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File: 396026_1.jpg (32 KB, 630x630)
32 KB
This is my first ever greentext so please let me know how I did. I don't know where else to put this so here I go
>Be me, sophomore in highschool at the time
>Kissless virgin
>Played sports, pretty well rounded
>Always pinned as the "school shooter" type
>Never really bothered me until I realized girls don't quite like that
>Enter qt 3.14 from another school
>My friend thought she was cute but had a gf so gave her my snap and she added me
>First message "send memes"
>Mfw 10/10 likes memes but not a normie
>We get to talking and after about two months I decide to skip meetin irl to become friends and ask her out
>She had been talking about some movie that was coming out, coming if age rom com shit
>I ask her if she'd like to go on a date and see the movie
>MRW she says yes

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Got more?
You did pre-type this, right?
>Comes back and her phone confiscated, hard ass parents don't let her drive anywhere and she lives 30 minutes away
>No contact
>In my time alone I realized that she left without a word to me
>Realize everytime she does something like this she never gives me even a vague goodbye
>Finally get in touch with her by calling her mother
>Tell her I just can't handle the stress of not knowing if she's even alive any time she goes MIA on snapchat for a few days
>She yells at me
>Blames me for her suicide attempts
>"Well anon, what do you have to say for yourself, are you really letting me go forever?"
>I take a deep breath and say it "...I'm sorry, but yes."
>She screams FUCK YOU and hangs up
>Haven't heard from her since, granted this two year relationship ending call happened yesterday
Sorry if this is the wrong board but I hope I can get someone's opinion, did I do good? Should I try to win her back or just move on? Because as stressful as she was sometimes, I still love her and already miss her a lot
In retrospect pretyping would've been a good idea, noted
Always pre-type, bro.
In regard to your story, bitch was crazy, you made the right call.
Blaming you for her suicidal ideation is just shifting blame for her own problems.
That's never a relationship you want to maintain, even if the suicidal shit goes away, that deep seated character flaw likely won't.
Hey boss. I don't think she ever really cared about you if she did all that. Don't even bother trying to win her back because she doesn't seem worth it it at all.

Move on. As hard as that is just do it.

>be me
>Invited to my first party
>Scared to death that Im just gonna stand around awkwardly not knowing what to do
What do
just drink a lot of alcohol that should loosen you up
this and make sure to dance if its that type of party but not a weirdo awkward dance
pretty much this
other intoxicants would probably help aswell

Wednesday censored thread.
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Looking for* sorry l'm very horny
>tfw no gf to have impregnated by a chad
File: 3.jpg (142 KB, 789x1500)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
It seems like a slow day.

becquerel made something similar to this for 2017 and I noticed there wasn't one for 2019 yet. decided to make my own, you guys are welcome to follow along too. no images to go with but if anyone here wants to put together something then please do
I would use censors with black bars for the OP image. The thumbnail doesn't make it obvious and people might be overlooking the thread because of it.

File: 1513915853822.jpg (72 KB, 1024x904)
72 KB
Why do so many girls use those filters on their faces in pictures now a days ?
Is is a representation of hiding their shame from being degenerate sluts?

File: Samus-darksamus.jpg (114 KB, 822x983)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Every community on the Internet I just find obnoxious as fuck now. Even on chans I feel out of place amongst the constant spew of shitposting, but everywhere else just happens to be the same thing now to an even worse extent it seems like. The whole "meme culture" thing in particular really annoys me out of most things but it's absolutely EVERYWHERE. Even in the real world I can't escape it. Where do I go? Do I just die?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
What? The only place I see that shit is fucking here or cancer Discord servers.
File: freud.reflection.jpg (153 KB, 885x982)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
I kind of know what you mean, I wonder how sustainable meme culture is... 20 more years?Also just read books
I think you must be living under a rock then because I used to see that shit all over facebook and twitter before I deleted them. When people used to talk to me irl they'd just send that shit too
>Also just read books
So are you suggesting isolation then basically as a wait for the tide to go over?
If you're the type of person who would do well with themselves for the most part then sure. Isolation is becoming more and more viable these days with plenty of ways to make money from home.
Some people have no interest in that tho.
I'm mostly saying tho that if what youre lacking from other places is serious thought then books can solve that problem. I know for me a hard book feels like the opposite of the intenet.

