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File: camp.png (52 KB, 891x707)
52 KB
>wanna go camping
>all the campground spots are booked up for the next year
How am I supposed to camp?
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The people you describe are the primary source of all of my used gear scores on Craigslist. Also, if your wife doesn't like camping and exploring cool shit, then you've fucked up at choosing a mate.
>girlfriend vetoed that idea for some inexplicable reason.
Women are naturally risk-averse and comfort-driven. They need a strong male influence to push them out of their comfort zone on anything. Even if they end up enjoying themselves and finding the activity worthwhile they'll fight against it if they perceive it a threat to their immediate comfort.
Yeah, this woman was far from rational, I'm glad to have some distance from her.

Dating someone else now who's a lot of fun to go camping/hiking with.
Everyone here does DYI hunts.
Think it's mostly rich city fags that would use those even in burgerstan.
Here we have outfitters doing salmon fishing and bird hunting for outsiders, nobody local uses these.
So no, I do not mean tent cities and cots, I mean hiking with everything you need and making camp with what you carry in.
Unless you set fire to your tent or try to winter camp with a summer bag and shit tent, you won't die.
Just go /out/, you don't have to go deep the first few times, just push your comfort zone bit for bit.

File: Stay Out.jpg (892 KB, 2793x2206)
892 KB
892 KB JPG
Hello /out/ it has been a while. perhaps it is time for another abandoned mine thread.
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If you have to ask them you aren't ready.
I believe it is a ringtail cat
I've driven nearly every dirt road in the northern 2/3rds of Nevada. I recognize some of the surface structures from your pics. I've found old as F explosives still in wooden boxes. I hear they are unstable after 100 years so obviously let them be. Seems a lot of the smaller mines were abandoned by the 20's.

The vertical shafts at silver city just south of the Duck Valley Indian reservation are amazing. Beautiful stone buildings falling down. That Silver city (there were many) was a happening place until it all burnt down. You can find Chinese opium pipes in the ruins. And an amazing cemetery filled with children who died in the 1918 flu epidemic. Thanks for the pics. Your Rip
Was that actually his?
Nevada is home to me. I got a couple buddies willing to hide my ashes in one of these mines, after I die. I'm still trying to figure out what one exactly.

>trailhead elevation 13900
>interstate grade switchback fest
you call this /out/, intermontanon?
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It's a meme you dip.
you can drive jeeps everywhere out west. 9/10 peaks can be reached by a chinaman on an e-bike. lol
Pretty shitty meme, I don't usually come to this board though... Was just bored with o and fit. Oh well, go fuck yourself faggot
theyre still graded out homie I do a 2 mile 2k elevation hike right up the road and its just a 45 minute switchback lmao.
t. cascade dweller
Not in the North Cascades

This is a vapro airtrim heat exchanger mask. I've found it to be invaluable for extreme cold weather hiking, but I'm not satisfied with the fit or the durability

How would you go about making your own version of this which could be cheaper and more durable with a custom fit?

I was thinking craft foam, plastic snap rivets, and a plastic scouring pad for a heat exchanger. Then again, the airtrim heat exchanger is made of corrugated plastic and maybe paper? (Correct me if I'm wrong) Wound into a cartridge, so maybe the corrugated plastic from one of those election lawn signs and some corrugated cardboard - again I'm not sure if they use paper or some plastic fabric.

Also, I think whatever homemade design will require a nose clip, which could be made from one of those ace bandage metal clips.

Or maybe there's a better alternative that you prefer? Let's make this a general cold weather face covering thread too - I really want to hear what works for you.
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only a few years til your 18th, big boy, you got this
the ones used fro retroffiting houses uses a ceramic heat exchanger, what is in the pic looks like it wouldnt have enough mass to work properly
anyway you can jerryrigging one of this to a mask, i am no doctor but i think they are used for something like what you want https://aliexpress.com/item/1005003275984659.html?
My man. Great tip. I think that's the exact material that's in the airtrim filter.

Just got back from Mt Washington. I used the airtrim intermittently. It wasn't that chilly, so i didn't need it often, but it would often help me to avoid layering up, so i feel it does keep me warmer overall and i like it, just still don't like the fragility and the cost.

