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File: p-12412-os.jpg (43 KB, 475x390)
43 KB
I have a dream to see the Wollemi pines in the wild. But the actual location of the valley containing the trees within the national park is a closely guarded secret. Wollemi NP is massive and almost entirely wilderness; I'm pretty sure I could search for years without ever finding them.

Does anyone have any leads or know anything about this?
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File: suspicious patch2.png (2.44 MB, 993x838)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB PNG
Any plant-bros know what this could be if it isn't Wollemi?
Along Ovens creek in Wollemi is where they all reside
shut uppa your mouth
From talking to people in the NPWS there are several strands, but I don't think they're that distinct that you could spot them on a map like that.

Maybe with very high res aerial photos.
there are between 200 and 60 in the wild (its hard to count them apparently). a photo showing more than 200 trees isnt going to be it

File: 1000000072.jpg (1.05 MB, 3024x4032)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
what's your gaymen/entertainment setup when backpacking, /out/?
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Sometimes I bring ketamine and a movie on my phone when I am settling in for the night and maximum cozy.

Also books.
Not a zoomer but it seems like the moment I put my head down in the mountains I get congestion and cannot fall asleep. The sleep is fine when I eventually do pass out but it takes a while.

Any suggestions?
My man servicing fixed wireless for yokels to post on facebook
Just get a retroid pocket 4 or whatever the newest one is
You can drink or take a benedryl
Its worth putting some effort into the design. It's rolling out something we'll-made and aesthetically pleasing for game at the end of the day.
She did the chessboard one with six celtic knotwork and runic memery and took some inspiration from link related for the backgammon board.

File: swing.jpg (113 KB, 991x983)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
What's the most based swing/hammock/pod? My tree is about 100 years old, the branch is 12" around so plenty strong. It snapped this winter however from a wet snow, so I cut it about 4' from the trunk. It would have to be a single mounting point.

I ask because there's so many options and the prices are all over the place, kinda overwhelmed with it.

Would spend up to a few hundred bucks.
File: swing1.jpg (22 KB, 515x511)
22 KB
Also looking at this style. I really just want something to sit in for an hour or so at a time and read a book or just stare into the woods. This type intrigues me because I could get one maybe with a screen to keep mosquitos away.
i would go for something like this. Just imagine hanging there into the night, even in rain etc. that would be sweet.

File: IMG_1367.jpg (43 KB, 474x316)
43 KB
In America is it legal to start a makeshift mine in the woods? My city owns the land but they don’t do anything with it.
You have to buy a claim or something iirc.
I've been watching "Ghost Town Living" lately, and its all about mines and history.
To know if you can mine, I'd check with your county/local government or something like that.
There’s a river close to my house with a bunch of stuff like agate and arrow heads. Could I dig that for free? Or do I still need a license?
I work in mining in the Eastern US. You nead to own or lease the mineral rights. The government isnt the worse when it comes to leasing the mineral rights but if there is ore in your area the leases may already be held by another company. Also, I havw no fuckin clue how claims and shit work out west if you are there.

File: sanbois.jpg (135 KB, 1201x800)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
starting this because i don't want to clutter the catalog with my dumb ass question. i am trying to plan an /out/ing, 4-day weekend type deal. i would ask my best friend who i usually camp with for advice but he's deployed. i'm planning on getting a tent, foam pad, sleeping bag, and solar phone charger. i already own clothes, lighter, water bottle, plenty of packed food, and a mora companion (it was on sale for like $14 and i like to get plant and mushroom cuttings) and flashlight. do i need anything else, or is it all just consumerist memes? forgive me if i forgot anything super crucial, i'm retarded (89 IQ). i don't plan on making fire. i just want to hike and sleep. it's a normie campground so i don't need water purifiers, i think. it'll be in southeast oklahoma, sunny and hitting 60F at night. good weather to not go missing? thanks in advance! :)
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>End up sleeping in wet gear nonmatter what
I live where it rains allot--this isn't true at all.
Get a freestanding tent that has mostly external clips. I can have my tent up with the tarp on in less than 4 minutes and my pack has a pack cover. I've never gone to bed wet.

