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File: 813WO4phcNL._SL1500_.jpg (236 KB, 535x1500)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Alright guys, it has come so far.
You've dragged me down to your level.
>be me about 1h ago
>living in shared appartment/house with around 8 people around my age
>have to piss
>friend comes to my room to talk
[ye I've got some friends "blabla no real robot" fuck off, I've been through all of that no friends/depression already & been here for more than a couple years by now]
>wait it out & about 25min pass
>after she leaves wait a couple minutes and go to the bathroom
>hear shower
>fuck, have to hold it
>return 10min later, still shower
>by now it has gotten to the point where it's painful to hold in
>hear noise of door opening
>return 5min later, hear nothing from bathroom

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can't you pour out the piss into your toilet when it's free and then throw the empty carton in the bin.
maybe rinse it out if it smells bad and it should be fine right?

File: FB_IMG_1538264875769.jpg (13 KB, 498x212)
13 KB
>be me
>be super into this girl for a really long time
>we flirt a bit and talk to one another about everything
>recently breaks up with her gf
>find out this morning that she fucked a dude last night
>went on and on in a group chat about how big his dick was and how he took her virginity
Should I finally fill out my application to become a monk after all robots?
File: 1527130755466.jpg (8 KB, 240x229)
8 KB
God this scene was fucked. Really hope they tortured the shit out of those guys. It's such a ridiculous scenario, but it's so visceral.
>recently breaks up with her gf

File: 1454356922436.jpg (100 KB, 425x282)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
fpbp decides what I masturbate to
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File: 346262626.jpg (14 KB, 638x269)
14 KB
jewish rabbis sucking baby penises. cant post otherwise I'd get banned, but its legal, don't worrie ;)
File: 43214214124.jpg (28 KB, 320x320)
28 KB
dubs says you have to do it, fucker!
doesn't seem like a best post to me
dubs lost value in 2019
Rabbi's sucking baby penises while getting fucked by a horse
File: 1414224222426.jpg (7 KB, 186x250)
7 KB
Now that's what I call a fpbp

File: minge.jpg (109 KB, 1080x1331)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Why yes, I do argue with obese autists online about why flat chests are the best. How did you know?
how can one person be so perfect?? *drool*
Ever wonder what a fake Chad is?. Well this image sums it up.

Since the draw anon isn't here, I will take his place.

Send me your requests and I will draw what you want
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A poopoopeepee once like it's her trying to bang a minor celebrity but for her it's a normal day and not make it some brown person getting arrested kind of thing.
Draw me my fucking bird you motherfucker.
Draw me a scrawny 5'3 manlet beating up brad
File: 1550886768960.jpg (384 KB, 900x900)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
You are an intellectual person of refined tastes that appreciates the classics. This one is a cheap imitation of a picture of someone holding a globe because nobody would come as close to the original thing I'm talking about for you, as you reflect that. and I'd bang your mom.
Thanks! I guess that means I can get out of here now that I have a gf. See you boys later.

File: giga nipples 1.jpg (40 KB, 1280x720)
40 KB
>tfw still no giga nipple gf
it fucking hurts, bros.
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File: giga nipples 4.jpg (75 KB, 864x480)
75 KB
Thanks man. Hope this works.
File: 1287884071896.jpg (27 KB, 263x301)
27 KB
>those scars on her arm
putting quarters in your nipples can't solve all your problems.
So, are we not going to post anymore big nipples?

What makes a robot? What are the major factors. Autism? Social anxiety?
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File: katya lischina.jpg (140 KB, 1024x877)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
im ugly. I think most robots are ugly or feel ugly.
File: uranus.jpg (39 KB, 1600x1200)
39 KB
1) Willingness to use 4chan/r9k/ to browse or post

There are no other items in this list.
If you are neither ugly on the inside or even slightly above average looking you are not a robot
File: pokie5.png (491 KB, 637x637)
491 KB
491 KB PNG
>you are not a robot
Like I'm going to accept a definition made up on the spot from some confessed ugly mother fucker on the internet.
Being different

File: bike.jpg (23 KB, 448x295)
23 KB
>be me
>recovering from an injury over the past 6 or so months
>girlfriend breaks up w me because I am stagnant and going nowhere
>decide to get a bike and maybe that will help me feel better
>search craigslist and find a suitable bike for around $50
>set up time to go meet with the guy
>at first cancel on him because I was very anxious for some reason but eventually follow through and meet with him
>Walk up to the address to an older man doing some work in his garage
>talk with him for a few moments and he knew my grandmother
>realize how much I missed her but makes me happy to know how nice a life she lived
>get home and talk to my dad about it, probably most I've talked with him in months
>spend time cleaning the bike, filling tires, adjusting brakes and seat
>weather wasnt too great but went on a ride anyway
Really feels good guys, felt like although it was only a short ride Im tired for the first time in months and am looking forward to going tomorrow. Hope u all have a great day

I've never liked those curvy handle bars. I like city bikes and mountain bikes. Bike wheels for going around town and transporting goods.
I just wanted to be able to ride very far on days when Im doing nothing hich is almost every day
bikes are cool and people should ride them more.
Someone post Pepe holding up traffic riding his bike, that's my favourite one
wish I could go for a ride but I live in a shitty poor area with shitty roads and niggers

It's kind of funny, whenever people talk about going for a bike ride they usually mean sticking their bike in/on their car and going somewhere else.