Ceramic would be a nice sturdy medium
Really gets the ol noggin joggin
>how would you make this
By putting on a scarf

File: images (2).jpg (31 KB, 678x452)
31 KB
How many peaks anon!
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been to and hiked but didnt summit denali.

summited 4/5

lol wut?
>Tell me you've never been to colorado without telling me you've never been to colorado
>Tell me you've never been to colorado without telling me you've never been to colorado

Colorado doesnt have glaciers. They have a couple tiny permanent snowfields they call glaciers. But that is it.
Mount Rainier is the only one I'm interested in peaking. seeing it from the plane is always cool and its visible from the airport rental garage in Seattle. the view from the top looks amazing. it hangs over the clouds, also a lot of spooky shit goes on there.
>also a lot of spooky shit goes on there.
A lot of people die because they try to sneak in without a permit, don't have experience, and end up accidentally killing themselves, you mean.
Nigger you can drive to the northside of MT. Elbert trailhead and turn it into a 8 mile round trip with only 4k elevation gain its a joke. Massive at least takes a day

How do you sleep at night knowing that some bad person could shoot a gun at your tent from 1km away and there is nothing you can do about it

Rate my comfy hilltop car camping site
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>he said, in a thread about a car camp
File: 1681333228609810.png (720 KB, 1024x576)
720 KB
720 KB PNG
thats a cool picture
would shoot at you from 1km away/10
Because he never gets 100 feet from his mum's basement and anyone doing what he only dreams of causes him to have a seethezure.
Those type of people simply don't go where I go.

Gun toting redneck morons are fat and lazy and don't venture far past places their loud obnoxious vehicle can take them.

File: download (3).jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
Just got an REI membership and all I want to do now is consooooom
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In coming up with a witty reply, I realized that you were not the original poster of the trash zoomerspeak. I mistakenly called you a zoomer and for that I humbly apologize.
Zoomer begone
My pops went to UW in the 70s and had an REI membership number with triple digits. I took him to the store here in Eugene a couple years back and he said (and I quote)
>what the fuck happened to this place?
We almost immediately turned around and left.
Based dad, love you old man.
Eugene is a pit but the woods are comfy
>t. Went to school at UO
REI is overpriced junk, just like every company in the US now.
Pants with a draw string so you don’t need a belt. Seriously, removing my belt so I can put my pack on and buckle my load bearing straps is really annoying

File: IMG_0897.jpg (3.12 MB, 4510x3627)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB JPG
Why do you out? Are you an environmentalist or something? Tradition? Loner? Poor?
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I enjoy being alone in wilderness and as far away from New Yorkers and Californians as possible.
when you go so far /out/ you reach /in/
White explorer soul I guess, I love to explore nature, get close to her, rub her clit a little.
It's a white person thing. You will seethe over this, but you won't understand it.
Seems a nerve has been touched, fucking kek.

can one into paragliding as a poorfag?
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Is it really this simple
>>2700075 car airbags are mostly made out of kevlar. i usually get multiple used airbags from the scrapyard and sew them together and cable tie them to my ironing board. doesnt work well in high winds though
You can if you live in a place where you can do it without a lot of traveling. I'm in Squamish and want to do some jumping off the chief and whole bunch of them usually land in a field in behind my house. I keep wanting to do it but I never get up enough energy to go and talk to a few of these people
Do the math. Training and a beginner wing is a $3–6000 investment.

Don’t tell me where it is. Just describe it. What makes it special to you? How often do you visit it? Do others know about it, or is it just yours?
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I live in a fairly large metropolitan area, but if I drive for 40 minutes, I get to an area that is my escape.

It is relatively sparsely populated, right on the coast, with awesome trails (official and unofficial) and more trees than any other part of the area.

The best part, not many people know about it, so often I am the only one out there, or at worst I'll see maybe a couple of people per hour. I can literally walk down from the woods and end up on a secluded beach with majestic cliffs above. Sometimes, as i discover new trails, I have to trespass across 'private property' but its so spread out, I've never been caught. I've been going there for years, but there is always a new niche to explore.

I've taken some friends and dates along at times, and people can't believe a spot like that exists so nearby the big, dirty, smelly city.

