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Why is this ratio so fucking sexy?
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>aesthetically pleasing
You love Apple products too I presume.
16:10 > 4:3 > 5:4 > 16:9 > anything not listed
>more productive
yeah maybe if all you do is edit videoclips for your failed videogame YouTube channel
Because it's the most accurate fit for the accurate part of human vision and implies working with text instead of watching garbage.

File: Windows-10-logo.png (12 KB, 1024x1024)
12 KB
What went so fucking wrong?
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Different anon but it's literally just right click -> unpin from menu.

Also you have to turn off the suggestion from Privacy or use that spybot anti-beacon to just shut it all down.
File: wKEOCDN0_400x400.png (225 KB, 400x400)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
I would be okay with them tracking me and ads if I'd be using a free version, or a home/basic/community Windows.
But forcing people to watch ads and spying on their every move in fucking Pro version, when they paid for it... fucking hell, jews won

I would gladly pay for that famous LGBT-boynet free version if it were available for a normal customer.
File: 1490023944476.png (156 KB, 1268x1440)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
LTSB is crap as well.
I made no initial claim, unlike you. Which is why I have answered your question and you've been attacking me since then, due to my answer being unassailable.
>the best OS
>what went so wrong

>172 replies

/g/ - Cancerous shithole

File: dKS68dfd.jpg (12 KB, 268x268)
12 KB
I wanted to be sarcastic and try to be funny but this motherfucking political hack is such a lame faggot that I'm not even gonna try. Who on /g/ actually worship this "SCIENTIST"?
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Stalin killed more people than Hitler did, and he happened to be an atheist.

Religion isn't the cause of every bad thing in the world, kid.

Also, don't you have a protest to go to today?
>Religion isn't the cause of every bad thing in the world, kid.
You're arguing a strawman. He didn't imply that religion is the root of all evil, he merely implied that americans are idiots who justify their idiocy
by claiming religious superiority.

For example, Stalin didn't kill all those people BECAUSE he was an atheist. But the woman in that video literally claimed that Trump should not be questioned BECAUSE he was chosen by God.

>Also, don't you have a protest to go to today?
Not him, but that was yesterday.
Religion creates hostility for science, and it goes hand-in-hand with big corporate interests that don't want people to think their products are destroying the planet, similar to tobacco and sugar companies destroying people's health. Welcome to the U.S.
He's a """science popularizers"""

My battery usage details menu on my Huawei android 7 device kinda sucks. The diagram is not that clear. I want to know the percantage of battery consumption in any interval of time. Any good app for that /g/?

File: vN8r8wxQ.png (84 KB, 400x400)
84 KB
is there a database for ti spice models

looking for drv88xx

File: download.png (4 KB, 394x128)
4 KB
Why do you thing Chrome is a botnet? Any evidences or incidents in the past?
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Are you serious?
GOOGLE, that's all there is to say.
Well, Google uses Chrome users to find badly issued certificates (see Symantec). You could classify this activity within the botnet territory.

File: 14453526565790.jpg (7 KB, 250x241)
7 KB
Give an argument for linux without resorting to conspiracy theories about evil corporations like microsoft. Top tip: you can't.
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Is it really a conspiracy when it's written right in to the EULA that they're logging everything you do?
>with an uncanny proficiency in espionage
I honestly believe that their proficiency is because their opponents are outright incompetent. Soviet's espionage tactics weren't exactly cunning in anyway, they would go a long way by just having some hot chick hook up with their target and rely on pillow talk.

If you look at recent intelligence scandals, with the Secret Service for example, it's all about human incompetence. They would get drunk and blabber off to literal prostitutes.
Pepe is a fucking 4chan frog, you autist.
>I thought linux users were supposed to be good with computers?

Maybe in 2004. I unironically believe Linux has been easier to use than Windows since 2010 or so

I also believe MOST of the Linux guys you see on /g/ aren't as "good" with computers as your typical hardcore PC gamer

i wouldn't be as good with computers now if I didn't get so much malware as a kid and have so much other shit go wrong with windows all the time
>Companies EULA states they are botnet
>hurr durr those are conspiracy theories

File: 1416839855864368.png.jpg (53 KB, 1050x591)
53 KB
Tier-0 overlords only, has anyone released a networking-capable version of his OS yet? I desperately want to setup a TempleOS honeypot.
File: 2017-04-23-08-16-37.png (10 KB, 640x480)
10 KB
Yes, but you don't need networking to do that, just set up a VM with xRDP enabled and open it up to the world
I wanted an iso so I can install in my second HDD
I don't know why you wouldn't just set up a VM, and put the virtual disk on your second HDD, enable remote display...

If, for whatever reason, you don't want to do that, Shrine has tcp/udp IPV4 support built-in, it should work if you have a PCNet PCI II card installed (which you probably don't), you'll have to write the server daemon in HolyC for whatever kind of honeypot you're looking to create.


File: img12[1].png (16 KB, 567x464)
16 KB
Hello /g/ which is the most jewish language?
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Hebrew, duh.
anything that has no statement terminators or is case sensitive
also high level languages and scripting
File: clisp-repl.png (59 KB, 724x463)
59 KB

I'd probably say Hebrew at a guess.

Why is this amp so shit if it measures so well? It's the worst I've heard so far.
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It's not shit. It's just a little flat sounding.
A good solid-state amp should be totally transparent, and the O2 comes close. What exactly are you expecting it to sound like?
Transparency is load dependent and doesn't relate to any amplifier topology or design type inherently. O2 can be transparent and I'd put my money on that it is on almost any realistic headphone load.
Record waves going in.
Record waves going out.
Compare to waves in source file.

Flat is what you're really after. If you actually want coloured sound, add the colour dsp at the media player.

If you want the amp to colour sound like beats headphones or the rock setting - bass boost on your hi-fi... you're doing it wrong

File: mobile-technology.jpg (404 KB, 800x640)
404 KB
404 KB JPG
What do you think about this?

I can't imagine going without at least a laptop.

File: Picture-2.png (53 KB, 373x512)
53 KB
Got for free from a giveaway site and the fucking thing won't open
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I have had the same problem too
Well, yeah, that's because you're OP.
>there are 2 IPs in this thread
I paid $200 for the software from Piratebay. It doesn't work for me either.
>there are 2 IPs in this thread
I got mine copy of this lovely software and it turn my Windows PC into a Mac. Go figure.

File: C9twr0dUwAAGXnl.jpg (321 KB, 1152x2048)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
How should I store my hard drives to prevent rusting and data loss?
In fridge.
ZFS, scrub every few months.

File: guard.jpg (17 KB, 460x276)
17 KB
What should any company with a website, allowing certain employee access to the company database, put into consideration? For example, legal issues of data protection, privacy and just any other relevant security matters?

This is broad, but I would appreciate anything thrown my way.
>The company database

What is this? Why is it accessed through a website? Im already lost.
Do the same thing as literally every other digital medium that provides something; bury them in fine print that gives them no rights and only use that fine print if you need to.

What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>60021954
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hop in my dudes
Please anon, stop being retarded.
Either you don't know how to pronounce "piss" in Russian or "mocha" in Italian.
Looks kind of like the thing i did to deal with HRESULT error codes from WinAPI.
Use compound literals and/or macros.

throw((Error) { API_ERROR, "An API Error has occured.", -1});

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