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Fembots, whats the sluttiest thing youve ever done?

Im a malebot but I sucked off a trap in a public bathroom
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>>Felt like a goddess and a whore at the same time
And the goddess feeling lasted what, a day? an hour? half an hour?
The whore will last for the rest of your life, and not just your own feeling that way, even if you get over it, anyone who finds out will think you're a whore, even if they're nice and pretend they don't.
This is why women are so fucking stupid to me, honestly it seems like they're incapable of thinking more than 5 minutes into the future about any repercussions or if something is worth doing. I don't get how anyone can live like that
File: download.png (1.16 MB, 1920x1080)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
There you go anon, good girls are better than sluts, have praise for being able to not make dumb decisions in the heat of the moment or on impulse
Who is getting praised here? This is just a thread an anon made to jerk off too likely
Well I still have the other 2 guys hounding me and begging for one more time, telling me I'm still the best they've ever had, so that still continues
Thank you Anon I appreciate it

I'll probably dump my gf when she turns 25 and look for another 18 year old girl.

File: gf.jpg (37 KB, 612x408)
37 KB
Why don't you have a gf yet, anon? Just be yourself and lower your expectations to a realistic level.
File: 123.jpg (24 KB, 316x392)
24 KB
uhm no thanks, i'd rather die virgin
why would i need a gf when I'll fuck ur mom and sister and grandmother and ur father and brothers and ur future fucking children and all ur ex and female friends.
ohhh yeaa its gonna be good
even fat girls ghost me
>fat girls
she's a little chubby
she's probably too much for your micro penis having ass anyway, incel.

File: 1544007914862.png (51 KB, 455x451)
51 KB
>one day you'll get a gf, it'll just happen bro
I'm still waiting when is it going to happen.
normies tricking anon into thinking gf just happen so normie can lapp up all women
File: ec5wsbrr5ku21.png (427 KB, 500x515)
427 KB
427 KB PNG
i got a gf at 34 after having given up.
sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.
she is great but i'm still miserable as expected. remember that nobody can save you from yourself.

File: 8allp1fj56m01.jpg (351 KB, 638x749)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
38 degrees outside I'm sweating so fucking much right now and I'm all sticky
Get your master to hose you down.
Same, the feeling of sticky clothes is so disgusting to me.
Hot, post pics pls

File: 1548744916116.jpg (254 KB, 1080x1350)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
If this beautiful white women said her ex bf was black, would you care?
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You replied anyway so who is obsessed?
She is not beautiful and looks like a typical white girl that habitually fucks black men. It makes no sense for a white guy to take her serious, you're nothing but a phase an experiment
Yeah look probably
No because she is probably lying, like everything else that she says.

Yeah because I don't want AIDS.

File: 1555067655074.jpg (49 KB, 700x700)
49 KB
Fembots. Never date a guy who uses r9k. You won't be able to ever go back. I was engaged to a guy from here. We broke up month ago. I tried dating apps because im lonely, but I'm not able to talk with anyone that isn't browsing r9k. Help me anons
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I can smell the reek of onions emanating from this post.
This is why you're alone you fucking loser
File: ZA0F2XU.jpg (115 KB, 800x988)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
The guy was clearly a brad larping as a robot to get some easy poontang from a depressed roastie. Women here would never actually consider dating or fucking an actual robot. If you can't hold a conversation and are socially awkward it doesn't matter if the femoid is the same, she will not accept you. All women are the same, very rarely do they deviate from this norm. Men who are socially awkward are doomed to a life of lonliness, even the great Morrissey himself was still a fucking virgin past 25, why? because he was socially akward.
File: 1560803392549.gif (1.69 MB, 498x278)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB GIF
LMAO imagine getting engaged to some thirsty fuckboy you met online.
I have heard similar stories a few times.

File: @victorialazo.jpg (348 KB, 765x864)
348 KB
348 KB JPG
Cute edition.

No shoops or larps pls. Just delicious girl gains.
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can someone shoop this for science? I want to see what she would look like after a few more months on var
File: 1198303.jpg (249 KB, 1080x1350)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
ugh when will these incel losers stop shooping these muscles on me i don't want to look swol and qt ugh
File: 1557233140795.jpg (824 KB, 1180x973)
824 KB
824 KB JPG
>um anon, I think those pills you gave me are working a little too well...
File: 1557258940432.jpg (337 KB, 1252x601)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
>tfw she switched to physique
she's going to get scary big
File: dlb.webm (906 KB, 726x720)
906 KB
She would look great with DLB delts.

File: 1543781893649.png (11 KB, 645x773)
11 KB
>a woman says she's "lonely" and "depressed"
You shouldn't devalidate the suffering of others anon.
Women lack the self-awareness to suffer in any way beyond instinctual fear and disgust responses.
I don't know anon, sounds like you've had a bit too much /r9k/ kool-aid.

