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File: download.png (204 KB, 536x535)
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204 KB PNG
>That moment you will never be young again and instead live your life as an old, ugly, unloved retard
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>bullshit milestone.
Kek, the first 18 years of your life are the most critical years of your life. If you come out as a fuck up it'll take time to finally properly adjust and be functioning, assuming the situation is not completely hopeless.
I'm so bitter and emotionally stunted from spending all my teen years and young adulthood alone that I honestly question whether I would even enjoy having a girlfriend at this point, I just imagine it feeling completely hollow, like too little too late.
Frustratingly I still agonize over it and daydream about love daily, and still strongly desire a girlfriend out of instinct and so many years of habit, but at the same time I feel like I don't care at all, like I intuitively understand there's no realistic way I can feel satisfied in love. I can only daydream about being happy in another reality where my life turned out differently.

I've never seen anyone suggest a convincing way of coping with this. People who can't relate either don't acknowledge the significance of this problem and try to downplay it, or they do acknowledge it but their advice is "Just don't think about it."
Applying sour grapes mindset as hard as possible and trying to pretend to myself I'm so cool and independent that I never cared about love to begin with is seriously the best I've got.
Yet people have done it. Why are you choosing to waste the rest of your life?
The most relatable post I've read today. What's more is that I think even if I somehow got a gf, she'd quickly be bored, simply because women don't live in the same world I do. There's nothing she could relate to and I'd be to apathetic to get to know how normfag relationships work.
File: 1638734136369.png (52 KB, 203x199)
52 KB
It's only hopeless if you don't let go of what you can't change. You need to grieve the loss and do what you can to ensure you won't squander the days ahead of you.

File: 1682964018654039.png (333 KB, 664x617)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
Anyone here lost their parents before their early twenties? How has it affected you? Starting to think it's the main problem behind my "coldness"
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Is your memory from that period solid or more like a haze? Did your friends and family support you?

>since she became a wreck and never recovered.
How did she change? Mania or depression?
I lost my mom at 14 and my life has been down hill ever since. My dad became an alcoholic after she died too. This was about a year after we all moved to another part of the country so we had no family around and I didn't have many close friends to support me.
I see thanks for sharing. If you didn't have close friends or family how did you handle it back then? For me it was school, kept me distracted enough. Have you thought of seeking help or whatever? For a long time I thought it was pointless, because feeling terribly after such things is perfectly valid and normal, but I'm starting to become a bit desperate when life still seems rather colorless and dull. In a way losing a close loved one is like speedrunning depression, it puts you face to face with death. You know what I'm saying? That's why I think it may be pointless to try therapy, lots of social and succesful individuals are to their parents and siblings, there is absolutely no substitute once they're gone
>are to their parents and siblings
*are close to
lost my dad at 6 or 7. we went to church as a family without dad, and when we came back, he was hanging from the stair railing by an electrical extension cord. threw my family into poverty, and my two sisters, my only siblings, would fight with my mom a lot. we're all pretty alienated from eachother. i told myself i had to become the man of the house and save the family, but i stopped going to school because i couldn't keep forcing myself to go when it all felt so pointless, and i ended up becoming a NEET. i just mooch off of my mom, and when i'm not paralyzed by anxiety at the thought of going outside, i'm crushed by the isolation and loneliness of my situation. i usually just drink, eat, and lay on my bed all day. sometimes my online friend plays games with me, but not so much lately. i try to stay positive, but deep in the back of my mind, i always get told that these good things in my life will be taken away from me sooner or later. i am ultimately just waiting for death at this point. i have no real reason to be here. my life has been lived.

I'm not a shill so my threads don't get bumps.
I'll bump your thread but only if you bounce on my dick like a good girl, I'll even pet your head and give you affirmations while you do it

File: feel.png (7 KB, 645x773)
7 KB
how am i supossed to have white kids if white women ignore me
File: 1662599306650347.jpg (139 KB, 550x550)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
White women enjoy mountains of brown simps and easy access to Chad for sex. You are not having white kids.

