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Is this a good water filter?
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They have a reputation for clogging more often than the Squeeze.
if price is not an issue what's the proffered filtration method?
Just get the regular squeeze
yes but just get the squeeze its not that big. regularly backflush it and it'll last you forever.
A Sawyer Squeeze or a Katafyn Beefree have better reviews. I’ve used a Squeeze for years with no issues. My preferred method is Aquamira but it’s not a very popular choice.

File: trees love co2.png (3.25 MB, 5548x6372)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB PNG
trees love CO2
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File: roundabout.jpg (2.32 MB, 4032x3024)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
>Jesus Christ be praised
shhhhh,,,thatard isnt allowed to go /out/,,jannie mopshis giberish postsends him back tothe basement,,,rightfully.
>Smith Valley
,,cattle and alfalfa for milky california cows.,
,river isa federal waterway so canoesallowed acrossand fish aredible.,
,where trees love co2.,
,,,,,,Jesus be praised.
File: traffic.jpg (581 KB, 2468x1375)
581 KB
581 KB JPG

jump to 23;00
why do global warming/heating/boiling (lol) religious obsessives get so upset about it?
File: glowy.jpg (2 KB, 125x70)
2 KB
ending of,,,
trillions$$ andevil working tougether? whowouldathought?,
,,,they talk like cutting co2 in half is good,,,instead of DEATH TO ALL!!,
,,total control for control freaks!,nothing less willdo.,
,,,,,also,smoke screen for dumping nuclearwaste,,rapeingkids.
File: cooker.jpg (3.97 MB, 4032x3024)
3.97 MB
3.97 MB JPG

File: 1538861732132.jpg (303 KB, 875x949)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
I'm looking up maps of public national forests, to find nice land suitable for me to head out in and do recreation activities. Something that has been irking me, is that often the best access points and most convenient to public land for me are privately owned. I found a whole section of national forest essentially surrounded by private land, and for me to access it easily I'd have to cross through private land. Like why is this shit allowed for people to buy access points to public land, and then use it for their own purposes in addition to using the public land for their own purposes. Many of these people will have an effective monopoly of the public land, because they own the easiest access points and it's not easily available for anyone else. So they "control", or at the very least have a near monopoly use of the public land for their own purposes, a much greater amount of land than they actually own.

Is it a case of, they owned the land before the national forest existed, or these land are being traded privately to gain effective monopoly usage of a great amount of public land?
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>privately held land they're not habitating in national forests
how much privately held land IN a NF is there? very little out west
How many threads have you posted that exact reply in? >>2723104
File: file.png (1.02 MB, 1103x836)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
This link will show you how much public land is landlocked in each state by private property.

It's a legitimate problem actually. There are millions of acres of public land in the US that are inaccessible to access legally by land. Just because
>this problem doesn't personally effect me
doesn't mean it's not a problem.
File: file.png (462 KB, 772x1372)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
Amount of landlocked public land in acres by state
File: 1703538201192440.jpg (63 KB, 782x900)
63 KB
>home state is in the top three

File: 1703248581401027.png (538 KB, 581x680)
538 KB
538 KB PNG
how hardcore are you?
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I walk through the woods in search of a woman, alas they hide on top of tree.
their spineless dads fund it instead of beating them for not being married by 19
File: 1712708614400675.gif (2.99 MB, 540x350)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB GIF
>no treehugger gf to have treetop sex with
ikr holy shit bro i was literally about to say that

File: reserved.png (195 KB, 1524x1260)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
> No car camping or overnight vehicle parking is allowed in pullouts, parking areas, picnic grounds, or any place other than a designated campground.
> All camp sites were booked as soon as they were put on sale
> All backcountry permits are only available to "lottery" winners

Is this the /out/ you guys speak of? Or is this Disney world?

