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File: lifting.jpg (52 KB, 968x681)
52 KB
Why don't you lift?
It would literally solve all your problems.
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Is it gonna make my dick bigger tho?
I don't know how, and I don't know where to find a good teacher or the right information. Maybe I should have another look at /fit/
adviCe you fucking retard, with a C not an S, you fucking illiterate piece of shit, and btw what did you want to achieve with your post
I'm gonna start soon once I get my new car. Any tips or advice for a new gymbro?
affirmative, a year or two ago I had been lifting for 6 months aprox. taking some supplements like bcaa, whey protein, creatine and vitamins, can confirm dick was bigger due to a better bloodflow

File: 61993545.jpg (151 KB, 1080x1122)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
open your beedroom door, see her, what do?
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according to this anon who doxxed her she's underage
File: @BrattyBrooke4.jpg (128 KB, 750x1334)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
looks like she killed this findom twitter, not much left of it, bet she made a new one
File: brooke.jpg (691 KB, 2355x1600)
691 KB
691 KB JPG
why doesn't she just get a fuck-machine and join mfc already?
People are allowed to have standards anon.
tell her goodnight and close the door

File: 1566525320633.png (66 KB, 269x323)
66 KB
>Hey man I hope you're having a great stream. Been depressed lately but your stream really cheered me up. Just wanted to thank you and support the stream!
>Here are 50 bucks my man.
File: soywojack1.png (106 KB, 800x750)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
>I'll make the same thread because the last one got so much (you)s
The absolute bottom of humanity.

File: 20190816_165550.jpg (124 KB, 497x497)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>he takes a poop at work
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File: IMG_20190823_171913.png (260 KB, 614x585)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
>he jerks off at work
Literally taking a poop at work right now.
I only shit on company time, why would I shit in my free time?
>He poops*
A cold old man?

File: 1521750025322.png (374 KB, 805x452)
374 KB
374 KB PNG
wouldn't you feel better as a cute girl?

-softer skin
-cute curvy body and wide hips
-improved mental state
-tiddies; self explanatory
-improved self confidence
-decimate your fapping addiction
-ability to wear adorable clothes
-ditch your angry, masculine mannerisms
-cuter, more feminine facial features
-thicker, longer lasting shinier hair
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Seek God, please.
fucking terrible lmao, at least shave
You look like a really cool dude, keep at it, man.

Hot damn.

And I second the OP, being on HRT is snazzy. You feel calmer, your skin gets softer, and you start growing boobers and nipples.
Stfu Tumblr faggot.

Fembots, do you swipe right on more or less than .9 percent of guys?
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Jesus christ who has the time to look at 12,403 people
>implying she didnt fuck at least 50 of those guys
after thousands of swipes and only getting 66 matches, how does she only message 9 of them?
Because its still the mans job to chase this cunty princess
>He doesn't realise an app is made for a first glance then pass
The person doesn't matter, just the face.

File: boomer-root-beer.jpg (105 KB, 555x508)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>*Crack open a fresh Bang's root beer*
>"Hey Champ, have you found a job you want to do yet? You need to pick a career that makes you happy, that you'll jump out of bed with joy in the morning to go to"
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Is the cost of living high where you work?
It's insane someone gets paid so much to so unskilled labor.
Cost of living here is pretty low I rent a 3 bedroom 2 bath townhouse for $1,000 a month. But for Southwest Florida it's not too bad.
I live in the panhandle and pay my boomer parents $800/mo for a 1 bed

Most apartments were destroyed by the hurricane so i couldn't get one. Spent 2 weeks getting turned down by every complex
File: 1553320816448.jpg (275 KB, 1029x1000)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
Well its not easy at all, but i replace windows. Pay is pretty good but i work 15 hour days usually working in heat. Plus im getting pretty swole from lifting those heavy ass windows
I sometimes wonder if it's the same person who starts the Bangs root beer threads

File: 1565630460152.jpg (381 KB, 872x867)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
>he doesnt totally changes his behavior when more people appears
I'm not sure what the issue is?
It subtly reveals to the girl you are dating that she gets "the real you" and everybody else gets a persona.

It's a proxy of a woman wanted to be desired more than her competitors by her man.

File: 1557446786520.jpg (25 KB, 350x260)
25 KB
Reminder that the only smug NEETs are young, and that they'll kill themselves eventually when they realize that they wasted their lifes.
>inb4 s-seething wagie.. haha cuck cuck!!
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File: alta-badia.jpg (203 KB, 1229x691)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
I've been a NEET for many years now and I'm content. I went through phases when I was younger where I felt I needed this or that, NEETs tend to go two ways. They either become full blown hedonists which will inevitably result in an awful comedown or they engage in asceticism in which everything is alright so long as they're suffering... the path to enlightenment is the middle way. You do not need to work or study to give your life meaning and purpose. Your thoughts create this reality and in turn YOU give your life meaning.

