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>Russians are based
Meanwhile in Russia:
Uuughhh...but women with big penises are based?
lol at him covering his fake tit scars with the bra brad is really dumb
>1 man and 1 woman having sex
What's the issue here?

File: 20220827_180300.jpg (111 KB, 1190x823)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Did you try massively lowering your standards? How low would you go to get a gf?
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a vagina and a pulse (optional but preferred)
>How often do you get rejected IRL?
Never, I've never asked a woman out irl. I don't think you need to to know that they'll say no. If every woman shows zero signs of interest, you have your answer.
File: 1656649798436.png (407 KB, 1000x1500)
407 KB
407 KB PNG
>I've never asked a woman out irl
Loneliest """in"""cel.
Not an incel, but I am trying to raise my own attractiveness instead.
>"lower" means fatter, uglier, earns less/has no jobs or skills, etc.
there are practically no fat women in my age range in my city, i'm a neet so no one earns less than me, and on top of that i have no idea where to find ugly women.

File: 389475987.png (337 KB, 760x595)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
>scariest 4chan posts
>creepiest reddit stories
>exploring the dark web
>top 10 legends of the internet
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also, there is an option to hide certain channels from popping out on your main screen, had to delete that faggot crit1kal cuz he was popping out every day due to such huge popularity boost he had in last time
YouTube was at it's peak culturally in 2015.
>be redditor
>see reddit content on youtube
Google exposing the faggots. Why do you even know this garbage exists?
Jesus I can hear that guy's fucking voice is my head saying "soiboi"
I watched channels like Fredrik Knudsen and similar and sometimes this stuff pops up.

File: Tired.gif (3.39 MB, 670x500)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB GIF
Over 7 months ago, I went to a rave and I danced with a really cute girl then we kissed slowly for a solid 20 seconds. I literally still think about it
I'm a very ugly guy so it was like a 1 in a million opportunity but holy shit, normies get those kisses and affection from women they care about. No wonder they are always seem positive and bubbly and all the incel frens I made on WoW and /vg/ are depressed and jaded neets who embody pessimism. It all makes sense
No matter how much we try to act like we are above and beyond it, these things really do matter for our happiness
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File: anime magic rave.jpg (2.15 MB, 4000x3008)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB JPG
Favorite rave memory in that case?
Solomun in Pacha, Ibiza
How do you make incel friends on WoW? Everybody I meet is a normie, all the guilds and raid teams have women now, trade chat goes on incel hating tirades. This game is a female safe space and I hate it.
entered thread to save the gif didn't read anything now I'm leaving
A couple weeks ago I went to an EDM show for the first time in a while and started getting drunk at the bar in the back of the venue meanwhile these two girls were there dancing and joined me in doing a shot. I got contacts from one of them that was really friendly and cute kind of looks like the singer of paramore. She messaged me first that night saying "IT WAS SO NICE TO MEET YOU!!!". The next week she invited me to a house music show in this old industrial building. Didn't even get that intimate, just held her hand in the crowd and went around with her exploring all around the building. But was probably the only night that made me feel alive in forever. Gonna go to that place with her again but I never made it romantic with her. Have a feeling I'm gonna get friendzoned and I'll kms.

I work in a level 2 biosafety lab and im suprised how lax the people running the show are here . Ive been working here for 5 months and lack of regard to safety is astonishing. Like Ill see cultures of bacteria just laying about and anyone could come in and take it .Or people eating food or having open drinks on counters where I do lab work and chemical shit. Im suprised we came this far as a species

This is a govt lab as well
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Most labs are just sweatshops. Not much different from sitting in front of an assembly line. Only in a few cases ppl start to really give a shit.
Why did movies and tv shows not show me the real reality. I thought id be doing something worthwhile not mundane pippeting . And labs look nothing like movies . There is one lab like that in building but its on a restricted floor I heard .
Because movies lie. It's like enhancing images or dual keyboard firewall uploading in those crimeshit shows - fiction. In that restricted floor they are doing mostly the same with the difference that they sweat their asses off in the ppe
So I shouldnt envy them ?

And how do u know this anon ? Do u work in lab
No you shouldn't. Protective gear always sucks.
I don't work in a lab, but I have to examine and survey them in terms of their contamination procedures - which honestly only happens if something goes wrong and someone has to find out if and where they fucked up. So almost never.

File: quote.jpg (163 KB, 640x360)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Why am I afraid?
Why do I look for friends?
Why do I look for company?
Why do I look for money?
Why do I look for fame?

Because I am not happy with myself.
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Okay faggot
and here's an "okay nigger" to get past the spam bot
Okay nigger
Well... I guess a brainlet will be a brainlet. Too bad.
>been NEET for over 10 years
>no longer look for any of those things and no longer care
File: 1262769_The-Young-Pope.jpg (44 KB, 1024x536)
44 KB
freedoms and fear go together like an old married couple

but you can make it a living hell if you're retarded
so don't do that
Fun fact, after enough time alone, your brain becomes wired for minimal social engagement. Then when you meet people who want to be friends, your mind keeps drawing a blank. Without mental stimulation, there is no dopamine rush of "having fun".

