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File: 590.jpg (33 KB, 640x640)
33 KB
>installing windows
>select primary SSD
>go to partition my spare HDD's
>"you cannot format a drive that contains the current system boot files"
>windows proceeded to install boot loader and other system files onto my other HDD's even though i told it to use the SSD

th-thanks pajeets!
You fucked it up, should have disconnected every drive but the main one.
Don’t have to on linux

File: 1510574270988.png (390 KB, 503x388)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
I want Encylopedia Dramatica back
and something Awful
and B3ta

Tears in the rain web 2.0 thread
literally all of those things still exist wtf
This, OP is just your typical nostalgiafaggot. Anyway ignore these two posts and wait for the other losers to show up so we can have the same 5-10 posts repeated 150 times, it's so funny to watch this "tfw can never experience it again" and it's all right there.

If this thread takes off, I also look forward to everyone forming their gay little 10 year groups, then as soon as more people show up they split off into 5 year groups because everyone who does this shit has no idea what the fuck is going on
YTMND died when Max officially endorsed faggy short films.
Now anon, you have to be nice. Being a meanie is wrong. And cursing is bad.
ytmnd was fukcing trash until we ripped it a new asshole

File: lol.png (532 KB, 800x600)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
morty i turned myself into a Bickle lol im a Bickle riiiiiick

this image was created using free software
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wubba lubba dub dub
IQ 200+
File: organic-green-pepper.jpg (36 KB, 674x400)
36 KB
>Not turning yourself into a green pepper.
I bet you hate free software deep down.
You really do need to get into the mindset of the faggot atheist Redditard to understand why this show is so popular. These people have never heard of adult animation in their lifes that wasn't stuff like Family Guy, it was completely alien to them. And they can't laugh at these shows because they consider these shows stupid. They want a show that isn't necessarily smart or funny or well-written, but that appears to be to appeal to their surface level taste. Because these people live for that mindless self-validation. They don't actually understand what makes for good writing or good comedy, nor have they ever picked a book about physics. They want to pretend they do so and circlejerk themselves, that's what matters. Rick and Morty is just perfect for its demographic: these same college-age self-important Bernouts who "fucking love science". The entire foundation of the show is built upon the dichotomy between "silly sci-fi humor and references" and " things are super deep and tragic bro". This pseudo-intellectual "nothing even matters, I'm insecure about existence, we are all going to die" bullshit that R&M shits out in almost every episode is what appeals to it's audience. The show doesn't actually have the tact to even begin to offer an interesting presentation and discussion of any philosophy, so it spouts these edgy teenage catchphrases. Nevermind the bean-headed, noodle-limbed unexpressive character design, or how the story is non-existent and only comes up when the writers beg you to feel something for these characters so devoid of substance, or how the entire show is a trendy forgettable scenario of the week memefest with just enough sci-fi references to trick kids into thinking they are smart for understanding them, or how the characters have somehow been reduced to even more obnoxious caricatures than before, none of these things matter. What matters is that it appeals to the millenial redditor audience, and that's what's selling Rick and Morty.
File: latest[1].jpg (8 KB, 192x361)
8 KB
I love Larry the Cucumber
but anon
green is my pepper

File: w6YJRs0.png (306 KB, 610x380)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
I am ajit pai, wave your NN goodbye
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It's shame we have to go through these cycles of getting good stuff done and then losing it every 4-8 years. I don't understand why republicans are so interested in making their own lives worse to spite people they don't even know who have opposite political beliefs.
Dear cucktomer,
We are happy to announce our newest megaplan #5 where you can even browse websites like 4gag, 8gag, 9gag etc. Unfortunately, your current plan does not include the website you are using. From January 1, 2018 you are not going to be able to load 4gag as fast as other websites.

You can sign up for an upgrade for only $59.99 per month to get premium access websites other than facebook and twitter! It's free market, right?

Oh and good luck finding other ISPs.

