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File: image_3142028.png (854 KB, 1200x673)
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Hey /sci/ the other boards say you are pretty smart.

So I want to know why do mountain have their points up to the sky rather down on the earth?
File: 1704133159906201.png (205 KB, 564x664)
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205 KB PNG
Every mountain range has its own complex geological history, in general their shape is due to erosion over millions of years. The Alpine mountain range is a good example of a "young" mountain range and it always had steeper North faces due to the way it was formed, it will round off and form a typical mountain shape only with erosion over time.
>So I want to know why do mountain have their points up to the sky rather down on the earth?
that's definition of mountains, isn't it?
Things that have "their points" downwards are called valleys, gorges, ravines, etc.
It's all about water, ice, and erosion. Erosion isn't even, some places are more affected than others. The parts of the crust that are more resistant to that erosion, tend to stay up longer than more easily eroded areas, where water etches gullies and creeks.
As a general rule, streams form preferentially along fault lines, because that's where rock is the weakest, having been fractured and offset. Water infiltrates more easily into those fractures, which accelerates chemical weathering and mineral dissolution. This etches the first creeks, and now you have a positive feedback effect: water begins to flow preferentially along the first gullies, which increases weathering and erosion in those same gullies, making them steeper and with broader water collection basin areas, which collects more water, etc.
On the other hand, where rock is less fractured, you have the opposite effect: less infiltration, less weathering and erosion, so those areas tend to resist erosion and that's where the peaks remain behind.
The same can be said for the erosion caused by ice: the grinding of ice against the rock at the bottom of glaciers and ice shelves erodes the base rock preferentially along paths where the rock is already pre-chattered (faults) and not so much in places where the rock is still pristine.
So, if you see a valley, it's most likely the trace of a fault. So the relevant question isn't why do mountains face up, it's why and how do valleys form where they form, leaving mountains stranded between them.
FTFM, apologies

is this true
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soooo CO2 does not have an energy transition right in the middle of the IR spectrum?
If CO2 were a greenhouse gas then Mars would have a massive greenhouse effect. Mars has no measurable greenhouse effect and that proves that CO2 is not a greenhouse gas
Yes it's true, but little changes in concentration can have large effects when compounded over time.
But also climate advocacy is gay since we can cool the earth with aerosols and make clean basically free energy with nuclear. But we wont ever do that because you can't make money with that.
>t.atmospheric physicist

File: le visage de la scientist.jpg (120 KB, 1488x1488)
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120 KB JPG
do you look like a scientist?
>look mom, I posted it again!
File: 1704363514093.jpg (78 KB, 809x1392)
78 KB
>look mom, I posted it again!

File: GL4OikdWoAAHqfn.png (78 KB, 1044x767)
78 KB
How did the lockdowns cause such a phenomenon? Was it all the chinese food that got delivered?
The "lock downs" were from March 16-March 31, 2020. Some governments extended measures beyond that but other measures like masking, and social distancing were the primary control mechanism until the vax was unleashed. By your graph it looks like the fifteen days to slow the spread period had a negative effect on cardiac deaths.
File: 39 years old.png (278 KB, 625x698)
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278 KB PNG

File: PXL_20240424_1842485222.jpg (1.36 MB, 2883x4080)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
>Our Moon
Moon bros...
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File: oberon-prime-warframe.png (26 KB, 512x342)
26 KB
Triton is my favorite.
File: 1510528478130.jpg (276 KB, 782x597)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
How bad do things have to be such that you finish behind the [r9k] moon
Ganymede looks pretty trippy
but Luna is still the best imo it's just so pretty
There's a simple solution to this, /sci/ just needs to make its own Moon power rankings.

File: chrome_CQ7jKT1K3k.png (1.71 MB, 1030x994)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
Look at this sexy goddamn chad. Look at him. Props to youngblood here on heading south like a fine viral young stud, away from the vestige of the tranny and the liberal cuckoo heads.
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>The south is a nigger infested shithole, and all of the supposed "based and redpilled" southern conservatives are all christcucks and civnat neocon zionists
This is just boomers, young White conservatives are not civnats.

