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File: GOkuqQLXQAEgbJa.jpg (173 KB, 1079x1134)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
just be a food deliver guy, bro
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im white, and i was getting food delivered when I fucked the yellow not the other way around
never claimed to be an incel or volcel or whatever, and this is my board. I've been here longer than you, newfag.
I'd be terrified to run into that guy in a dark alley. That's what you have to become, I guess.
her forehead bigger than Africa bruv
This, dude looks like a cartel member.

actually no bullshit why in the fuck did we end up with women who think like this?
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File: 1704795071587191.jpg (47 KB, 1080x714)
47 KB

Anon, women are mental, and retarded.
Men stopped beating women so now they have forgotten their place
The only cruel part of that tweet is the use of the word interstitial

Girl is close to say she would have a preroll boyfriend
>he isn't dumping his excess cum into a practice slampig gf while waiting for a real gf to come along
Sounds like a skill issue
I don't know man, I'd rather not be a piece of shit and date like normalfaggots

There's millions of them, their last history for 500 years has made them both willing and expected to accept white boys, they're trad, all their men are poor and turbo manlets so even robots would mog, plus they're easy to get to and you don't even need to learn weird fucking languages, just Spanish is fine

File: 3603cd6.jpg (50 KB, 1920x1080)
50 KB
it's just cliques of faggots sucking each other off
say anything against the grain and the hordes of faggots and yesmen will try to one up you for the next hour, not even redditors are this cancerous
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I fuck around and joke but I tend to be very deadpan and blunt when talking about pathetic and contemptable people who I deem as a problem. If I'm going to take a rhetorical swing at someone I don't want to soften the blow or sugar coat it.
If someone it applies reads it and upsets them than good. Maybe it will convince them that they should try to better themself... Or be one of the million little daggers in their heart that helps convince them throw themselves into that noose that silences them forever.
Either way society wins.
That's the same with everything. Doesn't change the fact that "chatroom"-like services are more insular by design.
I've had some good experiences with it too, like I've recently joined a discord server about the gothic video games and I was pleasantly surprised to see people I used to talk with on forums over 15 years ago that were there.
i will always argue discord is worse than 4chan

i used to use discord but i finally stopped cause it's pure degeneracy of the worst kind and it's infested absolute degenerates

it's been years since i stopped using this garbage and haven't looked back ever since, don't even misses it
>im serious when I bully people
>it might get them to fix themselves or kill themselves
>Either way society wins.
based chaotic neutral anon
There is something about the design that predestinates people to act this way. The faggy layout the dim gray homosexual color the chat room where everyone just has his own monologue etc. It screams slimey snail to me and naturally attracts self absorbed faggots of all kinds especially LGBBC's etc.
It's like a dark blind alley somewhere in the red light district where a few junkies smoke crack and tell each other their retarded degenerate and unfunny insights jokes.

> says shes getting rid of immodest clothes
> is literally exposing her shoulders like a whore
> also wearing makeup (whore paint)
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>was always religious
I accept them
>was a giga whore and totally realized its all wrong after years of not and conveniently only after her looks started to fade
Bitch fuck outta here
don't even care, I'll take any female that is capable of extending kindness towards men
She wants a meal ticket that she can divorce-rape later. Simps will blame the man for not holding frame enough and not having interesting enough hobbies.
She's a Goddess though. Her existence glorifies God.
I want her throne to pay my respects
>OMG she is exposing her shoulders, what a whore
Are you serious? Do shoulders really make you horny? Doubt. Just admit you want white sharia

Does the female equivalent of Main Character Syndrome exist?
Girls, do you get the feeling that you must accomplish something grandiose for your lives to be meaningful, that you have to undergo great suffering and sadness to improve and harden yourself in pursuit of some goal?
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>that you have to undergo great suffering and sadness to improve
Goyim mindset
Still cool as fuck, I'd love to have tried what you did but I really don't have the personality to carry a cult, too empath
File: 1711423564520774.png (725 KB, 564x705)
725 KB
725 KB PNG
my entire life has been suffering so far. i just want peace and quiet and no surprises for the rest of it.
yes, anon. believe it or not, women have delusion and feelings too.
Fuck I hate this sentiment so much "You're not the center of the universe" DUDE. I LITERALLY AM YOU STUPID CUNT! WTF! Leave me the fuck alone.

File: party.png (58 KB, 499x480)
58 KB
Have you ever meet people you either knew or suspected were robots as well?
I'm curious how that type of situation would go on, like would two robots bond and befriend each other if they knew about it.
I've met some guys who I knew browsed 4chan but it was always people who have a loose familiarity with other boards, not depressed guys with issues like we do here.
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File: autism.jpg (99 KB, 1200x800)
99 KB
It's easy to spot robot potential. There's no real way to know if they make it here, but at least they'd fit in if they did.
i'm doing my best to hide it desu
i suppose it's because i have mentioned some topics you have to be terminally online for to mention it
also that girl could have noticed what i liked on instagram so she could've concluded by that alone
Never met someone who also browsed this board.
But I've been to a few parties where there were guys behaving autistically. Just sitting around clearly scared or passively observing. When engaged in conversation they give short responses and lack much enthusiasm.
How am I supposed to convince them that I know what it's like when I have learned to mask like a normie so well? And now that I've even started to ascend into proper normiehood I feel reluctance to engage such people in the first place. God forgive me I am climbing the ladder and kicking it down.
Got accused of being a channer by some guy from uni I barely know
>yeah, you seem like the type of guy who would browse 4chan
That's why it's hard to get out of the shell even if you actively try to socialize. Because most normies are too eager not associating with losers if they're not forced to do it ...

