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File: 1713308264419459.jpg (287 KB, 950x1101)
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287 KB JPG
Muscles don't push or pull.

Muscles contract.
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>why does my car not use gas when i have people push it
File: download.jpg (9 KB, 259x194)
9 KB
well then what does >legs refer to then? chekcmate captain retardo
nigga I'm nuts
Your mother's pussy contracts around my cock lmao
OP contacts AIDS

Am I the only one struggling to break through this 15% brick wall? Dropping from 20%+ to 15% was easy as fuck but after that it's just constant grind with almost no success. I'm fasting twice a week (2-3 day fasts), I've already done two dry-fasts, training and doing cardio regularly, sleeping as much as I can, eating so clean it's insane. But that ugly water-pouch on my abs just refuses to go away. It's a constant battle and I'm losing every single day. I still have 40 days until summer starts in my country but it just feels like I'm running out of time. Hold me brehs and share your stories and tips
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I've tried reduced calories and increased physical activity before, it still hits the wall. You're probably right about visceral fat tho
Nice bro I did some dry fasts this winter but honestly it just burns so much muscle. I lost 1 to 2 cm waist size every day but I would also lose 2cm on biceps in a 7 day DF for example. According to my scale I lost 0.5% bodyfat each day. It's incredibly fast.

They say dry fasting is 3 times faster than regular fasting and I can confirm that. Still, you're gonna lose alot of muscle and you gotta stay disciplined after your fast. Dry fasting made me rebel against myself and I found myself going to the store and buying cakes, candy and cookies and what not whilst I had never really eaten those things and never had a craving for them in my adult life.

Thanks. Low bf is life. Once I am back there I will stay there too.
if you are this mentally ill that you think you need to go below the natural amount of bodyfat then do yourself a favour and just get on some roids

your entire mind has been taken over by roided physiques, which you chase like a slave. God knows when in your history the ill-fated idea got implanted in your naive head.

you feel you are on a plateau because you are fighting your literal own body. The pursuit of a health and joy of life has long been abandoned, you are now just a slave full of vanity that wants to spread his mental illness to other similar broken whimps

At this point I would give you the good old "kill yourself" move but it's much more painful to continue to struggle like a hopeless rat in a body you hate, so please carry on and do your thing
I got to 15%, had same issue. Weight loss slowing to a crawl, QoL plummeting through fatigue and weakness. I could stick it out, but tonight I had enough and ate a big meal with dessert and now I've got diarrhoea. Feels good man. A long time of suffering is over. Here's to the bulk.
Reading all this nonsense begs to question if you for yourself have some issues. No man would ever try to mock other man without any basis or deeper understanding of things. I could only guess you're 5'9" and over 230lbs and you have pure hatred for those who try to fight the way out of this pit.
If I would be that obsessed with lean mass, I would for example go to the gym but I'm working out at home (in my flat) and haven't stepped a foot in the gym for about 4 years. That's for starters. I'm turning 37 next month and I've been around this place when you were learning ABC and I've grown out of this mindset you try to force upon my based on zero evidence.
I'd suggest you start cutting, summer is just around the corner.

Does weed affect testosterone?
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Also unlucky I smoked when I was younger, and do edibles now at 23 every now and then. Is it over?
File: 1705411534643974.jpg (177 KB, 1080x981)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
the most irrational and emotionally unstable guy I've ever met was a weed addict. the dude must have cried in front of me 10 times. I can only imagine what his estrogen/testosterone balance was
>conveniently coming out (after everyone is addicted to it now)
or maybe because it's legalized and easier to form up group studies
Your posts inspired me to quit weed after 11 years of smoking.
It is a test hormone blocker.
Your body as a male, will be affected in ways you may not want.
Bitch tits.
Testicle shrinkage.
Benis shrink.
Loss of vascularity on penis.
Penis will no longer get 'hard due to loss of blood flow and neural connections.
You may get the ' sock of jelly effect to bemis.
Your bemis will never get 'hard' exactly, it may
...plump up, but not hard.
Source: all my teenage friends who were real potheads are complete losers.
A couple of them potheads became gay.
They all look like stereotypical gay leftie Biden voters.
They are still smoking or dabbing or vapong or cart heads now.

