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File: smug robots general.png (948 KB, 1423x966)
948 KB
948 KB PNG
Post your shit anons. All pictures will get put up on the fridge and all music/videos will get plays. All criticism will be constructive. We don't need any more negativity than we already have in our lives.
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Pilotredsun is the animator who made Garfeilf and Pringles Advert. I wanted to add some sort of music to my animation, and one of his songs really clicked. I contacted him, and he said I could use part of it in the video.

The software I use is animate CC. It only took me about a month and a half to learn, but it takes much longer learn how to make animations look realistic.
That was pretty cool.


probs my most simple song

No bully, please...
>mfw Ive got 400k downloads on my app store apps
Guess Ive won this thread better luck next time guys

File: 1530645623805.png (30 KB, 657x527)
30 KB
>rejected for the 6th time
Okay, I give up. I will never find someone that desires, loves me.
6000th time and i could maybe understand but dont quit you faggot

File: 1301790074001.png (90 KB, 646x770)
90 KB
Guys how do you cure teenage meme depression? I'm sure it's not actual depression but it sure feels like it. Anyone else know this feel?
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Go outside and do stuff. It's really that simple.

Real depression is practically incurable. Especially when it has a real, tangible cause. For instance mine is caused by brain damage.
Ignore the elitist nolifer, that little depression could inflate as years go by.

t. Teenage depression who never left this corpse more than ten years after 15
My boomer parents kind of fucked me up. During my childhood my mother left my dad before I could even remember and then met this other guy. They traveled to live in a foreign country and took me and my sibling with them, we couldn't speak the language, got terrible schooling and my mother and new step father violently argued everyday. They traveled about to a few different places for ten years until they got married and then got divorced almost straight after, not a clean divorce but a very messy one as they had a kid together by that point. I have pretty bad anxiety from this and a complete lack of empathy, probably have narcissism too.

Basically, my childhood wasn't easy, it was actually quite traumatic.
It won't get any better out there, might as well kill yourself why you're at it
I've always thought about suicide, but I'm just not faggy enough.

File: Sweating pepe.jpg (39 KB, 600x568)
39 KB
Wait what?

>be me
>be now
>be 32 year old NEET
>be in my bed with lotion
>watching DP porno
>dude is blowing the other dude off whilst he fucks the girl in the botty
>MFW I didnt turn it off
>MFW Im sat here right now

Am I a raging homdog now?
Yes you are gay now. Time to download grinder and just be yourself
The gays are a tricky crew OP. I'm sorry, but you're one of them now. I wish I could say more, but I don't want to contract the gay from you myself.

File: images.png (3 KB, 225x225)
3 KB
Daily reminder that girls want Chad and ONLY Chad. They might want a beta provider(you) once they're old used up roasties, but they WILL cheat on you or even get you into cuckoldry.
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Sorry, but we all can't be like your typical r9k user circa 2018.
>Simply change your genes then
Daily reminder.
The average Chad thinks absolutely nothing of this bullshit.
the average "beta" is either becoming one of the fabled beautiful ones and are living happy neet lives or living their life normally and occasionally spending a few hundo on a 20/10 technically legal escort.
Fuck off incel


File: aa7.gif (476 KB, 450x282)
476 KB
476 KB GIF
Fembots on this board are below my standards and they're too far away. Imagining pulling a lonely women from the internet and being together was a nice dream, but I think it's time to grow up.
>having standards
oh ho ho ho
I did, it's p nice because she fucked me.twice back to back last night
internet dating is a meme. ppl who use the internet as a means to date arent ready for a real relationship. if you werent introduced through a mutual friend (or activity) it will never work out.
I have a friend who hooks up with me sometimes and we hang out at her place like an hour from where I live. We made homemade pizza and baked cookies and watched anime and I showed her the knitting project i was working on and then we fucked. It was pretty nice.

but fembots are all unattractive or crazy, and they all have weird self-images because of their own self-hatred mixed with the attention they're drowning in from whoring on the internet. Finding a good one is like getting a needle in a haystack, and the needle isn't worth getting the smell of the barn on you.
Someone really needs to end this meme.

File: efd.jpg (47 KB, 403x392)
47 KB
Let me tell you how slutty and shallow most of the girls/women are nowadays

>be me 18yo kissless virgin
>first year in college
>severe axiety levels
>notice 8.5/10 girl and her 5/10 female friend in the bus
>decided to go talk to the qt
>"holy shit, what the fuck am i doing?"
>start talking to her, voice trembling, almost sharted my pants
>miracles still exist, we trade numbers
>she texts first later that night
>time passes by, thousands of texts, dozens of calls, every day go at her place
>we are actually having fun
>get to love her more than myself or my family

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Might try a big hit to head thingy
it was very difficult for me to not click the box on the "I'm not a robot" captcha. I can relate to this all too well. It seems like most women out there have something genuinely wrong with them not as females but as human beings.

I feel like they have a need to constantly impress others so they do shit like this.

