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File: 036.jpg (48 KB, 680x400)
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What was the turning point of /fit/ being a "we're all gonna make it" forum to "FPH" crab in a bucket, "just give up bro" forum
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File: 1713140833773826.jpg (384 KB, 1242x1218)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
Pretty much this. 2016 Reddit tourists brought this site's quality down a few pegs sure, but those people stick around and we eventually rub off on them. Jannies however are what killed it. This is random literally whos that come from Reddit and other trash sites that are the complete antithesis of this site, have no intention to engage, no intention to lurk, browse or pick up on this site's culture but comes here to "punish" and "control". They are not open minded, they are not capable of learning. It's why this site has Generals filled with unironic 24/7 Discord tranny Ops and has splinter groups off this site acting against this site's best interest in an attempt to "spread their culture" and stomp out the "Evil underbelly of the internet". Jannies are the worst fucking filth to ever disgrace this site. Worse than Tumblrettes, worse than Redditards and worse than Twatter "influencers". They were at least open and truthful about their intentions and that they don't like us. Jannies lie and distort, literally no different than some rouge internet defense force that works for free. Truly the lowest circle of Hell is reserved for deceivers and backstabbers like them.
this +
>development of the black pill
>Third Worlders getting on the Internet
>US strangling the management of this site
is there a shitty ass raid going on rn?
>/v/tards don't actually play vidya games
>/ck/fags talk about fast food all the time instead of actually cooking
>/g/entoomen argue about OSes and web browsers instead of programming
>/fit/izens don't really exercise
and so on, such is the nature of 4chan
That's why Capitol Hill is a nursing home

File: oneyear.png (650 KB, 1074x470)
650 KB
650 KB PNG
I do push/pull until my upper body can recover within 48hrs. Then I do legs, and take a rest day everytime I feel like it.
Thoughts? I dont like the gay routines you guys do. I know how to actually train anyway. I dont need to waste my time doing progressive overload from 50% of my rm
pic related is what happens when you work on your back only twice a week with """intensity""

My husband can’t make it to the grocery store this weekend, so I’m going in his place. Any suggestions for cheap food options beyond chicken and rice that promote gains?
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Try not to talk like a nigger please, thank you.

I'm pretty sure orgasms are real but the first half of your post was so accurate it made me stop and consider they might not be.

Ass "men" are deviants.
eggs and broccoli and milk
File: milk.webm (3.2 MB, 1080x1920)
3.2 MB
Fellas is it gay to want a nice butt?

File: kxkhowwccyfc1.jpg (53 KB, 640x778)
53 KB
Dr. Lewis Sayre treating scoliosis, checking the curvature of the spine - 1870s
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Yeah that's gross.
Men and girls had a lot more T too.
Underrated, eyebrow pets make me feel like a happy cat
that's pretty unprofessional of you...

probably a shit doctor
I'd treat her scoliosis iykwim

>he eats before the gym
You're supposed to do it after the training
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Lol what is this from?
music bank
Yeah the apex predators who over the span of history built the civilization you live in today were totally malnourished and starving in caves hiding from predators. Modern humans are more malnourished than Hunter gatherers were. Stop getting your information from Reddit.
Recently married a cute petite South Korean bros WAGMI
man that imbored account was really annoying

Street Shitter

>how do I get bigger
>how do I get stronger
>how do I get a gf
>how do I get healthier
>how do I...
File: 1704133033636818.jpg (123 KB, 1281x1395)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Have you considered lifting?
your image is of a guy who "just lifted" the moral equivalent of 0.5 lb weights 3 times a day, 3 days out of the week, in order to become the single strongest superhero. His program is presented as a joke that's shocking precisely by how much it doesn't even begin to explain his strength. The text may as well read "just go bald".
>just go bald
I mean, it's not like most of this board isn't already norwooding
File: 1712701722923908.png (43 KB, 1080x1080)
43 KB
>dude, a guy from a manga is not uber realistic therefore everything he says is invalid

Search engines and strength standard sites provide little to no info or opinions on this, so what would /fit/ consider to be a good circus dumbbell press max*? What would be attainable for a normie lifter in your opinion?

*don't focus that much on whether it's a theoretical 99-100% max or a 90-95% max you can get 5-7 days a week, or whether it's the stronger or weaker arm even tho it's a leg power movement for a big part
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Can't say I've ever hit my chin on a push press but I have on a power clean.
It was a combination of pulling higher than normal and not pulling myself under the bar correctly. It fucking hurt.
>lanky 220lbs
are you tall? If you're 190cm+ and interested in strongman you should consider pursuing it. You'll probably end up weighing 120kg at least but you'll get to a bodyweight press eventually.
I have hit myself on chin twice I think and the last time was yesterday but it didn't hurt much or cause any trouble, I was just out of sync for a sec. You can also theoretically push the bar too far behind you and not straight up but you would usually just take a step back. And of course you could just fuck up and drop the bar straight on your head or neck but generally all is safe.

