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File: 1335.jpg (30 KB, 843x900)
30 KB
I'm your host, Bill Cooper *whiskey burps*
well, folks, *chuckles* the ADL have come after me again, and these STUPID DUMMIES think I'm antisemitic!
>plays boomer tunes Beach Boys
I'm back folks, and I have people calling in and saying its "the jews" Bill!. Its not the Jews you stupid fools, its the Aryan Whites of Europe who are the real racists, not me! my wife is CHINESE!
*wiskey burps*
>reads from generic Freemason book for 45 mins
I haven't got any checks from you sheeple this week, I SHOULD BE PAID for this! send money orders made payable to ANNIE or I will just go off the air.
lets take some calls
your on the air
>hi Bill, how are you doing?
>sorry Bill, is this better
>so, Bill did you hear about the new tax they wa....

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File: ASMODEUS-KILLER.jpg (140 KB, 880x1000)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
I swear ong my soul and ventriclez /x/ THIS ALBUM IS FOR YOU!!!

9) 999.
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File: Redeye.jpg (234 KB, 1080x1973)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
File: 3-boi.jpg (227 KB, 1080x1968)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
File: ALMIGHTY-KUSH.jpg (306 KB, 1080x1995)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
File: Take-it-in-slow.jpg (223 KB, 1080x2002)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
File: Barzzz.jpg (259 KB, 1080x1760)
259 KB
259 KB JPG

File: Gh.jpg (1.3 MB, 1439x2014)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
Redpill on agarthian civil war lore between the draconian species? I believe mario world is soft disclosing it
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Isn't mario hermes? Iimplying it's hermes world?
File: mario.jpg (70 KB, 500x464)
70 KB
that still makes no fucking sense
Of course super mario world is soft disclosure of the agarthian civil war lore between the draconian species. It's so obvious
Most of the Mario games are occultic as shit, Mario 3 and 64 especially

File: FOTV_Abri_33.jpg (228 KB, 1920x802)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
Number 33, the eye of providence, a massacre during a wedding...

Why are they doing this?
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File: horse_media_1.jpg (250 KB, 1018x720)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
>Why is a massacre during a wedding a symbol?
Don't be so vague. Explain a little bit. And what do horses have to do with the media in your pic?
so this is showing us how far down we should be looking from the surface? the the top of the pillar is the surface
File: worlds_end.jpg (448 KB, 1131x1600)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
In the first chapter of The Hitchhiker's guide, when world is about to end, where does Ford Prefect take Arthur?
>Adams died of a heart attack due to undiagnosed coronary artery disease on 11 May 2001, aged 49, after resting from his regular workout at a private gym in Montecito, California.

If the elites want to depopulate the planet, do you oppose them?
I'll sooner kill the elites off, thanks.
Billions will smile.
What happened at the end of the Halo games?
>unironically using the word 'elites'
what is the point of this nigga being in a suit in the water?

>but muh fashion

fuck off
With AI & robotics they feel humans are not needed thats why they want to do a genocide on most of humanity

File: IMG_3708.jpg (20 KB, 400x400)
20 KB
Why does volunteering and charity work feel so good? I used to hate and look down on most people.
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Making the lives of other people easier is the biggest ego boost imaginable, even bigger than getting loads of pussy. this thread is full of self-obsessive Christfags, don't listen to them OP
The "grace of God" you feel when you're supposedly doing Gods work is nothing more than a chemical reaction in your body lmao, get over your selves losers
File: 1000000208.png (294 KB, 600x865)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
Humans are social creatures. We're wired to help each other, it's how we became the dominant species on this rock. Sure it's an "ego boost," but don't you edgy retards find it the least bit interesting that doing good feels good? We can play semantics all day about how every man is a narcissist and we only do good things because it benefits our ego, but at the end of it all the fact remains that volunteers, whether they're smug christfags or naive FNB anarchist leftoids or who the fuck ever, are out there actually helping people.
Your sneering disrespect of volunteers is pathetic. make a couple bad decisions or get fucked over by the right person at the right time and you too could be standing in the soup line. Have some humility. You're a squishy, flawed meatbag like the rest of us.
What did you go feed the homeless so they can rob your neighbors tonight OP?
Because doing it makes your ego feel useful. You could litearlly just exercise in a park and it would feel the same.
What have you done that felt so good? What does chartiy work even mean?

