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File: IMG_0037.jpg (150 KB, 828x686)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
I need your help bros

I’m going to spend next week traveling for work and this is my first time sharing a place with women.

There’s gonna be three guys and three girls in the hotel. The guys will share a bedroom and the girls will one too but but all share a toilet and shower.

How do I poop in this situation?
I never poop away from home.
What if I clog the toilet?
What if I stink the place?
What if the foreign food make me constipate?
What if the foreign food turns my poop into water?
What if I take too long and they think I’m fapping?

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>6 people to a single bathroom
I'm so sorry, Anon...
thankfully this isn't reddit. If I hear poop knife one more time I will slit my throat
Nothing is as disgusting as a womans bathroom
try pooping after everyone goes to bed
Does your hotel not have a restaurant or gym area with its own respective toilets?

File: 0vw1ns4u8on31.jpg (252 KB, 1536x2048)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
I met a girl a few days ago online and on the same day asked her out. She agreed and we have a date this sunday.
She was kinda excited for it from her initial reaction, but since then her responses started to feel less enthusiastic.
The next day I texted her and she responded right away but gave me the "I'll be busy now so expect silence".

Then I texted her something and sent a photo. She texted me back albeit with very few words and a photo back.
I tried to ignite the convo a little more but she made it dry and boring with her responses. They weren't just few words but still...

So yesterday in the evening I told her to take her time responding, no rush, I tend to talk a lot,
she responded with saying that she's busy recently, working on her thesis and doesn't have that much time to respond <winky face>

Mixed singlas IMO, is she not interested already? I didn't text her since then and she didn't contact me either, is she waiting on me?
But I saw her online both on the dating site and on facebook where we last talked. Should I just not text her and wait for her or what?
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> Sure, but I also want to build up some excitement for the date instead of going there knowing nothing, like it's a business meeting.
Let her imagination run wild a little. You can’t be too available or else you look like you’ve got nothing else going on in your life. She doesn’t need more cajoling.
> I don't have a problem with talking about day or some abstract, philosophical problems and actually having a lot to say about those.
Ya but she might, especially over text. She might have other things she wants to think about instead of hearing your based political/ philosophical opinions.
> Maybe it is a filter but it filters out people who have no interesting thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc.
Are you planning on canceling the date due to her lack of response? Who’s filtering who here?
> Yeah but if someone is telling me they are busy, I kinda don't want to be the first one putting in any effort again.
She’s too busy to put in the effort. You’re the man, you’ve gotta lead. She’s got guys on her roster who are willing to play ball. Don’t let your ego get in the way of something you actually want.
I’ve been trying to explain that
> Yeah maybe it's true but only for generic, boring, dull NPCs that can't hold a conversation and can't find interest in many topics. They have to substitute the mental interest with the external stimuli of a real life date. Only then they can find each other interesting despite their boring conversation.
If you want philosophic debates, keep shitposting. If you want to get laid, quit bugging her. You’re using the wrong type of bait for what you want
It may surprise you that I already had both, intelligent convos (including those online) and sex, relationships. One doesn't have to cancel the other.

>Are you planning on canceling the date due to her lack of response?
Potentially. I wouldn't think about canceling if she was more interested in me than in the app we met on.

>She’s got guys on her roster who are willing to play ball. Don’t let your ego get in the way of something you actually want.
YouTube videos tell me something else. There are many other guys giving her attention like starved puppies that she controls.
And the better idea is to be different than them, ignore her if she ignores me.
Also I'll add - both sides of the spectrum are toxic and shitty to me - texting 24/7 and zero shown interest.
> It may surprise you that I already had both, intelligent convos (including those online) and sex, relationships. One doesn't have to cancel the other.
Personally I don’t usually get to that point until I’ve actually met the person.
> Potentially. I wouldn't think about canceling if she was more interested in me than in the app we met on.
You aren’t exclusive yet. You’re talking to other people too. I would try and stay more detached (easier said than done).
> YouTube videos tell me something else. There are many other guys giving her attention like starved puppies that she controls.
They’re the ones texting her about inane stuff and not taking her out on dates.
> And the better idea is to be different than them, ignore her if she ignores me.
I agree. However, my rule of thumb is not to consider it actually ignoring until irl plans are disregarded. But it sounds like you’re leaning toward not reaching out, which is fair enough. Personally I would still give her the benefit of the doubt and going with low expectations.
> both sides of the spectrum are toxic and shitty to me - texting 24/7 and zero shown interest.
I don’t think I show zero interest. I think I show a ton of interest by making plans immediately. This might be a personal thing cause I hate texting, but I’ve also been convinced it causes girls to lose interest

