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File: Mematic_20240421_181210.jpg (728 KB, 1200x1200)
728 KB
728 KB JPG
Like in general... Who is the person who can be considered to be your friend? How to not be annoying to people? What do you even do together? I feel like whenever I try to talk to someone casually I'm not interesting enough and the person would much prefer to talk to other people cos there's nothing interesting I can possibly say. How do you even find the subjects to talk to without repeating the stuff that the other party already knows? How do you keep the friendship going? Whenever I try to talk people get bored of my company
dont look, just be.

really i mean like at school, project groups is a good start. parties, too, make sure ur not freeloading everything though

>>replying to an anime thread

File: 1699239949942163.jpg (157 KB, 750x1070)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
In the last year or so, 3 of my close friends have turned gay. The last one to come out of the closet was last month, and a few nights ago I was drinking with him and talking about my dating frustrations (21m khv here with no good prospects in the future) he offered to give me a blow job while I watched straight porn. I laughed it off and reminded him that I'm not gay, and he didn't bring it up again.

But now I've been tempted by the idea. I'm not having any luck with women and is it really that gay if I watch straight porn while he sucks me off? I'm worried that I'll regret it or it will cause difficulties in our friendship. Advice?
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File: sddefault_live.jpg (30 KB, 640x480)
30 KB
need advice about my personality
is it okay?
Who are you? Don't hijack my thread.
Nobody "turns" gay. Some people choose when to tell anyone they are.
So then in wouldn't turn me gay by letting him suck me off, right? I'd still be heterosexual if I was watching straight porn and he helps me get off.
File: lewd rake.jpg (19 KB, 400x400)
19 KB
Its called prison gay.
When there are no viable female options, males find an alternative.

Do whatever man, who cares if it's gay? Its closer to bi. You can enjoy whatever aspect of human bodies you want.

File: IMG_4855.jpg (859 KB, 1170x1214)
859 KB
859 KB JPG
>early 2023
>start a new job and start being more conscious of appearance
>always had reoccurring dandruff but start noticing a particular itch on my crown
>think little of it and scratch away
>eventually notice a tiny thin spot in the region
>probably from all the scratching so I try to stop
>resisting the urge is so intense my eyes practically water and my toes curl in discomfort
>give in and continue scratching
>time passes and now the thinning has spread across the region
Wtf is this? Dermatologist recommended medicated dandruff shampoo and steroid cream but it only relieves the issue for a short while and isnt a great long term solution
When I buzzed my hair I hardly noticed the itch at all so I dont know if maybe its just a mental thing, is that possible?
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Were you able to find what was triggering it? And did removing that stop the itching and thinning?
I itch my head like crazy and none of my hair has fallen out. You would’ve started balding regardless, it’s hormonal/ genetic
yeah mine was mostly dietary, its still not like completely eradicated but its not driving me absolutely insane like it used to, also you may want to switch to washing your hair with cold water only and try a couple dandruff shampoos to see which one helps most
yes skin conditions are hormonal and genetic, but your speaking out of turn if youre suggesting they cant inflict further hairloss
Yeah the hair loss could be regular male pattern baldness coming in but that doesnt explain why theres a persistent string itch in the region
chlorine dioxide

File: pep.png (603 KB, 1092x1058)
603 KB
603 KB PNG
>go to club
>see girl eyeing me
>approach her
>we dance and drink and end up going back to her hotel room
>we get into bed
>she tells me I can take my clothes off (in a non-sexual way imo)
>I do
>we cuddle and go to sleep
>she ghosts me the next day

Was the sex supposed to happen then? I didn’t get any indicators she wanted to fuck. We didn’t even kiss much. we made out for a bit at the club but she pulled away after a few seconds each time.
We were both drunk and very tired when we got to her hotel. It didn’t seem like she wanted to fuck.