File: therearetwogenders.png (126 KB, 364x214)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
>be me in high school
>be fat until last year of it
>be really skinny
>still get bullied and now i'm easier to push

What the fuck do I do? Should I sign up to this gym my only three friends are going and go with them? I look like a twiggy alien

File: 1494763363643.png (29 KB, 398x394)
29 KB
i wish i was still a fucking virgin
me too
fucking abusive whore
Do I get to brag for being a virgin?
Feels good.
Too bad normalfag.
Shouldn't have been a manwhore and thrown away your precious gift of celibacy and purity.
Great, another "I lost my virginity guys!!" post. Fuck off, don't come back, and make sure the rope's extra thick.
>fucking virgin

isnt that a contradiction

File: IMG_20190322_121919.jpg (64 KB, 522x726)
64 KB
all my actions are aimless

(i want to find what i'm destined to do - and do just that)
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I do things because I feel like it's the right thing, not because I know it is
I'm never certain of anything, I let the pressure of time force me into a decision, so that can't blame myself for having chosen the wrong option
I often let others decide for me or I decide according to what I think others will think of me
Because I don't know what I want or what I should do
Desire for me I always mediated by the other, rather, I wonder if it is acceptable for a person like me, in my social situation, to have such a desire and then act on it accordingly
I can think of myself as having an individuality, but an individuality created as a reaction to the community, not one built from within

I am not them, but I don't know if I am me
I am never present or in the moment, when interacting with someone else. Parallel to my thoughts there are the noisy meta-thoughts.

File: minato.png (984 KB, 696x696)
984 KB
984 KB PNG
how do i get over my self-destructive tendencies?

thanks to bipolar disorder, i tend to build myself up in my mania phases and take advice from those fucking "life coaches", wake up at 6am to meditate and all that retarded shit

but as i spiral down into my depressive phase i start to purposefully stay up drinking, fucking up my sleep schedule, i'll cause arguments on purpose because i feel like i don't deserve my few friendships i have left, and i spend all day browsing here

what can i do to stop myself from purposefully and knowingly fucking up my life. i know what im doing as im doing it and i know it will fuck me up in the long run, but i do it anyway
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The yellow flash was my favorite character when I was a kid
not bipolar but ik the feeling of deliberately going out of your way to sabotage yourself in some kind of twisted pleasure.

Idk what the solution is. Meds may help take the edges off of mood swings. Going to sleep also helps. Like instead of staying up and either being productive or sabotaging yourself, just say "fuck it I don't wanna deal so I'm going to bed early".
i just need to see a fucking doctor to get some meds or some shit, its just a matter of getting my shit together enough to do it

issue im facing is that i either feel amazing, like nothing can hurt me and i don't need meds, or as i mentioned before
He didn't get enough screen time really. Needs more fillers.
He had the best wife in the whole series and was a chill dude
I like the mystery there was before shippuden in the mid 2000's

File: 1552872795382m.jpg (79 KB, 1024x768)
79 KB
Where can I find women like this? Short/shoulder hair white women to be exact.

File: D2RrF_LX0AEG-og.jpg (97 KB, 958x718)
97 KB
It's Friday what are you NEETfags up to?
>Woke up slightly hungover
>Applied for a job
>Put an entry into an art exhibition
>Fapped to trannies
>Picked up beer and some food
>Laid around
17 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I just wish I could see her have sex with someone else, or at the very least fuck dildos.
It would be hot if she fucked a girl. Trap on girl usually get more views too so maybe someone should suggest the idea to her.
File: D2Mn6LRXQAEuBuu.jpg (64 KB, 884x900)
64 KB
I just watch her ripped cumshots/shorter clips on various pr0nsites. Would help if she had a better camera then the one she uses. She makes cute faces tho.
According to her twitter she hadn't been in any kind of relationship for 5 years.

wow, whats the source on this please.
I'm getting more and more into this tranny thing. I have an aversion to buttholes and men though so I always have to imagine they're aliens who copulate through their buttholes and don't shit.

File: slavs453.jpg (130 KB, 600x800)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
>are drunk constantly
>always trying to scam people
>if they are a young female they are probably a mother of two and a herion addict
>if male they are a biological father to at least twelve kids and also are a heroin addict
>helped elect donald trump
>helped save leftist maduro from american justice
Is there anything worse than russians/slavs?

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