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File: womenmen.png (262 KB, 586x338)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
why do men love asian girls so much nowadays? As a white fembot I don't see the appeal.
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>even a nigger is better than a fat
Based men.
whoever told her to wear that and pose like that did her dirty
>wear this skirt in a way that will cover both your waist and your hips, and then show me how thick your arms are
Why the fuck would you want a submissive Asian woman? I love Asians too but this idea of "ooh yeah so submissive haha" is just fucking weird. You want your girlfriend to be a fucking doormat? That doesn't just stay in the relationship. Being submissive like that gets them stepped on in all aspects of their lives. Fuck that baggage.
i can agree with this
based, a sexy woman is a sexy woman, regardless of skin color

File: 1vudvstbi0751.jpg (85 KB, 640x840)
85 KB
>be neet loser
>old high school friend wants to reconnect
>high school was 5 years ago

how do I say no without looking like a neet loser asshole? help me lads
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tons of people i knew from hs went to prison or got into heavy drugs after they were done with school

it's really not that bad to just be a neet bro
how did you get into this situation anon, I would like to avoid this kind of encounter myself
File: 1620127308761.jpg (193 KB, 736x1092)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
unironically this, worst thing he ghosts you, but you may get a friend
thanks for the replies

I'd rather get fucked by a gorilla than meet up

avoid it by not having friendly parents
If youre under 25 and a neet it is still sort of socially acceptable, but if youre 30 like me then you basically have to avoid people because when they find out youre a neet they instantly lose respect for you.

File: 1619951607039.webm (1.95 MB, 852x468)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB WEBM
Share what media makes you cry knowing you will never ever be loved. Stuff that makes you realize your unlovable to women. Content that makes you want to crawl in a hole and die.
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File: c90.jpg (31 KB, 504x504)
31 KB
so what would the solution be to this?
File: 1245645743655543.png (498 KB, 600x600)
498 KB
498 KB PNG
Did you make it though? Career? As someone who is 30 and virgin and unemployed I envy you at least have 1 thing going for you. Good for you anon. Remember could be worse, you could end up with nothing like me.
What's the sauce on this?
didn't you already feel this at like 17 when everyone around you was getting a girlfriend?

the ultimate black pill is realizing that sex is a zero-sum game in which 80% of men will never cultivate female desire, because women are only aroused by a jocky masculine archetype. women are superficial sluts willing to hop into bed with any guy sporting chiseled abs, regardless of his awful personality.
the reality is that ALL men are wortlhess hedonists who would jump into any attractive woman's bed no matter how bad her personality is.
No the ultimate ultimate blackpill is getting TOPPED on Grindr

File: fzm.jpg (109 KB, 500x500)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Why did /r9k/ turn into the women hating central? When I started browsing 4chan this board was for posting funny stories and people told people who whined about girls to fuck with their relationshit. If you are care about women you are a normie.
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Several incel communities had to close so that could be the reason there is an influx of woman hating posts here. You can be an incel on reddit but the cucked type..."I'm fine with being an incel and it's not women's fault" type.
I remember when peopel would hate on incels not people who could not get laid but people who called themsleves incels and now if you shit on an incel you get told this was always an incel board
edgy larpers who have no cognitive skills other than thinking on black/white terms came here for some reason cause yeah, it's the "incel" board on the "incel" forum and it's not /pol/
Woman hating is the lowest, most basic entry level cope, I don't understand why it doesn't get called out as cope more
Because faggots here try to think they are nonconformist or some other shit. But in fact they are just pathetic and want some attention and validation from other faggots.
Fucking ego.

>be me
>join discord channel with normies
>start talking about BBC and BLACKED.COM trying my best to convert them
>they call me a faggot and race fetishist and kick me out
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Well is very simple actually. You are genetics failures that shouldn't exist. A mistake of nature that should be kill on sight.
really? they fightan
Take a long hard look in the mirror my man
if not, you're really pathetic, even for r9k standards, seek help srs
We don't hate you. We know you get off on the insults and humiliation so we help you. It also makes pathetic men like us feel like bulls, so we jerk our average at best cocks imagining you sitting at your pc tears dripping on your tiny wittle baby boner.

File: crusaderjak.png (52 KB, 209x242)
52 KB
The time was midnight, the date was 01/01/2020. I had just begun my eternal nofap, the bloodpact had been sealed with the bloodgods.
I had been reborn. Cleansed in the holy fires of nofap.
How could I have forsaken it all...