-Yours truly
Jonathan shekelberg
Cool imaginary situation that ISPs could have legally created at any point but chose not to because it's a terrible idea
Just because something didn't happen in the past doesn't mean it wont happen in the future.
You fucking retards want to wait for it to happen, rather then just prevent it from happening in the first place and being done with it. If "imaginary" situation occurs what are you going to say?
>Unironically using a slippery slope argument as your justification

File: 20171109_172431.jpg (2.39 MB, 4128x2322)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB JPG

File: not impressed.jpg (17 KB, 335x373)
17 KB
>get rid of router & modem
>cancel home internet service
>obtain smartphone on an unlimited plan
>use phone as a router whenever you're home
>turn off tethering whenever you're not using it
>only pay like $60/mo for your internet
>cheat the system
why doesn't this work?
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because a home internet service is cheaper faster and unlimited, and a phone service is like 50bucks for like 3 gigs per month at speeds that barely ever even remotely reach 1MB/s
>home internet service is cheaper
not always. where I am it's insanely expensive because Cox has a sort of monopoly over the area.
How would they even now if you're tethering? It's not like there's anything special about the IP traffic of tethered devices.
I only pay $25 for 50meg speeds.
It does work, but mobile internet isn't particularly good, with spotty traffic, high latency and an IP address that might change at any time. If you don't care about any of that there's no problem, but you're also a pleb.

File: password_cloud_post.jpg (61 KB, 500x332)
61 KB
Is it a good idea to md5 hash my password for extra security before putting it into a website?

Like say my password for ebay is "monkey777829". If I md5 hash it becomes longer but I still only have to remember monkey777829.

Is that more secure from cyber crackers?
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He actually does have a point.

Does it add any cryptographic entropy? No, of course not.

Does it make your account less likely to be hacked? Hell yes.

If passwords are hashed in the database, your MD5 password is way harder to bruteforce than monkey777829 -- especially if the hacker doesn't already know your password is an MD5 hash. Say they DON'T know it's an MD5, which is the case -- you have a 32 character alphanumeric password, and even if they correctly guess it's all lowercase plus numbers and that it's exactly 32 characters, that's 36^32 possibilities, which is basically unguessable. Say they know it's an MD5 of a simple string -- you're still adding a computational step, an extra hash, to each guess they do, so you're doubling the time it takes to guess -- but realistically they're going to go for the low hanging fruit, not write custom code to hack your password.
...Furthermore, you can use this as a poor man's Keepass. For each site's password, put your password, append ## and the site's name, and MD5 it. You now have a unique 32 char alphanumeric password, different for each site, and just 1 master password and process to remember.

The downside is that if you want to change your master password, you have to change each site's password, and if you want to change a site's password, you have to change your master password.

So really, just use a password manager.
Not everyone is ebay, and not every webdev adopts sounds security practices as far as user's data are concerned.
Oh in that sense, yes. the hashed value is indeed stronger against brute forces (but who the fuck use bruteforcing nowdays when your ip gets locked after 3 failed attempts?). However if you use a unique hash algorithm for every site all you need to remember is the password monkey7777829. So if a hacker gets the hashed password he will just get that hashed value that is completely useless since he did not use that password on other sites.
>who the fuck use bruteforcing nowdays when your ip gets locked after 3 failed attempts?
someone who has the leaked db.

File: ohno.png (35 KB, 216x109)
35 KB
OpenBSD or CentOS or Slackware?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>okay, I know what this guy* is going for
>wait, what

* I hope I am not misgendering here.
this >>63438766
OpenBSD cause UNIX-based is better than UNIX-like

do you value your time? no slackware
do you value hardware support? no openbsd.
do you value systemd? no centos.

install gentoo.

File: ARDUINO_UNO_A06.png (2.07 MB, 3000x2111)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG
Anyone here have any experience with Arduino Uno? I'm just looking for some good tutorials to start fiddling around with one.

