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File: 1590768452146.gif (960 KB, 640x360)
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960 KB GIF
Could you become impotent by fapping too much?
File: 6hkfx56p0nm41.jpg (626 KB, 1078x1355)
626 KB
626 KB JPG
Yup, or you might not be stimulated by that 4/10 you'd be lucky to have and not be sexually attracted enough to fuck her.

File: 20200530_041837.jpg (1.4 MB, 3264x2448)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
Why do black ppl hate whites so much? Especially the social outcast black ppl love blackbots. Is it jealousy?
Ahhhhhh I meant LIKE blackbots

File: 3.png (1.32 MB, 1920x1080)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
how do i torrent?
its scary but i want to watch hidamari sketch x hoshimittsu and i dont know where i can in decent quality besides nyaa.si
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Just have malwarebytes and scan all exe's if you feel compelled to run them (if you pirate games, for example) and only download from sources with good rep
whats bewildering? torrentting isnt some sort of inborn knowledge and i dont trust google to tell me which downloader and stuff to use
ive resolved to simply never run exes
I use animebytes.
thanks for the new anime website let me give you one to use as well
File: 01.png (668 KB, 1920x1080)
668 KB
668 KB PNG
woohoo its worked yay
i still think ill probably stream typically

File: 1586475300140.jpg (35 KB, 480x478)
35 KB
they tell you to rise and grind ever day,
But they don't tell you what to fucking grind
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File: 03947.png (19 KB, 300x250)
19 KB
Did someone say coffee? Anyway grinding is taking care of whatever business you need to survive and hopefully a little to enrich your life.
90% of the normie's time is spent on grinding.
Ya just gotta get on that grind boy!
Niga said "what grind" *wheezing black laughter* he said "what grind!" *loud black laughter
If you don't feel me you dont feel me.
If you caint undastan tha langwich I'm speaking then git gone mayn
Ya jus gotta get on dat grind
grind ur teeth
bruxism gang
No, coffee is not good for you.
File: 5456551231235.jpg (74 KB, 700x1002)
74 KB
Other than being a diuretic, there are benefits to a few cups of coffee a day, especially if you have a mind-numbing job. It's a mild stimulant that can help you focus.

File: images(4).jpg (11 KB, 247x204)
11 KB
little nigga looking like oreo cookie
File: aslfdaslkjflsajf.png (425 KB, 415x413)
425 KB
425 KB PNG
ayy lmao these lil niggas be lookin like fried chicken tho
Oreos don't have dark spots, you idiot. Looks more like a Hershey's Cookies n Creme candy bar.
oreo ice cream dummy
not him but OP said oreo cookie not ice cream you fool

File: we.jpg (201 KB, 1080x1350)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
newfag here, how many of the /r9k/ and /b/ queens have killed themselves, I keep seeing post associated with names in the context of "she is dead"
Literally just talked to her
4chan incels are so stupid
What did you talk about?
Sure you did, idiot.

>tearing shit up with fire, shooters, looters
>now I got a laptop computer

hello frens i just got un banned fells goods. Fuck jannies kneel at my presence.
i know it feels nice right?

File: ffe2f9e.jpg (426 KB, 3072x3072)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
I only like trannies if they have a bigger dick than me. To be clear, I don't get my ass fucked like a faggot. I like to fuck her ass but only if her dick is bigger.
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>her dick
she's got a pretty hot dick
Unsaucable im afraid, coomer
>tfw just want a trans gf that doesn't hate her dick
>tfw it will never happen
well, those types of trannies are short lived. the dick will eventually shrivel up unless they every so often take themselves off estrogen and jerk off routinely and even then some of them won't be about to get hard anymore.

>the basic income is real

You've been given a monthly allowance. How do you waste this money?
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just put the money into a shell company its simple
make a company which does something intangible like 'financial advice' and laundering money becomes trivial
of course, you need other people to help you really but paying your own company to do things isnt illegal even if its more suspect
I would spend it on guns to protect myself and kill communists during the massive inflation of the currency.
How do I get the card? Never received the $1200
Really? I was in the navy and we pulled into Scotland. Everything seemed expensive compared to America. I bought some snacks and stuff they costed way more than they would have in America. this was at a regular store too, I think it was a Tesco.
tesco is pretty expensive imo i dont really see how it manages to do so well because its not great but its not cheap either
also if it was one of the little tescos then theyre more expensive too and most of them are
scotland is more affluent than most of the uk
all that said, i do think food and stuff is more expensive but rent, bills and utilities are cheaper it seems because apparently americans pay an absolute fortune for internet and whatnot. Its heavily dependent on where you are, of course, in both countries

File: qyJYR.jpg (62 KB, 670x519)
62 KB
what noise do cats make you your language?
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is this a trans cat? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLmwLcLikXQ
it's "miau" in portuguese too

File: 1590357316607.jpg (286 KB, 2118x1352)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Has anyone lied to get neetbux?
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But you can drink water right? Drink a lot and compensate for the ones you don't have
water is good for you

