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File: sad-pepe-640x480.jpg (31 KB, 640x480)
31 KB
Sad/Feels music thread

Any music genre is welcome.
Share your feels with me frens





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>don't you run away
>don't you, run away
based for songs: ohia inclusion
File: 548784789689.jpg (23 KB, 623x495)
23 KB
Good pick. Alice in Chains used to be my feels go to music in my teens

File: 九紫火星.png (52 KB, 500x353)
52 KB

File: 1570210509725.jpg (123 KB, 970x1447)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Feminism has given you a completely false view of what women want in a man.
Because men want women who are:
>good loking
Feminism has told you that women want men who are the same.
This is completely and utterly FALSE.

Women want men who have:

THATS FUCKING IT BRO. THATS THE WORD. You can have the most disgusting face on this planet, as long as you have status, women will prefer you over other better looking men.

You guys are the byproduct of feminist brainwashing and don't even realize it lmao.
feminists aren't really worried abouy the fit and the good-looking though. If anything, they WANT women to hook up with rich guys.
>Feminism has given you a completely false view of what women want in a man.
I don't care about feminism and I don't care about what women want.
If they want me, good. If not they can fuck off, I don't care about their existence.
It's a mix of both, a hot guy is still gonna get plenty of female attention by just exsting around women

File: 1610265080565.png (314 KB, 552x534)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
>discord boyfriend doesn't message me for 2 days
at first i thought he just got bored of me
but what if he died in a car accident or something
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Its just a real example that no relationship works out even face to face. People always talk about long distance or erelationships
ive been ignored for months even a whole year
he's ghosted you sweetie
This is honestly really sad to see what western civilization has devolved too. I'm sorry anon, maybe you will get a Chad insurgent who will choose you as his war bride?
Ehhh it just shows that we as a species need to care more about each other

File: 1589823187451.jpg (56 KB, 959x958)
56 KB
no one taught me how
Just be yourself
File: 1602944662145.png (728 KB, 1100x825)
728 KB
728 KB PNG
Just believe you have one hard enough until it becomes real. Worked for me, she's right here next to me giving me shoulder rubs.

File: images.jpeg.jpg (7 KB, 259x194)
7 KB
Little white clitties locked in colorful chastity cages are actually the pinnacle of art. There is nothing more beautiful than the contrast of the white and color while knowing exactly what the picture represents - a man who has given into the ultimate act of surrender and submissiveness

File: booba syndrome.png (475 KB, 795x605)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
She's monetizing her Tourette's to make money and simpies are throwing their money at her and thinking she's just an innocent girl who desperately needs their disposable income and online support. But let's face the harsh reality; if she was a man with that syndrome she (or in that case he) would be an permanent incel and the same "people" who now throw money at her would tell her she "you need to improve yourself bro you need to work on yourself dude you are just using that fake illness as an excuse bro it's not real just go to gym or something bro" and she couldn't monetize her existence as a man. This is something that women will never understand. She has touretter's, streams her face with no other content and makes like 500k per year.
I think she is cute as fuck so I can understand why she has tons of simps. I would honestly love to date her or anything I can. She has a nice voice, is really pretty and seems kind.

Just relax fool. She got at least one lucky dice roll for her looks.
>Just relax fool. She got at least one lucky dice roll for her looks.
Just a blackpill. There is nothing special in her looks. She looks very average. If I had tourettes you would tell me to go to gym and improve or kill myself, but because she happens to be a woman you are already thinking about marrying her and saving her.

Just a blackpill on life; everything is directly or indirectly connected sex appeal. If you are a woman then nothing matters, simpies are there to save you. If you are a man then everyone's cruel to you.
i don't really watch twitch streamers but from the clips i've seen of her she seems funny and i think her tics are cute. why should i not like her because it would be harder for a man with tourette's to get famous on twitch or whatever (according to you). doesn't really make sense to me.
You only like her because you find her cute. Has nothing to do with her, it's just that you happen to be a male and she happens to be a female. Nothing she does matters to you, you would find her cute and stare at her boobas even if she had or hadn't some other illness.
The only reason you clicked those clips in the first place is because she's a woman. If it was a man in those clips you wouldn't even register them in your vision. And now you are trying your hardest to not see what Im trying to tell you.
lmao I'd rather donate money to the Tourette's Guy https://youtu.be/uCatVqdMZq8

File: eyvrl0xzi4a51.jpg (79 KB, 1080x1079)
79 KB
how to get a girlfriend during quarantine?
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File: Tom_3D_(424).jpg (44 KB, 640x787)
44 KB
not the same. I want a human connection and someone to play vidja with
I don't want to give up
any advice at all is good
>I want a human connection and someone to play vidja with
Try a male friend, they give you this plenty well and are much easier to obtain
File: 1610856532904.jpg (639 KB, 1080x1173)
639 KB
639 KB JPG
I don't want a friend I want a GIRLfriend
Well then begom Chad or prepare to scrape the bottom of the barrel
There is literally no reason for any woman above that to go for a non-chad
This girls name?

