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femanons what is the lewdest thing that happened at your slumber parties and dont lie ill fucking know youre lying
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maybe you were just wearing revealing clothing you goddamn whore
We took our bikini bottoms off in the hot tub.
File: 1499441947835.jpg (10 KB, 231x218)
10 KB
>We took our bikini bottoms off in the hot tub.
i am going to invent a time machine to go back in time and drink the water of that hot tub
nice larperino
Get off my board you unwelcome cuntoids.

People can always tell when I'm weak and they gang up on me
Like apes, they are. Ascend beyond your chains of humanity into transhumanism.

File: 1512959305737.png (141 KB, 1000x1091)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
anyone else here very ugly, i'm talking 3/10 max?

i was in denial for a while, but in my zoom call today i realized i was literally the ugliest guy out of like 10. i'm probably like a 2/10. how do you cope? i mostly just accept my life will be shit since i'm ugly.
You look ugly because you probably fap too much. Try Nofap. It will make your face appear more vibrant and you'll realize that you don't look as bad as you think.
yeah i'm sure no fap will fix my severe acne scarring.
Just accept it and focus on improving your personality.
it will you just need to nofap for about 2 years
I used to think I was a 6+ until I saw a candid picture my friend took of me and realized I was a 2.

File: 76.jpg (24 KB, 288x266)
24 KB
friend post (thread)
https://steamcommunity.com/id/ fools_idoI/

>Be me
>have a complete suicidal mental breakdown
>immediately get super horny after
>bust a nut and everything goes back to level

What the fuck is wrong with me bros
i'm like you
it eventually developed into an autassassinophilia fetish
i want a hot girl to kill me while we fuck
Sounds incredibly hot ngl
You sound like a stupid, confused animal driven by impulse and urges rather than thought.
Not gonna refute that, BP does fun things
imagine getting pummeled by a girl who's ferociously riding your dick before she tightens a rope around your neck and chokes you to death

File: 9lgl8de.png (509 KB, 1388x1060)
509 KB
509 KB PNG
just finished reading aku no hana / flowers of evil, any anons want to give me a manga recommendation with slice of life and psychological elements?
School Live! is good, has a nice juxtaposition of apocalypse/cute girls doing cute things.

It's adorable until someone has a crippling mental breakdown
thanks anon, ill check it out right now
File: 1526355288395.jpg (110 KB, 759x847)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Abnormal Kei-Joshi
Voynich Hotel
Benkei In New York
Haruka Na Machi e
Onanie Master Kurosawa
Oyasumi Pun Pun
Rokudenashi Blues

Have fun OP.
Aku no hana based, onani master kurosawa, punpun, nhk are good.
Did you read the original set of poems?

File: 54839518_p0_master1200.jpg (197 KB, 566x800)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
I felt like a shithead today for some reason, can anyone tell me i'm not a shithead and that it's ok?
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I will furiously masturbate to it.
It's okay. Today wasn't a good day for you, but you can always try to make tomorrow a better day. Try to stay positive and enjoy things in life, even if it's hard to
Define "shithead".
Well if it's just for that i could try doing it then if it's for someone i like.
Thank you nice anon, i feel that way too but still each day counts.
Like something was wrong and i was nervous the whole day.
Well, you suck for being a filthy anime poster, but for today, I guess that's all you're guilty of.

File: 192.jpg (285 KB, 1920x1920)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
a good post for r9k
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you're the one giving me an identity
>some loser
>you degenerates
I am obsessed, with girls last tour, which is why i hate your threads and you, there is like 3 people who always circle jerk in them and it disgusts me.
you're obsessed with me obviously
Cringe chups wannabe
>still making newfags seethe years later

File: 20200604_194704.jpg (265 KB, 1080x1324)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
Im done cooming cant take it anymore. Being a filthy coomer
don't do it man, cold turkey nofap leads to a chastity agp fetish
If I get the image source I might be inclined to help you with your "little problem."
File: 1591291159255.png (375 KB, 1632x1548)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
My dick is limping man i cant do it no more the addiction is strong but i am stronger
Goto Nhentai then look up link and it should be the one with the red background

Give me weird anime anime suggestions.

