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>still remember that stupid post I made 5 years ago that 3 people responded to making fun of me
>think about it almost every day and what I could have done differently
Just put me out of my misery
I guess your a faggot op
File: 1515143908951.jpg (39 KB, 500x490)
39 KB
>still remember that time in an MMO like 10-15 years ago where some roastie embarassed me in front of my female guildmates and a bunch of randoms
>tfw still wonder why she was so hostile out of nowhere and feel terrible remembering it
Couldn't show my face in the main city after that.
You're so cute op,let me suck your peepee
whatd she fo anon?

How weird it is that I got called out for the sex I didn't have on r9k when my ex bf who I know for a fact is having sex with people he meets from 4chan and his own partners stay slient

>life is unfair bros
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I haven't though, that's the problem. The focus is on me when I know someone else on 4chan who does enjoy sex and has it with people over on soc

It's so backwards
The only reason you're called out is because you keep making these threads about personal drama nobody cares about. Your ex may be fucking people, but at least he does it silently.
> talks about being alone all day
> goes outside
> has lover
> had friends
> goes home
> talks about having no friends
nice i like people
soc shouldn't even exist to be honest but you're still a slut. You belong to your ex boyfriend. Even talking to me right now makes you a slut.
I don't get it but I understand

File: IMG_20181120_104738.jpg (308 KB, 1080x1409)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
Italy is the shittiest country, prove me wrong
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Keep shitting up the streets terroni
>being this divided
Jokes aside its more of an individual thing that shit up the streets and unironically need to be castrated
It's Naples culture and mentality that need to be eradicated and erased as soon as possible, it is a cancer
Zimbabwe and Venezuela exist

File: 1513654228176.jpg (45 KB, 409x409)
45 KB
I just quit my shitty part time job today so now I'm finally a NEET.
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I'll be there right with you anon.
Going to wait until seasonal is over though. I got about $1500 of credit I need to pay off which will be pretty easy by the end of Dec with all the hours they're giving me.
File: gains.jpg (85 KB, 625x833)
85 KB
> Fuck actually knowing what neet means
I don't think I will. My boss was an absolute asshole. Money isn't an issue for at least a year and after that I can easily get another job for 2-3 months and continue being a NEET
at least you VALUE your freedom. you wont be eating anything nice but at least freedom to watch and jerk off to shit 24/7
Good for you, OP. Glad that you're covered financially. How much do you have socked away and what did you invest it in?

>I'm a virgin and actually dislike pregnancy
>if I had a pregnancy fetish I would literally have had fifty abortions by now
Fine then, what is your fetish?
I don't have any fetishes
The op was self explanatory
Everyone has fetishes. You just haven't found yours yet. Let me help you find yours.

Don't know why I keep replying to women I know have no interest in me. I know if a girl I don't care about is trying to go out with me, I wouldn't want them to bother me. The only thing is, I would actually tell them I'm not interested rather than ignore them.

File: 800000000000000.png (803 KB, 634x645)
803 KB
803 KB PNG
So much for the stereotype that only fat landwhales go for blacks huh
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>They are better than the cucks like you who encourage it
Like i'm out there with a sign saying "pls everyone racemix". Just admit it, you and your pals are doing nothing to save your race, you're just losers complaining con internet
Race mixing is an act of blasphemy to our creator gods who wanted to keep us seperate so that we could effectively work together.
Break free from Jewish media.
"Good times creates weak people" "save western civilization"

-fat dude wearing a fedora on his profile pic and some roman emperor as cover
You're never getting any pussy anyway, stop clowning.
>Normal, psychologically healthy people don't racemix.
Can you prove that fact?

is it that time of the month fembots?
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Ahahahahhahaah, I never wear makeup or do my hair.

I never skip gym days though. I skip work because of my period before I skip gym. Although I usually gotta drug myself up pretty bad to get through it.