Yeah something around 190cm/100kg or couple cm above. I find strongman movements to be the most fun to do even if you can obviously argue that you get more for legs and more for shoulders if you do two separate movements, and I do those too but as accessories. The thing is I'm past 30 so while it's not at all impossible to gain new strength which I do, I still consider gym not to be "my thing" as in I would probably be more gifted as say a runner but I don't care for that.
>The thing is I'm past 30 so while it's not at all impossible to gain new strength which I do, I still consider gym not to be "my thing" as in I would probably be more gifted as say a runner but I don't care for that.
I wasted a decade running and now I'm starting to actually get halfway decent at strongman over 30. If you enjoy it then find a novice comp nearby and try it out.
Well good to hear and I'm a late bloomer in some other things too so even if statistics would suggest you get less done in gym or less test levels after 30, it doesn't always have to apply. Also I've never been a runner, I have gone to gym on-off beginning in teens however with months or years off sometimes, but enough to know that gym isn't "my thing" lol. I had some moments where I saw younger people come to gym and I thought that I'll just quit but I got over it.

File: 1698862902626565.png (469 KB, 750x771)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
Start stealing and become a burden on society. First thing you should do is quit your worthless wagie job. Don't bother applying for benefits, welfare or any other government assistance unless you really can't help yourself. I personally prefer to also GHOSTMAXX, no properties in my name, no hand outs, no benefits, no taxes, just living in the shadows of society and outside of the system as much as I can, but I digress. Simply take everything you need from big corporations, resell it and enjoy life. Hit their jew warehouses and megastores and become an honest reseller. Make sure to post about it and encourage more people to become burdens like you. Once enough people do this, their system collapses. Also always remember how over half the population got vaxxed and sided with the government? make them pay and enjoy it too. This is how you get back at the jews, the governments, the corporations, the normie cattle and everybody else who wronged you.

File: ALEX-LEONIDAS-1024x833.jpg (85 KB, 1024x833)
85 KB
Neck training is like 50% of his identity so I'd think his would be bigger. Are his methods bad or does he just have shitty neck genetics?
Probably just skips neck day. Many such cases.

File: mogggged.jpg (254 KB, 1538x1080)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
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in couple of years he will be sick
Dr.Mike claims 5’6
If you visualize Sam’s neck down like Mike and account for him being a bit behind Sam. You come to realize Sam is 5’7
A bit behind mike*
>Anonymous 04/17/24(Wed)12:46:03 No.74070397▶>>74070416 >>74070427 >>74070438 >>74070555
> Anonymous 04/17/24(Wed)12:48:48 No.74070416▶
>>>74070397 (OP)
>>roiding for this
hes probably like 5'9
File: 1684275316698932.jpg (32 KB, 640x477)
32 KB
YEA long live the glorious CCP and its superior athletes

File: hqdefault.jpg (23 KB, 480x360)
23 KB
Is it possible to do 8 sets of push ups to failure daily
File: 2142161521.png (2.63 MB, 1687x941)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB PNG
Yes, but at what cost.
no, you would fail miserably (8 times)

File: apukissa.png (190 KB, 850x682)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
could i live on basicly diffrent fruits and 1;5% milk? i think it would be a cheap and easy to eat diet
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i think i need vitamins
i have the luxury of living next to some dairy farms mby i could ask them if i can buy from them directly?
Raw milk has almost all the nutrients you need
off to your containment thread, fatty
does it have vitamin c? i like not gettin scurvy
Shut up, retard, or else I'm gonna shove a sausage up your nostril

haha lasagna
where is the lasgana master

File: 9829858724.jpg (49 KB, 500x500)
49 KB
I do Push/Pull/Legs every single day.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
What thread does the link in the picture go to?
some shit on /sp/
permaPPL is great
the duality of men
is push/pull/legs better than chest+back+shoulders / arms / legs ???

File: 20240417_134158.jpg (959 KB, 1678x1387)
959 KB
959 KB JPG
Heres my meal today: lamb sausage, 2 eggs, brocc feta spinach slop, cashews, bluubs and raspberries. What are you eating?
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apple fritter french toast with 2 eggs over hard and an andouille sausage + 3 cups of coffee
>giraffe anus
Episk måltid
looks pretty good. have you tried roasting the cashews? makes them taste even better.
so we bulking?
Will try at some point thanks for the tip. Honestly I spent like 30 min making this and dont want to make it more complicated for lunch, I gotta work too...

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