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File: pharmacy.jpg (484 KB, 2560x1280)
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484 KB JPG
My dad just offered to pay for me to go to trade school for a year to be a pharmacy technician. I'm approaching middle age, and he is very old so this kind of feels like my last chance to have a normal life. I haven't done anything with my life since high school graduation except live in mom's basement and I have pretty much checked out of society and given up on ever having a normal life and family. Everything feels so hopeless in America. It's only a year and all I do is sit around playing video games and drinking, but I'm afraid of leaving the basement since the world is becoming such a nightmare and I'm relatively comfortable here now. Should I do it?
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>I'm approaching middle age
he's too old for that I think?
Do it. You will ultimately end up with a decent paying in demand job and you will be able to stand on your own two feet and maybe have a kid someday. Don't give into despair and hopelessness and spend less time in front of a screen.
Anon, I'm going to simplify the question, do you want to be a fat virgin loser all your life or a (maybe) fat (maybe) virgin (maybe) loser.
I don't guarantee success but you get a slim chance.
Thank you for encouraging suggestions. My situation is not unique so this can apply to many people.
Fuck off.
Don't do things for society, the world… do these for you, your family, your friends. Don't be afraid. Nobody will judge you negatively, it's the exact opposite.

It's just one year of school: good thing. You'll see, once you work you'll feel a lot better and useful. Things will go up, you'll feel proud and so will everyone. It's a positive momentum.

Be strong, you can do it, remember not to worry too much about what is not important… just focus on you and your close ones! That's the only important thing!

I feel exceptionally retarded in mathematics, like the very basic concepts of numbers and patterns inherent in the subject just do not click with me in the slightest. It's genuinely frustrating too because I find math legitimately interesting in a lot of ways and I want it to become a part of my career (computational linguistics).

How to cope with being a mathlet?
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This was a really good read, thanks anon. I have a professor that would love this, I'll send it to her too.
You are welcome.

I wish you and your professor both well.
I found the texts in the "problem solving and heuristics" section of the /sci/ wiki to be useful: https://4chan-science.fandom.com/wiki/Mathematics#Problem_Solving_and_Heuristics
calc ii is absolutely not easy enough to get by on 30 minutes a day of studying
Used to feel the same and now I'm graduating with 95% of a math bachelor's. In the beginning you just need to grind, be willing to work an hour+ a day on boring problems. After the hard bit you take calculus/diffeq which is (relatively) easy, and when you get to real analysis math starts to become fun

File: privateinvestigator.jpg (27 KB, 555x312)
27 KB
In the unlikely event anyone here is a private investigator, what is it like? I know it isn't as glamorous as the movies, but it still sounds pretty interesting.
Most of the jobs of those guys these days is prob just seeing if the husband/wife of the client is cheating on them
File: 1709485783409225.jpg (386 KB, 1200x1200)
386 KB
386 KB JPG
That's what they show in all the movies but these days it's lost pets
File: 1697237016602965.jpg (116 KB, 1064x983)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
I just love getting to the bottom of things. I have a strong sense of justice and a good heart.
That's part of it, but a lot of PIs work for insurance companies. They investigate suspected fraudulent claims, mostly disability related.
My boss hired a PI on me when I was von sick leave (to check whether I really was sick and behaving accordingly), that's fairly common apparently

File: dragon-ball-bulma.gif (58 KB, 604x452)
58 KB
How do I solve my crippling Porn addiction? I do it everyday and I hate myself. It's not just porn, but I severely lack willpower in all aspects of my life and it's destroying me.
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>If you don't develop the discipline to simply NOT open a porn website
I know I have to resist, but I find it incredibly hard not to, since I use this site you could probably imagine that I'm somewhat of an Outcast loser, I don't have any friends and I hardly interact with anyone I know. I'm very lonely and PMO is almost like a crutch for me to supply that dopamine, I know it's wrong, and I despise myself for it.
Naltrexone for at least 2 months. i used it for alcoholism (it cured me, so to speak), but i noticed i had no interest in sex or even masturbating while taking it. A few years later it was FDA approved for compulsive sexual issues.
I live in Europe so I don't think I'd be able to get a hold of that
What? Look into it. Its widely recognized as being effective for overeating, sexual compulsivity and alcoholism

File: gzgyvtj2wa5b1.png (164 KB, 492x766)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
Have had a thing for fake tits for a long time, is that a bad thing? Makes women look trashy sometimes
Depends how big are they before and after and whether it's a round or anatomical implant. If it's from a cup to c-d, it should look ok as long as you have anatomical implants. If it's from c to h, it will be a downgrade unless you will have a perfectly natural looking implants which is not possible.

