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File: IMG_20180721_125925.jpg (50 KB, 640x360)
50 KB
Prove me wrong """femanons"""

The last thing in my life that made me happy is gone. I have no reason or will to live. How should I end it, /r9k/?
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Her name started with an 'L'.
File: 1525396005367.jpg (58 KB, 482x427)
58 KB
Send me some dosh 1st m8
Oh i'm really sorry anon.
But believe me they are all the same shit in the end.
If you thought she was special or unique in anyway it was just an illusion.
You will find many other girls like that, even better.
why the fuck should we care about that , you stupid fucking mongoloid . there are people with bigger problems than that . are you 13? get the fuck out .
I don't think that's true, that she isn't special, and I don't have any desire for any "other girls".

Technically the last thing that she said was that she loves me, before wishing me goodnight. It will be like I went to sleep after that. Maybe I can dream about her. Maybe we will dream together, and she is already waiting for me.

File: 1532347464125.png (459 KB, 591x591)
459 KB
459 KB PNG
Fembot thread.
Fembots, how do you detect virgins?
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>real fembots
Stop living a lie anon. Fembots don't exist
Let me guess.
You are a virgin.
unless your a chad. then being mean is hot
everyone knows its the virgin walk
you can tell when a guy on here is a virgin when they get pissed off by the mentioning of virginity and female attention

Do they have anything else than looks going for them?

Just look at this photo. It's a quantum computer, built by men. Yeah, those sex-hungry pigs that are stupid and oppress women.

If the feminist dream, having only women on this planet, would come true, what would happen? How would a bunch of instagram posers run a high-tech world when less than 1% of females are engineers?
Woman, just admit it: the world runs because of men. Can you explain how a generator works? Can you build one? I can, even though I'm a 29-year-old virgin with apparently no value in society.

The thing is, women are way overvalued in our society right now.
And the irony is that women have never been worse and less desirable than today. They're not even feminine anymore. They get pierced, tattooed, shave their heads, act like men, go hunting, join the army.. don't know about you but I'm disgusted. I miss the women from the 1900's when they aspired to be someone's man, instead of recoiling at the thought.
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What is wrong is the OP complaining how women are overvalued in society.

A woman told me best, she's a walking baby machine and she knows it.
Yeah and nobody would be here without that, retard.
nobody would be here without men either, so what?
Point ~ you ~ me.
Women are animals
For some reason a lot of sociopaths are being born
Even some stunning looking female sociopaths
Like attracts like and water seeks it's own level
Thus numales are only capable of relating to the ape-like horror called woman

File: 1509801352463.png (236 KB, 586x476)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
Does anyone else feel really empty sometimes? I've recently caught onto how after a manic episode or after a really emotional day I'll feel like a human shell. It's like there's nothing inside of me and it makes more sense to refer to myself as "we" as opposed to "I". It's like I temporarily stop being a person.

My hobbies aren't nearly as interesting, I don't feel like doing anything besides masturbating and watching dumb youtube videos and Twitch streams.

A girl who likes me tried talking to me the other day and it really spun me out of control, and by the time I had settled down the whirl of emotions was replaced by emptiness. It just feels strange not even being a person, having a personality, a cohesive ego. It's hard to be consistent with improving yourself when you're so emotionally labile; it feels like I am my emotions. I can hardly put up a fight against the ebb and flow of my emotional state because there is no "I" at the center of me.
Yes all the time.
I started to cope by larping on here and other platforms like discord or online games.
It's honestly kinda fun, creating new personas, from their everyday life to their dreams and so on. It's a bit like telling a story, only that the people you tell the stories are unaware of it.
made me think.

Yeah, I sorta do the same thing in VR chat - pretend I'm someone else.
This post represents everything this board stands for

File: 1472235416951.jpg (87 KB, 401x299)
87 KB
>tfw unironically started sobbing and then completely screaming my lungs out out of the heartbreak after seeing an extremely cute couple being lovely in the park and having a picnic
It hurts my chest so fucking badly. I don't know what to do. I've never felt their feeling. I never will.

File: gsg gf.png (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB
the lonliness ride never fucking ends edition
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every dominant female I've met was mentally ill, often they were molested

You're supposed to go for a girl who loves you for who you are and has a good sense of morality you fucking retard
how many have you met? why does that mean it's true for everyone? sounds like you're a brainlet
Checked. I try not to turn my inner pain into outer rage. That way lies the way of insanity.
File: 1509724299535.jpg (11 KB, 480x480)
11 KB
a dominant girl can't love you for who you are and have morality?
Mentally ill girls are far less likely to

I've met quite a few and occasionally I browsed /gfd/. My ex e-gf was into it too.

