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Can we please just autoban people who say "pick the right tool for the job"? Thanks mods.

> THIS is never the right tool.
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it's something from the mind of retards. They are too lazy or stupid to come up with a consensus so they just offload that responsibility and act like every choice is somehow good.
File: Laughing Whore.jpg (161 KB, 762x900)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Bjarne is never the right tool. C++ is always the right tool.
C++ has everything so it's always the tool
Correct, while bjarne is always a tool, he's never right. And C++ is the only language that can feasibly be used in all contexts.

File: waterfox.png (21 KB, 256x256)
21 KB
Pic related is consuming CPU like a chink shitcoin machine. What gives?
opening 6 tabs comparison waterfox and chrome
Do you have multiprocess option enabled? Try disabling it.
>he fell for the (((firefox fork))) meme
Will try that

File: and most Linx DEs.png (15 KB, 640x480)
15 KB
>mfw not even modern Windows and most Linux DEs are capable to do what Windows 9x did
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systemd will deprecate gnu first
systemctl list files
systemctl change dir
you mean crashing randomly?
I'm glad they can't do it
wow that mountain almost looks real
don't worry, that's why they haven't shipped windows 98 yet... wait.
start using good editors

File: summer_intern_670px.png (15 KB, 670x338)
15 KB
For Europeans: how do I search for summer internship in other countries? I would really like to spend the summer by working in another country and not my shitty one, so how would I go looking for such job offers in e.g. Germany, France, Ireland, UK, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden etc.?

The field is software engineering / CS / coding / whatever you call it.
In Germany nobody is doing summer internships, as there is no tuition, and your exams and exam retakes easily spread out over 12 weeks. So you do not leave.
>Germany, France, Ireland, UK, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden etc.

Germany, France, UK and Sweden are all shitty countries
Fuck off we're full
t. Mohamed Grossmann
Fuck off, Ahmed

File: 1516452921518.jpg (266 KB, 853x478)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
You do not need to spend $1000 on an office chair. The aeron isn't even particularly good.

You will be hard pressed to even find someone sitting correctly in the chair.

Here we have:

>guy with hunched upper back
>guy almost under the desk
>guy with hunched upper back
>girl hunched over, not using backrest, elbow on table
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They are still paying $1000 for a chair nobody is sitting in properly, even if that is true.
Yoga ball is the best seating technology
I didn't know what this aeron shit was, so I googled it and I shit you not, we have these at my company. WTF, these are fucking expensive. Anyways, I spend 80% of my time laid back with my feet on the desk, holding my notebook in my lap.
File: 1354235235.jpg (237 KB, 851x478)
237 KB
237 KB JPG

>guy on left hunched
>guy on right hunched
>girl I am not sure if she is using the backrest as that is bolt upright, whereas you need to be at least partly reclined to have any pressure on the backrest.
I had terrible back pains, knots and spasms, sometimes so painfull I passed out. I started sitting straight, exercises and I sit on large ball from time to time. Its all fixed now.

File: 1839171_1.jpg (32 KB, 630x630)
32 KB
The fuckheads at Google are going to replace Android and Chrome OS with a new operating system that isn't based on Linux.


Not only are they going to make us unable to run the most simple Unix command line apps on our devices, they will also destroy the argument that the 90% of the worlds computers/smartphones are running the Linux kernel.

Someone should rape their fucking Pajeet CEO.
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File: image.jpg (70 KB, 460x566)
70 KB
Anyone who thinks ditching Android and starting from scratch is a bad idea has never developed for Android and iOS
iOS development is so far ahead that it almost feels unfair. This is entirely due to the design of Android as an OS
This is the smartest thing google has done in a while
Fucking ew. I need to become a graphics designer to fix that mess.
Rust, standard ML, ocaml, lua (via luajit).
but can those be used to build an os?
Sure. See redox OS for rust and MirageOS for ocaml for instance.

File: fprc653nv0b01.jpg (115 KB, 1242x990)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
How do you protect your shit, what password manager do you use ?
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strategically not needing passwords
I use the >reset password every time I need to log in because I forget them and they have so many stupid fucking requirements< manager
small pad of paper under my keyboard. sell me on password managers and how safe ALL your passwords are if your system is compromised?

File: samsung-ssd-860-evo-a.jpg (65 KB, 820x476)
65 KB
>new gen
>same specs
>same capacity limit (up to 4TB)

What happened, Samsung? You were the leaders of accelerating progress ;_;
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File: fWV7f.jpg (357 KB, 2280x2040)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
>SATA SSDs are more than enough.

But that was my point (op here)!

I'm disappointed that Samsung stopped pushing the capacity limits, I'm not mad about the speeds. Those 500 MBs are enough for me and still miles better than what I can achieve with HDD.

