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File: 44n5d6hgfagz.png (151 KB, 742x828)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
>/g/ says: "use linux"

But then I can't play games-
>/g/ says: "you don't need to"
But then I can't edit videos-
>/g/ says: "you don't need to"
But then I can't do 3D modeling-
>/g/ says: "you don't need to"
But then I can't do music production-
>/g/ says: "you don't need to"
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For gaymens and some proprietary software Linux is certainly lacking.
But for usability Linux is so sweet, when you get the terminal and can do simple bash scripts it makes linux so confy.
i got bashscript that i can access with a keybind that open links in my clipboard depending on the link.
youtube links will open another script that will show me options so i can choose quality and play it in mpv or download.
file hoster links will automatically download on my fileserver through real-debrid.

also rofi works better than any start menu.
nobody gives a shit about the opinion of microsoft marketing (thread)s
>cd ultra\ despair\ girls\
>wine udg.exe
so hard

>the thread

if gahnome don't fix it for gkt4 we may celebrate it's 20th anniversary
I'll just leave this here.
It's a windows 10 virtual machine with looking-glass-client.

Polite sage, this is already on page 8.
Whenever someone is told to use Linux they suddenly become a professional in media production.

Is it compulsory for facebook/google/windows employees to use their services?? What will happen if anyone gets hired in one of those offices and he doesn't use facebook, uses duckduckgo or startpage or searx instead of google and uses arch or any other distro than windows??
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For the (((good pay)))
That's a pretty cheap price for your soul
MS not only makes Windows developers use Windows (which as you say they'd kinda have to anyway), they make them use bleeding-edge development versions. As in you're doing your development on the half-broken beta that you're working on. It's called "dogfooding" and I've heard more than one anecdote about people there hating it.
Yeah, good luck even getting a job without that shit. They ask you what are you using at the interview. If you say you don't use their shit, fuck off and don't come back.
Dam that sucks
Linux desu for the win

File: license-docs_0.png (657 KB, 493x989)
657 KB
657 KB PNG
Which one would you get
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Sure, but the point that anon was making was that more liberal states are full of self-loathing Americans and that they have to 'fix' what's bad about America.
The biggest problem with Real ID is that it is a de facto federal ID, which is not supposed to exist, as well as coerces states to follow a federal mandate. It raises issues with the 10th amendment. It's one of the few issues that pisses liberal and conservative states off.
If you are a property owner in Westchester why do you care about $30?
I don't object to them taking pieces out of my dead body and saving other people with them, I object to the fact that they expect me to donate them for free. If organs are that valuable and needed my estate and any applicable heirs should be getting paid for em, dammit.
The bigger issue is there's a good chance your organs never actually get sent to someone that needs a transplant. Being an organ donor means your corpse / body parts can be used for shit like testing military weapons or simulated plane crashes.

There's been a number of federal lawsuits popping up about this too, interesting reads. Keyword is "body broker"
>The biggest problem with Real ID is that it is a de facto federal ID, which is not supposed to exist,
No, what is not supposed to exist is using a SSN as a form of ID, there is nothing preventing the government from issuing their own IDs. See passports you retard

File: serveimage-4.png (76 KB, 640x400)
76 KB
Does /g/ use a password manager?
Which one?
Do you host it yourself?
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The most important ones (email, bank, etc) do. Ones that would cause you intense butthurt if you had the credentials to stolen.
>I am dumb normie
>you must be dumb normie
I obviously won't give you my password, but some are along these lines "D1C5UCC3R@347MYA55!", crack that, faggot.
https://www.passwordstore.org/ + git
Wow you're relying on a notoriously insecure single point of failure for all of your passwords?
>storing your passwords on a computer
lmao dumbfucks

File: images (8).png (7 KB, 300x250)
7 KB
>/g/ STILL want to become code monkeys
Computer Engineer*. I’m smarter than the monkeys. I’m an ape.

File: sweating-pepe.jpg (8 KB, 218x218)
8 KB
My heart is pounding when I browser web. I feel very excited like I won a lottery or a girl asked me to have sex with her.

Do you have the same symptoms, anon?
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File: captcha_sky.jpg (18 KB, 416x689)
18 KB
Do you live in Burkina Faso?
I have been to a doctor already, i am even talking pills to reduce my anxiety. Do you think surfing only makes it worse?
No, why? I am from Russia
I felt that way the first time I browsed the web in like 1997
>>>/vp/ gaymerfag weeaboo.

File: 1509978223801.png (341 KB, 832x444)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
Is it possible to replace electricity with fiber optic cables?
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wow, look at these idiots
If you hook them in a loop you could store the light and then open it when you needed energy.
PoF (power over fiber)- can be very inefficient if we are talking over conversion over a typical data fiber standard.
However power over fiber using impulse currents/impulse lasers is very efficient especially over long distances and with far less safety issues with high voltage and no EMF noise. You could transmit packetized data too just with normal fiber.

