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File: 1532278478161s.jpg (3 KB, 128x250)
3 KB
>mom thinks im gay

Wat do?
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File: 1532329724907.jpg (273 KB, 2036x2036)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Tell her at least youre not getting cucked cause you dont have a gf
cry to her about some girl who doesn't love you back
Porn desktop, duh.
Fuck the family dog to assert straight dominance
This one is the best one yet

File: 1532162862038.jpg (7 KB, 215x250)
7 KB
ctrl+f 'drugfeel' , no results

What drugs are you guys all on, on this lovely Saturday night?

I made an apple bong and have been smoking from it, nice flavour, would recommend. Tfw I cant roll
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The best way to stealth smoke is to use a one-hitter and exhale through a sploof. Ozium would be your friend too
Just smoke it anyway, fuck them.
I mean I'm smoking in my backyard but last time I did that I saw a small cloud of smoke just hovering above the place I was smoking from. Doesn't help when you light a joint it burns so the smoke keeps going
Which is why joints and blunts are the worst way to stealth smoke and why I said everything that I did
File: cover.jpg (721 KB, 1000x1000)
721 KB
721 KB JPG
I grow mushrooms in my closet, ama.
As for non-business usage, I wake up with a couple caps in tea with lemon and honey. After I start coming down from that I have some trees to ride it out.
Also post some jams for when you're high, robros.

File: ic-1850.png (604 KB, 1080x1763)
604 KB
604 KB PNG
Why are black people so fucking stupid?
Evolution. And inbreeding.
Bantu migration created lots of inbreeding from a small founder population.

File: 1502195141483.jpg (66 KB, 497x728)
66 KB
What books should I read as an introduction to buddhism?
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I don't think it is edgy, anon. I'm an atheist and I found the little I've read about buddhism to be very logical. It's not about superbeings with superpowers, is about finding peace and realizing the true nature of reality
The book of Matthew of the king James bible
Concentration & Meditation by Humphreys. Then read The Unfettered Mind if you want to learn some about Zen Buddhism, which you absolutely should because it's cool as fuck. It's the writings of a Zen master to a master Swordsman
Thanks anon, l'm gonna check it out
I read all my buddhism in a different language so i dont know if there are any good tranlsations in english, but you should get Suttanipata (Group of Discourses) and the Dhammapada, and thats all you would really need. These are the original texts. The key is to find a book that explains all the symbols and context of the the time or else you wouldn't really understand each verse.

This seems to be good translation with explanations too:

File: images.jpg (34 KB, 387x380)
34 KB
Cursed Images/Shitposts/Memes thread.
Make /r9k/ great again!

File: file.png (53 KB, 529x623)
53 KB
can we have a general jobfair thread so people can learn about unique jobs that are out there.

>"Eh? Really? Tehehe. How did a scrawny DWEEB like you manage to summon me, of all succubi?"

Ah fuck. Messed up big time. This bratty smugubus bitch took the place of the qt 3.14 loli succubus gf that was trying to be summoned.

What do? How do we get rid of this pest?
By hiding your shitty thread
>"I was trying to summon another succubus and something must've gone wrong, my bad. Would you please leave so I can summon her instead?"

File: 1400343182541.png (93 KB, 300x300)
93 KB
>little sister growing up to be a basic thot
>she's only 10 years old
>she already wears makeup
>she wear clothes like yoga pants, crop tops and
>she refuses to wear dresses or even just sweaters
>none of her friends are like that so I don't understand where she has it from
>all her friends dress and act like normal kids
>she's even starting to show signs of that "I love starbucks and traveling" mentality which really scares me
>I try to explain to her and mom why she shouldn't act like this
>it's only going to ruin her self esteem and image when she gets older
>I've even bought her nice dresses and jewelry but she wont even care about it
>mom is too old and dumb to care
>sister is too young to even understand
>only so much an older brother can do, right?
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>I want to control someone else's behavior because I don't approve of it
Go fuck yourself OP. If you actually loved her you'd take her to Starbucks as often as you could and ask her where she wants to fucking travel to, not go online and judge a literal child.
You're fucking sad.
File: 1532349206524.jpg (57 KB, 645x773)
57 KB
My sympathies OP

Buy some earplugs for when she starts bringing black thugs to give her ol' BBC. Also make sure all your valuable shit is hidden, she will probably become a crack addict cumdumpster and she or her boyfrineds will probably burglarize you.
Smash that cunny anon, you know you want to.
My sister started watching degenerate tv shows like kardashians and other drama shows with degenerate people who cursed and acted like thugs.

