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Femanons, why don't you just work out to get a hot body? It's THAT easy to be more attractive!
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>Are you kidding? Or are you new here? Do you know how many people on here claim they have IQs higher than Feynman? Or that they earn six figure salaries? Or that they did anything at all after
Those aren't for dating though, are they? I don't mean you don't meet them irl though.
>I dont get how preferring to meet and date people in real life is a catch
Cuz it's hard to find people who are compatible irl.
Working out wont make my tits more perky or symmetrical though and im already pretty ugly facially. Clothes I am a normal weight big titty hourglass so I do not think working out will be of much benefit to me. Though I would like to be fit
>Working out wont make my tits more perky or symmetrical though
Who really cares about that? Not even people on r9k.
>Clothes I am a normal weight big titty hourglass so I do not think working out will be of much benefit to me.
You can be a fit, big titty, hourglass woman instead. Also you get to be fit! Even you want to be fit yourself.
File: 61o0Ca1hdvL.jpg (98 KB, 1000x1000)
98 KB
Hmmm no I don't think I will. Too lazy and I dislike being sweaty

File: protecttranskids.png (399 KB, 765x772)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
Deal or No Deal?
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>the majority of children experiencing gender dysphoria will desist when they go through puberty. Estimates vary between 70% and over 90%.
>When given puberty blockers the desistence percentage plummets close to 0% (hence why you don't have studies about discontinuation).
Do you have a source for that? Because the whole point of puberty blockers is to give children time to come to a decision about hormone transition at a more mature age without the distress of going through puberty with gender dysphoria.
You're alleging that taking puberty blockers somehow influences their decision-making towards transition.

btw I already support gate-keeping of access to puberty blockers. Talk therapy should be the first option given to children to work through gender dysphoria, and that's how the system works today.
Hell no, I fucking hate these child predators.
>Betas go eunuch (phsyical or chemical)
>Alphas get to reproduce because there's a large subset of males who are not unwilling, but INCAPABLE of having offspring
>further exacerbated by wars and other male-heavy casualty sources
Y'know I'd never looked at it that way
If we lived in some videogame cyberpunk world where you could just push a button and modify your body I think trans people would be a lot more widely accepted. I think one of the main things holding most people back is the idea of picking up a chick then getting home to sleep with her and finding out she has a dick.
true, fuck the GOP for preying on trans children to score political points.
They're full of known child predators such as Matt Gaetz and Donald Trump who both paid for underage prostitutes, one of them from Epstein himself.

DON'T become a femboy. If you do, you'll eventually start fantasizing about getting fucked by masculine men.
Too late.
Now it's sexy time.

File: stinky.jpg (522 KB, 1627x2048)
522 KB
522 KB JPG
What do asian girls smell like after the gym
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Like sweat (I dont really know how to describe this smell but I guess it's kind of damp in a way?) and dirty armpits, not really hot but when you deal with it every day you get accustomed to it
Probably better than you
like my betabux
No it's definitely hot
agreed tm

File: 1652598937651.jpg (60 KB, 509x574)
60 KB
>overheard my friend group talking about how annoying I was
well i guess I officially have nothing to live for
good bye r9k
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my friend group knows im a loser shutin that hasnt left his room for the past 3 years, they sometimes invite me to do stuff but I always flake because I cant bear explaining myself to them. I wish I never knew them.

Any other anons been in this situation? How do you deal with it?
Don't let it become 10 years, and so on...
File: 30958098324.jpg (36 KB, 500x598)
36 KB
Eventually they stopped calling.
Still haven't left my room 15 years later.
>become a listener
>friends just emotionally dump on you or just brag about shit you don't care about
can i show my swimsuit parts to my friends anon

File: 1664455871342726.png (125 KB, 500x384)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
Today my only ((true)) friend(who I might have developed some feelings for thanks2prisongayness) ditched going out with me for the umpteenth time. Now I've drunk half a bottle of liquor andI:m crying and laughing while my cats run away while I try to pet them.