File: 1648191431505.jpg (209 KB, 961x720)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Every forum i find similar to r9k, its always

>discord sluts increasing their fanbase and their beta orbiters
>racist people who can't stop being chuds for 3 seconds
>porn spamming
>Le quirky failed normies who think they're robots just because they're in a dry spell
Yes that is all loser stuff. What are you expecting

File: IMG_20240423_103633_526.jpg (124 KB, 1080x1440)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
It seems like as you get older doing basic things becomes harder and life loses all of its colors. The food doesn't taste the same anymore, people are mean, prices are up, basic stuff like taking a shit or a piss becomes harder, how to cope with life becoming worse?
As I've gotten older, things have gotten easier. I understand the people around me better, and understand my true self much more accurately. I've managed to make good friends. I'm no longer wildly suicidal and a mental health mess.
Babies cry more than adults.
What's your secret how'd you do that
Got hospitalized when I attempted suicide, and when there I for the first time saw what mental healthcare was actually like, and the classes I took in that week while inpatient impacted me deeply.

I decided to research scientifically-backed treatments for the psychological pain I was experiencing. I decided one of my main issues was cognitive distortions and similar issues solved by cognitive behavioral therapy. I downloaded books intended for clinicians, and googled anything I did not understand. I also downloaded books for patients, which included guided worksheets to work through. I gave myself therapy for free.

I still use the skills I learned every day to maintain my mental health. I also use them in talking to other people, and it really helps me understand humans as a huge fucking autist (diagnosed).

File: luke-9-23.png (30 KB, 1376x720)
30 KB
Yes. If one can see everything on this side of eternity as fleeting and be willing to throw it all away for Christ that would be best. For many there is little hope for this side of eternity anyway. Thank you.

File: images-1.jpg (32 KB, 438x701)
32 KB
I don't, most women I know are very nice to me and I'm not Chad, they are just genuinely nice people.
They are also small and cute, so how can you hate all of them?
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I mean to be clear it wasnt romantic with her, or any of my friends. 0 attempt to be. I at one point was explaining to her Platonic love, so I feel it was obvious to her.
We were just friends, and she abandoned me.
Also, I literally spent the Christmas with her, and she seemed fine with that. So I dont know.
Yes. I try not to but I can't help it. They've made my life hell.
I don't hate them, the same way I don't hate most males. There are exceptions, of course, but as you said, they are usually nice. It just depends on the person.
The people who hate them complain constantly and the people like you and me that find them cute don't usually make posts about it, so you end up seeing a lot of woman hate here.
>"Son with a woman's brain"
Worst thing imaginable, its like taking the worst from both genders and putting it into one
biofems are awesome, everything about them is awesome.
On my work a biofem brightens my day with her sense of humor and genuine convos, here the biofems brighten up my day thanks to the only good thread this place has, the biofem general they started.

File: dm.png (221 KB, 501x421)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Unironically, why do I find videos of gay black men masturbating, ironically funny? Am I gay anons?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I've only ever seen censored edits or streams or zoom meetings getting bombed and it's funny as shit. That and the nonsensical and over the top shit he says or does like "AMBATUKAMUUUURRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAA-" that lasts forever.
Favorite example:
Do you go on zoom a lot
File: mpv-shot0001.jpg (349 KB, 1920x1088)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
sometimes i do lol
Gay people are funny
Black people are funny
Gay black people are really, really funny.
thanks anon, that's pretty funny

Only 4 years until the first gen alphas can post here
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
generation CHUD i can't wait
I have some cute moid affection for you
Will they be fuckable? How will their women be?
i am 18 and was posting here(not here but on fit and pol mostly) 4 years ago
Sounds goooood..... leave?

File: Trannies.jpg (148 KB, 1024x768)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
How do you get a ladyboy gf?
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File: 345349.jpg (106 KB, 768x1024)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Go to Thailand or Philippines. Use a dating app or certain websites and meet one. They are often open to meeting foreign men but a lot of them will either be sex workers who want money or they will use you as a walking ATM. Also be wary that many of them will be chatting to lots of guys online and flirting even while they are supposedly exclusive with you, they can be very promiscuous. But while they will flirt behind your back if you so much as glance at another woman or ladyboy they will fly of the handle and can even become aggressive. My advice is avoid them as girlfriends but just enjoy fucking one every now and then.
This board tanked years ago.
As long as he is using his own dick to fuck them and not yours then why would you have a problem with it?
Move to Thailand honestly, they are easy to find in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Ladyboys are also on most dating apps from Tinder to Grindr and Thais have their own called Thaifriendly and there is another international one called Mytransgender date which has 1000s of Thai ladyboys(this is a paid site but you can sign up and look at profiles for free).
>How do you get a ladyboy gf?
be black

File: 1710915174449989.png (959 KB, 1510x1621)
959 KB
959 KB PNG
Luz and Amity are bisexual though
Luz was fantasizing about a senior molesting her on her first day at Hexside
Amity basically reads HET fantasy novels
I dicked some lesbians but it didn't tyrn them straight

Maybe if I was Chad
Still hot to imagine Amity being such a simp for Luz that she joins her heterosexual escapades just to be close to her.
>stick it in a lesbo
>see her visibly frustrated and trying not to enjoy it

My one lesbian friend wanted me to watch this with her.
Not even worth making r34 of.

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