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File: ♥︎.jpg (148 KB, 850x850)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
I would like to be a maid
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probably just something simple like standing in the steet watching for women to walk alone late at night and raping them.
File: dilbert.jpg (112 KB, 1280x720)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
you know
and i don't like your head, nigger
what's the punishment for stealing my voice, nigger?
tell me
i don't care about the male one, he can die.

File: Stacked Girls.jpg (102 KB, 768x1024)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Tell us about your fetishes Fembots.
>What turns you on the most?
>What is the most forbidden?
>Do you want to try them in reality?
>Favorite hairstyle?
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File: coomer.jpg (92 KB, 1545x869)
92 KB
Femanons does getting your butt licked do anything for you? Does it actually feel good and turn some of you on?
I wonder this cause I do it to my gf sometimes but always wonder if she actually likes it or just puts up with it and lets me do it cause I like it..
Its hard to find out cause she's really shy about sexual stuff
And seems like girls are always shy about their butthole :(
hi i'm originally right here

absolutely fucking retarded term, fuck off back to kiwifarms or wherever you came from
>i'm defective therefore all of society must neuter itself to placate me

you sound lovely to be around. trust me that if you're here and making posts like this, the feeling is mutual and men are just as disgusted by you as you are by them and them and the totally normal process of procreation. typical landwhale.
Are you also submissive?

Fembots, are you willing to go to hell to kiss girls?

File: 1520943439419.jpg (123 KB, 929x842)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
what is the reason for being alive if you do not enjoy life in any genuine capacity? Even other people I've known who are "mentally ill" actually enjoy life the majority of the time.
The only time I've felt the slightest positive emotion in the past 10 years is whilst either drunk or high. At this point my existence only serves to not cause suffering to others with my suicide.
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File: original (1).gif (559 KB, 500x370)
559 KB
559 KB GIF
I got no clue at this point. I spend my whole day sleeping or working, even vidya lost its charme long time ago. Currently I keep myself distracted from reality by playing Dayz on a STALKER RP server. It's not even that I enjoy it, it's just that it keeps me occupied and time flies fast as fuck. But the server has been offline for the last 2 days because of some technical problems and I'm feeling really down again. So I really don't know why to bother besides mom being sad if something would happen.
the reason im alive is that im not dead yet. simple as
I haven't died of natural causes yet. I'm just waiting, really. Although I do intend to make the remainder of my inconsequential existence as reasonably comfy as I can until that time. I'd really like to just die in my sleep so I don't have to have an active part in my death. Life could be better if I worked hard enough, but a few scraps of fleeting joy don't account for the suffering and misery which exceed it by some orders of magnitude.
>what is the reason for being alive if you do not enjoy life in any genuine capacity?
The vague, passive hope that it will magically get better. The fear that if I kill myself, I will have missed out on it getting better.
I enjoy life a lot. One day I was feeling like shit, and then I figured out that I could simply decide to feel good. The change wasn't instantaneous, but now I live every day happy ever after. Of course I must live life in accordance with the Laws of God, in order not to feel shitty again.

File: pkmkif0e3wz51.jpg (109 KB, 960x720)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>tfw 19 year old zoomerino
>just now learning about Chris-chan >watching the comprehensive history on youtube whoa.... the old internet was wild
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It's okay, I watch on x2 speed so I'm barely wasting any time
40+ episodes though? Seriously it's not even entertaining at that point, just sad. You shouldn't dwell on a lolcow past its prime for that long. Might as well find someone active and at least contribute to making fun of them.
>in middle school when i first learned of chris chan
>watched all the old freakout videos and read the context behind them
>started browsing /b/ around that time as well
good days, man
that guys videos are alright, not my thing though
I went to Chris-chan's lair. It is fkin wild man, that person is an enigma.
>the old internet was wild
really wasn't
I was only 10 in 08 but even to my goofy young mind the people who went after Chris Chan were small, weak and pathetic.
There was also A LOT more genuine moralfagging and a lot less "just following it for teh lulz" than the now 30-40 year old obsessives will tell you.
it was mostly people reacting the same way they do to like pyrocynical and callmecarson type drama now.
trying really hard to force moral appal.

>You are in the Light. The Light is in you. YOU ARE THE LIGHT!
>Look for your faults and the merits of others.

File: burger.jpg (94 KB, 1246x946)
94 KB
What is something that you have experienced or done that most people would not believe if you told them?
I have drank pee before. It wasn't mine. I also own several sex toys. Another one is that I smoke weed almost daily. My family only knows about the first one...