File: 1532292530037.jpg (234 KB, 506x722)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
Have you ever encountered a psychopath?
I have interacted with many of them through the years, could it be that i am a sort of magnet for them?
But now i'm starting to think that there is no such thing, and that all humans are soulless monsters trying to fuck over you in any possible way. And secretly enjoying it.
Just wonder why didn't i realize it before.
I have acknowledge and internalize this fact, fellow monsters.
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You have 43% chances of psychopath personality.

what did you guys get
I think I might be kind of a psychopath or similar desu. I am certainly antisocial.
I spend more time at work, than I need to, even without writeing it down. I am not considered very empathic, at least by my mother. But I still feel emotions, mostly at least, sometimes I also feel just empty and emotionless.
File: 1532097323545.jpg (246 KB, 640x832)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
I have something similar. Noticed that the people that I get along with tend to use me horribly. And I usually considered this natural unfortunately.
Attempting to reformat myself, but it's almost impossible. I feel warped to fit only into abusive relationships by fucking design.
>I spend more time at work, than I need to, even without writeing it down
This doesn't make you a psychopath

>You Got 15% Psychopath
>Score: 17
>Result: You have 15% chances of psychopath personality

If only I wasn't extremly emotional.

Mixed race women are the future
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>There's something people like you don't count on.
>The mutts sticking to other mutts.
>No, I think it's more like, you people are afraid of it.
>The mere idea that they'd stick to other biracial people rather then pick a side or eternally toe the line upsets and confuses people
What? I know that'll happen, what do you think will be the case when everyone is mixed?
File: 1532302944611-pol.jpg (79 KB, 738x741)
79 KB
Jews will hang by their fat fucking noses from every street lamp in every western country. Disgusting, nation wrecking, fucking filth. Take your Kalergi Plan garbage and kill yourself.
You did not explain why they're a virus
What about Arab + white?
Everyone is already mixed with something anon.
Also, you act as if it's some far off possibility in the future.
It's happened, it's happening now, it's how things have always been.
Human beings wouldn't exist without it.

In america there are huge colonies of afroindians, creoles(even though people try to pretend that they don't exist), eurasians tend to stick to other eurasians, it's just how things end up sometimes.

It's how we are what we are.

File: IMG_1706.jpg (22 KB, 800x450)
22 KB
>make good friends
>even get a gf
>still sad
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I know that feel fellow incel robot. Why is life so cruel?
Honestly most people suffer from depression and theres no easy out
Watch out for being cucked
>even get a gf
OP is getting cucked as we speak

File: 1525975940492.jpg (182 KB, 900x576)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
>meet girl on /soc/
>fuck 4 times
>best sex of my life
>never see her again

Its been all downhill since then

File: JPEG_20180718_210041.jpg (1.45 MB, 2576x1932)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
I have one of Chris Chan's sonichu medallions. You guys decide what happens to this autism artifact
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Wear it and cherish it for the rest of your life.
Making fun of that guy got old long ago, nobody really cares.
Cum on it
File: dhog.jpg (31 KB, 233x236)
31 KB
Post a pic with timestamp originally
Stick it up your ass, that's what chris chan would have wanted

File: youngcouple.png (96 KB, 400x252)
96 KB
>tfw as a kid I thought this was what relationships were like
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i would like to kill you
They are for everyone but us.
Dont run from the truth, anon. The earlier you accept it the less you'll have to deal with the pain of disappointment
They are, just not for robots.
Relationships I've seen have mainly either been pump-n-dumps, ones of convenience, guy gets cucked, or some beta becoming whipped and cucked hard by some mediocre 4/10 woman.

File: 0baec655b089.jpg (563 KB, 900x594)
563 KB
563 KB JPG
Where would you want your very first date with him to be?

Last thread:
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Tees Valley reportin' in
You faggots know there's a direct corelational between anger issues and gayness right
It's not fun being circumcised. Don't get cut over some stupid fetish. Even if you're a dicklet, foreskin is hot
Cmon anon. Don't you wanna cut me down to your size?
No, I want a nice uncut guy to play with and tease me for being a circumcised dicklet

File: 1517540276788.jpg (36 KB, 300x300)
36 KB
anyone tried going back to school after years of being a hikki/neet? i desperately need to do something since none wants to hire me even for a shitty warehouse jobs.
Yeah I did at 27 after being a shut in NEET since age 16 when I dropped out of highschool

It failed miserably and now I am going on 31 and back even further deep into NEET life
I'm afraid I simply won't be able to keep up with people 6 years younger than me that are fresh out of school and still remember everything. Even basic math on bad days gives me trouble. Was that the case in your situation?

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