The issue is you need to have nearly perfect glass and materials that can handle the energy involved. Typical lenses for very high output lasers can fail over a few uses. A transmission fiber has to be on continuously. There are obvious safety issues too with lasers that have the energy output to flash vaporize flesh too.
The amount of attenuation you're talking about makes it absolutely infeasible, and very unstable.
yes but it is absurdly expensive and incredibly inefficient, the system below for example provides 1 watt and consumes 75 watts


File: 1024.png (278 KB, 1917x1014)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
How's my roleplaying "OS" made in winforms looking /g/?

Trying to go for a Windows Whistler look.
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Neat, what .NET language are you writing it in?

Also at least you're working on something - more than can be said than the NEETs here
Bonus points if you incorporate DoubleAgent so you can have BonziBuddy in there
Glorious suggestion. I'll look into that.
Winfag/tripfag detected
Slit your wrists.

File: fhhfd.jpg (1.29 MB, 2016x1512)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
They had one fucking job.
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How do you get the screenshot from the Windows RE to the live CD without it disappearing from the clipboard?
Windows 10 has legit improvements like multiple desktops and in box ISO mount plus shit like BitLocker and language packs that were previously exclusive to the Enterprise/Ultimate SKU are now standard in the Pro SKU.
Live cd has an option to import the last clipboard
So what does that do?
Install Linux.

its over
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>then how are they still losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year?
Because they are spending money on the building out future capacity of making Y cars per week, but are making less than that at the moment so they are losing money.

Cars and Phones and lots of other stuff only become profitable if they sell a certain amount of units per year because designing the thing, and getting production running is expensive.

For example, when Sony was still making phones people wanted they sold a few million phones but still managed a loss in their mobile division.

Elon himself said he needs to sell the higher priced model 3s for the company to survive and then work out production and other shit before you are likely to see the 35K model 3 for sale.

Teslas appeal has had a lot of parallels to apple products appeal.
That 'cool factor'
The exclusivity "I got mine early, now they are on back order 8 months'

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Remember when they didn't recommend the iPhone and became irrelevant overnight?
goddam it my tesla stock is never going to make it back to its break even point
>didn't recommend the iPhone
based as hell
consumer reports are truly ahead of the competition

I think your critique is valid, but I will say that the Model 3 touchscreen is not laggy. Having used it in person it's probably one of the most responsive touch screens I've used on any device.

File: shit.jpg (12 KB, 355x355)
12 KB
> slightly bumps at pic related
> "nothing personel kiddo"
> disconnects external HD in the middle of a backup
that means you have a chink shit hard drive with a loose connector. I have two drives sitting on my desk right now and the plug mates firmly and never comes out accidentally.
Your fault for not getting a dock for internal harddrive

File: 1526357839150.jpg (44 KB, 210x349)
44 KB
I love apple
Mee too man much better than Android kek
File: 1503677008783.jpg (274 KB, 1000x1243)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
I love apple too
I don't like fruit.

He loses the right to call anyone onions when he makes nigger porn.

Fuck this entire shit thread.

Do your classmates in uni think you're autistic if you use anything other (ex. thinkpad running arch with lewd animu background) than a macbook?
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Instead you live in shitswampistan.
No it's not lmao. Why would I subject myself to baseless conformity, that too conforming with the worst aimless people, when I could spend the same amount of money on a product that actually meets my needs and isn't a Facebook machine. Most of the people in my major (CS) have a similar laptop as me and once in a while you see the odd Mac fellow. All my engineering friends and their friends share this too. Other than that only the art and media/photography majors have them along with English and journalism of course.
The redpill on this subject is to run Arch on your macbook. You get to use a real OS, and at the same time the girls know you are of high social stanting and have money because you can afford a macbook.
Pic makes me weep for the future.
Einstein was a kike and a monster that killed millions by inventing nucular weapons.
Just tell them that you're a poor hipster tht can't afford a crapintosh.
File: 1502649352699.png (840 KB, 1536x2048)
840 KB
840 KB PNG
>high social stanting
>being able to afford $2 a day

File: 1508363038255.png (3 KB, 345x98)
3 KB
24bit audio is a meme.
16 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>studio quality
yes it does
bluetooth a2dp will save us
Might as well donate your stapes to deaf babies if you're not going to use them.
No it doesn't.

File: ascend.jpg (224 KB, 600x600)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
Best bang for buck monitor for your reading pleasure?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
For reading? A fucking ebook
Bump for good monitor for reading/writing/text.
I went from a 1080p laptop display to a 4k laptop display, and the difference is stunning mate.
Feels real good to read off this shit.
I bought a 20"? 1080p monitor from a thrift store for $20. The color production was almost as good as an HP 27Xi monitor.
There's a $200 27" 4k monitor on Amazon. It's made by SCEPTRE which is sketch af, but it's a good cheap buy.

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