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File: 1683578628287240.webm (2.92 MB, 400x400)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB WEBM
I want to put femanon through webmrel few times. I can catch the kid but she has to push it.
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>Because life isn't only about sex, there are other things where other qualities matter.
If she can easily provide for herself and has hordes of Men wanting her, because they are into that, what do you have?
Decent income, stability in several various forms, I can fix stuff and I'm not bad in bed myself with short refractory period, being able to go few times in one session and a bit above average cock. While I'm not some perfect mogul-tier rich model prince, I'm not hat bad either. Probably better than fair amount of those hordes of coomer simps.
uhhhh... i thought having a baby was more involved than looking like you are having a 1 week opiate constipation shit on the lounge room floor. stupid me.
nta, but thank you for answering the question.
Why would you assume that? We didn't always have medical staff and medicine around us as a species, anon. Makes sense (to me at least) that reproduction should be easy.

File: Muscleeddy-1.webm (1.45 MB, 180x240)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB WEBM
Is over dicklets, Muscle Eddy just entered the chat.
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I'd rather be trans instead of this lol, at least trans can stop the hormones. This synthol steroid cancer guy is not coming back >.<
top ten things i didnt want to see ever
its probably prosthetic tho
synthol bulging has its limits even with muscles much bigger than the small pseudomuscle penis is
The uselessness of the result is the pride of the situation?

Belongs on /b/
nahhhhhh what is santa claus doing dawggg :skull: :skull: :skull:

File: 1683396067655004.jpg (227 KB, 2048x1277)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
what goes on the tombstone of a childless loner? In graveyards, I see them say beloved mother, beloved husband, etc. what will it say for men like us?
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A man who lived life.
Slavs are so weird
It will say your name, date of birth, date of death. That is all that remains, at best. If you lack any money, you could also just be cremated or put into a mass grave. Unless you secure your legacy by any means, the mere memory of your existence will be wiped within a decade of your passing.
Have no remorse, however. Even with children and grandchildren, it'll only take like 50 years until you are just a name with some photos or videos attached. If you really want to linger around, you do some historic deeds. This way you will remain in the common consciousness, albeit in a twisted state. Historical perception of a person doesn't do the real person justice.
my farther relative has a scania truck engraved on his tombstone
if i remember correctly he died when his tractor flipped over

File: 1468419744216.webm (1.91 MB, 640x360)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB WEBM
Isn't it crazy how Women can cum over and over again but men are one and done?
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I guess the body has to give them extra reward and reasons to have sex since theyre so picky
there's no such thing as woman cum, retard. it's vaginal mucus and piss.
That's not true though. I remember I was masturbating with this girl on cam and when I came my dick was still hard as a rock and roaring to go. That was the first and last time that ever happened. I was really into this girl at the time, maybe that could be the reason?
How hung was he exactly? Was he also skinny and short?
Women can't cum. They're just pissing all over the bed and too embarrassed to admit it. It's fucking gross.

File: we bussin out here.jpg (24 KB, 551x556)
24 KB
We've quite the board nowadays. CC sluts, Avatarfags, Tripfaggots, and more. Some of these are alright, some a little icky. I think it's time we acknowledge the real ones. So in this thread i would like you to disclose your favourite recognisable poster on r9k.
And tell me what you love about them. Perhaps it's:
>the way they write
>their camwhoring looks
>their e-swagger
Or perhaps it's something else. But i must know our best r9k resident. I must.
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I can say,
that i DISLIKE frogpostercels
The guy that trolls the anti-improvers
Bullyanon number 2
Never heard of him before
The Ran breastmilk thread guy. Reason being we have a shared interest in kitsune and breastmilk

if you were immortal and never age physically what age range would you rather stay in forever, 18-25 or 26-35
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They get them around that age becaus grangran start dying and u get free gibs from the deceased
24. Young enough to fuck college sluts and high school girls, not too old to have social expectations of society.
Worse. I'm a spic. I started losing my hair around that age, but I wasn't too worried at the time to care. Once I hit 25 and over it became more noticable. I was thinning at the top upfront and a little bit on the sides, but most of the damage was happening up top. Now I'm 29 and you can totally see a portion of my head through my hair. Shit sucks.
I'm 19 and I still fuck 18 year olds.
I also used to be able to grow hair back crazy fast too, but now shit grows back at a snail's pace. Being old sucks.

File: Lighthouse.jpg (538 KB, 1024x768)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
how suicidal are you?
feel free to vent if you want
Probably 0,01% suicidal. I'm aware of what happens when you hurt yourself.
File: Untitled.jpg (82 KB, 1024x576)
82 KB
i often wonder if being dead would be better
if i died tomorrow would anyone care? would i leave any kind of long lasting impression? would anyone come to visit my grave ten years in the future?
have i done anything with my life that i would be remembered by or am i wasting my life sitting here shitposting?
im not, not yet
never felt the need to kill myself, more like killing others

I haven't had sex in four years. (A little over). I'm not even ugly, though I am short (5'8). I have not been on a date or even interacted with a female non-platonically for four years. Fucking nuts, I don't even know how this is possible. You'd think SOMETHING would happen over the course of four years. I don't live with my parents, I have a good job, I go out and do things on weekends at bars and clubs on weekends fairly regularly. What the fuck is happening. Four years gone just like that, in a blur.

What the hell is this originally?
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Jannies got based recently?
The absolute madman he actually did it
How am I supposed to spread the news of female whoredom without posting primary evidence
Lee will likely get to you before the jannies.
It's a reminder that in this chan all users are cucked. They can ban you any time they want with any reason.

File: 2022-06-11-125306_003.jpg (125 KB, 720x722)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
>install tiktok
>become faceless contrarian shitposter
>take the most extreme opposing view always
>normies lose their minds
>inbox full of seethe
>they even post video essays about my comments
i havent had this much fun on the internet in years. try it for yourselves anons
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>I did that and had enough followers to join livestreams but one of the guy's I "debated" botted a bunch of reports and got me banned.
even arguing without trolling can get you banned by people that lose their shit. Who wants to interact with these lunatics
I love what you have done and this pic, thanks
Try this but instead of being a contrarian get some really extremist views so you always piss everyone off and keep consistancy so people don't notice you're just Ken M
based bnuy
Excuse me that's clearly a bnumblebee

>Uhmmm chud if you just edate trannies you won\t be an incel, it's your fault really

Death to troons
>Death to troons
though I appreciate the sentiment, I couldn't help but notice the colour scheme in the OP pic.
That's kind of the point dude, the pic is troonshit.

File: cryingvaquero.png (266 KB, 360x360)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
i just want to be a cowboy...
I thought I was a caballero but turns out I'm actually a LatinX bull. White suburban steers better watch out.
Then be. Simple as.


Hapa males with asian dads must be the biggest manlet race in society
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I was born to an Asian dad and White mom
A lot of wmaf couples tend to be short nasty white men who can't do better and ugly asian women that want to move up the social scale. Amwf couples tend to be better off because is chang can get a white woman he must be on the top 5% of chinks. If you have chad with asian stacu, then their kids will be asian chads. Personally I don't want hapa kids since I found out 90% of china is lactose intolerant.
I ended up like 5'4" and I'm this anon
Is your dad a rich 5'3" asian businesman?
It's complicated. I like being small though

Anyone here have experience with doing doordash or other broke nigga hustles?

File: 1696575241947039.jpg (23 KB, 882x130)
23 KB
This world is illusory, so...

The laws of Physics are the laws of this illusion. So...

You can go beyond Physics, and you should.

Some people in this world already do that.

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