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File: 5rhqpo1ggcb81.jpg (126 KB, 1210x660)
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I'm an autogynophilic transgender

File: 32343432.jpg (16 KB, 370x431)
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>All of the alt/goth chicks are now dating wigger trend hoppers who would've bullied me in high-school for being alt
>Subculture no longer exists and people who dress with the identity signifiers that used to belong to subcultures are actually the people who you hated in high school.
>All of the alt/goth chicks
they are probably also trenders
all those people probably ARE high schoolers anon, you need to grow up.

How did it get this bad, eurobros?
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it's over for w*ites, we cannot compete against bbc
what a depressing shit universe
Reminder that when you see these threads, this is OP
>white boy is afraid of big black bulls
File: kek (2).png (22 KB, 459x277)
22 KB
>your "bull" has a smaller penis than a chinese man
uh oh. "also" big is inaccurate. The average black boy is 5'8", higher with admixture, due to White Men raping black slaves.

File: jaimie.png (1.18 MB, 800x913)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Manic Monday edition

Previous thread : >>77623934

Rules: Ignore impolite/annoying moids

>When was the last you did something impulsive?
>Do you prefer snow sports, ground sports, water sports, or air sports?
>Have you ever purposefully done something to upset someone?
>What is one thing you want to quit this year?
>What is your favorite apocalypse scenario to imagine?
>Do you have a favorite song to listen to when you feel chaotic?

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Perfect example of a 21st century female.
biting my nails
I really dont think about apocalypse scenarios, I am too absorbed in my made up fantasy world
That girl on the right LMAO
this post reads like male hands typed it
>When was the last you did something impulsive?
A month ago
>Do you prefer snow sports, ground sports, water sports, or air sports?
Ground sports for me.
Football is entertaining to watch.
>Have you ever purposefully done something to upset someone?
No. I make it a point not to.
It makes confrontation difficult for me.
>What is one thing you want to quit this year?
Being a lazy ass.
>What is your favorite apocalypse scenario to imagine?
AI takeover, and it's an AI I made in my garage.
I am friends with the end of the world.
>Do you have a favorite song to listen to when you feel chaotic?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1709161689361583.jpg (21 KB, 443x400)
21 KB
What are local MTG tournaments like? I started learning MTG recently mainly so I could make new friends in my new city. Been practicing on MTGA so I don't look like a total tool. I do genuinely find the game fun though. What should I expect?
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find your closest LGS and just go there, find what events they have each night and just show up its not that hard
Ah, depends on what formats you want to play. Are you playing with a constructed deck? I play at pre-releases and commander nights, that's it. I scoped out the game store I wanted to go to and the chillest people did those two things so I go on those nights.
I live in a fairly small city and the only two stores I have host modern and commander formats. Don't know how to play commander yet and I don't have a commander deck so I'll go with modern for now.
File: ayula.jpg (112 KB, 488x680)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Commander is a little daunting to get into. I built a budget deck for $40 at first (Ayula bear tribal deck, it was very cheap and held up decently).

However people who play commander tend to be super chill. When I started playing with my cheap deck, other players started giving me extra commander staple cards they had in the colors I was interested in. They also helped me build my future decks (Lathiel and Slimefoot).

Because commander games are so long, you end up talking a lot. It helped my autistic ass make friends, I hope you find friends playing modern or commander, anon!
>Because commander games are so long, you end up talking a lot. It helped my autistic ass make friends
Oh that's good! Now I kinda want to learn commander more quickly. I'll still probably start with modern though.

File: wwtd.png (198 KB, 742x994)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
What would you do in this situation? Is the best course of action divorce?
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Women refuse to do anal with partners who come after because she wants to hold on to the exclusivity and memories. It's something special she shared with him. Sort of like a keepsake by not allowing anyone else to have it. It doesn't mean she doesn't also love her husband. He's being unreasonable here for wanting to take that from her.
well there are different degrees of communication
if he asked her why she didn't want to do the things with him, and she just said she didn't want to, with no elaboration, then it's clear the level of communication isn't sufficient between them
just 'talking about it' isn't the same thing, as them both deeply and fully understanding the thought processes of the other via communication
if she was accurately emulating his mind in hers, she would give him a satisfactory answer so as not to hurt him
if he was accurately emulating her mind in his, he would be able to parse the intent and the meaning from her answer, and he would understand why she feels that way

