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File: C3GsFfTXEAAHcO9.jpg (26 KB, 480x360)
26 KB
I'm looking for a service or some kind of an algorithm that would allow me to get a random string/password at a given time, see it once and then not being able to see the string/password until a certian time period passes.
It would look like this:
>generate a password/string
>access it once
>don't be able to access it until a specific time period passes

So, does /g/ know of any such service?

Basically, what I would like to do with it is make a script that would change my SSID password and my router's admin password randomly and then unlock itself when a specificed time period passes, using the said service so the keys don't ever get lost, yet can't be accessed in the specified time period.
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Kinda like this, but the password is not needed, and instead of the lifetime, I want it to /become/ accessible after a certain period of time passes.
So, that it stores the string in the database, but only makes it available when the time passes.

I'm actually trying to do this to somewhat battle my ADHD and actually start to get work done
just write a python or nodejs script
Ill make this as a webapp right now, what kind of time increments?
I can't think of any possible use case for such a program. That said, it sounds like something you could pretty easily whip up yourself.

Why has no one merged a shredder with a scanner? I've just been trying to Google one, but doesn't look like they exist.
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Because it's a stupid fucking idea
good idea as long as i can still scan my driver license, birth certificate, ss card, dnr order, and other important personal documents .
Wouldn't be used for any major quality documents. I would use it just for receipts.

Could be set so shredding is optional.

Anyone dumb enough to scan the wrong size, deserves to lose their work, although there's way around that.
We scan about 20,000 documents a day at work and we're required to shred all of the documents after.

Your idea is great if you don't think about it.

I think its a good idea, but for consumers i believe there shredding things that are personell and they dont want copied in some database.

File: linux-vs-windows.jpg (95 KB, 1000x667)
95 KB
why the fuck do all these fuckers hype linux up so much? All it did was give me trouble and retarded errors!! Windows is king and is actually a stable os...fuckoff linux
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>>63437865(Original Pajeet)
File: take bait.png (79 KB, 640x480)
79 KB
Things didn't happen, but I'm shilling my hardest while pretending they did.

Windows tracks your every keystroke, sells your data to literally ANYONE, its fuckin botnet. They mastered making there OS very normal fag friendly so they can botnet alot of fuckers computers. Switch to debian. Its the best.
Cool underage posting, kiddo.

File: 0-Ultron_logo_1.png (79 KB, 512x512)
79 KB
Anyone else use google ultron? How does the new Firefox compare to it?
File: the_empty_room.jpg (28 KB, 500x379)
28 KB
>This thread
Nice bait mait
Man it disappointed me big time when I heard this meme spoken by normies. It's dead senpai, let it go.
what a weak browser

File: DSC_0004.jpg (1.6 MB, 3936x2214)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB JPG
The other one seems full and will die soon.

Post your /bst/ as it is now.
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I have so much porn of all my exs. I wish some anon would pay off my card and I'd give him the terabyte lmao
Blurry but you get it
File: IMG_1853.png (937 KB, 1280x480)
937 KB
937 KB PNG
comfy as heck, walnuts and tea, you know whats up dude.
File: Smiling doggo.jpg (126 KB, 746x586)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
First real compliment I've gotten from /g/, you make me real happy anon <3

File: serveimage.jpg (327 KB, 1000x1500)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
Does anyone have any alternatives to self-destructing cookies and Decentraleyes add-ons which function on Firefox quantum already,

or would i be better off just waiting for them to update?
Decentraleyes already updated.
Do not reply.
Okay, then I believe i'm experiencing a glitch.

im currently browing on quantum, and most of my addons are working just fine, but for some reason decentraleyes and SDC say "youre on an older version of firefox."

could this be the result of muh privacy setting blocking checks, or...?
It goes by user agent but you can always click "See all versions" and then install it anyway
thanks b

File: x.png (87 KB, 2106x306)
87 KB
Do your part, /g/.
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fsf doesn't do anything useful, donate to your local homeless shelter instead. both ways you can make in impact in the lives of people who don't matter to anyone.
Fueling the autism, as per usual
You are a fuckup, OP
>500 bucks for lego
holy shit

File: 1451144049283.jpg (371 KB, 1920x1080)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
Which program allows you to password protect an archive the way WinRar does it?

WinRar has an option that makes you enter a password before even opening the archive.

