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Which field of research do you think is most underrated/neglected?
(In terms of academics engagement, number/quality of studies, potential, funding, or media coverage.)

There's so many papers but most of them are about minor niche things like modelling of cut carrots, random dinosaurs, and so on while subjects with a big need of data/findings right now in the real world often have barely any study or trial. Are there any projects about reorganizing research so it's more useful to society?

Why doesn't /sci/ debate recent actual studies/results with few exceptions? Those studies aren't big enough to have a whole thread about them and the studies that have threads here are either trash or just there due to controversy. What's your take on the featured ones?
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You don't know what you're talking about and you mentioned only pop science. Do you even have a degree?
I really wish you'd go with a consistent title for these threads so I could find them easier in the archive.

>Why doesn't /sci/ debate recent actual studies/results with few exceptions?
Because the people who are genuinely interested in such material have been, for the most part, driven away by trolls that have tacit approval from the board's janny. See >>16010628, a blatantly off-topic bait thread that has persisted for the better part of a month.

>Which field of research do you think is most underrated/neglected?
In terms of coverage, probably microbiology, specifically microbial taxonomy. In the past decade or so, there have been multiple developments with significant implications on the structure of the tree of life near its base. Meanwhile, the view in popular culture seems to still be pre-Woese.
Tangentially, pdf related is an Origin of Life studies paper that I am quite taken with. It makes a good case against the current RNA World paradigm and proposes a convincing replacement.

Have you been looking into the use of LLMs in scientific fields. I have been seeing promising papers using them to predict novel structures, particularly in biology, chemistry, and materials science.
File: larry sanger on wikipedia.jpg (914 KB, 1215x6110)
914 KB
914 KB JPG
>wikipedia trash
its like announcing you're a popsoi brainlet pseud
No, no he's >>16045075 right. There's no hard rule which says some of this stuff has to be possible, like deep space travel, and no rule that fusion will ever be economically viable.
>AI is basically impossible

File: mif.jpg (169 KB, 760x834)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
>magnetic confinement = trying to hammer a nail with a blow dryer
>inertial confinement = trying to hammer a nail with a flashlight
>magnetic target = trying to hammer a nail with a hammer

Why did we ever waste time on the first two?
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just add more fuel
So it's just another grift targeting unsuspecting VCs.
Which is the least bullshit fusion startup? Helion?
>targeting unsuspecting VCs.
The smart money, folks
>heat is also harnessed
File: 1672812800585.jpg (25 KB, 434x455)
25 KB
why is every publically funded project that leads to actual results called theft, but some private grifter is touted as the real solution? I keep seeing this pattern all the time now and it's hella annoying.

File: F7tH6ZcWMAAkkM4.jfif.jpg (31 KB, 562x680)
31 KB
You might think that this place is just for calling each other faggots and niggers and it's all just fun and games, but anonymous forums represent a profound innovation of communication technology.
Irl, through an account connected to irl, or even with pseudonymous accounts, you basically still participate in a societal game, you consider what others will think consciously or not.
But here you can switch positions on a whim, unleash your most animal part, your Id to it's fullest, reveal and express thoughts you didn't even know you had.
Is this therapeutic? Does it free you? Does it rots your mind, bit by bit? Does anyone know?
As with everything else it really depends on your cognitive abilities, in the end.

File: 1708257401541.png (150 KB, 597x590)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
Navalny died of the clot shot.
Nice going science, Putin thanks you.
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Of course not, russians know it full well that putins regime killed him, but obviously they don't care and are even happy about it, it's also a good opportunity to rile up western polchuds by spreading some nonsensical propaganda.
>i trust russia when they say something i like and i know they're lying when they say something i dislike
That type of confirmation bias is common amongst people who are too low IQ to be self aware
File: lEhck.png (272 KB, 593x685)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
Even Ukraine confirms he died of the clotshot now. Are the vaxxies still going to deny it?

