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File: 1512411085897.gif (2.56 MB, 300x424)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB GIF
Bring back terry
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install templeos
learn holyc
>implying he showed up at the trial
I did a google search and found his public court record. He failed to appear in court.
What did he do?
Never mind didn't see the pic above.

Hi guyz, I found nice old modem and i cannot find a schematics for it. Does any of u have schematics for internal circuit and power supply circuit?
Model: ZyXEL U-1496E
Also old tech general
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While we are here, how would you go about getting a console on one of these? I have a us robotics 56k that I attached to a usb to serial cable, but besides the activity lights blinking when I connect to the seemingly correct /dev/ttyUSB and start typing, I can't get an echo. I have entered the right Hayes echo command per the manual, or so I think...
Literary a serial console. So the way you do it should work.
Make sure the baud rate and other settings are correct?

If it's a V.Everything (probably other newer USR 56k modems too) you probably have to reflash the firmware on a old computer via serial, as it's literary faded over the years before it will talk again. There are guides online.

Also check that the DIP switches are all set accordingly, if you have any.
My original suspicion was that my serial adapter was fubar, given different baud rates not working and it being an unsupported chip in modern kernels (not ftdi?)

>reflash the firmware
Great lead.. will need to hunt down a PCI serial card that provides the db-15(?) connector? It is a v.92 but currently in storage.
>My original suspicion was that my serial adapter was fubar, given different baud rates not working and it being an unsupported chip in modern kernels (not ftdi?)
You can obviously try another one. Cheap chink shit can often be the fault.

>Great lead.. will need to hunt down a PCI serial card that provides the db-15(?) connector?
No, you need a real old machine with DOS and native serial, it does not matter if it's 15 or 9 pin, passive adapter for that exist.
The flashing software is DOS only and requires a computer running DOS natively and a serial port. PCI serial cards won't work, DOS can't see them.

The V.92 has reflashable firmware, so it could be possible it's just faded.
Actually! IIRC, it should say "FIRMWARE CORRUPT, PLEASE REFLASH" when you try to talk to it over serial and it's actually the firmware.
So yeah, it might be the adapter.

File: DSC_0120.jpg (3.51 MB, 3264x2448)
3.51 MB
3.51 MB JPG
Hey /g/, a few weeks ago I made a clock but when I took it to school I was laughed at because I used a Mega and had all the LEDs connected individually to output pins and didn't get a trip to the White House.

Now I have multiplexed the LEDs and connected it to a Nano instead. It took a while getting the code working proper, and getting the temperature polling time reduced, but it's finally working pretty much the same as before.

Do you think I will get a trip to the White House this time?
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Basically this. The clock only strikes once ad they say. You have one chance of getting it so right but if you fail it was all for nothing
The reason why he went to the white house was because he was a little kid.
>Wow, that kid is so smart, he will become a future Bill Gates
Especially for something as basic as a fucking clock.
It tells the temperature too.
are you a terrorist?

File: altimitOS.gif (83 KB, 1024x768)
83 KB
What is your favorite fictional OS?
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>tracing embedded data
What does that even mean?
File: ZZ09653783.jpg (255 KB, 2800x1474)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
>it just works
File: serveimage.jpg (28 KB, 720x485)
28 KB

File: JavaScript.jpg (147 KB, 960x440)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Is Java a good beginner/introductory language as a first starting language to get into coding/programming?

Is it better/wise to learn JS without knowing Java and just skipping learning Java?
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What does advanced SQL knowledge look like? Not memeing, I'm genuinely curious. I took a uni course for relational databases and thought it was really interesting.

Once you are an expert at creating complicated queries, know how and when to use joins and unions, and how and when to normalize (and denormalize) relations. What else is there?
I don't know why you guys are so hell bent on learning specific languages. At my job I need to jump around between python, c, c++, lua and java. I only knew c++ and c going in.