Now she's a spoiled brat who fights with my mom all the time and insults me regularly.
>>I've even bought her nice dresses
No one wears dresses anymore, grandpa.

File: 99f.jpg (7 KB, 269x188)
7 KB
>be me
>mommys 900lb 56 year old good boy
>jerking it to boku no pico on my VGA monitor
>no response
>shoot a load of milky pee on the monitor
>mommy goes in
>oh shit
>she better not look at my monitor
>pull my pants off
>my diaper is leaking because I never went to the toilet in 24 years
>pull my diaper off and force the diaper in her mouth
>lay on top of her mouth
>spread my ass cheeks so wide that blood begins spilling out
>shit a hard 5 meter log right in her mouth

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Absolutely epic my man
how to make a funnie tender storie
>on cumputer
>shout for mumsy
>kill chad
>beat mummy
>hur durr what do
You could have killed yourself in the time it took you to write that. Just sayin
>>jerking it to boku no pico on my VGA monitor
Based taste OP I'm sorry but that's just horrible
This but inverted

File: 1530789041424.jpg (86 KB, 852x944)
86 KB
>be white male
>only attracted to non-white women

Anyone else know this feel?

File: vZeK7rM.jpg (8 KB, 368x149)
8 KB

Autism test boys. Post your scores. Anything below 20 is autistic.
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File: 1527694608938.jpg (322 KB, 750x534)
322 KB
322 KB JPG

guess i'm autistic then
File: Screenshot_409.png (29 KB, 825x221)
29 KB
All of the women looked really arrogant
File: 25290859227229.jpg (185 KB, 920x960)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
>33 out of 36
No autism here
File: 1.png (33 KB, 884x338)
33 KB
I'm diagnosed burger. Had to google some words because i'm not native english speaker.
im impressed at myself

File: deyeet2.png (351 KB, 612x800)
351 KB
351 KB PNG
>that kid who looked at loli hentai in school and was caught fapping to peacock from skullgirls getting her eyesocket fucked
couldn't find pic so here you go

File: 1532292713808.png (28 KB, 488x463)
28 KB
Guys, you can't get cucked if you don't have a girlfriend!!!!!
not in the literal sense, no.

File: DhxuYJTUwAALJbI.png (481 KB, 521x751)
481 KB
481 KB PNG
My Dick is getting hard by traps shold i just end it all or let the traps consume me
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File: act of sluttery.jpg (3 KB, 125x98)
3 KB
the fuck is originally wrong with you?
he knows exactly why he was born
he knows his place
thats a dude. still has a dick attached and everything. first time in my life i could honestly say that i would fuck a trap
You do know what traps are right?
File: 1530221961084.png (194 KB, 663x537)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
Not anon but,
Anime traps not irl trap. Those trapfags are in fact retarded.

File: chadddd.jpg (61 KB, 800x450)
61 KB
This world belongs to the Chads. Any man who is not a Chad exists only to serve the Chads and do their bidding. If you are not a Chad, your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs simply do not matter. This is the natural order of things, and you are a fool if you think you can fight or change it.

The sooner you stop struggling against the natural order and submit to your Chad overlords, the sooner you will finally find the happiness you long for.

And don't say "but what if I become a Chad", because if you're not already a Chad you never will be.

Just stop fighting, anon. Stop fighting and submit. It's for your own good.
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File: 3020820.jpg (13 KB, 236x336)
13 KB
Yeah the weak chads fall and strong betas rise but the chadiest chads, I mean the attractive, built, charismatic, and decent iq males stay at the top forever. No intelligence beta is going to beat that alpha chad. He reigns eternal

Hitler was a robot tho
okay i'll take that as a "no, you shouldn't be talking to people".
Good beta, don't pass your genes and work for master Chad.
Nazi Germany was literally the beta uprising, look at the Nazi leadership not a single one of them were chads.

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