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File: 640.jpg (26 KB, 500x503)
26 KB
Is it possible to get an arab muscle bottom husband when you're a white trap top?
Fuck off with these threads you disgusting sack of AIDS
Fucking degenerate fag
Not in this dimension

>tfw you can see your mom is getting older and older
>tfw that crippling feeling when you know that one day you will lose her
How do I cope?
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its a part of life, you can manage on your own. you will be sad, sure, and you will need some time to cope, that is normal. thing is, you will cope. thinking about it now wont help anything.
This but slightly less gay
I struggle with this all the time. Like all death-related issues, I try to forget it mainly. Depressing to consider.
Meditate on death. Surrender yourself to the universe (or God). Give up your ego.
I would be exactly like you if my family wasn't the only think keeping me from ending it all

File: 17274556.png (13 KB, 657x527)
13 KB
Is it still masturbation addiction if all i jerk off to is 2D?
File: 1511476819255.jpg (11 KB, 250x227)
11 KB
>is it still masturbate if im masturbate :))

File: pepe-whiskey.png (38 KB, 500x362)
38 KB
How do I stop binge drinking?
I have pretty bad anxiety so every time I try to interact with people, I have to get wasted first. But it usually doesn't stop there as I want to be even less anxious. Usually I get completely black out drunk, talk dumb shit and be a nuisance. I do the same when I'm alone too, but then it doesn't really matter then. The cumulative 3-day hangover really sucks every time tho.
Any tips on drinking less without stopping completely?
Just stop completely, until and unless you have an occasion to drink.

I'm 25 and have always had problems with alcohol abuse. For whatever reason, I've never been able to keep myself at a single peg. If I have a sip, I usually wind up drunk.

Thankfully, I've managed to moderate over the past year. I've reached a point where the hangovers are too intense to justify a few hours of fun. That, and I got sick of waking up in the mornings, wondering whether I'd sent messages I'd regret upon reading.

I broke two bones from drinking irresponsibly, ruined a relationship, and got kicked out of university. Now I'm back in class, getting 4.0s, and feel more confident than I ever have.

Some people just aren't meant to drink, OP.
I have same issue and I honestly couldn't care less if I tried to quit. I prefer it over water. I smoke 2 packs a day but I went from 4 to 2 so I improved There.

File: Mai Kadowaki.jpg (273 KB, 500x750)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
How do I get a yellow girlfriend?
>get a girlfriend
>splash her with yellow paint while she's sleeping
Racially yellow not the color yellow
You should have clarified earlier, dumbass.
Buy one on the internet.
ive been wondering the same thing, maybe move to asia
Fuck that's a lot of work though, where do I find cute nip gfs without going to Japan?

Why does /r9k/ hold out for their fictional waifu or some slut Stacy when they could date a fembot that is physically attractive and shares their interests?

Based on the postings I have seen here, most fembots have great figures, with large breasts, think waists and thick hips. They also share your interests in vidya, anime, or whatever else your autism fancies. Also they are all virgins that dislike makeup, liberalism/feminism and share your casual racism.

Who why not date pic related?
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Pls be in
I live in the desert part of california so arizona is extremely close to em.
If I found one in real life I'd want her but that's very unlikely.
YES.. sorry I fell asleep, in from the U.S though. Please be here still
She chose me. I was doped to all fuck at the time , abusing sleeping pills and alcohol and massive depression. 4 years later we relationshipped. I love her! Isk, she put up with a lot of shit from me but i evidently helped her a lot too. We just feel we are meant to be together and it just werkz ya know? I pray to god every night and i thank whatever diety is shining over me for this woman to be in my life and i do my fucking best to show her just how much i appreciate her. Always will.

File: meguface.jpg (52 KB, 658x583)
52 KB
>cant get cucked if no GF

Wrong, I have a GF and she doesnt cuck me as she is my Waifu.

2D pill is what saves your from being cucked and still lets you love a wonderful girl.
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File: 1479038335532.jpg (32 KB, 645x773)
32 KB
alright then
tell me, how does one get a tulpa?
i hope it's easier than getting a waifu
Sure thing, anon. Keep telling yourself that if it helps you find sleep at night.
File: 1532094272003.png (1.49 MB, 1100x1228)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
>Wrong, I have a GF and she doesnt cuck me as she is my Waifu.
Uhhh Anon, idk exactly how to break this to you, but...
File: 1524653033377.jpg (84 KB, 737x1000)
84 KB
seems really hard man and it is induced shitzo, I wish I could do it I may try man.
that isnt canon its bad perverted art fuck off man megu wouldnt do that to me.
It's too bad that tulpa generation is heavily tied to pony shit, but the info provided in the thread is very solid and good overall.
go to /trash/ and search for tulpa general
These are disgusting versions of Megu. Good thing that every waifu is her own version and unique to the person that cares for her. Feel sorry for this version.

