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>my face when I can hear daddy touching my sister

I, for a long time, have had a fetish of getting piss on my asshole. For example, when I go to take a shit i usually piss in the bowl beforehand so when i drop a long i get hit with a return of piss on my butthole. Im not exactly sure what about it turns me on but the idea really gets me going. The fetish stays relatively within the lane of being in the bathroom but i have definitely fantasized about getting my ass peed in. Anyone else have this kink as well?
no. Youre the only one and should feel ashamed and gross.
Never heard of it before really. Do you have any other piss fantasies? or anything else you want in your ass?
Nah just piss. Sometimes ill use stuff like warm lemonade for a bit of a change up now and the though
sounds kinda gay. are you a fag?
Straight as a pencil.

>be me
>get to talking with crush on some social media
>i recomend some series and she watched them
>told me they were ok
>she recomends some retarded korean drama
>watch the first episode and its hard to sit thrugh
>she told me this was a series to cry over
>this is one of the intrests we have in common
>i want to get involved in her intrests but dont know how

What to do anons

File: ip.jpg (12 KB, 180x180)
12 KB
>message girl on interpals
>no pictures of herself (red flag but whatever)
>she replies and we build up a good rapport
>she brings up a light sexual undertone and the conversation moves to flirty and discussing some stuff in that vein, but never crude
>conversation continues for a straight three hours, not even any lulls in the conversation
>suddenly she stops replying, still going in and out of online every 15 minutes or so
>check her profile an hour later
Why the fuck do they do this why why why why why???????????????????????
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im not a fan of ghosting either but op talked to her for 3 hrs, thats nothing
maybe he said something she didnt like or she wasnt actually being flirty and he kept thinking she was, he doesnt really need a good bye
Neck yourself, zoomer foid scum. Your whole kind lacks basic humanity.
i get that you're playing devil's advocate here or whatever but you're dumb as fuck dude
already said im not a foid and im not a zoomer either.
>you're dumb as fuck dude
when there's no context of why he was ghosted its not that dumb
but 3 hrs is really nothing, they werent even friends yet just learning about each other and shit
Basic humanity. You will always lack it.

File: 4craft map.jpg (674 KB, 1999x1999)
674 KB
674 KB JPG
It's that time again, 4craft is about to start once more, a massive faction server where each board is forming a faction, fighting for dominance.

No matter if you're interested in building a comfy base with us, raiding other boards or just want to shitpost with pixelart, join us on gg./HspV2CPZNP and help r9k to glory.
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factions is kinda cringe. I prefer normal survival
That's great when your playing solo.
When there's 100's of degenerates all running around trying to murder each other not such a great idea :)
is there an r9k thread disc
rember when g all used hacked clients with RATs
where is vm vrpg vst vt ?

My first months in high school were hectic. I skipped some days, had no friends and everything was messed up.

Eventually I befriended some weirdos.. One of them told me "If you ever going to shot this school up, please don't kill me"

I don't know how serious he was, probably like half-way, I suppose I was giving out this impression. Now it feels fucked up thinking about it.
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I have (had) violent fantasies often and if those fantasies aren't violent, I often dream of having some huge power or influence. Power like I'm able to control many people and they just worship me or whatever. Putin comes to my mind although I don't like him and wouldn't want to be him. Maybe Xi Jinping is better.
I tried to break the legs of my dog couple of times, it got to the point him being extremely aggressive whenever I got near him and he bit me hard couple of times. Tried to kill birds, but I don't think it was ever so serious serious. I never actually hurt anyone. I don't think I'm psychopath or any of that simply because I can feel good amount of empathy and remorse. I can filter it whenever I want to and I'm not too bothered about it.

*Hypothetical scenario, if I happen to kill someone, I can feel guilt or remorse or empathy that their family will be sad, but what I can do about it now, nothing? So I would probably make myself feel nothing, because why bother, what's done is done? I probably had a reason I wanted to kill that someone. I think it's just some prioritizing. I don't know.

Fun thing, couple of times I tried to start a fire as-well. It again never actually caught on fire and I'm still not sure why, it was perfect conditions, It was dry pine needles, I was like 5 to 7 I think.
But yeah again, I definitely am not psychopath or anything because I do feel anxiety and I can feel empathy and I'm not an absolute freak. My mom often says that I have no empathy or remorse, but she's wrong, If I don't show remorse doesn't mean I don't feel one. I just ignore it. (That I'm referring to when I did something as a kid)


From what I understand, the most common way to describe a humans psychological profile is with a spectrum. You can score like between 0-100 on things like psychopathy, empathy, narcissism, machiavellism etc. So it's not binary as in 1's and 0's, like either you are complete psychopath or not psychopath at all.

From your descriptions you probably have a quite high score on the psychopathy spectrum, but you also have a prefrontal cortex that is developed and can inhibits you from acting out on those desires.

I think most serial killers, school shooters etc. occur when they score high in the psychopathy spectrum but also don't have a developed pre-frontal cortex, so they actually act out on those desires.
File: reaction image.jpg (10 KB, 354x359)
10 KB
if what you said is unironically true the best course of action would be to just live in the woods lmfao? how can you try to break your own dogs legs are you retarded?

File: margs.png (1.24 MB, 720x828)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
why doesn't one of you robots man up and marry this poor girl already?
28 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'll be generous and say she's a 4 and that's with makeup. Unlucky in the chest and face department, at least she isn't fat.
I agree with this synopsis. She's got a vivacious face, very feminine with hair (eyebrows and lashes) that isn't too pale to see... Nice freckles, a sunny smile, pretty symmetrical. Amazing hair. She's not absolute top tier but she's a looker, all right.
Why? For subservience? Just have one as a maid that you fuck, never marry, and have a child out of wedlock with some pragmatic tall blonde woman who you pay a one-time reward for the egg cell.