I wanted to meet her then next day and have sex then but like I said she ghosted.
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>she told me to take my clothes off because I was wearing jeans which would've been uncomfortable
yes, that makes total sense. she was still justifying it in her head, so she made up an excuse for you. women aren't going to say "take off your jeans so we can have sex" you fucking idiot.
He h t o be a b. Bh
File: 1706743124996664.jpg (121 KB, 682x1023)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
You probably should, honestly. Everyone else does it, so they would naturally expect you to be the same way. By actually caring, you are going against the grain and disrupting the natural order, which ironically makes things worse. People hate being surprised and having their expectations flipped because it's like a random social hazard they now have to navigate around and it throws them off. People like to feel like they are in control.

File: Fu9l3fjXsAANjlu.jpg (289 KB, 2560x1440)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
I feel like nothing make sense anymore. People just sit at home watching tiktok or rotting their brains some way or another. And when they're not rotting their brain they're wage slaving like pathetic cretins.
I simply cannot do that.
The millennials have turned into the boomers but worse, and everyone with money and a good life is so detached from reality. They think they deserve and earned what they have but everything is just luck.
I don't want to be part of the fraud anymore. I want to escape.
I don't care about getting a gf, or doing a degree, or being a wage cuck. I just want to be free from this lunacy.

Is it inappropriate to hold my 19 year olds daughter's hand when we go for a walk? My wife and her friends say so. They said she is not a child anymore and I shouldn't force my daughter's to hold my hand while we walk but in all truth my daughter doesn't mind and this is just a way we have to show each other affection. I don't see why this should be inappropriate behavior.
I know right? and people get mad when my 21 year old daughter sits on my lap and I stroke her hair and breasts. Well, I'm just expressing my affection, so fuck off
u know whats in ur heart right
ur not trying to fuck ur daughter so who gives a fuck what ur chatty wife says
imo holding ur daughters hand is very cute and u should do so until the day u die if u both enjoy that
At 19 she would have ways of avoiding it if she didn't like it.
It's strange, but if she still wants to then I see no issue with it. If that is your way of communicating your care for each other and you're both happy with it then who cares.

I would definitely probe and ask your wife why she thinks it's inappropriate. Whether she thinks you would do something disgusting or is worried that your daughter will behave inappropriately with you, or if she's just getting her panties in a twist about appearances.

Is it a red flag if a girl says she's needy for you?
We've been talking for a year.
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Brother for the love of the Almighty God leave
if this is real
go for it as soon as prime
Studies say otherwise and you can use google to search this and fact check. Relationships where the man loves more lasts longer.
This never happened but I still hate you for putting this mental image into my head. Don't care if you're a roidbeast, I'd still fight you if you were in front of me.
File: 1713499939998572.png (324 KB, 451x476)
324 KB
324 KB PNG

File: Armored-Core-VI.jpg (186 KB, 912x569)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
I'm pretty much done with consuming media at this point. How enjoyable can life really be? What makes it fun for you? What are the obnoxious sides of it?
real life is based
video games make it better as an externality
people irl become NPCs when they are thinking about the video games they want to play later or the girl they are pining over
basicly coasting on autopilot
that's why it's possible to get action going
plots and stuff
becos most people are somewhere else letting their body be NPCs
File: 1699361982072.jpg (93 KB, 750x828)
93 KB
Feels like I died several years ago and now just my body remains like a zombie I walk around and every day it's like a blur, nothing is enjoyable anymore, no emotions, no highs, just waiting around to die. Without the prima materia my body has been slowly withering away and I can already feel my organs starting to fail. I also quit all stims last year and now there is this type of calm that's taken over me like when you know it's over and there is nothing left to say or do because the inevitable draws near.
stop copypasting this response everywhere. Besides that, i would say it's somewhat relatable. Also do believe is a generational thing.
homegrown, not #dispensed weed
Hope you make a recovery bro, I'm gonna do my best too. Keep on keeping on soldier.