File: 1527940548182.png (275 KB, 587x488)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
How many people on /r9k/ were raised by single mothers? Is it a real problem in our society? Are the odds completely stacked against you if you have a single mother? Can this problem ever be solved now that it has been acceptable for so long?
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So a man raised by a single father would be Chad right?
definitely got taught hard work, since you were doing everything in the house after a while.

everytime you relocate with a single mother you're the one carrying everything most of the time.
what can you do?
who the fuck knows what goes on in their head. to them you're probably a tiny caricature of your father, "oh hah, youre father used to do that"
euphoric as fuck.
Not necessarily, no. He may very well have an extremely hard time connecting and interacting with women. He might even be outright intimidated by them.
Raised by a single mother here. Absolutely fucked me up. Not only a single mother but she was so shit at keeping her life together, the first 13 years of my life we lived with her mother too. Two generations of overly emotional, passionately religious, psychotically cautious women. No friends over. Go play outside by yourself or come sit and watch TV. Either way the helicoptering was cemented in from a VERY early age. Spineless. Everything was solved by emotional eating or passive aggressive behavior until the resentment fizzled out. All kinds of weird gross coddling and displays of affection that was too much. Praise for smarts and handsomeness and abilities when NONE of it was warranted. No development of proverbial teeth, emotional health, introspection, REAL respect, self discipline or responsibility, I've only very recently (25) started to really crawl out of this whole they cast me into. Fuck them.
I was, spoiler alert, it fucking sucked but muh female empowerment

File: np19.jpg (528 KB, 1524x2032)
528 KB
528 KB JPG
>smell my feet, you silly robot
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File: 0803165448.jpg (565 KB, 960x1280)
565 KB
565 KB JPG
>posting this retarded pseudoscience

Debunked to hell and back
Yes m'am I will worship your soles and toes
yes miss. I shall smell them and kiss them too!
Freud wasn't "debunked" on his theories of the subconscious, they're just mostly unfalsifiable. Behaviorism is just as much of a meme as Psychoanalysis

File: stoopid.jpg (38 KB, 561x574)
38 KB
File: Thumb-filburt.jpg (39 KB, 377x315)
39 KB
l'm nauseous.
File: 1532118503065.png (157 KB, 563x542)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
who /scumgang/ here
File: 2018-07-23_011.jpg (105 KB, 924x676)
105 KB
105 KB JPG

File: brit-jul1.jpg (1.78 MB, 3877x2823)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
Weaboos are a social cancer and should be eliminated from this general edition
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Yeah Oxford.
>Putting Leeds as your firm then going on to get 3 A*s
plenty of people get 3 A* and don't go to cambridge or whatever, you can have a much better experience at a lower tier uni. if you put in the effort, it doesn't really matter where you go
No it matters, lol.
of course it matters to some degree. better to go to a uni you enjoy than a better one you hate for 3 years and get a shit end grade, or drop out, or kill yourself

File: 1522260139856.png (55 KB, 657x527)
55 KB
Robots how would you react if your gf said she wanted you to sleep with other girls?
>inb4 >>>>>>imblyign
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Not at all acceptable! I wouldn't break up right then but I would have trust issues from then on. Basically it would be the beginning of the end.
If two people in your city get murdered a year, and in the next it's four, that doesn't mean murder is extremely common.
It literally doubled, yeah murder has become a much more common thing in that instance.
Assume it means she wants to either sleep with others or get rid of me.
much more =! extremely

File: file.png (451 KB, 854x480)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
do women actually do this when no one is around?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Yes I do it some times
I mean, some probably have. I assume they'd generally/eventually opt for a dedicated vibrator, though.
I like to think so. Iringinginon.
Yeah but a very small percentage. Most women don't care about masturbation unless chad is involved. Most women do not play video games unless it's some super basic shit. So a tiny tiny portion of all women will have have masturbated with a controller at least once in their lives
Still pretty hot to think about for some reason.

File: 1532204847429.png (1.09 MB, 660x660)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
How do I get a sad frumpy gf?
god i want a yellow gf so bad

Fear the incel
It's funny how incels are literally just ugly angry virgins venting about shit on plebbit, and normalfags are literally shaking at the thought of their existence. Go on twitter and look up "incel" as a keyword, shit's a goldmine. They're genuinely afraid for their lives lmao
I don't have to fear anything because I know their awful genes won't produce anything other than a stain on a rag/chair/floor/etc.

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