File: 16180742569768.jpg (68 KB, 933x1118)
68 KB
I'm dogshit at conversations and I've been trying to date a girl online but I have nothing to talk about with her. How do I fix myself bros.
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Partly what this dude says. Also, try asking questions about her interests. When someone isn't a boring fuck, they have a couple of things they enjoy/are passionate about and they will gladly tell you aaaaall about it if you show some genuine interest. Which in turn makes you seem like an interesting dude and a "good listener". If they have nothing going on in their life and/or don't want to engage in conversation, move on.
File: 1619802844982.jpg (24 KB, 543x564)
24 KB
I guess so. fuck me
if you're a gamer / anime introverted male then just accept you will never be able to relate to normies
why meet women just go on grinder and get TOPPED
this isn't a Sage

File: pepelaughz.jpg (40 KB, 800x450)
40 KB
>teacher with a lazy eye "stop that or I'll send you out"
>me "who are you telling off, me or matthew?"
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Is she wasnt a dick teacher then you're just being a nigger
>>laughing at a disability you cant change.
You can fix a lazy eye with surgery
she was a bitch, don't worry
cringe, now screencap and upload your epic green text to reddit
would you care to get topped by a daddy on grindr?

File: 1619322287430.png (446 KB, 401x401)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
im so hungry for cuddles that i can't focus on anything else
go on grinder and get TOPPED thats gonna fix your problem
Get a body pillow
my mom will see it and it would give me even more stress to always hide it, what could be hard, due to the size

File: 31iokp.jpg (36 KB, 569x539)
36 KB
How can normalfags talk so much without saying anything
Its not because theyre dumb, they just havent gone through enough trauma or had enough experience with other subjects besides social media and work. That's why they seem so bland: they likely are. Not at their own fault.
>missing prime melee netplay
it's because they are not autistic. not being able to hold basic small talk is a HUGE giveaway of being of the spectrum
I don't believe i'm autistic
The symptoms and behaviors commonly associated with the spectrum don't apply to me beside simple social awkwardness
i used to think i was socially anxious for years but now im pretty sure im just a sperg

File: ERMm5r1U0AAEfd_.jpg (26 KB, 464x461)
26 KB
Back on my meds. I know they're working cause I can't cum anymore
File: 1619948792700s.jpg (6 KB, 215x249)
6 KB
i know the feel, its the only side effect i get from ssri's
>I can't cum anymore
Why ? wtf
I'm not on SSRIs, I'm on SSNI, doc said they help OCD more
IDK that's just what some meds do. Like I still get hard like normal but I just can't orgasm, takes like 2 hours of jerking off and my hand cramps.

I dunno why liek porn stars don't use them to stay hard for scenes they probably work better than viagra

File: 1619406919326.jpg (15 KB, 214x214)
15 KB
i went to a prostitute and couldn't get hard
Stop watching porn, coomer OP.
less porn coombrain
Man, at least you tried. It will be better next time :)
this, but another reason is she doesn't love you so it's like paid masturbation
if you were to lose your vcard with a real girl that desires you, you would be diamonds
That's common, probably means the bitch wasn't acting erotic enough or was just ugly. I only spend money on the hottest whores, and I try to only see ones who have a reputation for sensuality. Can't nut if the bitch isn't getting into it, even if she's hot.

Do femanons like a guy who's mostly fit but still has some belly fat? Just a little, but when I clench my abs, you can still see clearly defined muscles. I'm just curious because I was sick for the past few days and couldn't work out at all, but I will lose it once I can work out again. Just wanna hear your opinions, thanks.
Sure, no biggie.
Its fine anon take a break for now, you'll get back to working out sooner or later
No, and also literally anyone below 30% body fat can see ab muscles if they flex. It doesn't mean anything.
Yeah I really need the break because I really can't do anything too exerting lol. It sucks to be honest.
Okay, I guess that would only mean I'm not obese. Too bad my belly gains fat much quicker than the rest of my body.
Yes, but also femanons have lower standards by virtue of being femanons. But yes. That sounds comfy.

File: husband1.jpg (285 KB, 620x465)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
robros, do you think youre a good person? do you think you deserve happiness?
23 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I think I'm a kind and understanding person. I deserve happiness, if I would but reach my hand out for it.
File: 1608918682039.jpg (54 KB, 718x960)
54 KB
I dont think anyone "deserves" happiness. Especially if all you do is sit around in the dark and pity yourself like most robots do. As for if I'm a good person, I think so. I won't go out of my way to be a dick but I have the tendency to be petty and vindictive.
I could've been if the world wasn't so fucking shitty
nobody deserves anything other than to suffer and die
>robros, do you think youre a good person?
>do you think you deserve happiness?
No one deserves anything. We get what we get.
Im sorry the world has been not so kind to you

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