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>tfw I grew another 3 cm (went from being 5ft4.567 to 5ft5.748)
How long until I reach 5ft6?
how oold are you opiee

im 21 but in the past year i gained a centimetre as well, went from 5'6 to 5'7
It depends on how old you are. also why do you care

File: Guroseppuku.gif (357 KB, 320x240)
357 KB
357 KB GIF
Pissed cause I have a crush on my friend but I'm too much of a bitch to come out the closet, also he dont fuck wit dudes like that
I remember that feel, I never properly got over that feel.
File: download-13.jpg (10 KB, 300x168)
10 KB
Which country are you from?


File: machine.webm (1.99 MB, 1280x720)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB WEBM
>tfw had a date with a girl and she left because I showed her my penis cleaning machine

What the fuck is wrong with women? It is creative, and I thought women liked creative men?
webm related is my machine, it is basically a small dancing christmas tree that I taped to the counter and put a toothbrush on. If I hold my penis over it and let it dance it will eventually clean my penis - the webm doesn't show this as my penis is already clean its just a demonstration.

Why are normies so intolerant?
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god why did i have to be 15 minutes too late to this thread to not be included in the screencap
The kekometer overloaded. Please reset.
give it time, someone will top this

Because no sane person decides to show their date a shitty penis cleaner they whipped together with household items.
Why'd you do that?
You had a chance to get laid and you lost it, just because you wanted to show her your "amazing" penis cleaning machine on the first date.
You retard

File: back-off.jpg (29 KB, 780x439)
29 KB
I don't know. Even if he was a completely fucked up individual with a history of aggression and mental illness (allegedly), I still think orange shirt is the victim here.

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Fuck off kid
I'm a gun owner. Just not a frothing subhuman who WANTS to use it and will use improper judgement to do so. Deescalate, avoid.
You are the reason why there is an anti gun movement
>moralfag getting uptight
File: miller_time.png (661 KB, 1140x745)
661 KB
661 KB PNG

The boomers repeatedly and calmly told Orange to back off. They tried to de-escalate, Orange chimped out like a violent subhuman and got shot because of his temper.

File: m (2).gif (796 KB, 498x466)
796 KB
796 KB GIF
Post here all 4chan characters like wojak, pepe, spurdo, and more
File: m (3).png (5 KB, 640x480)
5 KB
gondola Origineae
saturns ass
File: 1533140088461.gif (816 KB, 528x555)
816 KB
816 KB GIF

happi apu

File: 1520125090865.jpg (396 KB, 1920x1080)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
>tfw it's fall
>soon it'll be winter
>I just want to live in a small cozy apartment and drink warm tea while snow falls outside
Are there any countries in western Europe where it's cold and snowy very often?
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File: Akko.png (332 KB, 680x383)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
Climate change is a bitch
>tfw baltic
it snows a lot every year
I really wish we were experiencing global cooling instead
No idea, I've lived here my whole life so.
File: comfyoldwithnew.jpg (206 KB, 1200x1053)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
Greencard marriage some chick and move to colorado. You'd love the aesthetic.

File: 1536200838134 (1).jpg (185 KB, 1698x1140)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
>just moved to uni
>live in halls
>roomates are fuckboys and roasties
>not malicious to me desu
>but loud and noisy and messy
>kitchen always a fucking mess
>play loud music in kitchen
>talk loudly in kitchen
>always dirty dishes on counter and in sink
>play loud music until 1am sometimes
>i dont go to the kitchen to make food unless its empty because i don't like the noise
>need earplugs to sleep
Ill get revenge one day
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wtf that's literally the best environment to get (((normal)))
>tfw you travel 1h 30mins every day to uni
I wish I was in your shoes OP.
If I ever find a girl where am I supposed to fuck her. On the street?

Wake up at 6am
Get back home at 8pm because there only is 1 bus.
What the fuck is the point in going to uni if you're not going to live on campus?
Fuck, I feel you.
I travel 2 hours every day to uni, 1 to go and 1 to go back.
I tried dating a girl from there but we could never meet up because we lived in towns 2 hours apart from each other and none of us have cars.

