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>be dicklet
what now bros
>its only 6 inches
My dick is 6.5 inches. I fucked girls and I havent had trouble fugging anyone. Ive also fucked a few trans girls too and a few times I couldnt fit my dick in >her unironically. Work on your confidence instead because if you dont you are not even going to be able to get hard when you get a chance to fug a girl
Furthermore, if you plan on fucking some stacy, why would you care if she liked you dick or not, youre just there to make your dick feel good. If you want to make her feel good just eat her out for 10 minutes before putting your dick in her. If you have 4 inches yeah its not biggest sure but what are you gonna do, cry or at least try to enjoy life

File: 1434383023218.jpg (1.57 MB, 2448x3264)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
And this is our son. he's 19
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kids on the house retards
it is retard
people on their 30s live like that
>Some incels never grow up, so this is fine

Fuck yourself
you can only fool yourself senpai

watch matilda and pay attention to what danny says
Cause he's harming no one and is happy living life the way he wants, unlike normalfaggots who live their whole life following strict social norms on what they can and can't do to achieve happiness

File: girls.jpg (70 KB, 868x521)
70 KB
Red pill me on girls

Why do they exist?
What makes them tick?
Why are they so complex?
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college girls are a fucking meme
You're right about the bullshit double standards & shit tests. The simple answer is that the only way you can win with women is to be born genetically attractive.
"you thinking of them as comolex is you projecting that they are actually thinking rational humans, when in reality they are good fir one thing and nothing else."

Nice job having the same tepid opinions as every other autistic neet on this site. Maybe you should bother to spell shit correctly before claiming women are like children when you type like a 10 year old, retard.
When I was living with my sisters and parents we're pretty much homebodies (so was my father, but he was mostly out to honourably put the bread on the table) and from my experience I honestly tell you that women aren't some angels who fell from the sky.
They can be as crass and disgusting as guys (sometimes even more so, but you'd get used to it.) Between matriarchial figures, the line where conversation and family privacy/secrets gets extremely blurry. Never tell your wive/gf/sisters what you don't want her groupies to know because the germ will spread.

They're emotional-it's almost like they're lead by it, but at the same time how they feel at the moment may not all that expressive. Keep in mind what you say to them matters, but the delivery of the words is equally, if not more, valuble to women.
Girls also like to verbally frustrations rather than necessarily brainstorm to solve them, so if she's going off on an tirade, just be there for her. You may not have to say anything, however, don't ever give the impression that her feelings are invalid (unless you want to emotionally liver-punch her) if want to have a good standing with this female.
They feel at ease to a fault (while feeling insecure about people options around them). That's where their attitude of entitlement and boredom stem from. Paradoxically they want a sense of control and stability while they want chaos/excitement in their lives (Just like everyone, but I never met a guy who's like them in the same way). And this will effect you depending on which kind of relationship you have wish woman and it's emotional state. In many ways, it's their boredom is why they pursuit and leave sex/relationships.
Guys, remember this: behaving normally (by your culture's view of it) or politely doesn't signal to anyone that you're interested or interesting to them. Act like what should be the social standard, is not how you get someone to fall into your arms, and you operate like that for its own sake.
If you want the gf, contact with the girl, make it clear what you want and allow her to choose. She'll want to know what you can bring to the relationship (just don't do anything that makes you look desperate and remember that what you win them with is what you lose them to). If the girl isn't interested, just shed your tears quickly and move on to the next girl. Don't get yourself in a fight or become depressed over a fanasty

Why do they exist? Because I said so!

File: 1555428869181.jpg (47 KB, 710x1024)
47 KB
Be alive
Be tormented by demons whole life
Just have faith bro
When did you guys realize God is a gigantic faggot
I hate him and his demonic chosen and their cattle
>Just have faith bro
Have you ever tried it tho?

