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Excuse me
*cough cough*
Fuck Ottomans and fuck Janissaries
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i cant wait till the turkroaches attack us so i can kill a bunch of them
It's called istanBULL for a reason
File: 1542724221621.jpg (9 KB, 250x236)
9 KB
And fuck the faggots with Autogynephilia spamming their psyop threads all over the place. Go home to >>>/lgbt/ faggots.
This is our board.





Based. But fuck anyone who calls it the Byzantine empire. Its the Roman empire

File: 1541806990844.jpg (84 KB, 640x940)
84 KB
>tfw will never have a gf
>can shitpost though
shitposting makes life so much better
why aren't you shitposting yet?
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>for literally THOUSANDS OF YEARS it was called conquest
>but when it came to indians suddenly its called stealing

Fucking retard

Indians don't even belong in half the lands they claim ancestral worship, tell me how the fuck does a tribe from the Mississippi belong in South Dakota
>might makes right
>waaa tyrone socked me in the face and took my women

lmao as usual whitoids just do mental gymnastics to try to paint themselves in a better light kys
>whitey btfo
>shut up nigger

Blacks are the most pathetic race in existence
I have a gf and shitpost. U mad?
How exactly did the people who had to compete for jobs with slaves benefit from it while they were starving to death

File: asdns.webm (1.95 MB, 450x360)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB WEBM
Gonna kill myself via jumping off a hotel balcony in a couple weeks time. Reservation has been set. Will spend the week high on meth + cialis fucking the ever living shit out of escorts. Should have enough cash on hand for 8 or so. Have benzos on hand for the comedown.

Any requests for when I jump?
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He's the one who offered, dipshit. Did you not read the OP? Go back to Zimbabwe or whatever ooga-booga nig ethnostate where you celebrate a lack of reading comprehension and raping AIDS babies you mosquito bitten spook
>it's always fixable
except for the millions of times when it literally isn't, stop being so naive
I know that you retard I'm just making him think twice about doing a livestream and hopefully he realizes the consequences that come from it, if he still wants it then he can do it I can't stop him you fucking dickhead
there is a lot of joy in existence though. you just need to look harder
>only took 4 attempts to realise he wants to live
You really should not be giving advice to anyone ever.

File: 1520703356858.jpg (7 KB, 250x249)
7 KB
/biz/ convinced me to invest in braphogs. I spent my life savings starting a braphog farm, but the market is headed to zero. meanwhile my neighbor who runs a brap sow ranch is doing fine. I have nothing left. my wife is threatening to leave me. I don't know what to do.
Tell your wife she won't get any alimony from you if she divorces you since you're broke. Steal your neighbors money and kill him

File: 1542627651711.png (615 KB, 664x720)
615 KB
615 KB PNG
Can someone be discord friend and pretend to be something they're not? I feel sad and need company. Something like my personal butler, football manager or something idk just something
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>i have a girlfriend irl
>i just want a discord friend hto

Typical zoomer cunt
No thanks then. You wouldn't be able to provide me with what I want out of this.
File: 1530620580514.png (111 KB, 311x194)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
OK I'm feeling really dumb today I'm dropping my discord tag here, whoever you are add me, be my friend, bro or sis, bully and harass me or tell me something nice or nothing at all just do something, here goes nothing

File: image0-1.jpg (125 KB, 750x1334)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
is this a discord bread?
Only if you sissy animepost for me anon

File: 1462669536264.png (669 KB, 1000x1000)
669 KB
669 KB PNG
>be us
>live in stupid monarchy country
>cold af
>king is a tard
>heard some dude shot another tard
>neighbors start to fight
>ask king for help
>he fucking agrees
>a lot of people die
>get angry
>gather my friends
>we like to read books about social equality
>we also like red for some reason
>decide enough is enough

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1445972464054.jpg (36 KB, 482x427)
36 KB
>be 26
>first 'real' job after graduating uni (CS)
>boss is younger than me and has been working in the industry for 5 years

How the fuck do these people do it?

File: B6U20jBCcAAXHIo.jpg (39 KB, 600x449)
39 KB
Why do young people shoot op schools /r9k/?
Writing an essay.
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
there's as many varying reasons as there are varying shooters. when it comes to school shooters i would say the most common crossover is social negligence. most were in some way outright disrespected by the peers around them, and at least likely ignored to the point where it felt malicious. these issues do not materialize out of nowhere. many shooters had a play in this social disregard that they were blind to, often just recollected to as being 'weird'
of course there are many more issues they tend to have, they just let them snowball to the point where they're all incredibly unbearable, and explode unto the source of the majority of their pain; the place they must attend without choice.
Most main stream school shootings have been false flags. The only genuine one that I know of is columbine. The gubbamin stages them in order to garner support for more weapon restriction legislation because they can't have the goyim armed.
Interesting read anon.
Modern life sucks and a lot of frustrated young people dont see a point to it all. High school is an awful environment for a lot of people
Relate to Columbine shooting:
There are tons of information about Eric and Dylan

File: ohgod.png (1.37 MB, 600x600)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
>mom found the cum kickboard
8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>dad found my bed loafs
>second cousin twice removed found the semen hooves
File: 1424716091131.jpg (12 KB, 200x255)
12 KB
>mum found the dog dippers
File: worst screen cap ever-min.jpg (522 KB, 2194x5000)
522 KB
522 KB JPG
>i witnessed it
File: sketch-1542500775817.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1440)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
Dad found the dildo detergent

