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File: CISSP-logo-stacked.png (13 KB, 215x90)
13 KB
Give me one good reason why you haven't gotten the CISSP certification, aside from:

>I'm a poorfag
>I'm an autism
>I don't think security is important

//Protip: You haven't got damn excuse.
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>CS degrees
>a fucking certificate is better than 4 year degree that proves one is versatile in every aspect of computing not just limited to entry-level security
CS degrees are worthless. Unless you want a 60k job with pajeets
>Unless you want a 60k job
I think pretty much anyone would take a 60k job
Average CISSP holder salary low end is 90,000$

>Computer Science was hard mom thanks for paying for community college!
File: dtw.jpg (38 KB, 250x250)
38 KB

File: 1490630938600.jpg (228 KB, 1780x923)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
Is it true that Windows 10 is more efficient than Ubuntu?

File: 1488321838729.jpg (25 KB, 335x268)
25 KB
>tfw you've been waiting weeks for 1080 ti AiBs and they delay them EVERY TIME
>willingly buying a housefire

Potato Edition

NOTE: Ryzen 5 next month so hold off on your purchase for potential intel price drops

Post your component list, rate other anons', ask questions in general.

Always state the purpose of your PC, your budget, AND YOUR COUNTRY if outside the USA.
If you are asking for improvements, clarify whether you want to lower price, or improve specs or build quality.

>Assemble your parts list with price comparisons by vendor and compatibility filter.

>Have a budget, but don't know where to start? This will recommend you a parts list based on price.

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Ryzen 5s are less than two weeks away. Dumping anything into i7s right now is throwing your money away.

Even if i7s don't drop in price after the 5s come out, you at least won't have to deal with delidding your i7 after OC'ing it or needing a new motherboard if you want to upgrade the next few years.

i7s are a fucking meme.
Doesn't matter for people that want the very best for gayman. The 7700/7700k still outperforms the 1600X in the vast majority of current games.

Ryzen 5 will be the best for the money, but not the best period.
Well I find it extremely hypocritical that you're okay with wasting money on CPUs but not on storage. To each their own though.
ETA for ryzen 3?

2x8GB DDR4 3200 CL16 for $90 at Amazon.

Also if you have a spouse or roommate or some shit you can get more of those Newegg gift cards. I wound up getting $660 of them for $536. Only the 10% extra from promo gift cards expire.

APUs probably Q3, and probably Q4 for R3s.

File: 4928359_orig.png (489 KB, 1043x800)
489 KB
489 KB PNG
I type 100+ words a minute but I follow my own technique. Mistakes are rare but I do several at a time when it happens. Is there any hope for me to learn typing where I use the correct finger for each key or can I not unlearn what I do now?
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on another computer yes, on the dovrak machine no. if both systems ate committed to muscle memory then dovrak will be faster.
>No, dvorak is objectively way better than qwerty according to literally any metric.
That's a myth. Modern empirical studies have found no great difference between the speeds of qwerty and Dvorak users.
I'm at about 64 words per minute.
All those years spent chicken pecking on Runescape must have paid off since I touch type now.
Proper form is a meme. If you can type fast then keep doing what you're doing, unless you look at the keyboard like a toddler.

>I type 100+ words a minute

same here. I use my own system aswell. Its fucking stupid i guess but it just werks so why even bother?! Theres no point for us in learning a "more efficient" system cause we are so fast already tbqh.

This only makes sense when you are a non touch typing brainlet who types at 30 WPM and wants to improve to 60 or smth with a system.

Why does /g/ never talk about this guy?
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because hes not a computer
>Proceeds to post a Stallman thread and post in a Terry thread
Never heard of this guy.
File: fuckyou.png (12 KB, 643x402)
12 KB
Because, pic related.
>cock sucking reddit lefty.
every time i almost take the far right seriously, they end up fucking meme posting and make me doubt everything

File: 2013-02-17-l3-e7548-dvtm.png (37 KB, 1920x1200)
37 KB
Stop using X
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File: plan9.png (490 KB, 1920x1200)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
use rio instead
you're joking but i wish someone would port the rio windowing system over
>3 clocks
File: alioth-7.jpg (1.16 MB, 1689x1242)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
lewl windows is the best you cucks.
Start making a full text based environment.

File: 1477854890441.jpg (182 KB, 526x560)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
>he spent more on his phone than his laptop

File: c.png (7 KB, 197x255)
7 KB
Is C still worth learning?
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to add, you'll pick up on other languages extremely quickly after learning C/C++.
you're gonna have to back that claim up.
at the very least java beats out C# and sometimes beats out C++
> PORTBC |= 1 << SERV_PIN;

What can be more beautiful than that?
will mastering C help me get a kickass embedded programming job?
Yes. C+soldering skills+basic physics knowledge = embedded job.