Hey r9k, I noticed you guys were having trouble getting a gf, so I made a flowchart. Just follow it and you will be able to see once and for all if you are capable of getting a gf.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
My issue is a mix of things
The first is that I present myself as a confident strong stoic guy when I'm really a pretty shy and emotional guy
The second is that I'm a sub and need a girl to take the lead role and the percentage of straight girls that are compatible with that are depressingly low
>inb4 stop prioritizing your fetish
Its about relationship roles as a whole
I think the first point might honestly be more of a problem than the last
Shy dudes who present as shy and emotional are more attractive than those who hide it, because hiding it doesn't work - at best it makes you seem like you're uninterested
(continued) And if you present as confident, strong, and stoic, you will never attract that small percentage of girls who want a cute sub guy
I got NOGF with both variations of the chart that I tried. The "what do you really want" question is hard to answer because I'm not sure
Nigga, there are tons of hobbies that are social but complete sausagefests

If you're into something like metalworking classes you can still end up a wizard

File: file.png (55 KB, 657x527)
55 KB
Have you ever fallen in love robots? What happened? What was she like?
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This. Can barely remember the last time I had a crush.
I fell in love with a femanon but she didnt feel the same way
File: 1606901025144.png (619 KB, 1096x1542)
619 KB
619 KB PNG
I've felt infatuated. Hurts more than any other emotion.
File: 1611194858789.jpg (74 KB, 720x701)
74 KB
Yeah once
Obviously she didnt like me back otherwise I would have never found this placec
I'm a 2 time DUI loser. I overheard my crush say "I will never date a man without a job and car"

Stopped talking to women after that. Would rather get drunk than drive (I'll just get another DUI and end up in prison.) Fuck women and driving. Im fine by myself.

Is there any point in being alive if you are actually very ugly. Like a legit 1-2/10?
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File: c6d.jpg (24 KB, 374x363)
24 KB
if you're 6-7 you can get fucked with a pencil in the urethra, faggot.
most white guys just need to work out
If you have hair you can always make it. It is only over for bald guys like me.
thats not true, women still believe in white supremacy
man, balding sucks. used to consider myself like 6-7. now 4-5. fucking whack

Have you ever had one of those people that almost became your gf, you had a legitimate chance with, was genuinely into you, but you just never made a move and now they're gone forever?
I just spent all night thinking of her and imaging what could have been.
I'm so dumb. She was perfect
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Huh? Can you explain?
the feels bro... originally
>not pumping and dumping tight little pajeetas
ngmi. cucking ethnic males is based. there was this turkish incel in college that used to obsess over a turkish girl i was putting the moves on. little dude nearly went suicidal after i fucked her brains out.
Yes, even tho its been years now that I stopped talking to that person, i still think about her every week or so...
Even tho im not even the same person as i was back when i was around that person, i stil regret not telling them how i felt.
I remember one time that person saked me "anon, do you have any feelings for me?"
And I simply replied with a smile and a "Of course not..."
I will perhaps forever remember those moments...
Some girl I met a little over a year ago had a BF but told my other friend who's a girl that she wants to "lick my balls". Fast forward a few months after seeing her a few times and she broke up with her bf, told my friend she wanted to hook up with me a few nights later. I didn't know that when we were hanging out and made an awkward comment, then my friend comes up to me and tells me she's finally single, but it was too late. She ghosted me for about 2 months then she kind of reached out, began using me for attention, breadcrumbing me while making me feel like a loser whenever I would ask her out, and finally at a recent new years party she was drunk and told ppl she wanted to hook up with me that night and doing weird sexual stuff in my face, snapchatted me for the first time ever the next day too. I asked her out once again a few days later for plans that weekend, she laughed at me and said "oops", so I told her she had issues and blocked her on everything. Probably gonna see her soon thru mutual friends and it's gonna be really awkward, and while it's sad I never got to bang or date, it's probably for the best because she would just use me and torment me mentally whether or not she realized it then denied the entire thing when I confronted her and pretty much called me a creep. The whole thing made me want to kill myself and I know she couldn't care less.

File: 1590060278879.jpg (144 KB, 750x1000)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
would you date a girl who is a virgin but still posts thirsttrap photos for betabux?
asking for a friend
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
if her face wasn't in them, it doesn't link back to her, and she acknowledges what she was doing and didn't fall for some feminist sex worker meme then yes.
is that a male or a female person?
Did reverse image search, seems like a girl with small tits.
Didn't see pussy, but there wasn't a bulge near the crotch.
>would you date a girl who is a virgin but still posts thirsttrap photos for betabux?
Yes, e-sluts are the best girls.
>still posts thirsttrap photos for betabux?
Your selling your body and lose your honor for money. You're a whore.
It's not just a matter of fornication or virginity. But if you accept, condone or even exploit this degeneracy, you are filthy and I don't want to hear anything about you.
But I would be considered a radical for some people and most two-legged animals here wouldn't agree with me.
There's almost no good humans on earth anymore.

