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File: 1706655265518231.jpg (193 KB, 1024x653)
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I don't think there's a single group of women that I would like marrying. Not Western whores, not ethnic immigrants, not religious fanatics, not mentally ill BPD egirl whores or boring normies either. I can't see myself happy with any of those options. In a worst case scenario I could imagine dating a blank page and shaping her up with my cultural background and my interests but considering how overly socialized and connected everything is due to social media, that's bound to fail.

Any other anons feel this way? How do you work around it? What should I do?
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I got offered to pose for some of the ad posters of my local small gym, I'm pretty jacked and decently tell. Plus I'm pretty wealthy due to inheritance and I'm getting into a good field. I don't have issues hooking up with women, I just feel too repulsed to consider them more than one night stands
*tall, typo
Some of us mortals could get into relationships.
Embrace your faggotry.

File: 1710687272113377.jpg (224 KB, 827x1099)
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224 KB JPG
>What is /htgwg/?
How to Get Women General is by men, for men, about women, so bring all of your questions about getting and dealing with women here. Some anons on this site actually get laid, and some of those even want to help. If you're trying to meet and date women, then this is the place to ask questions, seek advice, and share experiences. We know how hard it can be. We got you bro.

>What is /htgwg/ not?
These threads are NOT for whining, moping, incels, volcels, MGTOW, hopelessness, or demoralization. We're all aware that meeting and dating women is hard these days, and even harder for some, but /htgwg/ is for men trying to overcome the challenges. IGNORE the posters who complain, who have given up, or who insist that there's nothing they can do. This site has other boards and threads that they can fuck off to. BE SMART: Spot the bait, don't reply, and DON'T WASTE TIME ARGUING WITH THEM!

>How to ask for advice
Context is important: be more specific than "This girl ghosted me, why?" We can't help if we don't know the situation, so try to provide as much (useful) info as possible ("I was at the bar, this chick was checking me out..."). What's your relationship with the girl? How long have you known her? Any conversation screenshots? Etc...
Don't forget to ask an actual question.

>Books and Resources
"Models": https://ufile.io/bkoclee1
"No More Mr Niceguy": https://libgen.li/edition.php?id=143167290
"Mystery Method": https://pastebin.com/cMHcY4dc (old pastebin)
"The Pussy": https://z-lib.is/book/the-pussy-

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it will though, girls that aren't off the rails aren't going to date someone they perceive as being notably older than them
Agree that I should just have a DGAF attitude though
>it will though, girls that aren't off the rails aren't going to date someone they perceive as being notably older than them
They totally will if you are a high value male.
>high value male
>Move out of there.
I can't. Work pays too well and the cost of living is actually affordable down here.

File: images (1) (1).jpg (7 KB, 201x251)
7 KB
I wanna be rich so that I can live in my house, never ever having to deal with the public. Never ever having to go to a job. Just living each day happily secluded in my house.

How do I achieve this?

I had a taste of this life for four years, it was fucking awesome, going so many days, months, without having to see people... but now I have to go back and get a job and deal with the public again.

I miss living in seclusion.
Start a company and don’t work there.
Have you done that yourself?

I accidently burnt a piece of wood at home, I don't want my family to find out, or I will get kicked out.

How to cover this? Or make it seem like it's normal or original? Any high IQ users? Not sure if paint will work.
post pics
What a synchronicity, I'm in the same situation
It depends on what kind of wooden thing it is
If it's decorative then you can glue over a printed photo of its intact texture, use Photoshop a bit

If it's something like a cutting board - i.e. a kitchen utility - sounds grom, but search that up, maybe there's a method
Burn the rest of it as a design.
We need pics to help. Is it painted? How bad is the burn?
Paint it

