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Why do I keep cooming I am so fucking disgusting

File: crying.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
i caught a model crying once. i thoroughly enjoyed it.
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that's what i was thinking, but her stream was kinda empty, no one was chatting or giving money
File: tenor.gif (216 KB, 220x207)
216 KB
216 KB GIF
>that image
why would you want to watch that
>why would you want to watch that
she was crying
Damn would cum inside of her and make mocha kids
Perfect representation of whoredom.
Empty stream, no income, she keeps spreading her legs with the camera pointing right at her. Her only use is her body because she stopped to the level of a whore and wouldve never settled for being a wife to a nice robot.

> wake up
> stare at computer screen for 14 hours a day
at this point, I live on my computer and irl is just temporary
same. uni is virtual now. job is virtual now. both are incredibly time consuming. result is that im fucking constantly on my laptop, wanting to die
yeah, it's been that way for most of my life. I do get out and do stuff, but if its not on my schedule than I'm probably in my computer chair, and I work from home on my computer as well so it's a mixed bag. The key really is to just schedule fun outside of the house with others. My father always warned of this happening to me, but when i discovered video editing in highschool he stopped telling me to get off the PC, as he believed it to be a worthy skill to spend so much time on if I was editing videos.

What i do for work now is not too different from what I did for 'fun' on my computer in highschool so he wasn't wrong.

he's really talking more about how his life revolves around just being on his computer, not how he is forced to be on his computer by circumstance.
Shrooms unironically helped me break out of the cycle
>log in to work at 8
>work til 5
>vidya/escapism til bed
File: 1620281049664m.jpg (100 KB, 1024x1024)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>wake up
>stay in bed for 5 hours on my phone
>get up, eat something
>go on pc
>sit in front of monitor or back to bed and look at phone till im exausted enough to fall asleep

loving life

File: 1618157715677 (1).webm (906 KB, 400x226)
906 KB
Still don't think girls are gross?
They aren't content by just having a dick, no, everything about their anatomy is disgusting

Women are the only mammal that has periods, every other animal is just normal, but for some reason human women have a disgusting vagina that falls appart once a month
Don't let yourself be fooled, this is by no means normal
It also affects their mental state

Also, do you know how pregnancy work? Their uterus literally gets swollen to hundreds of times it's size, and gets filled with a disgusting pus-like liquid
ever heard the sentence "her water broke"? Do you know what that means? It means that a random membrane inside her disgusting vagina has broken and that she pissed herself several litters of that disgusting liquid
they have no control over that
Also, did you know that MOST WOMEN are incontinent? MOST WOMEN literally piss or shit themselves everyday

When giving birth, they are so poorly made that they have to squeeze the baby's skull and brain through a hole inside one of their bones (???)
This means that in most cases, newborn babies have their heads crushed by doctors which gives permanent brain damage
Ceasarians should be mendatory, women's shitty vagina design is currently the only limiting factor on human intelligence and brain size, because infants with brains too large get killed at birth by women's vaginas

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Why do people call me incel? I don't talk like this, yet they call me that.

This just makes me want to hate everybody.
If you gott topped you won't have to worry about woman.

File: 2late.png (155 KB, 400x277)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
>wake up
>be me
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File: sj.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
Everyone on this board is earning 6 figures. Everyone on this board was a Chad in hs/college

Everyone on this board has 7 figures in wealth. Everyone on this board is happy and bragging about how happy they are

Everyone.....except me.

I wish I had the powers of superman to commit genocide on the oligarch that enslave us all.
File: r9k.jpg (222 KB, 750x717)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
I want to sexually assault a woman.
It's the weekend wby are you.not getting TOPPED? Or at least swallowing another man's penis
File: mok0.jpg (203 KB, 1038x1200)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
oh boy I got soooo much cleaning to do tomorrow to make sure its squeaky clean when mom comes back after 3 weeks
and seems like I will pull a second all nighter
why am I doing this to myself
I done worse nvm
>sure sure, once you start you're already infected!
wow you are a super spreader, someone should put you under qurantine again (^:
>because you always play when you're high so it doesn't really count, it
usually I play better when I smoked but it depends on the game type desu
I get soo much better in shooters, its rly fun
u should play more shooters
>i kinda miss Terraria with you in-game stalkers... ;_;
it is not that simple

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: sssss.jpg (76 KB, 890x646)
76 KB
My dad was raped. I don't want to get into too much details but he was left for dead bleeding on the street. My mom now forcing me to sell all my stocks to pay for medical treatments. He was in a coma for 5 days but the doctors said he could make a full organs recovery and have sex again. Problem is one of the surgeries is very expensive, they need to operate on rectum.
Once I cash out now that will be it. I'm not considering not giving the money of course, but once I cash out its wagecuck life for me. My mom isn't especially rich at all, she has a low paying job but isn't in debt.

