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File: images.jpg (10 KB, 223x226)
10 KB
need feet and butthole gf - day 21
throwback noa pic edition
bumping for feet and butthole gf (female) originally
I too want PEET, spammerfriend
Pootie peetie

how do I get more girls and even men to catcall/hit on me more? I'm a skinny tall white male btw
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I would wear that ironically and unironically at the same time
yeah very interesting, now post tummy u fag
File: 20211108_004649.jpg (231 KB, 2208x2458)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
I'm not really gay but every girl I've dated wants me to be bi and is into sissification stuff

I hope I don't get banned for this lol
Heres how: take your shitty normalfag questions to reddit and ask them
Irionically and unironically based

Was it a success? How was it? Did you guys go on dates, have conversations, etc? Was it as romantic and fulfilling as you expected? I am trying to dream of Amy rn and could use some guidance.
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Yes, I've had lucid dreams that were basically as vivid as real life. It's not comparable to daydreaming at all. When you get it, you'll know.

It's indeed hard though, took me like a month or more before I had one if I remember correctly and even after that it was never consistent, only got it once in a while.
For me I've had the most luck when trying in the morning, not long before I'd normally rise. Basically hen I first woke up naturally, and would normally snooze back to bed for another hour, I'd do the WILD technique instead. All while keeping an alarm clock with intervals of 20 minutes so that if I did get a lucid dream, I'd be interrupted soon after which would make it much easier to remember the dream.
File: amar-herrenberg-wip.jpg (570 KB, 1522x846)
570 KB
570 KB JPG
i didn't continue with it since i was disappointed with how long it was taking to maintain some sort of consistency.
but i can say, as this anon does
>I've had lucid dreams that were basically as vivid as real life.
i remember a dream where i was chilling in this casino/hotel lobby and there was a stout little man guiding me around a beautiful woman there. i think it was prompted by some similar 3d models i had seen on /ic/ before going to sleep, which i also now remember well. (picrel i found it again) in the moment, while dreaming, i was shocked at how vivid it was. i also remember having a non-lucid dream of holding a girl that was so vivid and felt so good that it made a pretty good case for feeling like i was missing out on something.
idk how vivid your imagination is but i found these experiences to be substantially more engaging

but that was a pretty distinct exception for me, most of the time i would feel like the memory of the dream would fade quickly and my experience in the dream would be kinda hazy, sometimes like i didn't even have control over myself even when i was aware i was dreaming. maybe that speaks to my insufficient proficiency more than anything, idk.
File: 1653547865136.jpg (232 KB, 928x696)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
if you have a lucid dream then you'll be aware of the fact that its not real. i have in the past had experience of realizing i was in a dream and then losing all interest in anything because i know it doesnt matter. i have had the experience of having a realistic and very vivid dream in which i had a gf but that was very painful to wake up from.
I had a dream wherein I was back in school and I spotted what looked to be a Megumin cosplayer. I started teasing her and she left saying something in Japanese but I couldnt understand so I just said back a small number of phrases I knew already.
I'm a female and straight but there was one time in my dream where I dated an anime character (Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki) and I was a male in the dream, part of me knew it was a dream but I continued spending time with her.

File: 20168-46239847.jpg (56 KB, 650x738)
56 KB
Why do women hate men who can't drive? I have autism and exceptionally shitty motor control, so I will probably never learn. I just walk, bike and take the bus when I need to.
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Yeah, but whats wrong with that?
I value women for sex and their ability to bear my children. It's a fair trade.
File: 1591664337110.jpg (144 KB, 762x960)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
My fellow no-license bro. The other incels like to make fun of us as a way for them to forget about their own pathetic lives, but who's laughing now that gas prices have gone through the roof? I tried driving in a parking lot once, and I hated how one has to apply the exact amount of pressure on the pedals. Off by .00000000001 newton? You'll crash, be responsible for all the damages done, and probably go to jail.
I live in suburban USA, and it is pretty tough to go to places. But, my local bus system isn't too bad and I can get to a fair amount of places with it. It helps that I'm a shut-in who rarely wants to leave my room anyway. It has severely impacted by job prospects. I had a job once where my parents picked me up and dropped me off, but it was humiliating.
I live in Winnipeg
>Also, if your motor control is good enough to keep balance on a bike you can learn to drive a car.
Maybe but my processing speed is also pretty slow and I'm awful at focusing. Sometimes I crash my bike into shit because my mind always drifts off
I don't have a drivers license so I walk everywhere too. I feel like everyone who drives past me is staring and laughing at me for not driving a vehicle so I get really self conscious. How do I stop feeling so insecure?

File: 1653534517024.jpg (91 KB, 900x780)
91 KB
i want to be chad. i want to be rich. i want a gf. i want 200iq. i want to know kung fu. why isnt society giving me these things? wheres my rights? i deserve these things. fuck society.