File: 1508113875491.png (520 KB, 376x596)
520 KB
520 KB PNG
This is someone's sisters
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Women like winners. Winners don't have to spike drinks to get a girl.
I mean would you really date a girl like that tho? I really like social media, because it's really an easy filter.
because they are slaves to their instinctive drive. they want dangerous, aggressive, dominant men because those men can protect them from rivals.
I am not 49, I was speaking about the common age denominator. Besides Thailand is filled with trannies and jannies with aids and HIV.

Philippines are okay, they have no discrimination factor. I like them.
>dominant men because those men can protect them from rivals
niggers literally kill these women every time. If anything, they need to be protected from these """""""""""""""""""""people"""""""""""""""""""""

Reminder that no woman will ever love you if your dick is below 7 inches
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Most people on these threads are taking the piss. Do you think all those moms really found all those piss jugs too?
That's literally no better feeling than pleasuring a beautiful woman
File: gosling.webm (529 KB, 720x603)
529 KB
>have 6.5" dick
>fantastically insecure
>qt I'm friends with tells me her new bf's is 8"
>feel physically ill when she talks about him
I want to jump in front of a fucking train.
You know she's lovingly worshiping that cock with her mouth and making him feel like a god.
File: 1558538360489.png (87 KB, 325x300)
87 KB
Man fuck you, I wish my cock was the size of yours. Mine's like 4, and that's when it's hard.

File: a53.jpg (43 KB, 737x758)
43 KB
Could someone explain to me what discord is? What's a discord channel? What's iirc? is it the same as discord? And what are discord trannies?

Please fill me in here.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's a website where the NSA and ad agencies datamine zoomer shitposts.
File: 1561302629920.png (714 KB, 746x720)
714 KB
714 KB PNG
Deez nuts your moms chin
It's a glorified chatroom.
It's where trannycels meet up
If you have any sort of hobby there's probably a discord server for it, might be worth checking out. It's like teamspeak but (relatively) safer and less retarded.

File: 222.png (95 KB, 250x250)
95 KB
tell me robots, why is today such a good day for daydrinking?
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Ur fuckin gay lol
File: 0.jpg (24 KB, 480x360)
24 KB
is it? i don't live in burgerland so i wouldn't really know
sodomizing a cute feminine boi is not gay at all, in fact its as alpha as it gets
Because I am alive and feel pain in evey second
File: mi.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
aren't we all anon? well i think some or us are either more alive or more in pain at this time of the day depending on temperature, i can safely say i am in pain, 30 celsius over here
Sure, say to yourself you know what i experience, of cours. and compare it to muh heat.

File: Karen Happy.png (110 KB, 600x600)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
Post stories, talk about, or ask for advice about your family.

Keep it civil and be nice to each other.

Previous paste
200 replies and 41 images omitted. Click here to view.
Made the mistake of agreeing to hang out with my brother today. I don't even want to get out of bed. I wonder what he has planned. My dad knows we agreed so there's no way out now.
More context would be nice anon. Are you one of the anons that has posted in this thread(s) before? Why do you think hanging out with your bro is a mistake? Are you afraid/anxious of what he has planned? How does your dad's knowledge of this meeting make it seem like there's no way out?
I have posted here before. I just feel terrible. I don't want to do anything. I'm always anxious about everything so. My dad is going to hold me accountable so now I have to.
>I have posted here before
This thread? A previous one? Can you (you) your post? Before we can give you advice/support, we gotta know the situation man.
Well I don't know what to think about your mother, but your (fantastic) sister hammering your dad's head might have helped him realize that he's done wrong. It might be a stretch but maybe him being stoic and cold is his way of dealing with guilt? My own dad is this way, so I'm not sure, but either way as long as you can talk and he doesn't abuse you there is hope for your relationship to get better. Same goes for your mother. Also, on that subject, I feel somewhat reassured and glad about your friend and his own family including you in their circle. His mom sounds nice. They might not be your blood, but they do love you if they're willing to go to such lengths as to drag your to the doctor's. Do you see them often?

>the main dread at the moment is that friend will be moving on with his live
Relax, it's not until two years. You have plenty of time. Enjoy his company at the moment, and search for someone else's to complement it. And it's not like he'll be dead either, you could still talk or see each other every once in a while! You wouldn't be replacing him, just expanding your social circle and maybe the family you seek.

File: 105.png (374 KB, 611x558)
374 KB
374 KB PNG
>7 year unemployment gap
>no uni degree
How difficult is it gonna be anons? I live in a shit eastern eu country.
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Well then you're gonna have to just kill yourself pussy.
Make your way to the UK or Ireland and work construction or something
i'm 172cm and 51kg, I would fucking die from exhaustion
Nigga I graduated from a leading US university and still had some trouble landing a job. The market is crazy these days...
Do temping agencies or employment offices exist in shit eastern eu countries? They exist where I live and it is their job to find you a job.

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