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>900 ICP is my whole portfolio
this man could ruin me
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icp and btc are the only fundamentals plays in crypto right now. unless something really bad happens youll be fine.
Investing in ICP now is like investing in Bitcoin 1939
File: 1707678655883958.png (160 KB, 548x857)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
only 900?
the only man who is ruining you is yourself, diversify that portfolio with some SOL and SSNC or you will regret it.

File: IMG_9759.jpg (558 KB, 1179x1295)
558 KB
558 KB JPG
>blackrock and hbar link up
>edf and hbar link up
>hbar chads stay winning
crypto incels seethe
I don't get it, is this a type of cope post or something? An attempt at revisionist history? Some investment company with investment in HBAR creates their own tokens to represent a Blackrock ETF holdings, mails Blackrock saying "uh we've made tokens to represent our holdings of your fund, is that ok?" and gets no response and then they tweet out "hey we partnered* with Blackrock to bring their assets on chain (*We made tokens they didn't ask for or approve but since they didn't say we can't do it we just are assuming that's them saying it's all good) and artificially pump the HBAR token then dump it on retail for profits and this is bullish now? Meanwhile Blackrock is not even aware any of this is happening. That's bullish?
no fud ser
File: IMG_9758.jpg (473 KB, 1179x1052)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
>500b aum mEaNs NoThInG
Kys incel. BR linked up with hbar and your dogshit token will fade to obscurity

File: 1593471517347.png (24 KB, 485x433)
24 KB
Between TRUMP and PEPE, which is the better buy?
File: 1631981180218.jpg (6 KB, 206x440)
6 KB
>Post release Gravity Labs
File: 9cc.jpg (138 KB, 683x817)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
>Between TRUMP and PEPE
Kek why buy such shitcoins when you could buy drooling retards like r o j a k
File: 1612280922639.png (159 KB, 422x422)
159 KB
159 KB PNG

File: 86329786377820222.png (1.11 MB, 1000x1200)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
>Every solshitter TG
>"I wish I had more liquid to buy the dip"
Motherfucker you don't need more liquidity, you need a fucking job.
trying to get a job, its not looking good. hundreds of apps and not a single interview yet. im unironically about to take my last 30k and backpack around SEA for the next few years and look for work out there. Ill take being a rural chicken farmer in Myanmar at this point
>pork, 2 eggs, and fake cheese on a sandwich
What inbred culture is this from?
New Hope, Pennsylvania

Is there a way to bet Crypto on the upcoming election? I think this is on topic because we had threads about it last time
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File: doitfaggot.jpg (109 KB, 450x403)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
You're welcome
This is looking like the best so far
didnt this actually happen tho

File: 1710430941775113.jpg (115 KB, 562x768)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
unless 15k support is not broken were in a bullmarket

File: hQ_CPfOl_400x400.jpg (5 KB, 400x400)
5 KB
anyone else in?
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how is this thread still up. is biz dead?
bump i guess, one last chance to buy in.
well anon biz has really gone down the drain. at least you'll make it

File: greenwojak.jpg (221 KB, 568x479)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
File: 1699828921581580.png (2.94 MB, 1920x1080)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB PNG

File: chicken-tendiens-frog.png (670 KB, 707x612)
670 KB
670 KB PNG
I find the whole concept of ordinals idiotic.

Hurr durr we must reference the bitcoin blockchain data. Why? Why not use a database archive of books or newspapers or any scientific data. or any number of verified and widespread data sets. Why is a blockchain needed at all to create tokens that reference a piece of data. It's so retarded and obviously spam.
I want to inscribe a bookdinal on the book database, now show me how. I'll wait and wait and
>create Literal using off-chain data
>off-chain data gets moved, deleted, or corrupted because it's not immutable like on-chain data
>your literals are now worthless
gg, idiot

File: snail.png (112 KB, 1280x1280)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
Day 1006 of snailposting every day until BTC is at 100k
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File: 1712519557443883.png (146 KB, 872x1020)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
>>58426117 (OP)
long live the snail
soon 100k bro you'll see
after you make it I'm gonna make a token using runes on satoshisync in your honor bro, such patience and dedication needs to be rewarded somehow.
Fuck off nigger. Stop riding my shell.
you are not op faggot gtfo
go go go snail bro go go

File: 1653011798234.png (275 KB, 494x464)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
>bought at 73k
>sold at 59.7k
what should i do?
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Don't buy all time highs???
File: 1612300595102857.jpg (84 KB, 600x681)
84 KB
>what should I do
Stop buying literal new All Time High(s) (ATH)'s? That's a good start. For now be a big man with big man pants, take the L and go back to the shitcoin mine. Reminder that $SSNC is going to ride the new rune market so that might be a cool entry for you.
>bought at below $20k and $35k
>still haven't sold shit
Sometimes you gotta just George Constanza this shit. Do the exact opposite of what your instincts tell you, and suddenly you will emerge a chad.
I don't know but wait let me ask the Jews, kek.

File: IMG_4950.jpg (36 KB, 720x716)
36 KB
So was this a meme coin all threads about XRP vanished was it all Indians spammers?

