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File: 332223.jpg (172 KB, 960x720)
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172 KB JPG
So, who's right here?
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File: 1913858.jpg (6 KB, 191x234)
6 KB
Everyone do your part and report these posts >>51585989 as spamming/flooding. Thank you.
If child A can play the flute so good they must already have a flute. Can't be good at playing a flute without having one. Bitch doesn't need another
B because the other two options are just retarded
i feel like this is a strawpoll of some sorts
like hur dur i told you (insert my personal bias) was right
Child B should make another flute for Child A in exchange for some flute lessons. Child C can fuck itself.
child B should do whatever the fuck it wants
child A shouldn't be such an entitled cunt
child C should ask child B how to make one for himself

File: 1546140362466.jpg (30 KB, 671x677)
30 KB
Any Robots that own firearms?

Glock is best handgun, prove me wrong.
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It's not like any neets here can own guns. Europe is obvious, and Americans classed as mentality deficient in some way can't own guns or have any basic rights at all beyond their welfare check.
You can only be classed as mentally deficient by a court, simply being diagnosed with something means jack shit for your gun rights in most states. I remember reading that Texas blanket bans people diagnosed with some disorders from having guns, ASPD and Schizo off the top of my head.
File: image.jpg (302 KB, 500x523)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
Depends on where you are, but usually if you're receiving neetbux in America, you can't own guns legally. If you're crippled or something, that's another story, but if it doesn't entirely prevent you from working then you might not be able to get bux either. If you've ever been involuntarily committed, then you're also barred from ownership, regardless of state.
Some states also have Red Flag laws, which is basically if someone accuses you of being crazy or bad, then they can take your guns no questions asked, no warrant needed. And if you resist in any way (even non-violently), they'll call you insane to boot and probably arrest you. Felons can't own either.
The gun show loophole isn't real either, so neets just can't defend themselves. I've been through background checks before and they're a lot more strict that people think. If any crimes are connected to someone else with a name similar to yours, they have to get the FBI to do a complete, very thorough background check on you to make sure, which can take several days. If there's nothing on you or anyone similar to you then it just takes 5 minutes.
You can own muskets and muzzleloaders regardless of any of that though, they aren't classed as firearms, mostly so felons can hunt.
I didn't think about the bux, I haven't gotten it and probably won't be able to get it. Not just muskets and muzzleloaders, but cap and ball revolvers too. It's like six muskets mounted to a cylinder, the reloading doesn't even have to take that long if you swap pre-loaded cylinders. Worst case, you can always build your own concrete house with fully inflammable interior and use a homemade flamethrower for home defense. Flamethrowers have no regulation at all in most states. They also completely negate body armor, useful if a team of highly organized criminals with anti-rifle armor and helmets break into your house.
File: lcp.jpg (66 KB, 1280x720)
66 KB
I Conceal carry a Ruger LCP.

File: feels2.jpg (22 KB, 500x352)
22 KB
who here unironically ugly face. not talking about average ppl who say 'oh no im so ugllllly'. I mean just straight up ugly faces. how do you cope?
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When you are ugly the world is more honest to the real you. Beauties get away with being vile fucking monsters on the inside but if you are ugly then every wrong step you make will be noticed.
Let's just say being an uggo is a neat filter
i miss being good looking though, everyone used to automatically like me/be nice to me. now everyone automatically hates me. this fucking sucks.
any other actually ugly anons here.
File: IMG_0186.png (28 KB, 655x509)
28 KB
I'm white and skinny and well-groomed and still comically ugly. I have a gigantic hooked nose and tiny asymmetrical lips and fat undefined cheeks and no jawline. I've tried seeking validation from my family by asking if I'm ugly and my sisters just say "you're not *that* ugly" and my mom offers to get me plastic surgery. Im so fucked
What happened anon


File: download (6).jpg (13 KB, 225x225)
13 KB
Can a retard brainlet like me do a computer science degree?

It's 3 years long and i dont know if i should start it , is it hard or something robots can do?
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nobody is really a brainlet some people just are exposed to more information and learn to use their head better. anyone can do it. except retarded people i guess.

anyways, go for it. make sure it's something you like. you won't be getting as much money as you could with an easier degree.

don't romanticize the field. it's a lot of math and requires good conceptualization skills. so many people do computer classes because they want to be a hackerlord or some dumb shit like that. but you have to truly be interested to go anywhere. basically if you don't get an erect cock from looking at algorithms then it might not be the best
Fuck yea CS is like the brainlet general for all tech degrees you'll be fine.
Don't expect to find a job because a Master of Electrical Engineering like me will take your job and fuck your wife while you watch you little cuck white boi
it's not great for money i agree. but really it's what you make out of it. lots of brainlets trying to be computerfags without realizing that it's a very broad field and you have to specialize. i personally value breadth of knowledge though and i like algorithms a lot.

but also EE is shit too because it's literally "i selected my major on the day of orientation" shit
What tech degrees are better? Does CS not cover the most options for future job prospects>

"Git are the most popular and most important thing to do is make sure you get the right track of what you want to learn and how you" original filter

Does the pinkpill really help a NEET become a success story?
Cherrypicked pic lol
Wow, Gorilla Munch does THAT?
Not an argument

Kys animefag

File: ShotGun.png (45 KB, 1024x298)
45 KB
People of /r9k/ what is your best method of suicide if it comes down to it?

