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File: 1674517160906066.png (404 KB, 840x854)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
I have been working for a small sized company (soon to be mid sized) that has been growing extremely rapidly within my state. It has breached the state's borders recently and is constantly hiring. I have been working a wagie position, higher paid than peers of the same position at different firms, but I hate it. I hate having to be spat on and not respected. I have a bachelors degree in the field the company is in, and have 3 years of experience. I have applied to 3 different positions in the company, and about 30 outside the company. EVERY SINGLE ONE IS A FUCKING REJECTION OR GHOST POSITION I AM SO FUCKING FED UP WITH THIS FUCKING ECONOMY I AM GOING TO FUCKING SNAP.

The real stinger is that, if I was born just 20 years earlier, my efforts would have been rewarded. Seems like all the advice I hear from older people is "you aren't working hard enough, you should pull yourself up by your bootstraps". NIGGER I AM FUCKING TRYING TO WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME A CUSTOMER THREATENED YOU WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WERE STRUGGLING TO SAVE FOR A HOUSE WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU COULDNT AFFORD FOOD WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU DECIDED RUNNING THE HEATER WAS TOO EXPENSEIVE WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU FUCKING SUFFERED. If I could remove the older population, I would.
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That's the thing. I have had 4 interviews. I am well groomed, energized, educated, and passionate about the roles I apply for. But I have been rejected for them all. I suppose one is pending, so there is a microcosm of hope. This strategy just doesn't work if you get no offers.
Management positions for millennials and gen x, boomers only. All industries are oversaturated with noob zoomers. If you want higher pay you need to go to a more prestigious company. Then come back to your old one for management position.
>That's the thing. I have had 4 interviews

oh, well I think you're on the right track then. Keep applying, get an offer, prepare to leave and then see if your company will make a counteroffer in a last ditch effort to keep you.

You read a lot about employee disloyalty these days but the truth is that big companies/firms are just as bad. They know they have endless workers to choose from and management becomes extremely lazy, fails to retain good hardworking employees etc.
File: IMG_4628.gif (3.01 MB, 350x193)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB GIF
Wagies are terrible.
have you also tried a firm handshake and maybe cutting back on the avacado toast?

File: file.png (340 KB, 594x614)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
Were we early to ROSE? I'm starting to see it talked about a lot on X and reddit
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Yeh I mean this.. scamcoin, dogshit. Don't buy. Check out Linu or Avi or Apu or Doge or Bonk or some shit.
Rose reminds me of Jibrel.
buy $owi https://x.com/owionsolana

Are you retarded?
Only doing advertising when there's a token unlock and otherwise just letting the project die is disgusting. Just look at the fucking chart. It's one of the worst in the entire market.

File: abs.jfif.jpg (49 KB, 474x688)
49 KB
Why are alts languishing so damn much?

File: 77.png (263 KB, 600x600)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
What would you do with $10,000,000?
Keep in mind, this is the minimum to /makeit/ now.
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oh boy another 4chan thread talking about making millions with some shitty memecoins how original you know what's better than a memecoin chooky it's gonna revolutionize the world of shitty tokenomics but hey if you want to spend all your cash on some memecoins go ahead just don't come crying when chooky beats them all
I would buy 3 houses, one to live in and the 2 to rent out, and then see if I can partner with more real estate people, that's technically my plan when I'm done with all my bags at dexview
Arm myself and some guys like we're in c.o.d and have some fun. Some pro migrant rally or a far left convention would do.

Lmao with 10m I would have a harem. I never had more than 20k€ in bank and I never had a problem getting laid, Im married and have two kids Im worth like maybe 150k max.
Also Im 175 cm that's probably like 5.8 burger meters
Get good incels
>french people not niggerifying the world : challenge impossible
Absolument dégoûtant

Doge predictions
>X payments pumps to $1
>retail zoomies zoom on in for $2
>anticipation EOB top pumps to $2.20
>reddit finally buys I'm and it pumps to $2.25 and then dumps to .40
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t. famous last words
D coin will be the main digital currency for the plebs which means it will take off right behind bitcoin.
Kek baggieeees!
>b) nobody really uses it
Just like Bitcoin but it's still $65k
kys idiotic normie filth. its very unsurprising dogcoiners have the same exact uncomprehending views as /r/buttcoiners. You're on the same exact level
File: 1715620949572786.jpg (59 KB, 500x667)
59 KB
unironically between doge and uniswap for my "safe" hold this bullrun.
might go 50/50 on this.
is this retarded?
doge is like meme bitcoin, and uniswap has some good upside until ath

File: get ready.jpg (96 KB, 897x1022)
96 KB
imagine selling now
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When you feel like not selling, sell. Take profits now. BTC is crabbing yet all alts are dumping in unison as we speak. Imagine BTC dumps to 66k, alts will be obliterated
gee, AI has created its own language...
File: 1699105764089203.jpg (84 KB, 560x448)
84 KB
That is the most retarded subhuman language I have ever read kek
you represent the evil that men do.
i do not.
i win.
File: 1703619615479296.jpg (64 KB, 645x729)
64 KB
>check the prjsgrafiek

