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File: 20240517_121612.jpg (96 KB, 407x893)
96 KB
Post bods
Gives mires
Give advice
Fuck spammers
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Mirin' - especially those veines. What's your routine?
Asking as a DYEL calisthenics fag looking to start lifting.
File: IMG_20240515_072147282_1.jpg (341 KB, 1740x2320)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
Very solid, weight and height?
Perfect form, you can stop the cut
Goth girls will love you
Very good abs
Homosexual pose

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File: IMG_20240517_183654816_1.jpg (136 KB, 1382x1382)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Mirin, natty or not?
Female magnet physique
Based, you can run with the higher bf% look and still look impressive, I would just end up looking like a fatass
I'm almost the same height and weight as you, how long have you been lifting?
>weight and height?
Thanks, 175-180 lbs, 5'10"
You look flat and weak. Don’t post until you actually start lifting bro.

File: 1701275846074.jpg (133 KB, 795x994)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Are you seething, baby boy?
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>heightmogs 90% of fatness industry
>manlets seethe and screech because women lust for him for being 6ft and muscles don't matter
this is him being "in Men's Health Magazine as a plus size personal trainer" btw
no one looks like this

File: brad.png (424 KB, 496x498)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
Acquire 10% bf
Energy is gone
No Sex drive and no sex anyway
"Depressed "

Do I at least get energy and sex drive back when I refeed? And then when I refeed to maintenace for a few weeks, I am then no longer 10%......

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It's literally human instinct to reproduce when in survival mode to maintain the species. Why do you think starving people in Africa have so many kids. Same goes for poor people. SO everything you said is utter bullshit.
Fats control your hormones. Remember that. Find the healthy ones. Eat healthy dairy. Eat healthy meat. Remove ALL OILS from your life.
Didn't somebody say this pic was from reddit? And why would you have pictures of yourself being 12% but not a new one of you being 10%. I call liar
>from reddit
I'm not aware of someone using my photos on reddit, but if you can link me i'd be happy to see the evidence
that photo is 12 on the left and 10 on right, i call retard
File: 1682801911909368.jpg (51 KB, 604x604)
51 KB
I've been a hardgainer my entire life and I couldn't get fat if I tried. Try again.
No. Survival is evolution's first priority in mammals, especially in humans, because we need to care for our young for many years before they can fend for themselves. If you're starving, you will be far less fertile than if you were at a normal weight or even slightly overweight. This is why fat women have a way easier time getting pregnant than skinny women. They have enough excess nutrients to create a new life.
>muh starving Africans
First of all, that's a meme. Africans are not all starving across the board. Secondly, they don't have a propaganda network convincing them that having babies is bad the way that we do in the West, they don't have ubiquitous contraception, and they aren't bathing in hormone-disrupting industrial pollitants like we are in the West. So their fertility is in much better shape than ours.
>poor people
Poor people as a rule don't listen to propaganda. They don't care about anti-pregnancy propaganda, and they don't use contraception as religiously as rich and middle class people do. It has nothing to do with their nutritional status. So you couldn't possibly be more wrong on every single point.
I recommend using your brain before you type such retarded comments and embarrass yourself again.

File: wojak-gym.gif (48 KB, 640x358)
48 KB
>Lifting is easy. Living is hard.

File: IMG_8953.jpg (1.59 MB, 2094x1170)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
Hail to the King Edition

>Post mires
>Live vicariously
>Get motivated to keep going
>Complimenting others = Your gains are DOUBLED this week
>Posting gay shit / being a crab in a bucket = You lose ALL of your gains for the next three months
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based oyakodon anon
>I am almost 30 so it’s over and it doesn’t matter anymore
stop with that attitude asap bro
maybe because it’s all a fantasy in your head anon

File: IMG_1892.jpg (1.33 MB, 3000x2018)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
Are you cottage cheese maxing anon?

Are you sardine maxxing anon?

Are you sauerkraut maxxing anon?