File: nutmilk.jpg (94 KB, 750x745)
94 KB
Why haven't you joined the nut milk master race?
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don't niggers hate milk in general?
im interested in trying it out. maybe I will get some when I go to the grocer's later. Thank you for reminding me, Anon.
File: 1566332433399.png (516 KB, 456x475)
516 KB
516 KB PNG
>he doesnt drink creamy white nut juice
Cashew milk is bretty gud. Does t matter though. It's all just cereal water.
I drink almost any milk. Genetic failures that can't stomach milk need to be purged, they're often the same type that are debuffed by pollen.

File: sweaty.jpg (10 KB, 231x218)
10 KB
>get invited into a job interview
>"Mr. Anon what is "desu"?
>Eh what?
>You wrote in your resumee 'I have 5 years experiencing in programming desu.'
>Haha it must be a bug or something.
>Mfw it wasn't and I was so influenced by this shit hole that I started using it's vocabulary IRL.
File: b58.png (1.18 MB, 533x800)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
>he acxhualyl types desu
Finna boutta slap the ding-dong diddly cum out your cock for actually typing desu op

File: 1433609538577.png (415 KB, 800x1200)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
Fuck all the wage slaves, some of the are good people but most of them are subhuman filth!

once i was temporary employed in a wage cuck job, it gave me a new perspective one people and life. Most people were poor and miserable mostly due to their own fault. meet a boomer who had been slaving away in the company for more than 30 years, yet he always complained about how much he hated his job and not being allowed to go home earlier or getting more leave, he also spent most of his life chasing money, by doing wage cuck jobs.

what a retard if you do not like your job get a new one. want more freetime? work part time or work as a teacher(in my country teachers get 12 weeks of paid vacation mostly due to school holidays, everyone else get 5 weeks). If you are after money, wage cuck jobs are the wrong professions!
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Calling tricare the best in the country!! Yeah, if you're a congressman!!
File: 1548633899898.gif (122 KB, 750x400)
122 KB
122 KB GIF
I don't consider myself to be a wage slave despite being legally obliged to work 40 hours a week. I'm on a consultant contract, I get paid to do shit and I dont have any productivity goals nor any responsibility unlike the regular employees who get called after work hours when shtf. The pay is good enough to support my living costs, hobbies and I can comfortably take unpaid leave if I don't feel like working.

If you arent balling either sides of the system then why even bother living lol
Good that makes you a free man!
File: 1510153627609.png (367 KB, 568x454)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
There's a big difference in types of "wage slavery". I wouldn't even say fast food is the worse, a lot of times you can goof off and eat free food. Basically always look for red flags:
>boss forces you to use own time to "prepare for work" after you arrive on the premises
>hours never improve (for part time jobs)
>manager is a woman (it sounds sexist, but trust me on this one)
>boss bitches about "spending too many hours" even if they expect you to complete a long task
>you are treated distinctly different than your coworkers, including forced to be in a different place/different project (this is a high danger so they can say you're "not a team player" when firing/not promoting you)
>If you can stay in for a whole 20 years, you're retiring at age 38 with a pension for the rest of your life
Fucking this. I'm ten years in, with ten more to go.
And the jobs get much, much easier the further you go in.
I became a WO two years ago and, not only was it a huge jump in pay, but I basically do nothing all day because no one here is sure of what I'm supposed to do.

File: FB_IMG_1566561375640.jpg (29 KB, 562x444)
29 KB
Im reading all these posts about how being a neet is the way to go but
how the fuck do you get the money?? my parents wont support if i chose to do nothing all day (wouldnt blame them)
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
actually that was kind of my plan
started therapy again just to try that
If you actually want to go NEET, yes you have to have a low lifestyle and a good sized nest egg. Not surprisingly, moist people work to get to NEET status
Don't you get bored by it?
I have weekends and holidays of and I go insane sitting at home.
Bold of you to assume any neet enjoys being alive
i have some friends to play with but yeah