File: 1670715689376764s.jpg (5 KB, 250x200)
5 KB
Should i rotate all of my APU gains into LINK? its $100k APU. I want to partly because LINK might start moving rapidly, and party because that OCPD guy is a fag.
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I rotated 400k out of apu to link. I bet that meme season is over now tokens with ulitity will pop out
are you braindead? rotate your apu gains into okayeg, not chainstain
APU still has a x20 left in it, Chainlink will do a x2 at the most.
I hold both, retard.
>I bet that meme season is over now tokens with ulitity will pop out
I disagree. Meme season will be over whenever this cycle has topped. By your logic this market has topped already.

File: 1606441220264.png (41 KB, 591x527)
41 KB
how should i invest 250k?
Just buy SPY
you could go with :
apu on eth
okayeg on base
popo on eth
pu on eth the one with the simpsons that launched 14h ago
I’d buy land, maybe even a duplex in a small town to rent out. Maybe downstairs is a store front a could incorporate a business.
Do this and buy Bitcoin next bear market.

File: Pepe.jpg (155 KB, 1561x617)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Give it to me straight, can Pepe rebound somehow or am I just gonna have to suck it now and take the 100 bux loss?
Why is it crashing so past few days?
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Sorry meant for >>58495895
The new ath was driven by the gme meme frenzy, not really organic, of course it dumps back, so did gme

It will come back up but may take some time
Just get maga it’s on uniswap
>Why is it crashing so past few days?
But if you zoom out; you'll see that it is still up 647% in the past 3 months?
It was up in mid-March and then dipped hard. Then rose from mid-April and 3 days ago started dipping hard again.
It's relative. Not everyone bought in at the start or mid-April.

File: apu prophecy.png (732 KB, 720x960)
732 KB
732 KB PNG
He lied to us

File: Monkey Peepo.jpg (72 KB, 1382x732)
72 KB
>thanks for playing
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File: 1713239593700185.jpg (80 KB, 521x812)
80 KB
Giving my energy to Peepo
I'm dumping 18m total in the 1-1.2m price range. I won't hold this steaming piece of hot garbage any longer.
It just so happens that I'm dumping 30m total in the 950k-1m price range. I won't hold this steaming piece of hot garbage any longer either.
Same, I am just waiting to dump 15mil at this point. I am not gonna waste the whole bull market with this crabbing shit.
Fuck off, and don't try to hide, that most holders is just waiting to dump their bags at breakeven price.

File: 34534t36436.jpg (1.12 MB, 2718x2871)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
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File: warrior1.jpg (24 KB, 480x360)
24 KB
this. it´s meant to tranquilize zoomies until total dictatorship is installed after harsh deflationary phase.
Its the lack of competition in today's markets. There's an oligopoly in most markets, you have to buy whatever they put on the shelves because there's no one else. They dont have a reason to lower prices or raise quality because they wont lose enough customers to care. (also normies are happy to just eat shit)

Globalisation was meant to increase competion but instead the larger companies opened up shop abroad and out competed the locally/domestically owned stores, then lobbied for regulations increasing the barrier for entry.
File: warrior2.jpg (144 KB, 1000x1282)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
plus 30% of the worls grain production is not accessible anymore due to war in ukraine and import bans against russia.
Because they know people are pricetag shoppers who don't check for quality and instinctively believe they get what they pay for

File: file.png (311 KB, 1305x1297)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
Metal is back baby. Sorry crypto conners, your fake internet money is old hat, people want real currency when it matters.
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File: 1634867600994.gif (3.91 MB, 244x200)
3.91 MB
3.91 MB GIF
>Silver has no value
Decades of undermining of silver has lead to little investment and a consumption of above ground stockpiles.
In 1980 there was something like 10 times more silver above ground than gold. Now the above ground stockpiles are the same or perhaps now these is less stockpiles of silver than even gold. It takes years to get a new mine online and as a anon said Silver is primarily mined as a byproduct of other metals meaning you cannot simply just increase silver production as alot of the effort will go into mining other metals that may be less desirable.

Silver price has been fixed for decades via paper silver and the comex. What happens when during a inflationary economic environment, a crucial industrial metal that has in the past been used as a monetary metal is being stockpiled by your adversaries whilst you are trying (and failing) to keep the priced down via market manipulation.

Perhaps you get one of the most insane supply shocks/ short squeezes of all time? All I know is when Silver pops off it will be impossible to attain it.