Embrace the taboo. Become the outlier.
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Ah yeah I guess that explains the plate. Did you know that off the top of your head, or reverse image search?
total fabrication
Cottage cheese and sauerkraut yes, sardines no. But I thought about buying a bottle of some quality fish oil, whats the consensus on that stuff nowadays?
>fish oil, whats the consensus on that stuff nowadays?
Toxic waste product of the food industry with billions in marketing pretending to be a health food, both omega 3 and 6 are trash and fish oil is all oxidised to make it worse
You got me spooked might not buy any then

Are long walks (3+ hrs) better than jogging or sprinting in terms of fat loss and health benefits?
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the more walking the better.

walking doesnt increase appetite as much as jogging.
if jogging keep below 30 minutes ottherwis it fuels hunger feelings

the rule of thumb is what you do longtermn is superior to the perfect thing.
walking everyday 30 minutes beats twice 2 hours per week
Better for your knees and mental health if you're walking out in nature or walking up big hills or mountains
if you have time to waste on regular 3 hour walks then something is severely wrong with your life
>on 4chan
Jogging is probably the worst exercise you can do. It fucks up your joints and recently leads to heart attacks and strokes

File: 1692824813360 (1).jpg (396 KB, 1125x1402)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
>"anon why don’t you eat one of the donuts your gf brought? You are.....”cutting”? So you are on a diet?? Oh man that sucks, I guess me and your gf will have to eat all these delicious donuts by ourselves in my room ;)”

What do you say /fit/???
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It’s thinly veiled cuck fetishisests, also browns. Possibly both
My room mate did last night, he and my gf were drinking but I wasn't because I'm cutting for summer. They were in his room for a couple of hours just talking but she didn't cheat.
This seems like such a weird thing to share kek
Why did you allow that btw?
That’s the point. A scenario that played out in OP’s head and nowhere else.
I never liked crispy creme

File: 1708746201876876.webm (2.65 MB, 960x1706)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB WEBM
>Try 3 plate on the bench after a couple heavy weeks
>Try 3 plates after a deload week
>Get it easily

How are deload weeks so powerful and why have I not known about them till now?
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not every asian eats dogs
yeah like i said you're so blinded by anti-semitism it took tiktok edits for you to realise deloading is necessary.
Because we as a society fetishize work over results while also getting there very quickly.

Rome wasn't built in a week. Doing a fourth workout per week does not increase your hypertrophy by 25% in a linear fashion.
All these junkies on roids giving you tips? Real tip or take away is if you want to build size but don't care about big weights, pump three times a day with handweights, basically failure work three times a day, rest, repeat.

With heavier weights you NEED at least one day of rest for muscles to recover, you might not gain weight on the bar if you don't rest 2 days.

Resting more than 2 days is unnecessary unless you've worked out longer than 6 months.
retard namefag newfaggot

Let me guess. You need more?
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Ground beef
Pinch of salt
Maybe seared a bit in talliw
It's just beef jerky right? Like Jack Links and whatnot.
You could easily make your own at home at a fraction of the cost per 'strip' of jerky, it'd taste better too since you could tailor it to whatever seasoning you like the best (or lack thereof).
I drink 1l milk before the gym and get jerky at the convenience store on my way home
I tasted beef jerky, it was like a super shitty version of fenalår(cured meat made from salted and dried leg of lamb.). Did I just get unlucky or does it generally taste like shit? I don't think there was any salt at all in it.
beef jerky is a cheap(was cheap) snack, not a christmas joint
its not always salty, sometimes it is

File: 1696655752147247.png (694 KB, 1290x653)
694 KB
694 KB PNG
>when he wipes down the equipment after using it
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has he always been AI generated?
File: s.jpg (24 KB, 684x478)
24 KB
Yeah, I do. I can't control how others behave, but I can control how I conduct myself.
No that’s simp shit never pay
Wipe down the equipment half assedly like it's beneath you this signals status
>getting on the hack squat after a chick
>it's all sweaty
>she says hang on a sec I'm gonna wipe it
>say no need and start doing my set
>she makes a disgusted face and walks away

File deleted.
imagine the smell edition
previous: >>74271626
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so would
Low self esteem is so sad
I couldn't cum anyway, hard stims can make it impossible. I think I just walked away lol. Saw him randomly at a bank a few months later and almost had a heart attack. I wasn't angry at the guy, he did nothing wrong, just at myself.
>This is why drugs are bad
Especially coke and meth, they'll have you doing stuff you never would do normally sober or even drunk.
File: homemadehamburgers.png (3.3 MB, 1500x7500)
3.3 MB
3.3 MB PNG
Was curious so looked it up, my store has a 20 pack for $11 (on sale apparently). That's pretty insane, I shop for two and spend about $80 a week, if I was buying slop I reckon it'd be about double that. Biden sure has fucked prices but I have no sympathy for retards that can't cook cheaply and healthily.
Why is it low self esteem? She would pump out big strong children. Let me guess this is your ideal girlfriend?

