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File: bodies-4.jpg (71 KB, 480x480)
71 KB
Thinking of buying a sex doll. The only place I knew of for a long time that made quality sex dolls was Real Doll, but they are too expensive for me to want to buy one. I recently discovered The Doll House and they are about half the price, around $2,000 for the average doll. Very affordable in my mind, however they are made in china/taiwan and I'm skeptical of the quality.

Anybody have experience with sex dolls? What's the quality like? How long do they last? Do they react to motion like a real human? How real do they feel?

Another reason I'm hesitant to purchase one, is that they will not move and participate in sex like a real woman. I have had sex with one girl who was kind of like a dead fish, and it was not horrible, but it wasn't great either. Women who actually participate in sex make a much more enjoyable experience. I'm just tired of chasing women. The amount of money and time you have to put into them is not worth it anymore, considering how none of them are loyal anymore and just want to ride cock carousel. I would much rather pay an up front cost of two grand and have an imitation woman that I don't have to put up with bullshit or disloyalty from and will not age.
Far left is No 1:
I'll have: 2, 5, 3, 4, 1
anyone knows a better doll firm?
Dolls in the OP's pic looks like manlet milfs with tit implants.
I'm looking forward for some tall af lolita doll.

File: Losthubcap.jpg (1.96 MB, 2592x1456)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
>lol look at this lazy person, so funny
it's not funny. my tendency to procrastinate stopped me from achieving happiness and now i'm ending it all because of this.

File: 5.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1203)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
Would robots date a trans girl? Would trans girls date a robot? Tell us about yourselves.
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My little brother is trans and has a crush on me. Should I take advantage and pound his boipucci tenderly?
no, thats terrible.
yes, that is great
>Would I date a trans girl?
I don't know. I like dominant grills and from what I see, there are like zero dominant trans girls. I don't really have an objection beyond that.
>Tell us about yourself
I'm a fat vidya nerd with an optimistic outlook.
No. Stop that you degenerate.

File: 3327979_img_5211-low.jpg (70 KB, 373x560)
70 KB
This is a thread for posting things that we love and appreciate about people with XX chromosomes.

I'll start:
>They're cute
>fun to be around and talk to
>more empathetic and understanding
>nothing feels better than a kiss and hug froma girl
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File: IMG_8845.jpg (73 KB, 750x532)
73 KB
Dumb roasties, when will they learn
File: 1537193133916.jpg (197 KB, 1080x1200)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
>they usually smell good
>their smile melts even the coldest of hearts
>they have soft bodies
>they have soft voices
>they can make you feel loved
They have nice voices, and soft bodies. They can make you feel loved
Women are bad at verbal and physical abuse. I've never been hurt by a woman. That's a good thing. They're generally speaking gentle. I've been threatened by men and physically assaulted.
File: 1477692855402.png (50 KB, 255x204)
50 KB
this thread is making me feel nice

Would you inseminate a women that was a different race than you?
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File: pre.gif (955 KB, 500x281)
955 KB
955 KB GIF
as a Hispanic male, I'm would love to get my lineage bleached.
depends on my relationship with her and on her race
I made a cute hapa baby. Asian and whites mix together pretty well
yeah it would be so great to pay child support to some crazy black girl

Only if she isn't black.

File: 1530144643655.png (27 KB, 835x635)
27 KB
most feature some sort of strong female going toe to toe with males in combat, lots of dumb males getting intelligence mogged by females and such, sometimes they're blackpilled but most of the time they're cucked. Is there anime that isn't cucked? It's like I'm waking up out of the matrix and realized this whole time i've been eating pure onions.
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watch the show i guess, they're not your typical ninjas they have females who throw giant metal shurikens in combat with other ninjas
two of those were already mentioned, initial d is literally fucking garbage, and i'll take your word that peace maker isn't cucked but you're a patrician apparently.
File: Akesato.jpg (15 KB, 500x375)
15 KB
peace cucker is already looking not so good
i guess i was foolish to make this thread, i don't watch enough anime to really have good enough opinions. you put me in my place r9k
IMO anime women are the direct opposite of SJW women.
Anime Girl:
- smart
- powerful
- attractive
- still fulfills traditional gender roles like cooking and dressing nice etc
- often times want to be seen as an equal

- retarded
- weak / lazy
- ugly
- too "empowered" to act like woman
- want special treatment