I exercise, I read philosophy and I enjoy Japanese media. I have talked to women, lost my virginity but I have never held a job and never will. There are more then one paths to make wealth in this world, you do not have to work minimum wage jobs for someone for the rest of your life nor do you have to chase a high paying career in which you despise what you do. What is the purpose of doing things you do not enjoy to go on and do things you do not enjoy? This is truly the mindset of a slave, the modern day worker who's whipped by corporations.
i dont eat tendies, im vegan

ur right about the no gf part, same as pride

and when the government stop giving bux i will be on the streets, but so you will, because automation will take over all jobs

also fuck you you reddit faggot
I'm a NEET but I live with a loving partner so it's actually a comfy life. It'd be ridiculous to even think about killing myself.
Plenty of NEETs waste their lives
So do plenty of wagies
>reddit spacing
t. redditor in denial

File: 𐍀.png (293 KB, 477x572)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
>potential husband will probably want me to get baptized to get married
I know beggars can't be choosers, but it's one thing I won't bend over backwards for.
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File: B.png (7 KB, 283x430)
7 KB
There is. But neo-Paganism is cringe. Civil marriage is more than enough for me.
God only baptizes trannies with a large stone around their neck
I'm not religious either but what about the ceremony? I'd rather just sign a piece of paper desu.
She is not gonna marry you, nigger. She is my property to play with.
>t. disgusting non-whites
That Nordic boipussy is mine.

File: Capture.png (725 KB, 474x558)
725 KB
725 KB PNG

>tfw no southern gf to go noodling and hunting with
I didn't know I wanted this so much
That was better than porn
what the actual fuck bro she's so fucking cute

File: 1546302199591.jpg (162 KB, 901x1200)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Life is simply not worth living without a chubby Asian gf.
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks. I'm just here for the chubby asian pics. Yeh I know a lot of gooks especially Chinese are ugly af, but there is just something so warm and welcoming about chubby asian female faces.
I'm confused. Do you think I am an Asian woman?
If you like them why do you use racial slurs?
Same here yellow fevered brother of mine.

Are you lost, friendo?


File: bluhhh.png (159 KB, 600x600)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
Hi hello this is a thread to talk about everything family related. Doesn't matter if you want to kill your sister or fuck your mom, it's all welcome.

This might just be the Couch + new people thread because nothing good happened to me this week and I have nothing to say about it.

Pastebin: No pastebin didn't feel like finding it.
384 replies and 67 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's because I'm here to ruin them for you ;) don't sleep on the job
>She's really interesting if you give her a chance instead of fighting her shell so much.
Pretty much this, she won't leave so it's better to just try to get on with her.
File: tenor.png (290 KB, 444x640)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
Last Night
>he comes home
>changes and we head out
>we ride to resteraunt and I ask him about his day and stuff
>get to resteraunt and order some food
>get a steak with cheddar on top
>give him a bite
>we talk some more and head out
>get home and some light kissing in the car turns into kissing in the house which turns into really intense kissing in the room
>some stuff happens and we end up making love with our clothes on still
>apparently skirts turn him on
>make love again
Anyway long story short I have to do laundry today, my legs hurt, and I have a hickey.
>legs hurt
How many times did each of you come?
Based, were you wearing thigh highs?
Another original midday bump

File: 1542884857280.jpg (12 KB, 233x315)
12 KB
Are you an alpha or beta male?
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
what is Omega then? There is Alpha (Chad) and Beta (Virgin), then what is Omega in that spectrum?
Betas aren't necessarily virgins. Betas make up the majority of normie guys. They're just subordinate to alphas

A - Chad
B- Cuck
O - Virgin
File: 1lb16nH.png (340 KB, 696x696)
340 KB
340 KB PNG

File: TyMvpsL.jpg (163 KB, 1000x913)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
i wanna be a good little slut for anon and make him feel good so he will love me
File: hehe.jpg (40 KB, 574x574)
40 KB
A-Are you qt? I h-have a 9 inch c-cock.
I wanna see it anon
File: 1564960040819.png (237 KB, 500x400)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
I-I posted it here >>53912025 d-don't bulli me pls.
>i wanna be a good little slut for anon and make him feel good so he will love me
no you dont dont lie fag
very hot anon i wanna suck on it and get your cummies on my face

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