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File: IMG_9513.jpg (20 KB, 271x203)
20 KB
Abomination before God edition.
This is Fat People Hate. We hate fat people here. We hate fat men and fat women. We hate the overweight and the obese. Post em if you got em
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la goblina
File: IMG_9602.jpg (124 KB, 1605x523)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
I’m not entirely sure what this surgeon wanted to accomplish
give her the architect special
Looked way better before
Jesus Christ, I wonder what pressure she has to run those tyres at.

File: file.png (670 KB, 615x616)
670 KB
670 KB PNG
which one?
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File: 1713383951319031.png (727 KB, 897x1050)
727 KB
727 KB PNG
5 times a week (skipping leg day, obviously), 4 de facto
>training for 30 minutes
You really don't need to lift for more than 30 minutes each training day. If you are, you're doing too much junk volume.
>recover faster and allows him to get away with junk volume.
The reason he can do the junk volume is because junk volume is not very fatiguing and all his sets are junk volume. By definition, high volume routines are junk volume. If you're training with any meaningful amount of intensity, you're not going to be able to do more than a moderate weekly volume.
definitely the one on the left.
I don't listen to cheaters, their advice is meaningless to me.

File: 1611878316223s.jpg (7 KB, 250x192)
7 KB
>be me
>a pretty outgoing person that enjoys being funny
>go to onsite get together with current company
>start off good with coworkers (not like it fucking matters, but im trying to make the best of the situation)
>i dress better than everyone and have the most social acumen, but a little spergy and autistic
>female manager seems to continue to nitpick (jokingly) at my style
>makes joke infront of everyone about a suggestion i made
>everyone laughs, i fail to push back since it happens so fast
>annoyed and start to hate human beings again

i duno, i'm just tired bros, it's been a while since i've liked another human being. they all piss me off after a while. i think a lot of it is my fault for not pushing back and setting boundaries, but these days im too weak to do that. fucking hate this gay earth. i unironically want to live on a farm far away form everyone someday.
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When you can't make a come back just laugh along with everyone and say "nice one!" or " shit that was quick, been thinking of that one all night have you? Lmao"
Better than staying silent and being visibly cut about it
This, just take the L and keep playing.
It means much less than what you believe it does to everyone else, barely half of them would even remember it by now.
Without specifics it's hard to tell what the manager meant with it or her intentions.
She's intimidated by you. Here's what you need to do- eat more chicken and lift heavy.
Successful comedian sinbad has filed bankruptcy for the 2nd time. Looks like things have gone from sinbad to sinworse
She might have been flirting with you. But just get over it. At first these kind of things burn but after a while it just bounces off of you.

File: SayWhatAgain.jpg (63 KB, 545x458)
63 KB
>How do I start fasting?
By not eating. If you get a migraine or other serious side effects, break your fast with a small amount of low-carb food and start again immediately after.
Recommended app on app store is LIFE Fasting Timer & Tracker

>Electrolytes (recommended for fasts over 3 days):
sodium ~500-1,000 mg/day
potassium ~2,500 mg/day
magnesium ~400 mg/day

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGHXQcryxik [Embed]

Fasting is safe and effective for weight loss, improves emotional wellbeing, blood pressure, does not have life-threatening side effects: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6314618/#sec029title
Fasting reduces cardiovascular and metabolic disease: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8951503/