So please, Koreans, why can't you make a 6 or 8 TB SSD Evo/Pro?

Also, pic related:
>ywn have ridiculously huge 3.5" SSDs
Except bigger SSDs already exist you dumb mong. OF COURSE Samsung isn’t going to fucking offer it in their CONSUMER VALUE TIER SKU. if you’re so rich like you claim go pay a couple grand for a 10 or 20TB commercial SSD. THEY ALREADY EXIST
>What happened, Samsung?
Pushing capacity beyond 4TB on 8ch controller with only 256Gb dies is impossible.
Make a 16ch controller then?
>make a 16 channel controller for commodity SSDs
You totally should work at Samsung.

File: 1516451153158.jpg (630 KB, 1944x2592)
630 KB
630 KB JPG
What graphics card is this? I found it in a PC in a recycling centre.
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Yeah, but were you able to get it to run at a smooth 28 fps?
you're like a baby
v-synced butter smooth 60 in wireframe mode
>I already have plenty laying in boxes
Some don't, besides there is a decent chance a card too modern will not work on an older motherboard.

>I bought a 7800 GS two months ago for 5€
I only accept your argument if you live in the US. Where I am everything is extremely expensive locally, people are insane, it is actually cheaper to get something on an auction from ebay.

>Hey, everybody can buy and do what they want
Bitch all you want, there is no point in putting a 7800GS on a Pentium III, so even if I get offered this and the 5700 for 5 bucks (I'll probably get both), but I will most definitely install the 5700 on the P3 because it is what makes most sense.
I use to play halo CE on it.
That was my first Crysis Demo run, after that I got new PC just to run Crysis at decent fucking rate.

File: bp1.jpg (20 KB, 750x750)
20 KB
>buttplug for your phone
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Only against magic, you don't play many RPGs, do you?

>Rich and alive?
...and able to shake through walls
So it's for jailbreaking then?
ah yes, we used to do the same thing to our money lenders, and would again if people weren't so afraid of being called anti-semitic or planning another hall of cost
but can he burrow underground?
>He doesn't carry pocket sand

File: shitty_logo.gif (7 KB, 167x231)
7 KB
What went wrong?
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still less bloated and better than poettershit
Fucking Pulse.
That's great and all, but ALSA is Linux-only, so it's fucking useless. Linux devs could either play along with BSD and share ALSA with them, or go back to OSS now that it's free again, but of course they decided to do exactly none of those.
OSS still has better sound quality.

File: iphone.png (70 KB, 726x170)
70 KB
>begrudgingly in mall last week
>see huge line out the door in apple store
>apple planned obsolescence cucked battery repair line
>linux is only valuable if your time is worthless
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>people will defend this
File: 1514956316167.jpg (299 KB, 996x954)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
>>apple planned obsolescence cucked battery repair line
>>linux is only valuable if your time is worthless
hearty chuckle
>i just need the service done while i wait in the store
are these people utterly retarded? if you're so addicted to your phone or you need it that much you can just put the sim on some burner android
i mean if you are gonna have steve jobs face tattooed on your body, at the very least pick the young attractive ashton kutcher looking version, not the slimy malnourished old jew

File: mpg.png (26 KB, 512x512)
26 KB
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I use arch but it's not for everybody. I think opensuse tumbleweed is pretty good too, lachs0r recommends it often.
I'll try to see if I can install opensuse tumbleweed then Arch just sounds like a lot of work like Gentoo. Also it seems like Opensuse has issues with qBittorrent. Maybe I'll wait a bit more till that get fixed. Thanks.
arch is mostly fine after you've installed it. Definitely much less hassle than gentoo.
>everything is powned by governments
>still using linux
Don't trust ffmpeg, they lie all the time.

File: 10.jpg (25 KB, 910x480)
25 KB
anybody know a way to order things online without identification and just paysafe cards?
Give it back Tyrone

File: P80121-001137.jpg (1.19 MB, 3388x1904)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
Am I making the right choice?

Dumping w10 for this.
15 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
No, choose a different distro. Ubuntu is shit and their package repos are a joke. I've heard Manjaro is great.
Manjaro is fucking awful.
Ubuntu (or KDE Neon) and Fedora Linux are the two only valid choices.
That looks great on my 24in monitor
That is absurdly small on a 7in screen. Even if you can “““read””” it, you are putting your eyes through more strain to read it. I don't care how master race chad your eyesight is.
Manjaro is a fucking joke, just install Arch if you want to be a faggot.

Ubuntu, Fedora, and Solus are my 3 distros of choice depending on who I'm installing for and what I'm installing on.

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