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how do i play garden warfare 2 with out direct x installed? a friend got it for me on steam when it was on sale last month but i have not been able to play it because im on an artix machine and apparently it needs direct x to work proper. i tried all the steps on the proton page but i still get the same direct x error. is there a cracked version of the game i can torrent, or some kinda work around that does not involve me using a vm? if the only option is to run windows i can deal with it, but i would rather not set up a vm just for one damn game. i guess the amount of effort put into looking for an answer other than the one in my face i could have done that, but fuck it, im committed. all the games i play normally dont have have any problems playing so i have just about zero experience in this area. this ought to go with out saying but i would really appreciate any help you guys can give.
It has gold tier status on protondb (https://www.protondb.com/app/1922560/), had you done the tweaks they talk about? Can you share your specs?
sorry i had a doctors i forgot about.
i have tried the tweaks namely
MANGOHUD=1 %command%
im using a nvidia 2070 gpu.

File: 23rfewjdasa0d.png (154 KB, 860x997)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
>Be me
>Still in school becuase moron
>KHH Virgin
>Friends but they wouldn't take a bullet for me
(Basically haven't talked to a female since i was like 13)
>No female friends whatsoever
>Frustration becuase i'm too inept to start a conversation, combine this with my ninja parkour skills and you'd see why
>only like 1% of females i've ever come across actually expressed any interests that they're passionate about,
>considered loser by family for never having a gf
>male friends all have different personalities and interests, all enjoy different tings
>GET FUCKED IN THE HEAD ONE DAY (a few weeks back)
>Realise that i will never find a girl becuase they're all either very bland or dilettantes in interests they might actually have and would just use me as a result (if they do not care who they themselves are, let alone be interested in me and my personality)
Granted. Not all women are like this but i would say that maybe only like 5% of all well adjusted women have an actual, perpetually productive interest/hobby and would actually care about your interest

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why do you care about sex when drugs feel infinitely better?

File: pepe.jpg (83 KB, 552x548)
83 KB
>be me
>last week
>decide to become a keto bro
>my breakfast is literally 4 pieces of thick bacon two eggs and this fried almond dough
>my lunch is cheese and steak
>for dinner I had cauliflower in cheese sauce

its was hard not to eat bread/chips for a couple days but im literally eating bacon/steak and fish every day and I'm supposed to be a chad after. this is life anons

I matched with a girl on bumble and she wanted to talk on the phone before meeting, we had a 40 min phone conversation which went pretty much fine and was only minimally awkward. Then she told me the next day she didnt feel romantic chemistry to me on the phone call. I was appreciative of her directness and politely responded by thanking her for it. But how the fuck does an audio call even come close to allowing you to have a romantic connection? I get that she probably had a different reason, ie she didnt find my pictures attractive or talking to someone else. But why waste someones time?
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Yeah the problem is apps select for low quality women, the type of women who remain on the apps are either very ugly and never get attention from men irl, or they have ludicrously high standards and can never be satisfied

Yeah that might have worked but if a girl soft rejects me I kind of no longer feel the urge to pursue her.
What is in your profile? I made some dating app accounts, and I'm getting zero responses. My pictures are pretty good So im assuming my profile description is apparently mega autistic

Im not doing much better than you, its been a month and I have about 10 matches total with women who are decent looking but dont respond, or women who I accidentally swiped on and I am not attracted to. This one girl I talked with I was barely attracted to
app people don't read

your problem is that your straight on a dating app

destroy the north destroy whites
Bingo, bango, bongo, should have never left the congo, oh no no no no no
Does dying from hypothermia hurt? It's probably the best way to kill yourself. You feel really warm at the end too, like love surrounding you

if youre under 21, you still have a chance! You still have time before your hip plates fuse!
If youre over 21, tough luck, but its still best to live your true life!

i personally started transition right after i turned 19. i have never looked back!
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im sorry anon :(
i started at 19, so we both went through puberty. i know people who started at 24/25 and turned out fine
its better to start hrt and know that you WILL NEVER be more masculine than you were when you started
cling on to that
I hate these threads, being trans is fine. Trying to make everyone trans, because your a fucking troll is just annoying.
IM NOT. Trans repressors already know that they are trans
abnormal prenatal development induced by hormonal imbalances
You WILL get older
You WILL get a face full of hair no matter how hard you try to shave it
You WILL get fat and wrinkly
You WILL start balding
You WILL look like an abomination and finally you WILL kill yourself

File: vshooom.jpg (45 KB, 508x572)
45 KB
Today we are going to learn about cock music in terms of multivariate calculus.