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Good for my cock? Good deal. I want to have lots of sex someday.
possibly. Cortisol increases hair loss. cortisol goes up while fasting
Sand pissing anon is back. Doctor said that most people have sediments in their kidneys and he typically sees them in urine when a catheter jostles whatever is sitting at the bottom of the organ. Water fasting either gave my body a break from using water for digestion to other low priority stuff like getting rid of kidney sediments and/or the sheer amount of water I was consuming flushed my kidneys. No pain in the kidney area + no blood in the urine sample meant nothing to be worried about. His reaction to me water fasting was positive, told me my skin is noticeably better than the last time I saw him and stuff like my bad dandruff is gone. The doctor's recommendation to me was to keep water fasting but make a note each time I piss sand to see if it becomes chronic.
cortisol is the biggest gains goblin

*mogs /FIT/*
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He's taking the weight while trying to look like he isn't. Once again more fraud.
just tell him
>i think you got the wrong impression earlier. i am, in fact, a pedophile with a muscle girl fetish. i hope that clears it up and we can move forward now
You've never competed at anything in your life. Wtf are you talking about buddy? Stop with the pretensions.
>its just a workout forum, i cant really control what people post. its not like it was anything bad, just a girl lifting some weights because its impressive for her age/size
if that doesnt get you over, sorry bro they just hate you and think youre a weirdo
Not professionally. I doubt anybody in here has.
Anyway, why do you have so many issues with me saying something so obvious? Those lifts are rage inducing.
Do you really have so much of a need to follow authority, even when it's clear it's not doing a good job?
... You're fully vaxed, aren't you?

File: images.jpg (49 KB, 452x678)
49 KB
How are japanese people skinny if they eat ramen noodles regularly?
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Japanese eat almost four times the amount of sugar as I do.
The fact they have a metabolic disease at four times the rate isn't just a coincidence newfag.
>6) The law requires a yearly health check for all workers, and if you have a bad BMI your employer will have to make you slimmer (by giving you resources to do so) or else they'll pay a fine ("Metabolic Syndrome Countermeasures Promotion Law” (タボリックシンドローム対策の推進に関する法律)) but of course if you want to find a job and you're fat, most employer will just not hire you to avoid the hassle; so you literally lose money every second you are fat in Japan
>look it up
>it's true
Wtf it's real
Yeah being fat in japan is looked down upon more than most of the rest of the world

Women who would be considered to be "realistic sized" in the west are seen as obese whales in japan and if youre fit you can go to a bar and they'll throw themselves at you and try to get you drunk and date rape you. Little do they know thats what I want.
if you're implying that carbs make you fat, that's a false assumption so your entire argument is based on flawed logic.

What are the best exercises to become strong at arm wrestling?
File: bug-spray.jpg (14 KB, 640x428)
14 KB
do you think these kpop whores give good head
File: Evil-dead.jpg (54 KB, 630x420)
54 KB
Stupid lenses are demonic

Is there any /fit/ reason not to donate blood? Every study I've seen only shows benefits but my mind is open.
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Several reasons:
>might be used to save a bad person
>might be used to develop bioweapons
>minority nurse will jab you with a dirty needle by accident and you might get AIDS
>you might pass out after and hit your head and maybe even die

Not worth the slight T boost and cookie.
Your blood will probably end up pumping another man's erections
that's why I just do some healthy bloodletting whenever one of my four humors are in an imbalance
the same reason I don't become an organ donor. it saves other people's lives. fuck other people. supposedly you can save up to 8 people by becoming an organ donor. I figure by not donating, I'm taking 8 poor bastards with me when I go.
I think if you blast testosterone you're supposed to donate blood every so often to lower your blood pressure. Something about iron or something, I don't know, I wasn't really paying attention when some dude was telling me about it.

File: file.png (361 KB, 1035x760)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
I'm 5'8, and I feel like I'm just at the cusp of being genuinely disadvantaged for it.
Its just short enough to be made fun of for not being able to be intimidating, and just short enough that most women get the ick to 75% of women.

A 4 inch difference (or 3 inch to err on the safe side and lie to women about the last 1 last inch to 6') is easily achievable with surgery, and it would make a massive difference how I'm treated by society. statistically my dating pool would 4x. and this is at least somewhat indicative of how much better I'd be perceived by society at large.

