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File: q.png (5 KB, 190x265)
5 KB
Why do they hate us gamers?
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Gamers rise tf up

They don't hate gamers fucking retard. They hate people that get angry whena company panders and then doesn't but their game
File: (you).jpg (94 KB, 565x500)
94 KB
t. Serena Williams husband
This thread was made by gangweed
I refuse to believe gangweed was run by trannies all along.

File: tired.jpg (6 KB, 275x183)
6 KB
I want to drop out of uni and live on a farm, or in nature
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Hey man, take it from someone who's doing it right now. This is one of the best choices you'll ever make.
I guess but I am really planning this out
I'm trying to design a one man cabin that I can make myself at the moment
you don't have any property, you cannot escape the system(capitalism), you must work and make money just to live.
65+ thread?
this has gone too far
This is my goal too. It takes quite a bit of cash to do, but I think it'll be worth it.

File: shredder.jpg (294 KB, 1920x1080)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
ITT: Shit that scared the shit out of you as a kid.


File: Dmx4MA0UYAER5Ea.jpg (37 KB, 800x450)
37 KB
Please calculate and post your score.

>You have bought something because it was in style(5pt)
>You live in an unremarkable subdivision or apartment block(5pt)
>You have never stayed awake at night mulling over creative ideas(5pt)
>You do not consider yourself good at writing, drawing, or music(5pt)
>You don't have many childhood memories(5pt)
>You don't wash your hands before eating/after going out in public (5pt)

>You want to reproduce (10pt)
>You value blood ties over other personal connections(10pt)
>You would marry somebody below your level of sentience(10pt)
>You feel like you are searching for "your other half" (10pt)
>You have a job you enjoy or are good at (10pt)
>You got good grades in elementary and high school (10pt)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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the NPC thing to do would be have sex and have an abortion because dont wanna deal with kids. obviously. fucking plebs.
Got my 20 points total with this:
>People often fail to recognize you(20pt)
Frankly, I feel no reason to try to become known to NPC's (nor am I good at making it so)
People recognizing and caring about you just makes you a normalfag.
I got 30 NPC here
>You value blood ties over other personal connections(10pt)
yeah, sorry OP, but you're the real NPC.
An npc quiz made by an npc. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

File: 20180802_202550.png (385 KB, 500x500)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
"Well I think it's bad that companies are getting away with using children basically as slaves, almost all the clothes in America have a huge chance of have being made by a child in slavery, and I don't think that that's okay."

"yeah libtard? Well you wear clothes, you hypocrite, so shut up"

The croud goes wild, libtards everywhere simultaneously die, Ben reaches divine apotheosis, owning all future, present, and past libtards.

Some edgy 15 year old who is not even close to being smart enough to form a political opinion, and has a MAGA hat wearing anime girl for a profile pic then uploads it to see YouTube compilation titled something like

"Ben SHAPIRO absolutely DESTROYS liberal SNOWFLAKES with his FAT cock made of LOGIC, and he RAVAGES the assholes of LIBTARDS with it, shooting a THICK CREAMY LOAD of FACTS NOT CARING about their LIBTARD FEELINGS into their tight LIBTARD ass.
"divine apotheosis" is a little redundant.
File: kike.png (62 KB, 640x321)
62 KB
>look guise I posted an old mde meme notice me and my le ebic ironic humor am I cool

File: sadpupper.jpg (75 KB, 440x660)
75 KB
ITT: Nicest thing a friend has ever done for you. I'll start.

>be in primary school
>have a best friend
>loners together type shit
>comes to mine to play GTA Vice City after school
>dad was always a controlling dickhead and only let me play vidya on saturday
>friend and I are fucking around on GTA
>hear the door open
>oh shit
>I freak out and start crying
>friend freaks too
>he tries to turn tv/console off
>dad's already in the loungeroom