the fact neither seems to understand each other's perspective is ultimately a lack of communication; even if they tried to talk about it, they failed

if she's not willing to listen to him at all then he has bigger problems then her not wanting to be more adventurous in the bedroom
but I think it's more that both of them are shit at communicating their thoughts, rather than her intentionally refusing to listen
there's not enough evidence to reduce the situation down to "she's a bitch"
>I do feel entitled
Ha! Classic moid
This. You shouldn't ask for anal, buy the lube and say you are doing it tonight. If you give a clear choice to women, like by asking, they always choose what they want and you never get anything. You have to kinda of "lead", "subtly force" them to get what you want. This why so many marriages ends up being sexless, it when women starts to decide how things are going to be.
That's disgusting, she holds a memory of some random fling higher than her husband's happiness.

File: s54.png (163 KB, 680x680)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
Stepdad edition
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No thanks mongoloid.
Someone make a new non troll thread
why don't you, lazy cunt
Range banned from making threads on o2 mobile
my life revolves around alcohol and footy. guess im a npc then

Day 82 of manifesting a bongland bf who will watch HxH and Lucario and the Mystery of Mew with me and swap our dirty diapers~~~~####

sry I fell asleep come back

where'd you go
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File: 20240425_002108.jpg (16 KB, 604x124)
16 KB
yeah but umm electronically mail me first
(not my real name)
you don't need a telephone or another email address to get a proton mail account you know...
OK i emailed u.
Answer me god damnn u, im going out I expect a reply when I return
File: 1716808162334149.png (946 KB, 1645x1431)
946 KB
946 KB PNG
sorry :(:(:(:((((( ahhhhh

File: images (84).jpg (31 KB, 306x475)
31 KB
Girl from college cheats on her boyfriend with me, but never considers me as boyfriend material. Everytime they fight, she calls me and we have sex. But I wanted something more. What should I do? Her boyfriend is chad, but apparently isn't good in bed.

File: 1716757937498649.png (342 KB, 1100x900)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
This one is bad for us troon lovers ngl, real bad
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>People could argue religious aren't sane at all.
Im not religious, faggotry is clearly wrong from an evolutionary perspective.
Its actually called being a faggot
Lmao /lgbt/ troons on suicide watch after this wojak dropped
>the tranny is cute tho
twinkjak is ugly wtf are u on?
I asked the same question, its getting spammed like crazy. I like that they're exposing the truth though

File: FB_IMG_1716835651355.jpg (59 KB, 720x678)
59 KB
Butt pirate month is nearly upon us

File: 1694213685195992.jpg (65 KB, 643x900)
65 KB
are you a silly boy
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Wojak was once so comfy even if he was a popular lowest common denominator meme
What happened? I want to cry but cannot.
No i'm dead inside 4chan kinda requires it
No, I am very serious.
i wish i was hot enough to look like a faggot. ill have to settle with being an ugly man with subpar jawline
I'm a grown-ass man.

File: assasaas1i31.jpg (313 KB, 1501x1199)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
I would love to match older fembots with younger pure robots but most of the foids on this board are screeching 19 year old BPDemons who watch kpop or some other shit
65 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's some older woman trying to push this shit.
>take responsibility by dating closer to my own age

It's not an obligation date who you want
whats your steam friend code
>Is it private?
It's on a "you gotta know somebody" basis.
And t b h it's probably dead by now.
Right so they're like "social" servers? Or are they more targeted?

How would you spend the day with them, bros?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Does he get mogged by the other two?
Fishing. I have good fishing stories and I can outdrink them.
(You) mog the asian but not the broccoli hair
must be nice to be born without gyno
chad it out at the beach and hopefully theyll help me get laid

File: draganbibin.jpg (410 KB, 1093x1600)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
I don't hear well.
I don't remember well.
I never had that great conversational skills to begin with.
The first two exacerbate the third. Every conversation is me continually asking them what they said, or just fake laughing at what I could tell was a joke from their cadence. And I'm terrible at fake laughing and laughing in general and even when I completely hear an interaction I will have no idea when to laugh. I don't remember well so it's literally impossible to feel like you've made any connection with me because I don't remember you, your name, what we said when we last spoke, etc. These things have crippled me socially.
Any anons relate? I feel like this combination might be common for others.

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