Hey, i'ts one of my first time here, how u can see in the subject my english is not perfect so i'm sorry. It's been 2 years i left my ex she was manipulator and toxic asf. After this i think something in my head on the long term. After this i change a lot. In start i was like "oooh it's not a big deal i just gonna forgot her with other girl". And that what i have done, i install tinder (yes its a shame sorrry) and meet up lot of people during 1 years. In the start it was good for me but after a moment its just bored me so i stop everything. i fall into alcohol and drugs to. I try to see her 5 time during this 2 years and all the time that was the same. i dont know if it's because of thats but i developped a sort of psychose on everything, my friends my familly my job etc. I left the my main firends group for absolutely nothing recently (like 7 month) and i cant go back to them im so ashamed. I stop seeing my family too and left my job (otherwise I would have killed everyone) (they just destroy my head). It's strange but i think i just absorb her personality. SO, i dont post this on advice for nothing so my question is: did i have to try to restart my life and try to flee my probleme or should i stay in my country and accept my fate.
(actually she have a bf... fuck me...)
dude just stop being a miserable fuck and get some intrinsic motivation
i know i have too but its just so hard to find some motivation, there is no concrete way :/

File: pepe.jpg (58 KB, 976x850)
58 KB
>someone walks up to me to talk
>not sure what to say
>say nothing
>3 seconds pass
>missed the opportunity to say something so I don't embarrass myself
How the fuck am I supposed to come up with a reply in half a second? Literally impossible.
Have you considered not being retarded? It's easy if you try.

File: 372926274022740.png (5 KB, 574x657)
5 KB
How do I come to terms with the fact that I'll never be happy with my life? Thanks to helicopter parenting and being raised in a religious cult, I feel like I've been seriously crippled throughout my formative years and missed out on everything that makes life worth living. I've never had a serious relationship, never had any friends, I'm terrible with social media, I'm quiet and reserved, usually a pushover when it comes to taking initiative, etc. I've been trying to "improve" my confidence and self esteem over the past couple years, but it doesn't change my past, and that I have to constantly lie to people about my experiences just to seem normal. What the hell can I do?
Keep trying. I understand how you feel
You will never be happy if the first thing you do, as you did here, is blame everything else. You've rationalized you being a loser away as other people's fault. It's only that they were the catalyst, your own choices made you who you are now, if you continue to not make the tough choices to change that it's still your fault, not theirs. Stop finding excuses or you will never get any better of a life.
That only means you have nothing to lose
Go get 'em, tiger
Ah yes, the endless victim of life. As if you have no control over your own circumstances and the world has a personal vendetta against you specifically. Stop coming up with bullshit excuses to continue wallowing. Keep improving yourself and be more optimistic about your life
Can you get away and start a new? It will be easier to mentally reset in a new environment.

File: IMG_3259.jpg (626 KB, 1929x818)
626 KB
626 KB JPG
I've never felt something for other people. I have a girlfriend who loves me, but I understand that I don’t feel anything for her and others. I started dating with the hope that someday I would love her, but this did not happen. Is it normal?
No, but more importantly stop dating her and wasting her life with someone who doesn't care. If you genuinely feel nothing from her then there should be no reason not to leave her given that won't hurt you at all or take anything from you at all. Unless you're exaggerating :)
Yeah I think it is better option
Yeah I think I should stop wasting her time. Maybe one day I will find the one I love
take mdma
now that's what i call edgy!

File: 782134.png (70 KB, 178x163)
70 KB
I have acidic taste in my mouth after I eat food for 5 months now, what could be causing it?
So you've sat on this information for 5 months and you haven't gone to see a doctor or anything?
I've gone to stomach doctor and he implied stomach might be causing it, but I'm also poor and can't got to a doctor anymore.

Whenever I'm super horny, I keep imagining my girlfriend doing a casting couch porno. I don't know why, but the idea of her having sex with strange men on camera is incredibly arousing to me. Does anyone know where this fetish comes from? And how can I stop having these thoughts?
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>I don't know why, but the idea of her having sex with strange men on camera is incredibly arousing to me.
You're a cuck and you have yo go back to preddit
But why is being a cuck so alluring?
larp thread
Self loathing and lack of love for your own partner.

Either fix yourself or do your girlfriend a favor and break up.
>Does anyone know where this fetish comes from?
You jerking it to casting couch videos
>How to stop
Stop watching porn

File: 1689926018147846.jpg (235 KB, 1445x1042)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
previous >>31320125
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i dont use apps, but if i was going to use one, i think i'd say hearing a clip of him talking would be a significantly better way to tell if i was going to be attracted to him or not versus a picture.
do women know that i avoid them because i avoid all people? or do they assume it's because i'm either attracted to them or hate them? or do they not care?
Please be patient. Technical difficulties abound
Blow him. I like sucking dick almost as much as I like getting railed lol
i dont notice when you avoid me, dude.