File: beefmilk.png (38 KB, 849x375)
38 KB
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Iatrogenic death is the third leading cause of death, and prolly a high ranking cause of personal bankruptsy.
File: pervitin-2.jpg (107 KB, 1000x561)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>>16033788 (checked)
Could be a life saver.
File: philopon.jpg (8 KB, 259x194)
8 KB
thank you, anon. You reminded me I need to do some internet shopping again.
File: kitty.jpg (34 KB, 500x353)
34 KB
It was common for WWII soldiers to write home to their families for cash to buy more amphetimines.
It was already the 3rd leading cause of death before the covid vax came along, its probably in first place by now

Is he on to something?
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Retards who don't know how to read calling other people retarded will always be funny at least.
He's obsessed with himself. He won't shut up about his childhood and his life story. He thinks he's the greatest physicist since newton. He was so pampered as a child it must have turned him into the most loathesome narcissist I have ever seen.
Chris Langan is smarter and superior
This too, obviously. Guy is absolutely full of himself to the point even his 'pedia entry is subtly mocking him for it.
File: 1616204536724.jpg (64 KB, 549x360)
64 KB
It's great. Pretty much the only piece of software I was willing to pay for. Now that they're pushing the subscription based model harder and no longer giving discounts for upgrading the perpetual licences I don't think I'll be upgrading anymore though.

On an unrelated note, did you know you can download Wolfram 14 directly from their official site here: https://wolfram.com/get-upgrade/
Did you also know that they haven't updated the magic numbers used in their licensing scheme since version 11, and therefore a certain online keygen would theoretically work on version 14? Crazy right?

File: mastery talent.png (718 KB, 583x803)
718 KB
718 KB PNG
What is natural talent?
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>Low IQ people think what is impossible for them is impossible for others.
>this sculpture accurately portrays human physiology, down to small muscles in the arm.. therefore it couldn't have been sculpted by a human and instead is a real person that was magically turned into stone by a mythical creature.
Not my problem.
If retards were stupid enough to let democracy be destroyed then they deserve what follows.
When you're great you becoming esoteric in your being, and so naturally you will be mythologized. Even the greedy bastard will know your value. Tragedies/comedies they are all merely what is God humbling human greatness.
Fighting stupidity is far more gargantuan than fighting the government.
The government is big and strong and if they think it is passionate to educate then I am not at the statue of a nation so I will let them take tax from me even if I think it is stupid for a pebble to fight a boulder.
wat about iq doe
>What is natural talent?
particular DNA + particular set of experiences. Where is my Nobel prize?

File: IMG_0091.png (3.22 MB, 2778x1284)
3.22 MB
3.22 MB PNG
They should’ve tried this at an Ivy League college and a HBCU.
>Neutron stars are smaller than moons, and are often times the size of a city, about 20km across. There are asteroids larger than neutron stars.
>Ganymede and Titan are larger than Mercury
I seriously doubt he would’ve known these facts on the spot, and pointing them out would’ve shown how dumb this guy really is.
what? james okeefe catfished another downlow nigga?

File: IMG_0164.jpg (401 KB, 1000x563)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
What the hell is a virus? Is it a material like a a rock? If so, why is it mobile? Why does it replicate? Is it really descended from normal cells that got corrupted millions of years ago? Why and how did that happen? Viruses are the most enigmatic “lifeforms”
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Show me a human who was good and not sinful
according to the nt jesus didnt sin yet his wage was death too.
>>16045466 (checked)
The claim is that he picked up the tab.
This. Virology is a flea circus.
>Why do Viruses exist?
because they can

Remember when they said it came from a bat that fucked a pangolin (a rare species of pokemon valued for its scales and used in traditional Chinese medicine) that ended up in a dirty wet market where backwards-assed Chinese people go to buy their disgusting cuisine, and if you questioned this hypothesis, and postulated that perhaps it leaked from a highly advanced research facility with international funding, YOU were the racist?

