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File: 1627145663169.png (269 KB, 1200x440)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
Are Toombers still alive?
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My grandmother's 92, born in 1928.
Wait, Queen Elizabeth was born in '26. Oh well.
I personally can't wait for gen ligma
Toombers were the last of their kind, boomers and up are all the same
My gruncle is 104 and still drives. My gruncle absolutely mogs your gruncle despite being older.

File: E7BTlYJXsAAqX7j.jpg (968 KB, 1079x1440)
968 KB
968 KB JPG
>sister had a house party with her friends last night
>i go for my run through the park
>already hear them talking and giggling at me as i leave in my workout clothes
>come back, exhausted and sweaty
>ignore them
>go to the kitchen and have my oatmeal
>they're laughing at me as i'm eating healthy after my workout
>one of the girls comes up to me and talks to me like i'm an autistic toddler
>"do you mind the loud music? let me know if it's too loud and we'll turn it down a notch"
>no, enjoy yourself
>finish oatmeal, go upstairs and play chess while listening to podcasts until they're done partying

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Ah yes, for me to be socially acceptable I should've not had that healthy meal after my workout, but instead I should've sat in a smoke filled room for hours while listening to 90IQ retards scream into my ear about shit that I couldn't care less about.

What value would I get out of that? Drunk people have nothing good to say, let alone when the music is deafening.
>You have to take the leap of faith, have a couple drinks
Not OP but if you drink alcohol after workout (or just too much on a regular basis like normies do) this will destroy your gains. Alcohol has no benefit

>They aren't out to get you.
Not OP, but I pretty much need to repeat this mantra in my head when shit like this happens.
Goddamn man, it's so hard, especially when your inner dialogue is convinced most people really don't like me. It's really crippling, even though I want to engage and be friends too. I'm not autistic though, more avoidant.
The value is social, not physical. Our species traded huge fucking chimp gains for high dexterity and social skills, working out is great and super good for you but in the long run making friends and cultivating close relationships will do more for your state of mind. Either way it's your call, that's just my two cents.
Even if I did want friends, my friends would be into more fruitful things than smoking, drinking and pretending like music at 100dB is a comfortable level to listen to.

File: 1626371445182.jpg (138 KB, 1280x720)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
There's no feeling like waking up hungover in a dress. I feel like shit but at least I'm cute.
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Who gives a fuck?
YWNBAW and you will lie dead in a ditch in the future with no one knowing or caring about your demise from you suiciding
post a pic slut
Are you pretty? Post pics.
You seem fun to talk to, wanna chat on discord?
We can watch Xavier together and talk about life.

File: EqSr_-qVgAAWH9s.jpg (188 KB, 828x1158)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
>the physical embodiment of a midlife crisis
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Phoenix bot here. I can say I definetly proud that this came from my state. the guy looks and acts fucking ridiculous its great. also bang isn't that bad? I thought it would be like radioactive sludge but some of them are tolerable. and creatine is the only legal weightlifting supplement that's actually worth a shit
Thats just what happens when incels get older. They turn into even uglier pedos who wear eccentric clothes and spend money on dumb useless shit.
seems like thats a little later than mid life
brendan fraser also would be and example for that.
Middle age has always been defined as 40 through 60 (or 65). Middle has two definitions, with only one of them being "exactly halfway"; the other is simply a large expanse of time between early and late.

Why is it that men mostly find heavy women attractive, while women mostly find skinny men attractive?

Examples: Christina Hendricks as a woman that men find attractive, and Timothee Chalamet as a man that women find attractive.
File: 1625902238522.jpg (589 KB, 3023x3681)
589 KB
589 KB JPG
Big tits and big asses are signs of fertility.

File: 1614017747402.jpg (149 KB, 1024x1024)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
>you are not chad
>you do not go outside
0% chance of survival
File: 1608627571171s.jpg (3 KB, 124x120)
3 KB
I am chad.
I am outside right now.