Mine's a shotty to the head, seems like the best way to go.
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File: 1552937522253.png (48 KB, 508x767)
48 KB
Here's a nifty reference sheet of suicide methods.
>shotgun to head
>1.7 min
I call bullshit
File: 1547045469990.webm (1.96 MB, 404x720)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB WEBM


You jump from there, you die the millisecond you hit the ground. No possible chance of failure, no possible chance of pain.
File: 1475148093834.jpg (35 KB, 428x343)
35 KB
using my genes that gives me noseblood easily when sick and so on. When a nosebleed comes I will not stop it and bleed out
File: 20190322_190409.jpg (83 KB, 420x443)
83 KB
Make sure you don't aim the thing in your fucking mouth. Or else you'll end up living the rest of your life looking a bit like this.

Discordposting should be a bannable offense.
Decomposting should be a bannable offense.
>>this post appears to be an automated spam bot
>>this will close in 3 secs family
posting discord for contact info is fine, but this fucking meme anime faggot spamming is reason enough to ban it completely

this desu, everyone should report this faggot on sight

File: 1437620886961.jpg (95 KB, 653x490)
95 KB
>browse 4ch
>find wholesome and emotional greentexts
thanks,guys they keep my soul warm at night
File: 13412412412.jpg (27 KB, 720x400)
27 KB
I hope you fucking die of cancer and have worms and maggots crawling through your flesh
Im being cremated ;)

File: images (64).jpg (8 KB, 210x302)
8 KB
Who /HenrykGorecki'sSymphonyofSorrowfulSongs/ here?
shit taste desu. listen to some late wagner you philistine
I don't really know many orchestras or whatever. What are some good songs? The only other one I know is the lark ascending. Maybe these are shit taste but at least they sound nice and have lots of melancholy violin. Whenever I listen to others it all gets a bit too much with drums and big sounds.
as I said, try some late wagner
I weep like a baby evertime

File: 1538477782722.jpg (148 KB, 1920x1276)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
i'm stealing a guy's gf
she's mine. i want her. she belongs to me.

File: NEET work.png (584 KB, 1241x919)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
Post your original reacts you cropped in this thread
7 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Freshest fresh
File: Untitle.png (115 KB, 229x234)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
like four years ago and i never used it once
File: rotoscoping.jpg (14 KB, 195x261)
14 KB
this one has some mileage
File: a shell.png (174 KB, 714x286)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
i want this original shit to be removed, every once in a while when i decide to see what the half dead part of 4chin is doing i just fucking get furious with every post i TRY to make
These look kinda like Chris Chan jad a hand in drawing them.

reminder that the best femanons are the slightly chubby femanons
don't exist, go back to tumblr.
also fuck niggers
They are. I want to make love to such a femanon and get her pregnant.
>slightly cubby
reminder this is a psyop by women who are self conscious about their body weight, gross ik

Is it true that climate change would not be as bad today if feminism hadn't happened?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If you are referring to combining O2 and H2 into water, that require carting around giant pressurized gas containers full of extremely combustible gases in your 2 ton battering ram.

Collecting carbon emissions isn't as easy as you make it out to be. The laws of thermodynamics dictate that adding a highly energy expensive process like scrubbing CO2 from every emission on an industrial scale means tons of extra energy is required, meaning more carbon emissions. You would also need to burn a much higher volume of ethanol compared to oil products. I'm not trying to carry water for oil companies here as you have strawmanned me as, I'm just pointing out the obvious flaw in replacing one form of carbon emitters with another one. it's just less efficient and renewable, it doesn't solve or even address carbon emissions.
>it's hard so we should just keep pleasing the literal monarchs and dying of cancer
Okay. Go wipe your baby's bottom with mineral oil then, see if I care that you've learned helplessness.
You dense, strawmanning, gaslighting son of a bitch. Replacing a thing that does something you don't like with another interior thing that has the same problem and expecting the problem to go away doesn't solve the problem. Attaching an expensive industrial scale machine to your asshole to catch your farts isn't a reasonable way to make your farts stop smelling too.
So you'll think it's okay to destroy the literal planet, be an extinction level event, just because oil is convenient? You're gargling on monarch cum right now.
I see being alerted to your logical fallacies has done nothing to deter you from them. There are things that produce energy that don't involve combustion of hydrocarbons. Like wind farms, solar plants, nuclear, giant batteries and more.

File: broly.png (758 KB, 691x652)
758 KB
758 KB PNG

File: large.jpg (57 KB, 500x500)
57 KB
i fapped to a man fucking a girl and I enjoyed it.
Why am I such a cuck?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
A good fap is 75% imagination. That is the only reason why it isnt cuckoldry
i didnt self insert as the guy though, I just imagined myself sitting in front of them
watching lesbian porn triggers my agp
i dont know if i can get laid because I havent even tried to
well, sort of, I agee, but until I check in my v-card what am I gonna fucking do, let alone get into a relationship with someone
if you're going to beat your meat just do it to softcore, otherwise you're training your brain to be into cuckoldry. or just get a prostitute

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