I do.
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Yet another polthread
The scientific origin of Sars-CoV-2 should not be a political issue, but because of faggots like you who just parrot whatever bullshit the TV man tells you you're supposed to think, it is, and it's caused immeasurable damage to scientific and public health discourse since 2020. Congratulations faggot, you are an ideologically-motivated moron.
It shouldn't. You're right
you're welcome, i got my latest booster yestdACK
All the vaxxies i know are slowly (but noticably) dying
GG, no re

File: Raven_Matrix.svg.png (12 KB, 580x580)
12 KB
Why doesn't anyone talk about the fact that IQ scores arbitrarily derived from animals are different from those obtained from humans through formal testing?

It's such a basic thing, yet in places like /sci/ where IQ threads pop up frequently, it's hard to believe there's no awareness. Is there some sort of 'meme' going on?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
That picture was just borrowed from Wikipedia to represent the topic of this thread.
Are you trolling?
It goes to the right corner every time
Fucking kek.
Smartest parrot on /sci/ tonight. You earned your cracker.
File: Untitled.png (18 KB, 580x580)
18 KB
That picture doesn't make sense. Here. Fix'd. Fucking troll bullshit.

File: gKqM.png (637 KB, 588x680)
637 KB
637 KB PNG
HFCS is now just as healthy as honey according to science.
49 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
She’s so wrong. And I always use Muscovado sugar or honey because they are more nutritional.

>Honey is a powerful antimicrobial agent with a wide range of effects. Various components contribute to the antibacterial efficacy of honey: the sugar content; polyphenol compounds; hydrogen peroxide; 1,2-dicarbonyl compounds; and bee defensin-1.
none of that crap you list is significant in any way.
Since nearly everyone is pre-diabetic or otherwise metabolically deranged, we may as well plainly state that HFCS is glucose and fructose monosaccharides (and some oligosaccharides), while white sugar is sucrose disaccharide. Sucrose is *kinetically distinct* and *metabolically superior* to monosaccharide invert sugars like HFCS and honey. And that is before even getting into the 3-5% of oligos present in HFCS which can cause their own problems.
File: huh.png (86 KB, 472x426)
86 KB
>social media's favorite doctor
>a foid and a gynecologist
>a medical "doctor" (vast majority absolutely not equipped for research any more than a regular wagie)
>t-they just lie! Unlike my chart!1!
>they must be lying or else things would be better elsewhere!
It's pretty easy to spot glucose-fructose syrup as an ingredient. You can't just omit it. "Oh but what if they break the law in sikrit". It's not in our bread, our meat, our basic groceries. I have lived in the US, I have lived in several euro countries, it simply is not congruent with reality. I am sure there is tons of goyslop products available SOMEWHERE but it is not in normal food and has not crept into every facet of consumption. You'd know if you had the means to go look yourself.

post interesting and edgy /bio/ publications itt
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citation needed
File: 2024-02-26 18_37_52.png (153 KB, 1010x476)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
I've never seen so many names on a paper, what happened?
Hollywood is packed to the gills with pedophiles who try to use "it's ok because I'm jewish" as an excuse for their criminal behaviour
File: consensual sex.jpg (767 KB, 1663x984)
767 KB
767 KB JPG
what if she consents tho
Those kind of posts only get trigger reactions like yours from people who collect CP

File: 1000016640.jpg (6 KB, 265x190)
6 KB
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File: TwoFace.jpg (64 KB, 663x739)
64 KB
The most important scientific discoveries were made before the "scientific method" was invented
What are you on about? How can you be so supremely ignorant about the very technology that you are using to shitpost right now?
ignorant soience fags love to presume "muh soience" invented everything, but the computer was an invention of the fashion industry and electronic data networks were invented by a portrait artist

File: LUNR - story.jpg (1.33 MB, 1136x8629)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG

and they were only 1.5 Km off from their touch down target.
How does LUNR's touchdown accuracy compare to the Russian, China, Japan, and India's accuracy?

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