File: 1000034499.jpg (431 KB, 1080x1449)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
Suppose I am King of a small country, What's the cost of running and maintaining a diplomatic kitchen?

As seen below, even the principality of Monaco has one .




>Suppose I am King of a small country
Ask your treasurer.
about tree fiddy
Seems much easier to do a potluck country.

File: 20240509_120920.jpg (2.83 MB, 4032x3024)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB JPG
My younger brother (23) just told my parents he's getting into a relationship with a trans person.

I come from a fairly conservative family, and he knows this. But apparently he really likes this person because they share most of the same interests. The thing is, none of us are on board with this. I've flat out told him it's a bad idea. Mom is uncomfortable but is afraid to flat out voice disapproval out of fear of pushing him farther in. But my dad is the one I'm really concerned for - after he heard the news, he just went silent. He's saying nothing's wrong, but the last time I had seen him like this was after him and mom had a particularly bad argument.

If they were just being friends, it would be so much more understandable - obviously we wouldn't agree with his friend's lifestyle choice, but at least it's not weird. But with this, we're all worried he's going to throw his life away. He always talked about having kids, but if this goes on, the chance of that happening is zero.

I suppose the advice I'm asking for is, "is there a way to talk him down from this?" Or alternatively, "can I get him to think twice about the idea of a relationship?"

>pic unrelated, pet kitty to calm down
40 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>do not be worried that your brother will never have a happy loving family, mind your business
His brother, his business you absolute fucking buffoon
Your brother is not supposed to reproduce. Do a favor to humanity and support his relationship with the tranny otherwise your fag bro will impregnate women and she'll give birth to more trannies, gays and lesbos
Tell him that openly being a faggot is more respectable than dating a troon.
> They are a "conservative family", i.e. victims of aphantasia
They understand that gays live shorter life spans, do more drugs, and molest more kids. every gay couple is a genetic dead end either that or it takes them a group of doctors, a desperate woman, and several stacks of cash to have a kid thats "theirs". Theres a reason every religon and culture on the planet has outlawed it, its literal suicide for a country.
Personally I wouldn't worry too much about it. From what you said about your father going quiet and somewhat dissociative, it sounds like dear old Daddy will pull a family annihilator and solve the problem for you.

File: file.png (22 KB, 516x303)
22 KB
I’m becoming slowly more and more of a gooner everyday. I can’t stop it. It started out with just watching normal hentai but now after a few years it’s jerking off to weird hyper loli gay furry porn. How the fuck do I go back? The gooner pipeline is real. I don’t get sleep because I’m watching porn.

How do I un-gooner?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You need to just stop. Go cold turkey. You will fail, but just accept that failure as a temporary setback. You will fail again. Don't give up just because you failed.
Make it harder for yourself to access gooner material. Blacklist porn sources on your browser. Set up something better to have to do whenever you feel the urge to goon.

You will fail, a lot, over and over and over. Do not under any circumstances let this make you loose hope.
If you are religious, talk to a priest about this. They are there to help you. If you aren't religious, talk to a therapist. Explain that your goal is to stop masturbation.
Idgi, when did goon stop being some sort of thug
Delete any saved collections you have on your harddrive. Then de-escalate, don't try to outright quit. You'll inevitably falter at some point and beat yourself up about it. I used to be a daily type and would have 10+ tabs open full of degenerate shit and edge for hours. I won't say I've completely escaped, but I'm at most a once a week kind of guy nowadays and I usually limit it to a handful of softcore images, preferably with human beings rather than 2D. Avoid the extremes, do this because you want to and not because of online pseudo science and miracle peddlers talking about prostates and retention and all that nonsense. The rest will follow.
Transmute your sexual energies into any creative activities
This, get a hobby.

Porn usage is a natural tendency if you have free time and nothing better to do. Fill up your time.

File: file.png (786 KB, 736x981)
786 KB
786 KB PNG
Spergbros how do you deal with lying, manipulation and deception?
I highly value being honorable and honest, and have a natural disgust for these things. Normies are seemingly ok with it, finding it a normal part of being human. Some even praise it.
Which makes me even more disgusted and growing away from people.
Any way of dealing with it without growing even more antisocial?
i lie about literally everything but larp as if i value being honourable and honest

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