File: who could it be.webm (265 KB, 540x360)
265 KB
This Horror's Call maymay shit (to be more specific, the self-titled book itself out of the same-titled series) is the closest thing I've found to a blickwinkel like entity in a metafiction story.
Recommendations? Discussions? Blickwinkel is the name/title of, and represents [spoiler]You, the player/reader in the visual novel ever17, I forget if its a 4th-dimensional or just nth dimensional entity anyway, and saves the day by rewriting history. It means perspective in German(?)
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either, I guess.
The visual novel isn't. It has no gore or overtly scary scenes. It's a multi-route story about some people trapped inside of a water themepark. If you really do play it, look for the Himmel pack of ever17.
I've never been scared by a book so I can't say much there.
Bump as I go to bed, not that I expect this thread to get much traction.
Undertale? Every entry about the 4th wall in TVTropes?
Thanks for the bump but please do not respond unless you're actually read ever17 and have any idea what I'm talking about.

lately i have seen on many youtube channels many dots before and after nicknames and channels, example: .....:::::Anon:::::......
i heard some vague info its some masonic code, something about being different from rest of society, but thats all really.
No one want to reply to me when i ask on yt, i got banned couple of times just for asking. Anyone can give me proper answer what these dots stand for?
Oh anon, do you remember when every username was xXxnamexXx? It is exactly the same, it looks kind of cool
yeah don't worry about it.
File: 1705797452875057.gif (1015 KB, 322x166)
1015 KB
1015 KB GIF
Definitely masonic. Possibly more masonic than any other masonic thing

File: 1712664322950472.jpg (634 KB, 814x779)
634 KB
634 KB JPG
Gangstalked since autumn 2013. Ama
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>this madman disproves all of you because he said he had similar experiences

Yes we know that a lot of the symptoms of being a TI can parrelel with mental illness. This is deliberate. Again, look at zersetzung. The literal objective is to make you look insane.
>Yes we know that a lot of the symptoms of being a TI can parrelel with mental illness
So therefore do you believe some ppl who believe they are TIs are schizophrenic while others are not?
How would it even be possible to distinguish the two? What criteria would you use?
Are we debating is stalking a real thing that happens now?
2/109 Junction Rd, Moorebank NSW 2170
The bulk drug supplier, the kingpin, the big boss man.
He said he was gonna shoot me and pay some bikers to beat me up! I'm so scared.. what should I do bros?

File: peeposleep.jpg (22 KB, 360x360)
22 KB
why the F--- are so many of the most impactful dreams happening in and around my apartment? like 90+% of all the dreams i think about are around my apartment. what are the spiritual implications of this. it must be the energy that my apartment vibes. one dream i cuddled with male best friend in my apartment, and i just knew it was him. i kissed that motherfucker like mwah :3 :o
that sounds nice anon. my dreams the last few days have been post-apocalyptic in nature.

File: mentzer.jpg (9 KB, 308x163)
9 KB
Nootropics, psychedelics, biohacking or what can make me a cool as super human flesh cyborg. Like hyperconsciousness super brain type shit
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File: peak human body.jpg (34 KB, 602x411)
34 KB
become a WSM competitor + some form of grappling
>there are so many downsides to lifting that it's not worth it to list them all.
Do you mean lifting per se\in general, or ONLY if you're doing retarded stuff like roids \ keto with dry fasts \ 10K calories a day off season, etc??
Do what Mentzer did - Heavy Duty with meth and a pinch of testosterone.
Roiding and dry fasting for you to take a professional pic at your "peak" and be satisfied for once
File: roshi.jpg (258 KB, 2400x1440)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
'Work hard, study well and eat and sleep plenty. That's the Turtle Hermit way to learn'

No but srsly. Put in hard work outs at least every other day, study what interests you, learn some martial art, eat good meats and veggies and sleep 8+ hours a day. oh and meditate 10-20 minutes every day.

File: fe.jpg (451 KB, 1200x836)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
Why does Flat Earth trigger /x/ so much? There's nothing in the sticky that doesn't allow for these threads. Maybe update the sticky to say no Flat Earth threads or something. It just seems like the jannies always delete these things as soon as they can.
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
if flat earth is so correct how come the continents only ever look equally proportional and un-fucked up on a globe
It's some type of simulation.