I want some thought provoking shit, nudity, gore and shit won't bother me. I'm looking to be inspired.
Nigga I've been on the hunt too. I haven't found any good ones yet
The last good one I've watched was Erased and before that it was Classroom of Elite

File: 1590614051352s.jpg (9 KB, 250x218)
9 KB
how many of you 21+ still live with mommy
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She doesn't have anyone else so I really can't leave her.
I just turned 30 and still live with me mum :)
I live with my dad, but we're in a duplex and he lives on the other side while I share my side with my little brother.
I'm a heiress. I have a excuse. Not giving specific details out to strangers

File: 1536981935840.jpg (223 KB, 1280x758)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
What would a man-only society look like?

>its about 50 years in the future
>Antartica has melted entirely, and it has been taken over by a tribe of international men who have decided that life with women is just not worth it
>it started small, with it being a simple tribe and only men approved because of a specific skillet were allowed to enter
>this has evolved to one city of men, with smaller communities for farming on the outside
>Men are given the power to adopt orphan boys if they want to be a father
>any criminals immediately deported back to their home country

What does the culture of this new civilziation look like? Assume, for the sake of fun, that they are able to maintain a steady population through adopted and immigration.

no gays allowed either.
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based. all men are naturally born gay, it's literally in our genes to be gay, especially for white men.
Here's my answer:

What's wrong with it?
>no gays allowed
Lol anon
Anyway it would be just a big prison
you'd better be enforcing castration because even though you're not letting gays in, you'll be generating them at insane speeds.
Really for a more realistic perspective you could just model your society on Ancient Athens, with total suppression of women. Excepting some sort of scenario involving artificial wombs and eggs, though artificial semen seems more likely before an artificial womb will actually be safe.

File: lmao.jpg (171 KB, 1080x1152)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
This is my FIFTH thread asking whether robots and dick problems is a real thing and Ive had nboody rebuking it yet

Do most robots exist because theyre very concerned about their penis? Whether its too small, too deformed, too whatever.

Small dick sydnrome seems to exist. Is anyone here a robot and completely satisfied with their dick? Fifth thread. Anyone??
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File: FB_IMG_1556588861751.jpg (25 KB, 474x472)
25 KB
That's wrong.

I have a big dick, 21 cm to be exact, not once I have been worried about my cock.

I have said this before here. Not once having a big dick has given me confidence to talk with women because I am a sperg and my mind betrays me in the most important situations. Bad childhood and scarring outweighs a big dick, which is one of the most desirable traits on the world.
File: 1485437078315.jpg (17 KB, 360x360)
17 KB
It really won't be that big of a deal to women unless you're absurdly huge or absurdly small. As someone who watched too much porn, I thought my dick was average. After I started getting laid and sleeping with different women I came to find out I apparently have a porn tier dick. To be honest, I carry an inherent confidence knowing that if I ever slept with a girl I'd be laying pipe with no problem.
I wouldnt say concerned. I have 7 inches but it would be cool to be a freak of nature 9 inch penis. Then I could be a penis celebrity. A local legend.
5.5 inches its over
File: xzsbmnzque8z.jpg (22 KB, 480x360)
22 KB
Uh im a robot and my dick is big
Its about 7-8 inches, im satisfied with the size of it if thats what you mean.
Im a virgin still so idk how much it really means

File: library43.jpg (9 KB, 194x260)
9 KB
oh they're out there, you just need to find them
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>giga-slut gamer girls who will suck your dick and play mario kart with you at the same time.
they would only do that for chad, and i don't play Mario kart.
better start playing mario kart then or you'll never get your dick sucked
File: Albert-Einstein jpg.jpg (22 KB, 550x550)
22 KB
Any girl who can drive safely while sucking a dick is simply not giving the suck the attention it deserves.
>In today's world of dating she has to make the move
Pfft, I wish.
We'll do it. We'll do it scientifically. Anything we can't find, we'll make! Anything we can't make we didn't need anyway.

>playing siege
>ladder anxiety hits
>can't aim can't think
>teams calling me out for being trash
Why can't people just be nice
18 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I just spam casual and use my autism to farm out ops. might get mozzie tonight
>gatekeeping mental illness
wew lad
>noooo don't gatekeep my ladder anxiety
just reflect on your words for a moment. and realize how much of an insufferable faggot you sound like. you are an actual insult people who go through real anxiety disorders on a daily basis. also kill yourself for playing siege
im not even op, but keep replying because its funny
Lol retard just google it dumbass. It's not some shit you get diagnosed.

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