In all seriousness, I know these are tourist destinations and they're just trying to keep scum like me out, but I have a truck camper and like a month off work (May, early June). I want to experience Yellowstone and the Cascades on a roadtrip from the Midwest. Do you all just give up on national park camping and camp in the surrounding areas then go in the park for the day? Can I count on doing a walk-up and asking for a backcountry permit and not being turned away? My original idea was to go without any reservations and split the time on my trip between car camping (no amenities needed) or tent camping in wherever I ended up, but now I see it could possibly lead to a shitty time without planning. What do you guys do if you're making a trip, plan ahead with the permits and pre-selected destinations or just wing it and do things that don't require permits? I just really wanna get out there this summer, it's my opportunity.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 20230725_051943.jpg (2.96 MB, 4000x3000)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB JPG
Filthy casual here but done a lot of National Park roadtripping. I sleep in my vehicles, never pitched a tent in me life.

I sleep at rest stops, random roadside pullouts (not in the NP), random dirt lots you can find on the side of a busy highway. It ain't as relaxing as waking up in a scenic nature area, but usually at campsites there are tons of other ppl around too, so it ain't that special or isolated or pristine.

Just sleep in your vehicle, this is what all the vanfags and overlandfags are hyping.

Pic is the main highway going thru North Cascades
Wow thanks a lot. The dirt road free camping is good with me. When you're dirt road camping is there usually other people near you doing it too? Or is the idea to keep driving until no one's around
True but it sounds unreliable during the peak season and assuming the case in which it's denied the day I arrive, I wanted to get an idea how feasible it is to find a campsite (or just a place to park without being bothered) on a whim out there. Other guys are saying I'll be alright
Thanks a lot. Yeah I'm probably trying to put together a trip based off national forest camping and not national park camping. And the backcountry permits for yellowstone are lottery right now but open in a few days. I imagine they'll sell out fast. I'm driving from indiana to seattle and it's kind of on the way so I wanted to do it.
Nice. Did you go solo? Are the dirt lots and pullouts places you're actually allowed to park overnight or do you just look for secluded enough and hope no one messes with you? I have slept in my car a few times in the smokeys and been caught in areas with no overnight parking signs everywhere and it sucks.
>What does that have to do with being rich?
For a poorfag dirtbagger, $10 a permit/$30 a campsite isn't too pricey if you're booking a couple days for a special vacation. But it's enough to discourage you from overbooking several weekends in a row.

For a richfag, paying $100-$300 to reserve 5 potential weekends in a row (and just choosing the one with the nicest forecast) is no big deal. But then they fuck it over for the normal people who COULD have picked up a permit, if they weren't already reservde
>Can I count on doing a walk-up and asking for a backcountry permit and not being turned away?
I've done this at Glaicer and while the highest demand campsites go by 6 am, you can get any other ones if you show up around mid-day.
>I wanted to get an idea how feasible it is to find a campsite (or just a place to park without being bothered) on a whim out there
Also- there are A LOT of NF campgrounds surrounding the park- within 10-20miles which have much less people

File: 20240421_151559.jpg (541 KB, 4032x1960)
541 KB
541 KB JPG
Are there ever rockhound threads on /out/? Found these in high desert colorado, curious if anyone knows what they are. They're part of a petrified wood collection I found in a washout (next pic) and I'm curious what the type is that gives this unique orange yellow hue.
File: 20240421_151606.jpg (649 KB, 4032x1960)
649 KB
649 KB JPG
And this is petrified wood, correct? Got a dozen smaller chunks just want to verify it's actually petrified wood.

Also it was public space before anyone gets their panties in a bunch.
>public space
by which I mean it was in previously untouched land between two new housing developments, so not public or private land really just a garbage wash with a few little coulees.
>I'm curious what the type is that gives this unique orange yellow hue
Best way to identify it is to lick it. Kek. But seriously, yellow-orange in rocks is usually from trace iron inclusions
Looks like a type of limestone. I think it is quite common for them to have parts that contain oxidized iron, at least that's what my local limestone has a lot of. Some of these cracked open can reveal fossils.
it does look a little bit like PW. Is it a spot known for it? I found a nice chunk of 50 million yr old redwood tree

ITT post things that signal "I'm safe to be mugged in broad daylight"
30 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
you just felt compelled to fit in with polfags?
I was being sarcastic, although if you have a problem with polfags on /out/ you should probably go back to your safespace.
last time i went out some bloke on a dirt bike came up to us and stopped, just stared at me and my wife for a minute while we drank water. I gave him a nod but I did consider what I would need to do if it escalated. I had a bushcraft knife with me, which is about all I could think of since he had a helmet on and I could not knock him out or anything.
my take away from that was make sure you have your knife or gun visible on your belt even if you are still trekking.
nigger finds out white ethnostates are high trust societies
Oy vey we need more diversity in those sports.