Any idea what happened was it all a scam?
xrp has been out for 12 years and they still have to pay people to use it so idk senpai seems kinda sketch desu
their baggie cult moved to /bant/ along with several others
I never saw these so called "Indian scam coins" everyone keeps talking about. Technically all these obamadogesonic420 shitcoins are going to zero eventually and the same coins that were talked about before email verification are talked about now.
>Maybe the real scamcoins were the /biz/natches we met along the way...
yes a coin that's been in the top 7 for over 12 years is a scam token

File: Going to kill self.png (4 KB, 1792x44)
4 KB
I feel like such an idiot. I lost all my gains i made over the past 11 years. All my btc liquidated away. Fucking hell why am I so stupid?
how much btc we talking
Looks like 23 BTC's worth of misleadingly marketed shitcoinery.
> Holy shit guyz, BlackRock just went balls deep in HBAR!!!one
Just another normal day in crypto.

File: dump.png (102 KB, 645x585)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Insider here, you will likely make a lot of money if you go to any lending defi platform, lend ETH or another coin, use it as collateral to borrow ezETH, sell your ezETH for stables or ETH or whatever, and then repay your ezETH loan when ezETH depegs hard. And it most likely depeg hard. Imagine tricking people to stake 3.3 billion dollars worth of ETH into your shit for worthless points in hopes for an airdrop, and then give all those people who risked their capital a shit 2.5% airdrop while the dev team and VC investors get 80%. People will get out of ezETH like crazy as soon they can unstake from Pendle later today.
File: file.png (24 KB, 586x188)
24 KB
File: file.png (114 KB, 585x619)
114 KB
114 KB PNG

Chainlink Hackathon Idea Cultivation v1:

ITT anons will help me come up with a hackathon idea for Chainlink's upcoming hackathon.

The hackathon is on April 29th to 2nd of May.

It has an occult theme this time and the hackathon is called 'BLOCK MAGIC': chain.link/hackathon

Now we all know about Chainlink's occult background. Because of this I believe this hackathon will spark some true success stories from it. As a result I need some ideas. Almost everything has been done before.

I am a pro at frontend design/development. Fullstack really but my specialty making cool animations and designs for modern responsive web apps (dApps). All this to say that no outlandish idea is off the table.

- Brainstorm ideas
- Ideas have to incorporate Chainlink's services:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>(although I don't trust my kids, if they get one time payment, they will sell it right away, that is why I proposed automatic rule payments)
very smart father
ohhh I just had an idea, theres the ENS, how about making a CCIP solution for aggregating different naming services that will probably crystallize?

so website.eth and the same website on bnb as website.bnb would be aggregated as website.blink (blockchain-link) or smth
Sorry mate, I've got no clue what the heck you're talking about. How would you define free will through smart contracts?
Wow this may be the best idea ITT that could actually win a prize. Unfortunately I wouldn't even know where to begin. And there is only 8 days to do research and build an MVP.
Well at its simplest, it would be a webcrawler that hashes websites, and the websites that have the same hash would be aggregated as the same. Mmm actually thinking longer about it, im not so sure anymore, its basically indexing it, idk why we would need ccip. I guess making it trustless? Ie making sure you actually get referred to an official website, since a non decentralized indexer could plant fakelinks

File: fb5.gif (139 KB, 680x680)
139 KB
139 KB GIF
I'm a guy in my mid twenties who can expect to inherit around a million dollars from my parents in the future. They're approaching retirement age now. The inheritance would come mostly through our family home, which is worth about 750,000 to 800,000 dollars along with some gold, and whatever other investments they have at the time of their passing after years of retirement. The actuarial tables say they should live around another 20 years but my parents are reasonably healthy so hopefully they live longer than that.
I make about $60,000 and am moving out soon. I have been given full confidence the home will not be sold, reverse mortgaged, or otherwise squandered. The home is in a trust and I am the only beneficiary. My father has offered to help me out with around $100,000 in down payment assistance for my first home (perhaps through selling some of his retirement), or to just sign the home over to me and move out to the city when he retires and buy a condo (I would help with the payments).
How should I plan for my financial future, with this inheritance in mind? And how can I best leverage my status as an only child to give my future self and family the best go of things? I would appreciate all your responses. I've only gotten into investing in the last year after starting my first job so I am new to managing wealth.

File: 1597834512392.jpg (29 KB, 513x513)
29 KB
>he fell for the scam dump
File: 1662484543511220.png (102 KB, 353x299)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
I admit it, I am guilty, I sold all my SUPER and bought USDT.

File: jxzxmyiu0sc91.png (322 KB, 740x630)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
>everything's dumping today
>except solana
Newsflash fag: saying fade doesn't make you sound cool

File: 1518107464416.png (155 KB, 646x700)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
Every pullback is an opportunity

File: MuskTeslaThumb.png (518 KB, 931x523)
518 KB
518 KB PNG
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
No. TSLA stock was always decoupled from reality. The last cycle Elon successfully sold the dream that we would have full self driving cars doing autonomous uber rides by now. People have realized how shit Teslas are and no one really wants one anymore because they dont actually save you money and you are driving around in a fish bowl

The Cybertruck is a fucking disaster
TSLA pumping after MISSED earnings its absurd, Elon just promised more bullshit he'll 100% won't deliver and wallstreet farded and shiedded their pants, TSLA has value just because kikes are keeping it afloat, its ridiculous
how much did you lose?
nothing, but ngl im seething at this bullshit
Rigged market, hedgies collect OTM puts and shorts premium

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