All the games are flat, there are no games out there that account for a curved earth or world.

The bitter truth nobody wants to accept.
File: Final Check.jpg (296 KB, 1500x1401)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
>Beautiful Waterfall at daybreak
What do you mean ?
hm? What are you asking for

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
I cant hear my tulpa and i have been trying since last september.I can imagine her around me and can imagine physical touch but very shortly.What can i do she is the only friend i have.Cant even dream of her
temporarily turn her into a sprite, if you abandon visualization of her then maybe you can free up mental energy to let her speak. furthermore try to speak with her without speak, think without thinking, see without seeing, in other words use more efficient modes of communication to free up mental energies.
Im kinda desperate someone answer me please i really want to hear her

File: 1712855577794226.png (562 KB, 921x1381)
562 KB
562 KB PNG
being miserable is a totally subjective thing.
a prisoner in jail, or a person without arms, or a refugee from gaza does not consider me miserable.
watch videos from ukraine and gaza, and you will understand that the abyss is something deep and that none of us here are close to reaching it.
the abyss is only reserved for the souls that are going to end up in judas' personal circles.
I have seen videos of animal slaughterhouses.
you are a poor motherfucker who thinks my life is shit.
look up videos of animal slaughterhouses and pay attention to the animal's eye.
you will never live that.
I've only seen that shit on soldiers dying in ukraine.
never say, never, not even if it is a mockery.
ever say again that someone here is a failure or lives in hell.
you have no fucking idea what the abyss is.
if you saw only the top of the abyss, you would be traumatized.
you think i'm being a jesus freak.
but it's because i've seen, even if it's just a fucking perception.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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yeah at least im not getting fucked up the ass
I would like to give this baby pats on his little head.
Thanks bro I know
This. I realized back in 2009 or so that western culture as a whole is spiritually dead and consumerism runs everything. It fely like my eyes got opened up like that scene in They Live where the protagonist starts seeing all the propaganda. I started noticing advertisements FUCKING EVERYWHERE. Like we are exposed to thousands upon thousands of ads, literally tens of thousands, subliminally programming us towards brand recognition and telling us to consume.
I got really schizo because this all hit me really fast, I grabbed a pocket knife and started scraping the brand logo off everything in my house. Used a seam ripper to unstitch brand names from all my clothing, basically stayed up all night de-programming my household. Then I started seeing it on TV, in media, websites, fucking sports has more ad billboards than players on a team.
I became a recluse for like 4 years getting worse and worse and getting super schizo realizing we are just cattle who exist to funnel money to whatever entity advertises best to us. I barely ate, was checking my water for flouride (thankfully I am on well water so its safe) and hid from the world for years.
Eventually I learned to be part of society again, but everything is boring and fake and nobody else seems to notice or care. There are WAY worse conditions to be in, ours is just exceptionally boring and "safe" and soulless. Neutrality. I witnessed some true suffering (of others, not myself) back in 2015 and have been thankful for my life ever since. Tldr of that is I travelled to China, not the touristy spots but the actual places like sweat shops and disease ridden starving families with no water or heating or blind homeless children with no hands (the mob there disfigures children because disfigured children get more charity from strangers)

Im rambling now but, point is we have it pretty good, too good in fact

File: 1704100058050091.png (23 KB, 262x228)
23 KB
If "god" exists, it is either sadistic or indifferent.
20 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
cause you're not open towards him
or just so far advanced it doesnt have the capability to be indifferent the way you couldnt care and figure out what was going on with individuals in a dish of bacteria you made.
The why do those that cause suffering never offer themselves to be in the receiving end? This is a cope you tell yourself.
>Gita 5.14: Not of their own acts nor the acts of others creates the master of the body [atma], and neither is he connected to their results. All these are but the acts of [material] nature.
>5.15: Neither does the Supreme take on anyone's sin or piety. The embodied being becomes bewildered by such due to true knowledge being covered by ignorance.
Indifferent, but only to the events of samsara.
Samsara is like a kid's MMO.
The only concern Mom has for it is that the kid eventually stop playing and come live in the real world.
She pays for your subscription, because there's no real harm, but all your whining about player kills and griefing and the grind will only ever get a single response:
>If you no longer enjoy the game, then here are the ways to stop playing.

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