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Please stop dude,I've been feeling all this weekend,thought I can finally stop.Do you know anything about her nowadays?
did you just stand there?
this was in the last year of high school, but we were friends and had fun while it lasted. there were a few times where we went over to each other's houses and hung out late after school even though we both knew i would get in trouble with my mom. she only knew about the verbal abuse and not having enough to eat at home (she brought me food at school a lot) but not about the beatings and psychological torture i had to sustain from her.
after high school ended, the crash back into loneliness was too much after realizing how good things could be. it made me realize all the abuse i had to live with my entire life was not normal. i got involuntarily sent to a psych ward in college after trying to jump off the school building. i spent a long time in there, turns out i have serious mental disorders and was seriously psychologically damaged. it's been a few years now, i am a hikki neet. she should still be in college studying hospitality management.
gave me a grand so I could put down first month's rent, but he is a stupidly wealthy rich kid so eh
>best friend in K or 1st grade gave me two of his 50 cent coins, even though he had three

It would make more since to share one. I don't remember it being for anything either.

File: turbochad.jpg (60 KB, 474x692)
60 KB
You wake up (in our real world) and have sangoku super powers. Your powers are permanent and the only downside to them is if you misuse them I guess.

What would you do?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>annihilate everyone almost instantly
why would that be necessary
and you could easily make clean money with those powers
Destroy this planet and end everyone's suffering
try to solve global warming by using my powers as a energy source
Probably still sit around and shitpost all day desu
this and i would lose my physique in a few months after eating tons of junk but not training (remember sangoku eats constantly)

File: 1537334540931.jpg (116 KB, 805x556)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
>just want to be alone all the time

>can't be alone all the time

anyone else know how horrible this feeling is?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I don't even want to talk to my family members, although i live with them so i can't help it, but feel better when they go away.I hate the fact that i have to put up some kind of act when there's anyone around and other people disgust me because i read about human psychology
well not really disgust , but i don't like how complex the brain is and i think alot about how other people might perceive me & my actions
k7uky legitt
File: 1512389743980.jpg (85 KB, 1024x806)
85 KB
There is no worse feeling in the whole world than relaxing in a place by yourself when another person suddenly comes in, it's like a blend of high anxiety and blood boiling frustration and all you can do is sit there and grit your teeth and answer whatever questions they throw at you, both by word and non-verbally.
It fucking sucks, I can't relax at all around anyone these days. I sometimes try to explain that i want to be left alone which just makes other people want to intrude even more

File: woke.png (174 KB, 533x584)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
This is mens problem.
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Not wanting an amazonian qt who will hug you akwardly
Cartoon Guy is gay
Yeah, if only women were tall irl, instead we got all these tater thots who think they're a national treasure and every man must bow to their will
amazon world when?
It's funny that R. Crumb, known as the father of underground comics often depicted women as towering over male characters - despite having gotten married twice, and having been purported to have 'the largest penis I've ever seen' by female ex-partners. Some men just see the world in an odd light.
File: adsdasdasd.jpg (29 KB, 533x820)
29 KB
mummy why my peepee tingle?

File: 1537274304301.jpg (120 KB, 750x822)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Femanons, how do you imagine is having a penis like? Do you think it would get in the way constantly?
29 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
no, it must be very hard to sit on your ball, because balls are naturally are very good at being slippery.
there's actually a muscle that goes around the ballsack that can contract and turning it into as we say in german, mini pini panzer pouch.
God I wish I lived in Norway
Already a thot. Doesnt matter if it was born male.
I wish I was a qt trans like her.

File: int.png (18 KB, 800x700)
18 KB
Draw some charts you believe are true
3 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
X axis: intelligence
Y axis: enjoyment of life
Origindhstyal post
Why did you put average in the middle on the template?
Im going to assume OP is very close to the y axis on his graph.
so you have a reference point, lol.
it can literally be anywhere, it's like putting the "1" on the x axis wherever you want, it won't change data on it.
thats fucking retarded. why would you want people to draw skewed graphs like that

File: 1510627240869.jpg (128 KB, 500x667)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Why do black girls turn me on so much? All these threads made me have a fetish for black girls calling me whiteboi and making me service them as reparations.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>I assume she is asking for money or drugs and walk around her
>if she accosts me further I tell her to go away and I keep heading home
This is not hard. Only in make believe fantasy land could she attack you or rape you

i know this feel my man


I also know this feel
Ugh, bestiality is gross, anon
I hooked up with a Nigerian girl a few years ago, she was thiccccc as hell and had great tits, but desu I couldn't understand what the fuck she was saying most of the time because of the accent. Never managed to seduce another one though

I just want that feel of sliding my dick into a warm, wet, black cunt. Cumming inside her, filling her with white seed. Good Lord. They are so loving and loyal, so warm.

