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to all cutters: blood is so sticky... why do you even bother? its so messy and slippery then sticky and is hard to clean and stains... why dont you just man the fuck up? why fuck up your natural processes just as a pathetic cry for help because you arent strong enough to make changes yourself? why must you leech on functioning members of society for your own pathetic personal gain? why do all cutters cut across when most of them say they do it because theyre suicidal? what the fuck is wrong with you? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? if you ever needed the push, use this as one. if youre scared, know that death will take away all the fear and pain. so why dont you just do it? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself?
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i go to the gym 3-4 times a week and also run. i still need to cut. you wont understand until you try it and realise that you need it. but lets hope it doesnt happen
do you tell people about it? are you ashamed of it? do you want to quit?
i stay quiet, im a bit ashamed because i know its bad and i need it, ergo im addicted, but since nobody knows about it i feel a bit better. i am trying to quit, but sometimes it just happens
the fact that you felt inclined enough to respond to this thread shows that you are probably a lot more ashamed about it than you let up, so let me give you some good advice
as someone thats never dealt with addiction before, just quit
its that easy
the reason i have never dealt with addiction before isnt because i havent done anything addicting, its because my secret technique is just not getting addicted
you need to be harder on yourself and not let yourself get addicted to things that your life doesnt depend on
just simply adapt, become stronger, and if you cant, then youre weak
easy as that
you said you already work out so im gonna assume you have a good mental and that you are doing it because of reasons that arent related to proving to yourself that you are strong enough to conquer physical pain to soothe the mental pain
and if you cant realize that you are strong enough to overcome the mental pain then you are stupid and weak, which means you need to get stronger
thats how i can slice open my fingers and bleed all over my knife without realizing it
>"you dont understand what i go through"
i have quite literally went through hell and back and have seen things, done things, and have had things done to me that you couldnt start to even imagine
just man up
I do it cause I want to nigga.

It doesn't matter how "based" or "redpilled" you are. If you have a white daughter your legacy is at a high risk of being tarnished. The problem with pro-white movements is the tolerance of sodomites and the woman worship.
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They modelled themselves after Mussolini's movement. Called themselves fascists. Acted like fascists. Giving themselves the title "National Socialists" means nothing. If it looks fascist and acts fascist, then it's fascist.
File: 1650238265427.jpg (289 KB, 939x704)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
>If you are obssesed with social hierarchy and reproduction you are mindless animal
I must've struck a nerve on you specifically because you're barking at me and not at OP
File: 1651003701138.jpg (66 KB, 536x591)
66 KB
Go back to MGTOW, redpiller. I bet your wife is Chinese.
Yeah, white men aren't harping on about asian women or anything
>bro this EVIL NAZIS grandaughter is BLACK and supports LGBT
...yeah back to discord retard.

>lived with his mother
>shit on his bedroom floor
>never showered or brushed his teeth
>still had not just one but TWO girlfriends simultaneously
Why don't you just satanmaxx?

This guy has a GF and you dont

What are you doing wrong
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Unironcially this, she probably gets off to the idea of a giant monster raping her like most women
He is ugly and that works for virtue signalling on social media

I did quit it with my gf during Covid, time to get back in the ring
just have a vagina for a face theory. also yet another example of JBW
That girl has that psychological trait that makes you care a lot about disabled people to a mad level, she also has some crazy bitch eyes if you look at their insta and YouTube videos. She has control over his body and a feeling of power and that makes her wet, I mean, she's fucking the fucking Pinocho what you expected a woman like that would ve
He's elephant man maxxing

File: 1629957622504.jpg (14 KB, 235x234)
14 KB
You have just lost The Game
i already lost the game long ago brah
It's been so long that I don't even mind
the game is making a comeback just you watch, ill get you back bitch
Thug aim

File: 92371.jpg (86 KB, 500x500)
86 KB
I just realized something super funny, you'll never know what it is though
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I'll give you the last cookie if you tell me :3
we had a deal anon, that last cookie was for me
I know what you are thinking. I can read your mind.
i promise that no one who likes ops picel can b funny
You forgot to sage dumb retard

you all of the sudden find yourself transported to this place, what do
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I don't get it. Is there some sign of danger?
>tfw you find liminal spaces comfy
I don't understand why zoomers are unnerved by them but I appreciate that they're making them trendy and giving me nice pictures to look at
File: 1561869710034.jpg (110 KB, 1200x900)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
That depends on who you are, I suppose.

Too clean for my liking. I prefer the broken slutty ones.

Have any of you ever suffered from panic attacks? When I was 10 to 13 I had severe panic attacks that felt worse than anything ive felt. My fears today dont hold a candle to what I was feeling back then.

