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One of my oldest friends just unfriended me on Facebook in 60 seconds flat when I said I wouldn't judge pedos who are getting help and don't hurt anyone. :( Why are humans like this to other humans?
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Hypothetically, if a man and a woman marry and in a modern society produce one child, that is -2 people and +1 person. In one generation, that halves the population. I'm not advocating for 12 children famlies although that's certainly okay if the parents have a means to provide for them. Traditional family structures don't have to be old-fashioned necesarrily, but having a mother and a father who are relatively feminine and masculine role models, respectively, is needed to minimize mental illness, moral degeneration, etc. Fags don't provide this, even the butch/femme dynamic doesn't come close to having a full mother and father combo. Pedos subvert the dynamic too by sexualizing a child who will never be their wife. If someone doesn't marry and plan for a kid, they shouldn't fornicate. That's another aspect of moral decay. Of course, it could be argued that pedophilia is "okay" if the child is betrothed to the older groom/bride, meaning they get married when they come of age and are merely "promised".
You dodged a bullet. Your friend sounds like an idiot.
Hope you're just a shitposting troll. People who don't commit crimes deserve to be left alone. Simple as that.
You're a complete tool. Take your own advice and kill yourself. I'm not a pedo, I liked adults more even when I was a kid myself, but treating people who have never committed a crime, and never will commit a crime, humanely is the only reasonable thing to do. Pedos who never break the law are as innocent as non-pedos who never break the law.

He's virtue signaling. In his life in some way he seriously benefits from saying certain npc stuff

File: 1559674171713.png (231 KB, 500x500)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
Last thread reached bump. Lets go again.

>What are you on rn?
>Favourite drug?
>How's your day in general?
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tails, usb, empire market, tor, pgp, coinbase. There are your building blocks anon, you figure it out
>never did any drugs
>try weed
>"thats nice, i'll use it on weekends"
>fast forward 2 months
>smoking everyday and not enjoying much life sober anymore
So be it, even before my life was shitty anyway
File: 1543812910617.jpg (114 KB, 640x640)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Yeah I don't usually rag on people who have difficult times, psychs can dredge up a lot of old trauma and it's important to work through that, but there's a massive difference between having a difficult time for honest reasons and having a bad time because you acted recklessly and combined two ludicrously powerful drugs in an uncomfortable location without any safety measures in place.
File: 1561163210935.jpg (52 KB, 476x432)
52 KB
>big brain opioid user practically doxes themselves
obligatory addy gang shitpost
Whoops, meant to reply to
regarding an original discussion on psychedelic and dissociative drugs

I think the landlord figured out that I cant own a house with NEETbux cuz I saw my house up for sale the other day
Heard a knock knock at my door a couple minutes ago so I checked the page and It says my house has been sold

What do robots
only you can live in there anon, if they force you out just molotov the place

File: tenor (1).gif (44 KB, 220x275)
44 KB
Is it somehow related to the weather?
I don't know but for some reasons my balls have developed a bright red rash and itch like crazy. Antifungals aren't working

File: 1561415926742.jpg (51 KB, 530x600)
51 KB
men have needs
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It's because women's brains work completely paradoxically. They actually believe they're telling the truth when they say they want a sweet, sensitive man that wears makeup or whatever the fuck they ask for, and they know it's objectively true that men shouldn't be forced to hide away all their emotions.
But when push comes to shove and they actually have a man willing to show emotions and vulnerability they turn him down, usually with a "don't worry, you'll make someone very happy someday"
>"don't worry, you'll make someone very happy someday"
Or "we can still be friends, I just think we don't have a connection hehe"
Should women really have equal rights? they are all so identical to one another, like mindless automata without any sentience. There is never this girl who beats the odds and actually has her own personality and thinks and acts objectively rather than acting like a typical woman. I'm all for equality but I'm really starting to think women should all be stripped of their human rights and reduced to breeding machines.
That's not the problem, the problem is we feel we're entitled to demand those needs for women
File: 1560017422076.jpg (5 KB, 267x189)
5 KB
Dude, turn back before you're really too far gone
>crying in front of a woman
I wonder how long before she cheated on him

I think workout clothes are way sexier than clothes actually designed to be sexy.
I prefer sports bras and yoga pants over short slutty dresses, I prefer cycling shorts over skirts and I prefer bikinis and swimsuits over lingerie.
I can't be the only one that feels this way right? Or am i just weird?
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I agree somewhat. I prefer workout clothes but the stuff you mentioned are leages aboves this shit in sexyness.
This kind

Danes don't bend over as easely to muslims as brits or germans. And they have big dicks just like niggers do
File: IMG_20190531_192455.jpg (36 KB, 608x363)
36 KB
I can get behind this in more ways than one
Oh christ yes. Everything you say. I used to jerk off to those fitness infomercials before pron stream sites were so prevalent. Like this stuff
You just have to be careful not to nut when a barrel-chested chad is on screen.