No, losing your self-consciousness will NOT magically fix your social problems. You will merely become spiny like a cactus: "company denied, please to fuck off".

Fame sounds great until you realize just how exacting the expectations of your admirers would be; your persona takes over your life. Even for highly extroverted people, this often feels like a prison.

You would think gay men would find the same stuff attractive as straight women do, but no. Every gay thread I enter, dudes are fawning over the grossest beasts imaginable. Pic related is a 10/10 on /hm/.
More importantly, why aren't women like this?
Why is it that fat hairy dudes are only attractive to gays but not women?
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File: kill_ys.png (343 KB, 499x527)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
I have a bad boy fetish which is pretty in-line with what women want. Also

>Big cock

All things women want and I find attractive.
I also have the taste of a straight woman. It's why I watch some greys anatomy and watch romcoms
Alright I'm not that gay.
This is how I know I'm only r9k prison gay and not actual gay, because I only like top percentile twinks uwu
File: 1611719125165.jpg (71 KB, 1024x769)
71 KB
The way I currently view things, I never had to contort my sexuality and my entire self-concept around what I think would be the most "digestible" to the opposite sex out of some procreation-centric fear of not "making it in life", unlike straight guys. I can't say that I envy them.

File: Ethan-Klein-.jpg (41 KB, 681x568)
41 KB
What's your opinion on deepfake porn?
Should it be allowed to be made or should it be illegal without consent?
38 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I see it. Thanks bro

I want to be clear because this isn't specific to deepfake porn, I don't think any random retard should be able to take someone's likeness and use it for profit if that's their sole intention. My issue is more with the retards who do youtube pranks, but deepfake porn would fall under the way I want the the new legal precedent to be set.
Making it illegal is going to cut down on the supply, but nothing will ever eliminate it. Kind of like how murder is the worst crime, yet people are still killing each other for all sorts of stupid shit.
>I wouldn't like someone making deepfake...of me doing a shitty act
is the thing most people should be concerned about, even on the micro scale. Rumors alone are bad enough, but now you can fabricate realistic evidence at will on your gayyyyming computer, and make the accused look like a total schizoid loonie for calling it what it is. On the macro scale this is excellent for all sorts of intelligence disinformation/propaganda operations, particularly in the developing world like africa where computer education means teaching word processor use on a fucking blackboard. Deepfaked propaganda has already been deployed by russia to impersonate some ukrainian wrestler-mayor-media darling to other world leaders over zoom. The only way it was "caught" was because he went on an unhinged rant about immigration, which made the counterpart governments call the ukrainian one which confirmed he was nowhere near zoom at the time his call was made. Normies aren't going to give a shit about this since they can't think past ~2 days into the future, and I would argue they're itching for the opportunity to use it against their personal enemies. Watch your backs, robots.
i don't know.
on one hand i understand the eeriness of deepfaking, that any random woman can be put into convincing enough porn without them knowing about it. it's strange in the way only technology can be, and it's dangerously close to encroaching on privacy. plus they can be used for real malicious purposes, with a probably fun future of people not knowing what's real or fake anymore.
however, it can't be stopped now. and it's just like >>72058055 says, a well done deepfake of a super hot coworker or streamer or whoever would be grade A fap material. we're all perverted bastards and sex is in our nature, so it's no surprise people are jumping on ways to visualize their fantasies.

i think deepfake, and ai in general, is unearthing some really weird questions regarding our perceptions of reality, as well as accelerating divide between people. it's like lifelike sex dolls / vr porn / ai generated smut; men wanna fucking bust nuts, but more and more guys are struggling with that basic fact and they're turning to these options which ironically don't (physically) hurt any women. in response, women en masse are saying there's something wrong with men, we hate men, men are bastards, etc. deepfake's just another superficial peg in the shitflinging contest where nobody's focusing on the true underlying issues.

all that said, i think the CONSENT!! response to deepfakes is dumb. lots of these chicks rely on their sexual capital to pull in simps and lonely fuckers, who obviously just wanna bust a fucking nut. of course they're going to flock to their visualized fantasies. there's far deeper root issues that should be honed in on instead.
if it exists
theres porn of it
even if its illegal that doesn't stop people from making content to sexualize "famous" people or online figures or literally anyone

I mean yeah it sucks but you can't stop people

>be me
>no heroin chic abusive gf

It's over bros isn't it?

File: FngJBCQWQAAjOrw.jpg (292 KB, 2048x1502)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
I salute the silent Chads out there making fake onlyfans accounts with ai generated holes. Financially ruining pathetic beta males and whores.
You are the watchful heroes we all need. Thank you.