I need two plastic surgeries as soon as possible. I've hated my face for years, and I've ruined my own life because of it. I really can't take it anymore, I need money I only have one year left until I reach the age of majority in my country. When that happens, I will prostitute myself, at least for a year.I'm very afraid, but I'm even more afraid that they won't accept work in a brothel because of my horrible face. If that happens, I will kill myself.I really want to live, live like a pretty woman
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Is there anyone in your life that isn't online that you can share these feelings with? Also working a regular job for 2 months when you live at home can save up a lot like thousands, there's nothing wrong with working at in n out for a bit many people can get a brand new car at 18 doing this. Sex work is full of diseased predators and guys who will push you to do thing you don't want to, and no it's not like a job where you have other coworkers to vent to, but a sadness as you wont be able to seek help because of the stigma. I worry for you and your low self worth, I hope you will take a break from the internet after this and recenter yourself
OP, I have a friend who is a woman, she has been my friend for about 10 years now. I am not going to gloss over things - in my view she is ugly. She is a great character, fun to be around, very positive and intelligent. But she is ugly. I think she might fancy me deep down because I do tick a lot of the boxes in terms of guys she is into, but anyway, that isn't the point.

She has had two long term partners. Sure, I see her as ugly (I think she has a skin condition because her skin seems a little... larger than her skull? Or something? Very hard to explain) but evidently that view isn't shared by her ex-bf and her current long-term bf.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

As a bonus OP:
In this video, I bet the child runs to the dad because he does not have the pain and sorrow in his heart that the mother clearly has.

You need to find a way of viewing yourself with acceptance and understanding. Feeling sorrow whenever you look in the mirror is a terrible relationship with yourself.
From time to time I also look for normal jobs, to know more or less what I could earn during the year. It's not a lot of money Jaajajsj And you don't have to worry I know it will go badly for me in there, but I have always had a very strong stomach for problems. The only thing that makes me cry is my face. Anyway, I appreciate the concern and advice. Thank you
Men don't work in brothels and everyone on 4chan is male.
lmao women are so dumb lol poor sod got one with a western brain too, hope it's all just a joke.

Single parent or a small child here.

I had an proctored online examination. I told my child not to enter my room while I'm answering the exam. My mother wasn't home either. 30 mins in they ignored all my orders and walked in to the room. I had to lift them up and put them outside the room.

The proctor did not say anything. The doorway can clearly be seen to the proctor too. Would I be in trouble? Do you think I should email the professor?
Send a short email to the professor to put your worries to rest. In bureaucracies you get ahead of things by being polite, terse and early to start the paper trail. If your professor likes you (even vaguely) they'll use your email in your defense if it comes up. It probably will not come up because single parent students are a bit of a taboo. (Depends on local culture if it works this way; Catholic area, very probably this way.)
My college and the professor are both aware of the child. I suppose it's better to email her jic. I'm not sure if my background matters that much? I live in a fairly religious area but didn't face any issues with my college so far

File: Doogal.jpg (39 KB, 840x465)
39 KB
I work at a dealership, and currently have a shitbox that is about to breakdown. I want a new car, and something nice, I do make decent money, however haven't been here long and don't have a ton accumulated. My father is offering to put a little down to help get my payment where I want.
But also I am moving off his insurance to my own.

The car is 40k (before discounts and stuff) and I am a bit nervous because it is the most debt I've ever had. I have perfect credit, and 0 debt.
So I estimate my monthly payment to be about 450/m and the insurance idk. Maybe 2-300? I'm 23, and have once accident which was my fault, it was a small fender bender in stop and go.

What I'm more nervous about is down the line, will I be happy long term paying this? It would be a 5-7 year finance and that is a long time.
I would want to pay it off as quickly as possible, but how does that work?

If I pay 2 payments in one month, does that mean I don't have to pay next month because I already paid?
Or does that 2nd payment in one month just get taken off the principal and I still have to pay the following month?

If I can pay a few months at once and not have to worry about it month by month I'd feel better.
Same with insurance.
But I also don't have thousands to just drop upfront. My father will help with the downpayment to get it to a comfortable monthly payment.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Buy a used older car, you retard
I understand that
I meant this for that
>If I pay 2 payments in one month, does that mean I don't have to pay next month because I already paid? Or does that 2nd payment in one month just get taken off the principal and I still have to pay the following month?
So say the car is 10,000, and the monthly payment is 100.
If I pay 100 in Jan, now the car us down 9,900.
In Feb if I pay 200 (2 months worth) it is down 9,700.

