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Mom called me today and cried. Said she's upset at herself for raising a son who can't even find a job. Feel terrible.
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File: yare.jpg (67 KB, 479x492)
67 KB
Tell her to stop projecting. Also tell her facebook is fake af and that if she doesn't understand that tell her that you probably got your smarts from your father.

Saying that last thing is the same as she is doing, blaming someone for something they have no control over. Stupid whore.
>Said she's upset at herself
She should be. It's her fault.
Remember, every women; including your mother, don't view men as human beings. She only sees you as an accessory and she is mad she cant flaunt you off like she would a diamond ring or a new purse to her online girldriends
It literally sounds like you had a job tho. If you just got laid off, not your fault and if your genuinely trying to make something of your life and are just having a rough patch, thats a horrible thing to say to you and she should feel ashamed
After you find job she will be upset why don't you have girlfriend. It never ends. She will never be happy. Everything short of 10/10 chad is disappointing.

File: 1566581076594.jpg (109 KB, 321x445)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
What if your life is actually being written by a hack author?
He'd better be enjoying himself, because no readers will be.
File: pepe laugh.jpg (38 KB, 474x457)
38 KB
>he thinks there are people who aren't hacks
Maybe he would be good enough to kill me.
>ends up with some used goods annoying hippie cunt
I thought it was a comedy but it was really just a tragedy
>tfw no tax evading commie gf

File: aaCP5il.jpg (861 KB, 1242x867)
861 KB
861 KB JPG
Why do looks matter? Are they not just well-formed molecules? Who cares?
well a good personality is also just well-formed molecules since that comes down to your brain structure
Most of "looks" is just good hygiene
>hair cut
>eye brows
>brush and whiten teeth
>bonus points for working out and eating healthy
It shows your character
women care bc they are vain and superficial

File: 1558998199313.jpg (43 KB, 466x658)
43 KB
>i want to try drugs but i can't find an-

Ayahuasca is the strongest and best psychedelic on the planet, and it is legal and dirt-cheap: https://maya-ethnobotanicals.com/herbs/by-category/ayahuasca

Furthermore, it is very easy to prepare. Either you can make a tea out of it, and guides on how to do this can be easily done via google. Or you can just swallow it instantly and with ease as a powder: https://www.dmt-nexus.me/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&t=52019

I don't understand why most people do not use ayahuasca. It is so much better than weed, alcohol, or even other psychedelics and ecstasy that it is not even funny. I know people who have combined cocaine and ecstasy and still say that the bliss of ayahuasca thoroughly outweighs that by far.
He is here again


Yes the Ayahuasca boy
but you just posted where to buy the woood from. you still need to mix it with variety of stuff for it to become actual drug, and only the wood part of this process is easily obtainable.
I live in the US where it is definitely not legal, even if certain South American religions have some kind of pass

why dont you have asian gf yet?
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I am not Chad and Asians are inaccessible.
Back to r3ddit you go, cheng.
I rarely follow pointless trends.

white guys have the best luck in all parts of asia though, including China, South Korea, Japan etc. Just more prevelant with SEA countries.
Sure in picking up low tier Asians women looking for a free ticket.
I don't think they beat the actual high tier Asian guys there

File: 1550699657391.jpg (53 KB, 936x560)
53 KB
Will men always remain immoral at their core?

File: ECp-M8WXYAAGqhM.jpg (38 KB, 657x527)
38 KB
What are your weirdest/most oddly specific kinks or fetishes?
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Oddly specific? Seer eyes. Like those fully white eyes, no pupils. I wouldn't want someone actually blind, but may want a guy to wear contacts.
Certain clothes like old fashioned military uniforms, pilot jackets, and certain types of holsters are also hot.
I find clothed boners hotter than unclothed ones.