How was your day, anons?
why cant I have a prisongay friend that falls for me

File: 164395084305.png (188 KB, 601x800)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
She's absolutely right
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File: 1572484828233.jpg (79 KB, 653x653)
79 KB
>tfw it's even worse than the rat utopia
We're basically insects in a hive. They view you as a bug.
>can't refute the point.
what is her point exactly, that we need to go back to harems? i dont think she's gonna like that when its exactly as >>70392853 said. she's also blaming men for being incels, but completely missing the fact that low quality women (like her) are incel factories. if you want to get rid of incels, sterilize low quality women and just have them live the rest of their lives as pleasure women for men. in a few generations incels disappear completely.
Fisherian runaway
Prohibition actually did work.
except women aren't historically breeding with the high functioning guys with good looks always. ive seen some obese mentally ill spread their genes because they happened to have money or status. so no women dont choose the best partners.

You know...I'm starting to get the sneaking suspicion that a lot of you guys aren't good people
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File: 1656960673830-2.jpg (54 KB, 640x480)
54 KB
>People actually get on in my cunt
>nobody that has an internet connection has ever killed a cat before
File: mischiefMage.png (488 KB, 925x629)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
Being a bad or good person is 100% about your actions and 0% about your mentality, personality, and self-concept. The only reason those things are worth considering is because they will impact your future actions. We are what we repeatedly do.
I know it's possible, apparently that whore from whoever's eharem did it, but his description was so detailed and perfect that either he has a perfect memory or was making it up
I am not nice online, but am TOO nice IRL

How do i become a famous youtuber with fangirls
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File: 1631499363888.jpg (360 KB, 848x748)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
niche games anon

i played on a gmod server and uploaded videos from that server onto my youtube and managed to make friends with almost all the female players
People fuck their groupies all the fucking time.
Is there some unwritten rule that if it's a e-celeb it isn't allowed but if it is some nobody local band playing gigs at a dive bar to similar pay it is totally fine?
That a soundcloud rapper can fuck their fans but a youtube rapper can't?

Get out of here with that bullshit.
Dudes are going to fuck their fans and their ain't anything you can do about it.
Hell it is one of the few perks of being famous if you aren't also rich.
File: 141115 120731.png (42 KB, 1220x127)
42 KB
You don't even have any
Fucking your fangirls is asking for trouble. Don't shit where you eat. Plus, these are not womeb, they're girls, the "power" dynamic is enough to get you cancelled.

You never know with those crazy girls, from purposely poking hole in condoms to lots of drugs, it's not worth it. Burt Ward (guy who played robin in the '66 Batman show) used to sleep with fans, and one ended up stabbing him while in the bedroom.
you're talking nonsense again oh woah

How do you feel about seeing your mom in a bikini or swimsuit?
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nop OP but why are you trying so hard to make him say he wants to fuck his mom?
Wouldn't give a shit. She's my mom. Read up on the westermark effect and stop reading so much hentai.

T. Mom walked around naked when I was little, and was conventionally attractive. Gave my first middle school friend the shock of her life though lol.
>My mom is conservative too and my fetish awakened the first time I saw her in a swimsuit after I hit puberty.
How far have you taken this fetish anon?
You have issues.
fancy britches or whatever wouldn't somehow change anything.
We have seen each other naked n shit because family life and living together.
If seeing her butt naked didn't fill me with whatever the hell is up with you, then no outfit will.

Seek Jesus.
Never seen that, but that woman in the pic is hot af

File: ApuLaptopCrying.gif (64 KB, 220x220)
64 KB
>have Sea of Thieves
>quite a few hours
>keep updating the game despite knowing that I'll never play it again because I have no friends
Truly, I suffer. And before you say "Play solo", I have. After a while it gets boring. I have never heard of a lone pirate on the seas.
18 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>what it means to really know If something is true or false
In metaphysical terms, objective reality doesn't exist. We have no way of interacting with it. Even this conception of the world as subjective and objective is an assumption. Language itself is an assumption. All we operate on is functionality- if something works, it's true. The reason we say scientific discoveries are true is because it works, we can make jets and nuke other countries, not because it is objective. Furthermore this is the only reason truth matters anyways, not for itself.