File: 1682544440959042.jpg (497 KB, 2477x2480)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
It feels like the userbase for this board is small. Do you guys ever recognize other posters?
If so which ones? Have a crush on any?
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Well, do you post anything identifiable?
It's more likely someone from here motivated to figure out your dox and post history would try to blackmail you or just fuck with you in general. Assuming you've posted a controversial thing or two.
My interpretation doesn't correlate with yours therefore I am right once again.

File: 33398921.png (1.67 MB, 874x880)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
I agree with the statement you wrote.
File: 24.gif (2.78 MB, 500x375)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB GIF
Good for you. That's not my problem.

File: 1661293459238307.jpg (237 KB, 750x783)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Waifu cuddling up with you in bed edition

1. Talk about your waifu!
2. Be devoted to your one waifu for laifu!
3. Let waifuism guide you.
4. Don't feed drama or shitposters.
5. NO 3DPD!
6. Most importantly, have fun!

Previous: >>73416964
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Yeah, It sucks a little to watch your waifu dying :/
>Yeah, It sucks a little to watch your waifu dying :/
tell me about it.
Take on me
(Take on me)
Take me on
(Take on me)
I'll be gone
In a day or two
in the bedroom
>watching konosuba
Someone I used to be friends with (we fell out over other things) reccomended it to me and I saw a lot of art and stuff of Aqua and thought "hey, that blue haired girl is cute!" Watched Konosuba and did not enjoy it aside from Aqua, but tried (and failed) to convince myself I did. Luck brought me to her in a weird way. I also just have a lot of negative personal history with the show and the individual who recommended it to me which probably factors into why I dislike it.
I've mentioned it before but I'm very grateful Konosuba didn't go a different route and try to kill off or seriously injure Aqua. I'm by no means happy with the way she gets treated but knowing that if I were to go to her world that she would still be there and still be happy and healthy is comforting in its own kind of indirect way. She gets through mostly unharmed and the worst physical damage she sustains is healed within minutes.
I will post later to ward off page 10

File: 173738181873.jpg (66 KB, 728x410)
66 KB
>be me
>19 turning 20, just graduated high school (my IEP let me stay in high school until age 21)
>no prior job experience
>no clue what I want to pursue in a career
>according to my teachers I'm really good at writing but AI has killed that field
>living with my emotionally abusive mom this whole time
>dad died of heroin overdose when I was 5
What the fuck do I do, anons? My mom has battered into me the idea that I should just kill myself because I have no foreseeable future. Should I?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It's either that or become a wagie lmao
Well dont kill yourself. Your situation isnt great, but not worth killing yourself over.
Also ai hasnt killed the field of writing and isnt even that great and has zero originality. If you really are talented in writing then you should easily write works better than an AI could ever produce.
Do you think I could ever get a job other than minimum wage?
Well, I was thinking about journalism and copywriting. I'm not too good with fiction.
Dumb fucking nigger you have no future if you're 80 years old not 20.
Kill the things that cause your suffering and start a new life somewhere different. Wasting your life is just fucking gay.

It's my 20th birthday today, Anons. I hope you guys also have a good day.
Happy birthday, ever since I was approaching 20 I have been constantly thinking about my age. I am now 22 years old and still counting how fast time is going and how I'm only getting older.
HBD man have a good one
Happy birthday mate, hope you have a good one.
Just remember, it's all down hill from here
File: 1678414432419291.jpg (57 KB, 640x558)
57 KB
I will jerk off 20 times in your honor!

File: 1684594796807906.png (2.86 MB, 1500x1125)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB PNG
I will eat steak tomorrow! I cannot wait!