You also want to "read the storm." If you can (which is more common than not) you can wait for the lull in the rain and set up then.
I wouldn't overthink it, any U lock is going to be pretty hard to cut without huge, heavy duty bolt cutters, if you need more flexibility and range for whatever you're chaining up to then get a metal chain made out of marine grade stainless steel and a big, tough padlock.
Like this guy says >>2720471 kryptonite is a good brand but if you can find a cheaper U lock at a hardware store or online then get that.
Another option is a 'fly-first' tent. They tend to be not free-standing trekking pole tent. There's also always tarping as an option.
How do you get the courage to camp alone?
I'm too worried at night about dangerous animals or other people to enjoy it
>dangerous animals
check if there are any first, then worry later
>other people
they arent going to rob you dude
just go out slowly, do a 1 nighter a few times then a 2 nighter etc

File: 24.07.2020.jpg (4.51 MB, 4608x3456)
4.51 MB
4.51 MB JPG
Sunset Edition
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I can pick up a pretty well-maintained 80's 30 ft. sailboat for around 65% of my savings. I don't have enough to buy a house, is houseboat living on a 30 ft. sailboat feasible? I live in Texas. I already have Starlink because I live in the Piney Woods.
I bought a 17ft whaler clone last year. thinking of just junking it and buying a better boat. too many problems. it has a slow leak that I haven’t been able to pinpoint using the usual methods. the transom is not great. it previously had delaminating on and was repaired in an ugly way, essentially just having epoxy poured on it. in addition to all that the motor is an old Evinrude 88 spl. it won’t idle no matter what adjustments I’ve made to the carbs. also cleaned the carbs. no difference. I need to give it a lot of gas in neutral and try to quickly shift into gear to keep it from stalling. thinking of giving up on his one and getting a 19ft Grady White with a 150hp Yamaha that is for sale locally for 9k. mostly interested in using it like I used my boat last year, for taking. Y nieces tubing. we did get to tube last year but it was frustrating with the various issues.
I've never been on a boat before. Are Kayaks fun? Do they require any licensing or registration? (Colorado). I'm not much of a fisherman, is it worth it to get into just to bullshit around in?
>is houseboat living on a 30 ft. sailboat feasible?
the moken and the bajau laut of maritime southeast asia have done it for centuries
i got my boating license today, see you on the high seas anons

What other knots should you know?
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File: shieldknot.jpg (155 KB, 1095x630)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Celtic knot of protection
File: solomons-knot.png (7 KB, 500x500)
7 KB
Celtic solomon's knot
Prussic and Highwayman's are both simple and useful ones for hanging a ridgeline and tarp.
Square lashing
Tripod lashing
Double Fisherman
File: i-PZVQsqm-L.jpg (144 KB, 800x594)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
>Clove Hitch
>Figure 8
...but retrace or on a bight
>Alpine butterfly

I'll also add:
>tensionless hitch
>bunny knot/double-bight fig8

t. climber

File: IMG_9750.jpg (14 KB, 168x219)
14 KB
/out/ music
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Modest Mouse first few albums on the drive there
No music once out of car

I just fucking love country swing, man
File: Know-It-All-Boy-Cropped.jpg (68 KB, 1280x640)
68 KB
>Modest Mouse first few albums on the drive there
>No music once out of car

File: DSC02651.jpg (634 KB, 1800x1349)
634 KB
634 KB JPG
Why haven't you /out/ed in the windows XP background yet?
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near my ex gf house there was some rolling hill onion fields and we would joke about how it looked like the windows xp wallpaper
File: 1597986207082.png (963 KB, 1205x715)
963 KB
963 KB PNG
Have you forgotten what website you're on?
Which style uses blue bans? I've legitimately never seen that.
I've never seen an actual (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) in the wild. It's always in screenshots but from everything I've seen after over 10 years on here, posts that get a user banned just get deleted. Was it an extreme oldfag thing?
this website used to have a little soul, sonny boy

File: file.png (1.09 MB, 900x576)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
Okay, not literally, but I'm relatively new to going /out/ and I wanted to share my thoughts. I've just started going on my first overnights and I've loved it each time. I had this thought during my last camping trip while running around in the snow in the pitch darkness with my headlamp collecting firewood and I can honestly say, despite how simple it was, no video game had ever brought me so much fun and excitement, and I was just picking up sticks.