Besides that I'm pretty vanilla, I don't know if pegging counts as weird.
I specifically imagine a scenario where I have a girl best friend, who I've known since childhood and who I always hang out with but have always had a platonic relationship with, and one day she and I are lonely or depressed and need cheering up and we end up making out and taking each other's virginities and then cuddling together afterwards and agreeing to be a couple.
That's very wholesome, anon. Probably the best in the thread
Becoming a girl by watching media made for girls, having a girly room and only having female friends.

I like the conditioning aspect, to be slowly shaped into something else by external things.
i really really want to be kept as a pet, forced to pee outside, get walked on a leash, kept in a cage, fed off a bowl and so on with an owner that enjoys humiliating me this way

File: 1555342757103.jpg (122 KB, 876x498)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>These results indicate that higher economic status can offset lower physical attractiveness in men much more easily than in women. Neither raters' BMI nor age influenced this effect for females rating male attractiveness. This difference explains many features of human mating behavior and may pose a barrier for male engagement in low-consumption lifestyles.
when did you realize that capitalism and environment destruction is roastie's fault?
File: 1564922079719s.jpg (6 KB, 250x193)
6 KB
>be rich
>still cant get laid without paying for it

File: 1495524856460.jpg (630 KB, 2560x3680)
630 KB
630 KB JPG
There is simply not enough bussy to go around. More must give themselves to the cause! I mean if you're already a skinny incel cuck faggot, what do you have to lose anyway?

File: lain sit.png (327 KB, 633x692)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
>TFW your first friend was a LARP
>TFW every other person you can connect to is similar in some way

>parents are starting to get unreasonably mad at my lack of dating

Wtf is wrong with them?? 27 here
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>just get a practice gf
Where does one apply for a practice gf
I don;t fucking know get one on tinder or someone in real life preferably a 5-7/10 that way you won't feel as bad
21 here, mine were pretty cool with me saying I couldn't trust a significant other and thus won't be looking for one. Yours probably want grandkids to help look after them if they become a bit disabled
pick one up off chatrandom or omegle or any other random chat site. lots of desperate not so great looking girls looking for guys there.
i laughed dont get a practice gf she will shit test you and you will fail it probably at least when i dated ugly girls i couldnt stand when they were a bitch and left

File: beer.jpg (104 KB, 1320x880)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Why does day drinking feel so good?

Fembots/femanons, tell us what makes you horny right now
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>Anyhow, mailed. TK.
apologies but i have never used the service i used to message you, its not letting me reply or showing your email address.
send again to
Oh yes babe, I wanna lick up that butt sweat
done. [random original content]
What makes me horny?
>grabbing of the hips to pull in for a kiss
I think it's just natural like that for females in my family and we usually get together with low libido men as well.

red flags for discord friends:
-he doesn't like smells
-he doesn't like feet
-he doesn't take fapping instructions seriously
48 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: EB4aVE1VUAARQv0.jpg (116 KB, 895x1200)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
okay fren you're feminine r-right
tower of kane#2701
original footy bump
server is dead guys, underages took over
should we get a new one?
god i turbo wish that were me
>anonymous board
>literal spyware

File: lemon.jpg (41 KB, 1000x699)
41 KB
i want a friend. i am lonely. after finding some old pictures from school i realized something. the major shift between my ability to cope during middle school vs. high school was that during middle school i had friends that i genuinely enjoyed spending time with. it brought me a lot of happiness. i spent my high school years going between groups of friends but none of it was meaningful. speaking to them was like constantly speaking to a stranger, we didn't connect at all. people need people, even if the friendship is online. so, i'm here to attain a friend. INB4 "go to soc" soc is just dick pics and sugarbabies. i want a friendship. someone i can call at the end of the day and laugh with. someone who will share things with me and care about me. and i will do the same in return. Im 18/f/western hemisphere, i'm a pretty simple person, no major mental illness, just taking life one day at a time. i have a couple of hobbies such as knitting, fish keeping and postcard collecting and i'd like to hear about someone else's hobbies too. so feel free to drop a disc. that's the only form of social media i have. thanks for reading

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