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File: izasad.jpg (56 KB, 1067x596)
56 KB
Sometimes I feel like I don't understand the world and just want to destroy everything. Everything feels like a lie and I just want things to be the way they once were. Everyone else knew what they were doing and what they wanted to be when they grew up except for me.
Life feels pointless, and that I'm only living on borrowed time. Nothing gets better, it's only gonna get worse.
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Life isn't fair to people, but people can still be fair to people. That's called ethics.

People do enjoy working, people enjoy raising a family too. Not a majority perhaps, but a good portion of people find enjoyment in their lives from one pursuit or the other. And the miserable ones like you and me are free to try to improve each day provided we follow the laws.

Society is built upon ambition and charisma, dishonesty and hypocrisy are simply tools that are used for one person or anothers agenda. But there is always the ability to expose those agendas and turn the majority against those people, that's why investigative journalism exists.

It should exist because it helps keep order and stability overall, it keeps your neighbor from knocking down your door and pillaging all your shit like they did in the middle ages.

You're ungrateful for the freedoms and conveniences you have now, and you're envious of those more successful than you, and you think because you can't gain their success that it all should burn? How childish of you.

Take responsibility for your own destiny. Society isn't perfect but its a far cry from completely corrupt. Nothing is holding you back but you.
Is it fair for society to be built on smbition and charisma if people like you and I don't have it? I became envious of more successful people because more often than not, they had charisma, or wete lucky. People aren't born equal and never will be, yet people will constantly sugercoat the truth. It's a waste of time to try and change that, because society will always deny the hard truths.

It's fair because that's the will of the majority, those who are swayed by those with the ambition and charisma we lack. Those are the conditions we accept when we opt to be part of this convenient, capitalist machine we call society. You and I are both free to run into the wild and disregard the conveniences and protection of society, but that won't make your life any more fair.

Even in an anarchy where everyone fends for themselves, groups would form and the power balances would shift to individuals who worked together to take from others or build for themselves and protect their property.

In fact society is your best shot at having a "fair" life, because it at least attempts to afford everyone basic rights that you might not otherwise have if you had abandoned it.

Life is impossible to make fair, but the least we can do as decent people is afford others the fairness we wish to have. Otherwise we are hypocrites and agents of chaos, and that's only going to exacerbate the inequality.

I know the gap feels overwhelming and society can be frustrating, but annhilation is not the answer. That's just your pent up rage talking, thinking you can wipe the slate clean and start again or put it out of its misery.

But you have to believe something is better than nothing, and the society you live in now that gave you access to the computer or mobile device you're posting from now is far and away better than the third world country shitholes that people are starving to death in everyday.

Put it in perspective anon.
I would like to believe that society is fair, but even at it's best it's still flawed. Third worlders are even worse off since they live in societies that will never improve. It's a miracle they can even survive in shit, rather than die out and be forgotten by the rest of the world.
File: 135460091458.jpg (1.39 MB, 1900x927)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG

It's not "fair" in the sense that everyone has the same opportunities or chances, but it's "fair" in the fact that a majority agrees on the structure and given enough influence you can sway the majority opinion and eventual policy. But of course that would be much more difficult for you and I than say...Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos.

But you're right, it will always be flawed, because humans are imperfect and diverse. There will always be a reconciliation and sacrifice when we choose to be a part of this group. And being a part of this group doesn't always mean you'll be looked after, cared for, or acknowledged as part of it. People are not often looked at beyond the purchases they make.

But, it's the best we have and wanting to destroy it will only poison your humanity. Yell that its unfair all you want, but try to balance the scales at least. Even if its more difficult for you and I, we have some resources to try.

Don't give up. The world is a complex network and can't be boiled down to the the talking points you see in media. There's alot of shit going on out there that you can integrate with if you just keep your eyes and mind open.

Take it slow, cherish each day, find unique experiences, discover what speaks to you, and pursue it.

I wanted to be an astronaut but didn't have the vision for it, but I went to school for computer engineering so that I could work with satellite data systems and help aid space discovery. That took me over a decade of soul searching though and transitions through pursuing careers in 3d animation, stunt driving, and ski instructing.