That list of shit contains:
>not committed enough
>sleeps around
>no personality
What's funny is I come across her a lot.
At the gym I've been sneaking into, at my last job she came in every once in a while
I never forget faces, but she was only vaguely familiar and I couldn't figure out why until a Friend of mine said something at the gym

Honestly, I think the biggest insult to her would be not remembering her. If you're only after attention, how much would it hurt to know one of the people you affected the most barely even recognizes you? If you deal with this, honestly just find a valid excuse to act like you don't remember them. Especially if you don't associate with them. Just make sure your close friends are there to back you up if you come under questioning
>Honestly, I think the biggest insult to her would be not remembering her
Couldn't tell it better
>Kinda young looking
>First year in college
>Girl was all over me and a few others
>Seemed to love being orbited but also kinda loved giving others attention if that makes sense
>She would say weird shit to me and keep calling me cute
>She'd act like she wanted to fulfil some young boy neighbour fantasy with me, treat me like a kid because it was "hotter"
>Weirded me out
>Something was really off about her
>Didn't give her that much attention so she stopped flirting with me
>It was like a sudden switch where one day she'd bother me all the time, then the next she had zero interest in me
>Made me feel like I did something wrong or offended her
>She simply moved on to other guys or any of the older guys who responded well to her and orbited her

It was weird, I felt creeped out about her attitude around me because it was like she treat me like I was 12, but in a sexual manner. I dunno, it was odd.

i want a viet gf i want a viet gf i want a viet gf i want a viet gf i want a viet gf i want a viet gf i want a viet gf i want a viet gf i want a viet gf i want a viet gf
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no, vietnamese is a language as well, im asking how good is your vietnamese.
McDonald's worker avatarfag confirmed as a literal faggot.
He got so upset he deleted his post. Fucking hilarious. Everybody be sure to remind him that he's a homosexual any time you see him post anywhere.
It would appear you like attention more than anything, like a stupid little bitch.
I was referring more to the daily avatarfagging you've been conducting for the last 5 months

File: 019391499414.jpg (36 KB, 362x346)
36 KB
Normalfaggots, why are you here? Please reply to this thread and then immediately leave.
was interested in what this board actually was, reading through I'm starting to think I'm less normal than I thought.
I don't think there really are any, just losers who LARP when they're not doing so hot on a super important e-debate. See >>47003891 for example
Just pick someone already

File: 27465894576.jpg (87 KB, 500x316)
87 KB
You hear that wagie? That's your alarm, time to get to work
chop chop! Don't want to make your boss upset
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What if I like my job Anon?
I'm a nonvirgin, which I think is more than you will ever be. Have fun getting no pussy ever. Later, brah.
It's not really consensua though is it? This neet got chucked out by his parents and now the only way he can eat and sleep is to be a sissy white boy slave for BBC
File: 1525797996499.png (465 KB, 738x740)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
/soc/ it is then? Ta-ta.

That doesn't appear to be an accurate description of the image in question

A happy cuck is a productive cuck, cheers
>implying that women even talk to me in the first place

Enjoy your 0.5 hour lunchbreak wagies.

Would you pay for an extra finger?

no but i would pay for extra arms and legs. Imagine if you could be like a techpriest from warhammer 40k and have all your tools just on your body at all times already for use on a limb.
Yes, I'd also love to have an extra arm or two. It'd be pretty helpful.

File: aaaaaaahhhh.png (507 KB, 1070x601)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
>one and only one chance at life
>parents are raging alcoholics for most of your life

I'm literally only alive because kms would harm my sister, but I don't know how much more I will endure
File: 1518903312096.jpg (75 KB, 596x596)
75 KB
fuck your parents, fuck them anon

goddamn it get away from them and take your sister with you if shes young

She is actually older than me, and normal functioning adult person

I can't move because of my severe social anxiety (medication and therapy doesn't do shit) and since I'm unemployed we couldn't even afford it, she also was manipulated by father to take a big loan for him

I hope she would just move and live her own life, I'm too far gone to be normal
go to al-anon. seriously.
I realize it's normie advice, but my dad is an alcoholic as well and going genuinely helped me out during some tough times.
I believe in you anon-chan!

what is it about these festivals that make girls go into turbo slut mode?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>t. someone who hasnt been on edm parties or underground raves.

I have seen a chick LITERALLY in the middle of a moshpit and guys running trains on her.

I had a chick blow me right in the middle of people in a foam party in 2008.

Chicks blow you for molly in tomorrowland like it's going out of style.

They were always sluts on the inside. Events and gathering just provide them with plausible deniability. Same with Cosplayers.
>make girls go into
Oh you.
If they had an excuse, they would always be in that mode.
Festival is a basic excuse to show their true faces.
I know this because I'm definitely not a virgin
Maybe it's the opportunity to get loose wit da juice

why exactly don't you have a gf, /r9k/? it really isn't that difficult.
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File: 15323130578199.png (110 KB, 663x547)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
actually it is the norm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2AUat93a8Q
>she is french
Why am i not surprised...
Oh ok, let me just go outside and get a girlfriend then. Thanks anon, you saved me from being a complete loser.
The girl I like won't let me make her the duck in my domestic turducken, but we hook up sometimes

There's a girl in town who is obviously angling to date me, but she weighs like 300 lbs.

Other than that, nobody else I'm particularly interested in rn.
File: degeneracy.png (128 KB, 660x544)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
>Main ways to find a GF are through online dating, bars, or through friends
>Girls on online dating apps have terrible personalities, plus 80/20 rule
>Too young to go to a bar
>No friends

File: m.png (1.1 MB, 749x998)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
When was the last time you had a coke?
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Like months ago. The last time I drank it more than every few months was about 2 years ago.
Never. Ive never had soda
Kidney stones are scary
Yesterday and it was gwoss. >.<
A little over two months ago. It's bad for you, so I decided to quit.

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