Meanwhile, I can't get that to work in something like PeaZip.
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Free as in freedom, not gratis, newtard.
>admitting to being a cybernigger
When I share stuff with other people running GNU+linux I use tar.bz2 archives and just encrypt them with gpg. The command gpg -c [file] will ask for a password and leave out all the certificate stuff, so you won't have to worry about that. You can decrypt your stuff with gpg -d [file].gpg

When it comes to windows and mobile users... No idea. Never had to do that, sorry
symmetric crypto on GPG
>literally one reverse search image

>pc loses power for a minute
>firefox resets entire profile
tell me one good reason why anyone should use flimsy pile of shit
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woah calm down buddy
with all the spin-offs it looks like there's just an endless stream of games
but we're really only at 15 yet
Not really.
Saved one computer just in time via disabling updates. Too late for the other one though. Fucking hell, you'd think they'd warn us somehow. All of the tabs look squished! Not that it matters. Until NoScript is back Firefox is off limits.
I coudn`t access to youtube, installed back the previous version and is working fine.
Firefox shill detected.
No, it doesn't.

File: St-TS.jpg (98 KB, 960x540)
98 KB
Are the Sennheiser Momentum M2s the best daily-use portable headphones right now?
File: airpods.png (262 KB, 1200x630)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
These aren't headphones

File: 1472868873471.jpg (44 KB, 334x580)
44 KB
Hey guys. pic not related I was wondering about upgrading my current build. I have a gigabyte motherboard 970a-ds3p with an fx8320 black edition. 3.5gh boosted to 4.0 when it needs it. I also have a geforce 660. I dont have an ssd yet but was wondering where do you think I should put my money? The cpu the gpu or a valid ssd to switch out my hdd.

pic not related, unfortunately.
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The biggest noticeable difference would be an ssd. But don't remove your hdd. Use the ssd as your boot drive with your os on it, and use the hdd for your home directory and data storage.
No, its called cellulite and burgerland is overflowing with it.
File: SS.jpg (428 KB, 1200x1734)
428 KB
428 KB JPG
I hope she has a big cock so I can self insert as the little shota with a futa mom.
thanks for your reply. Do you think I should get this https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=20-225-081&cm_sp=e-flyer-_-20171110-_-20-225-081-_-pg8-_-pos1it will be on sale soon for 40 bucks. Is this even worth it or should i spring for something bigger

File: cordova_bot.png (35 KB, 320x360)
35 KB
I need some help. I'm on a cordova project due 11/20

I'm trying to do some push notifications that runs whenever a query returns a row.

The query would be like
SELECT * FROM products
WHERE products.expiry_date >= DATE(now())
AND products.expiry_date <= DATE_ADD(DATE(now()), INTERVAL 8 DAY)

How to run this query automatically, sending the pn only to those who have products about to expire?
Thanks in advance!
refer to your textbook/reference material. it's there to teach you. unless you never learned and this is in a practical job environment, in which case, good luck haha
Unfortunatelly, it's a practical job environment
I'm screwed
i don't mean to be harsh on you, but perhaps /sqt/ could provide a few answers. that, or just google furiously for an hour until you find an answer / a way to half-ass it
Thanks anon, I've never browser /qst/ before
And believe me - I'm googling it like crazy for almost a week
Is this a mobile project? For which platforms? I'll assume it is at least Android.
I'm going to assume you are not pretending to do background processing on a Cordova project which is essentially a local web site, as that would require you to write some custom-made native plugins and in the end will run only in Android. So the app has to be in the front for this to work.
I will also assume you have already found some notifications plugins and you can show notifications from JavaScript code.
There is this query which I'll again assume its for a SQLite database (or websql, for that matter), which will run only in Android.

(There so much you didn't say you lazy OP, so don't complain)

Given all that, you need to call the query in a JavaScript timer, as the websqlite DB is not accessible from web workers (thanks Google for this retardness, but be advised, websqlite is deprecated). And then you call the notification plugin. What's the difficulty?

>surrounded by normalfags

So this is the path of solitude, the path of Kings.
I'm sorry for your future loss
We have these things installed in my hotel. They work for the most part.
They work fine for APs and switches.

tfw when ur browser doesn't show the occassional random meme in all new tabs
File: IMG_0513.gif (137 KB, 340x340)
137 KB
137 KB GIF
>he doesn't get his daily 9gag content directly from new tab
I would actually do this just for the irony value desu
I just use New Tab Tools
awesome, now i can get my dose of tranny indoctrination when im most mentally vulnerable

File: Screenshot (70).png (5 KB, 361x140)
5 KB
What kinda stuff do you keep in your menu box?

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