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File: file.png (3.82 MB, 2500x2500)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB PNG
Looking for a good pair of lightweight 'noculars.

I bought a pair of carson 8x21 but the FOV is horrible and there's awful fringing and fisheyeing through the eyepieces.
oh good another thread about consooming gear instead of photos of the outdoors or talking about where to go
what the fuck are you on about? I'm going backpacking and I want to look at wildlife without lugging around 4lb metal-body binoculars

Modernity is so goddamn gay, decades ago you could hitchhike easily and truckers would pick you up really fast, nowadays they aren't even legally allowed to pick you because laws, company policies and insurance garbage.
And this is just an example of many, as we move forward and as the population grows things get worse /out/ wise.
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I'd love to buy a brand new one of these, in exactly that colour. They should re-issue exact copies of older cars, but of course they never ever will.
>Hitch hiking has been completely illegal here in the Uk since the 1970s.
Is there anything you fags on that godforsaken island are allowed to do?
Not that anon, but I've hitch hiked in America quite a few times, and it really isn't that hard. Hell, sometimes I didn't even need a sign. People saw me with my big ass bag and stick walking the shoulder, and they'd pull over to offer me rides, cash, Gatorade, ect. I turn it down most of the time, but I take it if I need to.
Aside from one schizo lady who told me the radio talks to her, everyone I've met have been top notch people.

Because some people enjoy the journey, not the destination. Hitchhikers aren't in it just to get a ride. It's fun to talk to strangers, and bum around in abandoned places. Sometimes you meet other travelers, and that's always a treat.
Imagine how hairy that 1970 minge is.

File: goldgoy.jpg (60 KB, 480x271)
60 KB
Is sloshing around in a cold, dirty, shitty river for eight hours to find a few flakes of gold really that exciting?
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what's your advice for covert claim jumping
best kept secret american gold town...dahlonega,ga. i make 20k a year out my backyard creek.
There's a young guy on YT who does this in New Zealand. He can bring out around $3000 of gold from a weekend trip, but of course he makes several times more from the videos, so who the fhuck really knows what's going on?

Seems like a great thing to grow up doing in the summers, or to go back to for some fast cash and a trip to the forests.
Goldhunting bc is kinda rough imho. The tube guy doesn't show the sheer amount of travelling he does to reach all these claims. You also don't usually find gold in nice areas here, it's almost always in some chilly mosquito infested no man's land. I've met some professionals from peace river/yukon area and they're some tough nuts. Not for me
Yes, although I’m very unsuccessful.

File: jOC45hW.jpg (58 KB, 1080x1080)
58 KB
What are some dumb things you've bought for /out/ or tried while /out/ that ended up working or at least preforming better than expected?
>example 1
I bought a whole bunch of medium duty shower stall liners at Costco for 50 cents each because I have a problem buying seemingly useless things on sale. Turns out they're a great substitute for when you don't quite need a tarp. I've used them to sleep on. I've used them for shelter. I've used them to cover wood. I've wrap myself in one as a ghetto poncho. They hardly take up any space and at least one edge already has rings to run string through.
>example 2
Might not exactly be dumb, but it sure preformed better than expected. I bought some mosquito mesh fabric that goes over your head for when the blood suckers are bad. However I noticed these things work great all the time. They help keep the sun out. They keep any cob webs out. Any gusts of dust get mostly blocked. Somehow it blocks a lot of the smoke from a fire I don't know how probably some witch craft. Small branches or brush wont slap you in the face. If you've ever been /out/ and felt like you have to keep wiping or swatting at your face these cure that.

What were your dumb ideas that worked out?
A woman
No, just because something can be done a way, doesn't mean it's not a dumb way to do it. Your basing your logic on a false premise.

