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File: openai-avatar.png (14 KB, 1600x1600)
14 KB
The problems with letting people have the tech to create perfect impersonations of people are pretty fucking obvious. This is clearly the sort of tech that needs to remain locked behind closed doors like nuclear weapons but they seem dead set on waiting for a Judge to force them to do this.
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The source code and trained model aren't public
OpenAI? I doubt that.
Designing neural networks isn't hard btw, we knew how to create this for a decade now. We just didn't have the machines to process all that data, soon enough any individual programmer into any of this will be able to train a singularity on their own PCs, so like hiding any of this isn't going to prevent anyone from making their own in 2038
They already have. Meta, Alphabet, and Microsoft all have internet-enabled, unfiltered super AIs that they lock up from us. Even the paid services are just a fraction of what they have at their finger tips.
>needs to remain locked behind closed doors
In a few years social media will die because nobody will be certain if they interact with real people. That's worth a few sacrifices.
We've had the technology to create perfect impressions for decades. IT'S CALLED PHOTOSHOP YOU FUCKING RETARDS. Somehow society hasn't fallen apart yet.
An LLM is an interesting trinket. It works by generating the most likely possible next work, essentially. In practice, it's broken into "tokens". Based on the token it selected, the next token is generated. A series of potential options and probabilities is made, then chosen randomly. You can actually enable this feature in the OpenAI playground to see the odds for yourself, as well as other possible words. Superior AIs might work by generating many answers to each prompt, then synthesizing the best ones.
The watermarking launched about a week ago and it works by attacking at that "series of potential options" step. Instead of the true series it would normally generate, the AI is given a whitelist of potential words. It's pretty massive and the vast majority of options qualify, so it doesn't reduce vocabulary in any significant way.
So if you sit down and try to "edit a few words" or paraphrase or whatever, you will have no idea what words are on the whitelist for which other words. It's even more complicated in that you're actually looking for "tokens," not words, but I digress. Anyhow, they will run the essay through an AI analyzer and check it against the whitelist. Even if you manage to edit it successfully a few times, you will probably still end up matching the whitelist like 80-98% of the time. Comparatively, a real essay will only hit it like 40-50% of the time.

Personally I fear that there may be other latent watermarking going on that they are hiding from consumers, such as a potential reverse whitelist acting on the proceeding token, rather than the succeeding one. I have no evidence, though.
Also, I theorize that the whitelist system could be improved to secretly encode information about the generated text, such as the time and date it was generated, by using whitelists that shift over time. This might also be something they are doing secretly.

File: 1675289870252002.png (819 KB, 1280x720)
819 KB
819 KB PNG
>Owww Anon, I fell off my bike and hit my butt, can you take a look at it to see if it's ok

What do?
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i cant think of anything more i hate than unicyles whenever i see some chucklefuck rding these ridiculous contraptoins i want to run over and roundhouse the rider in his stupid soi head and then beat him with own dumb bike until hes physically unable to balance without a walking frame

homest;ly is wish all of these smug cunts were rounded up and put in an oven or better yet impaled on their own unicyles as a warning to others
their festering corpses and rictus grin serving as a lesson to futre generations

if your thinking about trying a unicycle give me a call and i will perosanlly visit you and end your life you disgusting freak
You're a worthless whore and you can't do anything right. Now fetch me some dinner you fat worthless lazy cunt
Walk it off, go to the nurse
>steals her bike
dumb bitch
I bet this whore fucked everyone in town in one of the timelines

File: 1668540104228.png (275 KB, 720x904)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
You do NOT have a right to create fan stories, deepfakes, or fan art of someone.
This behavior from moids is honestly fucking disgusting. Women have body autonomy.
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File: malecoping.png (149 KB, 480x352)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
if I can't masturbate to it, why does it exist?

it's not like it's that my brain is so atrophied the only way i can interact with the world is through my dick

this is all normal, i'm not a waste of the earth's resources, and i definitely shouldn't kill myself
Vtubers can now make fake real human avatars for enhanced parasocialization.
I will never understand the urge for other men to want to do deepfakes. I never had a crush on a celeb that made me wanna see them do porn. It's such a weird concept to me I can't believe they are men. I love fictional busty characters like tifa but i would never want some 3DPD deepfaked. Just not an attractive concept in my eyes.
File: 1671032351238.jpg (394 KB, 1009x1280)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
>I never had a crush on a celeb that made me wanna see them do porn
Not even Emma Watson?
To be fair this board has robot in the name.

Would you have sex with a male doll/robot? Just for fun, to try it out of curiosity?
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The only reason a heterosexual person would have sex with another male is because he's starved for human contact.
There is no attraction towards the male body, so a robot would do absolutely nothing.
seems like a lot of trouble to clean. can't even use my normal polyisoprene condomes because they come with silicone lube that would damage the doll, and it doesn't fit in a pressure cooker. seems kinda pointless when i can get real living men that hot, being a hottie myself
When my wife inevitably leaves me, I'll just switch to only sex with regular men.
dont think so. maybe if i was feeling it one day, but likely no
she's leaving you for the doll, you know

File: 80c.jpg (59 KB, 1024x576)
59 KB
Why does my gf (female) want me to wear panties?
>be me
>wear panties on the daily
idk mine did that and then she remodelled my room into a girls room

now i wear cute weeb panties and have a girls room so i advise against it. some girls jsut like making their bfs more feminine.
Wait did you ask for it/do you look feminine?
im skinny but look normal and no i didnt ask

File: pepe-kiss.gif (71 KB, 220x220)
71 KB
Hey ladies on 4chan give me a kiss.
Come on now, pucker up.
These lips aren't gonna kiss themselves!
You a chick?