File: etika___20081825524.jpg (27 KB, 705x542)
27 KB
He is actually gone
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You know what else is against the rules?
Being a complete and utter faggot, the likes of which not even /b/ could contain
I never watched his videos but all the same this whole situation is pretty sad
Where's Neptune been lately? I used to enjoy a good Neptune thread now and then.
>Body is still unidentified
It's been fun going down his rabbit hole of insanity but it is immensely sad if he is dead. I can't help but feel like he could have been saved.

File: 7a39d73.jpg (97 KB, 1080x759)
97 KB
Imagine being this much of a giga chad unironically
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>Man maybe take a break for a while. Play some vidya.

Which part of what he wrote won't come true?

Look, maybe not ALL women will immediately forgive this dog-beheader - but you know and I know that enough of them will that every last thing in that guy's post will come true.
>"dog loving" women will say "OMG i forgive him, that dog probably deserved it! GOD i want him to impregnate me SO BADLY!"
In what universe is that at all a likely thing for women to say?
>In what universe is that at all a likely thing for women to say?

I thought that anon meant that they'd say this subconsciously or implicitly.

OUT LOUD, they would say things like

>There are two sides to every story!
>Gosh, I feel like I really CONNECT with him, you know?

And after all, open legs are worth a thousand words.
So that part won't come true, then? Glad we're in agreement.
File: 1560599632624.jpg (93 KB, 852x1136)
93 KB
Aromatase inhibitors delay closing of the growth plates in the arms legs and back in young people. Estrogen which in males comes from testosterone when the body uses it causes growth plates to close, and inhibitors slow that process. So i guess you can try those.
He also should be eating more meat

File: image.jpg (1.62 MB, 2100x1574)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
Ask someone who lives in Japan anything. Yes, I am English teaching scum

Pic related, view from my balcony
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Just wondering, how do you find out about that? Do flight companies share their records with you? Is it through bank account charges?
File: 1546127989725.jpg (290 KB, 735x767)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
Who's the local telecom provider? Also how does it enter the home broadband, dsl , fiber?
Would you recommend moving to japan to all your friends?
Thats because its tuesday during the day for the US. All of the normals are busy doing normal things.
>lives in Japan
but you have to be an english teacher no matter what right? no thanks

File: me.jpg (160 KB, 1224x480)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
in a parallel universes, those who were unfortunate enough to be abused by their parents / classmates etc. focus their anger to become monsters. in this modern age, we have succeeded in replicating this process but there is always a part of the body that has to be replaced with cybernetic enhancements because it is severely damaged in the process of transformation.
r9k, choose your destiny today! this is how it works, make an original post about:
>your biggest regret
>which dungeon monster you hope to become and
>what you would do

the number your post gets is your destiny:
e.g. No.2347557 the last 2 numbers decide what you become
>from 0- 8 you are a normal dungeon monster (9 is boss more to that below)
in this case you are a 5 so a normal monster and the second number, a 7 so an arcane golem

>No. 1 Ghoul, you died in the process but the power you received is resurrection you stand up after a 3 days of being dead, the part of you body that got destroyed is your brain, you got a cybernetic upgrade to become one of the most intelligent ghouls
>No. 2 Skeleton, your skin got evaporated in the process, you feel no pain anymore but the power of evil keeps you alive, the upgrade you get is a new skin made out of a special strengthened alloy that makes you invulnerable to bullets in any paint job you want
>No. 3 Goblin, your body shrunk in the process but you have become an almost demi- god like fast assassin thanks to the cybernetic upgrade
>No. 4 Bearman, your bodies reaction to the transformation was an insane output of testosterone, you have become really tall and muscle packed but your brain shrinked to a small size you are now as intelligent as a monkey but the cybernetic upgrade you received gives you the possibility to go into a rage mode in which your body gain extreme agility, mobility and strength that makes you strong enough to fight tanks
>No. 5 Shadowman, during the transformation something went wrong and your entire body evaporated, everyone thought you were dead but you have become a living shadow you cant get a cybernetic upgrade but you are invulnerable
>No. 6 Spider, the process turned you into a female spider, you are able to create your own armies and fight your own wars, some spider player have become so strong that not even armies dare entering their domain and your cybernetic upgrade is a powerful jaw that makes you able to cut through anything without any limits
>No. 7 Arcanae Golem, your skin has become stone like and you are able to focus energy from nature, you can choose one of those spells: fire, earth, water, air, explosion or necromancy your cybernetic upgrade gives you god like perception of everything that is happening around you
>No. 8 Succubus, you have become everything a man would ever want, your cybernetic upgrade is a tail that is able to pierce through anyone and anything
>No. 9 Flying Demon, you feed of peoples negative emotions and can create great sorrow. Your pacts you create with other humans are usually only good for you and your cybernetic upgrade makes you able to see the future