I have two projects I want to do and I feel they would work well for them. One is a simple H-Pattern reader for the readout of gearing and the second would be a readout of RPM, bracketed into LED lights for certain ranges.
If you're more of a book type person, Simon Monk's books "Programming Arduino" and "30 arduino projects for the evil geniuses" seem to be pretty good.
Arduino's own documentation and examples for some specific stuff is pretty good. IMO you gotta break your big projects into small steps and learn the steps one at a time.

For instance, if you're just getting started with Arduino, you're gonna have to learn to connect it to USB, use the IDE to program, and so on. You probably should start with the Blink project (it's the Hello World equivalent of electronics). After that, you're probably going to have to look at handling input (likely with pushbuttons at first). Once you learn how to do both, you can start tackling specific things from your project like reading sensors, working with LEDs and so on.

Hope this helps, good luck learning anon!

File: download (1).jpg (11 KB, 256x197)
11 KB
Hey /g/
Here's my specs
ASUS h110M-k
i5 6400
GTX 1060 6gb
8gb ram
What should I upgrade next I mainly want to use it for gaming?
I was thinking of maybe the cpu but not sure about ryzen or intel.

If your just trying to game then upgrade the graphics card. And consider water cooling your system for best performance

But the system you have now plays the games i play perfectly fine so i dont know why you need to upgrade.

I'm impress, it even has uBlock like a real browser, and reading mode like Firefox.
File: windows 10 trouble.png (375 KB, 1920x900)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
>win 10

File: linuxdist.jpg (578 KB, 1913x833)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
What's the best Linux Distribution for someone who likes to edit audio, videos and play video games?
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Windows 10
Well you don't get what you want do ya bitch?

Android is the closest you have.
this does:
Can anyone rec a good GarageBand-like Android app?
Ubuntu studio

File: ethio5.jpg (131 KB, 1080x1075)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
9 years after the first app store launched, a majority of US consumers are downloading 0 new apps per month on average. While consumers spend roughly 85% of their time using apps, a majority of this time is spent on just five different ones per person.

You should skip native apps altogether and opt for in-browser experiences or in-app experiences through WeChat in China.

92% of Chinese mobile internet users choose to use mobile payment apps as their primary way to purchase (compared to 15.4 percent in the US).

Google also launched Instant Apps, their own vision of running native Android apps instantly and without installation.
that is a cute chinese girl

File: firefox-addons.jpg (28 KB, 240x193)
28 KB
Setting up Firefox Quantum, it's been a while! I've completely forgotten which addons I used to have.

Post your Firefox Webextensions.
81 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm on the newest stable version they had on the mozilla appstore, dunno if there's a newer one on git or something
Error between keyboard and chair detected?
Does this actually give a noticable performance boost?
Can the extension still update itself or do I have to repack it every time manually?
>aren't using adnauseum?

I only use something if it's shill'd enough which it hasn't been lately, get to work cia nigger.
It seems to a bit faster than applying the userscript through a separate extension. >>63436117

Update doesn't work currently. The extension will have to be posted on mozilla amo.
Webext seem to be have an option to allow updates from outside AMO, https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/Updates
but that has not been implemented in 4chan-x. Somebody should probably open an issue.

File: iphonexdesign.jpg (75 KB, 800x669)
75 KB
Hey g, I challenge you to build a desktop better than the iMac pro (the newest if possible) for the same price as the X
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>>63438705 that's just not try, a amd 1080 is 500 plus the 100 dollars for ram and storage and the 200 for a 7th get i5 and the 50 dollar power supply is up in the 800s
I think I hit most of the listed specs for about 50% of the price
Lowest price for iPhone X on Amazon.com: $1,358.97

This computer: $1,327.14 (even threw in a monitor because hey you do get one with the iPhone X)
You could even go for cheaper ram and walk up to a 1060 or 580
wrong display, ram, gpu, and ssd

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