File: 1671047932605.jpg (56 KB, 488x512)
56 KB
Will becoming an unsuccessful folk singer/songwriter help get me a gf?
it might, but she will be the kind of girl who fucks unsuccessful performers. not exactly a recipe for a happy family in the suburbs if that is what you ultimately want out of dating

File: shitty meme.png (152 KB, 500x628)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
If I wanted to socialize with women, I would make an account in one of those game servers and would develop my gamming habilities with the objective of meeting those women IRL later.
I know I can pull this off.

File: 1673720922943269.jpg (102 KB, 800x1203)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
what the fuck do people do all day? i feel like my brain is rotting. time to play the umpteenth video game of the month and hope i can enjoy it.
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Transition to be normal and get off this site. For your own sake
Nothing about being normal seems appealing at all.
There are two kinds of hobbies, productive and consumerist. Consumerist hobbies aren't necessarily bad but at a certain point you're going to feel the natural human drive to create and share.

Start learning a productive hobby. Could be anything, animal training, music, athletics, DIY.

You like consuming video games, why not try making your own video game? Too ambitious, why no try making your own video game models, and textures.
yeah the problem with this is your just gonna be churning out unsatisfying shit anyways for a minimum of years so whats the point? most people cannot create something great.
Then stop asking what people do all day and go melt your brain some more. I said be normal and get off this site, you say there's nothing appealing. The other anons offer some ideas, you say whats the point. What do you think people do all day?

File: 1674861558250032.png (745 KB, 637x623)
745 KB
745 KB PNG
Almost 26 years old and I've never had a romantic conversation with a woman, this needs to change NOW

will moving to brazil be a good decision in order to learn charisma and acting normal around girls??

or maybe Mexico City?
Just kill them and keep their bodies you can have all kinds of cool tea parties and shit with them then.
File: 1673285274800348.png (1.39 MB, 1548x1252)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
I've considered this, however the amount of work it would take to learn the skills necessary to pull this off are significantly more difficult to pick up compared to learning how to just talk to women

I think I should just take the easier path desu, go with the flow you know
No matter where you go, your problems will follow you. So deal with them wherever you are.
I dont and you are gay I'd smear your ass on the football field queer go Jets
This but rape them repeatedly until they beg you to end the torture

File: d17.png (188 KB, 1228x1150)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
You can't be an incel if you're tall. "Lanklet" is a bullshit meme word made up by coping manlets. If you're tall and haven't gotten a gf or laid, you're just retarded. It's your fault if you squander an advantage. End of story.
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>You don't get it, you need a Hollywood star face!!!
The excuses never end, do they?
>you can't be an incel if you're [physical attribute]
autism will ruin a man regardless of his positive traits

Being short hurts you more than being tall helps you. An average looking 6ft 2 guy isnt going to have a radically better experience than an average 5ft 10 guy. But a 5ft 5 guy will have a much worse time than a 5ft 10 guy. Most women have pretty reasonable height standards, most are open to being with a 5ft 8 guy or taller. Its really only the super short guys who are fucked
Im talking about fucking not general treatment from women.
Le short guys act aggressive to appear more threatening is female brain nonsense trying to look tough only motivates a larger male to fuck you up which is why a size gap male and you the default to act submissive. This is a thing that predates humans every dude cleanses their asshole when the giant bro is moving about then relax when hes gone. It has to be obvious size gaps so a 5'10 dude is unphases by 6'2 me but a lil guy like you would be submissive around me. Note this only applies if the strength is to scale a manlet vastly stronger can act as apish as he wants like a neanderthal they were short but one could beat the living shit out of a 7 foot tall man easily. A fucking chimp thats in the 4 footer range could wreck me too. Foids experience this when they notice your manlet ass can throw them into a wall with no effort. Foids assume you are weak as shit LIKE THEM from your height alone thats why they hate you manlets they have animal brains.
Unless you're monstrously ugly, all incels exist because of their own mental problems.