File: file.png (3.13 MB, 2048x2048)
3.13 MB
3.13 MB PNG
Planning on a backpacking trip with friends next month for a total of 5 days. We will be on an island with no amenities and we are only allowed a backpack on the ferry ride (aka no coolers, rollers etc). I have never done backpacking before only car camping. Food is the most concerning thing to me, I have a limited diet so I cannot eat fruits, nuts/seeds, most vegetables, and anything with high fiber. Which leaves me very little options.
should I just be packing a dozen freeze-dried meals? I will be with a group of 8 people but they are not likely to share food, only supplies
Freeze dried meals are great but more cleanup and prep, and can get a little annoying. Pack one freeze dried meal per evening when you sit to chill. Pack flavorful calorie dense snacks and ready to eat stuff for the other meals. Being allergic is gay, you should probably stop being gay first.
Summer sausage, bread, babybel cheese are all room temperature stable for up to a week among other things. Ramen. Jerky. Gatorade or like those liquid IV sachets.
Google “thru hiking food” to get some ideas. It’s all high carb, high sodium garbage, but that’s great for a hiking trip.

Mountain house is ok. They’re a little salty, and a little expensive, but it’s not that bad. There are other options and a few things you can put together yourself. Skurka’s beans and rice is super popular but refried beans might not fit your diet.

The other Anon is right about ready to eat food. Cooking lunch is a pain in the ass, and large groups already move too slowly. They might plan on cooking breakfast, but stuff you can eat right out of the package is just so much easier.

By “cook” I mean “prepare by boiling water.”
Legitimately just starve.
You'll be okay.
You won't die.
Three people will have burners and propane, so we will have times when we will either have community meals or have to borrow someone elses.
Ive considered ramen, knorr noodles, PBJ packets, tuna packets, basically anything with low waste, since there will be no trashcan on the island.
Have IBD and an ostomy bag puts me at severe dietary limitations, moreso than when Im at home, because if I get suck on an island, Im fucked.

File: p-12412-os.jpg (43 KB, 475x390)
43 KB
I have a dream to see the Wollemi pines in the wild. But the actual location of the valley containing the trees within the national park is a closely guarded secret. Wollemi NP is massive and almost entirely wilderness; I'm pretty sure I could search for years without ever finding them.

Does anyone have any leads or know anything about this?
File: selfhelp.jpg (1.55 MB, 2104x2560)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
Wollemi pine has been on display in botanical gardens for over a decade and is available for purchase through some, limited retailers in the USA. It is a fussy and difficult plant to grow in the garden, requiring a protected space, well-draining, somewhat acidic soil, and winter conditions found in USDA zones 9 to 11
The wollemi pines location has been doxxed on /out/ before and the jannies were too lazy and ineffective to remove it.
You could probably find it in a day on Google Earth.
Oh fuck it's Australia. Just get a few boxes of beer and ask an Abo to take you.

Lots of people can run (Americans u can ignore this) but a few people know that when you run, or walk you get tired. And that by the time you realize it you're too tired to go back where you came from.
In an emergency situation spanning weeks, many people would simply die due to exhaustion. Underestimating distances, overestimating capabilities.
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How the fuck do stuff like this happen? a bunch of soldiers are herding people that outnumber them 10 to 1, how the fuck do they manage to give up?
Rent free you miserable Eurotrash.
> Americans
Jokes on you I will massacre and fuck my way into being the top warlord of Los Angeles. Don't need to stock shit.
before you amerimutts start deathmarch, you eat Jollibee, you like, you buy, you come again

File: Lisa-Theris2-1.jpg (32 KB, 437x846)
32 KB
>be dumb girl (pic related)
>get lost in the woods for 28 days
>somehow live
>lose 40 pounds and get more attractive
Is /out/ ketomaxing a valid weight loss strategy? I want to lose 20-30 lbs.
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>get more attractive
>change race from white to brown
It doesn't check out
she lost 40lbs because she has no idea that she is surrounded by fucking food even in the wilderness
You don't know the first thing about wild food harvesting
Don't do this. Loosing weight without developing good eating habits is almost pointless. You're just going to be gaining that weight back real soon anyway. On top of that, rapidly losing weight by fasting can also wreak havoc on some of your internal organs, potentially causing a lot of other health problems.
She lost 40lbs because she was a butterball, and then all of a sudden she didn't have regular access to fast food.

Monocular or binoculars, /out/?

