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File: 1579229181917.png (896 KB, 788x872)
896 KB
896 KB PNG
im not into farts sexually, but i do fart regularly, so i figure getting a gf with a fart fetish wouldn't be that bad, it wouldn't get me turned on but if she sucked my dick after i farted or let me fart while we have sex or whatever that'd be cool
would you date a girl with a fart fetish, even if she made you do weird shit like fart on her face or something?

File: 1624148985893.jpg (45 KB, 550x503)
45 KB
I just want to have sex once in my life before I die is that too much to ask
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show proof that you're OP. pic of your screen. im in norcal
File: file.png (569 KB, 1592x1200)
569 KB
569 KB PNG
uh sure i guess
File: 1624224362429.jpg (94 KB, 1280x720)
94 KB
my discord is loveliesbleeding#8614

id be down to hang out if you want its always fun to meet other 4channers
This is a man who will murder you if you meet up irl. Post tits or gtfo so I can sleep knowing OP wont get his juglar violently ripped out
File: 1628397541347.jpg (48 KB, 654x552)
48 KB
glad you are concerned for my safety but

>either lose my virginity to a fembot or die in a freak accident to a serial murderer
there's only pros for me here

im in berkeley btw if you are still in the thread

File: 1628566762393.png (1.15 MB, 2560x1440)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Have you ever put effort into anything in your life?
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I've been trying really hard to not kill myself for as long as I can remember. I've tried working jobs, every second persistent thoughts of blowing my brains out. I can't talk to people, my body reacts like a zebra that sees a lion. I sit inside my room, looking at my screen, repeating the years of mindlessly consuming media. I spent a long time trying to change. Therapy, exercising daily, eating healthy, sleeping consistently, exposing myself to things that scare me to overcome it, forcing myself to learn and do things. It's all the same. There's nothing I'm enthusiastic about. I try to laugh off my mental breakdowns and panic attacks, I like to think I'm just being melodramatic, that nothing is wrong with me and it's all in my head. It's bad thoughts I can ignore. My life is fine. But after so many years of isolation and a failed suicide attempt, I know it's not. I need to become normal. My brain is telling me this as a survival mechanism.
I can't honestly answer this question because I'm excessively humble and can't give myself credit for anything
yeah but not this post lmao
Yes I used to try very hard at everything, I'm just a retard who could never do anything right, I decided it would be best for me to stop trying
Trick is to love yourself. After that, when you get into moments where you feel hatred for everything, utilize the arduous journey that you've taken to get where you are now and realize, even though the world might be shitting all over you and you might have issues, you are the stable human being inside you.

File: 1634772826286.jpg (14 KB, 403x335)
14 KB
Why do women get so angry when they learn I don't have to cope with anything that is not my fault or is out of my control?

Do they want to see me fight an impossible fight or something?

bianca devins got what she deserved
uk fembot gf where

Anyone else a volcel sigma chad that doesn't understand why so many ROBOTS whine about not getting sex or girlfriends?
>imagine wanting an overly elaborate pocket pussy that talks and needs constant attention
>Imagine basing your own self-worth on whether a MODERN F*MALE wants you or not
I'm an asexual volcel schizoid and I don't desire a girlfriend let alone sex. If you're horny and the desire to sure a heir is upon you, just masturbate to some anime tiddies and it will al go away like a fleeting dream
I neither pity or laugh at incels crying on this board. I am above them.
Transcend and Schizoid pilled.

>go to get poison injection

>nigger is there because i called the last nigger a nigger

>call this one a shitskin

>call nurse to apoligize

>says "trust me, i understand"

anyone else ascended suit niggers?

File: used goods.jpg (97 KB, 853x994)
97 KB
How can anyone even look at a woman in the face full well knowing a man has cummed on it?

I think most of the "straight" guys in this group are probably gay or even bi. And let's face it, most of you are bottoms, like super submissive and breedable. I want you guys to be safe and be responsible and avoid stds, so I'm going to explain some terminology and give some pointers. (I used to a bi top, but I exclusively go for women now fyi.)
>Closet bois=you faggots
>Biohazard=A dude with STDs and probably even aids (never fuck)
>Twinkie winkie=A small feminine penis that is probably only 1-5 inches long when erect (probably your dick)
>A DILFINATOR=a more mature older gay that relieves the sexual frustration of angry closet bois (like yourselves)
>Blindfolded snake zoo=A fun time in a closet with daddy doms (like myself) and a sub (like you)
>A sissy pipe (a sub that really enjoys sucking and swallowing)
>A gayrab (a nickname for a gay Arab gentleman)
>Lily white and tight (a white virgin male, super valuable, even if you're a ugly white guy they cover your face and focus on your pale skin. You can get paid 50k-100k a session by East Asian men and Arabs)
>A bucket boi (the most submissive guy that is made to lick up all the bodily fluids off the floors and spit it into a bucket.)
>Cock talk=Speaking into microphone like it's a penis
>Pic unrelated

Bringing spooky OP back edition

Previously in waifu: https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/65794076
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File: Jet.png (1.5 MB, 1416x1080)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
Heard some whispers about me 'round here.
No, I'm not gay. I just think Spike is cool and is a good source of reaction images.
Waifu got a new figure, yet none are able to capture her ingame beauty!
Could this be a uncover bump?
I opened it ready to get stomach cramps, but you were really good. Should record an entire album of Hana fanclub music
Hana chan in the train trying to replicate anons deepish voice in her head because she likes it so much
I like my waifu's rough skin, and the gentle way she holds things
Shadow! I'd like to make you my husband. The love I feel for you is so beautiful, truly there is nothing like it. You are the light in my life. You make me feel worthwhile.
I love Shadow so so much.
Oh...everything about him is so cute. I love Shadow's eyes, fangs, soft chest fur, and the stripes running up his arms and legs, and his cute perky tail and triangle ears that droop or fold back a little when he's tense or sad...
I also think his voice is really cute. It's got a little British accent, and he's so eloquent, I wish he'd read me a dictionary.
Personality wise, he's a bit of a tsundere and that makes me wanna squeal into a pillow. He's truly a good boy deep down under the aggression, and when the goodness pokes through his otherwise threatening demeanor my heart soars. I like to compare it to a beam of light coming from between dark storm clouds. He's so pure in his own way. Love him. So so much.