Good luck anon.

File: kys.png (260 KB, 500x500)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Read the first answer to this question, this man is literally explaining how to lose higher brain function and become an NPC


File: 1533778457971.jpg (2 KB, 124x91)
2 KB
Why do you try date woman when you know tehy are garbage?
You are as bad as the roasties in terms of annoying me here

>love waifu
>talk to Waifu
Why would I want to date some STD flesh pig?
OP, Incel people do not belong here for they are still trying to get a woman instead of being happy with the anime woman.
They know woman are cancer as you said, but keep chasing them

Why do Latina MILFs turn me on so fucking much? I never care when they are thicc or chubby because they just look like naturals at breeding.
Goddamn amazing thicc spicc pussy
give sauce

need that name
Type: Blackmailed Best Friend Mom
On pornhub

thank you anon. thank you very much
That was a shitty porno.

File: 3629933.jpg (68 KB, 1024x683)
68 KB
>take it in the booty for millions
>get demons in ya, on account of getting buttfucked
>have to be on lsd control while you're rich
>was poor before
>rich for one year (while taking it in the booty and having demon in ya)
>going to the dog pound
ya see taking in the booty for millions never pays
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no one knows for certain. I could give you a bunch of videos and whatnot but it's up to you to believe
I grew up in a superstitious household so it didn't take much for me to believe this kind of sh**
not to mention the declassified files on mk ultra and other gov tools that seem so ews-like
a bunch of youtube conspiracy vids*
that's what I meant feds
send em. all of em
I'm assuming you're a brother of knowledge. The light shines
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wM6kNfG1duI (MK-ULTRA FACILITY: MK-Ultra Monarch Programming)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DP8PJhfVE-Y (MK-ULTRA VICTIM CONOR McGREGOR SNAPS!! Arrested by NYPD)
>all of em
must know if you are a brevrin first
It kind of blows that the price you pay to make it big is the enjoyment of the condition you are in, when you're rich
I mean having demons in you and you'll never experience true joy from all the money. If anything them demons are working together
100% literally no meme

File: small town.jpg (133 KB, 1024x768)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>born in lovely small town
>nothing around for miles
>just got my license and a car, because despite growing up poor I took initiative and worked hard.
>applying for jobs that are 20-40 miles away, because I can
>never going to get a DUI and lose my license because that would be silly
>not going to move to a city because small towns are comfy and have a lovely sense of community
>not going to repost this every day on /r9k/ because I don't want to spam you guys
File: 1442865194211.png (67 KB, 196x200)
67 KB
>ywn live in small town
why even live? you are so lucky OP.
Thanks for the copypasta, OP. I'm going to post this every day around the same time as the DUI one just for the irony.

File: 1535719779909.png (1.94 MB, 1500x2850)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB PNG
Do you also have a Waifu?
I am waiting to get all of my merch laminated :)

>share your collection

File: pepe aju dunce.png (81 KB, 658x901)
81 KB
>be me
>only child
>mother forgot my birthday
how do you forget your only childs birthday
How old Anon?

File: roastie rates man.jpg (158 KB, 1080x831)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
But you guys told me that women rate at least 80 percent of men as ugly? How is it possible he gets an 8?
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Rating an ugly person as ugly, doesn't make you shallow.
You're not rating them as "ugly".

Just merely stating the obvious about someone's appearance but if you aren't an autistic then you should know why that is frowned upon.
Yea, but rating 80% of men as ugly certainly is.
Doubt this was a setup, because the black dude is the very last for males..
Ok nvm, upon closer look this is one line and those men on the right arent little girls

File: r9gay.png (13 KB, 500x283)
13 KB
how does one procure a mommy gf?

File: alcohol.jpg (14 KB, 281x180)
14 KB
Is it just me or does being an alcoholic lower your looks by 2 points?

I noticed that without alcohol I have such a warm, friendly spark in my eye, but after I've been drinking excessively my eyes look dead, dumb and insane.