File: 1546824325327.jpg (405 KB, 750x896)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
>be me
>chad and stacy go through my line
>finish transaction
>next customer asks if I'm alright
>"Yeah, I'm fine."
If I never saw another happy young couple again it would be too soon. My life is a stupid joke and nobody's laughing.

File: _size_.jpg (409 KB, 1312x936)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
why should we plant if the crops will become rotten? even when get the fruits we eat them
why should we eat if the food will disappear?
why should we try to form relationships if they will perish one day?
The moment is fleeting
You can't make it last
It wasn't meant to last
All you have is yourself
moments are illusory
and illusions are never fulfilling
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
It's a wonderland for those that love the moments
I love the length/distance. I am not a moment person
Life is for the moment seekers extroverted fags
>Things die/end so others can live/start.
A human does not need to die for another to be born.
but if no humans would die we would have big problems. Could you imagin, not being able to die and just wither away? Some people at the age of 80 have no more life in there eyes (kinda remind me of DarkSouls hollows)
Altho humans do not need to die for others bo be born, it helps to make room
>but if no humans would die we would have big problems.
If we started out like this we would have found solutions before running out of resources/space.

>Altho humans do not need to die for others bo be born, it helps to make room
Hate this desu. Although I don't like my life, I still don't want to make room to a trillion other humans. I value myself more than all while still being pretty much valueless.
> I value myself more than all while still being pretty much valueless.
we all have a drive to survive. If you can't have value, just try to make people around you a tad bit more happy. Just a faint smile to teh living creatures around you can do more then you think

File: 1546732706937.gif (898 KB, 487x560)
898 KB
898 KB GIF
God fucking dammit why do I care so much about impressing my parents
When I think about what I want to do in my life, the first thing I ask myself is "will my parents be proud?"
it's fucking stupid and i feel chained down by it
Asking parents if you're doing it right is one of the main reasons humans are a thing. Eventually you realize they don't know everything and you get really depressed.

File: 1547674769364.jpg (75 KB, 618x410)
75 KB
in every hole

88 days
why her eye lopsided
>why her eye lopsided
thinking about cock
Imagine going to jail to rape this ugly bitch. At least get a cute one if you're going to pay years for it.

>smell like garlic again
Nice fiIename

File: 66431620_p0.jpg (1.05 MB, 1333x2000)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
where is the unmoderated communications platform?
censorship is shit, where is the useable platform that doesn't have moderation?
>businesses don't want to advertise or partner with unmoderated platforms and it's legally difficult to host content in shitty countries like the usa without official moderation
it forms a niche market, there's gotta be somting with the depth width like discord but without the possibility of being suddenly banned or censored
what's the unmoderated equivalent of discord?
>inb4 4chan
moderated also different niche
different niche
i want a place with the fun of discord without the moderation
>unmoderated discord
more like 'join this honeypot if you want to get flagged'
>implying they don't read your private stuff too
i don't want a place for just posting weird porn and extreme politics, just somewhere to talk about anime and shitpost without kikes watching everything and deleting shit. something with mainstream-level ease of use, variety, no 'safety team'
The thing you want cannot exist. All of the usability you want comes from the fact that human moderators can deal with the worst of the shit.

