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File: Russian Daughter.webm (3.08 MB, 720x1080)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB WEBM
can put an order to keep a sale secret and threaten to sue them if they disclose the amount of sale? I got a government grant and I want these 4 small 900 square meter plot of lands that's next to each other on sale so that I can combined it into one under my name.

I think if word of the sale came out they might inflate the price. because I'll need all 4 of them.
different sellers? If so, I'd buy them all at the same time. sales of property is usually public info so if you buy one, the other three will know once the sale is recorded. buying all four at the same time, the sellers won't know until all four sales are recorded.
Imagine trying to force every inch of your dick down her throat and seeing her tear up and gag
she's 10

File: IMG_4175.jpg (137 KB, 1202x636)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Im 23 years old and i worked as a marine mechanic and i make a pretty decent living $60k a year plus an extra $12k more or less on mobile side jobs.

My truck is a used vehicle so its paid off , sold my boat for $15,000 so that is also money that can help me

I don’t want to just put my money on a savings account.
Read thou shalt prosper and money master the game
Set aside a certain amount of money each paycheck and put it into an index fund like voo
- Get your max 401k match from your employer first. Only invest it in stable index funds
- For retirement's sake, max out a Roth IRA
- HYSA (not a regular savings account, they only give you pennies)
- Treasury Bills (T-Bills): rates around 5.3% at the moment, no state or local taxes get paid on interest from Treasury securities so they're much better than a HYSA if you don't need 100% fluidity

t. makes 150k and has money in all these things
Is finding a partner or a GF a liability ??

File: asdw.jpg (18 KB, 278x278)
18 KB
him and i share ONE mutual class; he sits in front of me. I'm quite a shy timid person (tomoko personality in a non edgy way) and my looks are terrible. i believe i rank at 3/4 whereas he's roughly a 8 in my eyes albeit i like him for other reasons. I suppose we do have a few common interests such as politics and i have made attempts to talk to him in which i failed and asked his friend instead. I am trying to looksmaxx / glow up so that i can possibly get somewhere close to an 8 but genetically i feel i can only get to a 6. where should i start? should i alter my persona to appear ultra fem or more attractive? should i try to look attractive first? i heard that guys dont befriend ugly girls so i really want to ensure my chances of talking to him are high
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Caveat, the guys who actually get attention from women are usually not desperate for it. If a girl is interested in a guy the chances are good she's not the only one. This is not an average guy.
he looks like he hates women but thats hot
>goes to the gym after school, ominous
Yeah you got the completely wrong approach.
Listen, all you have to do is come to your classes dressed in basketball clothes and no makeup, and ask him to go to the gym together after school.
Once you get to the gym, ask him if he can spot you, go to the bench rack, and slowly build up from bar to whatever you are comfortable with. Then, offer to spot him back.
If you are feeling extra, you can buy a bottle of gatorade beforehand, drink some, and offer him a sip.
My qualifications are being an autistic gym rat with a resting bitch face.
File: This.jpg (9 KB, 243x177)
9 KB
>i heard that guys dont befriend ugly girls
Only stupid and uninteresting guys do so.
>be me
>ex gf was a 3/10 (once cosplayed as Akemi Homura, wasn't able to notice until she said so)
>most sane relationship ever (ended 'cause never agreed on children, marriage and work)
>still friends

Have you trained talking with other guys?

Where do I even start when it comes to looksmaxxing? I'm not overweight. I'm 5'10 so I don't think I'll need platform shoes. Where does an average guy start when it comes to looksmaxxing?
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I workout and medium feels a little too tight on me. When i sit down medium shirts tend to ride up in the back.
Doesn't have to be tight. Just not baggy and shapeless.
What you're looking for is something which emphasises the arms, shoulders and chest. This is what women look at when they are checking guys out.
the avg gives u an indicator just how brootal it's going tobe in the extremes or in the 80th percentile for that matter, the kind of men who get selected by women.
Start with exercising
Then you get the hair cut and groom the face and beard
Then you get the clothes but don't overdo it, just buy clothes that fit your body
Once you've done these, you will look good naturally, now the question is if you really want to looksmax or not, but you asked about getting started