File: 1565212257283.png (240 KB, 705x705)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
>he doesn't pour tequila shots up his asshole
Ears and noses are the least appealing figures of the human face, so there's no reason to add them to memes. And that's a fact!
File: 1564865916826.gif (291 KB, 140x160)
291 KB
291 KB GIF
>he don't like ears
File: 1565633734953.png (29 KB, 633x758)
29 KB
>tfw really weird looking kinda crippled and pointy elf ears

File: 1566402379980.jpg (35 KB, 250x203)
35 KB
>tried 2 times and rejected both
>suddenly stoped jacking off after 10+ years nonstop (no fap since july)

I am asexual now

File: a3842921513_10.jpg (281 KB, 1200x1200)
281 KB
281 KB JPG


File: s.jpg (107 KB, 750x934)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Repressors - people who have gender dysphoria but do not transition and strive to become successful men regardless of the pain it causes to avoid becoming an abomination.

Just wanted to see the sentiment around here.
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I think theyre faggots desu senpai
What do you think about trannies, are they fags?
It's the only right thing to do.
Repressing the pain and just going forward in this world is always based.
I sometimes wonder if I'm a repressor... :3c
Are there ftm repressors, too?
I'm worried people think I'm gay. How can you tell when someone acts gay?

You now remember that you missed out on teenage love. You will never have the experience of making out with your hot high school girlfriend when your parents arent home. You will never get those years you wasted on your own back. They are gone and YOU missed out on them.
21 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.

What if making love with a hot female in her early 20s while i was the teen? Does that count for anything?
I dont give a fuck anon i will never have happiness cuz the overlords noticed i wouldnt be a good goy from birth
If this is the only life i curse God for being the biggest douche in the universe
I experienced it, it's over-rated.
If you didn't experience it, don't worry. You didn't miss out on much.
You're better off learning to retain semen and avoiding lust and ejaculating.
Aaand he is also vegan
>atleast i didnt miss WoW

File: 1565713416041.jpg (62 KB, 1080x1080)
62 KB
In the united states prostitution is legal if you film it because porn is considered art and protected under the first amendment.

I repeat, prostitution is fully legal in the united states.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If list it on some obscure site that no one uses so nobody would know it exists would technically be ok right?
"Of quality" is easy in this day and age. You can make money from pornhub. The real issue is the record keeping required.
You need to have licensing for it to be considered porn.
And you have to keep all sorts of records on file

Also no prostitute in their right mind will just agree to let you film them OP, you fucking retard. That would likely cost a lot extra.
Actually porn is illegal in the US but the law is selectively enforced for cases like max hardcore and lolicon

File: 1550847768167.jpg (156 KB, 536x593)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
>be tortured virgin until 25
>lose virginity to slutty 16yo cosplayer "celebrity" in 4 day bareback fuckfest, no creampies allowed
>get memory burnt into brain of doggystyling her while she lets out her squeeks and become stained pervert

>get girl from twitch to meet up with me as a fuck buddy
>get her on birth control and do nothing but ravage her doggystyle and cum deep in her pussy as possible for months

>coworker complains about not being able to get fucked, tell her to come over
>get coworker on birth control and have sex with her 3 hours a day, cumming on her cervix approx 2000x until she moves away 2 years later

>girl on Craigslist posts her perfect pussy, send her a pic of my dick and say I want to creampie her
>walk into a hotel room and get mauled at the door by an eager girl and my dick shoved down her throat
>immediately bend her over and mercilessly bareback her cunt until I explode hard inside her flooding her, stay hard and fuck her constantly until a second creampie
>meet her again several times for 3 hour doggystyle sessions where I unload everything in my balls into her

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
48 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>asian women are pure
Nice LARP faggot. We all know you sit alone and don't get jack shit.
Impossible in where i live in germanistan maybe in berlin but not in my city
I'd love to but I'm autistic and fuck up any chance I ever get
They beggars cant be choosers, but most of my city is white trash. Wouldnt fuck then with my friends dick

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