It really was a simpler time, wasn't it?
9 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I really like these old ads
File: Ebcaz-7U0AAsOLc.jpg (590 KB, 1280x960)
590 KB
590 KB JPG
not simpler just less gay and retarded
No. You were just younger.

That's not to say the world / media isn't getting worse and isn't dogshit now. It absolutely is. But you have to work hard to separate nostalgia from entropy
Try Thug2pro
I found the old thps2 better than any other game of tony hawk, even the remaster.
File: 1585984699349.jpg (311 KB, 861x1200)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
I remember being excited for Quake 3

and for Team Fortress 2 before Valve delayed it for over half a decade. I never did get into it because the cartoony aesthetic was very much not what I was promised when I first heard about it.

File: bbctwi.webm (1.81 MB, 1280x720)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB WEBM
>how could you love a women whos had another mans cum on her face

>also robots
>just got done swallowing the load of my black FWB that I met on grindr
Its funny how niggers are the only ones who think they have big dicks.
very pretty I wish I had a fag like that to use
Do you have a big dick?

This comment is very original
File: 1570429065196.jpg (87 KB, 1024x768)
87 KB
>>how could you love a women whos had another mans cum on her face
>>also robots
>>just got done swallowing the load of my black FWB that I met on grindr
Reminder to never bump nog threads.

File: huh.jpg (45 KB, 596x595)
45 KB
I just got kicked out of my internet friend group for the last 3 years and they refuse to tell me the reason for kicking and blocking me everywhere. I have no idea what I did.
I invested so much time into these friendships and now all that time was wasted.
How do you make new friends from the ground up online nowadays?
I met all of them through TF2 competitive back when we all used to play
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I suspect that they had wanted you out for a while and needed some bullshit reason to kick you out of the group. So no wonder you can't even tell what you did to deserve such awful treatment.
>>61953484 is 100% right. Internet friendships never last long and one way or another you'll end up being heartbroken
This. How do you not even have any idea as to why your friends of 3 years ghosted you? I suspect you are withholding some info about your behavior towards them in order to present yourself more sympathetically to internet strangers.
OP here
Forgot to tell you about the server.
It wasn't, most people there were actually pretty chill and knew the difference between jokes and actual hate speech.
They seemed to be pretty ok with gay/jew/political jokes. I personally am not into that type of humor so I refrained from it.
I doubt it, but it may be a possibility. There were other people in our friend group that were way more toxic and annoying than me, yet everyone seemed to get along just fine.
There people blocked me too, so I expect they're still there.
Fair enough. I will try to summarize my activity on our discord server/what'sapp group over the last few months here.
So, I started playing a lot of CSGO with the guys in the server, we'd play mostly wingman as there wasn't enough people online to get a 3 man squad most of the time. At this time I've gotten a little bit closer to our server admin, let's call him Tyler (he's the one I suspect kicked me). We'd play cs for a few matches every day, everything seemed to be going well.
Then some members of our server did a raid on our server and we abandoned it, made a new one, invited everyone that wasn't involved with the raid and made it so only admins can make invites. The admins consisted of the oldest members of our friend group, these being Tyler, me, his online GF and this other guy named Colin.
For a while not much happens, other than we just don't have as much time as we used to have for games, I have a lot of college stuff to do, Tyler has a job now, everyone else is busy with school stuff too.
For a while me and Tyler didn't game at all, mainly because he didn't get on at all for like 2 months and when he did I was already asleep due to the timezone difference. Every now and then we'd manage to talk for 15 minutes and I still texted him on snapchat here and then.
So for the time being I played mostly with the other guys at the discord, with this dude named Bobby and with Colin.
Around 1 month ago, Tyter invites this guy he knows from back in high school. Let's call him Hank, he'd just join our call, be loud as fuck, play some cringe earrape 10h song on the music bot or repeat the same my name jeff joke for 3 hours straight.
I server muted/deafened him a few times over the course of 2 weeks and threatened to kick him if he didn't stop being so annoying.
Then, 3 days later, next thing I know the server was gone, and everyone had blocked me.

I think he may have gotten Tyler to kick me, I can't think of anything else.
File: 5607827913894.jpg (52 KB, 500x378)
52 KB
goddamn it OP I don't even know what to say to you. I feel genuinely sorry for your loss, you try to hang in there, the pain will eventually pass. I've been where you are and I know how shitty you feel right now

>You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original
yes, very unoriginal

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