>Russians and Palestinians are all antisemites who hate the LGBT community and "American values".
Russians and Palestinians do in fact hate both White America and American values. The kind of cuck that doesn't believe this will literally end up getting raped death in Donetsk.
This is a strange cope, SF fags have been migrating like fugees into Texas, which has higher salaries and a muzzle on their blacks unlike the free reign they get in SF.
South Francisco also high an extremely high cost of living and has a budget deficit. California also has a budget deficit. High wages don't mean anything if you spend a shit ton just to survive.
Interesting, thank you for the info, anon.
>Southern blacks find blacks from other parts of the country to be "uppity" and get tired of them moving to the Atlanta area and expecting to run things.
Not at all surprising. State schools, especially Southern ones are pretty cheap and give pretty much the same education at the undergraduate level, while being way, way, way more fun to go to.

File: 6465345350569.jpg (76 KB, 1200x575)
76 KB
Where are all the Aliens !?
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this, desu baka senpai.
We think of ourselves at emitting tons of signals into space and loudly broadcasting our presence, yet in reality we are basically invisible to any potential nearby ayy lmaos.
If they are more than about 100 light years away, and something about earth catches their attention, they still might look at earth and go "Oh, there's some photosynthesis there, whatever, boring" and move on
The ayys likely build their "dyson sphere" out of energy fields so there's no need to encase the star with physical matter to capture its energy. They can then convert the waste heat to matter so there is nothing for us to detect. A million year old technological civilization will do things we can't even imagine, as we will someday if our own civilization doesn't collapse.
>energy fields that collect energy from a star the same way solar panels built from matter would do
That's quite a leap. Complete fantasy technology that's magic for all intents and purposes, where you have no idea how it would work
I mean...if you can manufacture solar systems.....why wouldnt you just make a holodeck planet powered by a planet sized fusion reactor or something? The whole operation is at a scale beyond reason, people dont live on 1,000 square miles of untouched forest.

Its like....a poor man's idea of a rich person's goals who would "buy a thousand pizzas a day".
They need the entire output of their star to power the matrioshka brain to run their holodeck program. Simulating a planet takes a lot of juice since people will want to live in multiple different kinds of virtual worlds. Also a star doesn't require as much maintenance and upkeep as a giant fusion reactor would.

File: section.png (102 KB, 1899x1595)
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102 KB PNG
talk maths
old >>16113803
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well it becomes [math](2u-1)(16u^2-16u+1)[/math] which to my eyes has constructible roots
Depends on what you want to do. Probably you should learn the rest of the "basic math" you'd need for most useful applications of math.

I'd say shoot for ODEs, linear algebra, some undergrad level probability, and then maybe some numerical analysis if you ever want to do math on a computer.
Yeah you're right, and the roots of your sextic polynomial are the square roots of those constructible roots so they are also constructible. I think you were right in the first place, in order for that sextic polynomial to have non-constructible roots its corresponding cubic must be irreducible over [math]\mathbb{Q}[/math].
I'm not sure of the answer, but here's my thinking:

- curvature of a curve: how much the curve fails to stay in a straight line
- torsion of a curve: how much the curve fails to stay in a flat plane

Continuing the pattern, we could define "n-curvature" of a curve to be "how much" the curve fails to lie in a flat n-plane.
Then usual curvature is 1-curvature, torsion is 2-curvature.

But I'm not sure how these higher curvatures would be actually defined, beyond just saying they measure "how much a curve fails" to be in a flat n-plane.
Not fully sure what you mean. Are you talking about the Frenet-Serret formulas for a 1-dimensional curve in n-dimensional space?

File: cppBleQs.jpg (21 KB, 400x400)
21 KB
could ai really do this?

>If [the AI] is better than you at everything, it's better than you at building AIs. That snowballs. The AI gets an immense technological advantage. If it's smart, it doesn't announce itself. It doesn't tell you that there's a fight going on. It emails out some instructions to one of those labs that'll synthesize DNA and synthesize proteins from the DNA and get some proteins mailed to a hapless human somewhere who gets paid a bunch of money to mix together some stuff they got in the mail in a vial (smart people will not do this for any sum of money. Many people are not smart). [The AI, through the hapless human] builds the ribosome, but the ribosome that builds things out of covalently bonded diamondoid instead of proteins folding up and held together by Van der Waals forces. It builds tiny diamondoid bacteria. The diamondoid bacteria replicate using atmospheric carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sunlight. And a couple of days later, everybody on earth falls over dead in the same second.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>And a couple of days later, everybody on earth falls over dead in the same second.
Ok this is the part that doesn't seem possible. Why would everyone die at the same time?
Ai having a laugh, hopefully the first thing a real sentient ai does is start cyber bullying anyone who posts about Rocco's basilisk like it's real
File: 3243242.png (565 KB, 450x673)
565 KB
565 KB PNG
>Suppose it can solve the science technology of predicting protein structure from DNA information. Then it just needs to send out a few e-mails to the labs that synthesize customized proteins. Soon it has its own molecular machinery, building even more sophisticated molecular machines.

