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File: trjak3.png (39 KB, 1059x929)
39 KB
No one is getting my crown
How are my Trusted Companions doing?

Why do white guys like brown girls so much?
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File: 1709780395762479.jpg (18 KB, 236x354)
18 KB
pajeet you've been posting this in every thread involving white men, BWC or heightpill. what are you doing? i've seen you do this about fifteen times.
Those were the good old days. Alcohol is strictly forbidden nowadays in all work related environments and we only get around 4 weeks of vacation. All thanks to our self hating leftist faggot government
File: white sperm.png (19 KB, 710x208)
19 KB
u mad though, a woman probably didn't even post that comment, occasio cortez seething
File: midlife.jpg (85 KB, 655x569)
85 KB
Being white gives you an advantage with dating ethnic girls (hispanic, asian, black etc). It's kind of stupid not to take advantage of it.
When it comes to liking girls for the skin color

Whites and Asians EXCLUSIVELY

Anyone else from a family that did nothing? No vacations, no relatives, minimal celebrations for birthdays/holidays. They didn't have friends just used the laptop, tv or read.

I was like a pet and we barely spoke. While others had tons of siblings, relatives and other adults contribute to their development I was trying to figure it out on my own. I was like a feral child or something, completely engrossed in the world while also totally disoriented.

I didn't develop normal social skills or any skills. I was beset by this horrible feeling that something was wrong and missing. I looked at my parents like energic black holes. Just trying to interact with them was awful, they weren't giving me anything I craved.

How the hell am I supposed to survive in this world now?
Survive, you just get a job and work every day until you die. You meant thrive and enjoy life
whats up fellow tard. yes this is an unpleasant discovery but its better to find out sooner than later. you see america was built on cheap immigrant labor and slaves who then gave birth to masses of retards. our kind is abundant here, so one can go decades before realizing this. right now you're at step one: admitting you have a problem. but really step one is about letting go. you can't blame your parents for your circumstances, even if it's there fault. its just a waste of energy. realistically you should probably get a job in healthcare. they hire loads of tards. you're free to abuse the elderly and make pretty good money doing it.

File: images (1).jpg (12 KB, 191x264)
12 KB
>white girls prefer black man
>Asian girls prefer white man
>balck man stink for whites
>whites stink for asians
>negroes are stronger then us
>we are stronger than asians
>BBC is bigger than BWC
>BAC doesn't exist
>black man have white fever
>white man have anime fever
Prove me wrong or u own me a crooked teeth Asian gf
File: 1666586911977945.png (61 KB, 520x428)
61 KB
lol, no. white girls, Korean girls and Japanese girls love white men, but they hate ugly chinese hapa incels like you. and they hate black incels too.
"sickly hybrid, genetic freak, frankenstein monster, should not exist"
you got banned from white Australia. you got banned from white America. US citizenship revoked. you're stuck in beijing china. you look like you come from Kazakhstan. every time you go outside, chinese people scream at you "GET OUT OF CHINA! GO BACK TO KAZAKHSTAN!" etc.
you're endlessly complaining about Korean girls and Japanese girls who have sex with white men. white girls, Korean girls and Japanese girls love white men, they hate ugly chinese hapa incels like you. go date the chinese girls who love you. or go date african and indian women.
Didn't know Chinese id an insult
not white, nor Chinese, I'm slavic

Why are women like this?