File: 1713329763753823.jpg (23 KB, 640x480)
23 KB
I've been in a relationship for 6 months by now. I started it as a fun thing but soon became a more romantic dynamic and I didn't stop it. I do care for and love my gf, but it's more that we've shared many stuff together by this point and it's both our first serious relationship that has lasted this long. Back in january i started chatting with a girl, she has a lot more in common with me and I do love her for her personality and vibes over just sexual or affective reasons. We do calls almost daily every night (they usually last from 3 to 4 hours) and we barely play anything while speaking, we just never get tired of it. We have gradually taken more confidence in each other and I'm 100% sure that if I tell her that I wanna start something serious she will accept. She's from the same country as me, like 3 hours in car, while my actual gf is just 20 minutes or so and can meet her almost daily. This new girl doesn't know that I have a gf, it's the only thing I've lied to her because if she knew obviously we wouldn't have gone this far. I'm a bit drunk so pls if you have any questions let me know. But basically I'd like to leave my gf (we barely have same life goals or any conversation topics, also fight a lot and our calls are boring as fuck) and then start something with this new girl, but maybe I'd mess up both relationships and would end lonely, idk
You're a cheating bastand and don't deserve either of them
>I've lied to her
No, never do that. Either tell her the truth or end it.
File: 1708230147797349.jpg (170 KB, 2000x1333)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
We still act like friends, it's obvious that isn't an usual friendship but come on, there has been zero sexual or romantic scenario and I wouldn't go further until I break with my gf
I know it's wrong, but my problem is feeling unsecure with relationships most of the time. I'm with my gf because I felt I needed emotional support even if we don't really match each other and it has been worse in the long run for my mental health. I feel relaxed while talking with the new girl and haven't experienced this in a really long time, not to mention my previous exs which were much worse than my current gf. So I was scared that telling her the truth would make her sad or knowing that I drop my gf for her would make her unsecure instead. We didn't talk about the topic until march, we already talked a lot until that point without mentioning relationship topics and stuff, I just didn't want to ruin it

Everything in life seems very tedious when compared to the option killing yourself and never having to work, worry, or be hurt ever again. I'm 18 and often think about myself on my deathbed, almost always wishing I could fast forward right to the end. What stops y'all from ending it early?

Sorry if I am doing anything wrong. I'm new to 4chan, and this is my first post.
I think about ending it all sometimes too but then remember that I have done anything notable or significant. If I died tomorrow, only a handful of people would really remember me. I want to create something that lives on past my death, that could influence future generations

File: th-2813124381.jpg (15 KB, 474x355)
15 KB
Since the day I was born, I have breathed the gases in the atmosphere incessantly. I've already breathed tons of oxygen gas from the atmosphere, and what did I give in return? Just damn tons of carbon dioxide!

I feel like I'm ungrateful, ungrateful and that I'm getting in everyone's way, and the guilt eats away at me every day! Am I the asshole for breathing?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: BUMPP.gif (3.66 MB, 400x200)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB GIF
Plants and a lot of other chemical reactions need carbon dioxide
For real, Anon? Damn bro, thanks so much! I'm no longer suicidal!!!
Where did the carbon you are breahting out come from? You eating oil? Coal?
Why are you so bothered by it? Even if you became rich and famous people will forget you, or even tear down your irrelevant statue. Every moment is whatever you do next, and if you want to die, you can do that too. Whatever you’re trying to live up to, it doesn’t matter, unless you want it to.

File: IMG_0093.jpg (94 KB, 1285x1280)
94 KB
I could probably get myself to do any line of work or study. And I would pick it up fast if I tried. But I won’t try if it does not spark my interest. If it sparks my intererst, the reality of how retarded that whole industry is makes me completely mind blown and I want to do things my own way. Also I just don’t come along with people at all. I am way too quiet and it makes me feel alone. Like on some paranoid or severely anxious level. But I’m not scared it’s some weird shit I can’t even decipher. I can mask it and alot of the time I even convince myself I can speak to people but really I feel entirely alienated from everyone.