Also, dedicated general questions thread.
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>Good non micro plastic pant recs for the summer?
5.11 taclite
With zero experience, I think linen foot wraps sounds like a solid first step. Good wool can be made quite thin and breatheable though.
that's synthetic. 511 make good pants though.
anything linen, that's pretty much your only choice at that point. a bit more durable than cotton and most importantly they are usually cooler.
I'm looking at the fire restrictions for Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest and saw this regulation:
"Campfires are prohibited above 4,000 feet on the west side of the Cascade crest in Alpine Lakes Wilderness on Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest". What exactly defines the Cascade crest in this case?
That's a very specific question. There must be info on a site, alternatively, you could try to call people to get an exact definition if it's not shown on the map. Cursory search showed me this:
Does Helikon Tex Swag Man Roll actually good or is it a meme? Looking for a buy once cry once and it seems like it'll be a decent coat and hammock. I'm looking to make a simple and pretty light kit.

File: 24.07.2020.jpg (4.51 MB, 4608x3456)
4.51 MB
4.51 MB JPG
Sunset Edition
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Not years, we've had it for 6 weeks and we're already well into it. Between my wife and I we've got the experience and 90% of the required skills. Interior strip out, cleaning, sanding and repainting is already done. Next few weeks I'll be refairing the hull and painting it while she does interior stuff. Got 6 months before we need to be out of our current place. We're pretty confident we'll get it done before the wet weather is back.
We sail a few days a week in our little junk rigged open dinghy, but we cant fuckin wait to be living aboard the new boat
File: 1702881670748917.webm (3.92 MB, 1600x900)
3.92 MB
3.92 MB WEBM
Nice bit of wind today. Getting going at a good pace with a bit of a heel is always fun. Pardon the messy lines. Rather cloudy out, which was probably why I didn't see a single other boat all day. I know for a fact that there are several hundred sailboats in marinas around my region of the bay, yet 99% of them never go out unless its a perfect day.
What model boat? It looks nice.
I can pick up a pretty well-maintained 80's 30 ft. sailboat for around 65% of my savings. I don't have enough to buy a house, is houseboat living on a 30 ft. sailboat feasible? I live in Texas. I already have Starlink because I live in the Piney Woods.
I bought a 17ft whaler clone last year. thinking of just junking it and buying a better boat. too many problems. it has a slow leak that I haven’t been able to pinpoint using the usual methods. the transom is not great. it previously had delaminating on and was repaired in an ugly way, essentially just having epoxy poured on it. in addition to all that the motor is an old Evinrude 88 spl. it won’t idle no matter what adjustments I’ve made to the carbs. also cleaned the carbs. no difference. I need to give it a lot of gas in neutral and try to quickly shift into gear to keep it from stalling. thinking of giving up on his one and getting a 19ft Grady White with a 150hp Yamaha that is for sale locally for 9k. mostly interested in using it like I used my boat last year, for taking. Y nieces tubing. we did get to tube last year but it was frustrating with the various issues.

File: 1521418774987.png (1.26 MB, 1236x1200)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
For me:

>Tent: MSR Hubba Hubba 2
>Bag: Gregory Baltoro 65
>Sleeping bag: Marmot Sawtooth 15
>Sleeping pad: Zlite
23 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I look down on people who overpack because they only have one gear set that's meant to work for them in all situations
Fuck off with this shit. I'm not buying a separate tent/pack/pad/sleeping bag just because it's too big for the occasion. Even if I didn't live in a place where it can get below freezing in July, I'd still pack like I do. I'm not buying each and every piece of gear my favorite reddit board is telling me is best for my specific trip
I'm buying the biggest pack I think I'll be using, the warmest sleeping bag I think I'll be using, the warmest sleeping pad I think I'll be using, and a tent that I got from a friend

If my price for consooming fewer products is that I have a heavier pack in the summer than I need, I'll gladly deal with it
Are you trying to be smug about being a peasant?
File: 1712993257877006.jpg (242 KB, 1236x1200)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
>GoLite ShangriLa 5
>Granite Gear Crown2
>MEC Gosling
>Thermarest XTherm
File: Untitled41_20240414230714.png (1.17 MB, 1236x1200)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
File: 1666287011486219.gif (1.08 MB, 650x512)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB GIF

File: download (3).jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
Just got an REI membership and all I want to do now is consooooom
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>Outdoor research is weird but also great.
just like me for real
no wonder i like them so much
File: 26430_NUVG.jpg (779 KB, 1920x1920)
779 KB
779 KB JPG
Thoughts on this jacket?
It looks quite ugly and funcyionally confused is it on clearance
Way too hot late spring through mid-fall. Good with hip waders. Over-engineered. Just buy unitary fleece, it's usually cheaper.
Ordered this instead

What is the best way to sleep outside at summer? I don't want to get too hot.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
With one hand on a titty
Tent footprint or tarp, sleeping pad, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, optional bivy net, lay flat on your back and look up at the night sky.