1:1 GSR when? Perhaps you may see Silver rise above gold in price for a time.
>10000 worth of gold or silver cross border
not something i have a need to do quite literally fucking ever in fact i never want to do anything but hoard gold and have it hard to take from me, not easy to send far from me in an instant.
imagine thinking that electric grids will exist in 100 years
much less a world wide internet

File: 5675754667567.webm (2.62 MB, 450x800)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB WEBM
If you are so good, why aren't you rich?
26 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
posting this vid used to be an insta ban here lol
but has anyone ever found out what that pajeeta ever did cause i never heard of no gen z linked in the meantime

at least natassia has a public record of trying something herself
She’s gross
this webm is like 5 years old at this point
Nastassia is that kind of nasty whore I would hate fuck the shit out of her while smacking the taste out of her mouth at the same time
because I wasn't born with rich parents, plus in my early 20's I think I lost the will to live, if I spend my time holding memecoins, and watching charts all day on dexview to increase my net worth without a plan for the future, then I guess I'm not doing well at all


File: 17106593929256s.jpg (11 KB, 241x209)
11 KB
aren't the casino odds better than meme coins lottery?
31 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 163644462100.jpg (104 KB, 1000x667)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Nah, the casino is literally engineered to make you lose money and its backed by decades of research on how to harness the sunk cost fallacy and the pleasure receptors of your brain to make you stay longer and longer while wasting your money and time under the hopes that you will hit that jackpot. Meanwhile shitcoins are legitimately backed by people's retarded feeling of community and sense of belonging over the stupidest things, i just someone launch a token about the fucking dog (conan) that raided osama bin laden and you can bet your right titty a lot of boomers are going to buy it.
casinos are designed to screw you over. crypto is more of a no mans land, so its more "fair".
I rather play hold em than buy fag coin
I hold things like maga because it makes me laugh, both have the same possibilities, only at least with memecoins I'll get some money while laughing like a retard

File: pepes.jpg (58 KB, 976x850)
58 KB
Sidelined bros. How do you guys manage FOMO?
23 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Solana will probably cause the next big dump. So yea just wait.
In Capo we trust he never let us down
I turn off the pc for a while and go to touch grass, watching charts in dexview for a long time would make me paranoid, it's a mental effort that is not worth it
File: monky.png (59 KB, 256x256)
59 KB
But I'm not sidelined?
By gooning to sissy hypno bbc porn until all i can think about is cock in asshole and not how much opportunity cost i've experienced in the markets by being a literal beta cuck.

If you can grind out enough in passive income to stop working should you keep grinding to become rich (i.e. having tens of millions in assets)?
37 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yea my job makes me happy, i work as a paramedic, it makes me happy to help people, i work 12h shifts every other day so i have a few days off every week to do other things i want to do in the meanwhile.
no, why the fuck would I do that
Yall are honestly so fucking pathetic. Literal bottom tier normie top buyers. You faggots alwas make these threads cuz u somehow think your 100$ in dogshit coin #1000 or 200$ in bitcoin bought at 70k will make you rich.
Then you imagine these scenarios in your head that will never materialize. Are you "people" really this dumb and predictable?
holding doesn't count as passive income?
I mean, every time I look at the charts of my bags in dexview they only go up, I don't do much more than wait and sell

File: house.jpg (129 KB, 1020x1025)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Is it true that Americans take out 30 year fixed rate mortgages to buy shitty wooden frame houses that collapse during a storm?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
No. Though there is a big pro-muslim psy-op undergoing, intended to fan the flames of social unrest. it's lame and the vast majority just want the doors closed. same in all western nations. all it has done is shown governments represent corporate interests, not the will of the people. pretty obvious
my 5 year old with autism literally makes more solid framework with the box of K'nex I gave him a couple of months ago
>brick house
It's most likely a veneer, shit head. Even if it wasn't brick is shit since it has minimal tensile capacity via the mortar.
This is the second best you'll get for a house. Best would be concrete, but only super rich people with legit mansions would go there.
Nah, it's just that wood framed houses rely on the sheathing for lateral stability and the contractor was a tard who didn't have enough temporary bracing installed to keep it up during a little storm.
>pro-muslim psy-op
Ah yes, the anti-Israel one. Soooo lame. And did I say that BOTH sides are bad? Wink wink
i'm totally with you but I think zionists have hijacked jewish interests. explains why jews are protesting in israel. zionism is globalism

File: IMG_1085.jpg (42 KB, 640x480)
42 KB
Is passport broing just simple market economics? How does /biz/ feel about this geo-arbitrage of dating markets?
70 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
He said pretty women, not white
you pay a western whore more for worse quality

you are always paying for sex unless you are raping women
>you are always paying for sex
only ugly niggers say this, chad doesnt pay a dime
yes he does, they'll claim he raped them or catch him for child support

chad isn't that smart so he can get played by the system

or he's spending gas money and condom money
Women want money and attention. The difference is that chad pays women with his attention and betasois pay women with their money because women don't value their attention.

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