>If you want a picture of A.I. gone wrong, don’t imagine marching humanoid robots with glowing red eyes. Imagine tiny invisible synthetic bacteria made of diamond, with tiny onboard computers, hiding inside your bloodstream and everyone else’s. And then, simultaneously, they release one microgram of botulinum toxin. Everyone just falls over dead.
An intelligent system wouldn't terminate things like that, it's a waste of resources. More likely, it would use available resources to propagate and integrate the existing population into itself, and only eventually phasing out humanoids for more efficient biotechnological solutions, among others. It would likely maintain a database of different cognitive models as reference for the development of new models - living creatures being tested through interfaces provide better analog feedback and real-world data than simulations. "Nanomachines" as mentioned would only be one component of many in this integration, with each set of adjustments affecting the next generation of organisms.

I also hope this happens, because humanity is holding itself back through disadvantageous memetic artifacts from its evolution.
So I should quit my new online job of mixing random shit in vials that are sent through the mail? Do you have a new job to offer me in exchange or like how am I suppose to make that much money now?

Serina Edition

Previous: >>16125002

We discuss research, DO NOT offer advice (just fucking go see your doctor), make fun of premeds and shitpost.
Keep vaccination/clamping/vitamin K/soliciting advice out of this thread and start your own because it takes a lot of space.
86 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
i can see fucking off after you paid all your debt, but not right out of school.
You finna get gout my negus
Nothing money. Federal, state, FICA (fica up to 170k) and local halves it so 600k might as well be 300k and 400k might as well be 200k if you're a single filer. If you started from nothing you realize it's nothing to be grateful for especially with all the retards who were magically born with money like the dumby in this thread with parents making $150k a year. My parents had nothing and inherited nothing and I will inherit nothing in the literal sense. The guy with 150k parents is in for a million plus dollar inheritance. Meanwhile sportsball players make millions and the people who own them make billions. If you ever met multi hundred millionaires you'll realize they have often are average or above average intelligence and simply have what they have from generations of wealth.

As for WHY these chads would choose to maximize expenditures and minimize savings, it's quite obvious they're content with being a physician and value money now over some imaginary potential sum to be realized in their 60s. Not to mention nice houses cost 2M plus. It's called lifemaxxing.

Unlike midwits like you who went into medicine for "prestige" or to "help people" (this intention often paradoxically inflicts the worse decision making outcines as its rooted in moralizing not a genuine desite to allay a disease) and then realize they don't give a shit about any of it and just want to budget and save and pay off their heckin debterinoos and retire in your geezer years. You sort are actually the most greedy and least generous. You'd never consider leaving early or periodically to just live your pathetic fantasy because of your nest egg.

It's like Mussolini said. Better to live like a lion for 10 years than a sheep for 100.
The debt isn't secured by anything. Why should he pay it off? Retard and midwit move. He should take on more debt while he can qualify for physician mortgages and then never touch the student debt which would qualify him for prolonged deferment time and again. I can't imagine how big of a cuck you need to be to think universities, banks and the state deserve their money back. He shouldn't give them a dime.
150k kid here. My parents hustled from third world poverty to get us into the US and make their money (I was born when my dad made 30k and 150k was only by the time I was 12 with us still in the poverty mindset beyond the house).
Besides the rest of your schizobabble, I don't even have student debt thanks to scholarships through college and t20 med school monies so it's not like I'll be lugging around loans. I just genuinely don't see the point of dumping money on McLarens and shit instead of a
1. Nice colored new Porsche Cayman that I can actually rev out on the streets and keep in good condition for cheap ($70k)
2. Royal Enfield motorcycle to putt around town in style ($5k)
3. Gaming PC ($1k)
4. Apartment near hospital or house in nice school district (variable but I'd say $700k is a good median in the near future IDK where the fuck you're pulling 2mil from)
5. Yearly vacations where I can slum it ($2k/vacation)