File: IMG_6946.jpg (998 KB, 3200x1801)
998 KB
998 KB JPG
been sober for at least 3 weeks but it's kind of hard because I enjoy drinking and then regret it
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Thats called alcoholism. People who get shitfaced. Fights, jail, missing work, driving drunk and crashing etc etc

All this stuff has a cause: alcoholism

Look into Naltrexone if you are desperate to stop
Unironically go to alcoholics anonymous. Yes it’s cultish, but it will help.
Vivitrol or Antabuse.
Find some motivation in your life to stay sober and can't do if alcoholized.
Just sitting on home masturbating will not do.
Is it a good place to meet chicks?

File: IMG_8196.jpg (1.88 MB, 4032x3024)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
Can yall armchair psychologists help me understand this?

>My father for the last 15 years
>will lose something (like keys) or face some other minor inconvenience
>throws an actual adult tantrum with shrieking, tearless crying, and “OH NYOOOO”

???? any guesses as to what is this behavior? It’s only in this context. it feels odd, like there’s an element of insincerity or histrionics. Idk. I used to help him find the thing or try to help him regulate his emotions, but now i just feel disdain that a grown adult can regulate their emotions so poorly.
He feels not-in-control of some big things in his life, and so every little thing becomes a "final straw". If he could fix the big things, the little ones wouldn't loom so large.
Man's sanity is hanging on by a thread. If even little problems are causing him to break he's dealing with a much bigger problem internally. Depressed, anxious, whatever it is he's not dealing with it and it comes out in moments of frustration.

File: 5po6bv6lxjnb1.jpg (31 KB, 1284x523)
31 KB
Does anything help?
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The solution to the crash is to take more adhd meds.
>Stop doing [thing, that I a basement dwelling retard assume, normal people do all the time without it causing them any problems]

Why is /adv/ like this?
Ketoacidosis only occurs in diabetics with a non functional pancreas.
I'm neither T1 nor T2 diabetic, and my body burns ketones for energy just fine.
Clearly not, low energy is the first thing people doing keto report.
Body hacking only brings trouble. Eat a balanced diet and you will have energy
Chronic fatigue isn't always chronic fatigue. Go to a doctor and get checked. You may also want to test for sleep apnea (no this isn't something that only overweight people get)

File: 1689619075813370.jpg (419 KB, 1000x1000)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
The dentists fucked up my teeth. I already needed my teeth straightened and I had alignment problems, but they made those things so much worse. They gave me bad crowns, did a bunch of root canals and lost teeth when there was no pain or even infection in at least one case. I have more root canals soon. Don't need to lose more teeth I need to get them straight but with shit crowns and constant dental work I can't do that. I have a grab in my mouth where they took out a tooth and that makes me think that braces won't even be possible now. I came in for tooth pain. They took out 3 teeth and not even the one that hurt. I have bad insurance and everything is going to be out of pocket for now. I really need help. What should I do now? I need to fix at least one very shitty crown and stop getting unnecessary procedures. Parents offered to pay. I can't use lack of money as an excuse.

File: 1688072237643.jpg (135 KB, 1242x1157)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
How is an inherently neurotic sheltered retaard supposed to cope with this without becoming paralyzed by fear?

Are most people just powering through it?
Yes. This is the struggle that is called: living. If you're neurotic you have an edge if you're actually active. You just need to have confidence in your own instincts and intuition. Believe yourself if something feels off or someone is giving you bad vibes, because you're probably more aware of your surroundings than the average person.