Rei is running late for school: Day 1022

AWOOing in AWOOyoming
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dude youre supposed to know more about this than me, dont ask me
Awoonami? Awoonami.
"Great job. Persistence pays off, Champ. You've gotta give it all you've got. When I was your age, we had a fullback by the name of Mort Shavers. We called him Mr. Dependable. If you needed three yards, he'd get you four yards. If you needed four yards, he'd get you four yards. And if you needed five, he'd get you four. Often through forward momentum, but did he give up, Champ? Nope, he kept workin' on it and workin' on it. Spent a lot of time before and after practice working on his balance and speed, and it paid off. So fast forward a few months later: It was 4th and goal with ten seconds left in the state finals; there were only five yards separating us from the end zone, and Allentown had everyone locked down solid. But lo and behold, there he was -- wide-open in the flat, so your old pop tossed the pigskin and he caught it right between the numbers. We won, and I proposed to your mother the next night before I shipped off to 'Nam with the 7th CAV. The tip of the spear! Every journey begins with a single step, Champ!"
I love you OP. Been here since day one.
Much love, ReiChamp.

File: wtf.jpg (5 KB, 272x185)
5 KB
>I see people on street
>they look like my freiends
>get closer
>total strangers
I'm glad this french pseud got hit by a car
He was IN the car

write to your demons, angels, monks
your friends and foes
god and the devil
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You are thinking abiut her but she's not thinking about you
This applies to people in general, and likewise all things. Peace in simplicity. Turmoil in complexity.
I wonder if you screencap my posts to you in letter thread. Do you laugh about it with your friends and bf (or fwb)?
I have finally introduced discord bf to fingering himself for me after weeks of trying to convince him and I couldn't be happier. I can't wait to peg him soon~
To my darling C,

I'm so sorry to leave you like this, but things have become unbearable for me. You won't understand now, but one day you will enter the greater world and you will see the tip of that blackest iceberg, and perhaps extrapolate from it the extent of my woes, of this entire planet's suffering. If not for you, I would have left this land of confusion far earlier. You have been the greatest beauty in my life, the only meaning I ever found here. Every moment I spent with you was a privilege. Whenever you embraced me, whenever I held your precious body in my arms, everything would sparkle like the world had turned to gold. Whenever you left, whenever we were apart, it was like I'd been disemboweled. I hope that we can meet again one day in a time and space worthy of you, far away from here. Until then, hypocritical of me as it may sound, you must live.

With my whole heart, with undying adoration,


Any one else remember that anon who accidentally tear gassed his apartment block?

What about the anon who raped his little sister then ran away from home and went to post about it at a McDonalds parking lot?

What about the legendary fridge bro? Or the last nurgleposter who had dog shit all over his house?

Who remembers jizzmas? What about cartelbro?

Why does nothing cool or fucked up happen here anymore?
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All larps you fell for. Pathetic!
File: SD718b3f61083a3.jpg (33 KB, 400x300)
33 KB
Which guy had the scooby doo lamp? The guy who tried to fuck his mother?

What was the resolution to that one?

I was there when the Anon raped his sister and was hiding out at a McDonald's. I don't remember what I was doing of where I was that day, but I was in those threads Anon.
hey to be fair we had hole in back guy a few months back, that was a pretty entertaining saga i would say.
anybody desu links to these threads? i need a good laugh right now

File: 1653207924694.png (1.76 MB, 1946x1600)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
After smacking my balls a couple days ago for a Seiga anon and them saying they don't see what would be a downside if they broke I wonder if I should just hit them closer to being busted...
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>tfw no gf to make me abuse my bepis for her while she teases me
As in the text?
Yeah, if only
File: 19.jpg (317 KB, 850x1511)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
>Yeah, if only
But have you tried asking nicely?
Anon how to I grab someones ip address in javascript?
File: seiga116.jpg (163 KB, 850x1360)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
>/r9k/ is /trash/s /trash/
What, really? Which thread?

File: 1630007028684.jpg (97 KB, 1200x1056)
97 KB
I just went to a western themed bar in a college town with a dance floor.

It was by far the most vacuous experience I have ever had. I don't understand how people pickup women in bars, I also don't understand why people even do this.

While looking at young women basically wearing no clothing is fun, literally everything else about it was terrible.
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stop being depressed

Whats the cure for depression
Now all of us were wounded, our noble captain slain
And when the sun was shining across the bloody plain
Six of the noblest Rangers that ever roamed the West
Were buried by their comrades with arrows in the breasts

It was line dancing and I definitely can't do it. If I studied youtube videos for a couple months I could probably do pretty well.