File: YouFlirtLikeShit.png (179 KB, 439x542)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
>Really anon ? Really ?
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You fucking fag. You fucking faggot.
I don't even know what those words mean but they sound aggressive please watch your tone
I will fuck your ass you stupid cunt. You faggot.
If you're interested in sex I don't think I will be able to do that with you.
A proper woman will like you better if you clean up your language sir.
File: kekk.jpg (8 KB, 250x250)
8 KB
>If you're interested in sex I don't think I will be able to do that with you.
>A proper woman will like you better if you clean up your language sir.
hear that big guy ?
You better fix you language if want to have some action
Good advice btw

File: coffee.png (300 KB, 500x636)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
any vegan anons? it fucking sucks being vegan

>can't get fast food or go out to 90% of restaurants
>if you have to mention you're vegan people immediately get defensive and try to start a debate with you
>"mmm bacon tho"
>knowing billions of animals get tortured and killed every year and you can't do shit about it
>hated by everyone, even reddit despises vegans

it's all so tiresome
6 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: seperated at birth.jpg (110 KB, 1280x720)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>I wanna go vegan but don't wanna be left out of family gatherings and such
>What do you guys think about this?

i mean, from our eyes, thats like killing dogs or cats and eating them twice a month. its still immoral, despite it being normalized and in some groups socially expected. you are correct that your family would treat you negatively if you went vegan. infact something like 3% of families even disown their child entirely if they learned they went vegan, it might be more, i forgot the exact number. vegans get discriminated by friends, family, workplace, and society. its normal to bully them. look at all the videos hating on vegans. imagine if that was against BLM or feminism or someother justice movement

infact, vegans are one of the most discriminated groups out there. they have a negative perception that is worse than gays, worse than blacks, worse than most criminals, and is only on par with drug dealers and pedophiles


people simply have cognitive dissonance, and take out their uncomfortable feelings of having contradictory beliefs on the messenger, and dont repond to rational arguements. its like the normies who also experience cognitive dissonance and attack incel blackpillers when they bring up studies and scientific evidence


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>i mean, from our eyes, thats like killing dogs or cats and eating them twice a month.
the only reason I don't eat Cat McNuggets is because McDonald's doesn't serve them
I hate it when I hear people say how much they love all animals but won't make the move to bring vegan. Of course, I'd be the dick if I pointed out their hypocrisy
I don't like animals they are disgusting.
I'd go vegan for the ethical and health benifits though since I enjoy vegan cuisine, too bad my family enjoys cooking with meat.
They're old fashioned and don't see a point in ever going vegan, just peoplw you cannot convince.
i am vegan but I would eat meat if it wasn't still produced in Holocaust-tier settings.

any of y'all got your own yellow pillow?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
you do not belong here if you dont even know the answer to that question
My pillow became yellow in college and I got called out. Was super embarrassing. The lack of privacy in a shared, single dorm room is fucking terrible.
u piss all over it
File: 1594912449637.png (1.02 MB, 680x924)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Yeah, it's a down feather pillow that I liberated from a hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in like 2005.

I'm not an animal, and I keep a pillow case on it that I wash regularly. So even though the actual pillow looks like that, no one else has to see that.
nigger kike yiwu iroof utter yeah TV fired dfi egg

File: 1634682011038.jpg (18 KB, 342x342)
18 KB
Ni Dom Edition

New here? If We Haven't Scared You Away Just Yet, Get Typed
MBTI 101:
MBTI 102:

https://pastebin.com/ccs8sYUV (embed) (embed)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
75 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
>tfw nobody to do anything with
We're doing stuff together right now, anon!
File: 1634755020899.png (128 KB, 337x371)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
>What makes them this way?
Knowing what they deem good/bad, knowing internally how things "should be" and not always getting / being it I guess. Then getting butthurt because other people have / are it.
Type 4 is special snowflake syndrome, they have an innate victim complex and believe that they are suffering and that their peers aren't.

I wish I knew a nicer way to explain this, but this is the way it is.
>and am completely averse to thinking something is good because the majority does
That also works for inferior Fe, especially with the way you worded it.
Fi wouldn't even care about what's the popular opinion.

> be me
> 25 yrs old
> just ended a 7 yr relationship with a girl
> not sad for one moment
> think I'm emotionally retarded
> fear I have a commitment problem
> fear I'm a sociopath
> start fucking random girls
> fuck 7 girls in 2 months
> be happy
> think I'm a player
> catch feelings like a little bitch for one girl
> all girls become irrelevant
> she's a whore
> this is not good

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
let me tell you something nigga, youre fucking lucky you're not stuck in basically a third world country where you have to jump hoops upon hoops with these women to get some of dat good pussy pussy yummy
Not a third world, but second.. still

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