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File: 58sBi1j.jpg (214 KB, 1095x730)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
The girl I love has a long-term boyfriend. How can I break them up? Or should I just be patient and wait for the relationship to ride itself out? I think she likes me as a person enough that she'd consider dating me if she was single.

>get over her
>obsess over some other roastie
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Wouldn't call anyone a fag when you are literally waiting on a bitch after she is done with the dude or vice-versa.
I'm okay with being called a fag for reasons other than regularly taking dick up my ass
Is she that worth it? Do you make a lot of money?
She's worth it to me. I don't make a lot of money. What's the relevance in that question exactly?
Haha shes mine faggot

Something I've noticed is that if I act dumb I can talk to girls super easily and make them laugh. Not stupid/retarded level of dumb, I'd say I usually throttle my brain back by 10-15%. Why does this happen?
thats not acting "dumb" thats simply acting social, aka not behaving like youre an all knowing faggot sufefring from dunning kruger
Because no one cares if you start speaking about plato or the ancient rome or nietche to a girl. You just seem turbo autistic.
Most people, especially women, don't enjoy conversations where participants have to try their hardest to show off how smart they are. They don't really care about that sort of stuff.

>another night playing modern warfare in my room, horny and alone, all by myself
I want a girlfriend
How do I get one?
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File: 20220101_185345.jpg (56 KB, 640x624)
56 KB
I just jerked off and now I want to be left alone to wither and die
No no >>68783137 is right, play some more COD and see if you get that GF.
NTR ready bodytype
File: 1651746026370.jpg (45 KB, 550x503)
45 KB
Is that really the sauce on the OP image?
File: FTkiCR1UAAA5wGM.jpg (203 KB, 1224x2048)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
OP here
Now I want a girlfriend again

File: Boomer.jpg (26 KB, 380x349)
26 KB
When parents in america send their kids to school, they worry all day that the next time they see their children they might be a mutilated headless corpse

File: 1652203671793.jpg (201 KB, 1080x1349)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
the meaning of life is being young and hot
no the meaning of life is having sex with women who are young and hot
Cumming into a young, hot, thin, small thing is the greatest feeling of all.
fpbp, you can close this thread now.
by the time we turn 20 it is already fading
life is only pain
File: idea.gif (237 KB, 300x300)
237 KB
237 KB GIF
Imagine smashing her face through the glass, stuffing it into the icecream and then FUCKING her in the ass while screaming nigger repeatedly

File: maxresdefault.jpg (149 KB, 1280x720)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
what do you do if your family hates you and gangs up on you with gaslighting and tries to make you irrirated as much as possible?
I'm going through the same thing. The obvious answer is "Just move out. lol"

File: 1652828846164.jpg (166 KB, 1080x564)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
My sister tells me I should approach women without any ulterior motives, but why would I ever want to speak to a woman? Why would anyone want to speak to a woman?
your sister is retarded but dont tell her the truth every man knows
which is: PRETEND to not have ulterior motives when approaching women
I'm an honest man though. When I see a qt3.14 I just want to stick my dick in her.

File: c7c.png (99 KB, 612x491)
99 KB
Why do some autistic boys turn out straight instead of normal?

nah ure retarded, why should it be a human right? youre encroaching on other humans rights, no matter if u see women as humans or property of their father
but why contribute to society if you dont get paid also in love? money alone doesnt make anyone happy so imho single men should either get a bonus for working or free access to services and programs that help with finding a partner, otherwise society is at risk of falling apart or descending into civil war due to the lack of reward for participating in society

File: 1521110032781.png (199 KB, 941x887)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
if a female still has her periods despite being like 40-50 years old does that mean shes fertile?
Pretty sure it does since periods are a stage in the human reproductive cycle for women.

Yes but low chance a pregnancy takes hold and very high chance of downie retard or miscarriage or health problems for the mother.
Yeah until she gets a steroid shot in the ass for covid. Happened to my mom at 54. Turned out she had covid but just in case I wrote theofficeof45 about the possibility that I was thwarted from a change-of-life new sibling. Regardless of if a heartbeat wasn't detected. It's all a conspiracy to keep MR sibling rivals churning out doomsday inventions for the ethnic population. I think I'm going to try becoming a Senator.