But does that mean I have to pay the $100 payment when March comes? Because I paid 2 payments worth in Feb?

It sounds like no matter what, I get charged $100, and if I pay extra payment in the same month, it does not let me skip the next month(s) but simply just applies any extra money to that principal 10k.
>The car is 40k
I don't see the point in spending this kind of money on transportation until you have enough money so as to not worry about it. Cheap, old used cars are good enough, and many older vehicles are more reliable, easier and cheaper to repair, and get you from point A to B just fine. If you want it as a nice thing to have then whatever, but taking on financing with high monthly bills doesn't sound smart to me. I have always bought semi-nice beaters and always will. There's nothing on a new car worth the extra money as compared to a 90s to mid 00s Camry or Civic.
>have perfect credit, and 0 debt.
This is actually, ironically, an oxymoron. Good credit entails and necessitates having credit history, and one of the best things to have is a long-standing open line of credit that you actively use. Having debt and managing it properly is superior to having no active credit utilization at all. Unfortunately, as far as I know, car loans don't factor into this very heavily.
>I would want to pay it off as quickly as possible, but how does that work?
Check your state laws, but many have no penalty for early pay-offs of a loan. So, you have your principle amount (price of the car) and the interest. It would depend upon the terms of your loan, but you probably just have a set fixed amount that includes interest plus principle, so you pay the same in the end either way, and you pay off the interest first before money goes towards the principle. You can make larger payments to speed this up, but cannot pay less than the total.
>If I pay 2 payments in one month, does that mean I don't have to pay next month
Logically yes, but talk with your loan company/bank because monthly billing can be fucky. Also, don't take a loan from the dealership, go to a bank and secure private financing.
>Also any tips for easily shopping insurances?
Go to a third party insurance agent and make them shop for you. Then, pay your premium in advance and shop again every 6 months.
>the less time you owe them money, the less interest.
Most loan terms are for a fixed rate based upon a fixed time-frame, though it may vary by state law. Regardless of how quickly you pay it, most places will have you pay all of the interest first before any is put towards the principle.
Read the terms of the loan. Generally they are not stated in months but in deadlines. That is - if a payment is due by February 28, they don't care if you make it in January or February. In theory you could make a whole year's payments in January, but most people don't have that kind of lump sum (or else they would have put it all in the down payment and reduced the loan to begin with)

File: 1553504584086.jpg (273 KB, 640x803)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
I'm inheriting $145,000 dollars next month. What should I invest in? No meme responses please.
38 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Tried to tell him but oh well
Apartment near college. Then rent rooms to students.
If you have debt that's costing you a lot of money then pay that off, then dump the rest into an index fund like the S&P 500. Avoid crypto like the fucking plague, and if you weren't already in the process of buying real estate then I would avoid spending it on a house/apartment as well.
education, master's if you already
and grow weed
I would put all of that money into sex. Seriously, I would get laid every night. I fucking love boning and think about it all the time, don't you? God, I love boning hot chicks, I wish I had money.

File: Wojak_cropped.jpg (10 KB, 180x179)
10 KB
I've been to the doctor and had my weight and blood pressure checked, my blood checked, and had x-rays done. I'm not overweight, my blood pressure is normal, no signs of diabetes or any similar ailments, and the x-rays found nothing wrong with me either.

Yet I can't sleep at night and I'm constantly in pain, usually in the form of a burning sensation in my chest and upper back.. Since all physical causes have been ruled out, the only explanation is that it's mental. I have no friends or family and have been lonely all my life. The thing is, I just don't enjoy most "social activities". I don't like alcohol or sports, and I'm indifferent towards music. I'm a very friendly and outgoing person, but I just can't connect with anyone or meet anyone I can imagine myself hanging out with. Medication hasn't helped either.