Whats the best way to get back a relationship? I was in one for 2 years following a fight in August after initially 2 months where we hadn't spoke. It was mostly online as we lived far from eachother and any sort of actual contact was on the edge of 2019 before lockdown. How do i get this back together just online?? I hear theres shit being spoke against me by her. What do I do?
Is it edrama? You two likely won't get together unless the other party contacts you first. Or you two had one and one contact only
That fucking sucks. Could I go through with others or is that a bad move?

File: 1598424843072.jpg (11 KB, 250x237)
11 KB



I have le autismo

File: 7898.png (101 KB, 500x253)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
i really just want someone to play games and talk about anime with
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File: 0890980089.png (580 KB, 1755x1300)
580 KB
580 KB PNG
also Rokudenashi Blues because delinquents beating the shit out of each other is always a good time
File: 1.jpg (153 KB, 820x1180)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
also Osu Karate Bu if you're into martial arts
You still here, anon? RIP
Anyone still up? How is everyone?
One last call for the bros?

File: 1564775923401.jpg (26 KB, 500x522)
26 KB
and guess OP's typing edition is a go!
also with a picture that is sure to bring in attention and thus more people to integrate into our cult!


last thread; >>>/61891440/
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That's what mummy says too.
>Just keep being tall and handsome and eventually a big breasted young woman will take you in
She also says I need to spend more time outside for that to happen, but I'm really not sure where to go exactly. hmmm
it would be cool to be able to spend a month as each type, just to know what it's like to get the full spectrum of human experience
sounds like the perfect recipe to end up tied up in some asylum, yeah
you'd want to stop at entp and stay one forever after you see how cool and epic they are
fagtron liar

File: karen.jpg (102 KB, 1280x720)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
I just want a comfy bf who will beat and abuse me in the bedroom and treat me like a princess outside of it. But the former is never accompanied by the latter.
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>Why are women like this?
Yes. Every woman wants to be abused. Your Mom. Your childhood crushes. The girl you're crushing on right now. Your oneitis. Every woman wants to be raped and spit on and slapped and choked and dominated.

Also, the more a sjw feminist she is, the bigger her rape domination fantasy is.
OP here

that's my point isn't it
You clearly don't understand how dom/sub relationships work
You just imagine as this is just a game with toys to play with
fucking incels
File: download (1).jpg (5 KB, 245x205)
5 KB
This is contradictory, stop watching porn.
i genuinely fucking hate shit like this
im going to abuse my next bf just bc shit like this makes me seethe so hard

File: 1585233353477.png (888 KB, 850x660)
888 KB
888 KB PNG
Here's a story that might give you a chuckle.

>15 at the time
>cousin was 17
>hanging out at her house because it was summer and they had a pool
>Get caught looking at her tits
>she decided to tease me by stripping and going skinny dipping
>convinced me to also skinny dip and stuff started getting hot and heavy
>start getting it on and we do the deed on the poolside
>about 10 minutes later my uncle storms out screaming "the fuck are you doing?"
>seperates us and started berating his daughter
>"What's wrong with you putting your hands on your special needs cousin?" He yelled
>I then immediately open my mouth and say "we have a special needs cousin that you had sex with?"
>uncle turns and just had a blank emotionless face. This empty expression felt like it went on for 10 minutes before he just sent his daughter inside the house and then gave me a car ride home
>uncle didn't say a word til we got to my parents house and simply said "your a good kid"

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File: 1610989500746.jpg (93 KB, 385x390)
93 KB
fucking kek dude laughed so hard at second to last line
fucking 10/10 dude holy shit
File: 1603448898083.png (25 KB, 136x102)
25 KB
fuck that took me a sec maybe I'm retarded too
File: Nanaya Chad.png (79 KB, 512x512)
79 KB
>mfw OP is samefagging
No one else has a full asspie moment?

I'm thinking of taking a gap year of college and I want to work in the meantime. I've seen some barista vacants and it looks interesting. How was your experience, if you had any?

Tinnitus bros get in here
Feeling extra trapped today might finally be pushed over the edge
What about you fags
Bump there has gotta be at least one other mildly suicidal robot with EEEEEEEEEEEEE being blared into their head constantly lurking this board right now
i only have mild. rarely, very rarely, i get woken up by sounds which didn't really happen. but not really a big issues. sucks for you bitch.
but i do have patulous eustachian tube (autophonia) which FUCKING SUCKS. so i'm always twitching my head in public and shit trying to rid it
File: 1610217148038.jpg (10 KB, 236x236)
10 KB
yup constant ringing. learned to live with it though. doesnt bother me much anymore
Any real tips? Besides just not giving a fuck
If I ever figure this out I swear I will practically be a zen master
File: 1610031431287.jpg (44 KB, 327x233)
44 KB
i have had it as long as i remember. really started bothering me around 8-9. just got used to it, dont really know. sorry. hope you find peace.

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