Also, frustratingly, I have everything else. I studied/worked hard and got a great job/salary. My face is at least 8/10, and to adapt/succeed in online dating I became a great conversationalist (probably the reason why I've been able to have relationships anyway).

I'm also convinced the reason why I'm only 5'8 almost certainly has to do with being malnourished for most of my childhood. When I left highschool at 18 I was only 48kg/105lb. I was so weak that using the military to escape wasn't an option, I went the 'Student living on canned beans' route instead. Also my cousins, who's parents are the same height as mine, are all 6' ish.
I grew up in a poor/trash family, yet I've managed to overcome them entirely, aside from this.

So I feel like its my most significant flaw, but something I can't change.. Except I can, with limb lengthening surgery. I know its painful but I just don't care that much.

I've just turned 27 and the $25k it would cost (some place like Turkey, whos hospitals are apparently as good as US/EU..) I can easily part with. I'm also taking a 3 month sabbatical from work so now seems like the best time for it.
Given my reasons above, why shouldn't I go through with it?
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it was something like
>well anon, women who care about height are simply shallow, don't you think they also have higher values?
I distinctly remember the term 'higher values' as if that applied to sexual selection. she was a 40-something woman so this retarded take shouldn't have surprised me. people past a cerain age really are clueless about the importance of height in dating and society in general nowdays.
>If you actually thought you were better than everyone you wouldn't have cripplingly low self confidence to the point you were considering severe arthritis pain for the rest of your life to cope with it.
This is just how incels are. High narcissism low self esteem, it's the most toxic combo of personality traits. Their confidence is in the toilet because they know they are losers so they cope by shitting on everyone else to make themselves feel better. It's easily cured by building real confidence and self esteem through focusing on something and getting good at it but they are too deep into coping and refuse to actually work hard at anything because they are terrified of failure.

Guys like OP are legitimately bad people.
that may be true for many people but there's also guys out there who legitimately work on themselves and have goals in their lives that they work towards but are just depressingly lonely because modern dating is so fucked and height obsession is a giant part of it. A bit unfair imo to call someone a bad person for having pattern recognition.
Then you are at a disadvantage in the app, but at least you will avoid disappointing the woman by being unexpectedly short when she meets u.
why would you lend ur dick to a man?
are you gay?

>programming advice?
post s/b/d@bw+height

>The official pastebin (includes books and videos on various things like recovery, stretching, programs, band usage, etc)

previous thread: >>74055934
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Listen here ya little shit. Fun facts are fun, otherwise they'd just be called facts.
10 lbs in 3 weeks is 90% fat.
Even gaining a lb a week (too much), it should take 5 months to gain back the original fat.
that's retarded

File: 1702954438892384.jpg (522 KB, 750x621)
522 KB
522 KB JPG
>16 year old tiktok zoomers mogging most "men" today
>reaching your midlife crisis at 16
I will like to at least 30 though
holy shit he's blasting everything he can find
Zoomers are genuinely fucked as a generation. I admire their lack of giving a fuck though I'll give them that.
File: 738936562947.jpg (87 KB, 1200x813)
87 KB
That kid's gonna die before 20. Social media is a cancer to the minds of everyone, but especially zoomers.

File: IMG_4436.jpg (61 KB, 519x471)
61 KB
Lying cheater general. No source talk.
40 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
How is this still a thing? This was around when I was in high school in 2002
File: IMG_3403.jpg (105 KB, 1088x612)
105 KB
105 KB JPG

Can a nigga get a look-see?

Or a solid resource on bloods that isn’t the medical complex “ahh, you’re test is 201 and the range is 200-900 so you’re PERFECTLY healthy”
you forgot the third retard that’s too fucking stupid to find a source on his own and comes to fraud to complain about not posting sources
I’ve got no problem finding sources. They’re all over SST, eroids, meso rx, etc etc

The third retard is actually the guy who never learned shit about lifting and hopped on gear and looks natty on a gram of gear (you)
nice projection. sorry that happened to you

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