But inactivity, ultimately, will lead to a life of regret larger than any misstep. Inactivity is the ultimate misstep.
you have to be literally retarded and lacking a frontal lobe to think like this
what causes people to think like this?
you look at what everyone else is doing, use your cognitive functions to think about the effects and dont do it

>i don't see anyone else eating dirt
>eating dirt will make me sick
>so i wont eat dirt

you just constantly do what you think is best for your success
>How is an inherently neurotic sheltered retaard supposed to cope with this without becoming paralyzed by fear?
So much weed
You dont cope with it because it's objectivly not true

you can do very, very little at any given point
you cannot date the wrong person, you likely cannot date anyone at all since there's literelly no option to get to speak to women if you're not in school or have mutual friends with one
there's almost nothing anyone can do if they're outside of school, pretty much the only thing they can do is to save up money and study until they can come back there and do something once they're a student again and then they can do things because now speaking becomes possible again

there's very little anyone can do at present moment at any given day
it takes decades of work to even get a chance to communicate with a wrong person to date
the universe lets you do very, very few things all of which require tremendous amount of time investement
There is enough people making retarded decisions that lead to circumstances in which the consequences are so far off that you don't actually see enough people warning you of them, and just enough people in the process of making that decision themselves, telling you not to worry about it for obvious reasons. This isn't malicious or wrong.

But there's this type of reactionary response where if you complain about this exact issue, people will encourage you to go through with it anyway, possibly knowing that there's a good chance you'll screw up and cause problems for yourself (even some that can't be reversed) just because your skittish nature annoys them for whatever reason. IRL and online.

It's even worse when they personally know you and your capabilities, and would correctly assume that certain life paths will fuck you, but ignore it because they themselves project their own capabilities onto you. This is doubled if it's a sibling or parent who will use their own relative success and relation to you as reason enough for you to take on the same tasks with less motivation or skills, then shame you when you fail.

File: FF4cqYvXIAYvMjc.jpg_large.jpg (219 KB, 1125x2000)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
How do I find a woman that looks like this? It's a specific style of makeup or something. I've only seen one girl that looks remotely like this irl.
14 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
This is going to be difficult because she'll probably wonder why I want her to wear this style of makeup
>How do I find a woman that looks like this?
Theyre everywhere on twitch, lil bro. Theyre called trannies.
File: GM1LxQyXYAATdgy.jpg (236 KB, 1152x2048)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
The lateral eyeliner, button nose contour, and nose highlighter is definitely egirl makeup.
Very cute and has naughty eyes.

I'm a guy who has fallen on hard times. Despite having 5 years experience and a degree I can't seem to find work in my field (IT)

I'm still looking obviously, but I had an idea recently for something as a side hustle in the meantime. I see accounts on Reddit and Twitter that basically caption their AI generated porn and dirty talk people in DM's. These accounts post pics of their Cashapp transaction histories and have made appreciable money, one showed four different clients that paid over $1000 each. I figure, I'm pretty pornbrained, why not?

My only hangup isn't the content creation itself although I would dig recommendations for AI art gens and tips for prompts etc. My hangup is logistics. Does this technically count as sex work? Is it potentially illegal? How do taxes work for it? The IRS will surely be interested in me if I'm pulling figures in Cashapp. Does captioning an image generated by an AI that I put my own text or filters on constitute fair use, as in it's legal for me to accept commissions from someone and sell the images to them? Just very confused and curious about the legality of all this, in US
How about you google those questions?
Oh god. You'll probably want to consult a lawyer and an accountant. You can also message those people on Twitter with those questions and hope for a response.

File: billions must fight.jpg (89 KB, 1120x1280)
89 KB
Is therapy a scam?
23 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Second this. I had a therapist that was utterly useless. One that helped me improve my quality of life in the short term which was a huge improvement at the time, and my most recent one and longest therapy time has been a huge support for my growth journey. It has helped me face very difficult and somewhat traumatic events and to reinvent myself into a more confident, realistic, self aware man instead of the naive boy I was before.

Leaving 4chan (the toxic boards at least) also helped.
Therapy tries to fix the Ego which doesn't exist. Its more a joke than a scam.

Therapy really turned my life around. But it gets what you put in to it and you might have to shop around before you find a therapist that feels like a genuinely good fit.