File: 1713067475358697.jpg (27 KB, 640x557)
27 KB
What do people my age do in America these days? I turn 30 in a few months, and I have NEVER been able to find anyone to hang out with. I missed out on my childhood and teen years because I'd walk all over my neighborhood and not find any other kids or teenagers to hang out with, so my only option was to go back home and play video games or get on the internet instead. And now I've missed out on my 20s too. My life is just passing me by and I have no experiences or memories.

Where the fuck is everybody? I hate not being able to go anywhere or do the things I want to do because there's either no one there or everyone who is there is decades older than me. I've tried going places alone but it's boring when you have no one to share the experience with and depressing when you're the only person that's there alone. Going somewhere and sitting down or walking around alone isn't fun or satisfying, I can do that at home for free.

Any time I try to go anywhere, all I end up with is wasted gas and money. I end up meeting no one, and I reluctantly return home to distract myself from my shitty and lonely life by playing video games or getting online.

What are all the young people doing? I'm tired of sitting indoors playing video games and wasting time on the internet, but whenever I go out, everyone is either decades older than me.
Nothing happens in real life other than drinking/clubbing/eating in restaurants. Communities are anything but communities.

This is a psychotic, fragmented, disjointed country
idk at this point in life, most 30-somethings paired up or socialize at work or maybe church. but a lot of people mostly hang out with their established friend groups now.

i know a couple of my friends who ended up doing rock climbing as a hobby. maybe get a gym membership and find some friends by joining some group event there. or look into some hobby group for shit like ghost hunting or something.

i don’t recommend clubs because no one past their mid 20s go to clubs anymore except absolute losers. i remember thinking the 30 or 40 something year olds were creepy losers when i saw them.
The problem is I don't have an established friend group, they all vanished after high school. So I've been trying to form a new one, but no luck.
File: FB_IMG_1699634595039.jpg (54 KB, 1080x1009)
54 KB
The cure is compassion.
Anger and mental poison has polluted our water gentlemen.

Would you like to know a haunting fact that could explain a part of why this is?
It steals your attention and injects narratives faster than your monke brain could comprehend.
>But who cares its just tiktok
Theres 340 thousand Americans in the US.
Tiktok has 150 thousand active users in the US.
Half of our population is tapped into a machine that the United States does not control.
>Look up Ryan Macbeth

That sucks bro.
What I've learned is that looking to make friends is like trying to find a job.
In that searching for a job while you already have a job is kind of fun and exciting, and you feel in control and you feel good knowing you are making a move while having something to fall back on. Finding a job when you have no job is full of anxiety, desperation, lack of control, and its just plain difficult.
Exact same situation with friendship. Most people make new friends through old friends.
The good news is that with both jobs and friendships, you only have to start from the bottom a few times in your life, as long as you are smart about it.

File: Doom.jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
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Difficult to answer here. If you have social phobia/problems, or anything like that that could stop you from communicating or selling yourself, it's really hard to change that on a Bhutanese Pottery Forum. There's a lot of time and experience required to build that stuff.
I don't have a social phobia. Just a lack of experience in every department
How old are you?
What is your field of study? Do you already have the masters, or are you just considering it?
What is your field of work? How closely is it related to your field of study?
Do you have any additional qualifications, experience, or interests and hobbies that could be said to overlap with these things?
25 years old
I have a Bachelor in Economics. I'm just considering a masters
I work in the transport agency of my government. My work is kind of hard to explain. It's a mix of accounting, data entry, finance and just general problem solving
It's hard to say for obvious reasons. But if I were you, I would stick with the bachelors, build your experience and learn how to sell those as a package deal.

Just found out a close relative of mine is in a abusive relationship. I knew that things were rough in their marriage, but i just learned that her husband slapped her in a recent fight. I don't think i know proper words to describe how fucking furious I am right now. The prick's family is loaded with money and almost all of his family members know what he did and they judge him for that but are powerless to do anything because that's how their family works for some reason... His father doesn't know and I suspect there's good reason why they only don't tell him. The whole thing is happening in silence, without the fathers of both families completely in the dark, and if they find out theres bound to be a physical altercation at best. Our side of the family isn't loaded with money like they are, and I am saying this because I suspect if legal action is taken the Prick is going to try to bribe the judge and so on.. We live in a piece of shit country.