File: imageCTS.jpg (34 KB, 476x384)
34 KB
>haven't had sexual activity in 15 years but not a virgin so I really don't care about missing on sex.
>have a really boring useless job but it's a decently-paid, permanent job so I don't really care about not getting joy from work.
>have 0 friends but I'm too introvert to stay confortable around people so I don't really care about missing on social life
how do you enjoy life when you feel like you have nothing to fight for?
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I'm an ugly white guy.
in that case I don't want to be your bf sorry
No problem. Last couple years I've fallen into some pretty good wealth. You'd think this would give me confidence but now I'll always wonder if a girl was with me just because of my money.
>a girl was with me just because of my money.
I'd unironically pay for that
Who cares man. She's a whore but you get CUDDLES
I worry that she'd take advantage of me and I'd be too much under her spell to realize it. Cuddles sound really nice, honestly cuddles sound nicer than sex right now. No homo.

Either way I'm afraid that by having no sexual experience at my age any women would leave me anyways. I mean I'd have to tell them I'm a virgin and pretty sure that would send them running.
File: 1537507102693.jpg (35 KB, 1153x195)
35 KB
>grew tiresome to spend entire days to create a set that was visible only to me.
I know that feel. My mother love butterfly's, birds and nature itself, so for now i have reason to use my camera. And the reason to spend my weekends outside.
And photography is the only hobby left. I used to like games, used to read a lot. Was interested in history and philosophy. I remember dreaming about good pc while being a neet and now i have good job and money but i never bothered to upgrade my pc simply because i don't enjoy gaming anymore.
I just feel emptiness and void for the most part.

File: dead whore.jpg (166 KB, 1209x906)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
What's your opinion on women who hang themselves while wearing sexy clothes so that men on the internet can jerk off to their dead bodies?
205 replies and 71 images omitted. Click here to view.
Empath begone. P.s. how is it sad?
File: blood.jpg (267 KB, 1000x805)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
okay so take it from an "expert"
this is what happens to women when they're dead
>day one- they stiffen. color drains, blue on nails and wherever body rests (if she's on her back her back gets blue)
>day two- swelling, greening may start. real stiff. eyes and tongue begin to protrude
>first week- rot and smell. gases really build up and you can see veins like a bitch. much more green on her.
>second, third week- flesh actually starts rotting off. you're pretty much done w this one this is why a lot of serial killers kill just abt monthly i think, because by then the skin kind of slides off of her and it's kind of nasty, plus the smell
having sex while they die seems cool bc if you're strangling them they sort of push upwards and bingo sex moves
just a thought
i feel nothing but happiness for them
File: 68577.jpg (52 KB, 620x348)
52 KB
thanks for this guys got my rocks off b4 class
not into the tongue thing though you feel
like i bet you could tape the mouth shut and not get that
also some of those look shitty like are they even dead at all????
post murders
is this gary and chad ridgeway

File: Beksinski-x42.jpg (382 KB, 990x933)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
im thinking of blowing myself up with ANFO, seems pretty easy to make

i dont want to hurt anyone more than i have to, so i would use enough to not leave a body and try to do it in a lake, or maybe in the ocean if i can find a spot for it

how would you guys do it?
ANFO is easy to make but hard to detonate, there's probably easier ways of killing yourself, or you could just... you know... not kill yourself. Probably the easiest way to go about it desu.
i have blasting caps, and a chronic illness that i refuse to live with
why is not leaving a body necessary?
Is it i mean
the best method is N2 by far far far from any other method.. but the problem is that they don't sell N2 tanks to individual
some say opiates is the best method but you might run into massive OD that feels like hell before dying.. wouldn't recommend it for suicide

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