Now everything to me feels like a chore even if I do things for myself. Because they feel pointless and they never get me anywhere. The only thing I find somewhat interesting now is creating music. But in order to truly make it fulfilling I would have to devote most of my time to that hobby. Like I cannot handle multiple things at once it makes me so fucking mad. I have 100 things on my mind all the time like I’m in the candy store and just can’t pick. And whatever I do makes me so frustrated if someone starts judging what I do. Even if someone appreciates me it makes me feel annoyed. It makes me feel trapped and honestly it’s making my suicidal thoughts harder to ignore. I have felt trapped the entire week just thinking about where I’m headed at life and all I can see is slavery, alienation from society or suicide.

I have symptoms of mental illness, but I can’t see how they are correlated with how I feel logically. I don’t think any illness is causing these thoughts even if I have it. I don’t see a way out of this mindset.
I should probably read about ADHD more since I still have the naive assumption from school that it’s just a difficulty to focus. I know it’s not just that. But ADHD never really felt relatable to me.

My head might be fucked. But the stupidest thing is I have functioned as a member of society so it does not matter and won’t matter to anyone. I’ve gone through years of clear obsessive symptoms of OCD, social isolation, poor social skills, and now a year ago I started having minor symptoms of psychosis. Even went through some weird fucking impulsive phase where I gambled 3k down the drain.

Realistically I would have to go to a psychiatrist. But I just cannot get myself to do that. There’s just a massive amount of thoughts that prevent me. I don’t want anyone to know I went there, because I do not want to talk about it with anyone else. And I feel like my problems aren’t big enough.
The gambling was probably just a way to cope with everything feeling meaningless desu. I can let myself get lost in short term entertainment and stuff without it usually affecting me negativelt
have now idea where the ”desu” came from ignore it must have typed a captcha there or something
try typing t b h without spaces

File: IMG_3029.jpg (549 KB, 828x809)
549 KB
549 KB JPG
Seems like everything I do annoys him. I always calmly point out when he’s being abusive or a jerk like he told me to and it doesn’t seem to be helping. He seems to think I’m “provoking” him and I deserve his disgusting behaviour. He seems to constantly be in a bad mood and annoyed by something I do, like for example leaving his side in a small grocery store to look around for 2 seconds.

Apparently he has told me this bothers him before but I guess I just didn’t understand the severity of it and forgot. I thought he meant when we’re in a hurry to leave or checking out but we were still shopping and browsing.

Tbh he’s just rude asf to me all day. He literally won’t do anything unless I remind him multiple times, and any time I remind him to do literally anything he gets all pissy and acts like a man child.

Wtf is wrong with him? I don’t understand what I’ve done to deserve being treated like actual human garbage? Am I fucking stupid and is there any advice I’m missing?
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This has outlines of an abusive, narcisstic partner. GTFO ASAP!
> annoyed at you leaving his side
He's probably insecure. He's either controlling or just scared of losing you - how much you can tolerate that is up to you. Most ppl turn out insecure due to being hurt in the past/ scared of abandonment.
> lazy, unemployed, overweight
This suggests very low conscientiousness on his part. And he's acting defensive so he's definitely insecure about his weight but not bothered enough to change it. You have high conscientiousness so it bothers you. If you stay together there would likely be a lot of arguments between you since trying to please both pleases nobody.
> buys you things
That's a good thing but it's not good that he holds it against you
> he wants a mind reader
That's usually a sign of narcissism or someone really bad at communicating. Together with the controlling behavior, anger issues and lazyness he's definitely a narcissist or at the very least a jerk.
> you're witholding intimacy
Well I don't blame you but it just makes things worse

Overall you have 2 choices - accept him as he is and do the chores or find a different partner. As a woman I don't get why ppl fight over chores XD
Instead of nagging try to cook healthy food for him and try to walk to places more.
Exercising is shit, but if you turn it into something cool like a VR game or paintball you still burn calories without being bored or super sore.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>no specific scenarios
>directly describes him as an asshole
>explicitly claims to use the female "I don't understand" excuse

You and he are worthless trash that deserve one another.
"You provoke me"
"You make me act like this"
"You do it just to annoy me"

Run like hell. It will never get better. It will probably get worse. Violence is just around the corner.
BASED. This stupid whore cry about meh asshole but maybe drop him??? NOOO

Maybe find simple good guy? Oh no she dont see him like a man and his BORIINGG

File: images (16).jpg (6 KB, 222x227)
6 KB
ayo anons, how do i get in touch with people like businessmen, attorneys, investors etc. im in college and i want to get in touch with these kinda people, how do i do it?
hello I am a businessman what do you want
Give me a job, I suck your peepee
>>31080389is their any way to invest money offline, like i have a decent savings and as a beginning in this path i want to invest on something which is offline is their way? if not is there any way to make money make more money?