My mentality going into therapy was
>I have problems I want to fix
>The problems are severe enough that I am willing to try anything
>I want to hire a professional to help me fix my problems
>What I'm looking for is someone where I don't need to care if they like me or not. Someone who I can tell any of my thoughts to because I'm paying them for their professional opinion and I need it to be as informed as possible. I'm not looking for them to be a friend who's giving me encouragement.
You don't need another person to fix yourself.
All it needs is earnest introspection and honesty.
You are the light that illuminates and dissolves what lies in the dark. Your light is as good as any light to do that job.
You're still doing all the work. A therapist is just there for guidance and an objective perspective. Both of which are enormously valuable if you're struggling.

File: 1690191759089049.jpg (85 KB, 695x1024)
85 KB
Post 1 of 2: I'm a full blown autist with no chance of ever finding a girlfriend. My sister thankfully didn't get the 'tism. She's 27 and I'm 28 and she's had several boyfriends whereas I'm still a virgin. She's recently moved in with me in order to save money because rent is so damned high. We were in my room a few days ago playing video games when the topic of my virginity came up. I told her all the reasons why I'll likely never have sex and for some reason I still don't understand I just point blank asked her if she'd give me a blowjob. I was horrified the minute I said it but she took it really well.

She was surprised of course and asked me if I was serious. I stammered and tried to backtrack but she interrupted me and said something along the lines of "Let's not make this awkward. Sure, I'll give you a blowjob if you want me to. It's not a big deal." Of course I excitedly said yes. It was super awkward but it felt great. I came really quick which was embarrassing but she didn't make me feel bad about it.

It was the weirdest boner and the most awkward orgasm of my life. It felt even weirder than trying to masturbate into a cup at the doctor's office but I can't deny it was the most intense physical pleasure I've ever experienced. Afterwards we went back to playing video games and the whole atmosphere felt surreal. My dick was still wet from her mouth as we sat next to each other playing and I just couldn't believe it actually happened.
28 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I know its just a troll post but i write for even 1% chance to its real. Bro you can live every men’s dream and be a legend or you can die as a dumb incel. Choice is your, btw im going to masturbate thinking that i’m you.
>Should I have sex with my sister?
Why not? Everyone else does.
OP is subhuman
excellent post.

File: 1543995800275.png (333 KB, 1082x695)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
How do I get a remote job with no skills? I want to work from home in my pjs.
Check the top posts of beermoney

Become a virtual assistant
Yeah bro just play this mobile game on SwagBucks 3 hours a day for 3 weeks and then you'll get $70 dollars!!

ngl if I couldn't afford to leech I would kill myself

I just learned of some site called "80000 Hours" and I am still evaluating it, but it gives me hope I will actually be able to support myself someday. It has job listings and they also have articles about how to build skills. I think you can find something if you truly apply yourself.
File: 1715972528661761.jpg (24 KB, 440x332)
24 KB
Learn Java and some frontend, apply to a CGI Federal job. There are lots of people in this company who should not be here but don't get fired. You could easily surpass them.
If its that easy then everyone would have done it. You can barely find attendable jobs that paya the worth of your time anymore

File: 1702554469453637.jpg (182 KB, 778x948)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
I recently discovered that fucking my fleshlight is much more enjoyable if I tightly cuddle a big pillow. It made me wondering, would fucking a hooker could make this even better?
I'm bit worried that experiencing the real thing would ruin the fleshlight for me. What do you think /adv/?
Real sex, genuinely, isn't that great unless there's feelings involved. Otherwise it's not better enough that masturbating to justify the effort involved in obtaining it.
yea bro. stay away from pussy. it might ruin your flashlight

lmao faggot
>Real sex, genuinely, isn't that great unless there's feelings involved.
That makes sense, that's why I haven't fucked
a hooker yet. I just don't see the point.
It's not like I can get sex without paying for it, so I have to be careful with that.
I cum pretty hard, and have always been quite sexual, so eventually I figured out how sex compared to jacking off.
Average sex is about 3 times more pleasurable than jacking off. Sex with condom is a 2. Good sex can get up to a 6 or so.

A good fuck session will leave me shaky and basically immobile for a few minutes. There's no way I can reach those by jacking off a bunch of times.

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