File: box.jpg (32 KB, 960x960)
32 KB
When I was a younger man I sold out. I gave up on my dreams in the pursuit of money and success. I'm exhausted with the current stage of my studies and need to feign interest and happiness throughout them. Half the interactions I have with people feel like a lie I've been weaving for years and am just waiting to be caught out for not being good enough. There are many aspects of my life which make me happy and yet all I can seem to do is distract myself from how tired I am of it all. I need other people and crave social interaction and yet I find it tedious/fake/desperate. Don't get me wrong I'm a cheery social personality for most people which has made me feel like a crutch that needs to watch what he says and does so not to upset others and yet I relish that feeling. I need to be needed. Even the people I'm honest with makes me feel like it's a lie just to make them feel closer to me. I pretend to be a good person and force myself in a certain direction to make up for a lot of issues I've had in the past, truthfully I just want to run from it all but that would be unreasonable. I don't want to keep up with it all but have a crippling fear of failure.
I hate the social niceties people use and yet I find myself hiding behind falsehoods to make people love me and trick them into needing me which makes me feel like they couldn't abandon me as I change to become what they need most. Because when I think of who I really am under it all (and I don't even who I actually am) I'm a coward that pretends to be an extrovert so others can smile at him. I'm supportive of others because I'm crumbling and I hate it all so much and yet need it. I won't change I'll make the same self-deprecating jokes and pretend everything's okay all the while knowing that everyone I have in my life is replaceable with minimal effort just like me and none of them actually care because they want to but because they need to or fall into the trap of friendship. Also when I do genuinely have a passion it turns to greed or anger and ultimately shows I'm a hollow/selfish person who only wants praise.
File: E.M.P. bomb.jpg (636 KB, 1345x929)
636 KB
636 KB JPG
Here Op, this should help your quest for peace and revenge

File: image.jpg (42 KB, 507x605)
42 KB
Take the cutting pill.
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I think cutting is fucking retarded as fuck.
But I did about an hour ago test on myself how sharp my knife is because I'm close to the point where the endgame is happening.
If I cut, it's not for "oh the pain releases me from blah"... it's because I genuinely am going to end it.

This year was supposed to be the year everything changes for the better, but the more positive I try to think, the more I realise I'm fooling myself and I'm closer to suicide than I've ever been.
Never understood cutting. I tried once but didn't get much out of it, just a bleeding arm and feeling like shit for what I did to myself
it's only January retard.
>having this low of a level of respect for your body
>If I cut, it's not for "oh the pain releases me from blah"... it's because I genuinely am going to end it.
Nah that's retarded. There are better ways to end it, look at the success rate for slitting. Just noose it instead.

File: file.png (634 KB, 636x894)
634 KB
634 KB PNG
how can I compete with this?

im 4.7 inches long, 4.7 inches around
152 replies and 35 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1528047967701.jpg (61 KB, 528x522)
61 KB
>imagine caring that much about your dicksize
Just find yourself a virgin and it will never be a problem
>Whenever I fantasize about fucking a girl I picture myself with a giant cock, anybody else do this?

I picture circumstances creating a situation where it doesn't really matter if she likes my dick or not.
This guy know what's up.
I always picture myself anally fucking a girl making her go from she hating it to loving it
Felt this was a fitting song for you
File: 2049.jpg (357 KB, 2200x2200)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
>6.5" penis
>6'3" tall
>tfw so ugly it doesn't matter
I wish I had a good looking face, or a bigger dick so at least I could have more fun with it.

File: aeeeeeeh-1-2(1)(1).jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
Hey anons, poll time

>how many of you have ever kissed a girl
>escorts/prostitutes don't count
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
2 I think, might be 3, all happened 10 or more years ago.
I've seriously kissed one girl, and this was semi make out in the woods behind my house. Every other kiss wasn't too serious and I'm not sure if they count.
If you've been trusted and accepted intimately and personally before, you can rest assured that you're a person compatible with others to some extent, and there's hope of it happening again, and other types of interactions with others could go in your favor as well. This isn't everything in life, not quite, but it's extremely substantial.
once because im an actual virgin who belongs here
I'm 24 and fucked 2 hookers, no kissing because fuck that.
I feel like such a failure even though I'm actually quite goodlooking...
I just never go out and do anything or meat new people and I'm too afraid to try.

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