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File: 1620354486244.gif (696 KB, 500x281)
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696 KB GIF
Everyday seems to get worse, it's impressive
File: 1612648805746.jpg (390 KB, 663x653)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
My life has been snowballing uphill for the past 14 months. It just keeps getting better and better.
File: 5trsdthffxgvt.jpg (10 KB, 283x178)
10 KB
I had a really good three weeks and then BANG no reason heavy depressive episode out of nowhere going for days now. Shit fucking sucks when will I ever get the balls to kms
the problem with depression is that it's for "no reason" until it provides a reason you should really take care of your mental state shinji
File: shi2n3512.jpg (11 KB, 255x197)
11 KB
i already am doing it but shit never STAYS better. i can have a good >insert amount of time but inevitably it will get bad to the point where im suicidal FUCK
unfulfilled dreams perhaps?

can somebody scientifically explain why i wanna have hot sloppy sex this little cartoon dog so fucking bad
That's an explanation only a psychiatrist can give, please go to one.

lets not forget I do own both the brier and the brave

so do your little dance

Read from a book, tell us about your day, sing a song, or whatever. Just let yourself be heard.

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The coomer and the first reply anon are two examples.
b-based and tedpilled!!!

File: 1619644639845.png (137 KB, 626x406)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
How do I get a job when my resume is devoid of anything?
Is it going to be thrown out every single time because I didn't intern while I wanted to kill myself in college?
create projects. web apps are easy and can look impressive.
File: 1388940823_6260.jpg (26 KB, 848x480)
26 KB
>get a job

why would you do that to yourself??
Not him, but it feels very good to have a specific skillset and get money for using it.
>How do I get a job when my resume is devoid of anything?
Welcome to the catch 22; need experience to get experience.
The best bet would be have contacts or study something which gives a job or spam the shit out of employers until someone hires you.
what kind of job do you want?
if you have relatives that will allow you to use them as a reference, say you worked under the table for them
if you want to get scummy with it, there are things like fake reference companies that will pick up the phone from them

Would you rather have sex with Pokimane or Elsa Jean?
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Pokimane, could probably sell some "Ugly Bastard fucks Pokimane" porn copies to some of her cucks
Good one, anon. I'm sure they would buy, they're cucks
Elsa Jean.
Pokimane looks like she smells rancid.
the one I haven't seen get sexual with other men :)
not yet :) anon

Most men seem to think that it's legal to talk lewds with a minor on Omegle just as long as you don't plan to meet and fuck her.

I've pretended to be a minor on Omegle and almost everyone there takes the bait.

In many countries one single lewd message to a minor constitutes as child abuse. You get sentenced and doxxed if you do this. And when this happens, you can't start screaming "I didn't know! I wasn't even planning to fuck her!"
Nobody will care, and nobody will admit they've done the same without getting caught.
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>In many countries one single lewd message to a minor constitutes as child abuse.
Aka your country doesn't have freedom of speech.
Super based with extra cheese
Got abused obviously
Yeah being abused didntturn me into a tranny tho
Did you know that sometimes people have conversations that are not about transsexuals?

>a new style
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Can't get behind why Gen Z is so obsessed with the "I'm dead inside uwu" thing
File: 1576935691423.png (811 KB, 712x714)
811 KB
811 KB PNG
She creeps me out every time I see her.
she went from edgy to sexy
Fetal alcohol syndrome or some shit?
MK Ultra eyes

File: coomcern.jpg (64 KB, 800x450)
64 KB
>Be me, fell for STEM meme
>Doing physics midterm, circuit analysis shit
>Online, can see whether I am getting the wrong answers as soon as I attempt each question
>Have only gotten the first question, and part of the last question done 10 minutes before the end of the test
>Camera is on, only face showing
>Stressed as fuck, know I am gonna fail the midterm
>Stress boner at full mast

>Suddenly, ejaculate directly into my pants, no hands involved, just stress and involuntary leg movements
>Camera on ohshitohshitohshit
>Remember it only shows my neck up
>Collect my failing midterm grade

Ended up passing the class because the thought of that happening again made me stress study into acing the final more or less, but still.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>be me
>have frontal lisp when i was 11
>have it for many years
>lisp finally decided to fix itself naturally
>say my s the way youre supposed to
>mfw now i say sh not s
>mfw not technically a lisp

File: pepe.png (399 KB, 839x768)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
I kinda started a sort of journal I guess, I just write my thoughts instead of revolving around them for hours while I should be getting shit done. Have any of you ever done this? Does it help you to better understand your reality?
yes, writing down thoughts good or bad and then laying in bed thinking about them.
I started keeping some thoughts in a text document. I usually don't put anything in it unless I think it's interesting to me.

There is an even bigger loser site then /r9k/ called r/waifuism. Seriously the most sad shit I have seen in a while.
This is unhealthy
File: 1601051084517.jpg (600 KB, 1000x1249)
600 KB
600 KB JPG
Fuck off faggot. There's nothing wrong with having a waifu
you do realize that r9k has its own waifuism threads right?
Of course there isnt something wrong. Do you harm anybody? Do you break anyones freedoms? Do you harm any property? No. Dont let normies and moralfaggots, or even entitled faggots tell you how you should live your own life.

>go to r9k omegle
>have a nice conversation with this black person
>jokingly call him a nigger
>gets pissed and calls me a racist and other names
>skips me

whats wrong with americans? t: euro
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File: 1619928046863.png (188 KB, 536x599)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
T: op.

Is nigger unironical thing there? Do People actually get triggered from it.
Yes OP, here in burgerland the best way to trigger a black person is to call them nigger. Did you use soft A (nigga) or hard r (nigger)? The latter is more offensive and a guaranteed trigger word. Don't ever come to the US and call a black person nigger to your face, they will let out their bonobos cry and single other chimps to flock to the area and they'll murder you
lmao op youre autistic. how do you jokingly call someone a nigger. especially if you arent friends yet, i wouldnt call someone a faggot after just meeting them, thats dumb
File: 9hrl0.jpg (189 KB, 1432x1641)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
yeah i called him a nigger and then laughed and said its just a joke bro. he was still triggered. holy shit you guys are fucked.
i dont know :D. is it like a no go word there? here just say neekeri (nigger) if we want.

>sisters friend with huge knockers offers me a quicky
>jokingly turn it down
>because I have a 3 inch penis

I hate myself for reasons beyond my control.
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Its about shame and embarrassment.
>the listened to hard-core sph and premature encouragement hypno again
relatable feel
Who is this. Origignitnanalkah
she still would have fucked you i mean she offered she is in too deep

File: 1616945114508.png (1.95 MB, 1374x3000)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG
What would you do if your older brother took female hormones to look like a girl but he still identified as a guy and kept his regular name and voice?

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