Guys I have no idea what exactly to do besides securing a prison sentence for myself, and I know that won't get me anything. Have any of you been in a situation like this?
Stay out of it. Women who stay in abusive relationships are not fixable. Dont let it ruin your life.

File: 2.jpg (148 KB, 723x851)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
I'm probably going to kill myself eventually. I actually have no one. I've only cuddled with my mom once in my life. My brother and sister have their own lives. My old friends disappeared. My body hurts thinking about other people. I'm a stupid as fuck faggot unlovable hormone injecting brain fucked peice of dog shit.

My mom and dad made me feel like the villain when confronting them about the dog they keep locked up for years. They're right and i should blow my head open in the living room

Nothing is real. This life isn't real.

Parenting advide general thread
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My daughter said she's a lesbian. How should I punish her?
Slap her for speaking when not asked, then increase the dowry 20% for her arranged marriage as a show of respect for her future husband.
Tell her if she's gonna be a dyke, she's gonna do it right. Then buy her a truck or a Harley.
Should I circumcise a son?
Stealing from you or different people? If it's from different people, you can call cops. If it's from you, you can tell her she wil lose %1 of inheritance for every $50

Lesbians are based. If a crazy scientist kidnapped you and gave you tranny surgeries, you would be a lesbian too.

Ok so basically I have this friend, because she was my friend I thought that she wouldn't ghost me, if she friendzoned me or said no I would be okay with it, so i asked her out, at first she said that she was out of town but after that we could if i wanted with a smiley face and shit, a week later after she came back I did it again and she basically said yes and we arranged a place to meet, we just needed a day and an hour so i asked her about it and there it happened she left me on delivered.
I felt horrible, I sended her a final voice message like 4 days later basically saying that I'm fine with not going out with her regardless of the reason, because my intention was to have fun without ruining the friendship and to see if something happened, and that by her not responding it made me feel that she didn't even want to be my friend which is what I tried to avoid, its still on delivered and it has been two days now.
She is still in my close friends and we both follow each other because I don't want to be seen as offended (cuz I'm not offended by rejection but by a friend ghosting me) and our mutual friends still interact with me and like my stuff but we haven't talked about it, I'm sure I'm still in her close friends because of story highlights, and she still sees every story I post but does not like them, idk does anybody have an opinion or take on this? I'm just lost I feel like I should completely cut her out but idk, if she says that we should go out I genuinely don't want to, I just don't want things to be weird because sadly eventually we have to see each other every day because of college and our friends are mutual, idk I guess I kinda blame myself for starting it all.

File: Capture.png (20 KB, 703x420)
20 KB
>Be me.
>High functioning autistic who got an engineering degree.
>I thought it would be fun creative problem solving but school was miserable and so has work despite frequent job changes. I don't think I'll ever find a corporate job I actually enjoy.
> I'm so tired after work I feel miserable and need to lie down for hours. I don't feel like socializing or doing anything. I have no social life.

I designed my own products and started selling them on Etsy. It made $64k last year and it's on track to make even more this year. I really enjoy doing my own creative projects and not having to put up with corporate bullshit.

$64k is enough for me to live off of. I should probably quit my day job and do this full time. I can't get over the fear of financial insecurity. I have a chronic medical condition that will cost me $1,000/month if I don't have a job with health benefits. I've also got no family I can ask for money or live with if I go broke. There's a chance I'll be homeless and unable to buy the medication I need to stay alive. It's hard to get a new tech industry job right now and they always want you to go through months of interviews so I won't be able to quickly go back to that if things go bad.
you got a good head on your shoulders and have made it further then most of these fake entrepreneurs out there. You can get self employed insurance and just pay those premiums or something - there are companies that do that. Do the etsy thing and see if you can take it 80K this year and honestly - engineering degree, and can side hustle? I'm surprised you aren't in SAAS whipping up some new CRUD tool every week.

There's a semi decent chance you might be someone that needs pressure to thrive though , so don't get lazy once you quit.
>You can get self employed insurance and just pay those premiums or something

I've looked into it. They'll pay for the forty year old treatments that keep you alive but disabled and with a lower life expectancy. The good new shit is considered a luxury. Health insurance companies don't take individuals they're guaranteed to lose money on.The only way to get quality coverage is to be part of a big corporation that averages it over a thousands of employees.