File: french.webm (2.02 MB, 368x816)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB WEBM
There's no better way to prove the blackpill theory than going to the gym, the girls only talk with the taller and most handsome dudes. Remember: Being tall only is not enough, being handsome only is not enough. You gotta see how these foids behave around these men like complete sluts and they keep taking photos of themselves to post on social media because they're hypergamous and want a rich dude who would take her on vacation because he ain't got options and fuck the tall muscular HTN. It's so predictable man lol :blackpill:
Share your blackpilling gym stories guys
21 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>all these words
>still dyel in a medium tee
Brutal. Maybe keep spamming memes tho it might help
kek you won’t do shit
The biggest black pill you nerds may not like. Is that 90% of these men IGNORE those kinds of girls because they can see them for what they are too. Only the men with egos and complexes do, which if you’re only lifting for women, that’s another issue. But no you probably thought there was too much muscle in their ears that they couldn’t listen to such blatantly obvious advice from their own lives and observations. Much less the mindset that you freaks so grossly fetishize over
This. People on this website are angry because they ARENT chad and cant pump and dump whores.
oh stfu stop demonizing women for having fun.

File: 3784195_IMG_5998.jpg (62 KB, 384x382)
62 KB
So i go to the gym in my neighboorhood, the gym is trash af but it has all the basics.
I was doing armswrestling training doing heavy barbell curls for biceps and this 5'8 dude that is my neighboor was doing leg extensions near by.
He is a 25 year old dude that use to bully me qhen i was 12.
I was 12 and he was 17 and he used to put me in chokeholds and shit like a abusive motherfucker abusing kids.
So he saw me repping 60kgs in barbell curls with good form for 15 reps and he got jelly, and started saying "your balls must be tiny from all the roids" and he did a gesture with his hand like indicating tiny balls.
I was fucking angry from university and this fat manlet talking shit made me loose my temper. I got instantly fucking mad like a adrenaline rush all the fucking androgens running thrue my blood and i stood up and asked him "what did you said, say that again fat ass" and he repeated it and i gave him an elbow right to the cheekbone. He fell off to the ground and i entered to absolute monkey roid rage and started to punch him in the floor i punched him like 4 times in the nose.
Afterwards i was screaming at him and saying to him that he is a fat fuck manlet. The only people in the gym were me the manlet and a anorexic 30kgs girl that got scared.
Then he stayed in a corner cleaning his blood and saying he was going to call his friends to beat me up.
And i just stayed in the gym, finished my workout and leaved.
I am sure i will be banned from my gym tomorrow and that he will try to get some type of revenge but his only friends are some other fat nerds so i dont give a shit desu it was such a lifefuel beating his ass and making him bleed destroying his face
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Based OP
Hah you sound like a little bitch.

>muh childhood trauma

>”the manwet huwt my feewings” :’(

Calm down and go to your room little roidtranny, you’ve been a bad boy.
File: 1715995058852307.jpg (68 KB, 912x1024)
68 KB
What color was the punchee?
I got a test boost from reading your post, good shit

just so you know, it was all worth it anon
Based then. You can always find a new gym or take the home gym pill.

File: file.png (1008 KB, 1327x746)
1008 KB
1008 KB PNG
>does cardio
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So I’m guessing he got so low bf/muscle that his body started eating away at his heart?
Probably died due to salt loss if anything.
it's EXTREME levels of narcicism

>*runs around in circles like a literal slave*
it's pretty much it
>Anorexia has also been tied to an abnormally slow heartbeat. Called bradycardia, the condition is caused by a deteriorating heart muscle, leaving the organ too weak to properly pump blood through the body.
The heart atrophies and slows down until it gives out.

You can also get a heart attack with electrolyte imbalances, so that's a possibility too.
All that gear doesn't jump you from hr zone 1 to zone 5, retard. You get zone 2 but increase stress on joints and muscles.

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