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File: Imperial(Calendar).png (92 KB, 207x271)
92 KB
Midyear 5
>In Daggerfall, this is the Summoning Day for Hircine.
TES is overrated, but have a bump because at least your thread isn't schizo coomer spam.

When do you think the new TES game will come out? I'm inclined to not play anything on launch day anymore anyway. Better to wait for a GOTY at least and play it modded.

I'm never taking this boards opinions on racemixing seriously ever again.

File: 1685957238980244.png (814 KB, 874x870)
814 KB
814 KB PNG
Lets suppose i want to shoot myself in the head(i don't) with a .45 revolver, what part exactly should i arm for to die a (mostly) painless death and minimize the chances of surviving? Also do you lose consciousness immediately after being shot in the head?
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Every time this bitch is posted I think she's wearing an ISIS flag for a second
>aim the gun upwards
>aim it 20-30 degrees towards yourself
>put in mouth
Although i do recommend 8 gauge slug shotgun for maximum efficiency.
picrel: how angry/rebellious teenagers were before the trans movement became the new fad
For me it's sodium nitrate but I don't know how to obtain it easily
>>73570681 You'll not be able to avoid the pain if you kill yourself. You will feel it in full.
You reap what you sow. This is no joke.

File: file.png (1.73 MB, 1000x718)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
Stressed out?
Why not engage in ritual animal sacrifice?
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I do bruh, i eat meat every day, fuck are you on about
No, no, no. Where's the blood and murder? Tucked away from view. You can't have that.
sorry im still a goyim and i dont live on a farm yet
I like how there's only one (1) black carrying it
Singular is goy
You just said, "I am a foreigners"

File: 1359405222953.gif (1.7 MB, 344x224)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB GIF
How do people find any motivation in life? The reason I have no hobbies or do anything outside work is because I can't be bothered to do anything except do the little things in life that give me quick access to happy brain chemicals.
I let everything I own fall into disrepair because I just don't have a reason not to.
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I already own a small 1 bedroom apt. and have absolutely no desire for anything bigger or better. My family owns a small countryside estate and a seaside house that I will inherit, but even if that wasn't the case, I don't think I'd ever want any of that. All I really want is a living space to consume digital media until I drop dead.
I like cars and bought one that was fun to drive and easy to maintain thinking I'll do some wrenching eventually. Of course, I couldn't be arsed. Now I'm just squeezing the life of a 20 yo shitbox and I don't really want anything else.

What makes people want to BBQ? Or ride a bicycle for no reason? Or do anything that isn't necessarily betterment of oneself?
That's a good analogy, anon. I never really looked at it that way. This will stick in the back of my mind for a long time. But I'm not sure it will make me change my ways.
>Do you want to own your own home? Get a nice car? Go skydiving or traveling? What's your dream life?
Jesus fucking Christ, get a load of this normalfag.
>What makes people want to BBQ? Or ride a bicycle for no reason?
It's enjoyable.

If you don't get this go to a doctor and check for low t and depression.
Depression does not exist and I'm not letting (((them))) poke around my head.

i jack off like every other day and dont workout, and i tested for a testosterone level of 640 ng/dl. this is above average for a 23yr old.
explain yourselves nofap shills.
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Here's the secret that BTFO these retards anon;
Jerking off doesn't lower Testosterone to a clinically significant amount.
Low T you can easily get an online doctor to send you a prescription.

I jerk off several times a day and am higher T than most people my age.
640 really isn't that high for 23
>monkeys jerk off in high stress situations but never in nature.
good thing i'm a monkey in a high stress situation
Dude, your testosterone level is average, on the higher end of average. But still average. Testosterone levels are incredibly subjective to individuals. But, the only thing you can count on with a slightly higher than average testosterone level is starting to go bald earlier on in life.
No fap is legit just a way for people who have zero talents or interests to have "something" they can hold over others. That is all it is, just dumb bottom of the barrel ego shit.

File: honkler.jpg (20 KB, 474x458)
20 KB
in the past 7 hours my concentration has gone from laser focus to completely blunted

File: 6mivfc.jpg (44 KB, 754x500)
44 KB
So, I'm a person who doesn't drink, do drugs or smokes, I also don't like partying and all

On top of that I'm catholic so I try to live by my values. The other day I met an older guy at work who told me that I'm on the right track and ''Yeah don't party, go to the gym''

Which is simple but fair advice, but deep down I feel like I'm missing out, should I keep living like I'm now or should I try all the party stuff?

Because I only get along with older women, I don't click with girls my age at all
you're doing fine. You're allowed to drink though. I'm Catholic and have a pint in the evening after work. You can smoke too. It's a vice afforded to us. Only God determines when we shall die, so it's not like you're sinning if you have a vice or two, but try and follow the Rules of Saint Benedict, and do all things in moderation.
Saint Benedict makes it clear though: all things in moderation, even means to have "moderation" in moderation - so be sure to treat yourself (wholesomely, of course), when you can :)
Pax Christi, Anon! I will pray for you!

What am I if I'm a Puerto Rican and Southern European/Iberian Peninsula/North African mix?
your just like every other latino on earth
>Puerto Rican

so you're loud. Got it

File: dwtyawh4xh6a1.jpg (70 KB, 570x570)
70 KB
im so conflicted and maybe one of you guys can help:
I'm a relatively kind person. I don't let people walk over me and I'm not a faggot people-pleaser, but I always struggle with this impulse to be a "thug" or "bad boy" because that's what it always seems like women want.

