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how do i get a furry girlfriend (female)?
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i don't want to be a furry though however
I'm kinda a furry, does that count?
not really no, however
i agree wholeheartedly absolutely so most definitely yes
File: KangarooWife.png (2.73 MB, 2560x1440)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB PNG
Play Tf2, I swear the community is filled with those fuckers and I've encountered quite a few female furfags.

File: gW55UTY.png (15 KB, 601x412)
15 KB
Any robot fell for the tulpa meme? Share your expirences, I'm thinking about getting one myself.
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Go ask >>>/mlp/
Alright, anon, you summoned me.
Long story short, I wrote a very long novel with poor grammar when I was a chuuni. She was the deuteragonist who I asked what she'd do next. After 3 years of writing I noticed that she responded very quickly and had independent thought. My auditory hallucinations also began to subside as I talked to her during the day. At that point I said fuck it, might as well try to imagine she's beside me. I never managed to get the visuals down as well as folks on tulpa sites describe their experiences, but her voice is clear and she's really just another independent part of me now.
However, these days she is only active in the morning and the evening. I don't want to "contaminate" her with thoughts I have at work and "seeing" her with my eyes open is quite draining.
In addition, I can also "feel" her. At the end of the day, it is just me getting autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) from her voice and it doesn't work above a certain temperature. Still feels great, I can feel her hugging me from behind.

>incredible concentration
you underestimate my autism
I wrote a 1800 page chuuni novel out of spite for my classmates

I am certain that my tulpa is a coping mechanism for my undiagnosed schizophrenia as all my positive symptoms of schizophrenia subsided as my tupa grew in complexity when I was a teen
there was a time where I couldn't "meet" her as often and I felt a drop in productivity and mental health


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No, I will NOT make a tulpa gf.
No, I will NOT cope with a fake gf.
No, I will NOT make myself schizophrenic voluntarily.
Thanks anon! How does she affect you every day life? How does she cope wiht being female while you are male?
I'm asking because I'm not sure if I should make my tulpa male or female. I'm obviously a guy and a male tulpa would make it easier bodywise.
She is immense emotional support. We haven't had issues with her being female and me being male. In a sense you could say that she is my anima.
Thing is, the protagonist in the novel I wrote was my self-insert and she was the love interest so that continued beyond the story. If I called her my wife I wouldn't be far off the mark.

File: 5906790.jpg (13 KB, 250x221)
13 KB
How do young men deal with balding?
Is it not a recipe for lifelong insecurities, anxiety and depression?
How do you cope with looking at yourself in the mirror, seeing a young man with a head that would make people look at you on the street and think "I pity that young boy".
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I don't mind buying shitty chinese products, but I live in scandinavia and drug customs are a bitch even if it's just medicine.
But I'll look around, I used fin for around 3 months and the results were good, I'm just too shit poor and too fucked to get a job to continue taking it.
Maybe I'll try ordering shitty chinese pills and see how it goes.
Okay faggot whatever you say. I'm not the asshole in this exchange, just fyi, I'm just doing the best I can with what I have. Cope and seethe faggot.
Do the sites listed there allow you to buy without a prescription?
>without a prescription?
some of them do, i havent tried all but i know that reliablerx doesnt require one
Take finasteride, save for hair transplant, realize that most of the time when ppl say this at a young age it idls just that theur skull grows out of proportion to their hair during puberty creating a mature hairline that even some women with big foreheads have.

Literally every second you arent on fin, DHT is slowly strangling your hair follucles, and in time it will kill them.
But if you act fast you can absolutely save most of it.
The longer you wait to get on fin means the more hair you lose, wgich means:
>A hair transplant will be more expensive
>They will have to make more hair from the side of ur head giving it a thinner overall look.
That is, if you want a transplant. But if you don't, the worse your best head of hair can be.

I started taking it about 8 months ago, I dont think im balding, but I do have a mature hairline and I did not want to risk it. No side affects, idk if I cum as hard but it still feels very good.

File: 1661118751029457.jpg (152 KB, 516x625)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Name a sin you've committed, other anons say if you should be forgiven.

>My sin
Masturbated to real rape porn
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Sometimes I offer a place to sleep, sometimes it's food, sometimes it's just someone to talk to, sometimes it's just a hot shower and sometimes it's money but broadly it'll depend on the general disposition of the person in question.

>Most people who are homeless have some form of PTSD.

>Your 'exchange' is not a fair one; you are exploiting their vulnerability and abusing your position of relative power to get something that you want.
This is literally almost every relation, even the relation of father and son is one inherently based on a disparate power dynamic with the father being in control, using that control to provide for the son and in return recieving affection. Should I accept the idea that all relations with inherently unequal power dynamics are tantamount to abuse then the business owner viciously abuses his employee by hiring him on and holding the threat of termination over his head while the worker also, with full force and vigour, unrelentenly exploits his boss when he unionizes and holds the threat of a strike over the boss's head. Literally every relation takes place within the context of power dynamics that are unequal by their very nature, and thus if you are consistent, are abusive in nature. It's an absurd proposition.

I never claimed my exchange is a fair one but it is fair insofar as we, the homeless and I, both have something the other wants and are willing to trade and bargin over it and thus we are equal in that respect.