File: 52419952_p0.jpg (315 KB, 878x1000)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
I feel like a hypocrite for complaining about twitter and wanting it to be nuked and yet I'm using twitter to advertise my blog

File: 1655708361222348.jpg (88 KB, 720x866)
88 KB
Whats female depression like? Why are they sad?
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You're a hedonistic degenerate is what you are, and to say lust triumphs love when it comes to a good person's character is laughable.
>Why are they sad?
>why are they so sad?
Because they're bf didn't get them the right icecream
Because of something that happened on "Love Island"
Because their girl friend moved to a different area
Because they are on their period

Something trivial. As always
>lust triumphs love when it comes to a good person's character is laughable.
it does, i don't know what to tell you. if you're around enough men who are with a woman and sex is no longer available, they start looking elsewhere or are miserable. they're still good guys, anon.
File: 1685165196471239.jpg (245 KB, 600x800)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
>Man, I wish I could afford to go to college
Sucks that you can't leave your current job because you could probably get a very well paid summer job around this time of year. If you find one on an island they would probably take care of your accomodations and food too. My college expenses are about 300 euros per month including dorm and cigarettes, if you're a good student you can also get a scholarship which is 200 euros.
>what are you studying?
I'm studying to go into maritime as a navigational officer, working on a cargo ship seems like the ultimate job for a social retard like myself. I fell for the programming meme at first but it simply wasn't for me so I switched universities last year.
>I wanna go to FERIT
You can do it anon, I believe in you!!!!!
It's never to late for college, I have several 30 year olds in my class. Even if you have to wait a few more years dont get discouraged!
Bullshit, I've lived alone as a recluse for more than a few years now, and also having never had a relationship and still being a virgin, I hold sex and it's control over an individual in disdain. And while I'm not of good character I'll admit, I do value love, genuine pure love, more than any other thing I know. And as well as that, sex to me is something to escape, and no I don't mean sex between a married pair, but I mean men who use escorts, and women who have sex because they're emotionally unhealthy. It's sex without love. It's a terrible, terrible thing, it hurts everyone it touches.

I'd like to believe that other people feel the same as me, but maybe you're right, I hope not.

File: 1684926725997.jpg (288 KB, 1755x1249)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
i hate having straight hair
yeah it kinda sucks
ori ori
Then cut it off faggot. Go bald and see what its like, you might enjoy it.

File: IMG_20230528_012028.jpg (133 KB, 846x741)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Rubbing baking soda actually helped getting rid of most of the tartar, this pic is just after a day. I wet my finger, dipped in the baking soda and rubbed vigoursly, first with my finger then using the toothbrush being carefull to not rub my gums. I'll continue this treatment in the following days.
Posting this because maybe this can help a fellow bot
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_20230526_172227.jpg (192 KB, 1327x733)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Bro I brush and floss but they still get brown
That was before btw, I hate phoneposting
probably some goyslop E22412498-1231 ingredient that somehow irritates your body in this unique and curious way
This is the likely answer. I haven't brushed my teeth in 7 years or so (just occasionally for job interviews, family gatherings etc). I don't eat processer foods or much grains. My teeth are fine and have a healthy slightly off white color.

File: payphone.png (184 KB, 300x300)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
Ever have a period of intense nostalgia for a certain period of your life like high school?
>Be me
>It is May 2023
>Constantly getting nostalgia for these two girls I was close friends with in high school
>"Close friends" as in like the 3 of us were a group
>Both married now, one even has kids
>One of these two girls was my GF (teen love experience), the other was my "one that got away."
>Just reminiscing daily about different things, thinking about how much I'd like to hang out with the two of them together again, like we did back in the Summer of 2012
>Thinking of how much warmer the Summers were then
>"Payphone" by Maroon 5 (a hit that was popular at the time) comes on the radio
>Fight to choke back tears
>Lose the battle, start bawling
Fuck bros. Thank God I was home when I had this moment, if it hit when I was out in public I'd have been thoroughly embarrassed.

File: download.png (6 KB, 194x259)
6 KB
Just found out that even cute Femboys have a Chad only policy.
File: 1683561986899115.jpg (30 KB, 399x399)
30 KB
how about an average femboy anon

They, too.
theyre also chad only? i guess im even lower on the list >_>

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