Oh on the plus side I was substantially taller than most of the guys there at 6' 1.5''

Rate this face. Does the man in the larger image have the ideal male face?
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Stunning and brave transwoman/10
File: FaceApp_1653549345125.jpg (167 KB, 444x557)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
why so serious bro?
File: FaceApp_1653549880596.jpg (146 KB, 444x557)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Almost looking a little bogged
Is there any way of using these filters without the quality becoming so bad?
I've found the quality gets worse depending on how good the starting quality is.

You need a really good starting image. Like something directly taken with your phone.

File: 1626443922910.webm (1.75 MB, 640x800)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB WEBM
why dont pawgs like femboys and sissies
why do women always has to have the most basic boring tastes
its so unfair
10 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>that bush
goodness me
1. Tummy-wise, none of them had a stomach as well-sculpted as a Kunaboto picture (excellent taste by the way), as I said, they were on the bigger side so that meant jelly roll tummies, I'm into that though, but many of them had similar waist proportions, ie comparatively smaller with very exaggerated wide hips
2. I'm very short too, 5'5, but yes, I am white and most of the girls I have been involved with were also white with the exception of a Latina; I'll be honest with you and say that I think me being white and showing interest in them was a considerable factor for some of them, as two girls directly admitted to without any prompting that non-whites hit on them constantly and they were tired of it, so I don't know how exactly that will fare for you depending on what race you are
3. It sort of depends on what you're referring to when you say "slutty": they weren't slutty in the sense of being promiscuous, loose, or anything like that, but a lot were "slutty" in they sense that they were eager to please and would do just about anything I'd ask, so it mostly just depends on what you're looking for in a slut, I think
File: 1653530644050.jpg (602 KB, 848x1200)
602 KB
602 KB JPG
>but many of them had similar waist proportions, ie comparatively smaller with very exaggerated wide hips
im ok with bloated tummies as long as the waist is thin
>It sort of depends on what you're referring to when you say "slutty": they weren't slutty in the sense of being promiscuous, loose, or anything like that
i actually want that

yeah and im not white either so idk if could be as lucky as you
>im ok with bloated tummies as long as the waist is thin
That's definitely attainable then, as some of the girls of I've liked could be described like that, a lot of them pear-shaped and bottom-heavy compared to the top half, including their waistline
>i actually want that
I'm sure there are slutty pawgs out there like the sort you want, I just never had any experience with those sorts is all I'm saying. Then again, those weren't what was I was actively looking for, but if it's any encouragement, then I'm sure you'd be able to a slutty pawg in sooner or later like the sort you'd prefer
>yeah and im not white either
I can't really speak to that one way or the other then, since I'm white and mostly pursued women within my racial boundaries, but you can always still try I suppose. However, here's something to consider: I know that you're looking for a pawg in particular, but I think something you should maybe be open to is a white-adjacent women if you find that you're not having any success with pawgs, perhaps something like a chubby hapa or a light-skinned Latina. She won't be white, sure, but it's still a soft, round, pale, plump butt at the end of the day and it's the next best thing, I'd say
File: 1642266146184.jpg (183 KB, 1303x2048)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
ok but how do you find them??
is there any place online where i can meet thicc low self esteem girls
i need fat ass whore in my life asap

I live in a town in south Germany with a 95% white population. Can someone (preferably American anons) tell if the WMAF memes are true or not? Do Asian girls really like us just for being here?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
it's true but not as true as you think and if you live in a western country you still have to compete with better white men
Well they like you better than the shitskins you're competing against
They like Asian guys more

Cope cumskin
Who wants a bug gf lol
You have never and you never will meet an Asian woman. Seethe harder.

File: dypyu03zz2871.jpg (59 KB, 736x978)
59 KB
Does anyone else feel serious depression, suicidality and disassociation without the social anxiety and insecurity? It seems like for everyone else online they come as a packaged deal.

I don't have any self hatred and I'm not socially anxious. I don't spend my time thinking I'm useless or whatever. Of course I have regrets though, things I wished I did differently. I just have mental anguish and pain, substance abuse problems and generalized low functioning. I can be around normalfaggots and make small talk and come across as fine. I generally don't care what they think of me.

I really don't know why I'm so miserable all the time. My life has been a cycle of brief moments of functionality where I get jobs, do well, get praised, get my finances under control. Which then contrast with horrific benders and misery where I get arrested, get institutionalized and have my finances fall apart.
>Does anyone else feel serious depression, suicidality and disassociation without the social anxiety and insecurity?
Plenty of people do
Sorry I have nothing else to add I just wanted to tell you it's nothing new
Yeah, I just feel out of place on online depression circles I guess. I hide my power level on incel forums but I'm just as fucked up as all of them.

It's like cough and fever. Often they go together or share a root cause, and people will talk about them together, but people can have one without the other for sure.

Have you seen a therapist (not inpatient/psychiatrist) ever? Like had this cycle observed by a professional that knows you?

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