>Be lil nas x
>Be gay
>Be judged by a bunch of right leaning /pol/ tards and religous chuds
>Make a music video about twerking on satan
>Wach /pol/tards get mad

Is lil nas x not based as fuck? Considering he trolled a good chunk of conservatives by going to hell and twerking on satan.
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listen all those gay sissy blacked threads on r9k not gonna work ok? lil nas showed whole world black men are sissies, he literally outdid whatever those discord fags were doing for past +3years.
His whole shtick is literally just "HAHAHA I AM GAY AND ALSO A NIGGER! SHOCKING AND TRANSGRESSIVE, RIGHT? LOOK AT ALL THOSE TRIGGERED CONSERVATIVE BOOMERS!" (points at a flimsy cardboard cutout of a street preacher)
How do people not get tired of this? This isn't 1996 anymore. I can literally walk down the street and see a dude wearing fishnets and a dog collar. The demographic Lil Nas X is attacking in his songs no longer exists.
Who is this guy and why should I care?
>if you're not angry at X, you're part of the problem!
ngl this nigger is gay as fuck but montero and industry baby are two of the best hiphop tracks/music videos since 2000. i respect that he doesnt try to pretend that fags arent all manwhores that are damned to hellfire too. if you're gonna be an open fag you might as well fucking live it.

File: gmuyz0op1e321.png (234 KB, 500x545)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
Just posting a Monika. Whatever.

File: 1624766363386.jpg (169 KB, 700x1113)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
i have a protip for all of you
this will help you a lot when you browse this board
if you see a thread, a specific post, or a certain poster you dislike - dont reply.
just dont reply.
because any form of reply is encouragement.
and until you understand that, you will keep breeding the content you hate
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quite frankly i dont believe u
You thought wrong. He can after a while.
You type like a girl...

He can but only if he posts an image.
Fine, don't. I'm just gonna ignore it even harder.

Smoking in bed on a Sunday morning edition

How are my fellow drugbots? Threadly question:
Without mentioning deliriants, what are the WORST drugs you have tried?
112 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
law of attraction
How? In an original way pls.
smoke dmt instead of speed
I know what you mean. I was crushing hard on a girl from my class who dropped the class and I said fuck it and got high the following week and randomly she was there, walking back to her car. I actually didn't notice her until she called out to me and when I got within conversation distance the floodgates opened and I somehow walked away with her number. Of course I was ghosted a week after, but it's weird she just randomly appeared and called out to me.
tried smoking dmt, but the smoke was just to awful, didn't get any effect, used a light bulb with a straw.

File: 1596834456872.jpg (24 KB, 640x400)
24 KB
Write a letter to somebody who may or may not read it.

Initials preferred, but not required.
271 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
Edelgard sucks
Dimitri is best
>mfw i wakey wakey
For the record, I'm not aware of some secret server where we all sit around linking arms and drinking each other's wine while puffing cubans and keking and choking on the fumes of drummed up drama for the letter thread. Do I talk to a very select few outside of here? Yes, *individually*. None of them are in cahoots with one another and I've never dragged discord drama in here unless you count the odd public interaction with someone I happen to have on discord as drama. No malicious anything far as I know, but by all means, keep at the urban legend, it is amusing.
very pathetic please kill yourself
Very rude. Hug yourself.
salty bitch that's not me

File: 1627196720139.png (917 KB, 937x779)
917 KB
917 KB PNG
What are your thoughts on sex positive mothers, /r9k/?
35 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
idk man. I don't know how we let it get this far
my mom wouldn't even let me go on dates until I was 18 but luckily for her I couldn't have even if she didn't make that rule.
My first thought seeing the thread, the WMAF part anyway.
oh fuck no not the third worlders
i remember that time i saw trans empowerment on magapakailanman
they fuck

Nine great big fluffy foxgirl tails ripe for burying your face in
File: spongebob_chocolate.jpg (50 KB, 620x378)
50 KB
nine tailed fox has entered the facility
File: 40586777_p0.png (861 KB, 1200x1000)
861 KB
861 KB PNG
You can't keep her contained forever

manifesting yandere
day 5

I get no likes on tinder should I kill myself
Get on Photofeeler. Put in a bit more of work, I believe in you.
you should make a better profile.
no selfies. no pics taken indoors in harsh lighting. only use soft lighting or natural lighting. you should be wearing outfits that fit well in all of them. you should, ideally, have one or two pics of you with others.

most robots take 3 selfies in their bedroom, upload it, then sink into despair
How do I take good photos though?
thats such a big and broad question that im just going to direct you to wikihow
I am so ugly I should die

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