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File: scared-baby.jpg (59 KB, 1280x720)
59 KB
>Can't enjoy vidya anymore
What the fuck do I do now? Vidya were literally the only one thing I still had to help me battle my constant boredom.
I feel like I'm fucked
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who were you quoting?
Play them in low effort ways. In oblivion most of the time i just stay in the towns and do people-related quests. I dont have the energy to fight things much anymore. And its fun to be creative and get into the shoes of your character.
I think it happens to us all. In my mid-20s, I'd buy games on Steam and play them once or twice and never play them again. I probably have 30 games in my library with >2 hours of play time. I started reading and focusing on playing music more. That was fun. Then I had kids. Now I know I probably won't have any free time until they're teenagers, so I don't have time to be bored. So just have kids, anon.
now you start drinking
>>2 hours of play time
should be <2 hours. i'm an idiot.

File: 1530061411407.jpg (21 KB, 480x360)
21 KB
What's the furthest you've gone with a girl /r9k/?
>touched a girl's chest while playing tag once
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Holy shit dude are you me???

d-did this happen in 2015?
Came inside multiple times.
I've fingered a girl once. She never let me go any farther though in spite of my asking
Kissed and fingered a girl, but she never touched my dick sadly.
File: 1536713961488.jpg (33 KB, 894x894)
33 KB
Kissed a drunk af girl at a party some months ago, she asked me if i wanted to take it further and I made the biggest fucking mistake of saying I had no experience. She changed her mind after that and told me later that night she refuses to fuck anyone without experience.

File: images.jpg (11 KB, 310x163)
11 KB
Hello I am new to drugs
I started using Speed about 3 months ago, have used it for 2-3 weeks, then had break for another 3 months and now doing it again.

Does tolerance builds up by regular use and does this tolerance comes down after you quit or is it permenant?
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>tfw girlfriend wont let you smoke weed

How to deal with this if I love her?
File: 1532737819534.png (434 KB, 500x871)
434 KB
434 KB PNG
Got a order of 4-aco-mipt and 4-aco-ept coming hopefully tomorrow, looking forward to testing it out.

>drugs aren't his girlfriend
Have you asked her why she doesn't want you doing the majorams? Friend of mine was in a similar situation. Anyways, just talk it through and see if you can't come to a compromise. If she's against it on moral grounds there's not much you can do to convince her otherwise though.
Delete this thread, the proper name is /drugfeel/

What are some things she wants to do that you don't let her?
Hey OP, go easy on the speed that stuff is hella addictive. I'm just smoking weed nowadays, went to the waterfront with a bowl in the vaporizer and got relatively stoned. Was a good time, eating cereal and watching anime now.

Alright, robots. Somehow or another, I've managed to befriend a couple brads/chads. Not entirely sure which one they are yet, but the one constantly talks about some girl he's banged in the next city over, and the other one (my dealer) I'm pretty sure is at least high-tier normie if not chad. Definitely not a brad, though, because he isn't obnoxious as shit like the other one.

How can I use them to my advantage of escaping robothood? They talk about shit they do with their other friends all the time but never invite me to hang out or anything, so I think that area's tapped for the time being.

I've infiltrated a normie social circle and actually have 20 normiebook friends now. What's the next step to escaping this hell?
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Why are you trying to keep op from getting laid permanently? That's not very nice.
My 2013 civic is top tier.
It's important to get a car you aim to buy inspected before your purchase. Even if it's a extra 100$. It can save you grands in trouble and money.
Drugs is always the only way for a robot to socialize. Is degenerate but so are you
whats with the civic ? I own one just like that is it some kind of meme in US ? I just drive it to work and back

because i fucked up my life and am a neet i will have no money for black friday and cyber week later this year, i hate being poor, if i were incel and rich i would still be miserable but could buy copes but i can't do that as a poorfag. I can't even be a dumb consumer. I hate my life but am too afraid to try and get another job because they are always hellish experiences and other people make better employees, i just...hate my life.
if you're an unattractive male you probably won't make money anyway, your life has no redeeming qualities.

File: 15378047697841362255177.jpg (1.37 MB, 2576x1932)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
My mom saw this and yelled at me for like 11 minutes about how I live on borrowed time
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Kek this low tier alcoholism my room used to be have a pile of empty whiskey bottles in it and all my mom did was come in my room to get free booze. At least she cares, mine just wanted my whiskey
You're a bit of a slob, and you drink. Without knowing the age of the pile, that's all it tells us.
she has reason to be upset. if you're too lazy to throw away your shit, your alcoholism most definitely has an effect on your life.
This is about 2 weeks worth
Yes. You'll get alcoholics who drink two fifths of vodka a day or some shit telling you you're not an alcoholic just because you're not as far gone as they are. But if you're pounding a couple of 40s a day, you're still doing a lot of damage to your liver.