File: 1460077872496.png (17 KB, 882x758)
17 KB
>have social anxiety and depression
>have a shitty job that pays awful, but atleast my coworkers are cool
>actually finding some buddies there but nothing serious
>still feeling lonely
>virgin at 23 and no gf in sight
>girls doesnt find my looks or my personality attractive
>getting addicted to xanax again
>having suicidal thoughts every fucking day

everybody saying that my life is actually going forward, but i dont feel it. sometimes i'm pretty close to crying like a little fucking bitch. My doc prescribed some bipolar pills but they didnt do shit, only xanax can help me.

will i make it bros?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
friendless, kissless, hugless virgin at 23 here
diagnosed with mental illness, can't even HOLD single, simple job
In saying you have the time to change or just dig in deeper.
i'm trying man, i literally went out to a different country for a job, but it didnt work out in the end. i feel complete apathy for all my past likings/hobbies. already tried to kill myself twice, and i suck at that too
There is no "suck at" in suicide. You clearly wanted to live or some part of you did, or usually its a cry for attention. Either way, you're still alive, but I'm just some dude at the other end of the world typing on a fucking boring board, I can't say or do anything for you, you gotta do it yourself - and unfortunately that's the worst part because even you don't know what you want (nor do I)
>will i make it bros?
Hell yeah, you will. You only have not to give up. Check out this movie and try to work as hard as the protagonist (the protagonist is based on Steven Spielberg):


Have a nice life, sir!

File: LTWNcMB.jpg (331 KB, 1200x1600)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
Is finding a cute,sweet e-gf who wants nothing sexual even realistic?I only wanna see her cute face,talk to her from night until the morning and watch stuff togheter.I don't even care about nudes or sexting,I'm too far gone for that,I just want a connection.
It is realistic if you are good looking. If not then you are out of luck.
Unless she's asexual no because for 99.9% of people sex is part of a healthy relationship
Stupid motherfucker
I've never been in /soc/ rate threads or anything like that to know objectively,I sent a femanon a timestamp of me once.
she ghosted me
But I live in the middle of nowhere...We could never really meet,and I think I would be pretty mad if she would fuck other dudes because I would never even glance at other girls if I had a gf.

File: Mikasa identify.jpg (76 KB, 500x749)
76 KB
>Tfw no 3rd Worlder to talk to
>been texting and flirting with this lonely Georgian girl from work
>she walks me and another female friend (Chinese) to the train
>give Chinese friend a big hug and she says she loves me
>Georgian girl can't help but tell me how jealous she was.

Goddamn the thing about Eastern European girls may be true. She pretty much says exactly what she feels.
Should pick chinese regardless desu

ask someone whos probably going to jail for taking a few hits of weed on probation anything

yes my life is ruined of a medicinal plant. fuck the government
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Move to California become a food stamp beach bum rastaman
>on probation
Nah it's your own goddamn fault if you can't even wait long enough to get off probation to get high again
I would rather be homeless in California then be where Im at now
It's a fun life anon
If Im not fucked and in jail Im trying to transfer my probation and the city Im going to doesnt offer supervision for our shit county so my probation isnt strict anymore and Ill probably move to la and do that

i really want toast should i eat some guys

Yeah sure why not? If you want some, eat some.
Fuck no don't trust the toast

File: 1531849284895.jpg (47 KB, 600x677)
47 KB
ITT: Red Flag Phrases

>This is not ok
17 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
"Hey, I was just busy"
I hear this all the time.
File: CubeUp.png (187 KB, 497x498)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
>Putting lol or lmao when arguing with someone over the internet, when there's clearly anger showing

Massive reee from me to you folks
>I did a thing
>my human

Why do girls all use the same stupid cliches from social media
what even?
You have been muted for 4 seconds, because your comment was not original.
fuck that faggot
File: 1465858357253s.jpg (5 KB, 211x250)
5 KB
>Thank's for the gold kind stranger!

M-must kill every redditor alive

File: 1505080741035.jpg (104 KB, 633x758)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>smoke weed first time
>i should feel good

>went grocery shopping with gf
>in produce isle picking out veggies
>see ex-gf walk by
>want to greet her but gf is right there and hate her guts

File: image.png (212 KB, 801x876)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
Do guys really hate saggy boobs? I'm 18 and my boobs are already saggy because of their size. I want to pay for a surgery but not sure.
114 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah years ago
I have had a boyfriend and quite late in life. But I've decided not to bother again
Nah I've been banned a few times but like I said it's never for long
dang, you gave me your email when you had the blue hair, if you still use it are you down to chat? your milkers are god tier
Any story behind it, or should I not be asking?
are you from the UK? SDASDA orignal

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