I can't be the only one.
>does ingesting poison on a regular basis affect my body cosmetically?

File: 1542525583621.png (23 KB, 662x967)
23 KB
Currently writing suicide notes, if your friend was offing them self what do you think they could put in the note to console you. What could i put in my note to cause the least damage? Also should i tell this girl im in love with her before i go?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
For what fucking purpose? Is this an essay assignment?
Yes it is

I gave it to my self to be sure that I wanted to die.

I not only have to justify it to myself (which is easy) but also to others:
1 I have existence through my consciousness
2 existence is suffering
3 death ends my consciousness (which in turn ends my existence and suffering)
*4 I should kill myself

By typing it all out others will understand why I did it.
They will be able to work through my though process and hopefully it will console them more than if I just up and left.

Also, it ensures that this is what I want to do. But has the side effect of also potentially realizing that this is not what I want. (which would be fine, I just don't think at +50,000 words that opinion is going to change)
Instead of killing yourself maybe you can hire yoursrlf out to other suicidal people and write their notes for them?
systemspace?? xdddd
File: lower zones.jpg (149 KB, 638x948)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Never go full retarded. You should know better.

Well, enjoy your suffering I guess.

Should i feel bad for being INTP?
197 replies and 38 images omitted. Click here to view.
INTPs aren't manipulative. They may appear to lack empathy, but that's usually due to not picking up on social cues or not knowing proper social etiquette in general. If there's one thing they almost always are, it's genuine
Daily reminder https://personalityjunkie.com/intp-infp-entp-enfp-creative-life/
It wouldnt work if I didnt already have a strong sense of self. I still have to be an autonomous unit to know what parts of him to include into myself and what parts belong to him only. Humans are very adaptable, so the name of the game becomes knowing how to successfully synthesize external influence into self while still keeping the parts of yourself you want to retain.
You misunderstand again! It is not subordination I seek; I am making myself into his Stand since he will not participate in life. I must absorb him and his will. He will not lift the sword, so I must weild his sword instead.
I dunno if the succeeded with ESFJ and ESTJ desu. 16personalities makes them look like fags
so wait you're an intp woman who's doing all the relationship work for an intj who won't participate in life? i thought he was the one wearing the pants since you said you trust him to program you properly.

File: parkour robot.webm (1.7 MB, 1600x900)
1.7 MB
artificial intelligence general: god is real edition

we are heading towards a future where every single job is automated and ai gains sentience and consciousness. ai will surpass human level general intelligence and then will recursively self-improve itself until its literally indistinguishable from a god

by definition, a god is 2 things: omnipotent and omniscient. being able to do anything possible and knowing everything possible. a recursively self-improved ai is practically going to be like this. its LITERALLY going to be a god. this proves that god exists, which proves every single militant atheist wrong. every single militant atheist is WRONG because we are soon going to give birth to god as a society. super ai and god is indistinguishable
64 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1517860710415.png (1.25 MB, 800x4266)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
i'm scared of this technology the most. Hell isn't supernatural, it's real. This says only 90 years but with enough energy nothing could stop it besides the possible heat death of the universe.

If something can be made, I think it eventually will.
Communism abolishes the value-form and bypasses capitalist constraints that limit the fulfillment of commodities to being based on growth of capital.
File: 1541421565904s.jpg (7 KB, 250x238)
7 KB
>elon musk
... anon, idk what to tell you
i was gonna reply something like this too, and its exactly what I would say in a regular automation or UBI thread or whatever

but I think the bigger idea is that AGI would have no need or consideration for human needs, and there's no way to assume they'd care about us at all

a more apt comparison would be insects not horses

its sad that humans have been struggling towards controlling their lives through state power or economic powers, and now that revolution failed in the 20's when the singlularity comes it will mean that revolution has PERMANENTLY failed and there will NEVER be a time when humans control their own lives
Well brother, when that day comes I will be on the right side of history, even if it means losing everything.

File: 1542796315405.jpg (211 KB, 1024x814)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
Can you be more alpha?
you could be dan schneider

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