Every girl has hiking in their tinder bio. How do you know if she's really into it or not?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Women only have an irrational sense of danger around men they find unattractive. Halo effect.
Makes sense. I wondered why women will blindly follow a man into sus situations but treat harmless men like they are Ted Bundy.
They typically become more rational after menopause however
File: 1562204655186.jpg (34 KB, 750x454)
34 KB
"I like hiking" is the milenial equivalent of boomers saying "I like long walks on the beach"
There is a very simple test: is it a biological woman? Then she's lying.

>be bong
>go on convoluted trip for meaningless glory
>get stuck on an ice pack for almost 2 years
>kill scores of animals
>ditch your men to try and rescue yourself
>by some miracle you survive and are forced to save the crew you deserted.
Are anglos stupid? All the stories of men dying for non existent glory seem to come from England.
114 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
We don't talk about the Antarctic natives.
Just stay away from Antarctica, for your own safety, for all of our safety.
There's a reason all of the major powers of the world have agreed to leave Antarctica alone, and it's not just because of the cold.
that is a lie, they crashed at about an hour walking downhill to some local rancher's place
Why would you need rain gear ? It doesn't even get warm enough for it to rain there.
File: Shackleton_nimrod_03.jpg (439 KB, 1500x1147)
439 KB
439 KB JPG
For me, it's the car Shackleton took to Antarctica
If you read up on all those early polar expeditions it was always the Scandinavians who did well and know what they were doing, a lot of their stuff isn't well known or translated though.
Guys like Shackleton and Scott were performers, not proper adventurers. They were the ones who managed to convince English donors to fund their adventures where they got up to all kind of retarded high jinks, came back and got good publishing deals from their rich buddies for their accounts.
>Guys like Shackleton and Scott were performers
Good thing you've done something productive with your life and upstaged them, right?

File: 20220311-100040_orig.jpg (416 KB, 1067x800)
416 KB
416 KB JPG
Hedge trimmer, propane weed torch, or both?

Before anyone says "use a brush hog", it's on a steep slope. I don't think I can get a brush hog up there.
33 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Would hogs also be good for removing bushes like those?

roundup can eat a dick honestly. gotta keep that bush trimmed and wet but not with that shit ongod
File: 316jms-X9YL.jpg (27 KB, 1080x1080)
27 KB
always chopped mine with a brush axe. Works a lot better than a machete in my experience because it gets hooked in with each swing. Just wear good long sleeve like hickory shirt and good gloves. I use cowlitz river cotton gloves.
Generally speaking, and contrary to popular understanding, cows are the best animal for keeping brush beaten down, eaten, and cleared. They clear a large area per cow vs goats. They require very little by way of fencing to keep enclosed compared to goats. You basically just have to water them and have a halfway serviceable t post fence.

File deleted.
Homestead General /hsg/
> Woods Cabin Edition
> Thread #05

Talk gardening, farming, livestock, beekeeping, building, electricity and plumbing, earthworks, waterworks, permaculture, raising children, market gardening, selling produce, barter, home economics, composting, mulching, pest control, diet, health.
Anything relevant to living on site, making a home out of the land.

