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File: 1545265698090.jpg (64 KB, 755x1058)
64 KB
Tonguelicking edition

Last bread: >>54011091
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>write someone on grindr
>cute bf material
>writes back
>he's on grindr to find people just for ons

is it even possible to find a cute bf for a stable relationship nowadays, if yes where?
Yes, RIP me. I am brainlet.

You are gonna get fucked man.
>goes on a hook up app
>wants to find a bf
>if yes where?
probably not the hook up app
there are no alternatives in my area

File: 1564709044812.png (611 KB, 976x785)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
Who's the lucky girl edition

Previous >>53989252
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Just had more toe surgery done. It's times like this when I really want to hug her...
File: 1524892014263.jpg (629 KB, 1700x1061)
629 KB
629 KB JPG
I really want to go to the beach on summer just to walk alone for hours just to imagine that this beautiful girl is gracefuly traveling along with me as we hold hands, seems like you had a nice experience anon

>when I find the right one
It's not that hard to answer them, but thinking about the time I talk to family and such and they say "by the time you got wife and children" or something like that hurts since I'll never be able to create my own with the woman I am in love with

Of course, but rather than being intentional I just feel disgust whenever I imagine myself cheating on my waifu and being on a relationship with another woman so it's just that I am unable to since I just love her way too much

I remember when I had a neck one some months ago and my greatest fear was to start talking about my waifu while being intoxicated by the anesthesia
I had a dream the other night I was watching the anime of another waifufag and unlike the actual anime the waifu in question had a happy life and had it all before being brutally murdered at random and I started crying in my dream before I woke up. I felt terrible and thought for a minute if it had been my own wife who had been killed like that.
File: wife pala.png (307 KB, 416x514)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
My Waifu on Waifumane!
File: 76090590_p0.jpg (1.67 MB, 1500x1750)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
I love Cascada.
Funny how such a bland series is how I found the artist.

File: 1500793648371.jpg (38 KB, 570x539)
38 KB
>tfw realize how much of an idiot i am at least 100 times a day

File: 20190816_173440.jpg (246 KB, 625x835)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
>Face down, ass up, ready for chad in doggy style
>he peels my butt cheeks apart & i can feel him inspecting my anus
I broke up with a guy who did that. If a man wants to fuck my ass I assume hes at least somewhat gay.
You didnt want him to see your poopybutt actually
Terrible larps. I fucked a girl in the ass and she was fine with it
Pics or it didnt happen virgin

File: 532632732.png (420 KB, 799x518)
420 KB
420 KB PNG
>thought I wanted sex
>create Tinder and OkC profiles
>lose interest in talking to girls as it's clear most have fucked lots of guys already and don't value sex the way I do.

I really want a girlfriend who loves me, why is this so hard?
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>don't value sex the way I do.
here's the thing m8. unless they were raised super-religious (in an abrahamic faith) they will NEVER value sex the way you do. contemporary women think of sex as something they can do for fun, or something they can put up with to trade for other things.
I would rather be alone than settle for someone whose values-I don't believe in.
You're gonna be alone your whole life
well yes, but things could have been different.
File: Girls.jpg (81 KB, 600x536)
81 KB
>contemporary women
>he doesn't know his mother was a whore, too

Everyone else turned their math quizzes minutes after starting it

I turned it in when the bell rang

They said it was way easier than they thought it would be

I thought it was more difficult than the homework

I studied for hours last night and I most definitely failed a fucking quiz

What am I doing wrong?
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You're just shit at math. When I was in school, it didn't matter what I tried, I just wasn't capable of doing math. I still can barely do simple math. But I'm a great writer.
>I studied for hours last night and I most definitely failed a fucking quiz
that is cramming. cramming bad. have to study all through the week.
ive never studied in my life and never scored below 90 on any test or quiz
Based. I went the same way. It starts as if you had a chance, like there was time for you to catch up. Then the problems start to snowball and you can't keep up with the rest of them. You just trot along in the classes barely getting by and by the time it comes to assess your knowledge and apply it in the real world, you ultimately fail.

True, some people just can't get the concept of math very well, like me. Writing and history ae my strengths but the job market for people like that is shitty.
Man I'm glad I'm not the only mathlet. I keep getting the feeling that my peers have more exposure to the material than I do, maybe it's the hobbies that they have, or the classes that they took. I never took Calculus in high school so I was far behind in college.

File: IMG_1566583558643.jpg (74 KB, 720x892)
74 KB
Most guys can increase their luck with women through a series of status buffs, this much is clear.

The question really is
>what is a woman to you?
>why do you want one?
>want cost are you willing to pay to get one?

I don't think you should ever fall in love with a woman, you should fall in love with an objective or a talent, and let the surplus joy and satisfaction you have from your accomplishments spill into the rest of your life.

A woman's love is fickle, like a fish.