File: 31009 - SoyBooru.png (77 KB, 417x560)
77 KB
It's for kids or something since the average waist size is already exceeding it. And I read on the toy board that adults are a big consumer of Lego products too, but idk if that's part of the experience.
I'm guessing those rides are made for kids but it is pretty shitty that they charge you for something you can't participate in.
it's some anti fat ideal playground now for weeb nazis

Stop being so gay, racial identity isnt even that important. Mutt guys are so hot(mulattos), its like theyre safe and docile enough to date and have bbcs and colored skin and black people lips but with a whiter looking nose and eyes.

And studies show theyre ranked most attractive. You guys must just be autistic or really ugly
>You guys must just be autistic or really ugly
Because youre a mutt yourself and a small cock

me on the right and my fembot furry gf on the left

File: Screenshot_92.png (1013 KB, 1473x869)
1013 KB
1013 KB PNG
>nine years ago
>16 years old me
>I met this girl my age on a chat app
>we chatted for a good while before we added eachother on facebook
>she asks if she can see me
>I send her a selfie and she says that I'm cute
>her facebook is of multiple white girls in a group photo with one asian girl
>I ask to see a photo of her
>she sends me a photo
>she's the asian
>I ghost her

I'm so disappointed bros, I nearly had a GF but sadly she was not white like me
File: lsdjkghlsadkhg.jpg (325 KB, 750x603)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
don't worry i'm retarded too.
>be 16
>get close to a girl from school
>she starts flirting a little more over time
>buys me a bracelet and basically writes me a love letter
>go to her house one day after school
>just us
>hanging out watching a movie
>get bored and go to her bedroom
>start flirting a little
>somehow get on the topic of sex etc
>"anon i only have sex with someone i'm dating"
"oh okay cool. anyway i gotta go"

grow distant and never speak to her again.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1645511480510.png (220 KB, 514x566)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
Just find another gf, normalfag. If a girl has ever been spontaneously into you then you can definitely get a gf.
no i'm a bit more retarded now. spontaneous love only existed in school.
File: still got it.jpg (973 KB, 2000x2666)
973 KB
973 KB JPG
i kept it too. it's been 10 years bros..

File: vormette.png (756 KB, 744x703)
756 KB
756 KB PNG
this board would have been 100 times better without all the incels and tranny faggots crying there 24/7
But I can't get a gf anon

File: 1649640393821.jpg (36 KB, 705x695)
36 KB
I'm nearly 30 years old and those deranged soijak bbc posts still make me laugh
File: 16024963296.png (139 KB, 1238x1072)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
bbcson is not deranged thoughever though
same, but with the chud and tranny killing ones too
t. 29 years old
i turned 18 yesterday kek
Having a bbc should be a crime, just like it was when they banned smoking weed.

File: ego.jpg (9 KB, 250x166)
9 KB
Ego is in fear constantly.
The term ego is misleading, you are only your body in this life and your mind is the only entity you have to change your fate between living a comfortable life and living a hellish one. Being tied up with your own desires and feelings is natural but overdone it it will destroy you socially and psychologically.
Top kek! Of course not.
You're not the body. You're not even the mind.
You're not your thoughts.
>soulless entity
The body is your vehicle. The mind is nothing but a bunch of thoughts. You're neither of those.
You can cry about it or you can start to learn.
there's something to it huh?

File: x.jpg (18 KB, 400x400)
18 KB
You don't have this, but you cannot ignore everything else that you have.

Be happy with what you have.

File: file.png (411 KB, 398x539)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
I wanna show her so much love but being "clingy" just drives them away, she always says "i love you too" but never says it first, what am I supposed to do?
Is the only way to keep a girl is to go with the cold uncaring sociopath personality?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You are a BPDemon anon. Have you ever considered that she doesn't exist to validate you? And that she actually loves you when she says she does. Because if you want more, you're being unrealistic and setting impossible standards.
I guess that makes sense she pretty much went from 100 to 20 on the affection showing level after the "honeymoon" period I think, she still tells me she loves me and cares about me and wants to be with me etc and I don't think she'd lie to me, she's very blunt and honest.
It's definitely possible but I don't really do any of the self destructive behaviors BPD people do like self harming or manipulation by threatening suicide, I do get really depressed sometimes if I'm ignored for too long or my affection isn't reciprocated completely, but I don't get violent or abusive with her at all.
yep just walk away.
Also in my experience, having the balls and self respect to walk away when you aren't treated how you want to be treated oftentimes makes them come back and apologize. It either saves you from a one sided relationship, or snaps your partner out of their disrespectful phase and realize they were treating you poorly. It's a win win.
Walk away, stand up for yourself.
Simply say something like
>Hey I think we shouldn't see each other anymore. Take care!
then go no contact. Don't text her. Contacting her after dropping a line like this is so weak and pathetic, it makes you seem cringe and desperate. You can't end things then come back two weeks later saying "hey." so be ready when you end things, be actually ready.
Ask her if she loves you and mention she never says it first.

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