girl in college, never had a boyfriend before. not bad looking, guys would approach me but for some reason in the getting to know stage they'd avoid or ghost me. maybe because i get clingy or weird, ive never been the best at talking and im blunt with my thoughts. if i think he looks cute im gonna tell him that even if i say it five times in an hour. gotten told it was annoying so now i withhold affection until im sure they like me. it's a shitty tactic.

not desperate for one but it'd be nice. any advice on actually getting a boyfriend? i don't have a specific type
18 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

noted. i wanted to gauge if men disliked clingy girls in general and to what degree
What do you mean by blunt? As in just in affection or are you blunt all the time? If the former its probably because it can come off as artificial, but if the latter then I think you just haven't met the right guy. Personally I've always wanted a woman I could be blunt with/was blunt with me.

I never had anyone in my life I could tell anything to since I was a kid and had a best friend (who happened to be a girl, but since we were both young she was more of just a best friend). So I'd kill to meet someone I could connect with in that way.
>I can't really help there without experiencing just how annoying you are.
alright, now ask for her number. you got this buddy
Don’t throw yourself at men. Hold off on sex and don’t give in to any sort of pressure to do “only” oral or something.
Otherwise you pigeonhole yourself into dating low-commmitment horndogs. Worse, once you’ve done that, it gets harder to do anything else, because lots of guys either have a moral problem with promiscuity, or they feel insulted that they’re asked to wait for what other guys got immediately.

Basically, don’t sell yourself short out of desperation. All that does is make it easier for others to take advantage to you.
Not any of those anons, and while I’d be suspicious of a woman approaching me (especially if it were a cold approach) being promiscuous and/or mentally unstable, it has nothing to do with her “status”.
The vast majority of men don’t care about a woman’s status as long as she’s not a prostitute or a corporate executive.

File: IMG_6122.jpg (5 KB, 184x184)
5 KB
It’s been five years.
I’ve dated three other girls since her.

We got back together for a short while last year.

I’m actively talking to other girls.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love her anymore. Given the chance, I’d never date her again.

But I can’t stop the urge to think about our last time together. I can’t stop myself from fapping to the old nudes she sent me.

When will this end?
where's the issue exactly? I also fap to my highschool ex
I really hope she is 18 in your fantasies…
fantasies? I'm talking about nudes, mutt
There’s nothing inherently wrong with continuing to be sexually attracted to your ex & gaping to her pics. But if you want to stop, maybe try to think about the other girls you dated. If you don’t have pictures, focus on what you can remember about your intimate moments with them. Think about the softness of their lips, the fragrance of their hair, the smoothness of their bodies, whatever gets you off. Don’t be discouraged if it’s hard at first, just stick to this method & eventually it’ll come naturally.
It's as normal as it gets. I have heaps of nudes of my exes and even tho I'm not sentimental about it I sometimes prefer it to amateur porn of women I DIDN'T fuck.
To make it less SAD just make more and better home stuff with your new girls. That's literally it.
Based. A win is a win, fuck thinking about how you fumbled if you pulled in the first place.

File: aye-ayy-lmao.gif (795 KB, 220x328)
795 KB
795 KB GIF
I have a serious non-troll question and I'd be grateful for a reality check.

>end of 2022
>broke up with a gf of 3.5 years
>have 2 female friends in my friend group, we go waaay back
>they've been friends with my gf for a couple of years at that moment
>they continue to be friends

Fast forward to now:
>one of my female friends starts occasionally mentioning my ex when we chat
>mentions that "the breakup was a major boost for her"
>mentions my ex is still single
>mentions she just got a license
>says when 3 of them go out together

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
stop hanging out with your "friend". she sounds like a stupid cunt.
It wouldn't be easy.
She probably wants you two to get back together. That or she's being a cunt about it
Yeah that's basically 2 of my best guesses.
File: GLOYoLkXAAA5SVX.png (70 KB, 1548x1468)
70 KB
It's 100% >>31080001 - your ex trying to make you regret breaking up because she not over it herself and is using your female "friends" (no such thing) to make you think about her and her glowup. Just don't give it any attention. Ignore any mention of her, don't reply to those messages and don't bring it up yourself. Also I'd suggest to stop sharing any personal life with your "friends" because you're essentially just keeping your ex up to date with your life