File: file (3).png (125 KB, 239x250)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
Why are Asians so fucking racist?

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right. i forgot about cgl culture.
The comment section lol white zoomers are so cringy and obsessed with black people, theyre the only ones in the comments but think redditors and blacks are mad. Losers
The entire concept of "racism" is Western psychosis.
Firstly you need to explain why it is bad to recognise the differences that exist between various groups, and then you have to explain why it's bad for one person to paint their skin in such a way that they look like another person.
No, "it's offensive" or "slavery happened" aren't answers.
>Why are Asians so fucking racist?
Because everyone knows the niggers are the lowest of the races.
wwhy is world babies
why is world babies #italiano

File: 1618881103315.jpg (101 KB, 1080x1350)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Do female feet smell different?
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everyone has a different odor, so there's always going to be a difference, no matter if its race or gender. but yes, they can reek. its just like anyone else, all it takes is some "mistreatment" (reused socks, old shoes, boots, frequent exercise, no socks, nylons) and they'll begin smelling. i've dated three girls who happily let me indulge in my fetish. the first one took a little bit, but after some time, her feet began to have quite the smell. the second one did retail and worked out a lot, so her feet immediately smelled by the time we were dating. ngl they got kinda gross, and that's coming from a MASSIVE footfag. the third one had the best ones though. didn't smell enough, but had just a tinge of odor. fucking heaven. the other two sometimes got overwhelming, but with her? i could take off her shoes/flats any time and smell them and cum within minutes.
Kayla Jane
Milf Nikki or Aunt Nikki
Sarah Diavola
Goddess LaCreme
>didn't smell enough, but had just a tinge of odor. fucking heaven
try to tell more about this scent, i want to imagine it, do young womens feet really have so different smell than mine or yours?
Priness Rene has some good shit tbqh
Is joi the most robot tier porn category? Also youtube has good stuff

File: 1548523772014.jpg (143 KB, 1389x1732)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
>tfw couldn't open a jar
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Skinny men are basically women. Fat guys are better
File: unnamed.png (361 KB, 512x512)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
Nope skinny men are actually becoming more popular than ever. Lil peep, bladee, even capoxxo. You just have to be a pretty boy with drip if you're skinny.
If you're skelly, you're underweight.
>120lbs at 5'9
I can count my ribs. Bladee, thaiboy and all that generation of rappers may be skinny but not to the extent of being skelly
File: 1550999619326.jpg (20 KB, 480x480)
20 KB
>Are you eating properly, anon?
>the guy on the left
Daddy no :^(

File: Red.jpg (20 KB, 458x458)
20 KB
Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me as schemes trying to defraud me regards as terrorism at me the United States Government made me the King a Military General having judge powers I'm white I'm God my name is Eric I have omniscience I have to say the United States Government is my property I'm not scheme encrypting I can read it defrauding me stop terrorizing me
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Christ, your name is Eric? I'm going to sit on you and try to defraud you.
you can't do that to him, anon. the united states government is his property! you'd get in a lot of trouble
Is the nuclear apocalypse he talked about a month or two ago still canon? He said he would rule over the ashes as a military dictator.
yes, anon, that happened. the apocalypse happened and now eric owns the us gov
Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me as schemes trying to defraud me regards as terrorism at me I'm in a higher realm of reality compared to you cause of my omniscience I refer reality something different since your perception of reality is flawed compared to my perception of reality since we're in different understanding of spacetime

Why do so many young zoomer boys like older women?
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Yes silly ofcourse you can
ugh im lonely i really wanna cuddle with a soft mommy right now :(
I've just always preferred older women, they just seem so much more interesting and alluring.
>Why do so many young zoomer boys like older women?
It prolly reminds them of mom
T. 18-yo zoomer

When I was 16 the only women that were tolerable were at least 3 years older than me. This generation of women is getting worse