Just learn a popular language like python, c, c++, java, go, etc. You can learn the rest as you go.
>but now when facebook developing their own functional language everything will change.

You realize nosebook is dying faster than MySpace right now, right?
Just how delusional can you be, programming languages don't just die and especially not at the level of popularity of java and js. Look at php, c , these languages will be around for way longer than you think. Kotlin, a 7 years old language, the only actual competitor for java in the android industry is not even near replacing java .
>>It's falling into obscurity for new developers.
The fact that java still is #1 in search engine results speaks for itself.

What are you working on, /g/?

Previous thread: >>64371800
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Unfortunately yes
You could avoid templates and take a std::function parameter. That has a performance cost and requires dynamic allocation however.
Failing that, you could do some metaprogramming crap to determine if F is supposed to be a Bar or a callable. If you're using C++17 you can use if constexpr, otherwise it'll be messy.
If that's too complicated, the simplest way to resolve the overload is to add an explicit disambiguator.
struct CallableTag {} callable_tag;

template <typename F>
void shit(Foo &a, F &b, CallableTag);

shit(Foo{}, [](){}, callable_tag);
Yea that is actually my temporary "fix" for the function overload. By having a third dummy int argument to differentiate the function. But it feel really hackish and makes the documentation more complex. Probably I need to chamge it to std::function. Thx for the help anon
If you create a named type for the overload like that CallableTag, it should be clearer what you mean.
It's a common pattern in the standard library to use the types in the argument list to select different behaviour when overloading is necessary (e.g. with constructor calls). Other sepplesfags will understand what is happening here.
But if cleanliness of interface is most important, performance is not, and you really can't give the function another name; use std::function.
He later helped develop javascript.

File: xboxpic.jpg (9 KB, 237x213)
9 KB
Hey guys, I'm having a slight problem.Last night i was using my headset and then connected a dual-shock 4 to my PC this caused me to stop hearing all my friends on Discord,I fixed it but now my xbox 360 controller wont work when i connect it, I always get the error message this device was not recognised. I've tried everything but its still not working so i could use some help
in driver manager right click the device and install gentoo
Clear any driver's etc you have for the duelshock. That's the only thing that could be interfering as 360 controllers are made by Microsoft and should work seamlessly on Windows.
What distro?
Plug in the DualShock, uninstall the 360 controller driver (check remove drivers also) under device manager.
Now insert the actual 360 controller again.

The DS4 emulation driver for 360 won't work with a real 360 and that's what's messing it up.

Show me those specs!
You probably haven't heard of video editing and mining then :)
Mining with a 1080ti?

Microcenter finally caved. Apparently with builds you get a large discount.
They always had the processor and mobo combo with occasional combo deals for SSDs and RAM, did they make a new deal?
Yeah. Video cards bundle with significant discounts. Basically weeding out non miners. I work there. It was a cluster fuck today but we ended the day with some cards. Basically a 1080 by itself is $980, with motherboard processor and ram it's 680
So miners now have to buy the bundles and try to sell they rest on ebay?
Yep. Happened in the last mining rush, and it'll happen again. Prepare to see a lot of resold prebuilts on ebay. Might be good to get some cheap CPU/Mobo/case stuff since you could likely negotiate to get a low price on them, and miners haven't done anything to the hardware.
the smarter thing to do would be: if you buy all your parts for a complete desktop there, you'd get a huge discount on the graphics card.

File: 694couple-in-red.jpg (179 KB, 960x635)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
How much money do you think intel spent convincing retards that AMD was somehow associated with the MELTDOWN disaster?
about a billion potatoes
about 3 fiddy. the shills here mostly do it for free.

What do you think of my Android setup, anon?
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people did*
Are there cracked version for the Pi?
There is a trial. Don't know about a cracked version, I bought a licence ages ago.
It works on any ARM device that runs vanilla Linux. Does not have to be a Pi, I ran the Pi version on a N900 without problems (but obviously some work).