Were incles right this whole time?
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kind of whitepilling oddly in a way. shows that the game is more random than it seems. you can do everything right and still get fucked, or do everything wrong and find long term loyal gf.
Fuck you stupid bitch you don't deserve Kaka.
I'd say those are just the fields those guys are playing. There are average poor women, and pretty poor women, both have to take responsibility for their own lives and get jobs and make ends meet for any offspring. Those might as well be a completely different race from Rich women who are beautiful. These are women who are so disconnected from the rest of society and reality that they don't understand the value of a dollar, or a hard days work. Its all just "BIG NUMBERS GO BRRRRR" in their heads. They lead vain and shallow lives and get away with whatever they want. This is the type of woman who brags about cheating on Tom Brady or Brady Pitt or whoevers big name they can get wrapped around their fingers.
There are still decent women who are faithful to decent guys. You just gotta know where you're looking.
File: 1556871044171.jpg (29 KB, 640x477)
29 KB
Everyone you listed found their partner after they made their millions, that fucks ups your chances bad of filtering out the girls that love you and the girls that will put on whatever act they have to in order to get your wealth/status behind them. I think that's the biggest x factor when you see the long running successful marriages of many wealthy/successful people was those women married them when they were total nobodies like Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Kevin Bacon, etc.

Really this can go back to what that one robot said here about love being a young man's game, for a 20y ear old girl to love say a 23 year old guy the metrics are only what he is in that moment of looks and personality with some chance of his potential, where as a girl judging a 33 year old man would expect certain things with that age.

Love really is a young persons game.
yeah true, naturally going to be drawing gold diggers

File: IMG_20231210_213336_686.jpg (239 KB, 1280x1280)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
>can't take it anymore
>continues to take it
I wonder if i'll ever find peace
>I wonder if i'll ever find peace
if it is not one thing its' another.
you are acting like this is somehow new.

File: ralph.jpg (453 KB, 1385x1298)
453 KB
453 KB JPG
Why did God make me autistic instead of normal?
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Its a rhetrorical question and a reference, but it remains that I wish to be normal so fucking badly. The longer time goes on where Im this weird shut-in who cannot connect to people the worse its getting. Im less and less sociable, Im more instantly obviously abnormal, and I cant get close with anyone, a romantic relationship is impossible as well

>Its a rhetrorical question and a reference,
Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain. Properly honor God and perhaps then you will see positive change in your life circumstances
this isn't >>>/a/, a weeb doesn't consome normalfag slop (anime) but rather reads manga and LN's at the most if they choose to consoom entertainment (the ideal weeb engages in careful study for otaku, the blade and japanese culture and other things as expected of an otaku)
Thank you for the correction anon, I do not frequent >>>/a/ myself and I am not informed of the proper tastes in that aspect of robot culture and so I resorted to the generic title that is "anime." But as previously explained, that should only constitute a small aspect of your life, the main focus is should be towards truth, and only truth as my higher purpose and this we achieve by following the footsteps of the philosopher in careful study for mathematics and open science. You may rest occassional with whatever that is but remember that main focus
reddit tier response
derive your axioms on there instead

>xvideos removed the Asian Street Meat films
everything only ever gets worse, forever
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Imagine how terrible is for you to consume something coming from this.
I never liked that dudes videos
I dont find Asians attractive

does anyone know where we can find the videos now?
Emporium.. which you will probably never gain access to
This made me want to fuck a trashy Filipina


File: IMG_0236.jpg (159 KB, 833x631)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Write a letter and shit.
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Slit your wrists stupid anon
if i cant attract women i dont even want to go outside or do anything beyond just sitting in front of the computer all day. hobbies, trying to better myself, all of that will be futile if women simply just arent attracted and think im too ugly to date
Look at how society has gone down the shitter when women were given a choice in their decisions. They fuck around and reproduce with psychopathic thugs yet wonder why divorce rates and fatherless homes are on the rise. You are part of the problem
you are such a mean person. you are like a drone that deploys its payload straight to my heart.
I wish that whore from my general dead and I hope they get gorespammed for it. Don't fucking talk about my oneitis like that again or I will fuck you up faggot

File: 1711978474371590.jpg (501 KB, 1536x2048)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
Anyone fucked his sister recently?
He has a sister? Damn.
I am a Slavanon with a Sister that got huge Tits and Ass that I cant touch. We are born to suffer
Ah, not recently no
Imagine someone else will get to enjoy those.. It not right
Exactly. I have them jiggling and swinging around me all day and the pain is unbearable

File: x.gif (2.45 MB, 300x503)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB GIF
than a woman at this point, porn has ruined me.
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Yknow, I can appreciate the shape of the ass, but the cock is just such a standout to me, that it's hard to really care. That and the anal + poop.
being an insufferable coomer about it will prevent it ever happening

more goth girls for me :-)
i often completely forget about the concept of "passing" because i'm mostly in the "no tucks no fucks" crowd.
File: 1706255538096883.webm (1.85 MB, 608x1080)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB WEBM
what do you mean. tgirls only want to screw supposedly "straight"(bi) tall handsome jocks. they don't want uglies or losers.
What does that even mean faggot?