>work in environment like pic related
>Floor boards are able to be lifted up and people can go under them to do work and shit
>Walking across cleanroom with coworkers to go and do something
>See a floor board lifted up and some guy is down in one
>Turn to coworkers
>"Hey, he's looking pretty Sus"
>Coworkers look at me like I'm insane
>"He's venting"
>"You know, like in among us"
>None of my coworkers know what among us is
>Try to explain among us to my coworkers
>One guy asks me if I'm talking about trouble in terrorist town
>Tell him no
>Everyone just stops talking to me

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Eject them into space since they clearly the imposter you fucking retard
Take a maintenance worker and throw him out the 3rd story window for being a sus impostor.
I think a fair amount of my coworkers are autistic desu
They're obviously engi if they're doing tasks.
You're the sussy impostor here, OP.
Just smile and give a small laugh or chuckle letting them know that you are laughing WITH them and understand the funny situation. like "haha yea yea... alright" it works way better than getting embarrassed.

File: hOOueutQ90co.jpg (549 KB, 2976x4175)
549 KB
549 KB JPG
Guys I think I'm slowly turning into a foot-fag. Help
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her spores could have been contained early on if all travel was shut down but that was never a realistic possibility. it just takes 1 particle of her smell to turn you into a puppet for her feet. each labored breath reminds you of who you're serving now. there's no way to get her infection out of you once it's decided to stay.
>smellfag spam
In case you haven't seen him before, leave. this thread is unsalvageable
Everybody underestimated the extent of the damage. Corona-chan's feet? They thought it was preposterous that it could mean anything harmful, but by the time people knew better it was way too late. To avoid a single particle when trillions of cubic meters of air and biomass has been contaminated is an impossibility to avoid. A puppet is an apt term, as now your body does her bidding and service isn't an option. One whiff and you are enslaved, the labored breath your collar and chains she has restrained you under to tie you to her feet's control. There's no choice as your body's life is dedicated to spreading her will, weakness setting in because your body only moves by her allowance and will now to be a good slave and smell receptacle.

Yea...I felt like the RP with him and I did ruin the thread I think. I should just go to sleep, sorry anon, my own fetish caused me to turn the cringe up to 11.
File: its overrr.png (408 KB, 638x723)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
i lied for the past 22 hours i hate feet
you didn't ruin anything. please don't feel insecure :(

god why do people hate us footfags so much?! it's literally the most common fetish in the world.

File: smile2.png (1.22 MB, 871x867)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
>bf accused me of putting skid marks in his undies
did you shit that mans pants.
why you shidd??
u need to get your shit together

File: 3u4389cu3m.jpg (67 KB, 800x777)
67 KB
How do you deal with the demoralization?
People near me have said I'm depressed, but they've said this for years, and I cannot identify feeling any reason for feeling worse recently, yet within the last few weeks I can't feel anything except hopelessness; that I was never right about anything, that I'll always be wrong, that nothing good will ever come. It's not an inside feeling, it's like everyone on the outside is saying this all at the same time, collectively - I'm even seeing the same patterns online now too.
Imagine being gaslit by everyone you have a contentious relationship with, all at the same time. That's the only way I can describe it.
I'm being shit on from a million different angles and I've internalized it. Made it how I look at myself.
Ever tried not caring?
About life?
About what people say?
Because I think we're long past point one. If I stopped caring about what people said this moment, it wouldn't change that I wrestle with my own mind every unoccupied moment.
Then change yourself for the better, idk. Or stick your head in an oven.
Seems to be actual depression
I've seen two therapists recently and tried several medications including SNRIs, SSRIs, benzos, tricyclics (a total of six across the various types)
none of the medications have provided relief for any meaningful length of time and the therapists have been good to vent to but lacking in anything I can use to pull myself from this mental torture chamber

File: 2326451-middle.png (633 KB, 900x796)
633 KB
633 KB PNG
broke up with my girl what are the chances I'm going to hear from her soon
did u hurt her? if yes ur chances are very slim to none, she probably is already over u and texting her backup guy
File: 1650381693759.gif (1010 KB, 432x288)
1010 KB
1010 KB GIF
Depends on what you did to her and what kind of woman you dated. When my boyfriend cheated on me then broke up with me I did everything in my power to ruin his life. I got him fired from him job, got the other woman to hate him after he tried running back to her, told his family what he did to me, told everyone in our circle what he did to me, etc. Last I've heard he tried to kill himself 3 months ago. I think it's very funny. If you dated a narcissist like me then you should very much worry. But if not, she's already on another mans penis right as we speak.
your kind is exactly the reason im paranoid about letting my gf have any sort of ability to contact anyone else i know

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