Women are for breeding and producing heirs, it matters a great deal more what kind of traits your son would have than how nice she is to you. If you want company and "life in the house", just get a dog.
Someone marry me please too? I'm lonely I guess.
>Someone marry me
>ew not you
>ew not you
>ew not you
>ew not you
>ew not you
>Tries to talk with a guy who's been laid 3 times this month so far because he looks like Tom cruise's head sown on to Swartzwhateve's body
>Gets mad when he just wants sex
>Why won't anyone marry me
you just know

File: 1621179979891.jpg (128 KB, 1200x858)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
back to the grind, what gets you guys going in the morning before you hit the cage? I listen to hip hop and smoke a fag.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>what makes you guys going before you go slave away for shekelberg while pretending it's some sort of badass grind to be proud of ?

t. Basedneet
>smoke a fag
British or violently homophobic?
File: nihilism.png (286 KB, 889x592)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
Nihilism isn't anti hope
Well actually in my hometown my grandfather is the second richest man, the richest was his Swedish neighbor who passed away and left the company to his son. They were good friends and I worked in that company for quite a bit with good pay despite only having a HS education and no trade experience whatsoever. The other job I've had was in the company my dad works for and I got paid the wage of a full-time worker even though I basically just walked around the warehouse fetching items for someone who actually works, maybe driving a forklift or a lawnmower and sitting in the break room.

You guys should just keep in touch with your families more. Attend family events. Call and hang out with all your uncles and they probably have some connections. I'd hate to work one of those jobs where you have to send in resumes and grovel and they pay you shit.
it's like you took the words right out of my head.
it's better tthan doing nothing and having no money. but if you're happy and it works for you I won't rip on your NEEThood, since i was NEET for years before as well. reality caught up with me though.

File: 1621261167761.gif (1.9 MB, 312x250)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
I'm the leader of anonymous, ask me anything
does it stink under that mask?
it's extremely painful
What is your birth name given to you by your parents?
do you forgive and/or forget by any chance

File: 1621082828570.webm (1.88 MB, 720x1280)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB WEBM
I will now save the planet
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I find it hot but not enough to get a boner. When I was 18 I might have.
is it real?
when will greta open up her onlyfans to fund her sustainable energy projects?
>similar hairstyle
>must be the same person
I really doubt it.
of course its not real. greta would never do this. She goes by "Dummy Depressed Bitch (Cedar Blossom)"

File: 20180928_072514.jpg (99 KB, 720x960)
99 KB
Why does she own such a BIG dog?
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not that strange when white women regularly french kisses their dogs and use animal dildos
The canadian anons are
You are, it shows anon, just stop having this stupid stereotypes
>he doesn't know
ah to be innocent again
I only assume it if the dog has his nuts. Only legit dog breeders, insecure men, and dogfucking whores leave them intact here.

File: Bald Girl.jpg (193 KB, 1920x1080)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
FtMs of /r9k/ share what makes you special.

My list:
>fantasizes about anal
>likes working out
>tries to be stylish
>has a pussy
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
It is, but it isn't.
Isn't that Dio? lmao is she dead yet?
>Parents with BPD
>Public School Counselors
>Social Media
It's already happening.
I NEED an FtMtF detransitioner gf, I cannot express this strongly enough
It's actually straighter than dating a cis woman.

Is homelessness based?
He has a bigger brain. That's he survives.
Megamind ass nigga
Did the street fight involve a bat somehow connected to a metal rod, or bat AND a metal rod?

File: Spoiler Image (7 KB, 250x245)
7 KB
putting a spoiler on your image will guarantee more people will click on your post
14 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Spoiler Image (120 KB, 468x442)
120 KB
120 KB GIF
Me and you, if you look.
File: Spoiler Image (22 KB, 485x319)
22 KB
I'd say this post is pretty original
File: Spoiler Image (345 KB, 720x756)
345 KB
345 KB GIF
nah you don't wanna click this
File: Spoiler Image (50 KB, 220x220)
50 KB
Op is a fag and so am I
it got me

File: 1619135555337.gif (1014 KB, 500x536)
1014 KB
1014 KB GIF
My dad is always moaning at me to cut the damn grass like every 2 weeks literally, he likes wasting time doing stupid gardening shit, so one day when my mum and him were going away for a few days break I had astroturf grass installed, he comes back and doesn't even notice until taking a closer look then starts freaking the fuck out and moaning at me, like I did him a favour now he doesn't even have to cut the grass again? Why do boomers get so sensitive about this shit?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You're really what's wrong with the world anon. Let your grass grow, it harms literally nothing.
lame you should've put in rocks and native plants instead
I agree that grass is bullshit (if you live in a dry climate)
File: unnamed (1).jpg (44 KB, 400x418)
44 KB

That was a good idea. Notice how nobody who complains about this has a single point to argue otherwise. They're all weak insecure faggots. Vultures. Parasites. Rodents, fiending for things to stake their pride in because they are afraid to self reflect for a second. Don't be like them.
because they can't find anything else to do
my great grandfather used to be the same before both of his knees gave out
ignore him and the rest of the larpers here, he'll find a new hobby soon
>nobody who complains about this has a single point to argue otherwise
There is nothing that can be said or done to explain to soulless ones the difference between life and plastic.

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