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File: hst.jpg (233 KB, 2400x1600)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Either I lack the willpower to change, or I am so far gone that change is now impossible. Sometimes I wish I was dead.
Which one do you think is more likely, the possibility that you merely lack a key component in change or that in a world of vaguities you suffer from an absolute?
File: pullup.jpg (536 KB, 2000x2603)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
It's likely that I just lack the willpower and "real" desire to become a better person, but my upbringing and mostly static lifestyle obviously don't contribute to "progress". What about you? Are you where you want to be in life?
iktf. I'm 28 and still live at my parents house. I haven't had a job for 6 months. the longer i don't have a job the less willing i feel to actually start working if i get hired. its SOOO much better to do nothing all day than work. NEETS really are the masterrace. Even if I was paid a subsistence amount of neetbux id take that over going to work 40 hours a week any fuckin day man. there are so many enjoyable things you can do for free and food is really cheap if you're a single guy

File: 1448420740171.png (139 KB, 400x398)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
Yes I do dance in front of the mirror sometimes when I'm alone, and no there's nothing wrong with that. You do it too.
I sometimes perform my autistic mirror dance in front of other people without thinking. Luckily, most people so far have found it endearing.
That sounds pretty embarassing, at least they found it endearing.

>dude just become a wagseslave lmao it'll fix all of your mental problems
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misery always wants company
I imagine you get shit on cuz of
>muh taxes
everytime you can't avoid normies, right?
Also, same:
I just spend about 150 bux a month because i rarely buy myself stuff because i've been conditioned by the normies that if i don't have a job, i shouldn't even be allowed to stay alive.
And because i'm also putting aside for emergencies.
Life's good but normies need to die.
Wageslaving has solved many of my mental problems. Yet it has caused many more.

Overall I was going to literally an hero while living off neetbux so I prefer wageslaving I guess.
>he chose the life of misery
Been wage slaving and schooling while living on my own for about 3 years and I'm fucking done with my job, I plan to move back in with the parents in a few months. Its convenient that my parents asked me to move in since my father will be leaving for a year and wants me to keep my mother company. They said I can have the entire upstairs to myself.

File: 6ccdcbea8b.jpg (53 KB, 548x730)
53 KB
Hate it how society is deteriorating.

>banks stopped all cash services a few years ago
>replaced them with a few ATM's
>then, they reduce the amount of ATM's
>there's like one ATM
>it gives out crumbled, shitty notes whereas banks used to give you smooth uncirculated bills

Banks are just one example. My country has been cutting back on everything from libraries to schools. People also aren't buying anything anymore. We're going down hard.
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cash is just funny looking paper, it doesnt have any real value, its a representation of wealth, and now that the digital era has arrived, there is no real need for a physical representation of money when we can have it all stored behind software.

The faster we get rid of it, the better.

Having less options for something as important as paying is not progress. More is always more, less is less.
God, I bet even the people upstairs deciding these things are this dumb.

It's funny how le digitalization is such a huge meme we start destroying concepts that have worked for thousands of years because we're so high on smartphones.
Humans are losing touch on physical, tangible things. At the same time we wonder why people aren't doing well mentally: we're confused, depressed and stressed in the hyperfast digital world. Our bodies aren't ready.
>there is no real need for a physical representation of money
There's also no real need to tap your smartphone for 8 hours a day but you do it anyway.
(((Who))) do you think controls the software, dimwit? Damn you deserve to be fucked over if you're seriously trusting the people that call for a ban of cash under the pretense of progress.

Have fun when your paying app mysteriously "breaks" when you start having "wrong" thoughts.

>inb4 but they already control money printing
Correct, yet they can't control nor fully track how you use your cash.
>pic related
oregano oregano Congo wongo

File: 1558943242437.jpg (45 KB, 640x480)
45 KB
What's the weirdest sexual thing you've ever done?
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But then it wouldn't be pee, idiot
I wish I was your sister
I wish I was your sister's shampoo bottle

Gangbanged a ponymare with the 4H club in middle school
>Gangbanged a ponymare with the 4H club in middle school
what does this mean?

File: images.png (6 KB, 207x243)
6 KB
Throughout my high secondary school (11th and 12th grades) I was the worst student in my class. As a result I got admitted to a very low-ranked college to study computer science. Even in this college I am the worst student in my class and I probably won't clear this semester. I know online IQ tests can't really be trusted, but I took this one that seems kind of legit.
And I got a score of 107.

Is an IQ of 107 too low for me to be able to study a STEM course? It's not that I don't try. I just can't understand stuff, and I don't know how everyone else does. For example since last night I am trying to learn the code for implementing Prim's algorithm, but I can't figure it out. Everyone else in my class has passed this subject, but I have to take the re-exam. How can I ever achieve anything in life with such poor ability to understand things?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
The truth is those online tests are weighted to give you higher scores to make you feel better. You likely have a lower IQ than 107. As evidenced by you thinking 107 was low.
107 is above average, and I've met some pretty stupid people in my maths course back in uni. You'll pass fine, just be prepared to study hard.