But here's my thing: why would I want those kinds of women in my life anyways? Why am I putting so much thought into women I don't even want to have anything to do with?
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Girls mainly find 1 thing negative & the darkside guys DO have an advantage-if u get an emotional response (they have nothing to lose) it's a turnoff [negative emotions/affected]
>But here's my thing: why would I want those kinds of women in my life anyways?
You don't.
>Why am I putting so much thought into women I don't even want to have anything to do with?
You don't want the women. You want their bodies.
damn this nigga spittin facts
>>73571828 https://voca.ro/1iADCh2pKRg8
>act retarded
>attract retards
just do your beest and beeurself
the former requires courage and the latter self-honesty (you'll need to casually lie while staying true to urself lol)
that's all there is to it
if you're actually looking for a girlfriend, I don't see how it could work out in any other way
sooner or later someone will be interested in you and if they're kissable, see where it goes
that's pretty much my rule and it got me two gfs that I could just chill with, perv with, and share stuff I liked
but soon after you lose that courage to improve yourself, experience new things you like, etc. they tend to lose interest
like you have to continue courting women, if only slightly, and it never really ends
I'm fairly handsome but also a slightly manic-depressive autist so it's hard for me to keep a relationship for more than a couple years
because my life can get kind of pathetic from a woman's pov if I indulge myself too much in being a coward, I always turn it around but I let myself hit rock-bottom a couple times

File: IMG_0207.png (1.18 MB, 1500x844)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Underaged banned you must not falter. The world will become darker and your only hope is to not give up. You gotta play and have fun. Have friends by your side, forget love if you have to. I know what it's like to grow up on 4chan when it was better and safer I feel bad for you guys, be mindful. Watch yourself. Don't reply to me.
>Don't reply to me.
ok i wont reply

File: 1685569789583409.jpg (144 KB, 1080x1350)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
my friend decided she wants to be a man and idk how to stop her.
shes a cute, short, innocent girl and i want her to stay that way.
any tips on how to stop her ruining herself and her worth?
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So you don't actually care what happens to her. You are worried about being called a faggot for fucking a man (biological woman). Just use your hand, faggot.
i do care what happens to her shes mentally ill and needs to be fixed.
she thinks shes a man and i wont let another one become a tranny.
There was a documentary about a feminist who went incognito and pretended to be a man for few weeks/months. She ended up quitting before the planned time because she couldn't handle the depressing life of a man. It haunted her for some time and she ended up killing herself. Send it to her and tell her she won a lottery but then again... she will probably end up fucking top 5% of men and not you or some other average dude so maybe she should destroy her body and fuck off.
This. All or nothing.
If she doesn't reciprocate let her ruin her life. People only learn through suffering.
Jesus christ, dude. If she's a straight up lesbian it's going to be literally impossible for her to see you in a sexual/romantic manner. There's no reason to keep simping so hard for her, it's not going to happen.
And for the trans thing. Imagine what someone would need to pay you to dress up like a woman, with high heels, dresses, and full makeup, every day for a month. With you having to interact with all your friends and with the general public. How much would someone need to pay you to do that?
Well, the feeling of needing to transistion is at least as strong as the feeling you'd get from winning that amount of money. Except it's there all the time.
If you don't agree with how this person want to live their lives, if she only has worth to you as a "cute, short innocent girl"; you're incapable of seeing her as a person and your relationship would never have worked.
The only thing you can do is find some other woman.

File: image-94 (3).png (213 KB, 856x507)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
>decide to draw today
>remember I'm not good at it
Practice makes perfect, I guess.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: image-52 (1).png (64 KB, 310x365)
64 KB
Thank you for the inspirational words, Anon.
Thank you, Anon.
I drew a character with an oversized jacket covering all but his eyes, kinda like Kenny from South Park.
I like drawing him, but I think I could do better
Original Character? Or just a spur of the moment thing?
File: image-86 (5).png (65 KB, 350x345)
65 KB
I guess he'd be an original character, yeah.
I sorta picture him being used if I were to create a vidya of my own.
Maybe it'll happen someday if I ever stop being lazy.
I swear I won't steal your idea, but I wanna know about this possible game. Do you know what genre you'd want to work with?
File: image-37 (7).png (112 KB, 381x310)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
It's a weird one, but it's basically Luigi's Mansion, but with fish.
The idea is that your character is deep underwater, catching these aggressive fish with a rod. It'd work like the vacuum would work in the aforementioned Luigi's Mansion, pulling the enemies in to defeat them.
To be honest, I really just want a game similar to Luigi's Mansion.

Can people who is are whores or faggots be moral in others sectors of life? Can these people function in society. Can a virgin woman still be disgusting and unpure morally? I definitely would livd a fascist theocratic state where gays are outlawed and women are given to men by their fathers but I do wonder how necessary that is for a functional society.

File: 1655890116216929.png (553 KB, 474x811)
553 KB
553 KB PNG
would you date a fembot who only functions in open relationships? i've tried monogamy but i just can't.
24 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Because it's a bait thread.
Only if she's still emotionally loyal to me and wouldn't mind jerking me off in an onahole while she plays recorded videos of her fucking the other guys.
That much is obvious but I want to see some retard logic at work.
File: 1659031729949785.png (633 KB, 1200x676)
633 KB
633 KB PNG
It depends. If she's just fucking other men for physical pleasure, I could handle it. If she was actually romantically involved with them though I don't think I could. Otherwise it feels like I'm just her friend.
god you are disgusting

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