File: dangerous caranguejo.gif (2.4 MB, 424x530)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB GIF
Memes aside, why is Windows so slow?
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that's fine. extensions hides their posts and replies to them. not the posts that they reply to... unless that post replies to them.
No idea why you would tripfag, it is truly pathetic, I feel bad for you. Nobody is "obsessed" with you, that is just your sad desire for some sort of attention getting to your head. People just see your name and trip and are annoyed.

You can't give a reason to be a tripfag other than that you want attention.

I too hate you, and hope you diaf.
See, it's good to post anonymously. Now don't let me catch you using a trip again.
>thread scheduler? Absolute piece of shit, shuffles threads between cores for no fucking reason.

Source, evidence? Maybe you don't understand the reason?

I'm genuinely curious if this is true or not.
Got that out of your system?

You can turn your trip back on now

File: 1488459336276.jpg (38 KB, 326x346)
38 KB
hiro allows one thread per board dedicated to board improvement. This place would be improved by banning reddit frogposters
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>We only have entry level trash and troll threads
What is >>>>59616662
ban NVDIA/AMD whatever the fuck threads they are

literally every single day
Ban browser threads
Ban "muh NSA" threads
Ban distro threads
Ban phone threads
>Banning distro and NSA threads
someones mad they're stuck on Wangblows because loonix was too hard

File: Notch.jpg (17 KB, 315x302)
17 KB
Does being rich makes you unhappy ?
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I've read your post like 5 times and it sounds like some gibberish from deepak chopra where he invents his own meanings for words and expects you to understand what he's talking about
Only if your retarded.
Money is a means of living comfortably
I'm poor, and it's definitely not helping.
Ah I didn't write that post, I was only trying to interpret it. Actually the best way to interpret a post like this is to disregard all semantics and let the words take the meaning of what the surrounding context suggests.
File: 5eb.jpg (26 KB, 600x750)
26 KB
god damn

File: pc.png (61 KB, 800x800)
61 KB
Programmer thread.

I finally decided that i want my career to be one within the computer programming industry.

What is the best subsection of programming to go into, web development, applications etc.

What are the best languages to learn for this.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Is this a good board to discuss coding stuff like Java? I am stuck trying to get an array to work with images. basically you click an image and it stores the name of said image into an array and makes a list of what you clicked but .onclick isnt working for me or I am just retarded.
don't start. it's hell.
File: 1483081228463.jpg (29 KB, 329x255)
29 KB
>I finally decided that i want my career to be one within the computer programming industry.
you're an idiot. that's the worst job of all time.


you'll literally be a fucking code monkey
>Is this a good board to discuss coding stuff like Java?
For every good response you get, you'll get ten others telling you why Java sucks.

interesting, is java even worth learning?

File: 1457151404612.jpg (37 KB, 633x758)
37 KB
>tfw you bought an Intel build right before Ryzen because /v/ convinced you AMD is shit
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I genuinely hate you all so much. There's a point where we kinda have to look at yourselves to see how you look.
What kind of special retard delid and don't put liquid metal on die
File: 1399306547649.png (4 KB, 124x139)
4 KB
>Buying processors from a company so cheap they use cheap thermal compound.
>Buying processors from a company that claims they can't solder the IHS on chips that small
Their face when AMD is soldering the IHS on 14nm 8 core and 16 core processors.
Intel on suicide watch.
I read the paper on why Intel was cracking the solder.
They made no attempt to try different solders.
All focus was on reducing the gold content.
The edge cracking was also minute. They had more thermal problems by switching to paste than the cracks were causing.
It was purely a move for saving a few shekels on manufacturing. The same reason they don't have pins anymore. Forcibly making Mobo makers to foot the bill.
>Trusting /v/ for computer advice
What the fuck?

File: 1ssami01.vichan.jpg (183 KB, 921x564)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
I have a manjaro install on my laptop, is it possible to turn it into plain arch?

Sorry if I sound retarted
18 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Because its quicker and arch is a shitty distro anyways?
It is possible entirely, however you would have to break the whole system.
You can also just convert it to Arch and keep certain packages, but what would be the point?
>Not using installscripts for the automated parts of the install
I don't install my operating system often enough to need it to be quick. I'd rather take the time and do it right.
If I wanted to install the same thing on multiple computers yes, a script is simple and only proves my point that you would want to know the commands.

we've already proven you can't do everything from the graphical installer and need to use some commands to do it so what's the point?

I use a command line to type the commands I want because a graphical installer can't. I know what commands to type because I read the man pages. I'm not superior to you. I don't give a shit how you install or how often you install your operating system. You just can't do some things with a GUI.
Not if you reinstall kernel, dummy.

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