Boss versions:
Ghoul: You control other ghouls, your body doesnt rot and you can transfer your consciousness into other people that are close to you making you almost invulnerable
Skeleton: You are a master of every weapon making you insanely hard to kill since you know how to fight against anyone and anything
Goblin: Your weapons carry a lethal poison and you can cloak yourself to be almost completly invisible
Bearman: Your brain is better than that of a human making you insane in creating tactics and fighting
Shadowman: Any time you want you can recreate your old body, you can also teleport to other shadows in a radius of 100 metres, making you the best surveilance and assassin tool to exist
Spider: Your skin is so strong shells from tanks can not penetrate you and your brain is enhanced as well
Arcane Golem: You live forever, making you able to control all spells
Succubus: You can fly and have insane regeneration
Flying Demon: You can not die but can not go on killing spress that would wipe out the human species since they are your emotional food.
You picked the worst possible board for this.

File: 1537316716094.png (29 KB, 354x286)
29 KB
I have decided to simply give up on university and any self improvement and just live as an useless NEET until I decide to kill myself
What non productive hobbies should I try besides videogames? I also like video editing and made some memes but the whole proccess is so long it bores me at this point
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>copious amounts of media consumption (anime, manga, tv, film, etc.)
>/tg/ sort of hobbies done solo instead of with others
>posting on here all day

Make up a lot of fake online identities and use them to troll and bully people.
Watching porn is fun
>>posting on here all day
Well I pretty much do that already, I'll look into boards I've never been to
I'll have to learn how to use normie social media first but that could be interesting
Yeah but that's like 10 mins till I cum not a big time waster
There's so much anime out there you'll die before you see it all
I'm sure you'll find something you like

File: 68865005_p0.jpg (127 KB, 428x474)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Good morning r9k! I want you to give it your all to get past the morning hurdle I know you can do it!
morning is my time to sleep, fuck off
We EU anons are already past it, good morning to you though

File: not too happy.jpg (31 KB, 660x574)
31 KB
>Windows randomly installs "Photos add-on" app to my computer
>starts making "albums" out of my porn and emailing it to people
I just want to be left alone
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Just send a email saying "got hacked, disregard unless your into it LOL"
Interracial bmwf and wmaf/wmbf
Brutal femdom and gentle femdom
Tentacle rape

I'm not bullshitting either that's what it mostly was.
where do you go to download femdom stuff?
Install Gentoo, it doesn't have this problem
/r9k/ and sometimes boards like /d/

File: tgirl.jpg (161 KB, 1016x1417)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Are you an ally to trans people?
272 replies and 90 images omitted. Click here to view.
what model is that anon my dear
I'm autistic? I think I'm just neurotic. Probably why I'm a tranny.

PVM 1443MD, only does RGB, S-Video and composite.
Aw I'm only meme'n sorry.
That's fine anon. Thank you for being kind.

You too
A no-free-lunch policy to allying with random sjw demographics is actually really based. Thanks for the inspiration anon.

File: download (1).png (49 KB, 350x219)
49 KB
anon, give me one reason i shouldn't fucking off myself.
27 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.

Because you are not actually ready for death and will pussy out at the last moment and have second thoughts.
File: 1559076780324.jpg (23 KB, 400x400)
23 KB
No cake
No tea
No music
No feels
No imagination
No soft breeze tickling your face
No deep relaxation in warm bath
No chance of learning about the amazing side of the world, space, philosophy and people
There's just nothingness.
Because this board would have one less aquaposter!
Implying that notingness is a comperable state; so much to philosophy you dont even know the basics

Its neither positiv nor negativ nor neutral, its _Nothingness_ and you cant compare that

I think if I can stick around you can too.

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