Now, as I prepare for my first solo backpacking trip, I downloaded a GPS app and its offline maps. Due to the limitation of the one I went with, I have to manually map my trail. It was then I realized the potential fun I could have using this app. I loved Breath of the Wild, especially the exploration aspect, and my plan during my next backpacking trip is to look out for edible mushrooms (of all kinds) and mark them on my map. I also plan to take photos of landmarks and points of interest to mark on my map as well. Since I'm a bit of a completionist, my end goal is to hike every single trail and visit every peak of my nearest statepark, and then move onto the next.

I guess the only thing that's really missing is combat, but I'm not jumping at the opportunity to enter a knife fight with some trail hobo or take down a bear lol. One of these days I'll look into picking up fishing for that extra camp activity. Thanks for reading.
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There is no "World Wiki" or "World forums" where I can read "How to do this or that" and it is only based on how good cards you did get and how much money you will use for this project. There can be two people that have different end result just because of their voice, face or "spawning" location. In Minecraft you just learn, do the instructions and have the thing or have achieved something.
>No. The point is the journey and what you do along the way. I have Minecraft save from 2009 that I have updated in form of server that I run locally.
My point with that statement was that reaching the end feels good because it isn't immediate gratification. Doing anything /out/ requires effort, but you're rewarded for it in the end. Going on a long hike and setting up camp pays off for me personally, because I can finally rest and relax after strenuous effort. Being outside somewhere remote is some of the most relaxing times for me.

>Money, health, skills etc. You lose them in days if you don't do hard work every day.
This is beyond /out/, but this should be a given. Minecraft has this to an extent, too. If you don't eat, you'll lose hearts right? If you don't replenish your health, you'll die right? You work in Minecraft to make these things less of an issue by setting up and establishing solutions. Real life is the same way, it's not as straightforward and a lot more difficult, but it isn't impossible. You aren't a casual, right?
>There is no "World Wiki" or "World forums" where I can read "How to do this or that" and it is only based on how good cards you did get and how much money you will use for this project. There can be two people that have different end result just because of their voice, face or "spawning" location. In Minecraft you just learn, do the instructions and have the thing or have achieved something.
What are you talking about? A lot of this depends on what you're aiming to do. It sounds like you're talking about subjects beyond /out/, but if we're talking /out/ the only thing you're limited to is your knowledge. You're already staring at one of the various "World Forums" available to you, if there is anything you're interested in doing or want to figure out, you can refer to 4chan or another forum regarding a skill or hobby and learn. Same thing with a "World Wiki", there is a vast amount of information readily available to you. You can learn how to do anything devoting enough time, effort, and to an extent money towards it.
yeah man be very careful about what you are picking and eating, there are a shit ton of poisonous look alikes. spend some time on Theshroomery.org foraging board, also I would bring them home and post them to the board for more accurate ID, there are alot of life long mycologists happy to help identify on that board. good luck, don't die.
It's important to reconsider how you view the challenges and obstacles in your life. While it might seem daunting at times, remember that what appears as peril to some may appear as ripe opportunities to others. Perspective plays a crucial role here.
It’s true that life doesn’t come with the same built-in rewards as Minecraft. In Minecraft, the game is specifically designed to tap into the psychological mechanisms that make us feel good when we progress and achieve. It's crafted to be rewarding at almost every turn. Real life, on the other hand, isn't structured with the same direct feedback loops, and achievements often require more resilience and extended effort.
However, this doesn’t mean that the satisfaction derived from overcoming real-world challenges is any less significant. In fact, the rewards can be even more fulfilling because they come from genuine effort and perseverance. Developing patience and determination to pursue your goals can lead to a profound sense of accomplishment that matches, if not exceeds, any game.
Rather than viewing life's difficulties as permanent barriers, see them as challenges to overcome. Each step forward is a testament to your strength and ability to adapt. With time and persistence, you'll find that life’s rewards are not only achievable but deeply gratifying.