Or this. Get the car tent, air mattress, and girlfriend. Sleep with one hand up her shirt firmly grabbing the titty.
Hammock, bug net, tarp.
Semi-freestanding double-walled tent without rain fly. Cool as outside but no bugs including no-see-ums which are a pestilence with no peer. Can see the stars and aye spaceships. If not using a sleeping cover, wet your t-shirt with water so the evaporation will cool you. Put a microfiber sheet over your pad so you don't stick. Drink a lot of water with electrolytes so you sweat. Bring along a handheld fan and batteries or solar charging. Comfy.
Yeah but won’t you get cold? Oh wait…

File: 1498323608323484.jpg (630 KB, 1028x766)
630 KB
630 KB JPG
Do you obey signs?
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File: 0408456658113157.jpg (2.95 MB, 1800x1403)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB JPG
does /out/ jump off waterfalls?
>multiple retards have felt the need to "tag" that sign with their cute little street aliases
Will never understand this behavior.
Because you never leave ur home town.
Hop around solo and you will realise
I camped outside of a designated camp area by mistake. Arrived at a campsite drenched in sweat after dark. Turns out the area was way smaller than I could reasonably expect. I am certain others have used that spot before, though. Also, it wasn't on top of any flora that takes damage, so all in all, it wasn't great but there are far worse things.

The average person is an idiot who can barely exist in furnished rooms, so a lot of signs are directed at them. But a sign like the one in the OP would have me paying sharp attention - maps often don't convey reality.
Found one of the retards with a cute little street alias.

File: maxresdefault (5).jpg (122 KB, 1280x720)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
If you disagree you are wrong.

First it should have a blade between 6"-8" long. You need a long blade for a myriad of tasks, but primarily you need it for splitting, for rapid carving with the spine braced against your knee (critical for making things like wedges), and for combat effectiveness. This puts the overall length at 10"-14", which is the maximum length for concealment/EDC, which is the whole purpose of a survival knife.

The knife shouldn't weigh more than 16 ounces. More than that and it's probably just going to be clumsy for most tasks and too redundant with a hatchet. The knife should only have enough heft to easily cut down poles 1"-3" in diameter or cut someone's fingers off. If you don't have a saw for some unfortunate reason, the way you crosscut bigger trees with the knife is to baton it across the grain like a chisel, you shouldn't be relying on chopping heft for this. The point of balance should be around the index finger in a high grip.

It must be made of carbon steel or low alloy tool steel like 01, 52100, 5160, etc. Stainless steels, especially "super steels", are useless garbage that trade every single desirable quality of steel like impact resistance and sharpenability and fine grained edge just for slightly better edge retention, which is something only inexperienced people care about. The heat treatment should be rather soft. The knife should be indestructible and easy to sharpen with anything, with edge retention being a distant priority.
160 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
Plenty of people on this board go out. It's just a thing to periodically check out and contribute to.
Can anyone recommend something for under 50 CAD? Also purchasable in Canuckistan?

Shout out to Opinel, I paid less than 20 CAD for mine, and 10 years later it still works great. I dont really use it for splitting though.

Whats the point of the jagged edge? Doesnt that just stop you from using it for splitting?
where does the scandi grind come into all this, is there such thing as a scandi chopper
Scandi grind is just a good grind for working with wood, particularly soft wood like fir. If we assume that a knife that is carried for a survival situation will primarily be used to create shelter and manufacture firewood, and will be carried in an area with abundant trees, then a scandi grind will work better than say a delicate hollow grind. However, in my opinion, the grind of the knife is maybe the least important thing about a survival knife. I've put hollow grind knives through the wringer with no complaints.

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