File: 92723-full[1].png (121 KB, 405x304)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
He was a true hero
>tries to save everyone
>even faggots that hate him
>ends up making the lives of good people worse to cater to the abundance of faggots in his group
True nigger more like

File: 1537375332097.jpg (33 KB, 600x476)
33 KB
Taking my HiSet/GED science test today and haven't studied at all, how fucked am I?

>15 minute transition period
>go to my political science class and drop off my shit at the desk I usually sit at
>leave to take a piss
>return to see the girl I like has left her stuff at the desk next to mine
>there's no way she wouldn't have known it was next to my desk - I'm the only one who uses a laptop in this class and it's on the desk
>sit at my desk and start studying for Wednesday's exam
>one of the classmates enters and sits at her desk, holding a laptop
>"Anon, I just got this laptop and I don't know how to log onto the school's WiFi!"
>"Just use your email name and password."
>"I don't know my password!"
>spend the next 5 minutes going to the school website to help him get his password
>the girl enters the classroom, sees the guy sitting at her desk, and decides to move to a desk further from mine
>the fucker pulls out his phone with his email info already on display
>"Oh, never mind, Anon, I got it!"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1528993589201.png (25 KB, 300x250)
25 KB
>she still larps as a male on /r9k/
no one here is gullible enough to believe boys use this site
I must tell you, the original poster of this 4chan thread, that the information you shared is indeed artificially made and homossexual. Have a good day.

>Chinese immigrant
>rags to riches story
>becomes a Wall Street billionaire from zero
>marries a White woman has children
>hires a swedish model for internship
>fucks her a total of 4 times
>paid for her manhattan apartment, bought her expensive gifts and constantly spent thousands on her for breathing the same air as him
>Hannah cucks him with a black club bouncer
>Ben's millions couldnt compete against da bbc
>Ben cheated on his wife cus she doesnt love him

scand women cannot resist BBC

File: 1537272807373.jpg (43 KB, 640x466)
43 KB
>27 y.o
>still having roommates
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Pretty much this. As long as it allows you to save some cash instead of living month-to-month, you're good. I've also read some stuff on van living, but that seems a bit over the edge for me.
File: Tell you something.png (301 KB, 472x605)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
Better than having a rape dwarf
Uncle is 27 and still has roommates because rent is cheaper.
Do your parents count as roommates?
File: 684684646.jpg (25 KB, 668x587)
25 KB
>still living at dad's house

File: bbbb4.gif (825 KB, 500x282)
825 KB
825 KB GIF
>go to school library
>check out book
>librarian is a qt3.14 blonde girl with a valley accent
>"ummm liek yaaaa you want umm like an expiration notice to your liek emaiiiillll lol"
>fantasize nonstop about fucking her because i like dumb cali girl accents
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File: 1530657340754.webm (1.6 MB, 720x1280)
1.6 MB
I know what you mean, I still remember this whore's valley accent and get primal urges to breed.
>tfw there's a girl here with a Russian accent that gets me diamonds every time she answers a question in class
>get primal urges to breed.

youre a pajeet, a dead tree with a hole would turn you on.
This is becoming an actual stereotype in US cities. We export so many of these factory made American wannabes in Ireland these days.

File: 549395.jpg (17 KB, 305x305)
17 KB
How do dicklets cope with their anxiety?
that's a cute dick op, can you post a webm of you fapping?
that is some next level chode
That appears to be roughly four inches.

File: NPC.png (842 KB, 1000x1003)
842 KB
842 KB PNG
Hey im probably a fucking schizoid, because i am actually starting to believe the fucking NPC theory.
Like, it just makes sense.. there is a group of few people that can actually interact on a deeper level. its almost like that one fucking spongebob episode. "wonderful weather we are having" I beleive in reincarnation and the rebirth of souls and this just fits in to the one dilemma which is where do all the new souls come from?
27 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: d89.gif (474 KB, 600x580)
474 KB
474 KB GIF
>"making us feel innadiquate and worthless."
>yfw when the NPC meme is just faggots trying to compensate for a severe and deep seated inferiority complex
>Youre npcs aware that youre npcs but still bound. Just get a job and a girlfriend.
Based and redpilled. You have all the same desires and wants as normie NPCs, except you are even more of an NPC because you aren't even able to get those things that other NPCs get with ease. You're just an NPC who is insanely bootyblasted he cant even catch up with the other NPCs.
Turborobots like you believe the NPC meme because they have never interacted with people on a deeper level. From your point of view they seem like NPCs but thats only because you don't understand or even know their thoughts and motivations so you choose to imagine they dont have any.
But try to imagine what your NEETdom looks like from the outside. Aren't you more of an NPC than a normie is?
File: 1523433888115.png (264 KB, 1265x604)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
This is the actual original post.
npc meme is just another way for autists to lie to themselves about being superior to normies. it's an offshoot of the "LE UNDERACHEVING LAZY GENIUS!!!!" meme when most NEETs are borderline mentally retarded.

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