>tfw you have a drug induced meltdown at the gym
HRT doesnt make you a female, anon

Dilation pains are not a period
>implying trannies aren't incessantly preening
It's funny how often I'm called a tranny on this site when I'm an out and out TERF.
mine is coming up soon, i dont really know when but its any day now probably today cause i was feeling down yesterday. i use a menstrual cup and its so much better than tampons cause tampons leak so quickly for me.
I'm guessing I'll get it on Thanksgiving so I can be thankful I prepped the food the day before.

prisons getting iffy uh
soap getting slippy uh
cellmate got a stiffy uh
butthole getting jizzy uh
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Only youngsters listen to this garbage but I'm glad that the universe is putting things back in their place. Hail Satan
He's not going to regular jail he's going to country club prison with all the rich white collar criminals
Those aren't white collar crimes friend
He was in prison for life before he got famous? wow so this should be nothing for him lol
Racketeering is what tekashi was charged with and that's definitely a white collar crime in this day and age

File: download.jpg (2 KB, 147x144)
2 KB
So r9k what are you planning on buying for black Friday?

asian fembot here. I want my tight sideways pussy to be rammed by the big white cock. where do I find biggu white cock bf?
31 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
op is most definitely a white dicklet sockpuppet lmao
Why would someone make up a story about being an asian girl who wants to partner with a white man?
Wouldn't it just be a huge waste of everyone's time?
Do you feel that kind of anxiety around guys or when you're in overwhelming social situations or almost every time you go to speak to someone?

How are you finding accounting? I cannot see myself doing that as a career, though the money would certainly be good as a CPA.
>around guys
>overwhelming social situations
>almost every time you go to speak to someone?
if I'm unfamiliar with them, yes
>How are you finding accounting?
It's okay. I would like a CPA and master's someday.
Depends, what is big cock in your eyes?

File: 27737373_82838383.jpg (275 KB, 720x1280)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
Im really desperate for white cock but white guys always reject me once they find out im black
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Post dick.

Im not racist but I usually prefer white men instead
Im scared they wont want to talk to me at all if I tell them
Go into porn to get white guys. Or just socially shame young men on the internet until some effeminate young white guy gives in under the social pressure.
That's how it works these days. Many such cases!
>Im scared they wont want to talk to me at all if I tell them
And if they find out your black afterwards they won't talk to you either.
Nothing lost.

Take this shit to LGBT fagtron

File: 1542622211252.jpg (113 KB, 1280x720)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
What will happen to me If I sleep 5 hours every day?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1542599984387.jpg (65 KB, 499x498)
65 KB
I am already tired sleeping 7 hours. In fact it completely fucks with me.
Been a week with 3-6 hours sleep I feel like shit all the time(nothing new just worse).
Don't understand how Someone I know does this 5 days a week every week.
>Fucking dragons dogma stealing my sleep
Even sleeping 6 hours a night fucks me over if I do it for a bit. I have to get 8 to function.
You'll stop looking like a cute anime girl over time.
File: 1539222062061.png (6 KB, 234x215)
6 KB
What will happen is that you'll end up sleeping for 5 hours

File: 5845cd230b2a3b54fdbaecf7.png (27 KB, 1092x1037)
27 KB
>be me
>first time trying to post a greentext to 4chan
>have alot of good stories but am a faglord and cant figure this format out
weve all been there buddy dw anout it

File: 1534091792677.jpg (10 KB, 250x233)
10 KB
i have trouble talking to people on discord. everything i say is boring and i always get ignored fast. my autism stops me from talking to others and i become a total faggot because i'm too afraid to speak. i always drop out of servers because i haven't found the right one yet. how can i stop being a faggot and say interesting things? no i'm not giving out my discord account, i'm just looking for advice
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
You could try and record yourself talking as a form of practice. Also I recommend trying to fake confidence, but try to find a group of people who don't sound self centered or pretentious.
File: 6FedEqB.jpg (10 KB, 249x243)
10 KB
Realize that your actions on discord have no real major consequences and try to learn about interesting stuff people may like.
is this a discord thread?
what if you get doxed or some shit? pretty sure that has consequences. /r9k/ people tend to have an affinity for doxxing others
Dont give them any identifying info and you'll be fine

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