Prim's algorithm is relatively simple - is it the algorithm itself you don't understand, or its code implementation?

The algorithm itself is a way of making the smallest possible tree that covers each node. You do this by building a new tree, selecting only the smallest edges you can. This results in the smallest possible tree, since if there were a smaller tree, then it would need to have some shorter vertices, but if there were shorter vertices available, you would have selected them, so you must have already selected the smallest tree.
The algorithm is very easy to understand. I can't figure out how to write the code for it.
Obviously the actual code will vary from language to language - what do you have to write it in? Regardless, here are the steps you need to take to write the algorithm:

1) Make a list of all vertices in the initial graph - V0 - and a list of all edges - E0

While the vertices can be simple strings or whatnot, the edges will need to include both of their connecting nodes - I suggest making a Edge class with a start and end vertex parameter, as well as the length, but you could also do this by making a concatenated string like "A.B.10" which would contain your information. The main drawback of this is that you'd have to "unencode" your edges every time you wanted to get any information on them.

2) Make two empty lists, V1 and E1, which will eventually contain the vertices and edges of your minimum spanning tree (which we will call MST from now on)

Since a tree will need to contain the same vertices as the initial graph, you will eventually move all of the vertices from V0 to V1. In fact, once we've moved all of the vertices from V0 to V1, we will know that our algorithm is finished and we have ourselves our MST.

3) Randomly select a vertex vA and move it from V0 to V1.

All the vertices will have to be connected and moved eventually so it doesn't matter where you start. You can even avoid the randomness and just go for the first vertex each time if you want.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
5) Loop through E0 and find the smallest edge eN that has either an start or end node in V1, BUT NOT BOTH. Move this edge eN and its other connected vertex vN into E1 and V1 respectively.

You'll have to loop through E0, loop through V1 for both the start and the end vertex to see if exactly one of them matches, then if it does, eN = this edge. If any other edge after also meets those parameters but are even shorter, then this new edge becomes the selected eN. The reason you mustn't select it if it's both is that you'll just end up with an edge that connects your already connected tree, so you'll end up with a loop - which you want to avoid when making a tree.

6) Repeat step 5 until you've moved all the vertices from V0 to V1.

You're moving exactly one vertex from V0 to V1 with each iteration of step 5, so you'll eventually completely empty V0.

7) Congratulations. You've made a MST.


File: tenor.png (150 KB, 640x628)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
Mom found the thigh-highs
Post 'em, I'm sure you look great in them.

File: 679765453546.jpg (600 KB, 1440x1440)
600 KB
600 KB JPG
Just borrowed this game from a white boy

What the fuck is it?
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Saw this thread yesterday, uncreative bait fake nigger
Mah me and his gf are just friends. That would never happen
>responding to a literal ruggarell thread
holy fuck can you newfags not
Give it back Tyrone
another tripfag spammer to filter, cool

File: 1515078347771.jpg (252 KB, 1440x1778)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
Some women will NEVER EVER find a real lover. They will simply be used for sex and left to be passed to the next dick. I truly believe that nature manifested these females as a sperm sponge and nothing more. Some will have children and some will not but the results will be the same.

They won't be able to settle down because the more men they fuck the more the men around her knows how easy she is.

It's an revolving door of dicks.

And now with social media making their egos very high so expect female suicide rates to go up GLOBALLY.
Lol hate to ruin your little fantasy here, tripfag scum, but normalfags don't care if women have had sex before. There are literally no social consequences for enjoying sex and having a lot of it. Oh except getting to dodge people like you with self-esteem problems that are horrible to date anyway.
The world doesn't give a fuck about what you want.

File: 1536485475022.jpg (198 KB, 1230x1298)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
>Teacher's face when Chad stays after gym class for "extra exercise"
epic porn scenario im going to go jerk off for the 10th time today
I'm going to fuck my teacher for a good grade.

File: edn.jpg (233 KB, 2048x1464)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
What do other femanons do to avoid male gaze? My go to outfit is a hat, cargo shorts, and a t shirt. I also intentionally got a tan because guys seem to fetishize pale skin.
76 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1561345989469.png (385 KB, 929x1200)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
>Just because someone shy or weird-looking is less likely to get attention doesn't mean nobody has ever been attracted to them.

It might as well mean that if they have enough negative traits. In math there is a thing where a number that is close enough to approaching 0 might as well be 0. The odds are lim 0. It doesn't matter that there is a possibility because it's so insanely small that it is, and should be treated as 0.