After this we'll get full-blown ai generated content. Hollywood isn't much further from already being ai generated. Once the jew element is gone it might actually improve.
I embrace our AI future.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Be patient. OP's hand is especially impressive considering how ai did hands just a year ago. A year in the future and we'll see perfect hands.
Literally >>72058762
It's improving so fast. Ai will perfect art and then move on to perfecting a physical form. Then we get ai robo waifus.
feminists also pushed forward advancements in birth without men which naturally led to advancements in birth without women.
Bio holes will be permanently replaced and world peace will happen.
File: 2139.gif (2.09 MB, 500x500)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB GIF
>tfw ai chads will destroy the onlywhores market
Godspeed you magnificent bastards.
You can't make a fake onlyfans accounts because you need to verify your id with a driver's license or passport
>You can't make a fake onlyfans accounts because you need to verify your id with a driver's license or passport

You got me there, fake IDs have never existed

Should I buy a cuttlefish?
File: 1607485496324.jpg (74 KB, 720x572)
74 KB
yeah obviously anon...
File: 1675125235584258.png (130 KB, 518x428)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
can you cuddle a cuddlefish?
Finally a real thread, shame its going to die in 5 minutes due to lack of gaping assholes though
File: index.jpg (5 KB, 258x195)
5 KB
purchase a leech instead

File: tired chud.png (14 KB, 645x770)
14 KB
Spending all my days on imageboard makes virgins, incels and romantically impaired people seem so common. As if 1 in 3 young man was a KHHV at this point, for fucks sake.

Going outside, looking at statistics and seeing real people makes me realize these are absolute freak show outliers, they just concentrate on imageboards.
71 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
>your brain on 4chan
Fucking learned how to smell shit better being here so your argument is btf
File: overly_competitive.jpg (127 KB, 818x423)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>let's use "survival of the fittest" as an argument because we have no other substance to add
You could've saved everyone 10 seconds of read time if you would've just typed
>everything is rng, bruh
File: 141025 100403.png (59 KB, 996x235)
59 KB

>you should be like me and spam MLP everywhere and blackmail people into making it the only thing they ever watch! That's being productive, and I'm productive in doing that!

You won't be great
File: 141004 112656.png (26 KB, 1057x152)
26 KB
The dead would get fucking killed
Indeed. People often throw around the term here "failed normie," but it what is far more common, precisely because it is neglected, is The Failed Incel.

Im a virgin college student whos raising the bastard son of my sister . Mind you im a ethnicel and my sister got cum dumped by some white chad . Im now raising the kid since she left it with my mom and we live together . She on other hand is studying in college in California.

Im I a cuck for genuinely loving kid and taking care of him . I use to be depressed and full of hatred but with him all that seems to disappear. Its giving me a new purpose
Before we incarnate, we map out what our lives are going to be like, and we make really important plans to help each other in order to help us achieve certain goals.

Imagine if you will, that you were writing your life, and you knew you wanted a father son experience, but you didn't necessarily want to be the father, because you wanted a sense of freedom.

now imagine another soul, one you already know, wants to have a childhood without parental attachments, one that still has parental figures like you, but one that will let him experience a sense of freedom he didn't have in past lives.

If you make it into life, and you find yourselves trapped together, chances are you made a deal to take care of each other in this way for at least a time. Doesn't mean it will end well, but the deal isn't that these things will end on a happy note, but rather that you'll feel an intense happiness because of it.

on that side its not about it lasting forever or remaining perfect.

TL;DR, you love the kid, you're not a cuck, you're an uncle.
you're a good man - keep taking care of the child and teach him to be a good person too
T. loosh addicted archon.

Why doesnt your sister take care of the kid wtf
She dorms out of state and I live with my mom while commuting to local public universitiy

File: catcide.jpg (36 KB, 513x680)
36 KB
hi, I'm not really sure where to get help, maybe someone can help. Just realizing its impossible to be with a woman, and I really need someone to love me. How do gay bros feel about being in a relationship with a straight man who isn't sexually atracted to them? I know some gay guys that I care about and I want to make someone happy in a relationship but idk if that would be wrong, I wouldnt mind doing sexual stuff with them if they wanted but im scared they wont like me since im not actually into men. Is this possible? I always hear from gay guys that their relationships never last but I dont have high standards, and I could probably tolerate alot. I just need a partner because im dying from loneliness. I would experiment sexually too, I have tried prostate play and it feels good, but I still cant get into the idea of butt sex. idk what to do or how to find someone. please help

File: 1655491209621.jpg (30 KB, 1000x558)
30 KB
>hey let's take EVERY child from their parents and put them in a place where they are forced to have their knowledge tested on stuff that has nothing to do with their actual lives
>this will totally enable them to socialize and not want to just ignore everything besides what is required and go home
wtf was the education system thinking? i was supposed to make friends and shit?

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