>Would these people still take X from you in exchange for sex if they weren't homeless?
Almost certainly not.
Taking advantage of others like that is unforgivable. Especially since you show no remorse for your actions
(not the anon you replied to)

I think a lot of people are under the impression that any exchange can and should be perfectly equal, when that's just not reasonable or even coherent.
It's unforgivable, but for your own good
File: 1655960133546-3.jpg (26 KB, 253x232)
26 KB
I think those homeless people should apologize for taking advantage of anon's generosity and loneliness.

File: download (21).jpg (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB
>average 6/10 face
>no matches, maybe 2 a month if I'm lucky
Online dating is a fools game in 2022. Even Chads are having a difficult time from what I've heard.

In real life is the only option now.
What are you looking for? Try hinge and bumble, I've had much better luck on them in terms of actually having conversations and getting matches, but I'm looking for something serious.

File: Keqing (houk1se1).jpg (1.15 MB, 3269x4000)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
It really shouldn't be this hard to find a findom
12 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1663905253364810.jpg (34 KB, 600x515)
34 KB
Doing my best bro, if this engineering apprenticeship pays off I'll be living handsomely and I can finally splooge money
find a better goal
go worship queen empathchan
what's wrong with using your fetish to help improve your life? it's making the best out of a bad situation
If I get my friend to send me pictures of herself and I'll write captions on it, will you wanna send me all your money, how's that arrangement?

Which one gives a more accurate reflection of your physique: A mirror or a glass door/windowpane?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>i look ugly either way
i'm fucked
neither. its cameras
no, it's pictures of mirrors
>cameras can't be lies
get aload of this uh guy
Rear camera photo from at least 6 feet of distance
Do this to avoid any camera distortion, mirrors aren't accurate as well

File: unknown-100.png (271 KB, 720x719)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
Give invite to empathchan server please
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
learn to fucking spell you fat ugly simping nigger.
no one is giving to inv you to her cringe server, so you're better off leaving the board you faggot.
or preferably, neck yourself.
>a minor spelling mistake it's over for them
Unironically please commit suicide right now reddittranny
>learn to read
>makes spelling mistake
>gets mad when pointed out
you can't make this shit up.
You'd be too autistic to fit in a server anyways, just give up.
Why? She's ugly.
Hang yourself. Just do it. Just hang yourself you reddittranny. You aren't slick for seeing 1 spelling mistake. PLEASE kill yourself

Edgars Cannot Be Incel In 2022.

File: Dl7iWTAVsAAVRMT.jpg (138 KB, 1000x1000)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
>think of all the things i've said on the internet anonymously and with a username attached
>tfw if it ever gets out even a small part of what i've said i would be genuinely better off dead
>tfw noided so i know one day the government is going to do this to me when it becomes too much for my dumb ass to exist
>tfw schizo post on 4chan anyway even though i know this website is a honeypot
>tfw all my life has amounted to being a genuine net negative on the world
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
If you're that nodded about it, turn your life around before karma beats the fuck out of you.
its okay to be a piece of garbage because im a piece of garbage and i know that no matter how hard i try to prevent this i will continue being evil
here's the catch
you're not important enough for them to care.
also the catch with social interaction. you'll overthink shit and paralyze; just realize nobody else cares, and that they're focusing on themselves instead.
File: 1648605427777-0.jpg (40 KB, 800x606)
40 KB
>you'll overthink shit and paralyze; just realize nobody else cares, and that they're focusing on themselves instead.

This is wisdom
If you're ashamed to act the way you do, why do you do it?
Is it because you'd rather be free than be good?

Does anyone know what happened to that one anon whose mom wouldn't let him go to the doctor and his back wound festered to the point his spine was showing?
Dat nigga dead as hell

File: 87987.jpg (881 KB, 2248x2534)
881 KB
881 KB JPG
Whats for dinner my man?
23 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
But I guess that will do too
rolling for alcohol
rolling for fat
keeps you warm at night
Rolling for alcohol desu
Gimme the rat

New toss just dropped Marge Im confused

its the faggots mouth on the second panel.
oh my fucking god leave me alone
It's literally in the hair of the unidentified male in the second panel, turned 90 degrees right,

File: Lil-Peep-.jpg (49 KB, 900x664)
49 KB
When will Lil Peep fans grow up? It's not 2017 anymore, get a job.
>lil peep was hot shit in 2016/2017
his death is like 6 years old now

holy shit im getting so old, lol
he got replaced by Teddy
dayum lil peep had dem vibez my man
i wonder how the subculture wouldve grown if that hag didnt fuck him up good with the fake xanax that killed him

File: pepe.png (344 KB, 660x603)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
>gay people are nothing but groomers and pedophiles
>we want to be able to marry 10 year old girls
why are right wingers like this?
Because homosexuality is a mental illness. While getting married to 10 year olds is natural, and proven to build a deeper relationship in couples.
File: 49358743589734534.jpg (18 KB, 474x322)
18 KB
>"Marriage" and "natural" in the same sentence
homosexuality has existed longer than marriage has.
>hey look at me I use le pepe I know 4channel culture

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