File: 8allp1fj56m01.jpg (96 KB, 638x749)
96 KB
I just want to serve men and be their slave
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Come on, anon. Don't pass on the chance of making a friend. In my early 20s I had a big depression too so I know where you're coming from.
speak only for yourself dumbass
how can you fall into a so obvious bait
It's so sad that western society hates men so much that people feel the need to show their respect, love and appreciation for men by LARPing as some degraded slave for them.
Men are dead, long live men.
I want a slave girl, not a slave crossdressing gay man.
File: 55%20sun%20kil%20moon.jpg (108 KB, 450x450)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
I want to protect OP and make her (don't shatter my dream) happy. I don't want a slave, I want an equal partner.

File: ebic.jpg (360 KB, 1488x1984)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
Henlo any anons able to translate whats written in korean in pic related?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
very funny anon ,I actually need help for this.
It says "If you eat my Korean pocky, I'll fucking shoot you"
File: DONT Say hello.jpg (14 KB, 236x236)
14 KB
Very funny anon

>expecting to find a translation on r9k
if it were japanese youd probably be able to because of the sheer volume of weebs here.

try int maybe
it says "kimchi"

File: glatereee.jpg (28 KB, 324x356)
28 KB
>watch police interrogation videos
>you didn't leave your house for a week? What do you do in there

goddamn normies
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Orange haired onahole that is only for lewd.
At least she's human and has a functional personality
She's an onahole, anon. Any personality that she may possess only exists to enhance the lewding. Asuka has no purpose beyond her nature as an onahole. Ideally, a relationship with Rei-chan (who actually has personality) with Asuka kept around as a sex toy would be good.
Onaholes are inanimate objects.
>Rei-chan (who actually has personality)
This is some doubleplus ungood 1984 newspeak shit levels of falsehood right here. You probably like to have sex with dead little boys you fucking freak, just like every other Reifag.

File: IMG_20181107_200019.jpg (155 KB, 960x1280)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
can't believe 2018 is almost over it was equally shity and good to me, what about you anon? how was your 2018?
41 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
2018 was complete and utter shit
i lost all my friends
i had one friend
lost him
made more
then i lost those
and now i'm back to being lonely and even more depressed
You should focus on school, trust me when I say if you have no focus on doing something else with your life (technical school, some other job) then you will feel just beyond horrible as shit if you don't finish that shit up
>can't believe 2018 is almost over it was equally shity and good to me, what about you anon? how was your 2018?
Almost had a mental breakdown twice, about to fail uni, got 10kg fatter, and the >tfw no gf gets stronger by the day. It was kind of shit.
went in with higher hopes but I guess that wasn't a good idea. Just hoping winter goes by quickly so I can try to break my chains
>how was your 2018?
Probably the worst my depression has ever been.

Censored porn thread. Losers like us should never be allowed to forget our place.
215 replies and 143 images omitted. Click here to view.
Becquerel's the one who made censored hentai as popular as it is. A bunch of his pics are in the thread, see >>49364274, >>49372346, >>49379902, >>49380225, >>49380375, >>49381136, >>49382351, >>49382484, >>49382900. He has a tumblr too (name in some of the captions).
Oh, awesome. Thanks.
File: 1542720320106.jpg (164 KB, 850x1246)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Oh, here you go sir.
you are doing good work my friend

File: 1538630043974.jpg (17 KB, 640x533)
17 KB
recently been "diagnosed" with "schizotypal PD". after doing some reading it seems that this "disorder" does not go away. the main discomfort are the "ideas of reference". I have recently t ried to leave the house on some-weekends and attempt to make friends in bars- i have had limited (no) success. there are other thought patterns that also strerss me out, but i wont go into them. this is probably the wrong place to ask in many ways, but i imagine there are others like me on this board. how do you cope? do you cope? ar e you on medication? are you in therapy? what sort and has it helped? thank you
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>"ideas of reference"
Signs and Symbols by VladNabokov is one of my favorite short stories. I only mention that since I can't just write "lurking", truth is i feel for you but I am not knowledgeable enough or qualified enough to advise you.
bump. I'm an anon in a similar situation.
Ideas of reference is one of the most fun things that have ever happened to me. It was like I was the centre of the universe or something. Top 10 experience for sure. Almost makes me think this whole trek was worth it. Now all that's left for me to do is pull the trigger.
just looked it up.

this story is really interesting, thanks for sharing.
Those asshats are makeing up new terms for the same completely non understood disorders every day now aren't they.
>Good thing I wasted all that money, I now have a cool little label to call myself.
Thanks pusdoscience!
Best advice I can give you op is Learn about human behaviors, pharmacology and neurology. There are often the answers that you seek, tangled up in miles of research data, red tape, human stupidity, and big pharma/medical cover ups. Learn the mechanisms that hinder you, learn how to identify them, learn how they work, and learn what tools act on those mechanisms.
No on wants you to get better because no one cares,you're a pay check. But there are people who get paid to figure out why. Use that information to your benefit.
Also fuck you.

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