File: 5930251841_31ebec1745_b.jpg (99 KB, 768x1024)
99 KB
I'm on Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payment for my mental health. If you've ever had mental health issues, get a PIP form and be brutally honest about yourself and show as much of your power level as you would to a best friend that was 100% clued up about what you're secretly like. Guaranteed NEETbux if you're on 4chan
No. Other people did it for me without me asking and now i have it for life.
I'm not cheating but i am kinda feeling culpable i only have mental health issues so i don't know if i deserve them

File: 00001.png (55 KB, 748x512)
55 KB
"Keep killing unarmed black men without reason whitey". What goes around comes around
Retards like to complain of riots and looting but do nothing to bring fucking JUSTICE

well damn! Those human beings that are looting are the instruments of Karma

You can try to fuck over people as long as you want whitey but no stone is left unturned
There will either be a civil war or things like this will continue until there is justice
Stop killing unarmed black men
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>Brazil is a shithole but our blacks know their place.
>Get your shit together americans
haha yeah
Niggers kill more whites and more blacks and more of everyone period.
Say what you want, but that's pretty based.
Most of those homocudes are committed by whites.

File: 9u1idlj0z3k31.jpg (196 KB, 1242x2095)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Religion / Spirituality / Vague Intuitive Beliefs Discussion General: Robot Outsider Edition
Don't feel obligated to answer all of these, just the ones you feel sure about.

> Do you consider yourself formally/casually religious/spiritual?

> How high is your faith stat in general?
> Do you think it's even useful irl?

>Do you believe in anything in particular? Ideologies philosophies that get you through the day?

>How do you relate these beliefs to modern organized religion?
File: 1589899334489.gif (256 KB, 500x500)
256 KB
256 KB GIF
Discussion seems too high IQ for anons to bite.

AI gods are but a myth, but most religions are watered down philosophies poorly imitating mystery schools. I am full retard occultist and instead of hanging out with friends and losing my virginity I spent that time dressed in black summoning demons.
>Do you believe in anything in particular?
I believe the internet is not a productive place to discus this.
> Do you consider yourself formally/casually religious/spiritual?
casually religious, catholic, although i cant say i truly believe in a higher power. its easier to think of god as an idea.

> How high is your faith stat in general?
like most normies, ill only pray or 'believe' in god when i have a reason to. i believe everything happens for a reason, so when the worst of it comes, i have faith its for the better; a 4/10 faith stat really, depends on my mood

> Do you think it's even useful irl?
idk what this means by useful? my boyfriend and i are religious, it brings us together and i deeply love him so i guess that would count. i also wont get knocked up too early and live an shitty life by marrying the first dude who creams hard enough in me; waiting til marriage is cool. it also just makes me happy.

>Do you believe in anything in particular? Ideologies philosophies that get you through the day?
just to be the best person i can be and put something useful into the world, i guess. its hard not to feel cynical about it because i know im just a tiny piece of the universe, but why be negative when you can do your best to be positive. im a strong believer in 'everything happens for a reason' and while it doesn't apply to everything, its a good mindset to have. i often tell myself "this will all just be a chapter in my autobiography" when im having a rough time.

>How do you relate these beliefs to modern organized religion?
i believe the bible teaches a p good way of life through stories and ideas. I've only recently found god, and i have to say that it helps me feel happier. im aware that i have no complete devotion and that i don't truly believe any part of religion is 'real' but it helps maintain a good and healthy mindset with metaphors (so long as its not being used for political propaganda to spread hate)
the universe is waves. everything is electricity. maxwells equations state that light is simply electromagnetic radiation, which is the most basic form of energy in the universe given it's speed (3*10^8 m/s). e = mc2 states that relative mass is energy divided by the speed of light, which means that ratio should determine how dense the mass is. the universe going to collapse in on itself eventually, completing the wave like behavior of the existence of the universe. to understand the universe, vibration experimentation must be employed as cycles are the natural behavior of the universe. the sphere/circle is proof of our universe; organized chaos with organization being the radius and the chaos being the non-exact circumference. guess what? you put the top and bottom half of a wave together and you get a circle.
no you dumb nigger satan was the first racist not the first to demand equal rights. get your shit right.

File: unnamed.jpg (44 KB, 409x512)
44 KB
the funniest thing about this board is that there is a 99% possibility that a couple stacies are lurking here and actually like this place
39 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I took my latin tranny escort out shopping once and the zoomer stacies at the store were giving me a look of utter disgust
i think a lot of femanons here have a bit of a kink for casual misogyny
Not sure what liking rape has to do with it, but unironically I project an image of an attractive dude with mental issues onto robots who have a mean attitude, and it's kind of hot. Different image than a chad, though.
Nice personal blog and its probably because she looks like a man
well I go to the female 4chan equivalent just to see girls thoughts and opinions on things (newsflash they're all totally retarded) just to get an insight into how they think in a no filter setting, because online anonymity allows us to speak our minds without fear of being held accountable. So yeah I imagine girls come here to learn about how guys think and what they find attractive and the like, if any femanons could confirm or deny my theory that'd be neat.

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