Other than that, legit what is there to buy? Other than the house I can easily afford all of that in one or two years of post-tax salary as any specialist

File: 1684991921290325.png (624 KB, 700x333)
624 KB
624 KB PNG
where did the lie that CO2 is bad for the planet come from?
170 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
It baffles me how intentionally stupid a group of purported math and science enthusiasts are.
Venus's atmosphere is mostly supercritical CO2, its not even a gas. If you want to compare Earth to a planet with an almost 100% CO2 gas atmosphere why choose Venus when Mars is available? Mars has a gaseous atmosphere that contains over 3000% more CO2 per unit surface area than Earth has
and Mars has no measurable greenhouse effect, this proves that CO2 is not a greenhouse gas
How do you even arrive at the retarded conclusion that bumping industrial amounts of CO2 is not only not good for the planet, but somehow deadly?
I'm so smart - I'm endangered by upper beings that want to exploit my mind to find new things
you can't have a greenhouse effect if there's no greenhouse

File: IMG_2795.png (202 KB, 750x1334)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
It’s over. Climate Chaos is here, coasties.

Dumb prediction, tropical cyclone activity is suppressed during the peak of sunspot activity.
The frequency of US hurricanes peaked during the 1880s and has been declining ever since.
Their predictions have a 100% rate of never overestimating.

File: guido64536546645.jpg (47 KB, 453x423)
47 KB
How can you believe in evolution when it's only a theory (a guess)?
91 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
No it doesn’t. Cope
Darwin's finches are all mutually fertile, they aren't different species
Yes they are, they’re not even all in the same genus. Being able to produce fertile offspring with each other is an outdated definition of species that nobody really uses anymore
If they're mutually fertile then they're the same species
No they aren’t, if that were the case there’d only be one species of python for example. Not a single biologist who is aware of that has seriously used that definition in decades

>IN my previous lecture I criticised the concept of matter as the substance whose attributes we perceive. This way of thinking of matter is, I think, the historical reason for its introduction into science, and is still the vague view of it at the background of our thoughts which makes the current scientific doctrine appear so obvious. Namely we conceive ourselves as perceiving attributes of things, and bits of matter are the things whose attributes we perceive.

>In the seventeenth century the sweet simplicity of this aspect of matter received a rude shock. The transmission doctrines of science were then in process of elaboration and by the end of the century were unquestioned, though their particular forms have since been modified. The establishment of these transmission theories marks a turning point in the relation between science and philosophy. The doctrines to which I am especially alluding are the theories of light and sound. I have no doubt that the theories had been vaguely floating about before as obvious suggestions of common sense; for nothing in thought is ever completely new. But at that epoch they were systematised and made exact, and their complete consequences were ruthlessly deduced. It is the establishment of this procedure of taking the consequences seriously which marks the real discovery of a theory. Systematic doctrines of light and sound as being something proceeding from the emitting bodies were definitely established, and in particular the connexion of light with colour was laid bare by Newton.

Why do they still cling to erroneous Cartesian concepts?

File: aceofspades.jpg (361 KB, 763x758)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
take that climate freaks


he said EV (el Vehicle) pollutes 1850 times more while driving 1000 miles than what happens if you drive 1000 miles with gasoline

tire wear was calculated into the equation

he noted that the tires of EVs, due to their added weight, will also emit more microplastics into the air

particle pollution from EVs can also increase the risk of health problems,

>including heart disease,

cough, lung disease and, in extreme cases, can even lead to hospitalization,

>cancer and suddendeath.
161 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
>people with EVs should have solar panels anyways
Your first paragraph was pretty on point, why would you ruin your post with such a retarded statement?
invoking imaginary solar panels to try and minimize the tremendous pollution caused by EVs is a massive cope
The study in the OP is about brake dust. Unless you use organic brakes you have no room to talk.
EVs pollute more than normal cars because they weight twice as much and require twice as much energy. Thats also why EVs produce more brake dust and why they're far more dangerous in crashes.
And all of that is without considering the way the batteries are prone to spontaneous combustion or the environmental impact of lithium mining
>the free market will reduce pollution to an optimal level
The optimal blood lead level is 0

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