/k fag here. I just got this female German shepherd. She's a year old. I can tell her last owners didn't do much to stimulate her energy. She's already bonded to me as well. Having her makes me want to go do shit Innawoods. Took her on a 4 hour hike at a local lake the other day. Pic rel. Really wore her and myself /out. It was really fun. What other activities can I do with her innawoods? Also tell me about your trailbuddy if you'd like.
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I can tell you as someone who has raised two squirrels in my life that it DOES work like that. A tame squirrel will fall in love with you just like any dog would. You are essentially their moving shelter like a walking tree and YOU mean safety. Squirrels can be taken out to run amok and will always make sure they have a line of sight to you. A tame squirrel will climb high into trees and rest on branches BUT WILL COME DOWN when called and like a dog that won't listen, you can 'pretend' to walk away as if you are going to leave them, which spooks them into climbing back down. VERY INTELLIGENT ANIMAL! There are only two downsides to keeping a squirrel that I can think of. >Most people will hate your squirrel because they perceived it is a danger to children so taking it to a park can have mixed results.
>a squirrel has high energy output and needs regular exercise like owning a border Collie. This isn't as big an issue if you have a dog to also entertain the squirrel when you are not around.
>/out/ not wanting a dog purely because it'd require them to go outside regularly
Never change.
pls share taming strategems
Got this idiot under similar circumstances. He's getting me outdoors more. Done a few three hour hikes and he shows no signs of tiring out. He's two and a half now.
> she's 5 years old, but she was fat before i got her. if we're hiking up a mountain, she just lies down half way, and doesn't want to go any further
Have you tested her for heartworm?
>> 2719569
> no I don't own a dog because I have hobbies and a life and don't want my life to revolve around a canine's bladder schedule
Don’t be a cityfag and just have a doggy door or leave it outside.
For op I trained mine to look for antler sheds. That way she is actually doing something productive. Especially a gsd will be doing something either way best to give them something good to be doing.

File: Untitled.jpg (300 KB, 682x811)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
And what do they do to protect the woods from weekend warrior citidiots?
Locals are the ones leaving beer cans, dumping trash, and lighting sofas in fire.
My condolences that you live in appalachia
there's trash if you go to poor black neighborhoods, and if you go to poor white neighborhoods

Can anyone suggest protection for someone is unable to have a firearm for protection for the subjects listed?

I am considering a Byrna pepperball pistol. Would that be an improper choice? I already have bear spray and a horn. Would a Byrne be the icing on the cake more effective of both?



And if not, are there any better alternatives?
52 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Due to an awful occurrence
it wasn't "an occurrence" chimchim, you've persistently chosen to live the life of a violent retard, and some of it actually stuck, which had to be bad because prosecutor offices let violent retards getaway with just about anything.
as someone who has shot many 12g powered paintball pistols..... counting on one in a life or death situation? lol no

cap and ball revolver out of the question? Not legally guns.

Bearspray before this byrna thing
>unironically uses the word chimchim
>calls other people a retard
>thinking you'd have time to reload and aim a fucking musket while a bear is charging at you
At that point you're better off putting the musket in your mouth and blowing your own head off. At least then your death will be painless.
kek, calm down chimchim.

Saw this on FB. Seems to be sincere. Which one of you is it?
133 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
bro is just setting up for an "honorable discharge"
Imagine debating what the correct translation of a jewish book is.
based OP for keeping this thread going

this is superb /out/ lolcow material
I’m hoping it starts that way but he evolves I yo someone we all cheer for. He’s already ditched most of his gear.
yea he might wise up a bit but hes still a fucking goof and a half for what he decided to carry and the shit you have showed us so far

I'm certainly rooting for him, and I wish him no ill...but he appears to be a retard moron

Lots of people can run (Americans u can ignore this) but a few people know that when you run, or walk you get tired. And that by the time you realize it you're too tired to go back where you came from.
In an emergency situation spanning weeks, many people would simply die due to exhaustion. Underestimating distances, overestimating capabilities.
55 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
> Americans
Jokes on you I will massacre and fuck my way into being the top warlord of Los Angeles. Don't need to stock shit.
before you amerimutts start deathmarch, you eat Jollibee, you like, you buy, you come again
Esta pero unironically
Anyone else go for a nice ruck today? I go at least once a week 4-5 miles in, 4-5 miles back not necessarily camping overnight. Mostly to be in halfway decent shape for when "emergencies" start occurring.

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