File: 1712659478944484.jpg (154 KB, 1005x1024)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
>How do I get a gf
>been tryin for years
What did you ACTUALLY do? Do you approach girls daily? Do you attend local events where young people go? Tried dating apps? Did you try going outside and talking to women? Have you gone to Gyms, parks, libraries, concerts, conventions, FUCKING ANYWHERE???

Unless you're a celebrity GigaChad, women are not going to line up on your door waiting for you to date them. You have to go ahead and actually find a girl out first.
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That's great anon, so what are you going to do about it? Maybe you can't get taller, but a more masculine face and deeper voice are attainable naturally - I've done it. If you saw the girls who were into me despite me being below 6" you would shit yourself.
The mental acrobatics incels go through to keep themselves single never cease to amaze me.

Getting a girlfriend is easy if you'll settle for a fat bitch like picrel. But if you want an attractive girl, it's harder.

That was a weird leap to make. Only a paedo would make that kind of a comment. It wouldn't enter a normal persons head. She's grotesque because she's fat.
Fat girls don't deserve love.

File: tiresome.png (643 KB, 1022x731)
643 KB
643 KB PNG
Why the fuck is someone on dating apps, having a decent convo with someone and then immediately ghost after I ask them out? Only to then hours later follow my Instagram and never interact again? I'd be a lot less mad if you even said no. Just give me closure you fucker.

For my generation has it literally just turned into self-marketing and gaining followers? This is the most ghoulish shit ever. I fucking hate it. There's all these invisible rules and social cues you have to follow and I don't even know half of them. Why do these exist?

Is everyone just afraid of any sort of commitment/interaction but still wants the security/validation of a real relationship?

I go to local music shows relatively frequently and everyone there just seems closed off and only wanting to interact with their small group of friends and nobody else. At least any chicks anyways. I have tried chatting up a few, but it's easy to tell from their body language before even talking to them so I usually don't bother. So it's not like I'm some disgusting shut-in that doesn't put himself out there either. Everyone usually is in some miserable relationship with someone anyways cause apparently that's better than being single. Even heard that from someone in a nearby cities' scene. "Everyone here kind of just shacks up with someone they can tolerate" what the FUCK

I'm saying this under the pretense of us men have problems too to avoid a useless gender war in the comments. However, it feels like women are gaslighting us by saying "the bar has never been lower" yet they themselves can't even say no to getting asked out. Just awkward ghosting and keeping his profile as another one of her followers. And the mentioned bar is still relatively high in certain aspects.

inb4 pickme comments, foad
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I agree but nobody seems to want to, or the collective damage has already been done.
I know what you mean, but I don't entirely agree. People are stupid, but they're not that stupid. They're aware, and that's the first step. I'm a bit of a misanthrope, but even I still put my faith in other humans from time-to-time. The madness can't last forever.
You still can wind up never changing anything even though you're aware of it
We need to get real
True. But at a societal level that's harder to maintain because of so many competing forces and interests.

How do I stop thinking about wanting to beat the shit out of my brother? I'll try to make this short. I hate him. I have very murderous thoughts whenever I think about him in general. We've gotten into several "fights" and he got me good once when I was slightly drunk but I always felt like I had to hold back more because my parents are more on his side.

He's a hotheaded ugly piece of shit and I hope he dies. Basically, he moved out recently, but sometimes I still end up thinking about getting back at him. Him moving out was the best thing that could ever happen, but he's still close by. The only times I see him now is when he comes over briefly or he takes most of my parking spot before i get home. It just makes me angry but how do I stop thinking about something so pointless when I don't even give a shit about him?
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would someone give me some advice so I'm not making the same thread again? jfc
Someone give this angry cunt some advice.
I think you are a massive fucking faggot because you haven't even told us a reason as to why you hate him so much. I mean, it'd make sense if he did something horrible to you in childhood or something, but it sounds like you're just a miserable cunt. I genuinely wonder if you have any friends, but then I realize that you're posting on 4chan for advice, which means the answer is a resounding NO.

He may have moved out, but he's still living rent free in your head.

Btw, I'd like him more if I were your parents too
Hate towards someone else tends to reflect or highlight something that you don't like about yourself. Find it. Forgive him.

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