File: test.gif (387 KB, 720x900)
387 KB
387 KB GIF
Hello everyone!

It's me Caesar!~
A proactive Subby Boy.

Let's start a real Gentle Femdom & Role Reversal thread this time!

What is Gentle Femdom?
A special variation of Femdom in the BDSM world. Where pain, humiliation, and embarrassment, are switched for sweetness, praise, and personal growth with another. Essentially, it is a nurturing, motherly version of the typical mean girl in latex slapping a guy's cock for pain and sadistic torture. It's still new, and there is not much of a community since Tumblrs NSFW ban. Let's change that!

What is Role Reversal?
A subversion of typical gender roles in a relationship. Where the female leads, and the male is taken care of, as long as he shows appropriate appreciation and effort. A fun dynamic, though, every relationship is different and special.
Here is my image folder, it has hundreds of images on this topic.
https://drive.google. com/folderview?id=197k_49yZ-FDnSZy1rNgjQ34lG-WQDtEC

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That doesn't sound like too much of a caring relationship
>serve me
>worship me
>spoil me
>things in exchange
die, slut
File: pushup.png (1009 KB, 1467x2048)
1009 KB
1009 KB PNG
Where are all of the boys who want to throw hands and cover each other in scratches and bruises before giving in and getting molested until their dick hurts?
I mean I wouldn't mind every once in a while
but because I'm weak and sickly I'd just lose every time and maybe cry
>Maybe cry

File: 832948932.png (24 KB, 1062x342)
24 KB
Are you an emphatic robot?
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File: screenshot.png (17 KB, 730x123)
17 KB
Just slightly above being autistic
File: IMG_20190823_195121.jpg (40 KB, 720x287)
40 KB
Couldn't give less shit
It amuses me to no end to watch you all suffer because of forces you cannot control. And then I feel kinda bad about it.
>suffer because of forces you cannot control.
What do you mean?
File: nnn.png (20 KB, 956x145)
20 KB
niggres tounge my angus. Another pic for the CIA to profile me through.

File: comptia.jpg (110 KB, 1200x1200)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
How difficult is it to get a held desk technician job with just A+ certifications? I'm 25 years old, still live at home, no job, no friends, and desperately need to become independent. I don't mind putting up with bullshit the rest of my life, as long as there's a paycheck.

File: genten.jpg (143 KB, 1200x836)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
she is so fucking disgusting how can she be a thing with some of you here
she cheats on her boyfriends and can't commit. slut.
Have you seen what 4chan will fuck?
she has the big boobies

File: Snapchat-403208119.jpg (417 KB, 960x1874)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
I started growing 2 extra balls. They don't hurt or anything. I kind of like how they look with the other 2. Should I keep them?
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
i am atisest now no more god
one rapper got swollen balls after fucking a trans , seems to be cancer , and now he has spots on his lungs .

go check it out , if i was you.
What a fucking Chad, four balls. People only praise big dicks because they know having ball power is out of reach.
Go make power moves in public.
>"S-sir please stop itching yourself in such an obnoxious manner."
>"What did you say you fucking faggot, can't you see I have four fucking nuts to scratch over here."
Thou shalt not cut sack

File: 1558629110290.jpg (37 KB, 375x500)
37 KB
>get discord friend
>talk for a few days
>they call
>its a girl
>turns on camera
>says she wants to give me something
>"i dont want to give out my address online"
>tells me to shut up and just watch
>she takes off her clothes
>starts masturbating
>asks me to call her by her name and say i love her
>can see shes actually really wet from this
girls are fucking weird
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You should manipulate her into becoming a clown and save videos of her flicking her bean in full make-up, wig, honking nose, etc. Then sell the vids to clown porn connoiseurs. Also, any more pics, anon?
File: 1559868826117.jpg (80 KB, 487x650)
80 KB
i only have a few of the big tits clown girl
>tfw no big red honking clit gf
File: 1561845360833.jpg (142 KB, 610x814)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
this is the last one. ill stick with just telling her i love her and watching her get really turned on from it because its kind of cute and being able to fulfill some girls kinks is a turn on for me
God damn, thank you anon. I never knew how much I wanted a clown gf until now. Anyways, yes, just play along with her fantasies. She must have a deep, deep need for affection that she can't seem fulfill. Well, fulfill her!

File: Big-City.jpg (586 KB, 1680x1211)
586 KB
586 KB JPG
What is it like to live in a large city? Is it cozy?
Big City Life
Me try fi get by,
Pressure nah ease up no matter how hard me try.
Big City Life,
Here my heart have no base,
and right now Babylon de pon me case
If you like people, concrete and hate nature sure it must cozy for you.

File: 1486837154485.jpg (39 KB, 600x568)
39 KB
l fucking stink.
Take a bath then
File: 1448331103896.jpg (17 KB, 400x388)
17 KB

I did. Its my cloths.

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