Every second felt like I was in a horror movie and something bad was going to happen. I felt like I could see through peoples skin. Its like all that is human and warm was sucked out of reality and I was just waiting to die. Everytime I tried to get away from the dread and anxiety by distracting myself or trying to feel something else it became apparent that I was just coping. As though I was jinxing something bad to happen by ignoring it. It was brutal.

Thinking about it gives me nostalgia though.
From like 9-14 that happened to me about once every six months. I would suddenly wake up and go fucking batshit. I remember distinctly one of my attacks was because I had somehow convinced myself that four was an odd number, and that revelation was tearing my perception of reality and self apart.
Yeah 5 or 6 ? On some of them i thought i was dying, on some of them i thought a demon is taking control of my body. Sometimes my hand made movements by itself and i couldnt control it.
yes I was a nervous wreck from 14-20 but then I became a cynical alcoholic
if I had a time machine I'd give younger me booze
Whats weird is that it wasnt random for me either. It was always in the afternoon when the sun was going down. It being cyclical, whether its a time of day or time of month makes me think its got something to do with our circadian rhythm

File: trollage.png (88 KB, 268x225)
88 KB
The human eye can only see at 60 frames per second

>make a movie in 120 FPS
>every other frame is shock porn
>half the population sees shock porn
>the other half sees a movie
>both sides have no fucking clue what the other is talking about when they discuss the movie
>people legit believe they are going crazy
>mfw I just made a bunch of people waste money on a trip to see a psychologist
>mfw I just gaslit millions of people
>The human eye can only see at 60 frames per second
the only people who say this are retards who cant cope with not being able to afford a high refresh rate monitor
unsurprisingly 4 minutes later you've already posted this on reddit. mightymemeking1337 you are a nigger.
That means you were on reddit when he posted it in order to see it so quickly. Kill yourself reddit fag.
yes i had to look at reddit in order to call him a nigger for posting it there

Wait, you've NEVER touched one of these before?? Like...never??? Not even ONE TIME????
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>I only saw my cousin's

Alabama style or innocently like bathing together when you were little?
idk probably feels like skin
Are black by any chance?
ive only touched my own, never touched a dick though so we're basically the same
I have touched 5. I'm still a depressed loser tho.

File: downer-pepe.jpg (230 KB, 2526x1892)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
>suddenly remember the summer before 10th grade when the girl i kinda liked hugged me at my best friend's funeral
any you guys have an experience like this?

Last week after a coworker and I almost ran into each other she put her hand on my shoulder for a couple seconds while making an exasperated look.

I want to tie a femanon up and then play with her nipples until she cums.
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Just any ol femanon?
Nothing here ever meets the standards of my libido. Ops pic is comical and everything here is either on par with that or is a vapid generic looking woman
i wanna be groped by every robot on r9k and then fingerbanged
There are big titty women lurking. This is not fair
File: 1514619691705.jpg (89 KB, 638x640)
89 KB
>tfw no femanon gf who will let me lovingly fondle and suck on her tits for hours upon hours at a time to my heart's content

File: 24lynch1-superJumbo-v2.jpg (189 KB, 1039x1090)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
>stranger starts talking to me
>literally freeze and can't say a single word. Make a few mumbling noises
that's so true haha
i know that feel
brain just stops all thought

actually posting here instead of just lurking has helped me
it's somewhat easier to turn thoughts into words
and not be as concerned if all the words are perfect
stop beating off so much, you are low t enough as is. Exercise to increase T

The only thing that makes me take my dating app off snooze mode is hornyness. I want to blow a load inside a pussy.
File: 97897670_p0.png (1.28 MB, 1181x1748)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
After I blow a load I almost always come within a click of just permanently deleting my dating apps because I don't need women anymore. (until I get horny again)

File: Joker.jpg (23 KB, 680x368)
23 KB
>Born with incurable mental illness.
>Parents are disgusting drug addicts who abuse you
>Everyone at school bullies you and hates you for no reason
>Become anti-social because no one likes you, keeping you alienated from society.
>Woman hate you, and reject you.
>Think your creepy just by existing NEAR them
>Now you have to work 60 hours a week to live in Burgerland Clown World le capitalist Utopia
>Decide fuck this and get your revenge on society.


This makes no sense. Yu treat me like shit, I have no reason to treat you well. I did not chose to be born. Kill yourself or fuck off back to trannyland reddit world if you disagree.
63 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1646433660111.png (300 KB, 550x534)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
>Parents are disgusting drug addicts who abuse you
his mom is now on the news trying to deny that and pretend she's a saintess
Normalfags are literally real life version of npcs in games.
So i don't know what did you expect.
You know what they say anon, the best revenge is living well :)
Youre definitley on soemone's list lmao.
Youre thr type that gets everything in life you fucking phsychopath, kill yourself.x44gp

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