I try to get out there at least 2 or 3 times a month, and always feel happier and spiritually refreshed on those days. :)
File: D8OmuP7WkAEq-om.jpg (645 KB, 1920x1080)
645 KB
645 KB JPG
If I wasn't retarted I would have attached a picture of at least one of the stones. Here is the main "devil's rock"
>stones surrounded by spooky folklore
Every fucking time. I hate shithead people who feel the need to spray-paint everything like they're in an 80s coming-of-age movie
my 'secret' spot is this old abandoned hunting cabin I fixed up. Concrete floor, metal frame made out of old oil pipe, corrugated metal (aluminum) roof and walls, it's surprisingly solidly built.
it's innawoods but close to one of our hay fields and two ponds stocked with catfish. there is a nice hill near by that a built a gun range on the other side of so I dont spook the game around my cabin. I used a ton of leftover stuff my family had to furnish it, plush the stuff that was still left in it. got it rigged up with one of those biolite solar panel kits so I have lighting, but I keep oil lamps in it too as backup. a nice fire pit outside to cook on. I could go on and on about it.
over all it's not much to look at, but it is mine and it is cozy.
between the easy access to water, fish, game, edible plants and how well ive stocked it, ive got everything I need there at my little cabin
File: 20231021_162056.jpg (4.88 MB, 4032x3024)
4.88 MB
4.88 MB JPG
> farmer neighbor is chill af
> owns like 600 acres
> several fields throughout the valley
> some of his land boards a trout stream
> bale hay and do a few chores for him and welding for free from time to time
> get permission to hunt, camp, fish and freely tresspass as I please
> pic related

File: 1705658779723418.webm (784 KB, 290x468)
784 KB
how to avoid falling?
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File: but why tho.jpg (327 KB, 1840x874)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
>Falls in to a crocodile pit in popular Chinese tourist destination
oddly I believe you
are they ok?
No, they got ACK-'d.
It's slippery
It's water over eroded granite. It'll fuck ya up every time.

File: StratotypeBarremienA.jpg (529 KB, 1280x960)
529 KB
529 KB JPG
>mfw live on the east coast without any cool rock formations to explore
It sucks brehs, the Appalachians are too old and eroded
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The other anon is correct. The faggots in Seattle own the state and hold it hostage with retarded laws to protect their poor browns, who cause the overwhelming majority of the problem.
I feel like there's a lot more waterfalls in West Virginia than that. Those numbers are fucky.
Yeah the map is definitely biased or based on shit information. Not every state has the same effort put into mapping its waterfalls. WV is part of the appalachians so it should have a similar number to the other states.
Why is the state a shithole?
The WV tourism website says there are more than 200 waterfalls in the state

New York has thousands. The western half of the state alone has over 1,150 according to the Western New York Waterfall Survey

So yeah, the anon from Oregon would be able to find plenty of them out east.

>purchased on credit and hauled in by the truckload by y*nkee and flor*dian tourists
>utterly annihilates your once pristine untouched local outdoor spots
>causes untold amounts of erosion and soil devastation, your mountaintop is now bedrock and the spring is now buried under dust and rocks
>"oops, the terrain is still too steep? let me just winch myself to dozens of trees and pull my 2000-pound buggy and my and my wife's combined 600lbs fat asses up, leaving permanent nasty scars in the trees
>hear the unmuffled engine echoing off the mountainside every Friday at midnight
>"woah guys... destroying nature is so fun... so glad the bank gave me a loan so I could do it...
You simply cannot understand true hatred until you come from a small town in appalachia and had to witness the advent of these things. In 10,000 years people are going to wonder what caused so much of Appalachia to look like the fucking Rockies and where all the soil went.
42 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I hate those big fuck off trucks that people use to off-road in, they're like fucking military looking machines and I hate them.
Disingenuous faggot
>I can get everywhere those massive off roaders can go
>accelerates erosion in his subaru outback because it's a marketing meme
>more so than the side by sides he bitches on the internet about
>complains about the road adding sentiment to a river at the bottom of the mountain
>tries to close road
>ignores the mcmanions being built at the top of the mountain with little to no erosion mitigation
The above is a true story. I wish it wasn't.
You're an election tourist.
Presumably there's a staging area where they have to park the trucks and trailers that they used to haul their ATVs in? Slash their tires. You don't even have to worry about being caught doing it, it's not like they're going to sneak up on you with an ATV that can be heard from ten miles away

What does "Hike Your Own Hike" mean to /out/?
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It means b urself. thanks for the quality thread OP.
Who the fuck is you?
I'm /out/. I hike to my car every morning
Walking from the apartment door to the carpark isn't a hike.
she can't post on social media deep in the woods.

File: 20240216_125059.jpg (3.1 MB, 4000x1848)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB JPG
Also try to guess my job. Theres a clue in the pic obviously.
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Gay porn
why japan?
I'm jealous. I wanted to be a surveyor but I'm a frail dysgenic weenie with a shoulder injury and Raynauds disease, who can't handle manual labor.
How many packs of flashlight batteries do you have?

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