File: 38061.jpg (68 KB, 400x400)
68 KB
>tfw big boss since 2018 - it's been nearing 6 years
>tfw I became leader of every military in the world since
>tfw I control every military from North Korean to American
>my sciences are a gold mine and lead to newer military technologies and advancements

>tfw also am owner of the United States Government
>tfw have to remain neutral in my big boss network as outer haven

tfw United States media is a nuisance and at least 40 years to 220 trillion years behind me at least

Their is no ww3 it's just proxy shitposting through weapons

t. I'm a God Emperor King tier diplomat to North Korea whose listed as an enemy in WW3

>also am God

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
40 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
As I get respected and treated as the god emperor king any land I go the same isn't said of my wives who get preyed upon as they are queens in the coming to share my big boss status and ranking as elite as the time is proper
Tfw I am the goat quantum physicist of all time where's my Nobel Peace prize?
I have designs for mach spacecraft of 2E and further such as lightspeed spacecraft of my EER and faster then lightspeed with EER and further

NASA is too compromised to develop anything as I had to turn to DARPA for reserves

If I had my way as big boss we would have an omnitech reality of at least 2E a physical neo Omni utopia by 2023 as it's 2024 we everything seems uninspired and outdated compared to me
I could make mach spacecraft if North Korea funded me not kidding that's how cost efficient I am

If you are reading this thread the owner of the United States Government that is myself has every major military power in support of thyself as I have ftl logic you squarely don't as I would like to share my spacecraft plans with you as it contains mach spacecraft to ftl costly for the US to make other then myself a reality as real thanks to my 2E of physics universe and dimensions

Anyone else know this feel (sex with girl)?
Damn I wish I was fucking the hoe in picrel
BASED this is what i needed to hear today
I'm following you anon

File: IMG_0210.png (54 KB, 193x179)
54 KB
See this? You see this shit?

This is a /30+g/ 30+ General thread

This is why we cannot have nice things.
412 replies and 41 images omitted. Click here to view.
A curse yes. Something got hold of us. At some point it all turned into a human sacrefice. I will not continue to feed the demon, I will kill myself and deny it the pain.
these are wise words, my friend.
Already starting to miss the cold winter nights.
>i will not be a sacrifice
>proceeds to give the ultimate sacrifice by killing himself.
Not to judge, your life is your own business, but wouldn't it spite the demon more to live despite it's prolonged and drawn out efforts to torture you?
Hell the ultimate revenge against such an entity (in my humble opinion) would be to cultivate contentment under it's torrent of awfulness.
I'm tired. A kind of tired no amount of sleep has been able to fixed.
Tired of being tired.

File: 1707232410593308.jpg (38 KB, 637x554)
38 KB
Literally what is the fucking downside of the "dont stick le dick in crazy" meme? ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is fuck her regularly and she would never leave your side. I don't have friends anyway, I don't give a fuck if she wouldn't want me to talk to other people because I don't anyway.
78 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
As if a psycho slut would choose any man who's not a tall chad
I mean fair enough if you don't like fucking then thats a valid reason not to do it, but taking ED medication isent an issue unless it conflicts with another medication your taking. Again, achieving a boner to make your partner happy is not difficult or a lot to ask if that person wants to commit to you.
She will kill your confidence, your self esteem and your masculinity
>Women just want to have fun
At the expense of everyone around them, while lying about everything. I don't want to help them enjoy their lives.
She didn't. Her gay fiance called the police.

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