>something to say about morality
Morality is not about being kind. It's the system of ideals of a culture that vary in historical time and place. Moralities ultimately are invented like religions (in a very organic manner), for the functioning of society and to serve the interests of the leaders of society. There is no objective morality is what I'm saying. But neither is moral relativism preferable. As a certain philosopher said, we should embrace moralities that are life-affirming over ones that are life-denying. Ones that bring greater joy and passion to life.
PC but I have an Xbox tag. It has crossplay. My discord is Turkic Nomad#3125. My xbox is the same name but I don't know the numbers.
I'll go eat dinner now so I won't be able to reply for 30-60 minutes.
Yea yea cool, I'll message you tomorrow. It's 3am here so I'm going to sleep. Thanks for a non incel thread and inspiring me to do something different
You live in Asia?

File: 1662188695869204.jpg (57 KB, 1024x700)
57 KB
Is it illegal to let someone die through inaction? Like if I saw someone drowning in a pool and I had a flotation device next to me and I chose to just walk away instead of throwing it to you, could I be charged with a crime?
27 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
that's not a very good comparison and you're a faggot to argue that you shouldn't at least try to save someone's life if you're able

i'm drawing the line around you and we're all gonna throw rocks at you until you feel like being less of a little shit about everything
>waaaa i don't want to render life-saving assistance just because it's the right thing to do i'm too edgy and jaded for that
Ah, such a moral person, lets throw rocks at people we disagree with.
Only if they have proof that you were there and witnessed, otherwise just say you didin't see anything (don't say you weren't there, if they have any proof you were there you end up in trouble)
Silly 13 year old, why didn't you instinctively see a dead person for the first time and immediately bust out a technique that people need to be trained for because they do it incorrectly all the time and end up not helping at all?
thanks, it's just one of those things seared into my memory. I did eventually forgive myself for it by thinking if I die in some really ugly way and there is some kid there and he just freezes then calls 911 would I fault him? and no of course I would not

File: th19PqI0.jpg (38 KB, 739x415)
38 KB
How do I cope with my overpowering need to be pampered, held, and called cute pet names by a woman significantly larger than me? Whenever I manage to stop thinking about this something goes awfully wrong in my life and I find myself in this deplorable state again. I wish I didn't have such an overbearing mother when I was younger, or at the very least had this for a while longer while I was still small and cute.
it's not a need, it's a desire. you can survive without it. Most people live with unfulfilled desires.
It's worse for me. I'd willingly pay large sums of money to get ballbusted by a cute girl and have her rub her feet in my face. But also would quite like a comfy and wholesome relationship with one as well.
I've managed to shut out these thoughts for days, weeks, months, but they always return and make me feel paralysed. I feel too impotent to do anything besides sleeping and thinking about being held like a child. It feels like my brain is wired wrong. And this always happens at the worst possible time too, when I need to be as calm and concentrated as possible, I start longing for comfort. It makes me fell that all the progress I previously made was for nothing.
It's just as awful. I'd rather be a mentally abhorrent man with the most vile braphog cock tearing fetished and an otherwise sharp mind than having a neotenized brain that craves cheap comfort.

File: 1661024062383089-1.jpg (9 KB, 207x243)
9 KB
are we really born to die as some people say?
Well if you're born you're gonna die so probably
no, you arent born for anything ; we could say that the goal of existence (life falls under it and is a part of existence, therefore what applies to existence applies to life) is to stop existing, as nature (the absolute) itself sets the goal its gonna achieve, therefore it cannot not achieve the goal because it cannot fail itself as nothing exists outside of it therefore nothing can prevent it from achieving its goal, and the only thing we can be sure is going to happen to everything that is for it to stop being, so nature's goal must be to go from existence to non-existence ; but that's only when assuming something can turn into nothing, if something cannot come from nothing why would nothing come from something? so in the end you are just born, you exist, there is no goal to be achieved, there is no way around it, you are stuck existing forever (just as you have always been)
A book does not begin just to end. Life is about being alive, nothing more nothing less

File: dear_god.jpg (16 KB, 383x376)
16 KB
>addicted to weed and Delta8
>lol yeah I know not physical but mental
>get a new cart a week ago
>kinda shitty
>haven't been high in a week because the cart sucks
>don't really want to be anymore
>a shitty product cured my addiction
...am I a genius?

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