Hello, Anon, need some help? A shoulder to cry on? Sit down and let's have a little chat.

Brush your teeth twice a day, morning and evening. Scrub'em good with all the movements you can think of, circles, up and down, lateral, front and behind. This will take somewhere around 2 minutes. Floss once a day.
Moisturize your face with a cream after washing your face in the morning.
Depending on how much you sweat shower every or every second day.
Get a haircut every 2 months. If you are balding just cut'em short, anything else looks shit and insecure about it.
If your clothes are ripped, stretched and discolored as shit, get some new ones. Basic, monotone, cheap shirts will do just fine. Again, depending on your sweat wear'em between 1 and 3 days, then change. If you got a pile of dirty rags wash it.

This brings us to your home. Doesn't matter if you live alone or with your parents, clean your dwelling once a week. Empty bottles and packages are to be thrown away immediately, instead of hoarded. It's no work if you do it this way. Used plates, glasses, etc., are to be washed off immediately after use. Again, if you do it like this, it's way less work than cleaning off a whole pile of them.
Changing bed sheets and vacuuming the place once a week.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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My teacher says I'm good enough to teach but I don't feel ready and I don't really wanna do more than I already do anyway
>experiences with girls up to this point?
I don't have any "real" experiences with women. Every female "friend" I had, I started liking at some point and they tried to use it as advantage to manipulate me. Nowadays I just don't try befriending women anymore because I know how it'll turn out.
Teaching music is the best chance for pussy available to you, beside going to a whore.
Otherwise you'll have to go for pickups at clubs.

How well do you communicate? You use facial expressions, gestures and make use of your vocal range? Or are you full on robot, frozen like a statue, moai face and monotone voice?
Meditation may be a useful practice then. Sort of confronting nothingness, thereby learning to accept it.
I'm only good enough to teach children and beginners, people my age rarely just start playing piano.
>How well do you communicate?
Decently, I worked on stuff like body language, but my voice is monotone as fuck
File: HomuraCynicalLewd.jpg (435 KB, 850x1248)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
Don't mind me, I'm still here, just a lil late. That's nothing unusual though. Should be less late time, have a lil new material on me.

File: images.jpeg.jpg (32 KB, 570x538)
32 KB
>Be me 23 yo straight guy
>have androgen deficiency
>look like a flat chested girl
>constantly harassed by men
>get slapped on the ass by a huge black guy
>my microdick is hard as a rock

Ive been conditioned to like men just because i look like a girl. FML
262 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
I do not. You guys (girls?) have high standards and I only recently started working on myself, but I got high hopes.
Im not sure about others but personally my standards are only high when it comes to personality. Like a caring guy who knows how to treat a person.
I wish i had a femboy but sadly my dick is small and i am ugly its over
I can be caring, maybe even nurturing, but I've got other unattractive qualities that don't change overnight. Like I said, I'm working on it. High hopes!
So basically you're a fat fuck that hides under the UwU femboy shit because it's easier to cope that way.

>how do you know when you're getting fat? when blacks start to hit on you

tubby fuck

File: 20230201_011607.png (1.04 MB, 564x752)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Is a stab with a 87 mm blade to the abdomen viable for suicide?
Or will i just sit there for an hour waiting to bleed out just to caught and get me a ticket to the psych ward for weeks on end getting forced to take mind altering drugs?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
only if you hit a big artery but you gotta be in a maniac state to not panick while doing so lmao
So you literally want to seppuku?
There's a reason why it's traditional to ask to get your head cut off after stabbing your stomach. It's an agonizing death if you don't get that assistance.
Stomach aint linked to keeping the blood pumping thats why. A random stab to your chest would kill a samurai faster japs are fucking masochist.
Not viable at all. One, you don't have the endurance to make a big enough wound to be effective. You'd have to cut really fucking deep and all the way across, and you might even still live then. Two, you'd bleed out, possibly for hours, before actually dying. Even when samurai committed harakiri, they would have someone next to them to chop their head off immediately after.
>japs are fucking masochist.
I have always found seppuku practices shocking.

I have early trauma about this. I was watching the anime Rurouni Kenshin after school, and characters often commited suicide by means of seppuku, poison, or simply stabbing themselves to death. Now I am a bit concerned this was on tv so early in afternoon.

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