I think Exagear also has a Android product for running Windows native games.
Isn't it tied to the SoC, like the codec keys you can buy?
The program itself is not tied to anything, the licence gets tied to the SoC once you register it.
You can run older ARM versions on newer ARM SoCs without problems but newer ARM versions won't run on older ARM SoCs.

File: lps[1].png (121 KB, 799x598)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Redpill me on the DoD's Linux distro - Lightweight Portable Security
Seems pretty useful if you want a live image with firefox preinstalled.
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no games
DoD has the whole world, why would you want electronical games
nice, loved DSL when it came out, will check this out.
I like how it looks lite windows

File: complexLook@2x.jpg`.jpg (481 KB, 2560x1492)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
Why jetbrains ides are so ugly?
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>Why jetbrains ides are so ugly?
Because they were designed to be useless, not to be beautiful!
Are there IDLE equivalents for other languages? Like you can use PyCharm or visual studio to write the code for python, but when you save it it also saves/creates 5 or 6 additional files. I'm looking for something that saves /just/ the file I would write.
Ninja for Python. It's nice
I don't understand what you mean exactly. Are you saying you don't want the .sln files etc.?

It is possible in VS nowadays to just open a folder and it will try to figure out your project structure without creating a file, but generally if the project is non-trivial you WANT something like a .sln file or cmake file anyway to keep track of how to build your project. I'm not a ~Pythonista~ though so maybe it's not needed for that.
VS Code adds json files and shit like that for the use of the plugins

File: img_5245c7e2d8bbf.png (169 KB, 650x300)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
Does ejecting your USB before you take it out actually do anything?
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This. I've occasionally just pulled out a USB stick after transferring files (especially tiny ones) and found that they're not actually on the goddamn thing, despite the copy process "finishing". Ejecting it first eliminates that issue.
Niggers BTFO
File: 1514662884507.jpg (8 KB, 259x194)
8 KB
Good point anon. This is why we should kill all women. And fags.
File: usblibstick.jpg (34 KB, 400x301)
34 KB
>Does ejecting your USB before you take it out actually do anything?
Yes, it flushes the cache. Normally that should happen automatically if the OS uses default settings, but if it doesn't have time to do it (unplug right after copying something) you may end up with missing/corrupted data.
yes, it ensures in-flight writes and written out, and the filesystem is properly closed
basically, you risk file/filesystem corruptions when you unplug it without closing the filesystem first
modern versions of windows default usb drives to synchronous I/O (slow), which reduces the amount of in-flight writes, because they know their users are too stupid to eject them properly

File: hidethepainharold.jpg (139 KB, 1410x793)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
>Be me
>Manager at city's biggest computer store
>70something lady and 80something man comes in
>Pulls out 10 year old Fujitsu laptop from shopping basket
>Laptop has greasy fingerprints, crayon marks from grandkids, and strings of hair under keycaps and god knows what else
>We got one of those nasty viruses young man, all sorts of repulsive pornographic materias started to pop up, also a webpage said we have to pay a fine to the police
>Yes ma'm let me take a look at it
>Start up laptop, all I can think of now is the hand sanitizer in the drawer
>Laptop boots, no sign of ransomware or any serious shit, standard cluttered desktop with shot of baby as background
>Open Firefox
>Firefox has restored your last browsing session:
>Google search "Granny zex, naked grannies, free porn pictures, granny porn"
>SEE? What a terrible virus!
>Grandba who was standing behind her silently turns into Harold
>Hm, yes indeed ma'm

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Wow, that is some stupid ass shit.
>>capacitors don't seem to be the proper ones, I think you want to scam me.

Some people just deserve to be poor.
>I'll start working next week in this factory you see...
I also work in a factory, and I tend to blow all my money on tech too. At least I don't get loans though.
Blowing all your poor money is fine as long as you can do without a loan. Getting a loan with minimum wage is the most fucking retarded thing a poor retard could do and makes them deserve their shit life.

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