So what can I do? I've been lonely my entire life and depressed for almost 20 years now. I'm tired of being sleep-deprived and in pain, tired of not being able to feel emotions anymore, tired of being alone. I take OTC painkillers for the pain, but they don't help because again, the pain has a psychlogical cause, not a mental one.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
1. Remove yourself from EMF pollution. Many things cause EMF pollution such as electric meters, internet routers, phones, etc.
2. Deworm. Most disease is caused by parasites. Strongest herbal parasite cleanse is wormwood, black walnut hull, and cloves. Make sure to take the right proportions.
3. Lacking vitamins and minerals. A lot of people lack lack vitamin D and boron. Read the borax conspiracy:
4. Universal antidote chlorine dioxide. Look into Andreas Kalcker protocols. CDS is the purest form.
5. Lacking orgone. Make some orgonite or build a PVC pyramid. Set motion to the energy around you.
I don't have anxiety and I've been to therapy. It's purely loneliness that's making me feel this way.
>1. Remove yourself from EMF pollution. Many things cause EMF pollution such as electric meters, internet routers, phones, etc.

Bullshit and not possible in the modern world

The rest of your post is gaslighting bullshit too
>a burning sensation in my chest and upper back
Sounds like GERD.
File: 1695244993685878.png (1.82 MB, 959x736)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
Orgonite, pyramids, shungite neutralize the harmful effects of EMF. Shungite is good against 5g. Bee keepers improve the health of their bees when coating beehive boxes with shungite. Study the works of Wilhelm Reich. Orgonite is a turbo and compact version of his accumulator. Iron powder works the best. Metal shavings are a meme, use powders or small fillings. Quartz points are necessary. Don't use spirals unless you know what you are doing because it might reverse the good effect. Copper pyramids are a meme. Pyramids made from organic material like wood or plastic are superior to metals. Look into Alexander Golod's pyramid research.

File: IMG_4327.jpg (120 KB, 698x919)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>trying to court this girl for years
>has never gotten mad at my advances
>was giggly when I flirted while she had a boyfriend
>left a while ago
>still talk
>even started sending nudes
>fast forward to today
>supposed to be coming back in the near future.
Not sure if this will be the "green light" or if she'll still be wanting to just be friends.
54 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Maybe she's worried her Bf will read her texts?
Don't people use Snapchat for that shit?

Invite her over to come play some games because you are bored. Make it a tuesday. This has two outcomes: a) She leaves a dust cloudf whereever she was standing and 30min later your doorbell rings. This usually ends with you laying some mean pipe. Then throw her out. No Kiss goodbye. Call her again next tuesday. b) She tells you she cant right now because bullshit excuse. This ends in you blocking her and spending your tuesday with something more productive like working out or trading shitcoins or having a beer with a good buddy.

Do never ever chase pussy. If she is interested nothing in this world will stop her from driving half the planet away over to your place to get her back blown out. If she is not, there is zero atrraction to you and you need to let it go. Get an escort if you want sex, no time wasted.
Your second text is simp overdrive. I wouldn't even say that to a girlfriend; (maybe a fiancee or wife) get a grip OP, you giddy faggot.
hgtawg here
how many women have you slept with?

Get it off your croissant
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>However I believe children posing nude and should be considered art,

nigger think something else
fucking same, dude. i hate that i'm so obsessed with her. no matter how hard i try to replace her, she just keeps coming back into my life just to build me up then strip me of whatever hope i have left. im fucking miserable
YEAH, we are all obsessed with her

she is magic
I think I'm going to make it. 2 years ago I was unemployed, living with my mom, with no real friends, no hope of ever finding a decent job or esaping my shitty cycle of porn/youtube/video games. But now I have found a job I like, I live on my own, I have completely stopped porn and video games, I exercise regularly, I have built a connection with many people at work. I need to expand my friend network now, and this way I hope to eventually find a good woman to build a life with. It's never over anons, as long as you can make at least one step forward every day, you can climb the mountain ahead.
Are you a UN commissioner or a millennial technology writer who hates anime per chance?

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