows in a VM for muh gaymen?
>he doesnt triple boot macos, windows and ubuntu
Depends. I run Windows while there's girls around and Linux when I'm masturbating to child pornography and anime at home in the safety of mom's basement.
File: 4L_tTA682dF.jpg (145 KB, 682x1023)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>doesnt triple boot macos, windows, gentoo
I don't run Windows at all.

If I'm going to ever run it again, I'll probably set up an old Thinkpad w/ it and use it mostly to play weeb games in bed. This is likely to happen once I acquire a newer laptop, so I can dedicate my old one to this purpose.
File: 1442575693382.jpg (158 KB, 469x540)
158 KB
158 KB JPG

>corelet has to restard his shitty 4c machine to play games/work

File: TuneUp_by_Norton.jpg (21 KB, 302x445)
21 KB
>"We need a software that fucks our system up and has no postitve effect at all"
>"Say no more ..."
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what Norton """Utilities""" does nowadays?
it was useful in DOS era long time ago
This abomination.

It's the ALL IN FUCKING ONE STOP SOLUTION for fucking shit up.
I had a look on their site and it appears it basically does the same thing as CCleaner and Recuva.
literally nothing nowadays, but I admit that it had its use back when Win95 or Win98 were popular
Holy shit.

>Dev is bunch of Reddits
Why am I not surprised?

File: OSCapture.png (45 KB, 1366x729)
45 KB
Hey, I have started to develop an OS for x86 CPUs based around anonymity. Thinking f calling it AnonymOS but I'm open for suggestions. The OS is being coded from scratch so it will be harder for people to port viruses from Linux/Unix or MS-Windows to here. I am posting this here cause 4Chan was built with anonymity in mind and due to OSes like Windows and search-engines like Google we no longer have as much anonymity. My recommendations for anonymity is use Tor browser for EVERYTHING! Not just deep web but for day to day browsing, a VPN, use search engines such as DuckDuckGo and use a Linux distro such as Debian or Ubuntu. Will post soon to update.
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File: 1489662622068.jpg (21 KB, 360x266)
21 KB
what are you using then?
Start by using a dark theme please
not a bad choice desu

hey /g/ i wanna get a chink phone, do you think the Samsung s8 is the right choice?
No get a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro

Sent from my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro using Hangouts

Samsung is a gook phone
as if there was so mouch of a difference.

File: bench.png (598 KB, 1390x1140)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
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If little Vega is truly a core and memory interface comparable Polaris I would be disappointed. Little Vega with Hawaii comparable specs would make a lot more sense to me both in giving proper market and price segmentation.

If Vega really is a solid IPC upgrade, along with the ~250-350Mhz clock improvement, I would hope for little Vega to sport GDD5X, and it would assumedly be a power comparable product with anywhere from 25-40% better performance than the 480.
At $250-300 (non-inflated MSRP) that is a real solid buy. If.

If big Vega has a cut down brother with full 8GB of HBM2 still and the same 7/8ths shader count as Fury did to FuryX I would expect it to consume ~195w average and perform somewhere around a max OC 1080.
At ~$400-450 (market disruptive price which could lower 1080 prices again) it would be interesting, but only if driver issues and quality control are kept in check.

tl;dr I highly fucking doubt the 480 will ever hit $125 retail before discontinuation, with the expected price>performance between Polaris and Vega we might see $200 high quality custom 8GB versions, $175 custom 8GB.
If little vega really is a specification match with P10 it'll at best be 35-40% better at 1080p
>There's no difference between blah dee blah blah
Voltage required for a given clock speed.

An 1800x downclocked to the 1700's stock would use something like 10-15 watts less because it needs a little less voltage.

AMD binned their parts well. I'd buy one of those 4.1Ghz certified 1800's for the $650 if I could justify the cost, and if I didn't know that better revisions of Zeppelin are coming at year's end.
File: CPU-Z bench.png (60 KB, 409x1208)
60 KB

1700, clock it up. Memory wise its all up in the air - I have a 3200mhz kit and i'm currently tuning to get it to run at that speed but its proving to be difficult (rock solid at AM4's officically fastest supported speed of 2666mmhz).

My next goal is to get my cpu to 4ghz or higher but thats going to require some very delicate hand tuning rather than straight up multiplier overclocking which i'm doing now.
asrock AB350m pro4
Any benchmarks on CEMU?

File: 20170323_141214.jpg (2.54 MB, 2340x2988)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB JPG
He nose too big for he gotdamn body. So I fucked up the scale for a shuttle glider I was printing, decided to post a pic because it was funny.
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It won't fly, but neither does a dragon dildo.
Looks like a design with thrusters(?) On the wings.
being retarded is funny nowadays? What is this, /b/?

Is this that spicy 3D printing thing? How much money goes into this?

I EDC an e-reader instead of a tablet/phone. My current device, a kobo touch, has a 6 inch screen (too small) and no lighting. Should I buy an Aura One?
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File: unzips penis.png (121 KB, 619x691)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
I got an Kobo Aura One, it's my first e-reader.

I like it.
The size is nice. The total size is comparable to a hand-held notepad (physical paper) but I guess that's a pretty vague description.

The general opinion is that Kobo's are good, and pretty free from botnet.
The aura one lacks micro sd support which is pretty much the only con I see in it. It has 8 GB internal storage which is somewhat decent.
Hi memes, you should follow your heart and maybe your paybook
Does that go for the both of them? There's a 2.0 version now

see image slideshow, image #13 for example

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