>Not quite all of them. But I do also think most robots are volcels

I'll agree with the first staement, there could be a girl deformed enough to be an actual incel, or one that's like being locked away by her parents or some shit. Their situations aren't compsrsble to robots though who aren't nearly as extremely deformed. Sure im ugly but im not a genetic anomaly.

Most robots being volcels i don't agree with though, some are there are always exceptions like shown above. There are tons of robots who try, and you should be able to see that on here too, we get rejected cause we're ugly autismos, the robots who don't try (who are also ugly autismos) see this, and proceed to save themselves the effort because all robots that try fail. If i try to lift 1000 pounds i know i with 100 percent certainty will fail because im weak. Same logic applies to trying

>If I went out right now and grabbed some guys hand, of course he would just be weirded out (implying I'd even have the courage to walk up to one randomly)

The way you ridiculously ramp up my examples to extremes is autistic and quite frankly adorable. If i told you to just say hi you would probably equate that to screaming it into some guys face while he's mid conversation.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Attraction is based on feelings in the end, and they can't ever be meaningfully measured with percentages or numbers. I mean there are cases in which someone has enough negative qualities to make it unlikely for them to find a relationship, but those are the rare cases in which actually serious mental illness and deformities are usually involved. Plenty of shy and ugly people find relationships, neither are rare.
Oh and btw, I don't "ridiculously ramp up" your examples. I'm just trying to show you how ridiculous they are in themselves, which shows that you're probably a bit out of touch with reality.
Either way, if you're already convinced you won't *ever* find someone, there isn't much a single person can say to change your course away from the self-inflicted downward spiral. I'm just saying it'll only get worse from here, and willingly letting go of all hope will most likely just make you miserable in the long run.
File: 1561443911213.jpg (131 KB, 750x969)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>Attraction is based on feelings in the end, and they can't ever be meaningfully measured with percentages or numbers

This is just factually wrong. Literally anything can be measured in percentages if you have something to measure. "Emotions" are measured all the time in experiments. You can't measure the literal emotion but you can measure the reaction an emotion causes and use that.

>There are cases in which someone has enough negative qualities to make it unlikely for them to find a relationship, but those are the rare cases in which actually serious mental illness and deformities are usually involved.

And that's why incels are a very fringe minority. Im not claiming that most men are like me. Im literally saying that im bottom of the barrel.
>Plenty of shy and ugly people find relationships, neither are rare.
True. shy people get partners, ugly people get partners. Wouldn't say the same about shy, ugly people, there are some who do! But being shy and ugly aren't the only poor qualities i and slot of incels have. Unfunny, lazy, sad and dumb just to name a few. Each one you add makes it significantly less likely to get a partner.

>Oh and btw, I don't "ridiculously ramp up" your examples. I'm just trying to show you how ridiculous they are

You can make anything seem ridiculous by literally changing what i said. You know that my original post said TOUCH right? Please tell me how "accidentally" brushing against someones hand while getting a drink or some shit is ! Ridicolous and over the top thing to do. He'd glance over to see who touched him, he'd look at you, maybe start talking, if not you can just pretend it was an accident.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
are you an unironic Yangposter?
And yet someday you will still miss it.

File: PUSYPOWER.webm (746 KB, 640x1138)
746 KB
>you hear a martial arts yell that wakes you from a deep sleep
>see this coming at you

what do u do?
I suppose I get knocked out and have eggs layed down my throat

File: 1561451889855.jpg (775 KB, 3072x4096)
775 KB
775 KB JPG
I really hate this "modern" aesthetic that all the big brands strive for. Why do they all want to look like an Apple store? It's incredibly boring
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
this. I've heard people talking about it being "inoffensive" and what ever else. It looks so fucking sterile it's sickening.
I've noticed this shit, too. I used to always imagine a boring future where everything from architecture to typography to decor would be simple, bleach white cubes, and it seems we're headed that way.
>picture of a breakroom
Sorry, robot. My condolonces. I've been there.
>tfw corporate bullshit is so soulless and mechanical that you actually miss when it was cheesy and blatant
I just hate the faux happy shit they keep trying to put out.

Why haven't you lost your virginity yet? Do you want to be a laughingstock on 4chan forever?
>caring if 4chan thinks you're pathetic or not
That's gotta be the shittiest reason for losing your virginity. "I don't want a mongolian knitting board to think I'm a loser".
Dude respects women so much he doesn't try to fuck them. I'm sure they're eternally grateful for that.

File: Nyoro-n.png (106 KB, 361x339)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
If I were to train my grip strength would I be able to crush rocks and bones eventually?
Please crush my skull
you can crush my heart and my feelings for training if you want
Bones? Yes
Rocks? No
You might be able to crush very hard things but not something like...THAT hard

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