Old Thread: >>2640881
241 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
Has any of you done meat rabbits? Can you recommend it?
That would require me to constantly harvest firewood and feed the stove. If I ever forget to put wood in it or am unable to for whatever reason, all the plants will die.
Have you guys tried using a biogas generator for cooking/electricity/heat?
Dumbest post on the board rn. Bobcats will kill cats, dogs, livestock, anything they can. He can't kill ALL the bobcats, but killing any that come near his hens will put an end to the problem for now. Feeding it will just encourage it to come near humans and it will kill people's pets and livestock
>I wonder if I should put another one on the other side to prevent crowding.
No. Chicks naturally crowd up. You want to have a spot without the light directly above it so that they can move in/out of the light to manage their desired temperature.

Make sure you change their bedding periodically. They will get burns on their feet from urine in the bedding if you don't

File: IMG_5834.jpg (29 KB, 715x429)
29 KB
Welcome to beekeeping general. Discuss apiary and bees.

Old thread: >>2577491
260 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: awkchsjwh.png (93 KB, 554x863)
93 KB
So what's the matter with flow hives?
You will not get nearly as much honey as you should. Shit design for the meme keeper.
Well it's either a flow hives or warre hive for what I've been looking at.

File: goats.jpg (124 KB, 700x525)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>buy a couple pet goats
>buy an RV
>apply for a 10-year BLM grazing permit
>live rent-free on the land to shepherd your goats
... is this feasible?
almost certainly no, but if you were to maybe illegally hunt and forage (check edible native plants in the area and "farm" them by just propagating them around the place) maybe you wouldnt starve. make sure you set up near water but not too near
actual pastoral nomads have hundreds to thousands of animals and their entire extended family living and working with them. They also migrate to different areas each season. If you cant do this you'll starve

File: garmin inreach.png (1.07 MB, 2094x2094)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
You do use one of these, right anon?
40 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
no, just newer models, I'm not sure if Android models have this feature too but I assume the recent ones do
Iphone 14 and newer can communicate with satphones, but only in an emergency, you can't just send text to your family or something
i only have my cheap gps and pmr 446
I was taught how to use a compass and map as a kid. I can still do that, and judge my pace to know how far im going over time. Still use one. Easy to just check a phone. The real reason I have it is because I've had two different people Im with have medical emergencies over the years and I do a lot of high elevation exposed scrambles or off trail. 99% of the time its so my parents who are too old to hike can follow along and we have something to talk about.
File: 20240422_213923.jpg (2 MB, 4556x2125)
2 MB
>ITT people in this thread don't have SHF/EHF SATCOM communication

I carry my inReach even on the safe streets of Japan. You never know when some pozzed, indoctrinated individual chimps out and you are cornered or forgien national glowies attempt to abduct you.
I even have the remote function on my garmin watch so I can auto alert if it my EKG flatlines for more than 5min and also erase all personal data on my watch/inreach.

I think of it like a health bar/pager in a video game.
>someone had to teach him how a compass works
some of us are not retarded

Why would you want other people to see you before you see them? That would make me very uncomfortable, like sitting at the very first table in the break room with your back to entrance. I don't own a single piece of clothing or gear that is any color except Earth brown, olive drab green, and stone grey. The whole point of going out in the woods is escaping humanity and becoming invisible and being left the fuck alone.
254 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
If they need to talk to you, they will leave a voicemail. It's that simple.
When in Rome...So I'll have some colorful clothes and kit, but also some camo stuff on tap. A thread like this exists because people can feel uneasy if a fully-kitted camo dude suddenly appears before them. Keep the normies happy and usually all is well.

Disagree, browns tans and greens are nice, especially as pant/short colors. Go nuts up top. Put on a friendly face and all that. Maybe even God Forbid make some friends with the normies in your area and have hiking buddies on tap, of all persuasions from amateur-hour tiktokkers to paranoid smelly vets.
I do like sky blue.
Yes. Sometimes there's good deals to be had amongst the goofy colored stuff.
A notable risk. Fair.
EVERYONE in the southwest tints their shit. You can literally spot the out of state lost folks by how untinted their stuff is. Though there's also the topless jeep types in my area. YMMV depending on the clime you live in though.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You are retarded, "lad". Grow up
>Why would you want other people to see you before you see them?
nigga you aren't in hunger games, people aren't out there to get you while you're on your little camping trip.
Let em larp. It's all they have.

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