File: aoop9so7f5rc1.png (533 KB, 1024x1024)
533 KB
533 KB PNG
how do i not fail my driving test
Study and practice. Like anything else in life.
but like how
Do you have a learners permit? Or whatever your country / state's equivalent is? If so, practice with someone you know or hire a driving instructor

It’s not about who you choose to talk to, it’s about who chooses to talk to you. Your interest in a girl means nothing if she doesn’t feel the same. You’re lucky if you returns your feelings because she isn’t obligated to love you back. You can’t force someone to love you (and at the same time, you can’t force yourself to love someone else either) There’s other men out there with a lot more to offer (better looks, more charm, more money, etc), she can leave you for another guy if you don’t show her appreciation, no matter how much you beg. It’ll haunt for the rest of your life. if you don’t have any relationships, then maybe you should try finding a woman to love.

If you find a woman that loves you, cares about you, makes time for you, and doesn’t treat you poorly, then you should feel lucky to have a woman like her in your life. Don’t take those close to you for granted.
>a woman that loves you, cares about you, makes time for you, and doesn’t treat you poorly
Better stick to hentai, because such a thing does not exist.

File: 1660163424823594.jpg (30 KB, 600x609)
30 KB
Gf of four years won't stop complaining. Everytime I see her or get a message from her it's some negative "vent" aboit stupid shit. We live together and unfortunately I work from home so it's hard to get space from her. It seems silly to end a relationship over this but I feel like she's driving me insane.
Is this a new habit? I dumped a girl I was dating because she was always negative, I don’t blame you one bit.
Tell her you are not one of her female friends. She is only to talk to you when she wants sex.
Sounds like she's going through something, and smallest shit sets her off.

File: IMG_2624.jpg (153 KB, 960x1280)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
How do I get back at my Dad?

Basically I have a dad who I don’t see very often. My parents divorced when I was 1 and I live with my Mom.
A few months ago we met for a coffee in a crowded Starbucks and he said he had something on his mind he needed to tell me. He accused me of doing something absolutely vile which was ‘idolising serial killers’ and being obsessed with them. He based this off of my like for the movies The Whale, Taxi Driver, Fight Club, The Joker, and The Lighthouse. Personally I don’t really see what any of these movies have to do with serial killers at all, so it is a baseless accusation.
Either way, he has a blabber mouth and is a bit of a woman and has so far told countless people his son ‘idolises serial killers’ which I don’t. I don’t like being falsely accused of things especially of something like that, and by my own father. Also, lots of heads turns in the Starbucks and the place went quiet for people to listen in, it was a humiliating experience.
Furthermore, it is rich coming from him, who loves The Walking Dead and Red Dead Redemption 2, and watches / plays them with his 13 year old daughter (began when she was 10). There’s nothing wrong with these shows and games, I enjoyed TWD like everyone else did back in the day, and RDR2 is a brilliant game, but when you think about it logically, Rick Grimes and Arthur Morgan are actual legit serial killers.
And not only does my dad idolise Arthur and Rick, he encourages my sister and I to see them as role models, and refuses to hear me out when I call out his hypocrisy.

I’m wondering it there is some way I can hammer home the point I am not obsessed with serial killers, nor idolise them, and he does idolise them. I don’t remember a single time he has apologised to me in my life, but he went too far this time having his fun, and I really want a full apology and an admission of guilt.
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Maybe the best in the long run but I don’t want him to continue treating me badly, and I don’t want my threats to me empty. He has insulted me time and time again and treated me like a 2nd class citizen in comparison to my sister, no, I have to make him pay.
I know I think it should be illegal for parents to divorce when their kid is this young. Having a kid is a big responsibility, parents shouldn’t just give up so early
I will likely try doing this. However he will never apologise and I am afraid he will most likely rather say some whitty comment then block me himself.
Here they are, see for yourself
I believe he has autism. A lot of the people I have spoken to think I have autism. When I watch him speak to other people, it is quite clear he is most likely autistic too. He doesn’t understand sarcasm and often says things quite bluntly that are very hurtful but he doesn’t realise so. He gets very angry when I suggest he is autistic, and a number of people we both mutually know agree with me, but tell him he is not autistic because he gets angry and rants for ages when confronted with it so they’d rather just be polite and agree with him.
>am afraid he will most likely rather say some whitty comment then block me himself.
his loss
Watched the first part. Will watch the rest later. Pretty good for a project this scale. Hope you can eventually work things out with him man.
wow thanks I'm glad you actually watched it! What were your impressions, did you enjoy it? I'm super proud of the 3rd one especially, and would love to make more but he doesn't want to.

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