I don't know his case, but my country doesn't have this live-in campus system.
This is what my staircase was like last year except the music didn't stop till 5am sometimes
And I go to a pretty good uni

File: joeia.jpg (8 KB, 300x168)
8 KB
is there anything worse than being in a small town/rural area besides being in Africa or in prison or something?

you're literally more disadvantaged then a black person living in a ghetto in any major city

>literally nothing around
>no jobs no people nothing to do
>no opprotunity except maybe one or two local community colleges
>even if you finish college you'rey probably be overqualified for any job going and in debt
>nothing to do unless besides hiking and fishing
>only people are crazy rednecks or drug addicts
>no girls around so you're either forced to just jack off in isolation all day
>20-40 miles from a walmart or a gas station
>nothing to do but drugs with draconian laws
>moving to an actual place is impossible
>no programs that send you to other cities or help you get internships/jobs in real places

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1537620674079.jpg (42 KB, 306x542)
42 KB
take yer swing... go on
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unarmed fights are for boxers and other retards who enjoy brain damage
Dead guys fb account is still up. Have fun, lads.
>flamboyant shirt in a region notorious for homophobia
>fearless in the face of firearms
>husky voice
>tall and broad shouldered
A true CHAD till the end. His hubris was his undoing though. If only he were as young and spry as he was in his college ball days, then he would have been fast enough to bumrush the old fatty, wrestle the gun away and shot both of the hillbillies
I wouldn't be surprised if the younger redneck is an incel who posts on /pol/ and this very board
File: rodrigo-duterte.jpg (51 KB, 600x600)
51 KB
t. aaron's roastie wife

How often do you swear in conversation?
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How often does your internal voice swear?
Never on work. Don't wanna get on Mr. Shekelberg's bad side.
Rarely with friends, if there were any.
Occasionally with family. Mom swears like a sailor.
Always when I talk to myself. I even curse on foreign languages when I try to learn new languages; Scheisse, Merde, Schlampe, Kurwa... they keep popping in my head all the time.
too fucking often
Never with family or in public, but with friends probably twice per sentence on average. I know three languages so its fun to mix and match swearwords from all three in creative ways.
All the fucking time. Originigga

File: 1534796999279.webm (1.14 MB, 720x1280)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB WEBM
Is it important to you that your gf is able to take the entire length of your penis?
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good goy
dont forget to pick up the special rdr edition ps4 slim

We must escape this Jewish world.
File: 1535702037686.jpg (160 KB, 962x962)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
originally 7 5x5 here
virgin gf took it all first time no problem
>feeling a piece of rubber on your dick and in your pussy instead of the surface of a real hot dick or a real hot pussy
why do normies even bother
i would hope a girl could handle my small babydick desu

File: ds.png (4 KB, 175x146)
4 KB
>28 years old
>diagnosed with asperger and adhd
>completely isolated, literally no offline/online friends
>speech disorder
>soon going blind
>only browse this imageboard all day
>only go outside when I have to buy food and alcohol, even then I freak out and I have to spy outside so there's no people
>can't even concentrate or enjoy video games, reading, movies

It feels I exists only to suffer. What's a good painless way to commit suicide without being too scary?
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File: yummy.png (29 KB, 482x573)
29 KB
>25 year old
>fucked my vision with lasik, depressed ever since
>only go outside when I have to buy food
>boomer parents are wasting all their money on cruises n cars
>just have enough support from the government to eat rice n oatmeal
>wanna kill myself all the time, but have to finish my novel first
>my novel always felt like the one reason i am on this earth, as long as its not finished i have to stay
>depressed, no friends
>roasties from my university message me when they need help, cause they know i can solve all problems
>when i got the solution they always ghost me
>live in a building filled with somali refugees, constantly terrified, they look at me like they wanna kill me
>everytime I see them i think "please wait until the novel is done"

helium bag soon
Why are you going blind?

which country are you in?
>stuck in dead end minimum wage job
>No friends
>No gf ever
>Burned bridges with most family members
germanistan originallo

What thoughts and feelings arise inside you when looking at this picture?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
wish it was more graphic desu
Mr.Hands, female edition.
>Whoever draw that has serious mental problems

It's from Japan
File: 22.jpg (315 KB, 1280x1848)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
it's pretty boring and not very well drawn
Intense arousal and the longing for a gf who also finds this hot.

Tfw no horsecock loving gf.

File: 0e9a3fb7582849f.png (1.27 MB, 962x800)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
Autumn is here. How would you spend the impending chilly days with him?

Last thread:
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> ?
lad....we talked about this
what does this mean
i'm just a really retarded, really apathetic black guy with questionable hair.
>meme memes mem meme memes

Anxiety is tearing me apart.
What do you usually do to deal with it?
Dang, I feel good about my fucked up finger tips. Also, nothing.

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