File: 1_L76A5gL6176UbMgn7q4Ybg.jpg (615 KB, 3000x2000)
615 KB
615 KB JPG
Is there a single thing worse than math?
Seriously, maybe my brain isn't wired for this shit but it's such an infuriating subject. I can't even do the most basic of problems after over an hour but shine bright in most other required courses.
88 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
I mean, they really should have taught us how to do taxes. But also fuck essays.
>at least I didn't have to do essays in math
no one has said that, but fuck essays
>found a video that covered this shit (https://youtu.be/iQ9KKohrD-Y?t=1629)
>has a different answer than anything on that Google result
>even more confused than before
Fuck me running, I have no idea how I graduated like this.
File: steele.jpg (31 KB, 442x654)
31 KB
Yeah, sorry, it's pic related. You can also try Abbott instead of Pugh if this is your very first analysis course.
You see, the problem with teaching math is that educational system in many ways evolved to be efficient at one thing - valuing your knowledge.
And by valuing you knowledge it means valuing your patience and dedication.
Math is a beautiful instrument designed for achieving certain goals, if not for math, we couldn't properly use physics, and with it - have a rapid technological progress for better or worse.

But no school will teach you this, since it tries it's best to shove violently down your throat generalized basics that you can't even grasp because of how highly abstract sometimes can be. And after that, it will go even further, as to make the process of applying it stressfull and time limited, so it could somehow determine your "knowledge level".

Someone can even fall into the conspiracy retard state, and say that we're specifically taught to hate math, so to handicap our capabilities.

Trannies wouldnt exist if no man was willing to fuck them. This is your fault
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Why do incels seethe so hard about people they've never met? And why are they so stupid and have such terrible wrong opinions?
There is a rising surplus of undesirable males, whom will never be able to pass on their genes and creampie a foid, and a renaissance on chad harens. Some dudes gotta make make do eventually and some men will be satisfied to empty their balls inside a fake woman.
But all the ugly trannies are also "lesbian". the only ones that actually put some effort into it are gay men
>if no man was willing to fuck them
hardly anyone is. Trannies are ignored so much that they started saying that if you refuse to date a tranny you are transphobic.
i am politely asking for a source

File: b60.png (431 KB, 679x600)
431 KB
431 KB PNG
my whole life i have been confined to the beta orbiter/shoulder to cry on zone. i fucking hate my existence
23 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>stop being a fucking faggot.
try and make me stop, you pussy ass nigger
Asshole bitch fucker scum 1v1
except people like us
when I was a shy 14 y/o I always liked shinji the most, I used to have a figure of him too. granted after that age I'm not interested in shy guys anymore because they remind me of my past self too much.
File: 268349.jpg (48 KB, 303x640)
48 KB
More of perfect girl

File: 45_716~2.jpg (129 KB, 825x1374)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Why is shemale porn extremely popular among straight men?
20 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>girl with cock
That is a feminine presenting male anon, not a girl. Boys have penises, girls have vaginas. They are bisexual regardless of how they identify. You cannot be a male that is attracted to same sex characteristics and still be straight. That's just a cope because of the social stigma attached to any same sex behavior. Cultures that evolved without Abrahamic or anti-homosexual faith systems tend to have an acceptance of same sex acts. The only reason those institutions are against same sex copulating is that they want the most amount of children produced possible for a strong military and workforce.
>that sudden surge in trannies
there really must be something in the water huh
You're no longer straight. Porn has created a pavlovian association between seeing dick and arousal. If you didn't stop fapping immdiately, then you got turned.

Congrats, you got kiked.
No it definately doesn't. Your statement is not factual and has no basis in reality. You are consciously or subconsciously trying to justify this to yourself because your lizard brain doesn't want to stop fapping.
I would rather put a bullet through my brain than suck a failed man's protuberance.

Did you notice that women stopped liking babyfaced, boyish looking guys in the last several years?
Like it was all the rage back in the 90s and 00s, boy bands, Justin bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio, you name it.
Now women want the traditionally accepted attractive features in a man, tall, muscular or just large, beard, assertive, the whole 9 yards.
What happened in your opinion?
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then why are so many girls into gook bands?
show his pic
File: Bladee-720x720.jpg (141 KB, 720x720)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
You're retarded. Girls love bladee.
Aren't thousands of retarded women drooling after BTS right now?
cope unironically

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